Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Today's TV Newsy Bits - Jan. 31, 2006

Here's dem naughty newsy bits -- television/entertainment related goodies I found out and about the web today:

Blogging 'American Idol' - Las Vegas Audition

Ah, Las Vegas... this is being blogged as I watch the show here on the east coast. Any typos or poor punctuation should be forgiven... please! :-)

Jamaica Good Music? Yes, I do. A Rastafarian nicknamed Alexis "Dylon" Linchetta sings 'American Idol, the Reggae.' Randy, "Fake Jamaican thing awful." He's a no. Cute idea, but poorly done. Ack, now he's crying that he shouldn't have come as a gimmick. @@ <--- I must roll my eyes at him.

A Jester got bumped off with no name given.

Now the singing horrible psychic named Bobbie from last year is back. Now she's a talent manager for her sister Erika. @@! So, let's hear Erika. Judges are laughing. "The maddest family I've ever met in my life" - Simon.

Mecca Madison, full time student, singer and belly dancer. Age 18, small and cute. Oh, she can sing. Breath of fresh air. Onto Hollywood! That decorative thing near her eye is not needed, in my opinion. She's very petite, cute and can sing... doesn't need it!

Ryan Hart -- foul mouthed and vaguely reminscent of a child Conan O'Brien in looks -- is on. Yikes, he sounds like the girl in The Exorcist before her head spun around. Horrorible. No surprise -- he's booted.

I think the next one will make it, a background story first. She works with parolees, parole officer? Heather Ward. She sings 'Redneck Woman.' Decent. Randy and Simon both liked her. Let's check Paula. Paula passes, Randy says yes, Simon says yes. I figured that one out.

Jason, who is a gondola dude on the waterway in Vegas, backstory... will he make it? Jason Andino, sings 'Stand By Me.' Yep, he can sing. Simon says no. Waah, Randy said yes. No Hollywood for him.

Argh, a section of returning tries which flopped before coming on. JC Gray (Crazy Eyed) -- now with a mullet. Simon said no without him even singing. Good.

Oh, local boy from Roselle Park, NJ with a backstory. Heavy guy, Anthony Andolino. Yes, can sing, but screams a bit. Ah, Paula just voiced my own thoughts -- theatrical voice. All three judges a no. Simon snarked something about they couldn't afford the food bill after he left. At least he didn't say it in front of him. :-(

Oh, geez, more twins. The Pierson twins. Girls who seem to have a musical background and they're showing a backstory. Cute girls. Hmm... to me, one sounds a bit flat, not sure which. Simon says no. Paula and Randy do, too. No Hollywood. Aww, they're upset.

David Mandzak, age 18. He reminds me of a cross between Charles Grodin and Jim Carrey -- nasal voice, he's a no.

Now bad singers with no names, only numbers, in a C.S.I. segment -- Criminal Singers Investigation.

Haggai Yeddida, a fairly recent immigrant sings "I'm Proud to be an American." Not so good. I'm glad he likes our country, though. He's a bit indignant, thinks he has perfect pitch. He thinks he's out as he didn't get eye contact.

Princess Brewer, age 22. Thinks she sounds like Aretha Franklin. Sings "That's What Friends are For." EEK. Make her STOP! She's scaring me! She shouts more than sings. There may be a voice somewhere in there, but she's hiding it very well. "You're giving me a headache" - Simon. Judges are panning her -- "Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it did."

Now, more horrible audition clips with no names singing "I Will Survive." I hope they don't. I know that's mean. Mean me.

A segment on image, with the theme song from 'Hair' playing. But, gray hair? Taylor Hicks, gray hair when he was 15 or so. Sings some Sam Cooke. He's 29 years old, can sing. He has a bit of an Elvis sneer. Simon looks bored as they have him do another song. I like him. Randy likes him. Paula thinks he's a good performer. Simon disagrees. Simon says no, Paula and Randy say yes!

Only 11 contestants from Vegas made it to Hollywood. Tomorrow night is Austin, TX.

Now if only Simon could judge Bush's State of the Union speech next....

New 'Amazing Race 9' Cast: A Closer Look at Lake & Michelle Garner

'The Amazing Race' lists these two as "Married Parents." They've been married 13 years having first met as freshmen in college. They have three children. Lake's a dentist while Michelle is a stay at home mom who helps out in his dental office. She's 36 years old, he's 37. They hail from Hattiesburg, Miss.

Uh-oh! From their bio on the CBS website: "While he describes himself as energetic and motivated, Michelle notes that he's your typical Type A personality, very impatient and always looking for ways to do it better." Yeah, that's just what we love to hate, huh?

Michelle says she herself is laid back. (Phew!) She hopes that won't cause friction between them during the race. Um... can you say Jonathon and Victoria? I so hope they're not like them!

Current article(s) I found about them on the web (keep in mind, these may archive within a week or so):
Hattiesburg American - www.hattiesburgamerican.com - Hattiesburg, Miss.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Today's TV Newsy Bits - Jan. 30, 2006

Here's my TV related newsy bits I found scouting about the web today:

CBS Reveals 'The Amazing Race 9' Teams

CBS announced the teams for 'The Amazing Race 9' today and updated their official website with photos and bios of the teams. The show premieres in a two hour special on February 28th at 9 PM ET/PT. Between now and then, I'll look closer at the teams and offer my own personal opinions (and hopefully hear your opinions). Thanks go out to blog reader Sue for the heads up. :-)

These are the 11 Teams:

BJ AVERELL (Male) Occupation: Online Tutor/Age: 26 Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
TYLER MACNIVEN Occupation: Filmmaker/Age: 25 Hometown: San Francisco, CA Relationship: BEST FRIENDS

SCOTT BRAGINTON-SMITH Occupation: Sales/Age: 41 Hometown: West Harwich, MA
JOHN LOWE Occupation: Wealth Manager/Age: 38 Hometown: Dorchester, MA

YOLANDA BROWN-MOORE Occupation: Science Teacher/Age: 27 Hometown: Chicago, IL
RAY WHITTY Occupation: Attorney/Age: 31 Hometown: Chicago, IL
Relationship: DATING

MONICA CAYCE Occupation: Student/Age: 23 Hometown: Fayetteville, AR
JOSEPH MEADOWS Occupation: Homebuilder/Age: 23 Hometown: Fort Smith, AR
Relationship: DATING
News Article can be found
here. *Thanks, Sue!

Name: DESIREE CIFRE Occupation: Writer/Age: 24 Hometown: New York, NY
WANDA LOPEZ-ROCHFORD Occupation: Corporate Trainer/Age: 44 Hometown: Smyrna, GA

MICHELLE GARNER Occupation: Homemaker/Age: 36 Hometown: Hattiesburg, MS
LAKE GARNER Occupation: Dentist/Age: 37 Hometown: Hattiesburg, MS

JONI GLAZE Occupation: Children's Minister/Age: 44 Hometown: Katy, TX
LISA HINDS Occupation: Realtor/Artist/Age: 48 Hometown: Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Relationship: SISTERS

BARRY LAZARUS Occupation: Retired Physician/Age: 63 Hometown: Silverthorne, CO
FRAN LAZARUS Occupation: Retired Accountant/Age: 61 Hometown: Silverthorne, CO
Relationship: MARRIED 40 YEARS

JEREMY RYAN Occupation: Valet/Age: 26 Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL
ERIC SANCHEZ Occupation: Waiter/Age: 27 Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Relationship: FRIENDS

DAVID SPIKER Occupation: Musician/Age: 30 Hometown: Manhattan, KS
LORI WILLEMS Occupation: Pizza Hut Manager/Age: 25 Hometown: Manhattan, KS
Relationship: DATING

DANI TORCHIO Occupation: Recent College Graduate/Age: 22 Hometown: Staten Island, NY
DANIELLE TURNER Occupation: Recent College Graduate/Age: 22 Hometown: Staten Island, NY

Sunday, January 29, 2006

TV Newsy Bits - Weekend Edition (1/28-29)

These are this weekend's television related naughty bits ... er, newsy bits ... I found poking around on the web:

Last Week's Hits, Misses and Somewhere In Betweens

Not in an particular order, these are the shows I watched and enjoyed last week...


HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER -- This is one of the few half hour long format sitcoms I'm really watching these days. The half hour sitcom has fallen out of favor with me since, oh ... perhaps the 'Seinfeld' or 'Mad About You' days. Not 'Everyone Loves Raymond', y'know. But I am enjoying 'How I Met Your Mother.' Neil Patrick Harris is a standout in his role of Barney and I love to watch his character's lines steal the show. This week's episode introduced a new love for Ted. Will it be the one? Well, of course not or the show won't have a premise! Sheesh! Once he meets his wife, it's all kind of over. If you're looking for something fun, lighthearted, cleverly written ... suit up! And, watch the show. If you go to the website for the show, check out Barney's Blog. What's scary is that I think I know a few guys like him. Yikes!

LOVE MONKEY -- What can I say about this one? It's the second episode and I'm hooked. Tom Cavanagh is perfect for his role; the NYC scenes are realistic and not filmed in Hollywood or Toronto; the music scene is lively; the characterization works; the cast is diverse (like the real world) without being exaggerated on a stereotypical level. While the premise of the show is Tom looking for love, most likely in all the wrong places, the show's story revolves around the music scene and just plain life, as well. Love it!

AMERICAN IDOL -- Oh, such a guilty pleasure, I know! Call the audition shows a freak show, whatever, I'm entertained. Simon's lines often crack me up when the worst of the horrible are auditioning -- he says what I think but I'm too polite to say. Well, sometimes he's a bit more harsh about some things such as weight. But when he talks pure singing talent (or not), he's spot on! I get a kick out of the auditions as much as I do once the finalists come forward.

Other Hits: 'C.S.I.' - 'Without a Trace' - 'Law and Order: Criminal Intent'


LOST -- Well, this was better than the last episode which I panned as a Miss in my last Hits and Misses entry. But, still... more questions raised, nothing answered. We're off on new tangents (save the baby!) while not addressing much of past issues with the exception of Charlie's drug background. I was entertained. It kept my interest. But they really have to start addressing some of the previous mysteries and stop just introducing new mysteries. It's starting to remind me of a bad novel I wrote in the 80s in which I had all these fantastic ideas and couldn't wrap up the plot at all.

C.S.I.: NY -- This is usually a "catch on the rebound" show for me. I tend to watch the reruns or every now and then tape the show as it's against 'Law and Order', but this past week's 'L&O' was a rerun. I like the show. I was initially put off by it as I'm a NYC purist. If you're going to have a show set in the city, it should be filmed in the city. (Plus, it's neat to see the shows filming on the streets!) Also, in its first season they had that dark gritty blue tint to the show. I felt like I was wearing blue sunglasses while watching it. I still can't watch those early shows in that odd tint and darkness. This week's show was based on the "sport" of subway surfing which really wasn't. I thought the TWU should be thrilled about how their conductor was portrayed. Heh.


THE FOUR KINGS -- I had it on in the background, but it didn't even catch my interest. Instead I ended up reading. As much as I want my unrequited crush on Josh Cooke (darn, he's a cutie) to work, the show is just not entertaining me.

I watched other shows and still have a few things I taped which I must watch. One show I taped which is in an absolutely horrible time slot is 'Crumbs.' It's the kiss of death to put that show against 'The Office' and 'C.S.I.'. I wanted to take a peek as it's got Jane Curtain and Fred Savage in the cast. It sounds like a nice sitcom (unlike that recent one with Henry Winkler!) and I want to give it a go. But, geez... ABC... get it out of that time slot!
What did you watch and enjoy this week? What did you watch and wonder why you were wasting your life on "this"? Tell me! :-)

Friday, January 27, 2006

Linz Siblings (Amazing Race 8 Winners) Interview Online

So, I posted a link to an interview with the Weavers from 'The Amazing Race 8: Family Edition' -- now it's time for the SibLinz!

They were recently interviewed for a local (to them) Cincinnati newspaper and you can find the interview right here. I enjoyed them on the show and think it's great they gave their parents half of their winnings, as well as sharing the rest with three brothers who didn't appear on the show. One interesting tidbit I didn't know was that a casting director approached them at an airport, so they were actually recruits. They had to go through the screening process, but still...!

Eh. Doesn't matter. I liked Who Dey Linz siblings!

Brittenum Twins Dropped from 'American Idol'

According to this article, Memphis twins Derrell and Terrell Brittenum have been dropped from 'American Idol' and won't be returning to the show. A statement was released by their lawyer while FOX TV hasn't commented on the matter.

According to the article:
The two 28-year-olds stand accused of using another man's identity to buy a 2005 Dodge Magnum in June. But both brothers refused extradition to Georgia, which led to further arrest warrants. Terrell had been in jail since Jan. 10 on an outstanding warrant for charges related to the illegal purchase of a car in Rockdale County, Ga., east of Atlanta, reported the Commercial Appeal newspaper.

The New York Post reported that the twins were ready to travel to Los Angeles (after posting bond) only to be "uninvited" by the show. Despite the fact they won't be on 'American Idol', some record companies have expressed an interest in them.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Today's TV Newsy Bits - Jan. 26

Here's some TV related newsy bits (not to be confused with naughty bits) I found out and about the web today:

Last Night's LOST -- Baby Saving, Wacky Dreams

I found last night's 'Lost' a bit better than the episode the week before which made a Miss in my Hits and Misses. I'm not sure how much it moved things forward and it certainly didn't answer previous mysteries much at all. But, it kept my interest and, but of course, brought up new questions.

This week's episode mainly focused on Charlie with flashbacks to his childhood, his drug days with his brother and the need to "save" Aaron, Claire's baby. This was done through very odd, wacked out surreal dreams. Okay, I can take that approach. It was kind of like being on LSD, but that was never Charlie's drug of choice.

New questions to ponder:
1. What's up with Locke? He confronted Charlie about the stash of Virgin Mary statue stash, then he takes them and puts them in the gun room down in the hatch? Why didn't he destroy them or let Charlie do it?
2. Why is it so important that Aaron be baptized?
3. Why are Ana Lucia's shoulders huge like a linebacker's? (That may be just a question I have and no one else.)
4. Will Hurley and Libby become one?
5. Again, Locke's being all mystical and mysterious. When the show started, I thought Locke was the "key" to the show. Is he? "Each one of us was brought here for a reason. Each one of us. Who brought us here? The island." Huh. Whassup wit dat, I ask?

What did you think of this week's LOST?

Rhonetta Johnson Ain't No Holla Back Girl... I Hope

Oh, geez. I can't believe all the attention this Hunky Blonde Black Ghetto Bimbo is getting on the web.

Now, I'm really not sure what a 'holla back' girl is, but if they're even thinking of holla back to Rhonetta, cut it out.

She is as far from "all that" as... well, farther than I can even try to express in mere words.

She's scary deluded.

Here's some of the articles mentioning her out and about on the web:

'Survivor: Panama - Exile Island' Spoilers Links & Info

One week from tonight...

Survivors ready?

Survivor Fever - News Article - Survivor: Panama has a spiffy write up with some photos of the first episode -- very mild spoilers exist, beware (no "booted" spoilers).

An excerpt: For the first time, the battle for a million bucks begins with four tribes of four, separated into decidedly un-PC categories by age and gender: Older Men, Older Women, Younger Men and Younger Women. Then things get really interesting. Each episode, at least one castaway will be banished to a separate island, miles away from any group's camp, and forced to fend for himself or herself. It's a wrinkle inspired by Survivor: Palau's Janu, the Vegas showgirl whom producers briefly exiled from her tribe during the show's 10th season. "The idea of expanding on that was really interesting," says executive producer Tom Shelly. "We wondered, if that happened again and again, how would it play into the strategy."

Sportsbook.com have released the odds which you can find in this article. Beware -- these could be major spoilers. Then again, they could be totally off. ;-)

The Survivor Sucks forum has a Spoilers Thread up and running, look at it or not. Ignore them discussing who will compile the spoilers.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bloggin' AMERICAN IDOL - San Francisco

So, the show is onto San Francisco for the auditions tonight...

Heidi from Hawaii can sure sing opera. But, the judges were right. She's not 'American Idol' fodder -- she has a totally different talent.

Shawn Vasquez. Eek. He's making my head vibrate. Make him go away. Simon says his voice is "almost nonhuman." He does look crushed, but he really cannot sing. Good. He went away.

Jose "Sway" started a streak of onto Hollywoods.

Now there's Matthew "Wolfie" Thompson who thinks he sounds like Clay Aiken. No, he does not. He reminds me more of Lumpy Rutherford from 'Leave it to Beaver.' NEXT, please!

John Williams, an Air Force guy, is on. Some halfway decent stuff. I like his remix dance. Simon, no. Paula, yes. Randy... yes. He's going onto Hollywood. Simon had the nerve to say Randy was mean with a comment about "circus act." As if...!

Now there's a segment on voice teachers. SF seems to have a crowd of them.

Now we have Katharine McPhee, who has a voice teacher, singing 'God Bless the Child.' Very good, in my opinion. Nice. Simon says "absolutely fantastic." Randy says "best voice all season." Yikes... in looks she reminds me of a young Valerie Bertinelli! She makes it to Hollywood. Of course.

Eric Cornforth. No!

She quit her job to try out for 'American Idol' -- Shalicia Carlysle (sp) -- may be a poet, but she ain't no singer. She's still trying. Stop her! Simon finally does. He tells her quitting her job wasn't the best career move ever. Randy says she "ain't got it goin' on." Simon told her he'll call her boss to get her job back and does it. She got it back! Simon likes her, just not the singing part.

16 year old Shawn White is up. Dang. To me it sounds like she's trying out for the Broadway role of Annie. Now she's singing an Alicia Keys song. Much better. Simon says no. Randy calls him weird. He says yes. Paula says yes. It's Hollywood.

Now Randy is confronting Simon.

Marcus Phillips claims he's a singer/songwriter/dancer/actor, etc. -- all terrain entertainer/ His falsetto sucks. I think he's just silly. He can beatbox. Ah, Randy mentioned the falsetto. It wasn't just me.

Jayne Santayana is up. Nice enough voice. I thought she was overly emoting. Simon says she didn't conquer the song. Randy liked her. Now Randy and Paula are confronting Simon. Paula and Randy say yes to Simon's no. She's onto Hollywood. The confrontation betwixt judges is on again.

Lady Big Hair? Deborah Dawn Tilley, female rocker, is up. She's frightening me. Paula says a bit much, but yes. Randy, not blown away. Simon says "somebody's mother dared her to be Cher." Randy says no. Simon says he's put off by her image (so am I). He says no.

Now Paula is going at Simon. He's walking out. Down the hall and on the cell phone. He went back to the hotel. Paula and Randy see the last alone - a kid named Manuel who drinks hot sauce from the bottle. Okay. His head wiggles when he sings. He can sing a bit, but he's straining to do so. And wiggling. He's got cute dimples, but a no.

18 are onto Hollywood. Next week we see Vegas and the Return of Cowell.

Now, if Blogger cooperates, maybe I can get this entry posted! Blogger's been down for making entries most of the evening when it was only supposed to be down for a half hour at 7 PM ET. Grr

Amazing Race 8 - Weavers Interview Link

A blog reader asked me if I followed the teams from 'The Amazing Race 8: Family Edition' and, more specifically, if I knew anything new on the Weaver family. I didn't, but I poked around and found this recent interview with them - The Weaver Family Interview :: RealityReel

An excerpt:
"We honestly didn't go out with any agenda to preach or to profess Christ,"says Linda Weaver, very seriously. "I was surprised how many times I prayed! In all honesty, I think it's just such a part of our life that's us."

So, if you want to know everything you ever wanted to know about the Weavers, but were afraid to ask -- check out that interview.

I still don't like 'em. Well, Rolly was okay.

Today's TV Newsy Bits

Here's what I see out and about there:

Finally Done! 'A Closer Look at..' SURVIVOR Cast Consolidation Entry

Oh, my. It seems like I've been writing about the new cast of 'Survivor: Panama - Exile Island' for weeks now! But, I've finished taking Closer Looks at each castaway, as well as offering my opinions and predictions. I'm using this entry to consolidate all the entries for easier reference (example -- see how wrong I am at the end of the season!). They're also consolidated on my Survivor Blog & Web Links reference page. That's the graphic'd link in my sidebar and will be chronologically updated with each 'Survivor' related blog entry I make. Right now it doesn't look like I've posted much about the show. That's because I have a separate listing of the castaways and didn't include them in the entry listing. Now that the castaways are out of the way, I'll be posting more about the upcoming season itself. Whew!

Aras Baskauskas
Austin Carty
Bobby Mason
Bruce Kanegai
Cirie Fields
Courtney Marit
Dan Barry
Danielle DiLorenzo
Melinda Hyder
Misty Giles
Nick Stanbury
Ruth Marie Milliman
Sally Schumann
Shane Powers
Terry Dietz
Tina Scheer

New 'Survivor' Castaways: A Closer Look at Danielle DiLorenzo

Thanks for bearing with me during today's entries as I finish off my 'Closer Look at...' series with photos of the new 'Survivor' cast along with my own thoughts and predictions for their chances on the show. I've been working both first name alphabetical ends towards the middle and this is the final castaway.

It's Danielle DiLorenzo, the 24 year old medical sales rep who was raised in Lynnfield, MA -- a small town outside of Boston. She's currently residing in Pompano Beach, FL. (Should I predict a Boston accent? Boston Rob done woman.) She has a very strong athletic background which is evidenced by her high school soccer, basketball and track activities. She set school records in track. (Watch out Survivor dudes!) At the age of 16, she represented the United States at the World Gothia Cup (soccer, I believe) and has also worked with the Ford Modeling Agency.

Hmmm... a knee injury kept her from playing soccer at Quinnipiac University and she transferred to Northeastern where she earned her bachelors in business. I don't know if the knee injury is something which still affects her, but she does have a set workout routine and seems to be a true athlete kinda gal. An excerpt from her bio: "DiLorenzo's regular workout routine includes kickboxing and soccer. Her favorite hobbies include dancing and traveling. She describes herself as driven, intelligent, vivacious, strong-minded, athletic, genuine and good-hearted." Again, like Misty, she's not listing why she thinks she will win. But, I'm getting more about her drive and sense of competition in reading about her. At the risk of sounding stereotypical, I see that all it says about her relationship is that she's in a two year old relationship. Okay, call me stereotyping. It doesn't really matter. What matters will be how well she does on the show.

Onto her CBS Favorites page:
Heehee... she likes the smell of Febreeze. I bet the Febreeze folks like the free testimonial. (If Febreeze wants to send me samples, go for it!) Another Patriots, Red Sox fan... feh. I like her choices of movies and TV shows -- I detect a bit of urban edge to her. Music is mostly modern pop or rap. Magazines and books show an intellectual leaning. Nice food choices. Jockette that she is, her favorite non-alcoholic drink is Gatorade. I coulda guessed!

Time for my prediction. Well, I think she's going to be a very strong competitor. She's smart, athletic and has the drive to finish it all. About the only thing I can see getting in her way would be either being perceived as a threat or has a personality which will alienate others. Not an early boot, I don't think. I think she might even make the Final Four dependent on the two possible problems I mentioned.

Your thoughts?

New 'Survivor' Castaways: A Closer Look at Melinda Hyder

All right! Moving right on along with my 'Closer Look at...' entries regarding the new cast members of 'Survivor' -- it's time for Melinda Hyder! I want to get finished with the cast entries today as it's my day off and I want to get on with blogging about show stuff! ;-)

From her CBS bio page:
Melinda's a 32 year old singer from Sevierville, TN. She was born and raised in Tennessee and seems very cleancut and family oriented. She's thrilled her parents were high school sweethearts and have bee married for 44 years. She started singing while in church at the age of four. (I started singing about that time, too. Alas, it took me another 20 years to realize I cannot sing at all!) She trained in ballet, tap, jazz and gymnastics for 12 years -- all good for show comps in their own ways. She's even taught dance. (I can't dance, either. :::thump:::) Oh, she must really be able to sing -- she went to college on a full scholarship for voice. In her singing career, she's worked at Six Flags and toured Europe. In other work, she's been a real estate agent, private vocal coach, model (I think she's a cutie as far as women go), pageant coach and dance instructor.

An excerpt from the bio: "Hyder describes herself as vivacious, competitive and compassionate. Her hobbies include creative home decorating, collecting Marilyn Monroe memorabilia, watching CBS soap operas and jogging." Interesting. I think she's the only one so far who hasn't said why she thinks she'll win or what qualities she possesses which will help her win. Hmmm.

It's onto her CBS Favorites page for more insight:I like her scents -- vanilla, sandalwood and cinnamon. Two of those were listed by another. Hmmm. Taboo, Twister, Tetra and Frogger are her games. Okay. (Dang, I haven't played Twister in like decades!) Heh... movies include Legally Blonde. She doesn't have any favorite sports to play, but has various outdoor activities she enjoys which include fishing, hiking and swimming, plus snow sports (which don't come into play much in tropical climates). In TV shows, she goes for CBS soaps, American Idol, Survivor and NUMB3RS.

Well. She seems like a very nice person. But I'm getting the feeling she might not have enough drive and compassion to really get into the game and win. I also think she has that nice quality which, with the exception of the flying under the radar approach, isn't a great quality for winning. I predict early boot, although she does seem sweet. I think it's a shame she's too old to try out for American Idol, that's what I think.

Your thoughts?

New 'Survivor' Castaways: A Closer Look at Dan Barry

It's a flip back to the older crowd for this 'Closer Look at...' retired astronaut new 'Survivor' cast member Dan Barry. He's 52 years old, born in Norwalk, CT but considers South Hadley, MA his home.

From his CBS bio, we glean:
Besides being a retired astronaut who's logged over 734 hours in space including four space walks; he's an inventor; has a mind-bogglingly impressive educational background and has published over 50 articles in scientific journals. He owns his own company, Denbar Robotics, and has five patents for his creations. Yikes. I feel so insignificant in the scheme of things now. Thanks, Dan!

He's also a lifetime member of the United States Tennis Association.

But... what are his CBS listed Favorites? What will they tell us about his quirks and weaknesses? Let's see:
Okay, he won me on his favorite scent. It's what I would list if I were asked -- cookies baking in the oven. Board game is Go, nice. Red Sox and Patriots fan, boo. His music and movies/actor tastes are a bit in line (to a degree) with my own. That could be a generational kind of thing -- he's only a few years older than I am (but he looks a lot older than I do -- I think). Oh! He likes Cap'n Crunch and Sugar Smacks! He's human, woohoo! He likes Ruffles (must be the ridges). Frozen strawberry margaritas and fruit smoothies.

Oh, my prediction? I want him to do well. I think I really like him -- he seems extremely intelligent, but looking at his favorites he's more in synch with my own than many of the others. A drawback would be that he is older and, though somewhat athletic, I don't know how well he'll hold up. I'm hoping NASA puts them through rigorous physical training, but I don't know all that much about what astronauts go through on the physical end of things. He only retired in the past year... okay, I know I'm stalling on my decision. Hmmm... I think I'll go near mid-game with him although I would rather he go further.

What do you think?

New 'Survivor' Castaways: A Closer Look at Misty Giles

It's time for a 'Closer Look at...' new 'Survivor' castaway Misty Giles. She's listed as a 24 year old engineer living in Dallas, TX. So far I'm more impressed with the older castaways, but let's see what Misty is all about from her CBS bio page...

She was born in Georgia, but as part of a military family she moved frequently eventually ending up in Texas where she finished high school. In school she played varsity sports and was Miss Texas Teen USA 1999. She supported herself through college and earned her Bachelors in Electrical Engineering (not an easy field) from Southern Methodist University. She's currently pursuing her Masters and is training for running marathons.

Misty thinks she's highly adventurous, determined and sexy. She also describes herself as a tomboy in high heels. Now, that sort of thinking could be good for playing the game of 'Survivor.' An excerpt from her bio: "Giles believes her competitive nature and natural problem-solving skills will help her get to the end of the game. Competing in the ultimate game of survival and winning are her motivations for taking on SURVIVOR: PANAMA--EXILE ISLAND." Okay... yes, those things can take you far in the game, but one of the most important skills is the old people skills or, more specifically, people manipulation skills. Does she have that attribute?

Onto her CBS listed favorites for more insight:
Ah... nice favorite scents -- vanilla and cinnamon. (Unlike musty dive bars. @@) Chess, PlayStation, basketball, volleyball... Heh -- she likes both Newsweek and the Victoria's Secret catalogue. In my opinion, decent actor/actress favorites, perhaps not my own choices, but ones I've heard of at least. No Olsen twins, good. She likes rock music, considered Twizzlers a snack food while 3 Musketeers is her candy.

I guess it's time for my prediction, huh? I think she'll do okay. I'm getting the feeling she might be a bit naive or, more to the point, nice. Unfortunately, nice rarely makes it to the end of the game. I don't think she'll be an early boot, but I don't think she'll make the Final Four. Go ahead, Misty. Prove me wrong.

Do you have any thoughts on her possibilities in the game?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

UPN/WB No Longer?

To be honest, I'm not sure how this is all going to work. But here's some links to follow if you're wondering what the heck is going on with the UPN and WB networks becoming one or going away or finding their inner peace or something:

I dunno. Sounds like the Country Western station to me.

Bloggin' AMERICAN IDOL - Greensboro, NC - Hour 2

Jeffrey "Ryan" somone is on now. He's 27, but to me looks "old." Simon says he's the first Ryan he's ever met with talent. They like him -- onto Hollywood.

Cedric Robinson, related to Fantasia is next. Singing 'Chain of Fools.' Simon says absolutely dreadful. He's right. Now, I'm not familiar with Anne Nesmond (sp?), but a relative of hers is singing a Dixie Chicks song. Ah, they asked her for another song -- Billie Holliday's 'Take Five.' Wow. I like her. 17 years old and I missed her NAME. Argh! There.. Paris. 24 went through to Hollywood on the first day in Greensboro.

It's Day 2. Simon's birthday. Randy sings Happy Birthday, dear Slimon...

Now a Marcus who thinks his singing is unique and different. He's comparing himself to Usher. We'll see. Okay, he's holding single notes forever. Simon has this mesmerized night of the living dead look on his face. "What the hell was that?" Heh. He said he has the Randy and Paula DVD of vocal lessons. He's going to sing one more song. Sounds sort of the same. Paula seems upset. Randy is laughing. Paula thinks he should model or do commercials. Randy is still laughing.

Now Marcus is taking a hammer to the DVD.

All right, "Mr. Personality' Jimmy Crabtree is on. He has a very exaggerated country twang yodel in his song. Simon says he has the personality of a hippo when he sings. Even Paula is telling him he's not any good.

Sammy, a self proclaimed crazy person is up. He says he's so RAH. Not good. Flat. Weird and flat. Why don't they stop him? Please stop him! "Sylvester Stallone's younger sister singing Paula Abdul" according to Simon. He's going away. Good.

Tyra Juliet is singing 'In the Still of the Night'. Hmmm... I'm on the fence about her. She looks like Pochahantas, but with a good voice. They like her. She's onto Hollywood!

Seth Strickland is the one they've been showing doing 'Thriller' and then says "oh, crap." He's history. But we knew that when they fiurst blurbed him last week, didn't we?

Rhonetta Johnson will catfight with Paula, but a firefighter is on first. His name is Jordan Southerland. I personally don't care for the song "You Raise Me up." Randy says no, Paula says yes... Simon agrees with Paula. Yikes.

Now the one they've hyped all night... all lady and all mouth. Blonde black woman chunky with glitter cowboy boots and a matching halter top. Yipes. Rhonetta Johnson. Simon already made a fat reference. So bad. So, so bad. Simon says never. She's saying we'll all see her on TV and she'll be on the top of the charts. She's going on and on. Get her off. Where do some folks come off thinking they've got talent when they sing worse than me? Oh, go away. She's getting all ghetto all over the place. And her gut is hanging over her skirt. So appealing. Or appalling. Whatever!

Greensboro is over. Only nine made it on the second day. Tomorrow night is San Francisco. The ending is a collage of bad 'Fame.' Not David Bowie style, the movie/show one.

Bloggin' AMERICAN IDOL Audition Night/Greensboro, NC - Hour 1

Okay, to start -- yes! I totally got Simon's comment to the one girl regarding Jerry Springer! Gotta love it. ;-)

I'm not too keen on the sob stories this year. Yes, I think Kelly Pickler has a good voice. But do I need to know her Momma left her at 2 and her Daddy's in jail? I know she seems nice, but what if her voice sucked and we sat through the sob story?

Tux Guy. Shawn. He's gimmicky, for sure. But I'm liking his voice. With his facial hair, he seems a lot older than 17. He's a no according to the judges. Oh, but they took Crazy Dave! Shawn's little brother is so defensive.

Now Jimmy is there with a dummy, Scottie. This gimmick at least has them smiling. Ah, he can sing. If he goes on, what about the dummy? He didn't get on, but it gave the judges some good reasons for working with dummy jokes. Now a helium-voiced woman with a pink cowboy hat is on. No, say no! "I want this more than a whole bag of gummy bears!" Sorry!

An egotistical National Guard dude is going to start. He's inviting Paula to dance with him if he sounds good. Steven David, Jr. Simon and Randy dragged Paula to dance with him as he sings 'Let's Get It On.' Onto Hollywood for him! I think this is one to watch. He's full of it, but he's a hoot. And, he can sing. Ryan Seacrest brought Steven's wife into the room to break up the party. Randy thinks the show has turned into speed dating.

A 27 year old with an almost 12 year old son named Halicia is singing. She can sing. She now says she is supposed to kiss Simon and brought plastic to kiss him through if he didn't want germs. He said no to the plastic and it's yes to Hollywood.

Going for a perky boy named Donny, age 19. Hmmm... has had a vocal coach for a year. To me, he sounds choppy, off key and fast as he sings 'Bridge Over Troubled Water.' Simon says he murdered the song. It's a no.

Now a girl named Kendra with a sob story -- has been in 42 foster homes. She married very young, three kids? She worked her way into college. She seems very level-headed. Yes, she can sing. She's kind of bubbly, perhaps it's just nerves. Paula: "Breath of fresh air." Simon says he would have said no, but since Randy and Paula said yes, Kendra tells him -- "It doesn't matter, I'm going."

Chase who's Kennet who's a bit... um different, is on. Until they flashed his real name, I was thinking woman, myself. He sang a Whitney Houston song. They're comparing him to Wayne Newtown. Now Simon is doing his "in a dress" thing. He's onto Hollywood.

"I'm not being rude" is getting a segment. I love his line "you look like the Incredible Hulk's wife." They haven't shown her sing. Now a woman is telling Ryan how short he is. Now the latter is about to sing -- her mother was a stripper. Sob story or not? Now, she is odd. She's wearing what's wild lingerie. Eep. They're advising vocal lessons and come back.

A Brandon is on now. He does a weird little hiccup thing at the end of his lines. It's a no. Aw... he's sad. His Momma thinks it's his white trash po' boy clothes.

Hour One done.

New 'Survivor' Castaways: A Closer Look at Courtney Marit

This latest 'A Closer Look at...' entry focuses on Courtney Marit. She's listed as a 31 year old performance artist from Los Angeles. I hear the words "performance artist" and tend to cringe. It could be just me.

In college she received a gymnastics scholarship and was part of the 1993 NCAA Championship team. Okay, that's impressive, I'll say. Her current performance artist work mixes fire (ow), stilts (thunk), trapeze, music and more in a theatrical show. Hmmm... sounds a bit like Cirque du Soleil. She's the founder of Revolve Productions -- apparently not either of the two companies with that name which come up with a quick Google. She teaches fire dancing. Eep. Her more lofty goal is to make films and documentaries that promote world unity. Okaaay.

She's traveled a lot, to over 30 countries. Past jobs include deckhand/cook, farmer, ski instructor, snow maker, trailblazer, biking/hiking guide, elder caregiver, importer and massage therapist. She's climbed mountain peaks, ran marathons, lived in caves in India and other cool stuff. Oh, my. And she's only 31? She thinks she's free spirited (you don't say), compassionate, creative, fun and sensitive.

Onto her favorites from the CBS site:
Hmmm... favorite game is Risk. That's always a good one for strategic planning. She lists both LOST and SURVIVOR as TV shows she likes. I like her taste for the most part in actors and actresses. (At least the Olsen twins aren't in there!) I have absolutely no clue who her music groups are. Ah, for cereal -- healthy and sugar -- Cap'n Crunch mixed with granola.

It's time for my prediction, I guess. Y'know, so many things in her background are really perfect for the show. I think a lot will depend on her personality. Will she annoy others? Is she bubbly or "out there"? I just can't tell. If, and it's a big if, her personality isn't too abrasive or odd, she could go very far in the game. I predict well past the halfway mark at the very least.

Any thoughts about her chances?

Monday, January 23, 2006

TV Newsy Stuff

These are a few of the television related news bits out and about on the web:
That last one is ridiculous, but true. Ack.

Quick 'Crossing Jordan' Rant

Now, I like this show. Don't get me wrong.

But ALBANY is not pronounced Ail-ben-knee. It's ALL-ben-knee. No one says Ailbany.

Cut it out.

(I went to ALL-ben-knee State.)

Sunday's 'Law and Order: Criminal Intent'

I thought I wouldn't enjoy 'Law and Order: Criminal Intent' without Vincent D'Onofrio as Goren. He brought a bit of quirkiness to the series which I thought was vital to the show. But since his fainting/dizziness spells and apparent desire to work less, they brought in Chris Noth reprising his role as Det. Logan from the original 'L&O'. The premise is to "look into the mind of the killer" which I really wouldn't have pegged the Logan character to be the investigator. But it works. Last night's show was an intriguing story of a bullied boy grown up and seeking revenge. I know it sounds a bit trite and done too often, but there were enough twists in this one to keep it fresh. I didn't catch the name of the actor who played the killer, but thought his portrayal came across very well.

'L&O: CI' gets an 'A' sans Goren.

There is a bad point, however. When looking at the NBC site to snag the link, I notice that next week's episode is a three-peat with Noth. I know I've already seen it twice and I'm thinking network, not the cable eps. It's the one with the mother and son jewelry thieves/killer. Dang.

Did you watch last night? If so, how is the show for you with Noth instead of D'Onofrio?

New 'Survivor' Castaways: A Closer Look at Nick Stanbury

It's time for 'A Closer Look at..." new 'Survivor' castaway Nick Stanbury. He grew up in Wyoming, did his freshman year of college in Montana, then transferred to Arizona to finish his BS in finance and supply chain management. I have no clue what supply chain management is, so don't ask me!

According to his CBS bio, he's a waiter while waiting word (would that be a waiting waiter?) on law school applications. He likes quite a few sports in addition to reading an traveling. He thinks he's curious, loving and overly analytical. (Uh-oh!) According to his bio -- "He wants to be on SURVIVOR so he can travel, learn about himself in a difficult situation and meet smart, beautiful women." Um. Okey dokey. I guess. I would think college campuses probably have more smart, beautiful women, but I must be wrong.

Onto his CBS Favorites page:
He likes the scent of musty dive bars. (I suppose the scent of beer and vomit are desirable?) His favorite actresses are the Olsen twins. @@ <--- gotta roll my eyes at this guy, gotta. His favorite books/authors bring to mind assigned reading, not usual favorites -- Ayn Rand, Herman Hesse. He likes Fruity Pebbles as a cereal choice. Okay, he listed Grape-Nuts and Quaker Oatmeal, too. But he said Fruity Pebbles! (I wonder if he'll share them with the Olsen twins in a musty dive bar.) In music, he likes rap, alternative amongst others. His favorite alcoholic drink... Budweiser. (Which he'll quaff in the musty dive bar with the Olsen twins while eating Fruity Pebbles and pretzel snack mix from a germy dish.)

You really want my prediction on this guy? Really? I predict amongst the first few out. I could be wrong, of course. He is athletic enough, but...!

Your thoughts?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

'American Idol' Twins BUSTED

The first set of twins we saw on the 'American Idol' premiere show are no strangers to the law. An excerpt from this article I found on the web:

Memphis twins Terrell and Derrell Brittenum may have wowed 'American Idol' judges, but the next judges they face may be a bit stricter.
Terrell, in fact, was jailed in Tuesday night when the 'American Idol' episode taped in September showed him and his brother passing their first audition before the
Fox TV judges in Chicago, the Memphis Commercial Appeal reported Thursday.
Relatives told the newspaper Derrell was preparing to surrender to police on the same charges his brother faces in Georgia.

Read the entire article for the skinny on the Brittenum twins.
Huh. Now, what do you think of their chances in Hollywood?

'60 Minutes' Kinky (Friedman) Segment

Woohoo! As a Kinky Friedman (the novelist) fan, I had to watch this segment on '60 Minutes.' He's running for the Governor of Texas. I have some of his music by Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys, but it's more his novels I collect. I was lucky enough to meet him in NYC a few years back. He's a character, for sure.

Oh... the segment? If you're a Kinky fan, it's a must see. It touches on his past, his music, his novels in addition to his seriously wanting to be Governor.

Heck, Kinky should be Governor more than Arnold should have been voted in! My own opinion, but hey... that's me.

New 'Survivor' Castaways: A Closer Look at Cirie Fields

Cirie Fields is the subject of this New 'Survivor' Castaways: A Closer Look at... entry. Cirie was born and raised in Jersey City, NJ (you go, girl!), but has settled in Walterboro, SC where she's a registered nurse. She's 35 years old and recently remarried.

According to her CBS bio, she's worked at several occupations including candy factory employee (which I can't think of without seeing Lucy with the candy conveyor belt episode), telemarketing and nursing related fields. She swims, runs and works with a personal trainer. And, she thinks she's funny, charismatic and compassionate. We'll see about that! Cirie believes she possesses attributes and skills which will do her well -- strength, fishing, cooking, some carpentry. She lost 30 pounds in anticipation of being on the show. Wow!

A quote from her CBS bio: "She believes she will be the Sole Survivor because people love her cute, smiling personality." I hope she's jesting. Don't tell me she's gonna be bubbly, perky and smiling! (I don't do "perky" well.)

It's off to peek at her CBS Favorites page:
Um, it looks like she's into perfumes... her favorite scents are such. Board games are Chess and Monopoly -- both a bit strategic games. Ohh... a 'Big Brother' fan. Her sport to play is dodgeball. I'm not familiar with her books/authors or even her favorite alcohol drinks. But she likes Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Cool.

All right, my prediction? Well, a lot will depend on if she's an annoying to others kind of bubbly personality, I think. Due to the old geographic proximity factor, I'd like to see her do well -- she's quasi-local to me. But... but... I dunno. I will say booted between 5th and 8th boot. I hope she proves me wrong since I'm just going by the information on the CBS website with no spoilers.

Your thoughts?

New Easy 'Survivor' Reference Link

I created a new web page which will be updated regularly to list all the 'Survivor: Panama - Exile Island' blog entry links from here, as well as 'Survivor' website links I often peruse. You can find that page by clicking here or clicking on the graphic you see on my right sidebar of this blog.

At the present time, I haven't finished my "Closer Look at..." series for the new castaways. As I post the remaining castaways (my thoughts and predictions), each one will be hyperlinked to its blog entry. So, that's why some aren't linked. If you haven't noticed, I'm working both ends against the middle on the listings.

Once the show starts and even before then, all my 'Survivor' entries links can be found at that page for easy reference.

Last Week's TV Hits and Misses (IMO, but of course)

This Week's Hits:

'Love Monkey' -- I like this show. I wrote about the premiere here. Once again this week, I'll be watching and I'm sure to jot at least a quick entry about it.

'American Idol' -- Hey, what can I say? It's a guilty pleasure and I think I like the bad auditions as much, if not more, than after the twelve finalists are selected. It'll always be a hit with me at this stage of the season. Let's see how much I like it after the auditions end! I blogged both nights this past week here and here.

'Everybody Hates Chris' -- Now, I didn't blog about this one. I usually don't watch the show and have only caught one other episode. The show is in a bad time slot for me as during 'Survivor' season I already watch one show and tape another at that time. However, for the moment, the 8 PM slot is free of 'Survivor' and 'The Apprentice', so there's Chris. I enjoyed the episode and it reminded me of saving my babysitting money for one of those suede fringed jackets circa 1969 or so.

'Law and Order: SVU' -- Again, not blogged about, but a good episode. This episode's "ripped from the headlines" story was based on a recent local Newark story, so I watched with a bit of insight into it. A horrible case, although a well-written episode.

'Ellen' -- I'm off from work one weekday a week and this is a never miss. Alas, for a while I was taping daily, but there were never enough hours in the day to catch up, so I stopped. I watched Wednesday's episode which included guest Matthew Fox. This show never disappoints me except when it's a rerun and I only see Wednesday eps!

'C.S.I.' and 'Without a Trace' both end up in the Hits of the Week category as does 'NUMB3RS.'

This Week's Misses:

'The Four Kings' -- I keep watching as there's nothing else I watch in the time slot and I have my big secret crush on Josh Cooke. Woefully lacking, for the most part. Sigh.

'LOST' -- Yikes! I so don't want this in my Misses category as I'm addicted to the show! Waah! But this week's episode didn't move enough forward for me. Okay, Michael ran off to look for Walt again. The only interesting forward movement for this week's episode was the appearance of the Others (who really seem to be pirates and the guy should have a parrot on his shoulder, a wooden leg and say "ARRRR" a lot). Improve next week, LOST!

What did you watch? I'd love to hear your Hits and Misses for the week!

New 'Survivor' Castaways: A Closer Look at Ruth Marie Milliman

This morning's "New 'Survivor' Castaways: Closer Look at..." is all about Ruth Marie Milliman. Y'know, the more I read about this cast, the more impressed I am at most, if not all, of this season's castaways. What I'm not seeing much of is those who just want to be on television and be a "star." That's very refreshing to me. Of course, down the road we'll probably see folks whining about the "old" people or such. Tough. I like the cast! Nyah.

Back to Ruth Marie -- she's a 48 year old director of retail leasing (according to the job listed) in Greenville, SC. Oh, but she's so much more than that! I mean, we're talking the 1978 South Carolina Watermelon Queen here! :::grin::: More seriously, she's a woman who's been successful in beauty pageants, holds a degree in Criminal Justice, was a head cheerleader in her college days, was a flight attendant and a narcotics agent (not at the same time) and is currently regarded as a top competitive long distance runner. She seems fit, photogenic and looks like another contender to me.

Let's take a quick look at her CBS Official Favorites for insight:
Ah, she likes honeysuckle... one of the finest scents on the planet in my opinion. Good. Um... board game is CandyLand? Huh. I believe that was Judd's game. Eep. Her magazines and books are geared to running and bicycling. She likes watermelon (no wonder) and champagne. Oh... and she likes Elvis.

My prediction for her? Well, just basing on her background, I believe she's going to be a strong competitor in the game. Perhaps not the Sole Survivor, but latter half towards the Final Four.

Your thoughts?

Saturday, January 21, 2006

New 'Survivor' Castaways: A Closer Look at Bruce Kanegai

This 'Closer Look At' entry is all about new 'Survivor' castaway Bruce Kanegai. He's a 58 year old karate instructor/high school art teacher who grew up in Los Angeles and now calls Simi Valley his home. As a child he obtained both a black belt in karate and the rank of Eagle Scout. During his 34 years of teaching he's taught over 10,000 students and received many career awards for doing so. In karate, he's taught over 7,000 students. (I can bet this guy has a built in audience on 'Survivor'!)

His background is very impressive ranging from his work to being a backpacking instructor and working with police department training. Oh... he was bitten by a rattlesnake three years ago! Eek! He's married, has two children and one dog. On the web, a Google came up with several karate-related links like this one.

Okay, let's peek at his CBS favorites list:
Ah, a man after my own heart... his favorite scent has to do with food! Barbequed steak. (I would say cookies, but food is food.) He's another Scrabble player. I like to see all of them on the show -- to me, it exhibits a more cerebral edge. I could be wrong, though. He likes hiking and, for magazines, National Geographic (amongst others). His music tastes range from classical to heavy metal.

My prediction? Oh... I so want to like this guy! I so want him to do well! He's older, but it seems that he's very active, so that's a plus. Will he make Final Four? Hmmm... he's used to being an instructor. In a way, that could work against him on the show, especially once the ages mix. Tough prediction here. I'll say that he lasts a long, long time, but not the Sole Survivor (though I think I'd like to see him win it just by reading the bio and favorites).

What do you think about his chances of winning?

Thursday, January 19, 2006

New 'Survivor' Castaways: A Closer Look at Sally Schumann

Who's next on the docket? Well, it's a closer look at 'Survivor: Panama - Exile Island' castaway Sally Schumann.

According to the occupation listed on her bio, she's a 27 year old social worker living in Chicago, IL. But, is she? Reading through her official CBS bio reveals "She currently lives in Chicago, where she works as a waitress and bartender." She was a social worker for four years in Minnesota, where was born and raised. While in Minnesota, she also coached high school girls soccer. She thinks she's compassionate, competitive and funny. Okay. We'll see.

She's a huge fan of both 'Survivor' and 'The Amazing Race' and this is the fifth time she's tried to be on the show. Recently divorced, she is now dating her best friend.

Off to her favorites page:
Hmm, I like most of her board games (Scrabble, Cribbage, Yahtzee, UNO), but I haven't a clue what Settlers of Caton is. Anyone know? Most of her sports to play are with a ball, birdie or horseshoe. That's not too great for the show, although it may help with comps that include throwing or aiming. She enjoys fishing and running, both good activities for the show.Her books, music tastes are okay (with me). Oh! She sometimes feels like a nut! Almond Joy.

I'm not seeing anything on the web about her that's not related to the show, so I'll have to judge my prediction basing it on the CBS info alone. Y'know, I think she might do well. Both bartending and social work are jobs where you listen to folks more than talk. She's athletic enough, intelligent and just might make it to the Final Four.

Then again, I could be way off base.
What do you think?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Blogging 'American Idol' - Night Two, Denver

Tonight's 'American Idol' audition show came to us from Denver, CO. There still isn't a likable bad like a William Hung. Plenty of bad, though. Plenty.

There was Marlos who traveled so far -- from Denver. His line "I've come such a long way" reminded me of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. That wasn't going to be the only Oz reminder of the night.

A 16 year old Lisa Tucker made it through. She has a tremendous voice and really seems to have a lot on the ball. The auditions were looking up!

For a minute, anyway.

The Rocker Contingent was horrible. It makes me want to turn to gangsta rap which is so not me. So, so not me. One rocker named Chris Daughtry made it through. I wasn't all that impressed with his version of 'The Letter.' I personally doubt he'll be in the 12 Finalists.

The show did a musical reference to something I doubt a lot of their audience would even recognize. During a bit of a face-off between Simon and a contestant (Simon wanted him to go away), they played theme from the 1967 Clint Eastwood movie 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.' It was perfect!

I honestly liked the naive cowboy kid Garrett who made it through. Alas, while I think he has talent, his lack of training is going to hurt. But, at least, he'll get to ride an airplane.

There were two odd characters -- one claimed to be an entrepreneur (but couldn't say the word entrepreneur, nor even say his cleaning business slogan) and the other claimed to be an inventor. Both were bad. But the latter gave Simon one of his best lines of the night. "You're useless and I'm bored." Here's when the second Oz reference came into play. The "inventor" sang "If I Only Had a Brain." Fitting song, very fitting.

A very androgynous young er.. man... named Zachary raised some eyebrows with his audition. He sang totally flat, but was convinced that the judges were prejudiced against him because of his appearance. In the talk afterwards, he wasn't so androgynous after all. No underwear and to the right. @@ <--- I needed to roll my eyes!

Nineteen people made it through to Hollywood from Denver. Next week's Tuesday auditions show will be two hours and coming in from North Carolina.

Are you watching? Did anyone (except perhaps Lisa Tucker) impress you?