Thursday, September 21, 2006

Survivor 13: Cook Islands' - East Coast Update 9/21 - Tribal Council

The votes:

Billy is the second person voted out of Cook Islands.

A full review/recap will be posted later tonight.


petals said...

LMAO ! ! Billy is "in love-at-first-sight" with Candace from Raro tribe??? I've heard of that Latin lover mystique, but come on ! !

At the end of this, the 2nd episode, I am predicting the Asians to lead 2/3, then then the Caucs will cruise in a win.

holly said...

I agree! What the heck was that all about "love-at-first-site"??? I had to pick my jaw up from my lap when he said that! LOL! I think he might have stood a chance with the ladies on the team had he not given that bogus story. Aw Casanova you blew it! @@


Sharon said...

Yes,did you see the mouthes drop when Billy professed his love for Candice and told of them "mouthing" their "I love you's"???? Say What??? Wonder how Billy will feel when he finds out Adam has been keeping his "woman"warm at night and flirting with her and vise versa!!I think Christina had the votes to maybe keep him until he started talking that nonsense and then they all turned tail and voted his strange butt off the island. Good move!

And...bad move sending the strongest AND smartest dude to Exile Island! I mean,how long did it take Yul to find that idol! Old Jonathon was too lazy to even look much. Good for him!

And I'm glad they called it a tie too. It looked so close,that I thought it was wrong of "Dimples" to call Puka the winners.Maybe RORA will get some kind of shelter now and soon.

Still don't know who I like or want to root for,they don't spend any real time on any tribe to let you see their true natures come out.My jury is still out. J.P and Ozzy kind of showed a ruthless side to them,though.Loved it when HIKI finally got their fire started!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen enough of Candace to know how she'll play the game, but I hope she isn't voted out too soon and has to spend the rest of the game at the resort with him. Talk about stalker qualities. Thank you Jackie, Sue