Thursday, November 30, 2006

'Survivor 13: Cook Islands' - Ep. 11 -or- "No One Likes You, Nyah Nyah"

Eight are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

Hey, I thought they chose to stay at the campsite with no rats - Raro's original camp. Why did Night 27 open with rat shots? Unless, of course, they were symbolic rats. I've noticed that either rats or snake shots happen before Jonathan is shown.

In my own opinion (mainly because I find her annoying), they could have been symbolic Parvati rats, too. She was lighting right into Jonathan about his flipping at Tribal Council. And, Jonathan couldn't hold it in any longer. He told the ex-Raro group (Parvati, Adam, and Candice) that Yul indeed had the hidden Immunity Idol from Exile Island. They were too busy calling him a filthy miserable rat to pay much attention to that important news.

Now, to me, Jonathan is as bad about Parvati as she is about him. In the morning, he went on and on about how she's been on the island for 28 days and she hasn't cleaned a fish, nor does she have a clue how to go about it. Jonathan mentioned how lazy Parvati is as he tried to keep in good graces with the ex-Aitu bunch (Yul, Ozzy, Becky, and Sundra).

Parvati won the bid for the bubble bath.This week's episode marked the just about mandatory Survivor auction for reward-type items. There are usually a few duds under covers mixed in with the good stuff. Each castaway was issued $500. They could lend and borrow money amongst themselves, but they couldn't share any of the winnings. Jonathan went to town winning a hot dog meal with beer (that he spilled) and pizza (which he licked). Parvati won the bid for a bubble bath and a piece of chocolate cake. Ozzy won ice cream. Sundra got a booby prize of a sea cucumber.

Ah, but it was Becky who won the best prize of all. It was a mystery note which Jeff said would hold power in the game. Borrowing money, Becky bid $640 for it. Inside the envelope? A chance to send a player to Exile Island. She decided to send Candice there for a fourth time. Talk about crumbling someone!

Jonathan licks his pizzaYul, for some reason all of his own, decided it was time to announce that he had the hidden Immunity Idol. I'm not sure of his thinking process there. Well, he could have figured that most of the people knew it and he already used it for a power play in flipping Jonathan. Also, just knowing he has it will keep others from voting him off and make them leery of who has the second highest number of votes.

Back at camp, while Candice was whining, crying, and fussing over on Exile Island, Jonathan made another faux-pas in the game of getting along with others. He was the one who didn't want Cao Boi bringing the Immunity Idol to Reward Challenges and such, right? If I recall correctly, he said it was like "rubbing the win in their faces." So, what does he do? He goes on and on about all the food he won at the auction.

Grimacing CandiceYul and Becky, as well as Ozzy, noticed the bad behavior and seriously considered dumping Jonathan. But, you must remember, Jonathan's not the greatest competitor in challenges, plus he's a great person to be with in the Final Two - he's the least popular player of them all. The ex-Aitu see his "true character" but need to decide if they can use him or take their chances with ex-Raro.

The Immunity Challenge was done in two rounds. The castaways had to correctly answer questions about the past 30 days on the island, use numbers derived from the answers, do some physical tasks in the second round, and raise their individual flags. The first three to finish the first round went onto the second. Adam, in a confessional, said he knows he's a target and he must win. Oh, my. He actually did win! Scary, huh?

Back again at camp, Candice figures she's a goner. (And she figures Jonathan is a snake.) Instead of focusing on the game, Adam and his harem cuddle in the shelter. Not too bright of a move, eh? Meanwhile, Jonathan knows he's skating on thin ice with all and returns with fish. Ozzy, Becky, Sundra, and Yul join him in cleaning and cooking the catch, then chowing down. Oh, the cuddlers realized that the ex-Aitu (and Jonathan) are eating without them!

Adam trying to walk on waterA verbal brouhaha broke out as Candice confronted them, calling out comments Yul made about Jonathan, calling Jonathan names, and more. Ozzy claimed "no one gets a free lunch." Candice called Yul the "ringleader" and blamed him for Jonathan while trying to alienate the group from Jonathan. I like brouhahas. They should have them more often.
Of course, that made the very rational and smart-playing Yul question again whether keeping Jonathan would hurt his chances with the jury. The editing tried to make us viewers think it was Jonathan's turn to go, so we (or, at least, I) knew that wouldn't be the case.

At Tribal Council, the brouhaha went on all over again while Nate hammed for the camera from the jury box. "No one likes you, Jonathan!" "Yul is a puppetmaster!" Even Ozzy called out the laziness of the three cuddlers. And, in the end, ex-Aitu (and Jonathan) all voted for Candice to go, while ex-Raro voted for Jonathan to go. 5 to 3, Candice was asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. Or, in this case, after an extended smooch from Adam. Gag me now.


Anonymous said...

Candace's prolonged kiss was such a "show off" move...glad Jeff called her on it and said "If it was real love he would have given you the imunity necklace." Score! Put that in your pipe and smoke it were far more of a rat to Jonathan than he ever was to you. You were badmouthing him when he was still your "partner." No one will miss you. Ciao princess. Adam will just snuggle with the Parvati, another warm body.

Anonymous said...

I knew Jonathan wasn't going to be voted out also with the big deal the show made about it. The Candace/Adam kiss made me gag. Like this will end in true love. Ya, right. I want either Adam or Parvo to go next. Both are very smug, arrogant people who have done NOTHING on this show. Jonathan is annoying, but entertaining as well. I'd like to see Yul or Ozzy win.

Anonymous said...

Oh.... did you hear Yul's comment in the preview for next week? "I feel like the Godfather planning a hit." LMAO

meb said...

Jonathan is obnoxious but at least he is providing food. Get rid of Adam first, then Jonathan, then you can get rid of Parvati. After that, they are all really on their own cause they're all friends and it'll all come down to the immunity challenges.

Where was Ozzy during all the Jonathan bashing both sides were doing? We didn't see him in the beginning like forever.

That was a great scene where they didn't share the food. Good for them, maybe now Adam and Parvati will work a little for their keep.

Sue said...

I agree -- Adam next and then Parvati. They are not playing the game. They act like they are on vacation and should be waited on.

At least ATTEMPT to play the game...sheesh!

sharon said...

I was soooo happy to see Candice get what she'd had coming since she jumped ship! And she and her "posse" may have tried to put Jon up as the "traitor" but WHO jumped FIRST? and WHO did AITU always send to Exile Island EVERY chance they got??? THEY didn't forget who the traitor was.She and the posse had a rotten attitude of entitlement and just let all the others fish and clean and fetch for them. It was like Club Med for them. I find ALL of those three annoying. They can both be picked off in any order for me.

It will get interesting when it gets down to the four of the old AITU. I feel YUL and OZZIE are the strongest,but who will win in the finals??? YUL may want to think about dragging JON along then,he'd be a sure bet to beat in the end. Neither of the girls are strong enough to win challenges to the end,IMO. But is YUL alienating jury members along the way with his perceived leadership? HMMMMMM

Holly said...

I love the way the Raro tribe tried to threaten Yul with you’re gaining enemies on the jury by keeping Jon. Whatever! Most everyone already on the jury, with the exception of Nate will probably vote for Yul anyway, no matter who he’s up against. They (Raro) knew they were going to loose another one and tried anything to change it. Glad the Aitu’s didn’t fall for it. Shoot if Jon hadn’t flipped the Raro’s would have been doing the same darn thing…oh whoa poor pitiful me! Break out the violins!

They way I read Yul he’s very ethical and fair, I think he’ll take Ozzy if the two of them have any say. Ozzy has pulled his weight and worked in full harmony with Yul and the girls to get were they are.

The whole Raro tribe has been a bunch of losers since they let the Candamvarti three headed monster take over and start eating their own.


lyss said...

I'm glad to see candace go..but the kiss..the only thing i can say is you know that was a nasty taste..with neither of them brushing their teeth for 30 some odd days..that's the only thing that i keep thinking about..i think that its time for jonathan to be gone..yul's group would still have the #'s to get rid of adam and parvati..i'm just really tired of looking at jonathan..

holly said...

Hmmmm...Here’s a happy Candice's other LOVE interest, Billy, the LOVE machine, Garcia in sequester too?!?!


meb said...

Oh Barf on Billy... Thank Goodness he's not on the jury... I can't even stand to see him in the credits.

Candamvarti...good one Holly.

Sharon: I just say get rid of Adam first because he's always capable of winning immunity as he showed us last night. Get rid of him as soon as they can!

Speaking of breath...after the rewards ceremony, did you pick up when Jonathan belched, Candace commented something about smelling pepperoni! LOL

Anonymous said...

I hope Yul doesn't bow to pressure to get rid of least he works and is fun to watch in action. He's definitely played the game. I agree...Adam and Pavarti in whatever order. Then it will be Jonathan's turn to go unless he can save himself with challenges. If he wants to hang around he'll have to save himself. I was never so happy to see someone given the boot as Candace who didn't do a lick of work on the island. And he talk about always being happy....all I heard was her complaining and trouble making. What nerve of Parvati saying she deserved to stay longer than Jonathan. Has anyone seen her lift a finger to help out in camp, cooking, fetching, working, etc. Yoga on the beach is all.

kalifornia kat said...

Hey, did anyone notice that one of the shots of Candace was from her last trip to Exhile? The buff was the color of Raro, and her hair is up differently! What's with the switcheroo Survivor Producers? - Not enough of Candace weeping?

Candace and Adam are fools - AGAIN! If they had any brains they would have been able to inflict some harm on Aitu... not that I am for that - I think that they are both idots!

kalifornia kat said...

One more thing...

Is Yul assuming that he will be in the final two? Are we?

delee said...

Lyss remember the saying if u eat garlic the other needs to eat garlic lol or both have to smell the same!!!

Meb...duh was not sausage pizza IMAO

I do not think any lazy person has ever won. Not a great tactic in my mind. I still wonder why when they were eating the fish, afterwards and at tribal council, no one really came flat out and said you work you eat...just evolved into a bash Jonathan-fest. Again is that editing?

Like Yul--Ozzie, but really Jonathan is playing the game. Regardless of his methods, he is still there. I think all need to remember Yul has the idol and can sail to the end...if it was me vote him out next and remove the idol from play. He would still be there but vulnerable. Any other thoughts on that?

Holly said...

I think delee that the idol is only good for a couple more tribal councils. I believe it was voided if not used by the time they got down to four last season. Does that sound right to anyone else?

So Yul will be "up for grabs" to be voted off soon anyway, why waste the votes when they need to take the trash out.


sharon said... it, sounds like a stinky,bad cheese..LOL.

Saw Candace on THe Early Show this AM,and BIG SURPRISE........she and Adam are NOT an item. So can we all say......island slut!! She claimed he was big and strong and she knew he would take care of her. Now wasn't that the rest of her tribe's job,since I never saw Adam doing too much of anything but copping some feels in the shelter! She also finally gave Jonathon his due and said he was a good game player and a "nice" guy in "real" life. What a piece of work she was...glad she is gone. Yup,if Adam doesn't win immunity,they best ship his butt to the jury.

Anonymous said...

adam could win all the remaining immunites and end up at least in the final two.

i thought it interesting the look becky (?) gave yul when yul talked about being in the final two. he seems a bit over confidnet. who's to say becky or ozzie or someone else will make it to the end?

Anonymous said...

From day one Yul has been a worker and seemed like a nice reasonable guy. I hope he makes it to the final two. The other should be either Ozzie or Jonathan...they have been the workers and game players. Ozzie has been amazing in team competitions. If Candace was wearing a Raro buff it was probably because she was determined to "exclude" herself from the merged tribe and remain with her own lazy group. She had a bad attitude and clearly was not a team player. Just a pretty girl who uses her looks and who found out it doesn't always work. What an air of "entitlement" esp. about the food. Those who work eat...period. Maybe Adam and Parvati will get up off their butts and pitch in.

Anonymous said...

Until this week when he won immunity Adam has practically been a non-existant member of the tribe either initially or after the merge...he seems so a non-entity. Would hate to see him in the finals. And Parvati...another do nothing with a big mouth and sense of entitlement. this was the year of the team breakdowns...and for the most part the Asians put everyone else to shame with their hard work and their attitude. Also Ozzie for the Hispanics and Jonathan, despite being somewhat annoying, has performed best for the lazy Causasian tribe.

Anonymous said...

So Candace's "straegy" was to get some guy to "take care of her?" Sounds like that's how she gets through life...well, on Survivor that doesn't cut it. You need a game of your own as she found out. That goodbye kiss was gross.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:44 & Sharon: RIGHT ON!

OK, I finally caved after this ep and can no longer stick up for Jonathan. And with all this talk of Yul and who he's taking to the final 2, what do you think
of his first and most lasting alliance with his female tribemate???? Guess he's gonna ditch her and take Jonathan to win against. How is she going to react when THAT time comes????

And as much as I was happy to see Candace G-O, I have to say I did admire her for how she could hang in each time on the island, clearly more beaten each time, adn always came back with a smile, and strong, albeit feigned. I have to give her that, as I'd find that really hard to do... ok, but that's ALL I could give her. Buh-Bye

Holly-- Candamvarti!!!!

meb - I was wondering why there was almost zero of Ozzy too

Lyss - we ALL have been thinking about the 30 days on an island kiss -- even Rob and Amber said they only kissed perfunctoraly when they finally did due to this, and they added no showers or shampoo to their list.

And we knew they would make the most of Pavarti's dipping herself into the bubbles didn't we?

Anonymous said...

Sharon -- thanks for the news on Candace's morning show appearance. I missed it and of course wanted to know what she revealed.

Anonymous said...

What's grosser? Seeing that prolonged kiss between Candace and Adam or the Britney close-up photos being shown all over the Internet?

I think the world all gagged at once seeing that kiss. I know I fell off the couch and started heaving.

-- Joyce Ferry

Anonymous said...

I agree I have no feeling about MS Spears except disgust!!!!! Come on you wear that short a skirt u wear something underneath..unless u are a streetwalker!!!!I just hope that craze does not pass to the young'uns. At least if you want to do nudity call the Hef and do it in Playboy!

Jackie said...

Heh... I'm loving all these comments. It doesn't look like Candice had too many fans! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Nothing attractive about flashing...whatever happened to mystery...Paris, Lindsay (in AA now thankfully) and Brittany are pathetic and sad. Don't those girls have mothers, or publicists who can tell them that to show all is to lose all. It just becomes so boring. They need to sit down and watch every Audrey Hepburn movie ever made to see what class is.
Candace will forever be haunted by that gross open mouth bad breath kiss with a guy who was just playing her. At least Jonathan had the good sense to bid for the toothpaste and mouthwash...not that anyone will be kissing him anything but goodbye anytime soon!