Sunday, November 19, 2006

Get Yer Pants Here - Coming This Week On Letterman (Nov. 20-24)

Late Show with David Letterman
Although it's a somber time - Impressionists Week is done and over - this week's guest list for Letterman is winning me over. Plus, it's Thanksgiving week with all new shows throughout the week, including the holiday. Dave's holiday show usually features bits from the staff and I have to see what they're up to this year!

Here are this week's expected guests on The Late Show with David Letterman:
  • Monday, Nov. 20 - Jerry Seinfeld (what's he up to these days?), DJ Shadow and Q-Tip. (Um, okay to the latter. One thing I love about the show is he often exposes me to music acts with whom I may not be familiar.)
  • Tuesday, Nov. 21 - Chris Elliott, Hugh Jackman and the Nextel Cup Winner. Chris Elliott is old-school Letterman and I always get a kick out of seeing him on the show. As for the Nextel Cup Winner? I haven't a clue. Maybe it's the Annoying Walkie-Talkie King or the Most Obnoxious Cell Phone User In Public Places Queen. We'll see.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 22 - Matthew Broderick, Lupe Fiasco & Jill Scott. Matthew, of course, is starring with Danny DiVito in the new holiday movie Deck the Halls, but I'm once again clueless on the latter two guests. It makes things more interesting that way, don't you think? I enjoy seeing Matthew Broderick on the show... he's always an entertaining guest.
  • Thursday, Nov. 23 (Thanksgiving Day) - Eugene Levy (For Your Consideration) and John Mayer. Eugene Levy is usually a hoot! And, though John Mayer isn't always my musical cuppa tea, he is very popular. As I previously mentioned, I think we can expect some staff bits on this show, too.
  • Friday, Nov. 24 - Oh, the only guest listed is Helen Hunt (Bobby and Mad About You fame). I like seeing her, but I would also guess there's more to the show than solely Helen Hunt. I love surprises.

There, that's the week ahead for The Late Show. Did I ever tell you about the time I stood outside the filming of the show with the masses by the Roseland and excitement ensued?


Sydney said...

RE: Seinfeld -- I feel like I saw him in a movie preview... one that I think he wrote, about he and Chris Rock and others playing actors being directed in an animated movie... does this ring a bell? I remember thinking, geeze, where has he been all this time?

Hey, if I'd made all that money (and still, residuals!), found a person I wanted to marry, then really enjoyed having my 2 kids, living easily in New York City without needing to work like he has since the show went off the air, I would take a big fat break too!!!

I swear Jackie, I get so much input on an hourly basis between the internet, the many mags I read every day, the e-mails, work, TV, a class I'm taking, books etc, it must by why I have all these lame refrences where I only half know things -- like I could not remember TBS was the TV station in my last post, or what most of the character names are on shows I watch regularly.

Either that or my head is just full. Had I known that by the time I reached 40 there'd be no more room on my hard drive, I might have watched what I filled it with in my 20's and 30's!

Susan said...

Wasn't Chris Elliott the "Guy Under The Seats" on the early Letterman shows?

delee said...

Dallas game in 4th quarter and too much time left for a 7p finish :-(.
6:47p and 9:51 left in game, so AR will be late here.

I had taped the 2 hr premiere of Daybreak....I was not going to watch it , but it was really good. It will only have a 13 hour run and now there are 11 hours left. I was surprised that I liked it. If you want it can be seen on for the 1st 2 hours. Taye Diggs is not hard to look at either.

Also for a daughter's myspace profile picture is of her in a wedding dress (she was a bridemaid and they fooled around in the shop) and beside it she has a picture of Christian Troy (N/T) and her headline is....
"We so love each other" Too cute and funny! She just watched season one and two on dvd!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Letterman.
I remember Chris Elliott in old-school Letterman. He was great. Wish his career would have gone further. Don't recall "Guy under the seats" concept. Would be cool to hear about it.

Huh, fascinating sydney mentions Chris Rock. Check out my comment on the other posting about M.Richards.

Anonymous said...

Chris Elliot was just *okay* last night. The extra-sexuality, I could do without. And his hair... I hope it's part of the joke.

Anonymous said...

Jackie Jackie how can you not know that Jimmie Johnson won the Nascar championship?

Anonymous said...

I love to read your comments here anyway. keep it up!

Anonymous said...

What's Nascar?

Anonymous said...