Thursday, July 26, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - Into the Night Wed. Into Thurs. - 7/26

<--- Jessica munches a snack as she listens to Dick talk early in the morning. All she's doing is adding an occasional "yeah" or "right" into the conversation. Now, this is one dangerous player. Everyone in the house gets along with her.

Ah, but you want the goods on what's happened in that Big Brother House of Fickle Fate, eh?

Here you go:

  • Dustin told the HOH Group that he'd be voting out Mike because Kail is putty in his hands. Dick told him they all have to unite on a vote.
  • Dick thinks Kail would win if she made it to the final two. Dustin is sure she wouldn't.
  • Eric really, really went to work for the Vote Out Kail task. It's too bad that he came across to me like a used car salesman trying to get rid of a lemon.
  • Zach seems to be a bit put off as he wasn't invited to the 'pow-wow."
  • When Nick asked Dick why his daughter was so impossible, Dick said, "Look who you're talking to." Case closed, question answered!
  • Zach told Nick that he thinks Dick is getting scared. He also said he'd like to team up with Nick like Will and Boogie in the house. (Note: Zach has been trying to ally with Eric and others today, too.)
  • Nick said everyone is getting to him today. (And his temper fits prove it.)
  • Amber thinks there are only four good people in the house -- herself, Eric, Dustin, and Jameka. Um. Okay. Whatever!
  • Amber said she didn't know what being Jewish means. Jameka let her in on how there are different religions in the world.
  • Zach feels alienated by all.
  • Jessica doesn't think she's ever met a Jewish person before. (Do almost all of the houseguests live under a rock or what?)
  • Amber is siding with Eric on a Kail eviction, but Dick is still putting forth a Mike Out vibe.
  • Kail believes that whatever happens, it's in God's hands now. (I personally think He would have bigger issues on His mind.)
  • As I post this, there is still a group up in the HOH room -- Dick, Eric, Jessica, Jameka -- but nothing new or exciting in the way of strategy talk.


Anonymous said...

O-M-G and OY VEY!!! Jackie...too funny, all I could think of with Amber and Jessica's comments were do they live under a rock?!! You beat me to it LOL. Thanks for the update.

I'd still prefer Kail to go but I've given up hope at this point. And Amber Cried.


Steff said...

Some of these hamsters really do seem as if they were raised under rocks...well protected rocks. Kail has never seen a gay man sans make-up, Jessica has never heard of the Jewish faith and Amber and Jen both think they are Americas favorites. @@

I'm really beginning to dislike Nick. He knows Daniele has a serious relationship outside the house, yet he still showmances her. I don't think he has real feelings for her, he was professing he "love" after a couple of days in the house. I don't believe he is that naive.

I really would like to see Kail go now! Take her 30 IQ score and dazzle her hometown. I nearly lost it when I read that. Where oh where did they find these people??

Thanks for all you do for us Jackie.

ps: I bet Amber cried because Kail's IQ was so high!

Karen in MD/DC said...

I was watching Showtoo this morning and Jackie, I don't know how you sit through the most boring conversations... Thank goodness you bring us the good stuff. I think the other day when they were talking IQ's she said between 110 and 130, but wasn't sure, just beneath genius.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Jackie!, sorry, that was too loud for the early am, wasn't it. Your 'under the rock' comment hit me, too. From the beginning these hg don't seem to fit quite with their descriptions. Dick has that heavy metal veneer and then is a sweetie dad in the diary room. Kail 'owns a town', but needs instruction on how to talk. Amber is a 'cocktail waitress from Las Vegas', but is projecting herself as empathic to a fault and a God driven personality...not to mention the religion ignorance comment. (btw, I don't buy her schnick, which is why I said 'projecting herself') Remember the first comp when we all thought Jessica would be the one with the silly quotes? She does have a way with words, but has enough sense to shut up and listen, so, as you say, is one of the more dangerous players. Thanks Jackie, Sue

sharon said...

I think I see why it took Kail so long to get on the show and I must say,they must have been really hard up to take her this time. It does seem as if they looked for the most backward and sheltered people they could find. Jameka had never been around white people(but she is doing just fine,she is one smart cookie),and most of the others HAVE been living under rocks....I am convinced!

And I agree with Steff,if Nick "really" cared about Dani,he'd back off instead of going full blast ahead with his pursuit of her.I really think he sees it as a way to stay close to both ED and Dani,but hope it gets his behind voted out of the house and soon!

AlbGlinka said...

Oy Vey is right! But I've heard this before, that many people who live in small towns and don't ever travel anywhere claim to have never met a Jewish person.

Still, the ignorance is unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

One surefire way to start the day with a smile is to pour a cup of coffee & sit down to Jackie's blog....
Jackie has such a way of presenting things and all you guys commenting just crack me up!! :)

Thanks for all the laughs.


Anonymous said...

Good morning to all. I needed a good laugh before starting my day(six 8 yr.old boys with super soakers, hot dogs, and a pool!!!).
I think all the contestants should of had diversity training before going in the house(along with a video since most think certain people look a certain way). Kail's gay comment was enough but now Jewish people?!? I'm starting to think Jen may be one of the smartest people in the house.
Oh, I should have been in the house--I know gay people who don't wear make-up, I have good friends that are Jewish,by IQ is over 30, I can cry with the best of them, and I KNOW I would have been "America's Choice"!!

Have a great day and thanks as always Jackie--
"You write the words that make the whole world laugh"
(just a little paraphrasing of Barry Manilow--no comments--yes I'm that old)


melinal said...

Everybody vote for AND AMBER CRIED on the CBS BB8 site for the next new catch phrase in the house.

ORKMommy said...

I submitted And Amber Cried. I even gave an example of how they could use it in a sentence!

BTW...Dick's HOH Diary hasn't been posted yet. I'll keep checking and let everyone know when it's out there!

Anonymous said...

I voted, too. How many times can we submit?


Caroline said...

As far as Jessica is concerned, I don't think she's anywhere near as dumb as CBS is editing her to be. She's keeping her head down, making friends with everybody and aligning with Eric and Jameeka. She's formed bonds with Dick and Daniele. Rumor has it she never campaigned to get Carol out of the house and that Carol talked smack about Jessica the whole time they were in the house, not the other way around. Personally, I think she's someone who could go a long way, and if she's bringing Jameeka and Eric along for the ride I say "way to go" to all 3 of them. They'll let the more aggressive people pick each other off and then have a clear run to the end. I just hope they don't take Amber with them.

Anonymous said...

caroline--I totally agree. You could add Dustin to her alliance(they were both part of the original three brought in as the twist). If that is her gameplan it's working because the rest of the HG are picking each other off! It's just THE VOICE!! I don't have the live feeds but I haven't heard of her bad-mouthing anyone other than Carol. That being said she does come across as the spoiled, popular girl who is used to getting what she wants-IMO.


Deanna said...

I watched BB after dark last night and was so incredibly annoyed by Amber( and most of it was her), that I had to turn it off. She did nothing but whine about Dick to anyone who would listen. The girl talks and talks and then cries and then talks and then cries. By the end of the day, she must be exhausted... Apparantly Dick annoys her and pisses her off cuz he gives his honest opinion to whatever they are talking about and she is too emotionally fragile to handle anyone not agreeing with her... She was upset about waking from her nap and Dick telling her he put her clothes in the dryer, but not starting it cuz he knows she doesn't want anyone doing that... She made it out like he viciously attacked her. Im so done with her and she is actually ruining this season for me. I wish she would go home NOW!!! Lol!

Anonymous said...

I wish somebody would put my clothes in the dryer--I'd give them a big kiss for helping me out!!!

What world did these people come from? What happened to being appreciative for an act of kindness??


ORKMommy said...

I just watched a very lengthy sex conversation between Dick & Jen on YouTube! Now I'm a Dick fan, but he came across as a dirty old man in that conversation. Jen looked very uncomfortable several times, but didn't seem to be able to get out of it. It's like he's trying to be one of the "kids" and he's too old for that!

LGTP said...

I live in NY and everyone is Jewish and Gay. Do they know anything about Hollywood? They are so naive.

joy n said...

Please get Amber out of there. Something is seriously wrong with that girl!

RBennie said...

Hey LGTP - I live in NY and I'm not jewish and gay, but I know what you mean - lol. I don't know how anyone could live in the year 2007 and not know anything about any people other than people just like them! That's why I really feel for Jameka to have to be the only african american in the house. Cause if they don't know any Jews or gays, just how many black folks do you think they know.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Nana - Jessica's voice is irritating. I was watching Housecalls on the CBS website today, and Holly was the guest. I'm not sure which voice is more nasal.

sharon said...

Yeah,I think Amber is a whack job,too .....and,NOT a lovable one!The thing I don't like the most about her,she's two faced,because knowing how ED is,all she would have to do is tell him how she feels,but instead,she lies to him and then talks smack about EVERYTHING he says to ANYBODY who will listen.I also agree with the poster who said she presents a facade,what she thinks the others want her to be,and since she's not being her true self,she's all tied up in knots and overly emotional ALL the time.

The other thing I detest in this game,and both Kail and Amber do it,is thinking that God is only on their side when it comes to playing this game and wanting THEM and only them to win. I hate when anybody,athletes or others,do that. Pray for strength,pray for guidance,but not for God to let you win a reality show,,puh-leeze!

ORKMommy said...

AMEN Sharon!! I completely agree about the God thing! Every time I hear one of them do it I have to @@ at the TV!

Anonymous said...

orkmommy.. that's what I have been saying about Dick all along!! He has 20+ years on most of those people. Although entertaining,( cuz one can only watch Amber cry just so much!) Dick has some serious issues. Don't think I could be around him in that house and keep my mouth shut...his behavior at times is inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

i have a question on the america player he gets credit for just voting for the one we tell him to or does he get credit only if the one we want gets evicted


ORKMommy said...

Donna - I love to watch him and I do like his game play, but I don't think I could be friends with him. When he talks he sounds like a Valley Girl who needs to shave.

Ginger - the person he targets has to actually be voted out.

PlaidChick said...

I think the movie they should show this year is "I pronounce you Chuck and Larry." But it's already come out so that won't happen.

I've said it all along it's BB8 Rejects. But hey live vote and that will be fun to watch. Get your tissues, shot glasses, lime and salt out-- Amber is gonna cry!!!

ORKMommy said...

Wouldn't it be totally awesome if the HG's refuse to vote for Mike or Kail and want Amber out instead! It could be BB meets Pirate Master and they could mutiny!

Now that would make for some good TV!

Karen in MD/DC said...

Orkmommy - that's a riot!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed all the posters comments here. I think the rock they've been living under must be from another planet...Mars perhaps. Did the BB producers put together an entire house of dysfunctional people just to get a rise out of us? ;) It doesn't much matter how high your IQ is if you don't have any common sense or people skills.

Nick needs to grow up and get out of middle school. Danielle should be turned off by his bumbling persistence but then she needs to grow up herself.

Jameka is the only one who seems to have a personality I don't dislike. She is in a unique position in the house but handling it well. I just hope she doesn't stress out too much trying to represent.

Amber doesn't seem authentic and her constant crying comes across as a manipulative ploy to gain empathy/sympathy.

I'll be fine if either Kail or Mike goes tonight but I'd prefer Kail.

You know I'll be peaking at tonight's live posts here from CA.

Jackie, thanks for all the live feeds you uploaded on YouTube for us and all your time and efforts making this blog so great.