Saturday, July 28, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Doings - Late Night/Overnight Into Saturday, 7/28

The Jensa Member or as I like to call her, the JenBot, has gathered her emotions and sealed them inside once again.

This update will catch you up on what's happened since the nominations ceremony.

It's not pretty.
  • Kail thinks that if either of them win POV, Zach will go on the block. Kail has that right.
  • Amber told Dustin she caught Nick comforting Jen. (Oh, my!)
  • Dustin says he gave Jen many chances to tell him Nick was the informant leaking information to her and she didn't.
  • Dustin's mad now and wants Jen and Nick out before Kail and Zach.
  • He told Kail they plan to backdoor someone, but didn't tell her the target. (Nonetheless, I don't think he should be telling Kail she's safe this week!)
  • Nick told Dustin that Zach told him he had a deal with Dustin and Amber since the first week.
  • Dick advised Zach that if he wins the POV, it's in his best interest to let the nominations remain the same.
  • Jen told Dustin she wished he had given her a heads up that she might be on the block. She was surprised and hurt.
  • Power of Veto is to be played out Saturday (I might not be able to update until evening if it's played early).
  • Dick reminded people they didn't vote for Kail to stay, they voted for Mike to leave. (I say it's all semantics!)
  • They think the POV will be about missing things from the house.
  • Amber told Jameka that Eric talked to her over an hour today and convinced her that Nick has to go. (This could be the America's Player play? Maybe? I haven't seen him doing much campaigning like he did last week against Kail.)
  • Dustin is upset that people don't go with him on wanting Zach out of the house. Remember, he told Amber he wouldn't put Nick on the block as per her wishes.
  • Daniele said that if she wins POV, she would let the nominees remain the same. I believe she's worried about Nick going up in the place of one.
  • Dustin thinks only two people would save Jen with the POV -- Jen herself and Jameka.
  • There's now confusion with who the group wants to target. Dick thought the collective group wants Kail out and Dustin said he'd use the POV to save Jen if he wins it. (I'm SO confused!)
  • The Dustin Collective think it will be funny if Zach gets backdoored this week and then Jen and Kail are put on the block again next week for the third week in a row.
  • Amber thinks Nick is playing both sides (duh) and Daniele told her that she knows it.
  • Eric, Jessica, and Jameka had a long talk about not trusting Nick. (Can we say America's Player yet?)
  • Jameka thought it odd that Julie Chen asked her about being quiet on the live show.
  • They talked a lot about the physical endowment of the male houseguests. Does size really matter? :X
  • Dick thinks Eric threw the HOH comp because he wants to keep Dustin and Amber happy for now. (Eric is passing off his performance as "went buzzer crazy.")
That's all for now. The HG are all asleep as I post this.


delee said...

I watched Jen and Dustin in the HOH, and he pretty much assured her she was not going up! So I can see why she was surprised and emotional. But really HOH can tell the caged anything, it is their decision in the long run.

sharon said...

I agree,delee,I watched them for over 30 minutes and thought that Jen was very honest with him and shared a lot of what she knew to be true in the house.And she told him straight up that she would be hurt if he did nominate her and she was! I felt very sorry for her when I read that this morning.And I am thinking that she could very well win the POV,she is a scrapper and very determined. There are things about her I am starting to like(yikes!)and one of them is that she doesn't seem to lie like some of them,Kail,AMBER,Nick,Zach!!!

I am so done with Amber,as are many!She's mean spirited and she lies as easy as she cries!BUT,she has Dustin AND Eric in her pocket and they are so contolled by her "damsel in distress" act,they run every time she has a melt down.So how do you get her out of there??? I think if the chance arises,we should make it AP's choice to get Amber nominated or out of the house,then AmERICa would have to see that we don't like her AT ALL!!!She has a whole bag of issues she's toting around.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, I left a comment over at TV Squad said I would be sent a password along with the link to confirm my enry...I did receive the link BUT NOPasswod for fuure entries...any idea how Iget my password?

OH how I want to see Kail go...
But at the same time, I'm afraid that Jen is going to keep sliding by and "Chilltown"
will have another victory.
EEEWWWWW!! that's a Nasty thought!!

dla said...

Sharon, what a terrific idea!! I hope we get the chance to send that message to AmERICa. He has been "shocked" before, and I bet this would blow his mind, but definitely get him thinking.

It is so funny how others begin to fall off my radar as another HG becomes more and more annoying! As of this moment, I really really want Amber to go home.

She continuously "stirs the pot" and I do not enjoy anyone that takes that approach to life. They get on my nerves. ;)

At least it is starting to get a bit interesting!

Lynn said...

Dustin gave Amber his word he would not nominate Nick if Jen or Kail got POV.
He did not promise he would not put her cry baby butt on the block.
It would be so sweet to have Jen get POV and have Kail and Amber on the block. That would definitely be a win - win situation in my book.
Amber should quit trying to get rid of other house guests and worry about her own butt.
I can not imagine what would happen if Amber won HOH next week. Talk about the inmates running the asylum!

Anonymous said...

Send the talkers right out the door and let the true game began!

Without Zach, Amber, Kail or Dustin the house would become very boring(meaning not much talking), but it would leave those who are there for themselves to show just how wicked the game could get. It could be possibly become very interesting to say the least.

delee said...

Sharon, Amber is a snake in the grass and I keep hoping Dustin see that, plus the other hamsters. She is the one who needs to be the backdoor if Jen/Kail wins the POV. Doubt that will happen her up. I go watch out for Amber, but they are not hearing me!!! IMAO I totally agree we need to put Amber for AP whatever comes up! She is two-faced tells whoever what they want to hear and bad-mouths most!!! I dislike how Amber tells one hamster something then turns around and tells the other the exact opposite, bound to catch up with her. AMBER has to GO!!!

delee said...

Dang CBS turn up the feeds.

Anonymous said...

Jets flying overhead louder than a lot of conversations....not right

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later Eric as the numbers dwindle will be outed after voting......for this alliance of Eric, Amber, Dustin, Evil, Danille,Jamieka, and Jessica if they do get Kail, Dick, Zack, and Jen gone will be tricky at best after that for sure. He won't always vote with the group due to us possibly, and be outed.

Especially if American wants Amber out and it sure looks like it is building that way.........she annoys me far more than Jen, and Jen is building more and more likeable as time goes on...........I too, am beginning to like her more! Imagiane Amber taking 1/10th of the crap she has handled!

Jessica is the one to watch, for she is somewhat under the radar and lets the others flap their views and mouths move on her part. She knows when she is safe to be quiet, and is.

Eric is being so much of a vocal leader and wise in his game play that he will become a HUGE threat, if not already,he is someone to get rid of and not want to take to the end.

As much as they may not like certain people, duh, its all about the final 2 and who YOU can be up against at the end and WIN the half million. Get the votes from those left to vote for YOU!

Keeping all your friends to the end and the best of the best, is not a smart money would have been on Eric, IF he wasn't the America's player, it will do him in. I don't know who at this point will make it?

Kail please go this week. Jen to stay. I wish Mike was stil in the house and had lasted longer, I liked him.


delee said...

Saw a package of this:

Myloplex… get the edge: how Myoplex can help you gain muscle and lose fat better than any other Product on the market!

So BB is supplying them with this?
Feeds focused on this...wonder who is using this? Wonder if this is there protein shake, when they are on slop? Hidden advertising???

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else getting music on feeds?

Anonymous said...

I had the same thing happen over at TV first email did not include a password. When I left a second comment, I had to do the email confirm thing again and at the bottom of the second email there was a password. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sasha,'ll try that & see what happens.

Anonymous said...

has anyone seen the clip of amber saying she loves her dog as much as her kid? its referenced in an article at

Sydney said...

Wacthing last night's show, I thought Eric threw the HOH comp as well.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody out there know what CD Dustin got for being HOH? Last night on Showtime Nick said it was making him sad and reflective and it was the reason he was comforting Jen after she was nominated.

Deanna said...

Anon 5:20... I think he said 'Mika'. He performed on Dancing with the Stars this week if you happened to watch that. If not, here is his Myspace that has some of his songs playing on there. :)

joy n said...

You guys are making me nervous with this liking Jen more thing. I guess I just can't get Boogie's smirk out of my head.