Thursday, September 28, 2006

'Survivor 13: Cook Islands' - Ep. 3 -or- "Drop Your Buffs"

18 are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

Well, I was right. I had predicted the merge would come about three weeks in and, here we are at the third episode and it's a done deal.

So much for segregation, eh?

In my opinion, the diverse cast working together on tribes not separated by race or culture will be more interesting to watch. It's more how we have to work things in the world - thrown into a mix of folks. At least, around here, that is!

Onto the show...

Billy's ex-tribemates still can't get over his "love at first sight" with Candice of the Raro tribe. They're befuddled and confused. Obviously, so was he. On Puka, Brad is becoming increasingly annoyed by Cao-Boi's incessant talking, whether telling jokes or just droning on... and on. "This guy just doesn't shut up! I don't think he's all there!" I personally think that Cao-Boi's definitely a bit "out there." I enjoy watching him, but I might feel the same as Brad if I had to spend days and nights with him.

Tree mail made the tribes think there was going to be a morning challenge, but Jeff Probst had a different surprise in store for them. Merge time! "Drop your buffs." Cao-Boi wasn't sure what a buff is. I snickered. "It's time to integrate!" Well, yeah, the social experiment lasted two weeks. Too bad history made it stretch out so long, huh?

The men and women were lined up separately and tiles were passed to each castaway. When they revealed the tiles, four (two men, two women) had tiles with an X on them. They were deemed the captains. The captains (Cecilia, Jonathan, Brad, and Parvati) were instructed to choose the same gender, but not from their own tribe. Then the chosen chose the same gender, but of a tribe not represented. So, then there were four tribes still, this time segregated by gender. A big improvement.

But, wait! Then each of the captains were given an egg. At Jeff's direction, they squished the eggs to reveal either red or blue paint. And, the skies parted and new tribes emerged from the dust of racial separation. Or, something to that effect.

The new tribes were named Aitu and Raro; they'd be taking over those camps. Aitu's new color is red and the tribe has Jonathan, Yul, Ozzy, Cao-Boi, JessFlicka, Cecilia, Sundra, Becky, and Candice. Raro wears blue buffs and includes Parvati, Jenny, Cristina, Rebecca, Stephannie, Brad, JP, Nathan, and Adam.

Happy, happy, joy, joy was the sentiment of the tribes, for the most part. JessFlicka thinks she may finally fit in somewhere, Parvati has a new flirting target (Nathan), although she seems to want to flirt with almost all the men except for Cao-Boi and perhaps Jonathan. Cecilia asked Candice about Billy's "love at first sight" with her. Candice was, without a doubt, not in love. It took her a moment to recall that she even said "we love you" to try to make him feel better.

Over on Raro, Yul and Jonathan were instantly drawn together. They wanted to create an alliance to the final four consisting of themselves, Becky, and Candice. They want to bring in at least a fifth, possibly a sixth, as they figure numbers will be strength. Jonathan thinks he can bring JessFlicka about to their side. JessFlicka has other plans, though. Hey, girls just want to have fun! She came to have a good time, make new friends, and all this alliance talk is confusing her. [@@ - I must roll my eyes at roller-girl.] She's bonding with Cao-Boi and doesn't like Becky. After all, she can't be fake, y'know. Yul let Becky, his true ally, know that he had the hidden Immunity Idol from Exile Island. They won't tell anyone else.

Nathan is struttin' his stuff and caught a huge octopus with a spear. He's the hero of Raro and a very happy man indeed. Wait until Parvati gets her tentacles around him; he'll think the octopus was a playtoy.

The Immunity Challenge was similar to one they had last season. The tribes were tied together by tribe and each given a fifteen-pound sack of sand. They had to race an roughly rectangular course starting at opposite ends, trying to catch the other tribe. If a person dropped out, he or she had to pass their weight to another. The goal was to tackle a member of the opposing tribe. Oh. Did I mention this was about thigh-deep in water? Why, yes, it was.

The course set-up, and the tornado watch warning on CBS Channel 2, New York City in the screen cap on the right.

The women dropped out first and no man was a true Terry. Remember how much weight he lugged in the similar challenge last season? Rebecca was the last woman staggering. Once it was down to all men, Raro put the push on and, despite a heroic effort from Yul to block, they brought Cao-Boi down. Raro won Immunity.

This time, the winning tribe chose someone from the losing tribe to send to Exile Island. That person would be safe from Tribal Council. Raro unanimously chose Candice.

Once back at camp, Ozzy again wanted to run the show. Unbeknownst to him, he's going up against Yul and Jonathan when he decided Becky would be the target. Things looked iffy for a long time on this one, at least the way they edited the show. JessFlicka didn't want to commit to Jonathan as she didn't click with Becky. Becky gives her bad vibes. [@@] Cao-Boi said Becky was a "weak link" and a "princess" as Yul and Jonathan worked on him for the vote. They wanted Cecilia, Ozzy's buddy out.

And, so it went down.

At Tribal Council, despite the editing, the vote ended up being 5-3 (remember, Candice was still on Exile Island) to cast off Cecila. The votes to off Becky were Ozzy, Cecilia, and Sundra.

Ozzy isn't happy. Although he was an early favorite of mine, this week I chortled at his unhappiness. I know, I'm cruel. Too many Alpha Males on that tribe and Ozzy is probably the weakest Alpha Male link. He'd be a better Cao-Boi at this point.


petals said...

Hey Miss Jackie (hope you're feeling better) !

I find myself soooo pulling for Aitu, especially Jonathan. He's cool.

Aitu should target Jessica/Flicka's hair as the next evictee. Lord knows there'd be more room in the shelter!


delee said...

Dang, CSI was a shocker!!!!! Sure hope Sam B pulls thru, but 2 to the the interaction between him and Catherine. If he does die she will be a VERY RICH girl. Could make it interesting to say the least.

PattyQ said...

Jessica carried her weight! Way to go and way to hang in there, Jessica!
I did not see the first two episodes due to being out of Survivor-viewing-area but I thought that Cao Boi was the weakest link. Why was Cecelia and Becky targeted? Have they appeared weak in the previous episodes? Do you think casting-off Cecelia was good strategy for the tribe?

PattyQ said...

Another question [Besides...where is everybody?]...Why was Candice sent to Exile Island...what is the strategy in that??????????

holly said...

Jackie said...Ozzy isn't happy. Although he was an early favorite of mine, this week I chortled at his unhappiness. I know, I'm cruel. Too many Alpha Males on that tribe and Ozzy is probably the weakest Alpha Male link.

I have to agree with you Jackie, my lust for Ozzy is so over. Turns out, IMO, he's a little punk who will try to skate through on his looks. I have no use for people like that.


holly said...

PattyQ said...Why was Candice sent to Exile Island...what is the strategy in that??????????

I think because Jeff so obviously pointed out that whoever they send to Exile Island would be safe from eviction, implying that if you send a strong person they definitely wouldn't get voted off. Although I don't think they are down to voting off strong (physically, not smell wise) people yet.


Anonymous said...

Cecelia was my girl in my Survivor Pool. I never win these things! My only hope to win the Pool now is Brad. I think he's adorable, but I don't think he'll win. But hey, you never know.

Pattyq: Watch the first two episodes on Innertube! All episodes are on there.

Petals: You are too funny! I feel the same way about Flicka's hair. She is funny though. I like her. Down with Ozzy. He doesn't stand a chance.

I will be happy if Brad or Yul win at this point. Brad especially because I'll finally win that darn Survivor pool!

Jackie from NY

sharon said...

Yep,I think that,unless he changes his ways,Ozzie and Sundra are on pretty shaky ground at Aitu. It never hurts to have "friends" when you are talking merge on Survivor.And I think,somehow,CaoBoi and "Flicka" got the message loud and clear.But I did admire "the Hair" for sticking up for herself and not letting Jonathon strong arm her. But I do like Jonathon more now than when they first came on.

I do think the teams are pretty well matched now,with CaoBoi probably being the weakest link. But if he stays true to his alliance,it may get him a lot farther in the game.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to do an "intervention" with Cao Boi and point out that while he has many assets for the team his constant chatter and inappropriate jokes, remarks are driving his fellow teammates crazy. Then it will be up to him if he wants to mellow out a bit to stay in the game. I think he got the message last night that he and Flicka need friends in the tribe. Other than his chatter and inane remarks, I think he does bring something to the table. But if he continues to annoy he'll be voted out just for a close society like a tribe you don't need a noice hog.

sharon said...

ORKMOMMY.......I have an ER question,since you know all,I hope you will tell me.....LOL.What happened to Clemente???? Somehow I missed the end of him and what went down.And how about Carrie taking the bullet for Luka in the new epi???? Were you as shocked as I was???

And another tear jerking night on ER!! And is Sally Field ever great in that role! She plays her manic Momma role to perfection. I just love her!

And John Stamos is in the house...yay!!!! I love him,too! But I hope they don't make him too much of a rogue and rule breaker,that his days are numbered. He and Neela together are yummy,but then I like her with Ray,too! It will be fun to see them both vie for her affections.She deserves somebody great to help her get over her lost hubby. He was all wrong for her,way to reserved and "duty" bound.

The very end of the show just brought me to tears,to see Abby with her sweet was that!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope Ozzy sees the light after last night's vote and realize he's just a pisher...and let the big boys handle running the tribe. He's a pretty vain guy, read he "starred" in a porn flic. Sounds about his speed. Love love love Yul. Seems like a nice/smart guy. Glad he and Jonathan have teamed up for not and are not going head to head. That would not be good for either of them. Sooooo glad Yul has immunity idol. May have been the editing, but he really thought about clues and worked hard. Jonathan seems to have just make a stab at it and then given up.

Anonymous said...

I'm finding hard to warm up to this group. The only 2 I care
about are yul and Becka.

Jackie if you really want to get
into another show try greys anatomy
great soap opera stuff.

Hope your feeling better

delee said...

Itube is great I fell asleep b4 end of CSI watched the end this morning....go to CBS and watch offers alot of CBS shows and you can catch up!!!!!

Lucy said...

Thanks for the updates Jackie. Hope you are feeling better.

This survivor is starting out a bit slow but I have a feeling things are going to heat up very soon. There are plenty of players this season who know the game well and have decided to go for it right from day one - others, like dread-head Flicka, are just there for the "experience." Any person who signs up for this show should be ready to work hard, play hard and strategize hard or else bow out of the competition. Jonathan told Flicka the way it goes down on the island and she was not buying it as she only wanted to make friends - how lame.

By the way, has anyone noticed how much Jonathan sounds like Alan Alda?

ORKMommy said...

Lucy -- I said that in another post. I was watching and turned my head to look at my daughter and my brain said "Hey, is MASH on??". It was freaky!!!

Sharon -- I missed several episodes of ER late last season due to not having cable & I couldn't get NBC with the antennae. I'll do some digging to see what I can find out about Clemente. I think he got fired, but I'm not sure.

I'm glad Carrie stood up and tood the blame for Luka. Her character has really matured and become very compassionate since Sandy died.

The end with Abby really made me cry! If they had let the baby die in surgery, I think I would have stopped watching the show for good!! Abby is one of my favorite TV characters. I can really identify with her. Not that I was a nurse who went to med school and became a doctor, but her personality and other things that have happened to her hit close to home. And I just love that her and Luka got back together! Sally Field has always been a favorite of mine and to see her as Abby's mom is just another gold star on her report card IMO.

Back to Survivor. I'm really pulling for Jonathan and Yul. I like Becky, but just as an extension of Yul. I have Candice in the office pool so I was glad to see her go to Exile Island, at least I knew she was safe for this vote.

Ozzy needs to go soon! He's a spoiled brat who is used to getting his own way! He was useful when it was only 5 Latin/Americans, but now that the tribes have merged they don't need him. I hope somebody recognizes that real soon!!

Terry in CA said...

How quickly we went from admiring Ozzy to seeing his true colors...out damn spot, out I say!
I feel this is Cat Willows big year on CSI..I want Sam to live!! I love the singing in the autopsy room! They have such a great cast, glad they are using them!

petals said...

Ork ~ I'm an ER fan, but have missed this season so far (hmm...could be because I was HERE, blogging about Big Brother until my fingers bled???)
Anyway, when did Carrie lose her limp?

Jackie said...

Petals - I initially didn't like Jonathan, but I'm liking him more each week. But, then again, I thought I liked Ozzy! It just shows you that you have to get to know these castaways.

Delee - How did you like the singing on CSI? Danny Bonaduce is a convincing corpse, isn't he?

PattyQ - Jessica can do challenges - she's very fit. However, I think that she's not playing a serious game for the win. That, of course, could hurt her in the end.
I also think they chose Candice as they didn't mind her being safe.

Holly - I'm glad you came to your senses! No more Ozzy-lusting for you!

Both Sharon and Terry in Ca - Good points and I can't help but agree with you!

barb said...

i liked cao boi at first, i thought "here is an older guy who has lots of experiences", but it seems that he is going way overboard in his talking & chattering, & turning people off - he almost seems arrogant. as if he has more life experience & is in charge of teaching every one else - that's how it goes for me with TAR & Survivor - i kind of like people, or dislike people at first, but there are so many, & they zero in on them so little, that as the shows go on, & less people are left, you see more of the personalities

i am amazed at you, jackie - and all the other bloggers who can keep all the names and alliances straight !!

ORKMommy said...

Hey Petals!!

Carrie was having trouble with her hip and was in a lot of pain. They did a hip replacement last season and now she doesn't need the crutch anymore. She was very nervous about it because she's had the crutch for so long and didn't know who she would be without it. I can totally sympathize with that. I've had glasses for almost 30 years and have thought about having Lasiks (sp??) on my eyes, but who would I be without my glasses?? Know what I mean??

ORKMommy said...

Oh...I forgot...

Jackie -- As long as I can talk ER and Grey's Anatomy, I'm a happy camper! Maybe you should add CSI to your post meet-ups too. I can't watch it on TV cuz it conflicts with Grey's Anatomy, but I catch it at Innertube on the weekend! House may be another good one, I've seen a few comments about that show.

Thanks for this community! Now I don't feel like such a wierdo about my TV addiction :)

rags said...

I don't like Ozzy because he thinks he knows everything and I don't like cowboy (can't spell it) for the same reason. I'm older than cowboy and can assure you that wisdom doesn't come with age. Unless I'm the only one it missed!

sharon said...

ORKMOMMY.......check your local TV listings,here in my area,they replay the new "Grey's" episode on Friday at 8PM on ABC,so I watch CSI on Thursday and then catch Grey's(what I don't catch flipping back and forth...LOL)on Friday before MIT. CSI was riveting this week,what with Lindsey(Cat's daughter) being kidnapped and then her "father" being shot when all the pieces started falling into place. He sure looked dead to me in the closing moments,but you know television.And what a dilemna would that be for Cat if she inherited all his "dirty" money???

And I just keep loving MIT's more and more,so I was NOT surprised to hear it was in ratings trouble. That happens more than I would like to shows I really get Joan of Arc,Providence,and Judging Amy and on and on.......oh well......tonight is DVD viewing night,WHY can't they ever put anything good on Saturday...anybody know?

petals said...

Ork ~ I worked as an opthalmic assistant in my early twenties and had the surgical correction (radial keratotomy) done in 1994. The laser was still in its trial phase, and not as widely used. However, I was legally blind AND had an astigmatism, but am now 20/20 in my left eye, and 20/10 in my right.

I talked my husband into the Lasik surgery 4 years ago, and he is glad I did.

You won't lose your identity. In fact, think of the amazingly chic frames you can still wear, just with plano lenses. Not to mention fab sunglasses!

Just my 2 case you were interested.