Thursday, November 16, 2006

TV Newsy Bits - Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's another very stormy night here - high winds, thunderstorms, flood warnings - but I plan to post East Coast Updates as tonight's Survivor airs here in the NYC area (power and cable TV willing). Reward, Immunity, the boot and any other important happenings will be blogged real time and a review/recap should be posted late this evening. So, if you're West Coast, or just want to outcry an event as you watch, check for those entries. You may have to refresh the blog page or click on the Archive for this week (right sidebar on main page) to see the most recent entry.

In other Bits o' Blog Business, blog reader Sydney (hi!) missed Dancing With The Stars last night. I found that ABC doesn't seem to have the show in its entirety online, but has many video clips posted at their website. I haven't checked YouTube, but would guess clips are also there. If anyone has any other ideas, speak up! She knows who won, but would like to see the show if it's out there anywhere.

I received an email from a gentleman involved with the Huntington Theatre Company in Boston. He knows there are some Grey's Anatomy fans here. (Yay!) Kate Burton, who plays Ellis Grey (Meredith Grey's mother on Grey's Anatomy) will be appearing on stage in the Huntington's production of the play "The Cherry Orchard" from January 5 - February 6. Alas, I don't foresee a Boston trip in my future at that time. But if any of you are in the area and are interested, more details are available here. If you think you might want to go, please let me know! It would make for interesting discussion.

The thunder is getting louder here, so I'll call this an entry. All of those folks camping out in lines for the PlayStation 3 must be getting drenched. Since I can't beat Crash Bandicoot on my plain ol' original PlayStation, I don't see PS3 in my future - a trip to Boston would be more likely.


Susan said...

Good news for DWTS lovers.
Season 4 of DWTS will brgin airing in March of 2007. We won't have to wait until next Fall.

sharon said...

Jackie.......I LOVE Crash and,like you,could never beat the entire game and never without help from my boys...LOL. But I would never stand out in the cold or rain for any game system.

Leaving for about a week away in Williamsburg,VA HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all and nice to know I can catch up here with Jackie on anything I miss. Tootles!

sharon said...

Oh,and I heard a blurb on our local news that FERGIE,Dutchess of York,wants to be on the next DWTS.
NO,NO,a thousand times NO!! I can't stand her and wish she'd stay on her side of the Atlantic. Don't they have this show over there. I say let her dance in England,I don't want to see her here,IMO.