Monday, July 31, 2006

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Into the Evening Mon. 7/31

All right, let's do a little recap first... Mike used his POV to save himself. Janelle put Diane on the block in his place. Marcellas and James have each had their own brand of hissy fits about the nomination choice. Kaysar seems to have returned to the game after going mentally adrift. Will is smiling. Diane is fussing and Erika ain't no happy camper herself. George is eating his slop and Howie is... um... being Howie.

So, here's the latest from that Big Brother House of PuppetMasters and Those Who String Along:
  • Marcellas and Janelle made up because, after all, "it is what it is." [Editor's note: Of course that won't stop him from talking about her to others!]
  • Marcellas had his first over an hour long Diary Room session today for the season. He was ALWAYS in there in his season.
  • Howie told Janelle he's okay with her decision -- Diane would have floated to the end of the season.
  • Danielle and Marcellas don't think S6 is holding the same popularity with viewers that they did last season. [Editor's note: But, but... we have WILL in the house!]
  • Marcellas told Diane he pushed Janelle to not nominate her all the way up to the ceremony. She sniffled and said it was a personal vendetta.
  • Erika seems pretty confident that she'll stay instead of Diane. She told Danielle that if she gets HOH, she'll put up Howie and Janelle. Marcellas told them that taking out Howie would weaken Janelle. [Editor's note: Huh? Other than moral support, I don't see that.] He fears Janelle will be in the house with all men and take it all.
  • Now Marcellas is ranting about Janelle again as if the idea of her being with other men set him off. Odd, odd man, Marcellas is.
  • Marcellas wants to put up S6 members if he gets HOH. [Editor's note: Want to bet not his beloved Janelle and... what about his intention to off ChillTown? Did I say he's odd? Why, yes I did.]
  • Then he went on to tell Erika and Danielle that Janelle will be his first target. [Editor's note: @@ Drama Queen.]
  • As those on food restrictions can have condiments, Will whipped up some salsa soup. "Big Brother, may I please not die?" [Editor's note: I know many readers are cheering on S6, but my own entertainment money is on Will. He may not win, but I get a kick out of watching him.]
  • BB voice quote: "Will, please treat your microphone with respect."
  • The HG talked about cannibalizing each other and who'd be the tastiest. Janelle was the hit with the guys, but Howie has more meat on his bones for survival. Too fatty, though. [Editor's note: Big Brother meets the Donner Party. All due to BB Slop!]
  • Will (remember he's on Slop) quote: "If Big Brother gives us a pet this week, I will eat the pet's food. Then I will eat the pet. This is not a good week for a pet."
  • Will asked if the rest of the house could have liquor so he can at least be entertained.
  • James talked to Danielle about trying to flip the votes to favor Danielle. When Marcellas joined them, he once again complained about Janelle's decision.
  • James, Danielle and Marcellas all commiserated about Janelle selling out to ChillTown.
  • James told Marcellas that Mike Boogie was saying he plans on putting Janelle and him (Marc.) up on the block if he wins HOH.
  • Marcellas told Danielle and James that he has their backs. [Editor's note: You've been HAD, Marcellas. Do not mess with snakes, you can't make the grade.]
  • Marcellas told James that he (James) is at the bottom of the B6 totem pole, the least important to the others.
  • Danielle spoke to Mike Boogie about switching the vote and keeping Diane. He told her he was keeping his word to Janelle.
  • Danielle asked Diane if anyone made any promises to her. Diane told her that Howie had said she was safe, but it wasn't an actual deal. He just said not to worry about it.

So, that's where we are. Several are in the yard playing pool. Janelle had spent most of the time in the HOH after the ceremony, but is with the others now. She does seem very upset about putting Diane up on the block. But I think she's more upset because so many are mad at her. But, hey... they had three chances to get rid of Will or Mike before this and didn't do it. They cannot blame her when they didn't do it herself.

As for me, I'm glad Will's around for at least another week. He's a hoot.

Graphic by Zoetawny.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Mon. 7/31 Daytime

I'm sorry this is being posted a bit late today. Vacation week is over and I'm back to my work around work schedule -- there should be an early morning entry, one after the dinner hour and one late night. That's East Coast timing and some days there will be more than the three entries. But, I'll still get y'all caught up with the happenings, yessirreebob!

So, today was a hoppin' and happenin' kinda day in that Big Brother House of Will Janey Ever Make A Decision On Her Own. Here's the skinny:
  • It was after 10:00 AM their time when BB woke the houseguests up stating the Veto Ceremony will be held in two hours. [Editor's note: By experience, you KNOW it will be later than that! It always is.]
  • Marcellas told Danielle that he tried to convince Janelle not to put up Diane, but she didn't seem to listen. Danielle didn't seem too happy. Aww.
  • Kaysar told Janelle to stop playing dumb (didn't Will insist she wasn't dumb, too?) and stop telling Marcellas everything as he's telling everyone in the house. [Editor's note: Okay, Kaysar has redeemed himself with me for the day.]
  • Marcellas had still been pushing her for either Will on the block or, if she's scared to nominated Will... make it George. [Editor's note: GEORGE? Nonono! Diane! Make it Diane! That's my choice!]
  • Kaysar asked Janelle exactly what was going on with her and Marcellas. He sees Marcellas as the "loose lips sink ships" alliance hanger-on. She told him she loved Marcellas; he told her he'd be targeting Marcellas within two weeks. [Editor's note: Yikes. Kaysar grew his spine back overnight.]
  • Kaysar told her she needs to choose either Will or Diane, but George shouldn't be in the picture on a strategical level.
  • Then Marcellas continued to work on Janelle to get her to put George or Will on the block. [Editor's note: @@ This eyeroll's for you, Marcellas! You get HOH, nominate who you want. Sheesh!]
  • Diane told Mike Boogie that if she goes up against Erika, she wants to stay.
  • Marcellas reported to Diane that Janelle wasn't going to put Will on the block.
  • Marcellas and Danielle think James is the smartest of the S6 Players, but he'll be the first of them to go. [Editor's note: He'll go because he's playing every alliance in the house. He did that last year, too. He's a snake, but he's not a sneaky-enough snake to remain undetected.]
  • The feeds were blocked for a while and, when they came back, Diane was smoking a cigarette. A dead give-away. Yup, on the block!
  • Now that she's on the block, she says she doesn't want to stay because of all of the BS. [Editor's note: Changed her tune pretty quickly, eh?]
  • James, Boss Of All that he is, ranted to Kaysar that they've now turned every alliance in the house against them. Kaysar replied, "Marcellas will be gone next. I just need to win HOH." [Editor's note: Heehee! I love it! James almost has smoke coming out of his ears he's so mad.]
  • James trashtalked (and pottymouthed!) Janelle to Kaysar. On and on. And on.
  • Then James ranted about Chicken George making noise mixing his BB Slop. [Editor's note: @@ James is acting like a two-year old whose Mommy refused to let him have a cookie. Will he throw himself on the floor and pound it with his fists next?]
  • Danielle told Will that, out of the two, Erika would be the stronger ally for them (CT). Will asked if that meant they should vote out Diane. She said someone had to talk to Kaysar. Danielle also told Will that James plans to backdoor Janelle if he gets HOH. [Editor's note: Danielle and Will -- two of the masters of the game, at work on each other.]
  • Mike told Danielle if he won HOH, he'd put up Janelle and Marcellas. [Editor's note: He's said that before, but... deal? Didn't he and Will make a deal? What up wit dat?]
  • They still think an evicted HG will return.
  • Kaysar and James had a heart-to-heart talk.
  • I don't care. James is still a snake in my book. So there.

"Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Bulletin - POV Ceremony

A full report of today's events in the house is in the works, but...

The POV Ceremony was held today and Mike indeed saved himself (no brainer!).

Janelle put Diane on the block in his place, so the nominations for eviction are Erika and Diane.

Good. Diane annoys me. Make her go away! ;-)

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Update - Late Night/Overnight Into Mon. 7/31

So, they had their big movie (one many of them weren't too thrilled about seeing, but had to act excited about anyway. They seemed to enjoy the competition, so that's something.

While the one group watched the movie, the other group just played games for a few hours. No strategy talk, not even many humorous moments. Yipes! You could hear BB yelling at Will for doing stuff while watching the movie. Yesterday they told him to attach his mic to his shirt when he wasn't wearing a shirt. @@ Yep, an eyeroll to BB!

But once the movie winners came out of the HOH room, things picked up once again. So, here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Dizzy Daredevils:
  • Diane said the movie was horrible and possibly the worst movie she's ever seen. [Editor's note: Great review for the movie, eh?]
  • Mike agreed, but said he would say it was good in his Diary Room segment.
  • Will claimed he'd be the best actor in the DR saying how great the movie is. [Editor's note: This should be interesting to watch knowing they actually hated the movie.]
  • George is just happy because he got to sit in a racecar. Ah, the simple pleasures in life!
  • Mike Boogie put a bug in Howie's ear (not a real bug, sillies!) about James and Danielle getting closer and closer.
  • It turns out BB was yelling at Will to "Stop that!" because he dumped two boxes of candy while watching the movie.
  • Janelle told Kaysar she wants Diane out because of nasty things she wrote about her on the JokersUpdates site. He told her he didn't think Danielle would put her up, but Diane might. All he'd say is she has to do what's best for her. She told him that ChillTown would vote to evict Diane.
  • Janelle then went to Erika asking if Danielle had said anything and telling her she didn't want people mad at her. [Editor's note: Yipes, Janelle... do me a favor. Never win HOH again! You're going to make someone mad no matter what you do. Just make a choice and get on with it. Geez!]
  • Erika told her she had to do what's best for her.
  • Meanwhile, Mike Boogie was telling Kaysar that he didn't want to vote out Diane, but would. He and Will would be S6's servants for the week. Kaysar told him he trusts him. [Editor's note: !! Eep!]
  • Janelle then asked Kaysar to go upstairs because she's made her decision. (Really?)
  • Diane told Erika and Danielle that Howie is making her feel uncomfortable sleeping in their bed. She "doesn't want to say anything" about it, though.
  • Janelle told Howie Will is safe and Diane is gone.
  • Janelle talked to Will again. Once again, the same promises and speech out of Will (who had just told Danielle that he'd target S6). He asked her the order of loyalty to S6 and she said Howie, Kaysar and Marcellas. Note Marcellas has replaced James in her ranking. She didn't mention him at all. Will swore he and Mike would be loyal to her.
  • While talking to Danielle, James said if they (he or Danielle) get HOH next week, they'll put up Marcellas and Janelle. Snake Alert!
  • Then, foolish Janelle decided she had to run her decision by Marcellas. [Editor's note: SHEESH! NEVER WIN HOH AGAIN! NEVER!] She told him she plans on putting up Diane. He tried to talk her out of it -- Diane's a nice girl, blah-blah-blah. Just talk to her, blah-blah.
  • Howie told Janelle not to worry that James will be mad if she puts up Diane. Just tell him that was best for her as Diane is a threat to her.
  • James got mad at Janelle. As if by script or premonition or something. He ranted about putting Jase up once again.
  • And that's pretty much where we stand. Once again, most have stayed up through the overnight hours. @@

Sunday, July 30, 2006

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Regarding Show Recap

Someone in comments asked me to write up a show recap on tonight's show. I don't usually recap BB shows with the exception of just touching on them or discussing the live show -- most of the feeds reports I've posted already cover the show's happenings except on the live show.

But, if you missed the show, TV Clubhouse has a thorough step-by-step through the show here. In the morning, TV Squad (linked in right sidebar) will have their recap up and CBS Innertube will have the show available for viewing on the website.

My only real notes on the show: They didn't show the end of Will's puppet show where he tossed all the duckies leaving his own as the winner. And, yep... Janelle told Mike Boogie she was putting him up because she disliked him. In the feeds she said that just came out and she really didn't mean or plan to say it. It looked pretty spontaneous.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Update - Luxury Comp

The luxury comp ended a while ago, but I was busy watching the show. I was multi-tasking with the feeds on low volume! ;-)

The houseguests were split into two teams, Red and Black. The prize was indeed the Will Ferrell movie. As Kaysar said, "What a prize! A movie no one wants to see!" Erika said she wanted to see it. So, there Kaysar. Of course, any slop eaters want to see the movie just for the popcorn and snacks!

By just a matter of seconds lead, the Black Team won. The car spun around on a platform and the houseguests had to jump out, change tires and do pit stop kind of things.

The Black Team was Will, Janelle, Danelle, Mike, James and Diane
The Red Team was Kaysar, Howie, Chicken George, Marcellas and Erika

I don't know how they accounted for the extra member on the Black Team. Boogie can't do much with his foot, so maybe he didn't participate to the full extent? Not sure.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Quickie Update 7/30 - Luxury Comp

We've had flame/clouds for a long, long time now. Just prior to them, you could hear Janelle in the Diary Room being asked about Will Ferrell movies. Then there was a quick cam shot of a racecar on a platform in the yard.

So, the luxury comp must be for the movie Talledega Nights, one can only assume. Who gets to see it, whether they all see it, whether they fight for the right to see it, I dunno.

I could think of better luxuries, myself. ;-)

Update: Sure, just as I posted my entry, the cams came alive for a moment. They're doing some sort of pit crew thing.

The cams keep cutting in and out.

But here's a quick screen cap from the quad cam.

I'm not sure who's on what teams or anything other than they have to do pit crew stuff to the car like in a race pit stop.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Bulletin - 7/30

Where's Janelle's bodyguards? Will is turning her once again.

"Don't tell them you changed your mind, just do it."
"Your alliance is falling apart. James is peeling off and will go to the floaters or ChillTown."
"The girls want you out."
"Boogie and I will protect you."
"Money split."
"Kaysar will think of some pseudo-moral reason to put you on the block sometime soon."
"Erika is with Kaysar, Danielle is with James... who's with YOU?"
"They'll be mad for 15 minutes and get over with it."
"Chicken George will listen to us, he doesn't like James."
"You will be protected and we'll carry you."
"Chicken George calls you a snake." "Of course he does. I am a snake."

Dang, he's so good. Now I remember why I started liking him for the win in Season 2.

Oh, Janelle, go ahead and keep him -- send Diane packing this week!

No word on the backyard as of this time.
Dang, Will is so good at this!

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Update - Sun. 7/30 Kaysar No Longer Alone

Kaysar was the only one up until BB played their morning wake-up song (blocked to the feeds). He exercised, he moped, he prayed, he laid about. He couldn't go outside because some sort of construction was going on in the yard. The house is on an indoor lockdown, the construction noises have stopped. The girls are giddy that perhaps it's a luxury comp or an America's Choice thing.

Time will tell. Right now, all the shutters are drawn and we didn't get a peek. It was a lot of hammering and sawing, but that could be anything. Maybe they built Howie a new Jack Shack.

James is still trying to be the boss. Not sure if anyone is interested... other than Danielle. Even though he buckled and put up Jase last week, when he talks it's "my way or the highway" sort of speeches. Now he's talking to Mike. Mike is trying to talk the put up and vote out Diane talk. Mike told him that HE has never been the target and they talk about working together.

Mike said he trusts Diane more than any other floater [note he left out his recent dating alliance Erika] and that if they're willing to vote her out, that proves they'll work with James. He talked of Kaysar and Janelle being the S6 targets, not James.

Dang, I'd love it right this moment if Janelle put James on the block and they all voted him out for playing every side! No, I haven't heard that even be a possibility, but I can dream, can't I?

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Overnight Into Sunday 7/30

Now, I could have gone for another night of waking up the houseguests, couldn't you? Instead, we had a bunch of sleepy houseguests with the usual "stay up 'til dawn" crew.

Without further ado, here's what happened in the wee hours in that Big Brother House of Shifting Strategies:
  • James apparently really did have an epiphany when it comes to George. He doesn't want George on the block. [Editor's note: This I like, most of his gameplay and methods otherwise will probably come back to bite him on the butt, though.]
  • Mike Boogie didn't realize he cut his foot when it happened. He just saw all the blood. He had his shoes off due to all of the worms and kicked something made of glass. [Editor's note: Hey, I just report what they say. All I know about the worms is they were a part of the Veto Comp.] He'll have to keep it bandaged for a few weeks. He can't use the pool, hot tub, or treadmill.
  • Will suggested to George that he should wear a full Geisha face for the next show. [Editor's note: George! Don't listen to him! Sheesh!]
  • Will said he went to the Diary Room after the food comp and "they" said they "knew it sucked..." FLAME/CLOUDS. "Houseguests, you may not discuss your Diary Room sessions with other houseguests."
  • Danielle and Kaysar had a long, long talk about life. How sweet. [Editor's note: Yep, I'm sure Danielle had her own reasons for the talk.]
  • Kaysar told James he wants to go home.
  • Boogie got going on wanting to turn the light on the tarantula cage off again. BB didn't answer him. [Editor's note: I don't know much about tarantulas, but the light may be on for a reason like heat.]
  • The Mike Boogie/Erika alliance had a brief strategy meeting. She thinks Janelle wants to put Diane up, but will put Will up. If she (Erika) wins HOH, she will put up Howie and Janelle. She didn't go after Kaysar in HOH because she didn't want S6 to think she was targeting them. They both agreed Janelle must go.
  • James and Howie talked about Janelle's nominations. Howie realizes that Janelle wants Will to stay in the house and James said she let them win the Veto. Janelle told them to take out Diane and Erika in the comp.
  • James told Howie that Janelle is the only one not doing what the alliance wants -- he did his part and put Jase up.
  • James worked on turning Howie against his beloved "Oh, Janie!" and hinted she's allied with ChillTown.
  • James said the house is filthy and the All Stars are a bunch of pigs. [Editor's note: Okay, James has now said two things I agree with. That house is in horrible shape.]
  • James told Howie that he (James) is the safest of the S6 Players with the floaters. [Editor's note: Howie! Take notice! Think Danielle/James!]
  • James was on his "Janelle MUST nominate Will" kick for hours on end. [Editor's note: My sympathies to Sarah. James cannot be stopped when he thinks he's right about something.]
  • Marcellas is sleeping with Janelle in the HOH room this week.
  • Howie roamed the house late, frustrated because BB wouldn't let him go outside to his Jack Shack.
  • Howie tried to get information out of Janelle. "Why did Boogie take me out of the comp instead of you?" "I don't know, Howie." "Look how Will is manipulating you." "I haven't talked to Will today." "Yesterday."
  • In his talk with Janelle, he finally said that James wouldn't vote to evict Diane. Janelle told him that if "we all do, he will." Howie said James feels safe with Diane so it might be a good idea to put her up. [Editor's note: Oh, does Howie recognize the Snake?]
  • When Howie asked Janelle if she was in another alliance, she told him she wasn't. Both talked about Kaysar being homesick.
  • "You're cute, Janie!" "You're cuter, Howie!"
  • For unknown reasons we had periods of flame/clouds when most of the HG were sleeping. That's rather odd. Someone had to be talking.
  • The houseguests are all in bed asleep as I post this.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Blurb With Screen Caps - 7/29 Evening

<--- Marcellas, Pool Hustler, a legend in his own mind.

There hasn't been a lot of interesting dish to dish up here tonight. I'm waiting for all heck to break loose like it has for the past two nights, but so far... nada.

Here's the scoop from the Big Brother House of Pink Flamingos and Growing Egos:
  • Marcellas told Janelle to put up George if she's scared of ChillTown. [Editor's note: Hey! Diane! Put up Diane, not George!]
  • Marcellas thinks the biggest target in S6 is Kaysar, not sure I agree.
  • James told Danielle that he figured out that Janelle wanted Will or Mike to win the Veto.
  • Howie told Janelle the floaters aren't after her and he wants Will out of the house. [Editor's note: He should just tape this and play it at timed intervals. On and on, I say!]
  • Janelle told Howie she thinks she'd feel like the floaters tell her what to do if she puts Will on the block. [Editor's note: I can't decide! I'm just a buxom blonde bombshell!]
  • Right now Kaysar and Danielle are trying to add up how many days they've been in the house. They went in July 3. I'd say 26.
  • Janelle's room is still too pink.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Saturday 7/29 Update

"Oh, I want ChillTown out!"
"Oh, I changed my mind! I want a floater out!"
"Wait, maybe a ChillTown is a better choice."
"No, no, no. The floaters are going to come after me!"
"But the ChillTown will win if I don't take them out now!"
"What to do? What to do? I'm just a buxom blonde. What up, Kaysar!"

And, so the drama goes on in that Big Brother House of Harried Houseguests and their Sorry Sagas... here's the latest:
  • Will made Cinnamon Slop Crunch Bars and will be seeking a patent.
  • James told Danielle that if Janelle puts up Diane and she goes, when he gets HOH he'll put up Janelle. [Editor's note: So much for loyalty. Too bad he didn't have a Bible to swear on, huh?]
  • Danielle told him they should keep Kaysar, but get rid of Howie and Janelle.
  • George feels bad because Jase knows they all voted him out. Diane told him Jase did it to himself.
  • Will and Mike Boogie think they kept their part of their bargain with Janelle -- they won the Veto.
  • Mike Boogie apparently tried to pry the driver (for his foot injury) about the show, but every time he mentions it, we get flame/clouds.
  • Mike and Will talked about making a deal to split the money (very against contract) and we got flame/clouds.
  • Erika told George she thinks she will be voted out. [Editor's note: Sympathy move? I don't know.]
  • They played with the weight scale once again. George lost two pounds and Kaysar found them.
  • James thinks this week will be a double eviction week. He also thinks Jase is coming back. James thinks odd things.
  • James and Kaysar discussed how Janelle's HOH decisions have hurt their cause.
  • James, Kaysar and Howie all confronted Janelle about her talking to ChillTown and her decisions. They all want her to put Will in Mike's place on the block. She's afraid he'll be mad at her. Kaysar: "He can be mad at you from home."
  • The S6 now agree that when Mike takes himself off the block, Will goes up and goes home. [Editor's note: We'll see how that works out, eh? Think she'll do it?]
  • Kaysar's plan includes sending Will home, then Mike, then Diane. [Editor's note: Dang, I'd like that order reversed!]
  • Danielle worked her confused act on Erika - "I don't understand how the Sov. 4 don't seem to know what each other is doing." [Editor's note: All of her "I'm so confused" bits are a ploy for gathering information. I think Will is the best at the game, but Danielle is right on his tail.]
  • Danielle reported back to Will that Janelle was on the fence between him and Diane as the Mike replacement.

And that's the skinny!

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Saturday 7/29

What a whirlwind few days of unexpected comps (food and POV) timing gone awry, wake-up calls and the tides turning once again! It's enough to make my head spin and I'm not even in the house! I fully expect the houseguests to turn into little characters from The Exorcist any day now -- spinning heads, projectile vomiting and all. Well, hopefully not the latter, but I think you get my point. Right? Hey, I do have a point... somewhere in there.


Let's just get at the important stuff -- what's been happening in that Big Brother House of Gregarious Grouses:

  • Howie campaigned for Janelle to put Will on the block and send him home. He told her she should never again talk to ChillTown by herself. [Editor's note: She may have her own plans. Do they include Howie?]
  • Mike Boogie did indeed get stitches in his wounded foot. [Editor's note: So, where are we standing on this Wounded and Ill list? George's back, Alison's head, Kaysar/Mike/Howie ears, Erika's ribs... what am I leaving out?]
  • At sometime after noon their time (we're talking sometime over an hour ago here... grr), most straggled alive once again.
  • Mike Boogie thinks George will be put up in his place and that Will will not go on the block.
  • Danielle told Mike that she's worried that Marcellas may sway Janelle, but she thinks Will is indeed safe.
  • James/Marcellas/Danielle talked for a bit. They all (even Danielle, sly fox she is) expressed surprise that Janelle doesn't seem to want to put Will up on the block. James said she wants to put up Diane instead of Will. [Editor's note: Please do! At least when I watch Will, he is so smarmy, yet believable, that he's intriguing to watch as he works his magic. Diane has no magic. Diane has a sob story. Wah for her. Be gone, Diane!]
  • They talked about the wake-up calls, but when Marcellas started to say it was a breach of contract... FLAME/CLOUDS. The mere mention of producers or contracts (or breach thereof) gets a quick trigger finger on the blocking lately. Marcellas thinks the show is trying to make them miserable. Heh.
  • Apparently the houseguests have been told this is going to be a "Week of Comps" and they've made reference to it a few times now. Other than the odd schedule so far, I'm not sure what's going on. Perhaps a luxury comp in the works next? They have to do the Veto Ceremony yet, but I don't know the time schedule for that at this point.
  • The HG are all still certain someone will be coming back. This is in their own minds from past seasons, it seems. They have nothing more concrete than you and I have... which is we don't know. I hope no one comes back or, if one must, make it Nakomis. Of the boots so far, she is the one I miss the most.
  • Will knows her alliance and the house are pressuring Janelle to put him on the block. So, he and Mike Boogie want to ally with Janelle and Howie. They say Danielle is the only one completely on their side, but Janelle wins things. So, they'll try to make a go of the show with Janelle on their team. [Cue suspense music here.]

That's the skinny.

Graphic by Zoetawny.

If You Want To SEE Some Of The BB7 Wake-Up Calls...

... head on over to Hamsterwatch's YouTube Section. They have the most important ones up on video. I've always enjoyed HamsterWatch (see, it's been linked in my sidebar all along) and they're the best for snagging the videos.

But, then come back here to talk about the videos.

Of course. ;-)

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Late Night Into the Morning 7/28 - 7/29

What a night in the house! They thought they could rest. I thought I could rest, but...!

Big Brother had other plans.

Here are the events from late last night until... well... now in the Big Brother House of Okay, I'm Awake!:
  • Will was amazing to watch (Half Man, Half Amazing?) as he talked to Janelle and worked his magic. He promised her that they were after floaters, not S6 and how Mike would work with them, on and on. He sounded so sincere. She bought it hook, line and sinker. She agreed to talk with Mike.
  • Now, Mike wasn't as smooth as Will but he sold her a box of goods built on lies, deception and ill repute.
  • She then decided that she wanted Mike to win the Veto. [Editor's note: She's been had by these two! Will was just so polite, friendly, logical... she bought the turnip truck just so she could fall off it down the road.]
  • Again, they said they wanted to go to bed early because they think the POV comp will be in the morning and they should try to be well-rested. [Editor's note: No rest for the weary, I say!]
  • Danielle continued her "these noms confuse me" bit, this time with James.
  • Erika thinks Janelle is targeting her. James told her that he told Janelle to go after Marcellas. [Editor's note: He knows they have a friendly relationship. Why would he even go there right now? Why does he push his own motives? Oh? Because he's a snake? Never mind.]
  • Diane's two front teeth are fake. [Editor's note: And so is her "woe is me" act, but...!]
  • Will told Danielle that "it's impossible to talk strategy" with Janelle. [Editor's note: But very possible to make her cling on your every word, it seems.]
  • Janelle was called to the Diary Room and, without warning, came back and said it's time to pick players for POV. Yikes! She said everyone had to wake up, but Mike Boogie was the only one sleeping. Instant awakeness.
  • The Veto players are: Will, Howie and Diane as the random picks. Janelle, Mike and Erika as the HOH and noms.
  • The veto playing will start with wake-up calls.
  • Janelle told James, Howie and Marcellas that she won't go with Will's "stupid plan." That was, of course, to throw veto so either Mike or Will will win.
  • Will told Janelle to let Erika win, put him up and he'll go home. He doesn't want Erika to feel targeted or upset. [Editor's note: @@ An eyeroll for Will!]
  • They found out that viewers had a choice to have messages play every 15 minutes and that there had been a choice of every 3 hours, but they're not aware of the actual increment... yet.
  • Mike Boogie was upset because he was asleep and the rest were already wide awake.
  • Janelle plans to backdoor someone... she definitely wants Will or Mike to win POV, not Erika. She doesn't want to win it herself as she wants it to look like she was forced to make a new nom.
  • Will told Mike that this week is all about CT and Janelle. They would do what she wants them to do.
  • James thought that Janelle's decision to pick Howie as her partner would make her lose. [Editor's note: Well, yes.]
  • The wake-up calls started at about 12:30 AM their time - from "Dumb and Dumber," from Caroline in Houston -- every 15 minutes.
  • Kaysar claimed it was demented. Erika said it was the dumbest TV show on the planet.
  • Janelle and Kaysar are onto the Danielle/James alliance. They said they can't let it continue through the game. Kaysar said it's too early yet to do anything about it and that Danielle isn't after them... yet. [Editor's note: Danielle picked a better "secret alliance" partner in her own season. I admire her gameplay, but... James. Oy, bad choice!]
  • Kaysar told Janelle that while Danielle isn't coming after them right now, Diane is. [Editor's note: I so hope that she's the backdoor candidate! Diane just bugs me to no end with her sob stories!]
  • Meanwhile, the wake-up calls go on... every 15 minutes. Boy, we BB Fans are mean, huh? Poems, noises, shout-outs from websites, an Ode to Slop and you name it.
  • Janelle told Howie that she didn't want Erika or Diane to win POV. [Editor's note: Notice she didn't mention Will or Mike!]
  • In the HOH room, Erika said she was tired because she didn't nap. Janelle assured her that she wasn't a target and not to worry.
  • Diane's mother was one of the wake-up calls. Will told Diane to make her mother stop bugging him.
  • George actually slept. Amazing.
  • James whined about the calls. Not amazing. Typical James.
  • Alison and Jase did wake-up calls, Jase did his Innertube Rap.
  • Marcellas said he was ready to end it all and jump off the balcony by the HOH room. He said he's DOR (voluntarily leave the show) for 10 grand and his stipend. He begged; he pleaded. Make it end!
  • Cowbells, Ivette, Janelle's Mom... the wake-up calls go on. And on.
  • Then a period of flame/clouds and when the feeds returned... Mike Boogie has won the POV! Yipes, how did that happen? What happened? Who's on first?
  • In a Marcellas/Janelle conversation, she told him that she wanted Mike to go before Will. So, Marcellas said, "So you keep them both in the game just because they wouldn't leave in the order you want?"
  • Mike is limping and in pain. Some say he needs stitches, medical attention.
  • James told Kaysar that he questioned Janelle about her motives and creating an all-male alliance around herself.
  • Marcellas wants Janelle to put Will in Mike's place on the block. [Editor's note: Like that will happen!] He said that the S6 alliance is the worst ever because they never listen to each other.
  • Kaysar told James there will be "problems if Will doesn't go up on the block."
  • Janelle complained to Howie that Kaysar hasn't been giving her advice. Howie told her it's because he's sleeping all day every day. Janelle thinks he's homesick.
  • What little I've heard of the POV comp itself sounds like a "Fear Factor" kind of deal with maggots and such. Ewww.

I'm posting this so the suspense is over... for now.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Update - POV Winner

The POV winner is Mike. A full report of the overnight events will be up soon!

Friday, July 28, 2006

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - After Nominations - Fri. 7/28

So, the noms are in and it's Friday night. How are Mike Boogie and Erika dealing with their personal and shared situation? Will Will push Mike Boogie aside and say, "No, me! I want to go home! I hate you all!" Will George quietly eat his BB Slop and stay out of the line of fire?

Here's what's been going on in the Big Brother House of Newly Nominated Nuts and Naysayers Who Love Them:
  • Howie and James don't think Erika and Mike were the best decision Janelle could make.
  • Janelle felt sorry for Diane after her chat with her last night, so didn't nominate her. [Editor's note: Argh! I cannot believe this! Diane may have people feel sorry for her straight through to the end of the season! I personally would rather see lying and scheming than "poor pitiful me."]
  • Janelle is worried how Eirka will take the nomination even though she's the pawn and Mike's the target. [Editor's note: Pawns sometimes go bye-bye. If you don't want someone to go, don't nominate them. Using a pawn is never a safe or sure deal.]
  • Will told Mike Boogie to be cool about things and it could be the pawn to leave. [Editor's note: See! See! Will knows!]
  • Marcellas, Diane, Danielle and Erika talked. They said they had to make sure the vote went the "right way." Marcellas is angry - said Janelle skipped a step. [Editor's note: Will and Mike? I'm not sure.]
  • Kaysar told Erika she has his vote and Janelle assured her she's staying.
  • Kaysar and Janelle are worried about Will or Mike winning POV, more worried about Will.
  • James once again complained about his own alliance's choices to others outside the alliance. That will come back to bite him just as it did in S6, I think. He told Danielle and Erika they were "half-assed" nominations.
  • Mike and Erika talked (remember, they're working together and supposedly dating outside of the house). They think the noms were actually a very good move on Janelle's part. She considers herself an "undercover ChillTown," not a floater. She thinks the only true floater in the house is Chicken George.
  • George told Kaysar that this game is more stressful than the season he was in as the houseguests just nominated, no flipping, no alliances.
  • Diane told Marcellas she can talk George into anything.
  • Danielle tried to work Janelle for information. She said she didn't understand the nominations. Janelle told her, when asked, that if a veto is used, then George would go on the block. She also said no one told her who to nominate; Erika and Mike were her own choices.
  • Apparently Janelle said she dislikes Mike in her nomination speech. She said she didn't mean for that to come out.
  • A Will quote: "The good thing about not eating and the nominations is that this house can't get any worse!" [Editor's note: Wait until that wake-up bit starts, Will!]
  • Marcellas and Janelle once again talked about going to the final two together.
  • Boogie pried Diane for info regarding how many votes he might get to stay if the nominations hold.
  • Danielle, in addition to trying to get info from Janelle, went to Erika to play that side, too... saying she didn't understand the noms. Erika mentioned it might be intentional, but didn't elaborate.
  • Will said the show would sue him for breech of contract if... FLAME/CLOUDS [Editor's note: Hmmm...]
  • Most are talking of going to bed early tonight. [Editor's note: Phew! I need the sleep!]
  • Danielle is now working the Kaysar angle with not understanding the noms -- "Why did you take out someone who wasn't a threat to you last week and he went out ugly?" "Why aren't you taking out the threat this week?" [Editor's note: I'm not sure if she wants Will and Mike to both be up or Diane targeted. I think it could very well be Diane who's stuck in her mind.]

And there you go.

Graphic by Zoetawny.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Bulletin - Janelle's Nominations 7/28

Erika and Mike Boogie are on the block, with Mike being the target.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Update - Fri. 7/28

When they're up for most of the night, we're lucky if they're up by 11 or noon their time. Which, but of course, is afternoon from where I write this on the East Coast. So went today... again.

Here's what's been going on in that Big Brother House of Floating, Flatulence and Falliances (Failed Alliances):
  • When they straggled out of bed, the plasma screen read "Nominations Today." Rah!
  • Will told Danielle that BB put an end to his "refuse to eat food and get a penalty nom" talk. They'll turn it into a "refuse to eat food and get a lawsuit."
  • Will offered to be put up as a pawn.
  • Janelle wants to take out floaters, but isn't certain. She doesn't want them mad at her... yet.
  • Howie asked James if he was planning to ally with Danielle and overthrow the S6.
  • James told Janelle and Howie that Danielle won't nominate S6, but Marcellas would nominate Howie and Kaysar.
  • James tells them he won't vote out Danielle.
  • James still has it in his mind that Jase is returning [@@] and that CT would then be three strong.
  • Will likened BB Slop to licking a brick.
  • Will tried to convince Janelle to put up Erika and get rid of her.
  • Janelle told Will her plan is to put up Boogie and Chicken George, then backdoor a floater. She didn't specify whom, but this was WILL she's telling. Yikes.
  • Will tried to convince her that no one wants to be in the end with Kaysar and that he threw their alliance under the bus by not targeting ChillTown immediately.
  • Will wants her to nominate Erika and Danielle and then come over to the Dark Side (ChillTown) as her alliance is falling apart (S6).
  • He told her that he and Mike Boogie would never nominate her or vote her out. [Editor's note: Would anyone like to buy a bridge in Brooklyn? I have one here for sale!]
  • When Howie entered the room, Will tried basically the same approach on him. @@
  • There's an outdoor lockdown with Janelle called to the DR. We had the other houseguests in the backyard for a while, but now it's been flame/clouds (with bad music) long enough that I think the Nominations Ceremony is on. As soon as I know the noms, I'll post a bulletin. Stay tuned.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Overnight Into Friday 7/28

Once again, it was an all-nighter for most of the Big Brother houseguests. I heard one of them joke about how they've become nocturnal vampires living for the night. Now, I guess that's okay -- I'm on vacation this week, but return to work next week. I prefer they sleep while I work.

So, what else happened last night in that Big Brother House of Violent Pink and PuppetMasters? Here's the skinny:
  • In my last report I said it appeared the food comp has taken place. It seems to have been some kind of violent game with balls. Kaysar, Janelle, Howie and James don't seem to be on BB Slop. Marcellas, Boogie, Diane, Will and Erika do seem to be restricted. George, we know is on Slop. I believe Danielle is on Slop, too.
  • James pushed Kaysar for info and seems to feel left out of S6. [Editor's note: As he is and should feel!]
  • When he met with Janelle and Kaysar, James pushed a Marcellas boot, like that would work. Janelle wants to evict Diane -- a direct threat to her. [Editor's note: She has a point. We viewers know that Diane promised Alison she'd go for Janelle.]
  • James then went on and on about removing ChillTown and/or Erika. Janelle and Kaysar stuck with floaters -- Janelle with Diane, in particular, to save herself.
  • No one thinks George should be a nomination this week. They do think Mike Boogie should go up to make Marcellas a happy gay black kinda guy.
  • James got really pushy in the talk with S6. He may have overstepped his bounds with them. Y'know, sometimes it's best just to be a bit more quiet.
  • When thinking or nervous, Kaysar still twirls imaginary curls. I guess the habit is that ingrained. Odd.
  • Kaysar doesn't trust Marcellas and Janelle doesn't respect the way he plays (but likes him).
  • In their own talk, Danielle, Erika and Marcellas decided they wanted to see Chicken George on the block again. Lucky for George, they're not in the HOH alliance.
  • Will wanted to know what happens if they eat food, not BB Slop.
  • Danielle thinks S6 Players will nominate Boogie and George. Well, she may be half-right.
  • Meanwhile, S6 is still at it with the majority pushing for a Diane eviction and James on his pissy Boogie whine. He'd better watch it - he's alienating himself further from what's supposed to be his own alliance.
  • The HOH brainstorming was broken up when Will entered to take a bath in the HOH bathroom.
  • Will yelled for someone to get the rubber duckies from the yard and pool because he wanted to do a puppet show in the bathtub. [Editor's note: Ah, the PuppetMaster has returned to the BB House!]
  • James told Diane she's in danger and that she should go to S6 and let them know they're not her targets. She got ticked and refused to tell them anything. Earlier she had told James that she wasn't after him or Howie, thus implying Janelle and Kaysar were on her radar.
  • As Will played with the duckie puppet show, Kaysar said he'd recommend the BB shrink talk to him.
  • Will named his own duckie character Dr. McDreamy.
  • In an aside from the puppet show, Will told Kaysar he was going to go for a penalty nomination. [Editor's note: AHA! AHA! Just like he and Mike Boogie discussed yesterday as their next strategical move to convince S6 he wants to go home! AHA!]
  • Janelle and Kaysar seem to be believing Will and Boogie more and more each day. Howie not so much. [Editor's note: I've always said I thought Howie was a bit smarter than he often acts.]
  • Howie asked Janelle why James is working so hard to save Diane. [Editor's note: I think his cogs are turning. James = Snake. He does.]
  • Meanwhile, Will's puppet show has the S6 and ChillTown ducks going to the final six and sharing the winnings. [Editor's note: The HG may not discuss sharing the winnings, but I guess it's okay for ducks to do so.]
  • James told Danielle that S6 will be nominating Mike and Diane, but Diane will go. [Editor's note: Snake alert! Snake alert! Where's the anti-venom?]
  • When alone in the bathroom, Will lined up all the duckies. He then knocked them one by one into the tub in this order (he named the ducks) -- Howie, James, Kaysar, Janelle and Boogie -- left with his own duckie, he gave an evil smirk.
  • Diane made the move to have a talk with Janelle. She told her she felt she was a target -- Jase had told her S6 was after her. She feels she's all alone in the house - people stop talking when she enters a room. She wants to stay long enough to make sequester. [Editor's note: Remember, she has no job and was living out of her car.]
  • Janelle seemed to believe Diane, at least to a point. Yikes.
  • Janelle told Kaysar she doesn't think Diane is a threat and mentions putting up Chicken George with Mike Boogie. Eep.
  • Kaysar thinks Danielle will strike against them and wonder if it's time to go for her first. He's also concerned that James will jump ship from their alliance.
  • Janelle told Kaysar and Howie she wants to put up Will and George and backdoor...? Kaysar asked her who was the backdoor and she wouldn't say. I assume Mike Boogie.
  • Janelle and Kaysar are seriously worried about the Snake. As they should be.
  • Marcellas thinks Danielle is "deadly."
  • Howie was the last one up and went to bed just before dawn there.
  • These guys MUST start going to bed a bit earlier. They MUST.

At least they don't have to get up early for a food comp.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Since Live Show - Thur. Evening 7/27

Dirty Socks Doc
<--- Will looks pensive as he lounges while listening to other houseguests discuss trivial things like movies. Is he plotting and scheming? Or is he thinking that his socks need washing? I just don't know. He's a man of mystery, y'know...

The live feeds returned shortly after the live show ended.

Here's what's been happening since the show in that Big Brother House of Crushed Dreams and a Winning Buxom Blonde:
  • Danielle is pretty upset after the Jase exit.
  • Danielle explained to Mike Boogie the reason Marcellas took him out of the HOH Comp was because Mike had been saying he was a target. Mike claimed not to remember saying that. [Editor's note: Did, too! @@ An eyeroll for Mikey!]
  • Mike then said he just wanted S6 to think that, Marcellas isn't his target.
  • Janelle said she didn't throw the competition to Marcellas because she was thinking of all the food the HOH receives.
  • Erika told Janelle and Marcellas that Mike Boogie is mad about the comp. [Editor's note: Well, duh. I bet they could figure that out on their own, don't you?]
  • Will thinks he should just leave his bag packed by the door.
  • Will also thinks tonight's live show was edited to make it look like he was leaving. [Editor's note: Yup!]
  • Mike Boogie went off on the floaters not taking out S6 Players in the comp.
  • When Mike wondered aloud to Will about Jase asking that only Diane and Danielle walk him out, Will told him it just goes to show when you think you know what's going on in the house, you don't.
  • Mike went on and on about how much money both he and Will have while the others will NEVER have that much. [Editor's note: Another reason I don't like Mike. Not that he has money, but that he thinks it makes him better than others. Feh.]
  • Will and Mike Boogie discussed throwing the food comp if Mike goes on the block.
  • James is upset that he no longer has his HOH Sarah photographs.
  • Will told Danielle that his loyalty is with Mike first, her second. [Editor's note: !!! Important, I think!] Danielle told him she thinks they're safe -- she thinks that they'll go after Erika, Diane or George.
  • Their feast was Chinese food. Will once again requested that George be allowed to eat. Once again, BB didn't answer. Janelle's fortune cookie read: "You will make a change for the better."
  • Will said he's going to improve his behavior. [Editor's note: @@ Sure, Will.]
  • Mike Boogie whined to Marcellas about the S6 Players. When he couldn't get him against them, he worked his Erika suspicious angle on him.
  • The HOH Discovery was only on audio while the video was flame/clouds. Janelle said it was "Hello Kitty Pink" and there was the usual hustle-bustle and fake praise.
  • It is pink. Way too pink.EEK PINK
  • Janelle, Howie and Kaysar (note, no James) talked about nomination choices. They seem to be leaning towards Diane as one, Mike Boogie as the other.
  • Kaysar wondered why the Jase vote was unanimous. Did Danielle get George to change his vote? He wants to talk to George and possibly take him under his wing. [Editor's note: Earlier, though I forgot to mention it, James told Howie he was taking George under his wing. Looks like the Chicken now has wings. Maybe he'll soar! Oh, wait, chickens can't fly far, can they?]
  • Long, long feeds block as I re-typed this. Storms rolling through blinked my power for a few minutes on my first try.
  • It sounds like they had the food comp when the feeds were blocked for so long. Some of the house is on Slop -- Boogie and Erika, at least. None of the S6 are on it. I don't know about the others. It was something physical with a ball. Erika whined that it was unfair.

That's it for now!

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - The Live Show - 7/27

Well, this is annoying. I had a show thoughts and live feeds mix entry all ready to post and my power went out briefly. I have to learn to save as I write. Argh. But now I'll split it into two entries and, trust me, I'll save!

I won't do a whole show recap, but I wanted to touch on a few things, so bear with me.

When they had the houseguests implying that Jase was the person they'd keep, yet not casting any votes and then showed NO votes by 8:30 PM here, I knew the vote would indeed be unanimous for Jase to leave. It's a dead giveaway. The same rule goes for when they show two votes contradicting each other, then no more. It means the rest of the votes were for one of the people.

While I wasn't surprised at the unanimous vote, I was surprised that Jase teared up in his little speech from the chair. And, as you saw and I've mentioned in the feed reports, he honestly believes he'll be coming back into the house. I personally doubt it -- they've returned folks too often, too many seasons in a row.

And, what was up with James crossing his fingers as he talked to Julie? Was he sending a message to Sarah or was he lying about his loyalties or lack of loyalties?

The HOH Comp made me understand the live feeds fixation on the walls as of late. Well, the writing was on the wall for this one. (I couldn't resist.) Janelle and Howie have been studying the walls every day. What possessed Will not to take out Kaysar or Janelle? Howie? Howie?!?! Give me a break! Marcellas' obvious dilemma between eliminating Janelle or Kaysar was a hoot, but you knew he'd go with keeping Janelle.

A few disjointed bits:
  • Shannon still creeps me out. I can't see her without thinking of how she used Hardy's toothbrush to clean the toilet.
  • I liked Will's brother. I wonder if he was honest or lying about Will. I think honest. I think he is somewhat shy -- I mentioned yesterday that he's camera shy when they have the HOH cam. It could be a persona for the game. But, on the other hand, he does have a friendship and business dealings with Mike Boogie. Eww.
  • George is crazy. But a harmless, good-hearted kind of crazy.

Stay tuned for a late live feeds report with a screen capture of Janelle's new HOH and the latest buzz... once I get it all typed up again, anyways!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - East Coast Update - Live Show HOH 7/27

The HOH Comp is Define and Dismiss... the words on the walls of the house. If a HG gets the question right, he/she eliminates another from the comp.

Marcellas eliminated Boogie.
Kaysar eliminated Diane.
Will eliminated Howie.
Will eliminated when answer was wrong.
Erika eliminated George.
Kaysar eliminated Erika.
Janelle eliminated Danielle.
Marcellas eliminated Kaysar.
Up to Janelle and Marcellas....
Janelle is the new HOH.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - East Coast Live Show Update -Eviction 7/27

Votes for eviction are:
So much doubletalk from the HG about the decision, yet not showing one vote.
Must be unanimous, I say as I type this prior to the announcement.
Am I right?

Unanimous, JASE is evicted. He asked that only Diane and Danielle escort him out and teared up in his last words.

Graphic by Zoetawny.

Tune In Here For East Coast 'Big Brother 7: All Stars' Live Show Bulletins!

As the show airs here on the East Coast, I'll be posting the eviction and HOH results. Usually the eviction is after 8:30 PM ET and HOH near 9:00 PM. If you check after those times and don't see a new post, it sometimes helps to hit the JULY 2006 archives link you see on the right sidebar of the blog. So, if you're on the West Coast and just can't wait, stop on by!

Almost showtime!

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Pre-Live Show 7/27

The feeds have returned on and off since being blocked almost all day. Alas, nothing exciting is happening when we've had them. BB has been piping loud music through the house including "The Wedding March" and classical tunes. The houseguests have been getting ready for the cameras (as if they're not always on camera). No tantrums, no earthshattering news. One brief peek allowed us to see booths set up for HOH, so it looks like it's another question and answer genre comp.

Graphic by Zoetawny.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds (Or Lack Thereof) Report - Thurs. Morning 7/27

This blogger will be right back!

Hum your own bad theme music to go with the image and you're set.

This morning, only Danielle and Janelle were up when Big Brother blasted "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" by WHAM! -- aimed towards Jase, I presume.

And, then they went-went. The feeds have been blocked ever since. Now, today the HG usually practice for the HOH Comp so they don't throw off the timing of the live show. That's always blocked. They have to clean the house, too. And, trust me, this house is filthy and cluttered with George being the only one doing most of anything which gets done. They also primp for the show as if they don't realize that any moment they're there might end up on the show. Primping doesn't help when they're popping pimples and picking their nose on film. ;-)

I think the feeds should be back before the live show shuts them down again and I'll update when I can! I didn't want you to think I was just not updating because I'm heartbroken about Jase's expected eviction or anything...

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Evening/Overnight Into 7/27

Here we are, the third eviction looming in just a few hours and we have a house of badminton players. @@

If Jase acts out during the eviction tonight, it's purely an act he feels will make "good television." In the house, he's been fairly calm and collected and knows he's to be evicted. He's still hoping, if evicted, that someone will be coming back into the house, but that's all speculation on the part of the houseguests. Maybe someone will be put back in the game, maybe not. And, if someone comes back in, I'd personally rather see it be Nakomis.

Here are the bits from the feeds last night and overnight in the Big Brother House of Let's Make Good TV:
  • Kaysar likened George to Cinderella -- all the cooking and cleaning.
  • The houseguests were in an indoor lockdown for a long time, went to the backyard and found signs that BB had set up something and taken it back down. They tried to figure out from marks on the grass what the HOH competition would be.
  • Marcellas loves NYC, James hates it. [Editor's note: I agree with Marcellas, but I'm biased.]
  • Mike Boogie talked with Erika about Danielle. According to him, she's just blending in everywhere and he wonders if anyone will ever nominate her. He asked her who was the most dangerous of the "four" and she admitted Kaysar was because the others listened to him. But she doesn't want him going out so soon. She likes him too much.
  • Erika is suspicious of both Danielle and Marcellas.
  • They played a song charades game using a line from a song, but someone would keep starting to sing the songs, so intermittent flame/clouds blocked the feeds. I blame Marcellas.
  • Erika told Jase that she had to do two tapes, but her real feelings will be in the goodbye tape to him... FLAME/CLOUDS!
  • James thinks the only people who will go after the S6 next week would be Mike and Will. [Editor's note: Hmmm, maybe he should expect the unexpected? S6 has ruled the game so far, time for new blood?]
  • James hinted to Erika that she has to start stepping up to the plate in the game. He implied that she might be a target because she isn't taking a side.
  • Will played with one of the yard cameras until BB yelled at him to knock it off.
  • The HG pulled off their microphones and stuck them in a pile in protest of not having "real food" at midnight.
  • The feeds were shut down for maintenance with an announcement stating such. The announcement also said the feeds would be off during the live show, but will return after the show airs in ET. But I knew that. The feeds were down for more than a couple of hours, but that's okay. The house has been boring. I want action!
  • When the feeds returned, the houseguests were gorging on a Mexican feast.
  • Apparently, the feeds shut-off had to do with the HG removing their mics. Interesting. BB told them if they took their mics off, they'd shut the feeds down and the HG said they didn't care. They were hungry and wanted food. @@
  • Except for trips to the bathroom, not a mouse is stirring, nor a houseguest.

Graphic by Zoetawny.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Lived Feeds Update - Afternoon 7/26

<--- James and Danielle pose for the HOH camera. (Remember, the photos they take with the digital camera are posted weekly on the CBS website.)

Today has been tedious on the feeds, for the houseguests as well as me. The votes have been cast, the fate of one is sealed. And, I'd say from the talk, the one leaving will be Jase. He thinks so, too. He seems non-violent about it, at least. He thinks Will is playing the whole house. I think he's probably right.

Here's the most interesting bits from the Dull Day in the Big Brother House of Waiting Houseguests:

  • James likened Erika's strategy (or lack thereof as he thinks) to Karen from BB5. He said she didn't do a thing to play the game and just floated through. Danielle suggested that could have been her plan. James sneered.
  • Jase is holding to perhaps (and probably) false hope that at least one evictee (him) will come back. Deluded boy, I say.
  • Lots of talk of previous seasons and show fans, singling out the Internet fans in particular. Marcellas thinks folks overeact to things said or done by the houseguests. [Editor's note: Y'think? Nah, say it ain't so!]
  • James told Kaysar that he apologized in the HOH Blog to Jase's girlfriend and her daughter for the eviction.
  • Today is one of their meal restriction days, so they experimented a lot with what they have.
  • For all of his lack of fear on video, Will doesn't like being in the HOH camera shots.
  • They're bored. I'm bored. The cameras have tended to be on one room and one group of HG. Meanwhile, who knows what the others were doing? Except, I heard mention Howie napped. I may nap.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Mornin' Bits 7/26

Diane wants to be pretty
<----- On the feeds, Diane attempts to make herself beautiful. Will it work? Stay tuned!

Um. Never mind.

Today's voting day in the house, generally a fairly quiet kind of day. The houseguests aren't allowed to discuss their actual votes with other houseguests, so we don't hear the real deal.

But, we hear a lot in between the lines.

Here are the morning newsy tidbits from the Big Brother House Malingering Media Hounds:
  • Today's wake-up song came fairly early (for them), a little after 9 AM PT. It was Nelly's "It's Hot In Here (So Take Off All Your Clothes)."
  • George and Danielle told Will they'd abide by whatever he wants them to vote.
  • In a talk with Mike, Will said they'll put up two S6 players if they win HOH. His next act will be going for a DOR - a voluntary exit from the show. After they break up S6, they'll take two of them into ChillTown. [Editor's note: Howie and...? I'm not sure. I think they honestly like Kaysar better than James. I know they don't like Janelle.]
  • Will thinks Erika is the liaison between the floaters and S6.
  • James fussed to Erika that this week didn't feel like it was HIS HOH at all - the group (S6) made all of the decisions, not him.
  • Jase knows that he's the target and will most likely go home.
  • Mike told Jase that Will was even playing him with the "I want to go home" bit. [Editor's note: Suuure, Mike. @@ You get the eyeroll!]
  • Mike Boogie and Will were talking about how Kaysar had to go. They said he secured a place in the Final 4, but blew it by trying to run everything.

And, that's just about it for now. Remember, if you missed last night's possibly best show in Big Brother history, you can find it available online at and the Will POV speech can be seen at AOL's TV Top 5!.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Digest - Evening/Overnight Into Wed. 7/26

Last night's show was a hit with the fans. Let's see the action keep on rollin'! Let's see shake-ups, blow-ups and not so many throw-ups! Part of the fun of the show is tension in the house and watching how the houseguests interact with each other. Last night was a winner.

But, what has happened in the house since then? Is Jase going to sway the votes to stay today? Or, will Will be the one to remain? Only time will tell. The houseguests cast their votes in the Diary Room today, but aren't allowed to discuss them with the other houseguests. So, on the feeds we can only pick up the general sentiment about how the voting may play out.

Here are the newsy tidbits from the late night/overnight hours in the Big Brother House of Baldies and Bustos:
  • BB gave the houseguests more booze with their feast again. If I were in the house, I'd refrain from the alcohol. Loose lips sink ships and all, y'know.
  • George napped in the hammock as the rest of the houseguests chowed down. Poor Georgie! Will repeatedly asked BB to let them give George food, but BB didn't answer.
  • In a study session between Howie and Janelle, they used the question: "Howie got stung by a bee before or after Jase got evicted?" -- That makes it look like they're still planning to vote out Jase.
  • Janelle told Howie that Erika still was after Chicken George when he told her that he was glad George was off the radar.
  • Danielle hinted to Marcellas that Will could win it all if he stays. She's still working for Jase.
  • Howie ran around the yard singing "Will and Boogie threw Jase under a bus."
  • Jase, Will and Mike Boogie are onto Danielle and think she's worked her way into S6, Chilltown and the Floaters. They say she runs the house. [Editor's note: They're right. She's playing the best game of anyone, but her tongue may still knock her out.]
  • Erika wants to keep Will in the game.
  • Diane claims she hasn't made up her mind yet and is flip-flopping on her vote.
  • Jase and Diane talked about how much they both dislike Janelle. Jase got drunk and was quasi-obnoxious on and off through the evening.
  • Danielle had an odd discussion with Will and Mike Boogie in the storage room. She told them that if her butt goes on the line, she expects them to save her, Jase thinks she's trying to save him and not to use her name when talking to Diane about the vote. [Editor's note: Say what? So, now she's working with them? Or not? Who's on first?]
  • James is still pushing the Jase Stay Agenda. Will it work?
  • Jase made a deal with S6 that if he stays and wins HOH, he will put Mike Boogie and a floater on the block. He also wouldn't go after any of them until after sequester. They shook hands. [Editor's note: Of course, the deal is null and void if he goes home. They only agreed IF he stays.]
  • Marcellas is convinced that if Jase stays, he will go after him. He wants Jase gone.
  • Even the Floaters are divided on the vote... although two main floaters - Erika and Marcellas - are targets of Jase with Danielle on his radar to a lesser extent.
  • Boogie is on a Save Will Because He Doesn't Want To Be Here agenda.
  • Will told the S6 Players that he doesn't want this season to be a repeat of his own where everyone was bitter and mad at each other. He wants a truce and is okay with going home this week. [Editor's note: PuppetMaster Alert! Man the battle stations!]
  • Kaysar, Janelle and Howie all want Jase out and think something is going on with Danielle and James. [Editor's note: Um, maybe the pre-show phone calls and... deals? James = Snake. Danielle = One of the best players ever in the game.]
  • Kaysar is sure the Mr. and Mrs. Smith Alliance exists (Jase, Diane).
  • Danielle told Mike Boogie that Will doesn't have the votes to stay. Hmmm... now she's working the Save Jase agenda with Mike? Weird approach.
  • Then the floaters and S6 (including Danielle?) agreed that Jase has to go. I'm getting dizzy just watching the revolving minds here!
  • Will admitted to Diane that he is there to play the game. [Editor's note: As I knew all along.]
  • S6 doesn't know what to say to Jase and think he will act out and make a spectacle of himself.
  • Howie saved Kaysar's hair to sell on Ebay. Kaysar told him that was creepy and he should throw it out.
  • Now, after being up all night, all are sleeping and the consensus of the moment is that Jase will be voted out by the majority of the house. That could change with the wind, though. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Update and A Bit O' Show Talk - 7/25

Tonight's show was certainly more interesting than the feeds have been today. So, even though I don't normally recap the show here (as most of it is already covered in the feeds reports), I want to touch on a few show events and other "schtuff."

The first thing I want to mention is how touching the Howie/George talk came across. I had mentioned that talk in one of my entries -- where I said that George warned Howie to be aware of the snake (James). I'm glad the producers thought the same snake. Hey, call me what you want, but I have a bit of a soft spot for both Howie and George. They're like kids at heart and I think both probably have very good hearts. So, goofy and silly and sometimes nerve-wracking, I like 'em. There. I said it.

And, we found out why the feeds were blocked for so long before and after the POV Ceremony. We only heard about Jase's tantrum after the event. Oh, my! Now, of course, he's trying to worm his way out of things and swing the vote. I personally hope it doesn't work. I truly believe that Will has a plan and an act for this season and, though it may be a threat to others I might enjoy, I want to see where Will goes with it.

Jase? He's explosive, not sneaky enough to be a good sneak and, other than looking at his abs, I really wouldn't miss him. The graphic in this entry was done by my AOL buddy Zoetawny (thank you!) and makes a reference to an ongoing joke thread about Jase on one of the AOL message boards. It was started in Jase's original season by clueless person who actually thought Jase was a hero firefighter -- when in actuality he joined a volunteer corps to make it look good. The posters on the board have been determined to make the "JACE IS A HERO FIREFIGHTER" the longest message board thread in the history of Big Brother. It's still going today after two years. I didn't care much for Jase when I first saw him, I don't care much for him now. Please let him be the one gone this week!

Watching the actual POV comp tonight, I saw that Kaysar had trouble with his ear the moment he came out of the blueberry tub. So, there was his medical emergency. It had to be a blueberry in his ear, not any sort of contagious infection despite both Mike and Howie having ear woes. I see, for all his fussing, James did NOT give up his right to compete in POV next week. The way he whined and moaned, I thought it was gone. All the fussing was because he "couldn't protect his nomination choices" had he continued. @@ He gets the eyeroll from me. Does he think he can win every POV? And, if anyone else wins it, he really can't make them use it or not. Snake.

Okay, to the live feeds from the house today:
  • George went to sit in a chair and fell. No, I don't have video, but folks may want to see if picked up on it and put it on YouTube.
  • Lots of talk about various TV shows, previous BBs and such. Yawn. Next!
  • James told Kaysar that Danielle told him that George told her (following that?) that he's going to vote to evict Will because he doesn't like the way Will treats him. [Editor's note: I don't recall that conversation. It could be either Danielle or James himself trying to stir the pot. It could have happened. I don't know. I have an alibi.]
  • Howie got stung on the leg by a bee.
  • Danielle told Jase that she was going to talk to Kaysar to try to get them to vote out Will.
  • Will thinks America hates people who take themselves too seriously. He thinks they (CT) are popular because they're "mean." Boogie doesn't quite agree.
  • Some of the HG worked out. Yawn. Next!
  • James is on a Vote Out Will kick and tries to work it on Howie. Once again, the World's Greatest Alliance (cough) is all over the map and not sticking to their original plan to save Will.
  • James once again pushes the "floaters" theory while pushing to vote out Will. Now, recently it dawned on me what I think of everytime I hear these HG talk about floaters. Tim Curry as Pennywise the Clown in Stephen King's IT. "Georgie, we ALL float down here. Wouldn't you like to float, too?"
  • I'd like to see an Evil Clown show up in the house and suck a few of these houseguests away for a bit to shake them up more.