Sunday, November 19, 2006

East Coast Update - 'The Amazing Race 10' - Finish and Philimination


The Pit Stop arrival order:
  1. Tyler/James - won a trip to Mexico
  2. Dustin/Kandice
  3. Rob/Kimberly
  4. Lyn/Karlyn
  5. Erwin/Godwin - Philiminated


A full recap/review will be posted late tonight.


delee said...

Dang, my team is gone and now I do not care who wins. Tears!

Anonymous said...

Oh how sad...:(. I agree with Delee, I don't need to watch anymore. The most decent racers to have played this game gone. I am not even sure I want to watch it tonight. ( I am on the West Coast).
Thanks Jackie for posting.


Anonymous said...

son of a gun.. yep dont care about the rest of the teams...

Sydney said...

I bet the blonde's strategy was to exhibit such personality that they would get their own show after this, or product endorsements, hosting something on VH1 or something like that, when they're done...