Sunday, September 24, 2006

'The Amazing Race 10' - Ep. 2 -or- "Knot a problem? Go for the ox!"

Ten teams are left. Who will be eliminated next?

We last left the teams atop the Great Wall of China, and two teams were Philiminated in the season premiere. Both Bilal and Sa'eed and Vipul and Arti bit the dust, but the race goes on.

Since Tyler and James had been the first to arrive at the Pit Stop, they were the first to leave. The clue they received directed them to travel 963 miles by bus and train to Outer Mongolia. Now, that sounds cool, eh?

We encountered the first quasi-bunching-point of the season as the teams arrived to the bus station. They were split up in two buses, one departing two hours earlier than the other. Five teams on each bus, the first held the teams of Tyler/James, Duke/Lauren, Sarah/Peter, Dustin/Kandice, and Rob/Kimberly. The second group bonded while awaiting for their 2 AM departure. Then it was off for the Erlian Train Station in Inner Mongolia. The train will take them to their destination.

How are the teams getting on with each other? Well, while the "slower" group is bonding some and generally having fun on the race, Tyler and James spied on "the blondies" - Dustin and Kandice. They don't trust them. Hey, guys, it's a race. Everyone is trying to win. They're allowed to make a cell phone call and try to get information for themselves. Sheesh.

Now, this week, Peter did it again. Last week I was a bit miffed with his claim that they were "going to play the Disability Card" and now this week he said, "It's good to have a physical disability. We're going to use that to our advantage." Keep in mind, it's Peter... not Sarah, the one with the disability. I'm not liking what I see here. While Sarah is an incredible athlete, disability or not, I don't like this relationship. The more I see of Peter, the more I think he's using her for his own purposes. He's starting to creep me out. Yeah, she's whiney at times, but he's devious. Dump him, Sarah!

And, if I have to hear the rehab, life is so hard, it's a new life, we're sober, blah-blah-blah from James and Tyler again so much during a one-hour show, I'll...I'll... um... I'll say bad things about their hair! So there.
Colorful Mongolia
The taxi rides that the teams took once they hit Ulaanbaater were wild! It makes the slow cabs of past experiences horses of a different color. They collected their clues in a temple which grouped them a bit as they could only go in every ten minutes.

The clue directed them to some deathtrap Russian Jeeps which they had to drive to Terlej. Then they had to ride horses (while wearing spiffy Mongolian hats) two and a half miles to receive the next clue.

Surprisingly, David andRussian Jeep Mary (of all folks) picked up a local to help guide them in their Jeep. He guided them well until he guided him through mud and they got stuck. Bad, bad guide. They ended up getting a replacement car, but TAR's rules state they get no credit for the wasted time. They weren't the only team with car woes. Tyler and James got lost and then had a flat tire. Not only that, but they had a broken jack. Maybe their Russian Jeep needs rehab? Rob and Kimberly tried to give them their jack, but they couldn't get it out of the car. When other teams approached, all left the Pretty Boys in their dust. Finally a local helped them.

Off to the horses! Sarah changed for a prosthesis with an actual foot in case she had to use stirrups. Peter barely waited for her to do it. (Picture a sneer as I typed that. Did I mention the guy is creeping me out?) Kimberly is afraid of horses and asked, "Do you think they can smell fear?" Apparently, they can. She promptly got dumped while another racer (either Dustin or Kandice?) got dragged. A horse is a horse, of course. And, horses in Mongolia must smell fear. Leave it to the ChoBros to actually call out, "Rawhide!" I can't help but like those two. I hope their racing seriously improves, though.

After the horse ride, the teams were faced with a Detour. Their choices were Take It Down or Fill It Up. In Take It Down, the teams had to dismantle a traditional Mongolian nomadic camp, tie it according to specifications, and load it on a waiting camel. In Fill It Up, the teams had to guide an ox cart to the river, fill up buckets of water, bring them back and fill up a larger container to the specification of a Mongolian guide.

ChoBros wonder what Dustin and Kandice lost
The knots involved in the Take It Down task presented problems for the teams choosing that one, while some of the oxen had minds of their own for the other task. Peter and Sarah first chose the Take It Down task, then flipped to the Fill It Up, got an ox with "fire in its eyes" (according to Peter) and flipped back. Sarah fussed that she didn't want to quit the first attempt and Peter did pretty much what he wanted to do. (Dump him, Sarah!) Kimberly and Rob bickered and he too barked out instructions. Dump him, Kimberly.

This ox is not broken
Although Team Barbie (Dustin and Kandice) finished their ox task first, they lost one of the Mongolian hats and had to go back to search for it. The teams had to ride the horses back to their Jeeps and had to have the spiffy hats. Mary and David gave Karlyn and Lyn their excess water they hauled in a nice gesture. They may be backwoods, but they seem genuinely nice folks.

As the teams took off for the next clue once they hit the Jeeps, a few wouldn't start. Both Lyn/Karlyn and Jamie/Kellie were stranded with dead batteries. (Others had issues, too. The ChoBros got stuck on the road and pushed to start theirs). The situation with the girls led to one of the most suggestive, yet totally innocent lines of the night - "He's got a long rod." Hey! It was a crank! The Russian Jeeps can be crank-started like a wind-up toy. Yes, I confess to a gutter-mind. But it was funny.

Once they hit the road, the next stop was a Roadblock. It was a tough one, too. One member oif each team had to shoot a flaming arrow 160 feet to light a target which was flat on the ground. Some teams did very well, but the last team to arrive worked into the darkness of night making the attempt, then finally gave up. They couldn't even see the target.

Here's the arrival order at the Hotel Mongolia, the Pit Stop for this leg of the race:
1. Peter/Sarah - Also won a trip for two to Mexico for first place.
2. Tyler/James
3. Duke/Lauren
4. Tom/Terry
5. Dustin/Kandice
6. Rob/Kimberly
7. David/Mary
8. Erwin/Godwin
9. Lyn/Karlyn
10. Kellie/Jamie - Philiminated.

At a confessional not on the mat, Sarah said she's noted some problems with Peter. Dump him, girl! He's using you!

And, that was the show. I sort of liked Kellie and Jamie and, though I hate to admit it, I'm liking Kandice and Dustin more. I'm usually the anti-beauty queen/model show watcher. Don't fear I've totally changed my ways. I still don't like James and Tyler. I wish they weren't such strong competitors.

I'd like to see Rob and Kimberly and Peter gone. Sarah can stay, maybe hook up with the ChoBros... or something.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Jackie.

Thank you so much for blogging TAR and other shows (Survivor and Lost are also my favorites)! I got hooked while reading your BB7 blogs, and now I need my "fix" on a regular basis. :-)

I agree with you about the TAR teams. I usually do not care for "pretty girls" teams either, but I did like Kellie and Jamie. I also like the ChoBros and I hope that they go all the way. Peter is a bit freaky to me, but Sarah is beyond annoying. David and Mary are growing on me. They have not been exposed to much in their lives, but they appear to have an open mind. One more comment: the fact that almost every woman cried on this episode got a bit tiring and annoying. I know we are emotional creatures, but seeing one after another break down so early in the game was disheartening.

Keep up the great work! P.S.: I loved your Editor's notes in the BB7 blog. Can we have more of those in your current blogs?

~~Silk said...

Something I can't help wondering about: On past TARs and in this one, some teams have picked up friendly locals to use as guides ("Hey, ya wanna be on TV?")

Um, what happens to the locals when the team drops them off in the middle of nowhere? How do they get back to town? They seem to just disappear.

Anonymous said...

I wondered the same thing you think someone from the crew helps the guides return?

Although I wouldn't want to see a woman sobbing through the entire race, the crying didn't bother me too much last night--a few of the men had their meltdowns too, but used angry words instead. I personally don't cry much, but will if I'm feeling overtired and frustrated.

I like how the beauty queen and cheerleader teams were so kind and supportive of each other. Every season, listening to the way some men treat their female team members is offensive to me.

I haven't decided who I'd like to see win yet, but the teams that treat each other with respect and still manage to see the whole experience as an exciting adventure are my favorites. Kim

Anonymous said...

Too bad that Kelly and Jamie were eliminated. I liked them.

Without the Peter/Sarah and Rob/Kimberly teams, we wouldn't have anyone else to rag on. lol.

I initially thought that Peter was using Sarah for his own fame or something. I missed the beginning, but after reading your blog and found out about the "disability card", I think I may be right. I did like the way he spoke to Sarah during the Put Up or Take Down. He was saying things like: this was fun, we can do it, don't stress. As Boogie would say, it's editing. So, he really hasn't redeemed himself yet....maybe in due time (but I doubt it).

The Cho Bros make this game so fun to watch. I hope they go far. I am tiring of Rob/Kimberly. If you have to think about taking your relationship to the next level, you probably shouldn't. It's a natural progression. I think they will be eliminated soon because the bickering is too distracting to them to concentrate on the game!


Nancy B. said...

For the record, I HATE FOOTBALL SEASON!!!! I didn't realize I ought to check the station (instead of letting the DVR Box go ahead and record) and so because the STUPID game ran long, it cut my AMR10 off before I got to see the end. ARGH!!! Stupid football.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you jackie i really want tyler and james gone remind me of the frat boys from last season and i did not like them either wish peter and sarah would also leave i really have not found a favorite pair yet but i kinda like the brothers but i dont think they will last long thanks for the blog love all your blogs so glad i found you this is great i live on the west coast and i get to know what happens early so that helps when one of my children call and i miss some of the show the chldren are grown and live away from home so i dont mean little children thanks again jackie


Sharon said...

JACKIE,good job,as usual! We,too,had a football delay going here(after watching a heartbreaker fro my BROWNS...BOO Baltimore!!!So cut into Desperate Housewives to finish watching TAR.

I still cannot get to like PETER/SARAH. He seems so condesending at times,but cannot believe they flipflopped so many times in that detour and still finished first..drat!Don't like the "Rehab" boys much at all,but they seem hard to beat. Their gloating is a little hard to take.

I am admiring MARY/DAVID,just for their pluck and the fact that they are so naive in worldly ways,but are so open to all the newness and adventure. They also are basically nice people and are intent on making friends and getting to know about "gays" and "Asians".Sure,MARY,especially,may lack tact at times,but she comes from a good place,not a mean or vindictive place. I think no matter where they finish,they will be so grateful for the experience.

I,also,think,LYN/KARLYN are kind of mean spirited. Some of their comments were not nice at all. It's a win at all costs and what's best for me attitude from them.I can't believe out of all of them that passed the CHO brothers,that KIM/ROB were the ones that tried to help them the most!! I really like the brothers,but so far,they haven't shown very much pluck or resourcefulness. They really need to step it up and soon!

Good for DUSTIN/KANDICE,they should have been first at the finish line,if not for that missing hat! I kind of like them ,too,they are nice to others and are pretty talented.You go,Girls!

Anonymous said...

Hi all :-),
Jackie, bless you for all your wonderful work and dedication to this are truly a delightful person and I'm grateful for all you do! I'm curious...are you a "Desparate Housewives" fan? If so, is there any chance of you adding some of that show to the blog? Sorry to ask...actually, there are so many great new shows this season...any "Men in Trees" fans out there? I'm liking that show too...then theres 'Shark' and "Smith"...ohhhh, the list goes on....lololol, I've never been able to follow "Lost" before so I'm a newbie and appreciate all the blogging on it! You fellow bloggers are the best! Jackie, again, thanks and kudo's to you and to Zoe! Sue

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie, Thanks for your posts, they are great, as always. I have to admit I have only seen about 10 minutes of TAR (have it to watch later), but the one scene I did see last night didn't leave a good impression. It was of Sarah performing for a crowd of onlookers, as the boyfriend tried to hustle money from them. Bad, bad. Sarah, use your athletic training and run...far away. Another Sue

Anonymous said...

I sooooo agree with Another Sue-2:46. Sarah was "performing" like a sideshow at the circus!!!! Get some backbone and tell Peter to get lost. It made me sick to watch her and him trying to collect money. My husband is not a regular viewer and he was appalled at them. I know there is editting but I don't know how that scene could be anything else. Once again we heard Peter refer to the "disability card" and using it to their advantage---it will be karma when it becomes a DISADVANTAGE. I think they are good players and didn't need to make Sarah's disability such a part of their gameplan. I,too, like David/Mary. She hasn't been the "do what the man says" type yet! They also seem genuinely happy for what they are experiencing(something that would probably never happened to them if not for the show). At first I liked the single moms but last night the mean side came out----I know it's a game about winning not being everyone's friend!! It was nice to see most of the teams getting along but it is only Week 2. I hope the father/daughter team continue to get along. When you've been estranged from a child it is a wonderful gift just to get the relationship back on track--sharing this adventure is a bonus.
Jackie do watch The Bachelor? I've been so dissappointed with it the last few years I'm boycotting it this season!!! Please DON"T blog it! I know it will get me hooked again.

Anonymous said...

i like david and mary to but i cant stand peter and sarah i hope they dont win.

Anonymous said...

I think Kimberly and Sarah need to dump Rob and Peter and team up together. Toss those two jerks into the sea!!

Susan said...

I like Men In Trees too. Watched both episodes. Its definately a female type show and I'm not sure it will last. But I am enjoying it while it is on!!!

Jackie said...

Anon @ 1:40 - I'll try and thank you!

Silk - I haven't a clue how they get the local back home.

Sue - I don't watch 'Desperate Housewives' - so I'd do poorly blogging about it. If folks want to talk about the show, I'm willing to start up an entry similar to the AOL Gold Rush one.

I like 'Men in Trees' although I missed the most recent one. Tonight I'm watching 'How I Met Your Mother' and will give the new 'Heroes' a shot.

And, of course, I should post a real post, too!

Let me know if you want posts opened for you to gather and discuss certain shows!

ORKMommy said...

Someone in another post mentioned that they miss the hundreds of BB7 comments. Well, so do I!! I got totally addicted to talking to everyone in the comments!

I do have to say that my house is cleaner and I have more time for other things since I'm not glued to this awesome blog for hours on end :)

Thanks for all you do Jackie! I'm hoping things pick up as the seasons progress!!

Barb said...

it's so hard to really like/dislike anyone on TAR, or Survivor this early in the season - there are so many people, & 1 hour a week, doesn't really show enough to get to know people

I have some that I like/dislike, but it's still too early to really comment, as my mind changes as they show more of each person, as the teams dwindle.

I do not like the Peter/Sarah relationship either, it does seem kind of like Peter is using Sarah, but we'll see - I also like the Mary/David team, as they do seem genuine in their comments, & not at all lopside, I don't get the feeling that he walks all over her at all !!

Thanks, Jackie for all your comments & giving us a forum !!

Anonymous said...

Ciao Jackie!
I'm having trouble posting here but trying again today.

First I want to thank you for all your good work and for blogging Lost. I started watching late the last season and couldn't figure out what the heck was going on. My hub has watched it from the beginning but couldn't or wouldn't explain it to me. I told him about your blog and now I can watch Lost without having to ask him so many annoying questions. ;)

Back to TAR, Peter and Sarah are really getting on my nerves. I'm surprised I'm saying this because I usually root for the underdog/disabled. Their strange relationship is making me crazy. The way he was yelling Sarah at her and clapping his hands is what I do when my dogs get out the front door. One poster summed it up when she said he was treating her like a "circus act". All her tears didn't arouse any sympathy from me because I'm seeing her as someone who just can't handle not winning at anything.

I'm ready to drag Rob and Kimberly into Kimberly. I'm liking "Team Barbie" more than I thought I would. They are both proving that blondes are not dumb and working well together. I'm really liking David and Mary more than I ever thought I would. Yes, she's always screaming "shut up" at him but he seems to "get" her and doesn't feel threatened by her harshness and domineering personality. They do seem to encourage and support one another.
Tom and Terry are a hoot with their "amazing". They are working very well together and seem to be enjoying the adventure. I'd like to see more teams having fun and enjoying themselves rather than barking at each other under the stress. Lyn and Karlyn seemed to handle their set back with the car in stride and I'm enjoying them more than I expected. Duke and Lauren seem to be bonding and working together nicely. I hope Lauren gets the approval she's looking for from her father. Too bad Kellie and Jamie were eliminated but I think they will be good friends for life.

All in all I'm really enjoying TAR and can't wait to read your comments, Jackie.


Nancy in Washington said...

I agree that it's very early in the season to feel we "know" the competitors, however some behaviors are becoming Peter and Sarah. Peter is not coming across well...maybe the editing...we'll see. He seems to "love" Sarah's disability more than Sarah. There is way too much complaining and lamenting about things this early in the game...these people should know that have signed on for a really hard challenge and they can't be babies about it. I'm getting more and more impressed with David and Mary...they are the least sophisticated and worldly of the teams yet seems to be doing okay so far. Also like the girls. They may be blond and beautiful, but they are working hard together and keeping a positive spirit. That is the key to winning...having fun, rolling with the punches, not letting set backs discourage you and all in all having a good attitude. I'm looking forward to a great season. Loved going to Mongolia!

Anonymous said...

I wish TAR would be able to get some of the special fluid Sarah needs...a handicap is one thing...a leaking prosthetic is another.