Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tonight's 'Survivor 13: Cook Islands' Blogging

Look! Now Gail made me a tag for the blog, too! Woohoo! Thanks, Gail. It's cool.

And, tonight, I'll continue to Outwit, Outwrite and Out-East Coast Show Night Spoil the show.

Yes, if you're interested in East Coast show night spoilers, I'll be quickly posting the important events as they air here. Later on in the evening (after I watch the C.S.I. season premiere), I'll post a more full recap/review of tonight's Survivor.

To get to the most recent entries tonight on the blog, it may help to either refresh the page or from the main blog page, hit the link for the current month's archives. Why that brings up the most recent posts when other methods don't work, I don't know. But it works for me when I want to make sure I haven't posted any horrible typos in my latest articles.

Not that that stops some typos from making it through, but...!

Survivors ready?


Anonymous said...

How can they not make fire?

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that 2 tribes captured Chickens or Roosters. The one lady seemed upset about how the net worked on the Hispanic tribe. I am glad that Roro is finally trying to build a floor at least. They need a shelter.

Tom S said...

Hi Jackie -- Survivor is interesting tonight..Wow I can't believe the Latino tribe Ozzy would consider throwing a challenge-- it could come back to bite him in the back..

Tom S

Anonymous said...

I am glad they called the challenge a tie. That way both tribes get 2 tarps. It looked like a tie on the program. It was to close to call. I think throwing the challenge was a bad idea.