Thursday, June 14, 2007

Whatever Will I Watch Tonight? - Thursday, June 14, 2007

Today is June 14. Do you know where your flag is?

Tonight's television is a mixed bag. In the 8 PM ET/PT hour on CBS, there's a new Pirate Master. Now, I've tried with the show, but pirates were never my thing and the show isn't doing anything to change my opinions, me mateys.

Oh, but ABC has the entire primetime block filled with basketball special shows and then a game. Hmmm.... NBA or pirates? FOX has a new Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. Yes, I am. And I won't watch that. NBC has repeats of My Name is Earl and 30 Rock. CW has a repeat Smallville.

Court TV has two new back-to-back episodes of Speeders in the 8 PM ET/PT hour. Laugh if you must, but I may watch that. The network sent me a sampler of the show and, if nothing else, it's fast-paced. You also must remember that Cops is a guilty pleasure show of mine. This is along the same lines with speeders and their excuses trying to get out of tickets.

At 9 PM ET/PT, my definite choice is the So You Think You Can Dance results show. I'll be posting an East Coast Spoiler entry about the boot for those who wish to peek in from another time zone or those who just want to talk about the show.

Also on in that hour -- C.S.I. is a repeat on CBS, The Office and Scrubs are repeats on NBC. The CW is airing a Supernatural repeat. USA has a new Starter Wife episode and TLC has a new American Chopper.

At 10 PM ET/PT, while ABC is still playing the NBA, NBC has a new Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. CBS has a Shark rerun scheduled. TLC has a new Wrecks to Riches. Animal Planet is airing a new Animal Precinct (about time!). But I know I won't watch any of those. I'm catching The Wire on BET. Since I don't have HBO, I've become addicted to BET's airing of the series. I know I'll eventually catch the Animal Precinct episode as they air them for years in between new episodes!

What's your television schedule look like this evening?

(And remember to stop back for the So You Think You Can Dance East Coast Update which I should be posting shortly before 10 PM ET!


Susan in FL said...

We're on vacation and the grandchildren's baseball games are putting a crimp in my tv watching. We'll probably get back on schedule in about a week.

Lili said...

Can't miss SYTYCD. Love that show; its like DWTS on steroids because of the cross-the-boards youth and talent. There may be a few hiphoppers who struggle at Ballroom but nobody is having to drag Tucker Carlson or Master P behind them. The Argentine Tango last night; wow!

I have to tape Starter Wife so I can watch SYTYCD. At 10:00 I will watch Studio 60 in its second to last ever episode. I may be only one of three people who like that show since it has already been cancelled but I'm not afraid to admit I've really enjoyed it and will be sorry to see it go.

sharon said...

Well,last night was a flip the channel night. I missed PM last week,so tuned in to see if it was as bad as everybody said. I was happy the captain was unseated but,on the whole,it just isn't very exciting. I was flipping back to Smarter,but they let twins play and most of these questions are easy enough without letting TWO play! So,mostly I watched the Indians game(yay,they won!).

Then,of course,SYTYCD at 9 and had to keep an eye on the NBA Finals(though I dislike bball) and the Cavs lost(no more bball so I'm happy).At 10,not finding much of anything so watched the ends of both games(it was pouring rain in FL...good for them!!).I came back from vacation sick,so hit the bed early:(