Thursday, August 31, 2006

Big Brother 7: All Stars' - East Coast Update Live Show 8/31 - 2nd Eviction/Voting

Dang, these guys look stressed... except George.

Mike thinks he's giving a political speech or something/says George would get sympathy votes from the jury.

The voting is to evict:
Will - George
Erika - George

George is evicted.

Additional note added: HOH will be done on Sunday's show. There will be a special live eviction show Tuesday.

Big Brother 7: All Stars' - East Coast Update Live Show 8/31- Veto Meeting

Erika is speechless.

Uses it to save herself. Janelle puts up Mike Boogie. So the nominees are Mike and George.

The Veto Meeting is adjourned. Live vote after commercial.

NOW they know for sure that another is going home.

Big Brother 7: All Stars' - East Coast Update Live Show 8/31 - Veto Comp

Oops. I meant that Erika couldn't compete in the last HOH in last post.

Attached with ropes/knots, must free their veto. All compete.

Ropes are about 15 feet long with three knots..

Erika and Will leading.
Mike confused.
George way behind.
Erika and Will still leading.
Erika has the veto, going to unclip herself. Will right behind.

Erika won the POV.

Only a few minutes to think.

Big Brother 7: All Stars' - East Coast Update Live Show 8/31 - Nominations

Julie told them 4 minutes until nominations. Janelle (new HOH) talks to Will. He pushes George and Erika. Of course. Will's smiling. A lot. Janelle doesn't want to put Erika up because she might win POV.

Commercial. By the way - Erika couldn't play in HOH as she was exiting HOH.

Janelle's nominations are: George and Erika.

Veto Comp next.

Big Brother 7: All Stars' - East Coast Update Live Show 8/31 - HOH Comp #1

A week of BB all in one hour - Fast Forward

Battle of the Sexes
Julie asks 8 questions about events which have taken place - answers are male or female. Booths, step forward or back.

George and Mike down a point. Will and Janelle all right so far.
Janelle in lead with four points, others 2 or 3 (Will)
Janelle five points, all others three.
Janelle 6, others 4.
George is thrilled everytime he gets one right. It's cute.

Janelle is the new HOH.

Big Brother 7: All Stars' - East Coast Update Live Show 8/31 - First Eviction and Voting

Votes are to evict -

Janelle - Danielle
Will - Danielle
Mike - Danielle

Danielle is evicted.

BB7 - Show Schedules Link and Blogging Live Show Information 8/31

Folks, remember that Big Brother is being pre-empted and put on at odd hours in many areas tonight. It's a very important show, so we gathered local schedule changes here --> The (TV) Show Must Go On...: BB7 - Regarding Thursday Evening Live Show Schedules

If your area is not listed and you find there is a change, please post in the comments of that entry.

As for tonight's show, I'll be quickly posting important events as they happen here on the East Coast. I have no clue when they'll be doing what. If you refresh the blog or use the August 2006 on the right sidebar of the main blog page (the one with more than one entry), it should bring up the newest post. I'll probably post a recap, but that might not hit the page until late tonight.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Thursday Before The Live Show - 8/31

Well, those houseguests are in for a rough night tonight, eh?

Here are the day's events prior to the live show from that Big Brother House of Unexpecting Evictions:
  • All of them, I say ALL of them, slept past 11 AM their time this morning.
  • BB used classical music to awaken them and it just didn't work as well as metal rock.
  • The music played throughout the house partially to mask the trial by staff of the upcoming comp out in the backyard. They normally test these things. And, as we know, sometimes things still go awry. But tonight's show doesn't have a moment to waste, I would think.
  • George fluttered around to the music as he cleaned house.
  • Erika told Mike she didn't sleep well. [Editor's note: She was up for more than an hour smoking alone in the back yard.]
  • We had a lot of blocked feeds on and off through the daytime. Often, if they give HG instructions on the comp for the live show, we'll get blocked.
  • George packed.
  • Mike's ear is still giving him problems. Now he says it's wax build-up or blocked somehow.
  • No real game talk going on at all. They don't seem to have any clue that they're heading to a double eviction. They're primping and some were working out between feeds blockages.

Graphic by Zoetawny.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Overnight Into Thursday 8/31

Here are the overnight events from that Big Brother House of Wannabe Celebrities:
  • Mike Boogie claimed he had been kissed by Paris Hilton and Erika went a step further -- she claimed she's been with Matthew McConaughey. [Editor's note: I would have thought he'd have better taste!]
  • They talked about odd sexual conquesting at bars.
  • Will said he didn't think Erin would break up with him over the show.
  • Mike asked Will and Janelle if they'd "hook up" in the house with 6 or 7 bottles of wine to encourage them. They said no. Will said it wasn't in his moral character.
  • Mike complained more about the BB doctor not fixing his ear. He said the doctor would return with a piece of equipment.
  • Mike is concerned that Will is too close to Janelle. Will told him he trusts her 100% because she thinks they'll be getting together after the show. Meanwhile, he loves his girlfriend.
  • Mike complained to George and Danielle about Will and Janelle.
  • Danielle said she didn't think it was fair that Season 6 came in the house with four members.
  • When George asked Danielle if her husband would be at the wrap party, she said probably not. He doesn't like Big Brother.
  • Will told Mike that he did a Diary Room segment about Mike's lack of self-control. Mike only asked if it was funny. [Editor's note: I would be embarrassed!]
  • BB turned the lights off at about 2 AM their time. Erika stayed up smoking alone in the yard.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Into Wednesday Evening 8/30

Ah, memories of a more interesting night. Yep, graphic artist Zoetawny just had to do something about Danielle's bizarre behavior the other night. Now, even Danielle has calmed down and it's turned to a waiting game. She's holding out a bit of hope, but I think she's resigned to the fact that she's probably going home tomorrow night. No one has told her that she's the target, but that's not because she isn't the target. It's because they don't want the Wrath of Danielle at them.

Here are the afternoon and evening (so far) events from that Big Brother House of No Bouncy-Bounce:

  • Why "no bouncy-bounce"? Well, the trampoline was taken away last night - according to the comp in which they won it, they only had it through Tuesday. And, trust me, today these folks just ain't too bouncy.
  • Danielle is bothered by the fact that Will and Janelle spend so much time together. "What are they doing? What do they talk about?" [Editor's note: Very similar to her not trusting George because he won't tell her his strategy. Her kids must really have had trouble getting away with anything!]
  • Mike saw the show's doctor for his ear, but still isn't pleased.
  • Danielle packed her bags in anticipation of tomorrow.
  • Will shmoozed Erika - told her how hard he worked for Marcellas to go on the block instead of her, told her that George would beat Janelle in the Final Two. [Editor's note: While Mike focuses his sex drive on his shomance, Will works Mike's showmance for their mutual benefit.]
  • Erika told Will it's imperative to get Janelle out. If she stays, she will think that they're (Janelle and Erika) targeting Chill Town.
  • Will agreeed with her. Of course. [Editor's note: Sure, he does. It's a scheme he assigned to Janelle. Lie!]
  • George worked on his costume for the live show. It's going to make his previous costumes look normal. Eep.
  • Will heard some construction work going on somewhere over the fence. He yelled. He pleaded. He begged to know what they were building out there. No response.
  • Will kept singing and Big Brother kept telling him to knock it off.
  • Will confronted Danielle while she was smoking hiding behind the couch (in the yard). "The cameras see you there. Do you care?" "No."
  • Will kicked the beachball onto the roof of the house and worked to get it down. No, he may not climb up on the roof.
  • Will wanted to put Erika's teddy bear in the hot tub. She wouldn't let him and wanted to know why he wanted to be so mean to the bear.
  • Mike accused Will and Janelle of stealing his hidden HOH treats. Will said they were probably taken by BB when they were on food restriction.
  • Mike isn't pleased. He said a lot of stuff has gone missing... even the Hamburger Helper. [Editor's note: Maybe it's the tarantulas stealing the foodstuffs!]
  • Will wanted to create a smoky fire in the backyard and scream "Fire!" George told him that they'd have have Jase (the hero firefighter) there with an extinguisher. Then he said Will must have given his parents a rough time bringing him up.
  • With no fire, Will screamed, "The backyard's on fire! Help!"
  • Lots of singing (blocking feeds each time), celebrity talk and talk of boredom.

And that's what it is.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Wednesday Into The Afternoon 8/30

All I can say is that I would not be suited for the house. I'd be a George, not doing anything to compromise my personal integrity or morals, yet perhaps just a tad goofy. Erika and Mike Boogie just gotta go away. Please.

Here are today's events so far from that Big Brother House of Boogie's Soft Porn (Eww):
  • Danielle once again asked Mike Boogie (this time) if they're saving her. Right? Yeah, right.
  • Danielle thinks that if Will makes the Final 2, he'll win the jury votes even though he was responsible for all the jurors being there in the first place. He plays the game well.
  • The houseguests were put on an indoor lockdown and construction was evident in the backyard.
  • As they talked of the time remaining, they obviously haven't been told that the season will be ending over a week earlier than planned.
  • Mike said he got into trouble for not wearing his microphone. [Editor's note: Too bad he can't get in trouble for being a sleaze, eh?]
  • Mike complained that his ear (a problem some weeks ago) was still bothering him and BB "had better get him some care for it."
  • Will worked on his own buddy Boogie pushing Janelle as the third in their Final Three.
  • There seems to be a bit of a rift still with Mike and Will regarding Janelle. While Mike and Will are willing to throw Erika "under the bus," Will seems to want Janelle in the game as long as possible. Mike thinks she's dangerous.
  • They got the HOH digital camera and took photos, with George donning his Santa suit.
  • Now you know why I didn't post before this. Until tomorrow night, chances are that the house will be a bit uneventful. Then all heck will break loose when they go through the double eviction!

Graphic by Zoetawny.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Overnight Into Wednesday 8/30

Blog reader sflewie over on AOL came up with the spawn of Dr. Evil (Will) and Janelle - twins named Janille and Willan. Love them eyebrows on Janille! Or, is that Willan? Thanks, sflewie! Good job!

I know I've been lackadaisical about posting the overnight events and have just been hanging out in the comments on this, my day off from work. But, I'll get my act together and get my notes posted now...

Here are the events of the overnight hours into Wednesday from that Big Brother House of Undercover Lovers and Shomances Shenanigans:
  • Danielle hid while smoking... again. Hey, your secret smoking habit is out, girl. Give it up!
  • Will told Janelle that Mike and Erika were going to "hook up" tonight. Eww, I say.
  • Will and Janelle took off from the dinner to the HOH and locked themselves in. She tried for more kisses than he was willing to give, but it seems like watching kids fooling around watching them. They are sure not to be seen doing the deed. It's not like the Mike/Erika thing at all. With Mike, his goal is sex, Will and Janelle just seem to be joking around and having fairly innocent fun.
  • Danielle told Erika she forgives her. Erika was appropriately apologetic to her and it seems Danielle can see that she's upset, too. Kissy, kissy. (Well, not literally kisses!)
  • Danielle told Erika she will go out fine and not to worry about her. She knows it's a game.
  • Mike tried to tell Janelle that she wouldn't like Will outside of the house - he's a very different person and very quiet. [Editor's note: From what Janelle has said about her own personal life, she's the type of person who prefers to stay home and watch rented movies on a Saturday night than go out. Hmmm... they could be a lot alike!]
  • Mike indicated to both Janelle and Will that he'll be kicking his shomance away soon. "Talk to me next Thursday about it!" (Accompanied by kicking motions.)
  • Mike was really crude about his bed plans with Erika for later. Dang it, Erika. Your choice in men is um... tacky, to say the least.
  • Danielle told Erika that she has to get Will out of the house because everyone will vote for him in the end.
  • Lots of sex-related goings-on with Boogie and Erika in the twin bed. But, I'll go with what Mike says - "What happens under the covers stays under the covers" - and I refuse to write porn, soft or hardcore. Use your imagination, folks. Stupid, stupid Erika.
  • Erika and Mike then got in the HOH bed with Will and Janelle. Will didn't want to go, but they (Will and Janelle) eventually gave it up and headed out to the yard.
  • Will told Janelle that she can't let George win HOH. He knows that George would probably put Chill Town on the block and he's the only one in the house that would do that.
  • As I post this, a few are starting to stir and are up for the morning doing personal hygiene stuff and the like.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Tuesday Evening 8/29 In The House

<--- Will suited up for the 5 Star Restaurant Dinner Date Night. Even Mike dressed nicely and like a man instead of a boy. George, however wore a blue and white Hawaiian shirt. The women all looked fantastic, as they should for the amount of primping and fussing they did.

Of course, the restaurant ended up being set up in the backyard. Oh, no... they moved the trampoline!

Here are the evening's happenings from that Big Brother House of Dastardly Dating:
  • The doldrums seem to have set in as the houseguests sort of wait for Danielle's eviction. Or, perhaps it's just that time in the show. They all slept on and off most of the day.
  • Although she might think it's futile, Danielle is still trying to work Will into keeping her in the house by telling tales of Janelle and Erika.
  • Will mentioned that one of the producers/voices in the Diary Room (Cory) invented a new term for them - flirtmances. That got us flame/clouds.
  • Danielle said her DR session was great - she was asked about shomances, stress and more.
  • "Houseguests, it's against the rules to discuss your Diary Room sessions with other houseguests."
  • It was the perfect date night for the houseguests, alliances set aside (or tucked in their pockets) for the evening. The girls all primped together and the boys picked their dates up in the HOH room.
  • Woogie sang "Once, twice, three times evicted..." as they waited to pick up their dates. [Editor's note: Yeah, I think they were being symbolic.]
  • While they probably had an enjoyable breath of relief from the game, the evening was (and is still ongoing) pleasant and non-eventful. Lots of small talk, very little game talk.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Tuesday 8/29 Show

To DD and those out there who may be having cable problems while weathering the storms... I give you the recap!

The show's opening (after their recap, of course) shows that Chicken George is very observant. He's the only one who's really onto Chill Town. He joked with Will and Mike, but made it clear he knows they're playing everyone in the house. Except him, that is. Will and Mike took it well enough, but you can bet they picked up on it and will file it away for future reference.

Will is teaching his own new Jedi Warrior Janelle in the ways of the Dark Side. Her assignment should she choose to accept it? Make nicey-nice with Erika. Tell her it's okay that she put her on the block, but that she's going to go after Chill Town because they really need to go. She assured Erika that CT is her target, and she won't be nominating Erika.

It worked.

Then the now-three members of the Doomed Legion of Doom (Will, Danielle and Mike) discussed scenarios. When Will mentioned possibly saving Janelle and letting George go, Danielle thought he lost his mind. "Janelle is too dangerous!" In a Diary Room segment, it looked like Danielle is starting to see the light. The light of the Dark Side. Could Janelle be working with Chill Town? Wait! Erika never puts them up. Could she be working with Chill Town?

Then it was all fun and games with the arrival of Will's much wanted trampoline. He bounced for joy as others asked how many bones he's broken. George said it was an accident looking for a place to happen. Will just merrily bounced about with childhood revelry.

Danielle gave Erika her "word on her kids" that she would never vote her out. (Why do people do that? It's just so wrong on so many levels.) They'll go together to the Final Two and all will be right in the world! Then Danielle mentioned that Will has to go... and she made the devil-Roddy-sign! Shades of BB3! In the Diary Room segment, Erika said she didn't think she could win against Danielle. Ah, the seed had been planted and she didn't even know it.

Oh, but then it's Christmas in August! Neil Patrick Harris of Doogie Houser and How I Met Your Mother (where he indeed plays a real Will-like role...!) showed up to wake the houseguests up. Fun, fun, joy, presents, frolicking, George got his Santa suit - so cool! Neil did flips on the trampoline, something I haven't seen Will ever do. Huh! Neil said George is a bit... simple. But then he said Janelle was even more beautiful in person and has a radiance about her. Oy.

Will is beside himself with glee. "First I get my trampoline, then my favorite actor Neil Patrick Harris visits. What's next? I'm gonna win the show?" Heck, I can't help but smile at Will's antics.

Will sent Boogie off to his shomance to keep planting the seed. No, not that seed! Sheesh! It's an 8 PM show! The seed that Danielle would win against Erika in the Final Two and, if the POV is used to save anyone, Danielle must go on the block.

The POV comp wasn't quite the morph-o-matic thing I thought from the talk on the live feeds. It was called the 2-Face-A-Tron and facial features of two houseguests would flash on a screen, perhaps the eye of one and then the lips from another. The player had to run to press the right two names on a display, then run back to buzz their answer in to see if it was right. They were all separated and during the comp and performed the comp alone. Janelle took it; she just took it. Her time was 1:00 (minute). Danielle's was 1:23, Erika's was 1:51, Then came the boys. Will actually tried to win, coming in with a dismal 3:19. Mike threw it and stood humming for a while, 7:42. George was totally at a loss... 24.23.

Now, Danielle's really worried. She knows that Janelle will save herself. She runs to Erika. "Are you going to put me up?" "No."

But Chill Town kept working sending Soldier Janelle and Undercover Lover Mike Boogie to Erika. And, but of course, she cracked. I doubt if she really has a mind of her own at times. She could be a programmed android or something. "I will do my Master's bidding."

So, she told Danielle that she was going to put her on the block. Oh, no! Danielle is totally betrayed. A bit later, she actually challenged Erika while she was in the hot tub with George. Poor George... "Maybe you two should talk?" (And leave me out of it! - was probably his next unsaid sentence..) Erika is upset, Danielle is more upset. George just looked like he wanted to run away.

So, there was the drunken mode (although the alcohol factor really wasn't on the show, nor the full rage). Erika ran to Mike Boogie for help, but he wouldn't wake up. Will went to the HOH room with her and they hid there overnight. According to the always-planning Will - "No way was Danielle going to have the last word with her." He played up on the crazy, dangerous, can't win against her in the Final Two more as they hid from Danielle ringing the bell and pounding on the door.

In the POV Ceremony, Danielle wore shades and looks that could kill. Hitwoman Danielle. Janelle saved herself and Erika nominated Danielle in her place. Danielle never said a word, just took the chair and stared through her dark shades.

How it ended? With a phone call in the Diary Room between Will and Boogie?
"Hey Boogie, remember how I got my showmance to evict her best friend Marcellas?" "Yes, how about if I get my showmance to evict her best friend Danielle?"

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Tuesday 8/29 Daytime

Today's grey cloudy skies and drizzle here in the Northeast reminded me of Danielle's mood. While she was one of my favorites during her season, I really had hoped for much better strategy this season than she exhibited. I think a part of it was not teaming up with the right person from the start hurt her.

Here are the events of the daytime hours (so far) in that Big Brother House of Bouncing Blondes, Brunettes, and Boys:
  • Danielle was the "early riser" of the house today... at around 10 AM their time.
  • She wandered a bit, changed the batteries in her microphone, and sneaked smokes behind the couch. [Editor's note: I find it funny that a 30-some year-old woman is so worried about her parents finding out she smokes!]
  • Sigh... she started crying again as she reread the letter from home she received when she was the Head of House.
  • She still can't believe no one wants to take her to or be with her in the end of the game. [Editor's note: A thought she's expressed a kazillion times between yesterday and today so far.]
  • She apologized to James' girlfriend Sarah saying she tried to save him.
  • George is taking full advantage of his Slopless Week.
  • Danielle noticed that the plasma screen wasn't showing flames, but something else (no announcements).
  • Mike Boogie confirmed to Erika that Chicken George was staying in the game Thursday.
  • George cleaned the kitchen, then cleaned some more. [Editor's note: He can come to my place!]
  • Mike once again proved he isn't the Master of His Domain. This time it was under the covers, but evident. [Editor's note: I think he's going for the in-house record for masturbation.]
  • Will talked about East Coast feed watchers and what they could be saying about the houseguests staying up so late. [Editor's note: Vampires, I tell ya... vampires! Pale isn't the new tan. He's a vampire! Actually, Kaysar and Janelle were always the worst for staying up all night there which is a chunk into the day here.]
  • Tonight the houseguests get the 5 Star restaurant meal won in the food comp. They've decided they'll all dress up and make it a Big Brother Date Night. Erika and Mike, George and Danielle, and Will and Janelle are the couples.

Just a moment to address a few things in comments and you may return to your regularly scheduled lives -

Anon wanted to know how to cancel the feeds. You have to call to cancel them. If you go to, sign on to your account and then go to their help section, they have phone numbers listed.

Remember, folks... many places offer two weeks of free feeds. There are two weeks left of the show. Coincidence that I mention this? Not!

TDB wondered about my proposed Lost television show blogging. The start date for the series isn't until October. I'll be posting more on that soon. I'll be blogging about the show right here on this blog and I just know I'm going to be dependent on commenters to fill in loose ends, things I might miss, come up with theories and more!

Don't forget to watch tonight's show! I bet it will be bouncy-bouncy with the trampoline! And, sad with Danielle. And happy with George eating! Okay... I'll stop. I could go on, y'know...

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Overnight Hours Into Tuesday 8/29

<--- Will Janelle turn in her POV Queen tiara for a HOH Queen tiara on Thursday? Only time will tell!

Here are the events from the late night and overnight hours into Tuesday from that Big Brother House of Wonky Weasels:
  • The Red Room is off limits and has been since at least yesterday. I must have missed the "why" about it all. But, Big Brother yells at them everytime they try to go in there. So, the houseguests are pretty much delegated to the Ant Room and the HOH Room to sleep.
  • Janelle complained about sitting next to a fat woman on a plane.
  • Danielle told Erika that if the final two are Erika and Will, she (Danielle) will be faced with a difficult choice (and hints she'd vote for Will to win).
  • Danielle said she didn't care that she lost to Jason in her season because he was deserving and she was loyal to him.
  • Will, Janelle and Mike studied questions for the HOH comp on Thursday. They think it might be based on the questionnaires they filled out for the show. I don't know why they think that, but it is what it is.
  • The HG talked about Treasure Hunters - Will thinks the Nerd Team had to be eliminated and they wonder what happened in the end. [Editor's note: Will's "Nerd Team" was the Geniuses, the winners of the show. He only saw the Mt. Rushmore fiasco.]
  • The houseguests have decided to have a Date Night and plan to dress up. In the food comp, they won a 5 Star restaurant meal. They will have to suffer a day of slop before getting to the good food, though.
  • While they were given some beer and wine for the night, Mike rallied to get them more. [Editor's note: Just what Danielle needs, eh?]
  • Danielle mumbled to herself that the Diary Room wasn't calling her in to talk because she's going home.
  • They played poker. Yawn.
  • Erika headed to be relatively early for the house - about 12:30 AM their time.
  • Mike Boogie told Will that Danielle told him that Erika and Janelle have a secret alliance. Uh-oh! [Editor's note: Keep in mind that this is the secret alliance Will encouraged as an act.]
  • Will told Mike he wasn't surprised and that Erika was a "blabbermouth." Woogie decided they definitely trust Janelle more than Erika.
  • They then decided (once again) that Erika must leave after Danielle is out of the house this week.
  • Will told Janelle that if he, Mike and her are in the Final Three, he'll just walk away because he knows she wants to be against Mike in the end for votes. [Editor's note: I'm sure he's lying, aren't you?]
  • Will told Janelle that Erika "came onto" Mike a few months before the season. Now he's worried that she may be influencing him.

As I post this, all the houseguests are sleeping, as they should be.

Graphic by Zoetawny.

Monday, August 28, 2006

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Monday Evening 8/28

<--- When you have the live feeds, you have to deal with cameraman quirks. While Danielle and George were sitting in the kitchen talking, the cameraman (woman?) first shot from the side, then discovered the reflection could be captured in the mirror across the room. So, zoom in, zoom out, fuzzy image, sharpen it up.... argh.

Finally the cam in that mirror took over.

Here are the events from the evening in that Big Brother House of Dismal Danielle:
  • Danielle once again asked Will and Mike Boogie if she had their votes. They told her yes. [Editor's note: Yeah, their votes to leave!]
  • Will said that James shouldn't have been in All Stars because all he did was bite his fingernails and worry about the pool. [Editor's note: James has the worst nailbiting habit I've ever seen. He was always biting and picking at his nails. I'd be scared to see what they look like close up.]
  • Janelle told Will that he was just jealous of S6 Players because they were so popular.
  • The houseguests kept mentioning producers of the show by name, so we got flame/clouds with loud bad theme music each time.
  • Janelle asked Will what he says in the Diary Room about her. He told her only good things. [Editor's note: @@ <-- deserving of an eyeroll!]
  • In case he hadn't heard her tell it a dozen times already, Danielle told Chicken George that Erika didn't want to be in the finals with her because she couldn't beat her.
  • Lots of talk about bad oysters, previous seasons, other shows, wrap parties, Miami bars and restaurants... but little strategy talk.
  • Erika took a bath in the HOH bathroom. Alone.

No alcohol this evening; no drunken rampages. Although Danielle seems to be holding out some hope that she'll stay, I don't think she trusts Woogie at all, rightfully so. Most of the HG lounged around on the trampoline, including Danielle. Erika kept pretty much to herself.

BB7 - Regarding Thursday Evening Live Show Schedules

I've received several comments saying that football is pre-empting Big Brother in various areas on Thursday night. Now, we KNOW how important this live show will be!

I checked my schedule for the NYC viewing area and it's fine. As usual, I'll post the East Coast Updates as important things happen.

But, I have no clue about other areas. So, what I ask of you folks is to check your local listings for Thursday night. If it's regular time, don't worry. But if it's listed for a different hour, please note it in comments here with the viewing area, station/call letters so folks will know if it's the station they watch and the time you see it listed. Then on Thursday, I'll post a link to this post so folks can check to see if their area is listed. I'll also mention it in entries between now and then. That way, the information will all be gathered here.

If you don't have a hard copy, it's easy to find TV listings online. I recommend going to AOL TV Listings or Google "Yahoo TV Listings" or -- just input your local information and any cable info... and you're set!

I go first!

NYC area, Channel 2 WCBS, regular time (8:00 PM ET)

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Monday Daytime 8/28

Since a few folks asked - no, the houseguests have no clue about the double eviction slated for this Thursday. From the news released by CBS, it will be the first eviction, HOH comp, POV and eviction. Oh, and I'm sure they'll have to do another HOH comp, too. Yikes! None of us should blink or we'll miss something major. With various issues and Julie Chen errors we've seen so far this season, it should be very interesting if the show comes off without a hitch.

Here are today's events from the Big Brother House of Damsels in Distress:
  • Despite her um... night imbibing... Danielle was up early and roaming the house and smoking (outside, of course).
  • She muttered apologies to her husband and parents, and said out loud that she just wanted to go home, repeating the latter over and over again. Eventually she headed back to bed.
  • At around 9:30 AM, BB announced that the Power of Veto Ceremony would begin in two hours.
  • The houseguests stayed in bed.
  • Once they did get up, Will told Erika to be strong. [Editor's note: I like how Will has taken charge of Mike's charge.]
  • Erika seemed really down, saying she hates her life, she hates the house, she hates the camera... and so on.
  • Erika told George that she was very disappointed with Danielle's behavior last night. (See this morning's entry.)
  • She then went over scenarios to herself - can't send Will home because she doesn't have the numbers, can't send George home because that would be stupid, etc. She mumbled more about emotional blackmail. [Editor's note: I would think she meant coming from Danielle.]
  • Will told her he was mad at Mike for not helping out. Perfect thing to say because... she's mad at him (Mike), too!
  • Erika can't say enough good things about George, though.
  • Janelle and Erika talked about how crazy Danielle acted last night. They were joined by Will and the talk continued. [Editor's note: I can bet it will be a topic for a long time to come. She really went over the edge. Thanks, alcohol... such a great invention, eh? Yes, I know she could have limited it, but they are in such an odd predicament. I doubt she'd do that at home. I don't think so, anyway.]
  • Chicken George plans to wear his Santa suit for the POV Ceremony. At least someone is dressing for the event!
  • It seems Mike wants to throw Danielle a sympathy vote. Will's not too pleased with that - Janelle already planned to give her one. So, Mike got in a snit saying she didn't have the right to do that. Will seems to really want the vote to be 3-0 so there's no margin of error. [Editor's note: A rift in the Riff-Raff?]
  • Today's POV Ceremony only began a half-hour later than planned. And, as expected Janelle used her Power of Veto to save herself and Erika then nominated Danielle in her place.
  • Danielle told Janelle to take Erika to the final two and she'd (Janelle) would have the votes to win the game.
  • Danielle campaigned for votes. When she asked Will, he said he'd vote to keep her. He hinted that Mike Boogie wanted to give George a sympathy vote. [Editor's note: Liar, liar, pants on fire!]
  • Erika told Danielle that she put her up because she's too loved, too strong, too good... too too.
  • Danielle sobbed alone on the couch in the backyard, mumbled about no one wanting to take her to the finals with them and requested a Diary Room session.
  • Will told George that people keep him because he's so bad at competitions.
  • Danielle smoked behind the couch once again. This time we found out her parents would be upset. So, that's the reason she's been sneaking cigarettes!
  • Woogie discussed the plan of action for when Danielle goes. Mike Boogie thinks it's best that Janelle gets the HOH. Will thinks that Mike can get rid of Erika at anytime since they got her to turn on her friend.
  • Then, after Janelle gets the HOH, she can't compete the next week. So, it will be George, Will and Mike competing.
  • Woogie's worst case scenario is that George wins HOH this week - he would put them on the block. They pondered about how to fix that situation.
  • Will told Janelle she's going to be one of the final three (with himself and Mike).
  • Will then told George he's in Chill Town now.
  • Danielle wants more "libations" tonight. One would think last night's would have lasted a while for her. [Editor's note: @@ <--- gotta roll those eyes!]

So, that's where we stand. There isn't really any official official alliance with George, but it's obvious that Woogie might think it safer to bring him along as he would put them on the block. I think (could be wrong) that if Janelle wins this HOH, Erika would be the target. It's hard to tell how strong this Chill Town George is going to be - he doesn't trust Will and Mike, not at all.

A few other things - Chris in comments wanted to know why Danielle was so upset with Erika when she had talked about nominating/voting for Erika to leave a bit back. Well, I think that Danielle can be a bit of a control freak - that's why she's so upset with George, she can't control him. She thought she could control Erika and found out she can't. That's my take on it, anyway. And, yes, Chris... I think Erika does feel guilty.

Someone else wondered if they'll ask all the houseguests to pack their bags on Thursday, which would indeed be a giveaway of the double eviction. I really don't know - this double eviction done like this is a first for the show.

One more note: I've been being harassed by a fellow "blogger." He's left obscene comments and advertisements for his own blog. If you see any of those posts, please don't respond to them - they've been being removed since the start of the season. I thought his schooldays would give him new interests, but... sigh.

This blog is not a minute-by-minute kind of thing. I post generally early in the morning, after the dinner hour and late at night. Some days I post more than that. I'm sometimes not available to post during some comps or happenings and I encourage commenters to go ahead and post the news if they see it happening. However, advertisements for one blog in particular will be removed due to the vulgar comments, rude comments and obscene emails I've received from the blogger. I've told him since the season started that I wasn't happy with him mimicking exactly what I do here and that I don't want him using my blog to promote his own. His response is obscene email and comments here. He's also the "free speach" commenter. @@ Ignore him, please.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Update - POV Ceremony 8/28

As expected, Janelle saved herself. Erika put Danielle on the block in her place. So, the noms stand at Danielle and George going towards the eviction.

A full report of today's events will be posted a bit later this evening.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Late Night And Overnight Into Monday 8/28

Wow! Here are the happenings from the late night and overnight periods in that Big Brother house of Defensive Danielle and Reaping What You Sow:
  • Will said that Big Brother should give them a variety, but instead bought seven cases of wine and beer.
  • Danielle said she has no problem with the wine and beer. [Editor's note: Not a surprise after watching her lately.]
  • The houseguests got their alcohol around 9 PM. By then Danielle was already hiding behind the couch with another cigarette.
  • Will said he's never a nasty drunk, always happy, then goes to bed. Janelle said she talks too much when she drinks.
  • Will has plastic surgery on one ear where it was bitten by a dog when he was young.
  • Danielle started telling George all about how she can't believe she was lied to and that she's going to be voted out. She was actually crying and saying that Erika won't get her vote in the jury. George looked uncomfortable, yet tried to be sympathetic.
  • Danielle kept at poor George for a long, long time saying the same things over and over again.
  • Danielle told him the producers told her she would win. But now, he should try to get Erika to take him to the final two, then he could win because she won't have the votes.
  • Danielle thinks that Erika threw the spider's web HOH comp to put her in harm's way.
  • Danielle is drinking steadily with no signs of stopping.
  • Erika, Will, Mike and Janelle said they were going to ignore Danielle because she was drunk.
  • Will asked Janelle who George would put up if he was HOH. She didn't know. Earlier Erika had told him that George was going to put up Chill Town. Will's testing the waters.
  • Will and Janelle flirted. Again.
  • Danielle is not a good drunk, certainly not smart when drunk. In front of George, she asked Janelle to keep her in the house (thus voting out George) so she could go after Erika. George didn't say anything. Janelle just looked at her. When Danielle realized what she said, she hugged George and said she knew it wouldn't happen. Duh.
  • After ranting so much and so long, George suggested that Danielle talk to Erika (not him).
  • Under questioning from Danielle, Erika backpedaled a bit and said that putting her up was a possibility, not a done deal.
  • Danielle started drunkenly yelling at Erika. [Editor's note: Oh, yeah... that will help her cause.]
  • The confrontation went on for what seemed like forever - Danielle shouting and accusing, Erika pretty much just standing there probably not quite knowing what to do or say.
  • Danielle blatantly smoked as she ranted at Erika - no attempts to hide it.
  • Erika finally said that she knew Danielle was working with others and that she hadn't even nominated her yet.
  • Erika finally sought out help from the others as she couldn't stop Danielle's rant.
  • Mike didn't/wouldn't wake up, so Will ended up talking to Erika about how necessary it is to get Danielle out of the house. She had been wavering under the pressure from Danielle's rant, but Will worked his magic with her to meet the goals he's set in the game.
  • Danielle started leaning on the HOH doorbell (where Will and Erika were) with no sign of letting up. Will and Erika ignored her.
  • Danielle rang the bell more than 70 or 80 times, alternately banging on the door and yelling.
  • Will and Erika think Danielle's gone absolutely bonkers. Will decides to stay right there overnight so they don't have to face Danielle.
  • Finally Danielle gave up and went downstairs where she found Janelle.
  • She told Janelle all her troubles, once again repeating things over and over with the main thing being that Erika won't have her jury vote.
  • Janelle and nearby George were quiet, nodding now and then and making signs they were ready to head to bed. Both seemed at a loss how to handle Danielle.
  • Will was ticked that Mike was the one who wanted to do the show and he wasn't trying to help out during the evening - he was sleeping.
  • A Will quote: "You know your life is crazy when you like Janelle more than Mike Boogie." [Editor's note: Well, mine wouldn't be crazy, but Mike Boogie is supposed to be his best friend, not mine.]
  • After being an agitated broken record for several hours, Danielle went to bed, leaving George and Janelle in her wake. Janelle said she thought Danielle would wig out before this.
  • George warned Janelle that Will is "shady."
  • As I post this, Erika is the only one awake. She seems troubled by the events of the evening.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Into Sunday Evening 8/27

Once again, the tides have turned in the Big Brother house. Now it's Erika's turn at betrayal. Will she go through with it and put her friend on the block during tomorrow's Veto Ceremony? It's a given that Janelle will save herself. At this time, Danielle knows that Erika plans to put her on the block to replace Janelle. Will Danielle fight to stay in the house or will she just go gentle into that good night? (My apologies for really misusing a fine Dylan Thomas poem.)

Here are the evening events from that Big Brother House of Pompous Playboys:
  • After telling Janelle that Erika told her that she was going on the block, Danielle warned Janelle that Erika can't be trusted. Good timing there, Danielle.
  • Danielle told Chicken George that he can trust Janelle. [Editor's note: It looks like Danielle wants to tie up any loose ends before leaving. Is she resigned to her fate?]
  • Danielle thinks Janelle should start training George for competitions.
  • Meanwhile, Erika is jumping on the trampoline in a bikini. [Editor's note: Maybe it does something for Mike or Will, but blech for me.]
  • While bouncing together on the trampoline (not with Erika), Will and Janelle whispered about how great it is that Erika is going to put up Danielle... and then Erika goes home next week! Bounce. Bounce.
  • Will talked to the Internet fans once again. This time he talked of welcoming us to the TerrorDome and taunted us. [Editor's note: Sigh, how quickly he forgot his love for us. Sniffle.]
  • Will and Janelle discussed Janelle's pseudo-alliance with Erika. Janelle told all. It's obvious that she's playing Erika, but Erika's probably playing her, too.
  • Will once again told George not to worry - he won't be going home this week. [Editor's note: Ah, but they think only one houseguest will leave this week. Welcome to our TerrorDome! Bwahahaha! Ahem.]
  • They talked about American Idol. Janelle was a Katharine fan while Will liked Taylor better.
  • Will wants a total body transplant because he hates working out. [Editor's note: I can identify with that!]
  • Janelle and Will flirted more while on the trampoline.
  • Danielle ducked to hide a cigarette she was smoking. [Editor's note: I don't think she wants her family to see her smoking or just doesn't want to be seen smoking on television. But, she's indeed stressed.]

For the most part, with the exception of Danielle knowing she's to be placed on the block tomorrow and the fact they had Christmas today, it's been a bit on the uneventful side. On the other hand, the food comp on tonight's show was a hoot! And, though they drastically shortened it and didn't mention that Will was talking to US, not the camera... his LoveFest was great. He has nice teeth, doesn't he?

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Sunday 8/27 Into The Afternoon

Did you see the snow? I only saw rain here today, but it was Christmas in August for our favorite (and not so favorite) Big Brother houseguests! As I previously mentioned, they blocked us from Christmas. Oh, that's so wrong, isn't it? I feel Scrooged.

Here are today's events leading well into the afternoon hours from that Big Brother House of Christmas In August Loot:
  • Will said Neil Patrick Harris was there, he's thrilled. The gifts included a camera, a PSP player, a DVD player and DVDs, new pillows, new clothes, and more.
  • Danielle went to bed after they finished the big party.
  • Will was like a kid on a sugar rush going on about the day while George thought it was "So COOL!"
  • Neil Patrick Harris allegedly ate slop. I can just imagine what his How I Met Your Mother character Barney would react to that - it would be legendary! He also filmed a Diary Room segment.
  • Will flirted more with Janelle. At one point, as she napped on the bed, he got on the floor and said he'll be able to move to the bed when his girlfriend dumps him over the show.
  • Janelle reminded him they're just friends and his response was: "I know! And that's how people get pregnant!"
  • They all napped. So, I took a bubble bath while listening to Mozart, then napped myself. Ah, that felt good!
  • Erika thought that Janelle got better clothes from the Christmas in August than she did.
  • Will is worried that a new shirt he received might make him look gay. "Does this make me look gay?" He may wear it on the live show. [Editor's note: Too bad Marcellas isn't around to critique it!]
  • Will talked to Erika more about the money split. [Editor's note: I imagine we'll keep hearing talk of this with her until the Erika split, planned for right after the Danielle split. How's them splits for ya, Erika?]
  • George is saving the spoon and its slop that touched the lips of Neil Patrick Harris. [Editor's note: Now, if he gave it to Howie, it would end up on Ebay!]
  • Janelle and Erika schemed about taking out Chill Town. Act or not?
  • Danielle told Will that she didn't want her family to see her walking out the door another loser in the game. [Editor's note: When in doubt, use sympathy votes!]
  • Danielle noticed that Erika was acting a bit subdued and asked if something was wrong. Erika told her that there was no way she could beat her (Danielle) in the final two.
  • Danielle muttered to herself that she should have kept Marcellas in the game. She realizes that Erika has turned.
  • Danielle questioned Janelle about her reasoning in voting out James. Janelle told her it was because she heard that James planned to backdoor her (he did) and the really bad acting throwing comps.
  • Danielle told Janelle that Erika just told her she was putting her (Danielle) on the block. Janelle played dumb. "Really? How did she say it?"
  • Danielle told Janelle it was all right, it was just a game. [Editor's note: It is, but it's a game with big stakes and she wanted to win it. Now, to ME, it's a game. I win or lose nothing and as long as I'm entertained, that's all I need. But if I were in it for the money in the house, I know I'd feel it was all much more than a game.]
  • Danielle fussed that the Diary Room needs to call her because it's un-freekin-believable that she's going on the block because people are scared she'll win. [Editor's note: Well, it may have a bit more to do with Chill Town just wanting her gone.]
  • Danielle is sure she'll be voted out and all of a sudden becomes Janelle's friend and confidante. She told Janelle that she hopes she (Janelle) wins. Too little, too late, methinks.
  • Danielle regrets trusting Erika and feels she should have realized that she wouldn't be on her side.

And that's it for now. Remember, the show is on at 8 PM ET/PT and tonight's show will be the nominations and Will's Internet Lovefest bits!

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Quick Update - Christmas In August - 8/27

<--- Will takes a photo of George and Janelle with his new camera from Christmas in August.

The feeds were blocked for the event, save for a few short glimpses. The houseguests got DVDs and the camera, and probably a lot more loot as one glimpse showed an awful lot of discarded wrapping paper!

When the feeds returned for good, all were talking in the kitchen except Danielle who was either napping, plotting or sulking on her own in bed.

Will said that the three women should bounce on the trampoline in their lingerie with him. He had no takers.

Very little has happened today since the Christmas in August came not all that long after they got up. Once I gather enough happenings for a full report, I'll get one posted. But, I thought a quickie update was in order for y'all.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Overnight Into Sunday 8/27

Last night, the POV (which we were blocked from seeing) was one of the morph competitions. The houseguests were presented an image of two former houseguests and had to name the two, then go onto another image. Graphic artist Zoetawny gives us Dr. Winelle here. I find it scary. Yikes! But, if I didn't know who it was, I'd figure Janelle because of the hair and might have a rough time guessing Will.

Here are the events which transpired in the late night and overnight hours in that Big Brother House of An Exuberant Blonde and Her Dazed Competitors:
  • The comp took George 24 minutes to complete, Janelle less than one minute. All of the women shined in this one, but Danielle and Erika both forgot to light their light to move on and cost themselves time. Will and Mike did a lot better than George, but nowhere near Danielle, Erika and Janelle.
  • Will said that if he was given the answers, it would still take him more than a minute. He's in awe of Janelle's ability in the comp, as is the entire house.
  • Danielle hugged Janelle and congratulated her, but later went to the HOH to vent a bit by herself. She mumbled, she paced, she watched the others on the spy screen. She wanted Erika up there, but Erika was with the rest of the houseguests. She got herself together and then rejoined the rest of the house. [Editor's note: She seems in awe, but she wanted this one so bad. She has no reason to believe that Erika will put her on the block, so she's not feeling particularly threatened. I think she actually might want Janelle in the game more than George. Have I told you that not knowing George's strategy bugs her?]
  • The HG were saying how more of the face would show as time went on. Will said (paraphrasing), "When George was up they showed the face, then the body and then the person himself came up and tapped him on the shoulder and said 'It's me.'"
  • George, in the spirit of the true Chicken Man, laughed at himself and praised Janelle's abilities.
  • Woogie approached Erika and told her that she needs to put Danielle on the block in Janelle's place. She told them she couldn't.
  • They put on an act, implying that Danielle had said something about coming after her (Erika), but they were interrupted by Janelle walking in.
  • Janelle left. Will told Erika not to even tell Danielle she was putting her up; make her think she's safe. "At some point, you're going to have to make some moves that you consider bad (mean), but you have to do what can get you ahead in the game."
  • Danielle watched from the spy cam in the HOH room, then asked Erika if she was putting her (Danielle) on the block. Erika told her no and Danielle then said that she always asks. [Editor's note: She didn't mention spying on them. Remember, there's no audio on that spy cam.]
  • Janelle said the morph comp was different from the one last season. Last season had three faces combined, this one only had two. Will wondered why they made it "easier" for the All Stars.
  • Will put on a good act that he was frustrated with Janelle's abilities to win comps and how easy it was for her.
  • Janelle said (of the comp), "I knew those eyes. They were my friends, I looked into those eyes a lot last season."
  • Mike said he didn't want to "go down a James Rhine route" but she had to get absolutely nothing wrong in the comp. [Editor's note: To pull a Marcellas is to not use the veto to save yourself. To go down a James Rhine route is to fuss, moan and whine that comps are set for Janelle to win.]
  • Danielle thinks that this comp is Janelle's first real win in the game. She claims that all the other wins were even given to her or she cheated. [Editor's note: Ah, Danielle, green doesn't become you. Get your game going, girl.]
  • Alone together, Erika told Janelle that she doesn't think she could beat Danielle in the final two. Janelle said she didn't think anyone could. Erika asked Janelle her opinion on what she should do. Janelle told her there are three people left - Mike, Will, George - what did she want her to do? Does she want her to vote a certain way? [Editor's note: These two are asking for opinion, but obviously trying to see what the other knows or plans to do. Not as good as watching the PuppetMaster do it.]
  • Janelle hinted to Erika that Mike was good at the game, but Will wasn't good because he throws comps and doesn't really play the game. [Editor's note: She seems to be trying to steer Erika away from nominating Will by showing that he's not a threat to her, but Mike could be.]
  • Erika told Mike it worries her to leave him and Will in the game together.
  • Will and Mike then promised Erika that Mike would take Erika into the final two. [Editor's note: Now, if they were the final two, that's the one person that Erika might stand a chance to win against. Will she fall for their promise? We'll see.]
  • Will told Erika that he hates Janelle, but flirts with her to keep himself in the game. He loves his girlfriend, Erin. He told her that he would "bow out" of the final and leave it as Mike and her (Erika).
  • Will to Erika: "If you want to be selfish for yourself, vote out Danielle. If you want to be selfish for your brother and your family, vote out Danielle." And so on... hinting that Danielle is her biggest obstacle between herself and the win.
  • Erika told George she guarantees his safety this week - she'll put up someone who will be the target. [Editor's note: Hmmm... the votes are coming from Will, Mike, Janelle or Danielle. Only Danielle would be the sure shoo-out.]
  • She then told him it would have to be Danielle. She said that she wasn't even thinking of Will as a possibility.
  • Erika seems to have bought the bridge. Her target now seems to be Danielle. But, of course, tomorrow is another day and Danielle has time to work her between now and the POV Ceremony on Monday.
  • Will told Janelle that they've gotten Erika to target Danielle. "We work quietly and swiftly, unlike you guys." (S6?)
  • All are asleep now and today is supposed to be their food comp prize of Christmas in August.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Bulletin - POV Winner - 8/26

It was a morph - that's why it took so long.

The winner is Janelle - she's wearing the POV necklace.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Saturday 8/26 Through The Afternoon

Remember the good ol' days of Big Brother 1? And Chicken George, named that because he tended the chickens? Oh, and the feeds were blocked by focusing on the chicken coop, so at least we got some sort of action... watching chickens strut. The game was very different back then, as George has certainly found out. One thing (of many) they didn't have that season were clocks or watches. So, George made a potato clock so they'd have a rough idea of the time.

What? You didn't want BB trivia, you wanted a report?

Here are the events of the daytime hours today in that Big Brother House of Men Who Can't Control Themselves and the Women Who Walk In On Them:
  • Ohhh... Danielle threw out Janelle's prom queen flowers when she woke up! Hopefully it was because they were wilting and not just a malicious act.
  • Mike is to keep working on Erika to put up Danielle if Janelle comes off the block with the veto.
  • Woogie thinks Danielle has ill feelings towards them due to James' eviction. They were asked by the Diary Room about it and doubt the DR would even bring it up unless something was said. [Editor's note: She is angry.]
  • Woogie mentioned James calling them pre-season, but the James they saw in the house wasn't the same attitude. Only his last night did he seem like the one they knew.
  • Danielle did her devil horns bit over Will to Erika. [Editor's note: Oh, no! It's like Roddy all over again! He's the devil!]
  • Danielle told Erika that her strategy changed after talking to the show shrink and she will not be trying to play honorably anymore. She will "scumbag" Chill Town. [Editor's note: It's AWN!]
  • Janelle slept a good portion of the day again. She really should try sleeping at night.
  • Woogie told Chicken George that they will take him off the block if they win POV. The plan this time is that Danielle would go up, they control the vote between Janelle and Danielle and Danielle would be evicted. They didn't tell George the last part, just that they would use the veto to save him.
  • Meanwhile, Danielle told Erika that they shuld win POV, save George and put Will on the block, evict Will. [Editor's note: Only if George voted Will would the vote swing.]
  • Erika pondered getting rid of George if Janelle wins POV.
  • George got a whole lot of housecleaning accomplished.
  • Woogie ran down scenarios of every sort working their strategy in alternate plans.
  • Will thinks the POV comp will be around 8 PM PT.
  • Uh-oh. Mike took a towel and a bottle of lotion. Could he still not be the Master of his Domain. [Editor's note: Covering my eyes...!]
  • Oh, NO! Danielle walked on him as he committed the deed! Her eyes! Her eyes! Call a medic!
  • She ran to tell the rest. [Editor's note: I would too, after I had a good laugh at him.]
  • They played cards. Boring.
  • Erika talked to one of the cameras asking why she's there and if she's crazy. [Editor's note: Perhaps she's there because she's crazy!]
  • Erika seems really torn between siding with Mike or Danielle.
  • Then she started talking to a teddy bear, telling it she must win. She went over different strategies with the bear. For some odd reason, the bear didn't say anything. Perhaps he's her silent partner in the game.
  • Janelle is worried that if she wins veto, Erika will put Will up.

And there's where we stand. When they finally do the POV comp, I'll post a bulletin, but I don't expect it for a few hours.

Graphic by Zoetawny.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Overnight Into Saturday 8/26

Unlike other recent after-nominations periods, no one really seems to be sulking alone, accusing others of betrayal or having a hissy fit. George says he's been nominated so often that he's used to it and retains his upbeat spirit - "If I go home, I go home. I never thought I'd still be here at this point and I'm thrilled to be here."

Janelle takes things from another point of view. She fully expected Erika to nominate her, but she's determined to work at winning the POV to stay in the house. She's good at comps and she knows it. Hopefully, she's recovered from her bad showing at the last HOH comp!

Here's what happened in the overnight hours leading into Saturday in that Big Brother House of Meat and Liquor:

  • One would think these poor houseguests had been on slop for a week, not just the matter of a part of one day (due to the food comp). Will and Danielle made plans for steak and eggs at midnight when the restriction was to be lifted.
  • Janelle napped a lot through the late evening hours. She tends to spend all night awake, then naps on and off throughout the day and evening.
  • Mike, Danielle and Will all agreed that for the most part, they really liked their fellow houseguests more this season.
  • Will told Janelle that he plans to have Mike go to Erika to tell her than Danielle said she wants her (Erika) out next week. He said the worst cast scenario is she (Janelle) takes herself off the block with the veto and he goes up. Either way, they have the votes to save her or him.
  • His best case scenario had Danielle going on the block if Janelle won/used the veto and Danielle being voted out. Janelle doubts that Erika would put Danielle on the block.
  • BB announced there was food in the storage room and the houseguests discovered beer, wine, halibut, shrimp, chicken wings, steak, sausage and more. They're in gastronomical heaven.
  • They made George request a sharp knife as BB usually turns Will down when he asks.
  • Will got a bit upset because George overcooked the halibut - "He burns everything and makes it all Cajun style!"
  • Woogie cleaned up the kitchen after the feast. Amazing.
  • Woogie seriously wants Danielle on the block and out this week. They'd prefer that Janelle win the POV to save herself. But if they win it, they'll save Janelle. [Editor's note: They don't seem to think that getting Erika to put Danielle on the block is almost impossible. As an observer, I don't think she would do it. They're going to have to really work this one.]
  • Erika and Mike talked... in bed together (workin' it!). Erika told him that if he's playing her, she will go after him. He told her that Danielle really has to go this week and the best plan to get her out is for Janelle to get the POV and backdoor Danielle. He implied Danielle threw a comp because of her truce with Danielle and that she's the more dangerous player because she plans to remove Erika next week.
  • Will is definitely better at shmoozing and brainwashing than Mike is. Really better.
  • All of the houseguests are still asleep as I get this posted.

Graphic by Zoetawny.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Report - Friday Evening 8/25

Erika's nomination of George and Janelle wasn't an unexpected move at all. She's still going with the thought that George is the pawn and she thinks he's totally safe. As Woogie has convinced her they want Janelle out, why would she think anything else? After all, they're the controlling vote, right? Unbeknownst to her, Woogie is also working with Janelle.

Dang, I wish I had spooky or suspenseful music that could suddenly play at the end of that paragraph! But I don't, so...

Here are Friday evening's happenings in that Big Brother House of Women and the Boys Who Use Them:
  • Danielle once again told Erika that George makes her nervous. Is she leaning towards voting him out? Erika told her that Janelle has to go. Danielle then said she was going to vote Janelle out.
  • Janelle and Woogie talked. They think Danielle is very dangerous and has to go. They want Janelle to win POV, but also worry that if she did, Will would go on the block. Janelle told Woogie that Danielle said she was going for revenge on Woogie (Chill Town).
  • The food comp from today took its toll on the HG - Will has bruises and Erika's arm is sore.
  • George has rediscovered the joy that is chocolate.
  • They think one of the tarantulas has died and blame the around the clock lights on the cage.
  • Janelle said she's happy with the noms, mainly because "they" will be upset when she's still around next week.
  • Will told Mike to go shomance Erika some more.
  • The HG are pretty excited about their Christmas in August win in the food comp. It's scheduled for Sunday and they all want George to get a Santa suit.
  • The trampoline they won in the food comp arrived. Will is in heaven. [Editor's note: Anyone who watched season two knows how he loves his tramp...oline!]
  • They jump, they bounce, they breakdance on it, they box with boxing gloves while bouncing. They don't follow the one at a time rule and just go trampoline-crazy!
  • George said he only earned $1600 the first season of Big Brother. They clear more than that a week this season. [George made it fairly far in the game, but I can't recall his exit place. Sequester didn't exist back then, so they just went on home.]
  • In the comp, the HG were put on slop for the day and go off of it at midnight. George told them to imagine all the days he was on it. (But he has his Slop Free Pass from the comp.)
  • Mike and Danielle discussed how hard the game gets as the numbers go down. Danielle told Mike that if she commits to something, she sticks with it.
  • Will jumped on the trampoline on and off (and up and down) through the evening.
  • Danielle said that if she had just a beer, she'd be happy. [Editor's note: Beer and slop, what a combination!]

They've been playing cards and anticipating food, nothing really earthshattering has been going on. Tomorrow should be POV and it will be interesting if either George or Janelle win it.

Someone asked about the slop in comments - it's basically a sort of bland oatmeal blended with vitamins and minerals. It probably would go better with beer than chocolate, but...!

Friday, August 25, 2006

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Bulletin - Nominations

As expected and discussed, Janelle and Chicken George are on the block.

Several folks have been asking how this week's double eviction will work. As it's not something that the houseguests know and discuss, I really don't know anymore than what Julie Chen said. Two are going home Thursday in an action-packed hour.

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Live Feeds Digest - Through the Day Friday 8/25

A day without James biting his fingernails and picking at them. A day without James calling Janelle various words for "tramp." A day without James grousing about everything and everything. But, was it a day without tears for Danielle?

Here's what's happened so far today in that Big Brother House of Deceitful Drivel:

  • Big Brother had to yell a bit at the HG to get them up and going today. It was almost 11 AM their time by the time Will and Janelle got dragged out of their beds. Well, not literally dragged... figuratively dragged by the BB voice.
  • BB even played the wake-up calls by Alison and Janelle's mother.
  • The HG were in an indoor lockdown almost immediately as something was being built in the backyard.
  • Danielle told the others that the Diary Room told her this would be a "fun" food comp. What? No graves? No Grim Reapers? Sheesh.
  • Okay, Wiil and Mike bumblebee have costumes on (flashbacks to John Belushi!), Erika and George are flowers, and Janelle and Danielle are birds. Oh, what fun! The comp had them collecting nectar. All discussed ahead of time trying to get a Slop Free Pass for George if there's one in the comp. They have a chance to go for luxuries, so Will quickly says he'd love a trampoline (like in his season) and would put the house on a day of slop for one. The feeds were blocked for most of the comp, but the HG got Christmas, a Slop Free Pass for George and, but of course, a trampoline for bouncing boy Will.
  • They seem to have one day of slop (at least), meat and liquor.
  • George almost immediately had a steak and a glass of Diet Coke. He's thrilled!
  • Although Woogie previously discussed the need for Janelle to get the POV, Will told Erika that Janelle just can't win it.
  • He also told Erika that either he or Mike must win HOH next week and put Danielle and George on the block. [Editor's note: Keep in mind they know nothing about two people going home on the next live show.]
  • Will told Erika the final three would be Mike, Will and Erika.
  • He told her that he was shocked that Janelle voted for James to go; she certainly didn't talk with them about it! [Editor's note: He's workin', he's lyin']
  • They discussed the splitting the money deal which does seem allowed by the contracts this season. $180,000 each. [Editor's note: But what about the split with Janelle? Can I have some, too? I've been stuck in my own house a lot following the feeds! Count me in!]
  • Erika thinks Danielle would put up Chicken George if she got HOH. [Editor's note: I know she wants George out, but I think she might want Chill Town out more. I bet she'd put Mike and Will on the block if Janelle was gone. She'd go for all three if she could.]
  • Erika told Will that he or Mike would have to go after Danielle, she just can't do it.
  • Erika doesn't think she can win against Danielle in the final two.
  • Erika is concerned that Danielle never came to her for an alliance (like she did James).
  • As I post this, we're in flames with the nominations most likely the cause. As soon as I know who's on the block, I'll post a bulletin.

Graphic by Zoetawny.