Thursday, November 16, 2006

'Survivor 13: Cook Islands' - Ep. 9 -or- "Time (to go) in a bottle."

Eleven are left and the jury has its first member. Who will be voted out next?

And, my own added question, aren't we due for a numbers crunch? Remember, the season started with 20 castaways. Normally there are 16, some seasons 18. The finale is scheduled for December 17. We have four weeks and eleven castaways. You do the math. (I'll just go on writing...!)

The show opened on Day 22 looking in on the Raro tribe. Jonathan, recently mutinied from Aitu, was still working, fishing, and making fire in an effort to prove his worth to the new tribe. He now realizes that he made a very bad move by mutinying. "I'm a wandering Jew without a tribe," he said. The other Aitu mutineer, Candice, is fitting in better thanks to her relationship with Adam. Their thing for each other is hitting fling phase now that she's teamed up with him once again.
Over at Aitu, the small Can Do Tribe, Ozzy's attitude has definitely changed. Without Jonathan (in particular) around, he's meshing with the others well. Aitu has become a tribe to be reckoned with, for sure. "We're the underdogs and I'm happy," Ozzy said. Yul also spoke about what a solid bond the tribe has since the mutiny of Candice and Jonathan.

Treemail brought the tribes nautical flags which signify letters of the alphabet, so both tribes went to work studying. The Rewards Challenge itself had the tribes using given coordinates to a huge compass in the sand and two tribe members digging up four treasure chests per tribe (one at a time). After all the chests were collected, they opened them to find nautical flags which they had to use to spell the word "victory."
The agony of defeat
Raro did horribly at the challenge. I don't know who was worse - Jenny and Jonathan almost refusing to work together or Adam and Candice just not working well together at all. Nate, Parvati, and Rebecca just kept cringing on the bench as they watched Aitu work well together and claim victory.

Aitu won a plane ride to a nearby island where they would partake in a local feast called an umu. There would be pork and an alcohol-laden homebrew beverage. They announced they were sending Candice to Exile Island with a "1, 2, 3... Candice" cheer. I know why they're targeting her, but I thought they might have gone for Jonathan this week. I guess they were closer to her all along and still feel betrayed. I realize they have a reason, but my own personal feelings say it's kind of mean.
Yul and his dancing partners
While Candice fussed on Exile Island - "it's horrible when people you like want you to suffer" - Raro was all bummed out (once again) at their camp. The talk turned to ousting Rebecca if they lose Immunity. Rebecca hasn't proved strong in any challenges, nor mental or physical ones. Jonathan has been busting his butt being Mr. Provider and his plan seems to be working. For now it's working, anyway.

The hit of the show was the umu. No, not the emu, but there was a hog! Aitu was greeted by native islanders wearing grass skirts and men in tribal sort of gear. It looked a bit frightening, but soon became reminiscent of the Munchkins leading Dorothy down the yellow brick road. I was just waiting for three of the men to step forward and start singing about the Lollipop Guild.

Two rather large women took a liking to Yul and both bumped and grinded against him, muchA new crush on Yul to his embarrassment. One jumped on him as he fell (see photo). The reward seemed to be the most fun I've ever seen them have and it was a hoot to watch, too. Poor Yul. But, hey, he seemed to have a good time!

The next treemail had a map of the Cook Islands. Again, the tribes studied. The Immunity Challenge had the tribes swimming out to a floating platform, diving for a bundle of island names and swimming them back. They had four members competing as there are only four Aitu members and each retrieved one bag.

Once again, Raro fell apart while Aitu rocketed. They retrieved their island name bundles quickly and placed them right in the puzzle within a minute or two while Raro was just bringing in their last bundle. In a new twist, Raro was given a bottle with a scroll inside. They were directed to bring it to Tribal Council, but warned not to open it - it would be read after the vote was cast.
Parvati looks at the bottle
When I heard the instructions and knew that we had to double an eviction soon, I guessed what it was. Raro tried to guess and I think they knew the possibility of a double castoff, but were afraid to think in that direction. The talk at camp was mainly for a Rebecca eviction, but Adam mentioned that Jenny was getting very untrustworthy and out for herself. Plus, he figured she would target Candice. So, she should be next - more dangerous than Jonathan.

At Tribal Council, Jonathan should learn to shut his mouth. He bragged about catching 22 fish since the day before. I understand he's proud, but I think it would be better to quietly serve up the fish. The votes were cast and Rebecca (the one who's the make-up artist for The View) was voted off unanimously with the exception of her own vote for Jonathan.

Then came the twist. The bottle was opened after Rebecca left. "You've just voted out one member of your tribe, you'll now vote out another." That was it. No time to plot, scheme, or even think much about things. In the second vote, Jenny was voted out. She and Nathan voted for Jonathan, the rest voted for her.

She wasn't a happy camper. In the ending shot as the credits rolled, she just about spit venom. They didn't show Rebecca's parting shot, but I would think she'd be polite.

So now the tribes are a lot more even, five to four. While Jeff hinted there might not be a merge at Tribal Council, I think he may have been saying that just to throw off the contestants.

Another very entertaining episode. Hey, that's two in a row! Let's try again next week!


Anonymous said...

Watch closely as Jenny walks away from TC. Do you see her arm raise and her gesture goodbye? Uhhh, maybe I am just seeing things. Thanks for the update, Jackie. Sue

Anonymous said...

How cute is Aitu? Who is TC?

Jackie said...

TC is Tribal Council. And, they've got spunk!

Anonymous said...

I think Rebecca took off without looking back because she might be crying.
Anon, you have good eyes...Jenny looked teary also but the gesture was hard to see. I assume it wasn't the peace sign.

sharon said...

Yeah,I thought Jenny gave the one finger salute too! I don't blame her for being upset,but these people had to see it coming!

I love that they are sending CANDICE to exile every chance they get.She let her "hot" pants get the best of her,over tribe loyalty. Maybe those four had this plan all along,but I think JONATHON had to jump just for self preservation.And,I agree with Jackie,he needs to learn to keep his trap shut.

delee said...

I saw the X-rated arm raised/finger gesture TOO...CBS blurred it, but I know what it was.
I agree with Jackie, this is more like OUR survivor..less boring. Aitu has hit its stride and let's hope they keep having water challenges. Nobody can beat them at those. Candice is sure in for a shock when she returns. Then she will be really glad she was exiled.

I am sure the merge could be postponed until tribes down to 2 each, if it worked out that way! Always hate when they have merged and there were immediate underdogs. Let the merge wait. Wouldn't Ozzie/Yul vs Adam/Candice or Jonathan be interesting, as one big happy tribe!!!!

meb said...

They made a big mistake when they didn't get rid of Jonathan and Candace from the beginning. As I said before, now Jonathan, Candace and Adam are the majority...they'll bring Parvati into their group and there goes Nate. The tribe outwitted themselves.

I am thrilled with Aitu! I'm going to pout when it comes down to one of them going home, especially Ozzy (Yul has the hidden idol, so he'll be safe for at least one tribal vote against him) but Ozzy is going to be a big target when they merge because he's the best there is competitively.

Great episode! Jackie you're really good... I never even thought of a second eviction, even tho you've mentioned that it would have to be coming.

holly said...

Yo muh man Nate
Better not commiserate
Raros sealed yo' fate
If dey don’t merge
It will be too late

What they’re doin' iz wrong
They th'o't ya don’t belong
They iz writing da song
And it won’t be long

Raro iz chopping heads
They won’t be lead
Won’t follow what dey said
Now dat Adam an' Candance
Are in bed

Aitu iz ya only hope
Yo yo yo Nate don’t be nahh dope
To Raro ya iz da interlope
No other way ta cope

The mino'ities need ta band
To be kept in da sand
In da madness land
Of Burnett an' Probst
On Survivor Cook Island

Hey fine azz fly fo' uh white girl…word!


lyss said...

I think that its great that aitu is still spanking the others..just shows them, well candice, that it doesn't matter that they have 4 and the other team had 8 then 7 people on there tribe they are still gonna get beat everytime..i think that when candice and jonathan jump'd ship (keeping w/the that they would just pick off the aitu tribe one by one, because they couldn't poss. do well w/o either one of them..i love didn't see jenny's "salute" to the tribe, but i also agree with meb..why stick with people that came into your tribe late..they stab'd their tribe in the back once, who's to say they wont do it again..i hope that candice is playing adam..not that i dislike adam..but this is a game and its call'd survivor..shouldn't that give you a hint that maybe you can't trust ne one..specially some one that just stab'd their tribe in the back..i also think that its a dumb move on the raro tribe to not get rid of candice and jonathan..and when nate was talking about jonathan..he said something about jonathan wanting their trust, and he was like you just stab your tribe in the back and now you want us to trust you..i don't think so..what i want to know is does the same go for candice?? or does the blue eyes and blonde hair cancel that out?? oh long as yul and ozzy go to the final 2 that's all that matters..lyss

holly said...

My apologies...I couldn't help myself but try to rap!

But...on with the show (as Jackie says)

I think the lights may have gone on for Nate last night and he's seen the writing on the wall, or the papyrus' as it were, and the next name will be his if there isn't a merge!


Terry in CA said...

Oh wow Jackie, that was the best show! and your reporting was right on...I was also shocked they ddint send Jonathan,which could have been his doom.
Now that DWTS is over I am focusing all my attention back to Survivor and wondering what they will say on the View today now that Rebecca's demise was shown..??
Keep up the good work!!

Sydney said...

I'm not so sure Raro is voitng on race or original tribes.

I think Nate is so likable, I keep forgetting race -- my fiancee keeps pointing out the counts in terms of race which I have left in the dust. While these folks were those early tribes and got to know eachother in the first 2 eps, the tribes have been changed 3 times (mutiny being third, causing Aitu to strengthen and Raro to let one of their own go to keep newcomer Jonathan)... but to mee it seems the second tribes spent the most time together in the show..

So wouldn't Nate have developed his own with Raro at this point? Aitu has 3 different races represented but they are just ONE tribe.

Do you guys think they are just voting by race in the end?

Sydney said...

We were also talking last night -- what would have happened if Aitu went to TC? they would be down to 2 members and it would have been really interesting to see them vote someone off, since they're so tight.

If they make it to the final four, I wonder if their tighness will hold, or the tables will turn in those last days for money. That's what's so interesting to watch on this game from day 1. The first season we saw the cutthroat twists and got Sue's rat and snake speech. The second season -- was it second Jackie -- we saw an opposite -- the "good and nice" people go to the final four, then the final two -- when Cobly virtually chose his character/honor in his alliance and brought the woman who won, over picking someone he could win against... he made a $900,000 mistake but was a nice guy to the end. Was it worth it?

Anything can happen.

petals said...

Jackie, you know I am beyond happy about the recent Survivor knews. Not to mention the swim challenge, when I got to see my AquaOzzy shine like flipper, baby! Yul, Ozzy or Jon deserve the prize at then end. So far, all the chicks are proving worthless!

Sydney said...

Petals, I do think that Pacarti is a strong swimmer. At first I didn't like her "I'll just flirt" approach, but I have come to like her more... perhpas her cuteness has worked on me right through the TV. In any event, she pulls her team up when there are water competitions, and last night was a good example.

That said, I'm for Ozzy, Jonathan or Yul, in constantly rotating order.

delee said...

There are some great thoughts and feelings here! For some reason I do not see what race any of them are! I do agree that I do not see any female as a stand out this season. For me Ozzie, then Yul are the stand-outs!!! As we all know, Yul has the coveted "get out of jail free"!!!! Jonathan and Candice made a bad move and excuse me Ms C, Adam is a opponent no matter what you think! IMAO Aitu deserves to stay together and have the advantage over Raru, no matter what!!! And the 2 snakes that jumped ship, well lets hope they get what is coming to them. I bet if Aitu knew last night was a 2x elim, they may have chosen someone else to send to Exile Island!

Sydney said...

Lyss -- I agree with you, I wanted to know what Candace was doing that kept her there over Jenny, except that being on exile she had less chance to piss folks off, or Adam worked magic on people we havent' seen. Nate may not see it this way, but perhpas the others on Raro remember that Jonathan and candace were once part of their team, and their mutiny could be seen as trying to get back to the original tribe, not jsut stabbing their newest tribe in
the back.

While I admire Candace's attitude on the last spirit- breaking trip to Exile, I hope she goes next. In the mutiny, we all know she was just following her panties back to Adam, but Jonathan figured he was following his #1 alliance, which happened to form from his original (caucasian) team. I think his intentions were far more honorable.

Interestingly, 4 strong members have a leg up over 7-8 strong and weak members... the weak ones keep the strong ones back in competitions.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Holly said...

You're welcome 11/17/2006 11:30 PM


Anonymous said...

I am wondering if our multiple anonymous posts from this jokerssucks blog is the blog author him/herself... if so this person obivoulsy knows it's a blog for pay that does what Jackie's does for free, though many of us have gratefully donated, and is here trying to get people to come on over. It's a free country, but I hope this person minds their manners. Enough already.

Sydney said...

Holly, speaking for myself, no apology necessary, though I understand why you did. We are so worried about offending anyone these days. Are we all that sensitive? I guess we are. The world is at a place where we're on edge.

Rap is an art form, even if I really don't like it or listen to it much, I can still call it that. Would you have apologised if you wrote a Haiku? It too is largely attached to a culture, and requires the work of syllables and content, just like writing a rap requires skill in rhyme and beat count and wit. Far from offended, I instead was entertained and a little impressed that you would bang it out. I though it was meant in good fun, I mean it's inspired by Survivor! Rock on, girl.

That's just one opinion, mine. So I'll do the same thing I was just ttalking about, and apologise. Jackie I don't mean to take us off course here, so you may delete me if I offended YOU! Lol.

I watched my tivo of the James Ellroy Court Tv crimes nad authors show you reccomended and I thought it was excellent and he was really twisted in the most marvellous way! Thanks for the tip, I can't wait to see the rest!

Holly said...

Thank you Sydney, I was just havin' some fun, it certainly wasn't meant to offend and hopefully it didn't.


petals said...

Hey all! Out of curiosity, who all of you will tune in to the O.J. debacle, er...program, on Fox, "If I Did It..?" As a loyal member of the No Spin Zone,I, for one, will NOT watch, but was curious to see who among this crowd would.

Jackie said...

Holly - No need to apologize and I would guess the person who posted is the same one leaving the link. So, don't worry.

Anon @ 9:53 - Spot on. And, it's the same kid (who's 14 on AOL and 31 on Blogger @@) who harassed me all summer sending vulgar eamils and comments, advertising his blogs, etc., after being told to stop. It's no wonder he got banned from Jokers. His behavior should get him banned from Blogger.

Jackie said...

Anon @ 9:53 - Actually, his blog is free as it's a Blogger blog, but his previous behavior affects my deletion of comments advertising the blog. And, if he's promising free feeds for BB next summer, he better go get a job! ;-)

Sydney - I hope they don't vote by racial lines at the end. I'd love to see a final four made up of one of each ethnicity. I'm glad you found Murder by the Book interesting. I've met Ellroy at some book signings and he came across as perfectly normal. He certainly does have some um... quirks.

Petals - NO WAY would I watch the OJ Simpson thing. That whole thing is creeping me out.

Sydney said...

I was at the movies tonight, seeing the EXCELLENT new Bond film, and there were extensive ads for a new TV show about a sole woman sports reporter in a group of all guys.. Sex in teh City meets Friends, they said. Didn't know if it was on the CW or what's that other station that begins with a t.. Jakcie I thought you could help me out here. Starts 11/28 and looked worth a gander.

And Petas, what is OJ thinking. We thought it could not get any stranger. Nicoles folks and the Goldman family must have learned to put themselves on another plane to deal with this life lesson... and what about Nicole's 2 children? What a pr**k.
Clearly he needs money. He's been living in another world for years now but who is the publisher of this book. Wow.

delee said...

Local FOX station paid $6000.00 not to run the OJ "show". They ran a Miracle Children's show. Had no interest in OJ. Amazing how you fall off the radar, you must do something to get back on it. IMAO Judith Regan of ReganBooks is the publisher. I heard about the girl and sports show too but can not remember the facts. I am waiting to see DIRT on FX, with Courtney Cox, might be on level with N/T.

A Race tonight. Yippee!!! GO CHO BROS!!!!