Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Blech... Pronounce it Phonetically

I've had a bit of a stomach bug since yesterday afternoon. I'm sure it's nothing serious, but it waylaid me for last night and for most of today. Sigh.

I just wanted to remind people that Lost has a new recap (if such a thing can exist) which brings us through last season. It should prep us all for next week's season debut. Yay! That's on at 9 PM ET/PT in most areas.

At 8 PM I have a dilemma. I want to watch both Bones and Jericho. Which to watch live and which to tape? And then I have my 10 PM dilemma. C.S.I.: NY or Kidnapped? Which to watch, which to tape. And when will I have the time to watch the stuff I've taped? Woe is me! Too much television and not enough time! I watched Kidnapped last week and found it intriguing, but I don't know how it'll work as a longterm show concept. What if it goes on for years? What if the kid is 42 when he's released by his captors?

I don't know.

At least I found the time to watch my David Letterman tape from last night to see the 10-year old girl "Lizard Whisperer" who hypnotizes lizards, then dresses them in doll clothes and poses them.

It's an interesting world.


Anonymous said...

CHICKEN GEORGE did what he said...
Check out this link:

He has several BB7 items on eBay & believe it or not, the SLOP has a total of $104.50 bid so far & the VOODOO DOLL is now up to $100.00.

I love Chicken George, but not THAT much!!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I totaly hope tyler and james wins tar.

Jackie said...

SMH - Heh, that's too much! I wonder if Howie will try to sell Kaysar's hair that he kept!

Anon @ 7:53 - I don't take harassment on my own blog. Go elsewhere and be nasty to folks or, better yet... ask yourself why you feel the need to bother others who are doing nothing bad to you. You have issues.

Anon @ 7:55 - Not my choice, but right now I don't have a clearcut favorite team/

spa said...

What did Chicken George say he was going to do with the money?

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear you were under the weather yesterday. Hope you're feeling better, and thanks for all the hard work.

jk in Los Angeles

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are feeling better Jackie. I am looking forward to this lost season to help solve alot of the mysteries of the Island. The recap hopefully will give some new clues.

ASPalmertree said...

Jackie, I find myself in the same dilemna. I recorded Bones and Jericho and watched Biggest loser in another room.. at 8 recorded standoff and somethign else(so much on I can't even remember) and watched the 2nd hour of Biggest Loser in another room. Was unable to watch another show that also came on at 8 cst. SOOOOO many shows SOOOO little time. Guess we will have to catch the rest on reruns.
THanks again for your blog. Glad you are feeling better.

ORKMommy said...

Jackie -- I had that same bug last week. It was miserable! Maybe sickness travels from west to east like the weather. I hope I didn't send it to you :(

Hope you feel better!!

kentucky holly said...

Go Chicken George!! I hope he pockets the money :D

Jackie, I hope you are feeling better soon :(

Tonight was an easy Tv night for me. Jericho hands down. LOVE LOVE LOVE that new show!

Then of course, Lost. Didn't think I needed the recap, but I was so glad I watched it. Now I can't wait for next week!

Right now I am watching the Steve Irwin interview. Typing through tears lol. He was just so amazing.

Nothing else caught my eye. I'm not into the crime dramas. I tried kidnapped last week, for about 10 minutes. Blah. From what I have read, it's not doing so well. But for those that like it I hope it stays on.

Thanks again fot the great bog Jackie. I love talking TV!

kentucky holly said...

BLog...not bog. Darn tears...

Oh, and question: If I join this site, do I still have to type in that word verification every time?

annie said...

I find Jericho to be one of the scariest shows I've ever watched..but I love it. I think the reality of it, the very possibility that something like the show could happens is what scares me.
Not overly impressed with the acting thus far but overall good.

Jackie said...

kentucky holly - Even I have to type in the word verification. But, without it, I was getting targetted by automated spambots and had to spend tons of time removing spam links that could lead to viruses, etc.

SusanB said...

I, too, am anticipating "Lost". I've watched it from the beginning, but it still confuses me, but I love it.
I won't watch "Jericho" on principle-there's enough real terror in the world without this, IMO.
I also watched the BaBa Walter's interview with Steve Irwin's widow. So very sad.
I watched "Boston Legal" last night; I just love it. The new characters are too funny.

Anonymous said...

I love Bones, but had class last night and missed it. Did I see Booth in bed with Cam at the end? I did catch Justice, though. The fun part is the end, where you get to see what really happened and whether the person was truly innocent or guilty. Kim

barb said...

we have cable, with moxi, so we can record one show while watching another - anyways, sometimes we are several shows behind in watching, & can't find time to watch, as there are new shows to watch :( it's a conundrum

Hopw you feel better jackie (don't spread it around :)

ORKMommy said...

What Barb's not telling us is that most of what's recorded is hunting/fishing and History channel junk :) It's easy for me to not find time to watch that!

p.s. Hi Mom!!

sharon said...

KIM @7:20.......I watched "Justice" again last night too. I really like that show.Boy,is Victor Garber's character intense or what?? The best part,again,is finding out how the crime really went down. It was good to see corporate America have to pay for putting profits over safety!

Watched "Boston Legal" on Tuesday(another fav) and though I love the regulars,I think these new people are so over the top,that they are almost jokes! But I suppose that is the draw,but if Craig Beirko was MY lawyer,I would run the other way!!

Poor stiff Harry Hamlim bit the dust on DWTS and I felt so bad for his partner,Ashley! Last year she gets stuck with Master P and this year with Harry. He just couldn't overcome his persona...he was so uncomfortable looking! Somebody must have it in for that poor girl....come on,give her a "possible" next season,because she is cute and good and she's about the only real American of all the professionals!!IMO...LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sharon, I know, poor Ashley. Her crying made me cry. She did have Joey McIntire in the first season when there were only 6 Celebrities and they did well. She is cute! I remember she had the crush on him too.


Karyn said...

Hi Jackie and everyone, Sorry to here you were sick. I hate when that happens to me. Jackie I heard that JUSTICE is going on early vacation. Why and is there anything we can do? Karyn

lyss said...

on the radio this morning they were giving a list of shows that are on the "death watch" list..and Men in Trees and Jericho were both on it...i knew if i start'd to get into a show they would come along and cancel it..and theres 2 shows that i really liked..chicken geroge putting the stuff on ebay is funny as h**l..i just can't believe that someone is going to pay that much for some of the stuff on there...i'd give him $4 for a chicken

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie, I hope you are much better now. I'd send you an ecard, but that would just add to a very full consider yourself virtual carding anyway!

I record the favorite show of two, or I can record two and watch one 'as it plays' on another tv. That way I can see the favorite by ffing through commercials and not be interrupted if the phone rings or something. Funny isn't it that the favorite gets recorded and the lesser watched, instead of the other way around.

I like Jericho and wonder where it is filmed. Too many hills for Western Kansas...but still some shots that look very real from there.

I really like Smith and Kidnapped and see them as similar in production qualities. I agree, they may have to continue hiring young kids to play Leo! But, since, so far the writers have come up with some twists, they must have something in mind, if they go long term. The pilot looked like a "simple" crime, random, but now things are opening up. What has bothered me from the start, and if it were explained in the script I missed it, why if the family has three kids is the son the only one "with death threats" and in need of a body guard. Is he going to turn out to be Kind of Sunnyside?

These new shows have such large casts that they all need a long time for us viewers to catch on. I hope the networks let that happen.

I also like Class and am very afraid it won't make it. As I said I record the dramas and know I'll always have something there waiting for me to watch and I get to feel the power by deciding which I choose...but Class and Earl are two I look forward to seeing as soon as they play.

Feel better soon! Mary

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie and all of her friends! Can someone help me? Last week I woke up on Friday morning and opened AOL to discover a promo to watch the entire episode of the previous night's Survivor episode. I checked it out and it was great on my monitor in widescreen mode. My question is where will I find it again? Can I count on it tomorrow? I would hate to miss it, but I work on Thurs. nights and have several TV conflicts. Yikes! Love this helpful for us TV fanatics!

Anonymous said...

Hi all I too would like to find a way to find the Survivor episode on line tomorrow if I miss tonight? Sounds like others here have the same problem.

Anonymous said...

Go to and go to Innertube. I have watched both Survivor shows that have aired on Friday mornings. (I get up at 4:30 to do it before everyone wakes up) CBS been good about putting them on Innertube very quickly. I am upset that they don't do it for TAR too. My VCR is broken and we are never home Sunday nights! I'll just read Jackie's wonderful recaps until I get a new VCR!

I basically watch all of my CBS shows on Innertube. I just can't figure out why they don't have TAR on there! It makes me sad.
Thank you Jackie! Love this blog-it is awesome.

Here's the direct link to the Innertube area of

I wish ABC and NBC would have shows on their websites like CBS does!

Jackie from NY

Anonymous said...

what time is does it start tonight...and what channel/??

Anonymous said...

Jackie, sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. Ironically, I had something similar for a week...and no I didn't eat any spinach. ;) Sure hope you're feeling much better now.

Thanks for all the extra info that you always find for us and your dedication keeping us updated. Ready for the merge tonight?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie I hope you get well soon.

I read a lot of the posts and can answer some of the questions.

Jackie you can solve some of your tv watching dilemas and do what I do. I have a DVR that records 2 shows at the same time and I have two VCRs. So now I can record 4 shows.

All the Fox shows that are being interrupted mid-season and back on after the 1st of the year is because of baseball.

Biggest Loser is an NBC show, if you check Bravo you can possible catch the show on that channel.

Jericho I believe also comes on Saturday.

I am also a TV fanatic and there are so many good shows on I am grateful for my DVR and VCRS.

I love Prison Break, CSI shows, Criminal Minds, Desperate Housewives, Without a Trace, Stand Off, Justice, Kidnapped, Smith, Las Vegas, Bones, Amazing Race, Survivor, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Americas Next Top ModelProject Runway, and more.


Anonymous said...

No one has mentioned Heros. I don't need another hour show to watch, but it could be fun. So far my biggest gripe with the new season is that WB is no more and our town isn't carrying CW so I am missing Gilmore and Veronica Mars and goodness know what else. Mary

ORKMommy said...

Hi Jackie & everyone!!

Did you realize that your Links on the main page are all still Big Brother related? Maybe you could update them to include the link to the AOL Goldrush game, your post about the game, the TAR site, the Survivor site, etc.

I know I could go find that stuff on my own, but having it in one place is a great thing...and you're so good at that stuff :)

Is that enough buttering up??