Wednesday, July 25, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds News Into the Morning Hours 7/25

Although the hamsters are still all asleep as I write this, there were a few happenings which went down in the wee hours before they conked out.

Now, I think this week's America's Player is going to put Eric at odds with the rest of the house. Those who watch the feeds know that Mike is the actual target this week although Dick wants to make Kail worry and squirm. On that basis, in order to complete the task, Eric would have to go with a "push Mike out" campaign.

But the viewers want Kail out, not Mike. They apparently voted to have him go for a Kail removal. He's trying, but I think we set him up for failure and quite possibly have thrown him into a vote which might jeopardize him down the road. I guess we'll see how it all goes down.

In the end of the night before bed Dick Show, Dick once again told us that the target this week is Mike and he should be going home. Dick also thinks it would take a miracle for him and Daniele to be the final two. (I think he's right there!) He thinks Nick was responsible for the mustard on Jen's shirt and pillow and was amazed that no one cried during the entire day (that he knows about). He also thinks that something is going on with Amber, but can't put his finger on it.

All hamsters in deep sleep right now... this is a screen cap I took of Kail last night. Kail and Nick both bite their fingernails too much. It skeeves me to watch someone constantly chewing their fingernails. Make them stop. I might have to cry about it!


Anonymous said...

Can put his finger on it? She didn't cry. Something is definitely up.

I thought AP could choose to avoid a task.


pickles said...

Jackie- Can't Eric choose not to complete this task of voting like America wants him to? If it would put him in jeopardy I wouldn't do it if I was him. Gosh, maybe Eric will cry when he finds out what America wants him to do.

Anonymous said...

Pickles-I agree--if Eric can choose to not do a task that might get him put up for eviction I don't think I would do it either(not with the possiblity of winning
Jackie-it is amazing that those two words get you an R-rating but the cyperspace censors can't keep the pedifiles off the airwaves!!!
You are blogging in the middle of the this finally your day of rest??

If Amber isn't crying maybe the producers finally gave her medicine!


clementine said...

I'm sending good thoughts to our boy, Eric, in case there's any hope of turning the tide toward a Kail eviction. But it seems like he would almost have to campaign against Dick to turn the tide. Now, I think he has the ammo (what with Dick's power trip as HOH), but if ED catches Eric badmouthing him, it could go poorly.

But, oh boy, do I want Kabbage Head Kail outta there!

kevin said...

I am a nail biter. We can't help it. I also now love your site.

ORKMommy said...

I'm a former nail biter and I kicked the habit. You can do it Kevin!! I used fake nails for 3 weeks to quit. Maybe you should consider it! ;)

Eric can skip a task if he wants and I hope he's smart enough to do that if the votes are for Kail. I think he'll figure it out!

ORKMommy said...

Jackie - I just have to say this. You are a much better writer than that JJ Hawkins guy who does the show recaps at TV Squad. His screen caps always end up smooshed and yours are so professional!

Keep up the good work!

Reverend C-Note said...

If Eric chooses to actually try to help get Kail out, I think he'll probably approach Dick about it first. Eric seems to have a knack for knowing who to approach and how, and then dropping the subject if things feel wrong.

Jeremy said...

Umm, I guess it is just me but I do not care for "America's" player. Maybe it is his horrible acting. On that note I hope my kids grow up to be as good a liar as him. They will never get anything by me.

delee said...

Eric needs to rally the troups to approach ED and tell him they want Kail OUT...that is the only way to protect Eric...because most of us voted for Kail!!! For Eric to vote for her would be suicide unless he can sway other hamsters to Kail not Mike and then convince ED it is the correct move!!!

Anonymous said...

If the task is simply to vote to evict Kail, I think Eric could vote for Kail and then probably make the rest of the house think someone else did it. For instance -the mustard on the shirt. If the task is to get Kail evicted then yeah, I would just not even try to complete that one.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, was Eric's task to actually vote for Kail's eviction or to target her? If it was just to target her, then he doesn't have to vote her off. Also, if he's supposed to vote for her eviction, he should just stop trying to change Dick's mind and go ahead and vote her off. Even if his is the only vote to evict Kail, there's no way Dick can know for sure who voted to evict her. Eric would definitely have to polish up those acting skills though. Feedback on this would be appreciated.

RBennie - all of a sudden my blogger password doesn't work!

Colleen said...

I am sick of Dick.

After last night's episode, I think I hate Dick. I've been trying to see what you all see in him that I don't. He's a bully, he's mean, he's disrespectful, he's misogynistic, he's threatening, and the list goes on.

He has called numerous women BITCHES over and over again on the show and who knows what's he's saying on the live feeds, but I'm sure it's worse. And all you women are SUPPORTING that behavior? Why? He has threatened that he would KILL Nick if he messes with his daughter or some such nonsense. Now I know it's probably simply said tongue in cheek, however, he does go off like a lunatic any chance he gets so I'd be a little worried to get on his bad side.

Let's not forget that he came onto the show not speaking to his daughter for TWO YEARS. That would have made his daughter 18 when he stopped speaking to her (over money I've heard--ridiculous!). What kind of parent acts like that and allows his daughter to fend for herself at such a young age? An asshole, that's who.

I hope whoever wins HOH next kicks his ass out.

Anonymous said...


My verdict is still out on Dick. He's interesting, but I don't know if I like him or dislike him yet. Anyhow, my understanding is that Dick loaned Dani some $ and she didn't pay him back...he approached her in a way that didn't work with her, and they fought. He's written her, but she is the one who cut off contact.

And, my brother threatens death (and lack of fear of prison in such a case) to anyone who would ever hurt his daughters (it's a scare tactic ...but only to the pt of the potential do-wrong not hurting one of his girls fatally.

Deanna said...

I actually like the way Dick approaches people... He is very straight forward and direct and it is not his fault that Amber cries if the wind blows wrong. He carries himself well and plays smart like Kaysar did. Kaysar may have made a fatal mistake or two in his game play, but he was one of thee smartest and most influencing HG's to date. Dick just approaches people with a straight forwardness that puts people off. Most people do not like to face 'reality' and instead would rather live in their own lil dream world. I'd rather have someone tell me they hated me and wanted my butt gone, then to have someone like Kail smile to my face and tell me she has my back, while her hand is reaching around and stabbing my back.

As for Eric, I like him as 'America's Player'. He seems to get along w/ most, he is a character and people seem to enjoy his goofiness. So far he seems to be under the radar and the potty mouth doesn't faze me. If he does choose to vote for Kail, he can just pretend it wasn't him, nobody has yet to even think he was behind the 'mustard incident' and Joe was totally clueless about who or why someone crawled into his bed that night... Eric is a bit obnoxious at times, but I just see it as character... Im glad he was chosen for AP :)

delee said...

SHE stopped talking to him 5 yrs have the facts wrong. Over her NOT paying him back. Yes he is abrasive, but he is telling it like it is. For once in the house he is calling out who is doing what, and a lot do not like it. So no hidden secrets that we know of. True he is rocking the boat, but at least he is making it non-snoreville. Most of us have said he needs to back it off some and I think he has on the feeds the last two days. CBS slants it for the viewers excitement. Like last night, Amber not crying, seems all she does or plots on the feeds! But viewers are not seeing that!

But I hope ED wises up and directs for a Kail out the door as Mike will be a huge mistake!!!

Anonymous said...

Colleen, so I guess it was OK for Jen to threaten people when ED and Daniele were on the block to not use the POV or a close member would replace who was taken off! Without the feeds CBS slants it, hard to know if you only watch the show or do not go to sites/feed for day by day play. ED is doing his best, and that is all any hamster can do. ED is not bad, he comforts Daniele over Nick and tells her this in not the real world, but without other sources most do not see this.

ORKMommy said...

Colleen - I love his abrasiveness. I think he has a huge heart, but he's just very "in your face". He's talked to Kail and Jen and given them advise on game play. If he didn't care about people, why would he be giving them pointers on how to play the game they're competing against him in. Yes, he calls women bitches, but I call the men in my life a$$holes all the time. With me, it's term of endearment and the men I know are flattered that I put them in that category.

I guess you just have to be able to appreciate a guy like Dick before you see his good qualities. I do understand how he could rub some the wrong way though.

Eric's task is to push to get either Kail or Mike evicted, not just vote for them. I'm reading the feeds and Dustin just had a conversation with Mike where Mike explained how he wants the HG's to see how loyal and honest he is. I think Mike may have turned the tides in his favor with Dustin! AND Dustin has pull with the other HG's. Just goes to prove that we never know what's gonna happen in this game!!

delee said...

OMG Daniele just said Mike pees in the pool...why she does not want to go in it.....

ORKMommy said...

Well Delee...ya see, up here in Wisconsin we don't have pools. We swim in the cow ponds on our farms. He prolly don't know no better.


pickles said...

Orkmommy- You made me actually giggle with you response to delee. You are too funny!! :)

delee said...

Have 2 ponds on the farm so who knows who does what in them, but just funny she said that!!!!

Colleen said...

"delee said...
SHE stopped talking to him 5 yrs have the facts wrong. Over her NOT paying him back."

Delee, I think I made mention that my facts might not be correct in my original post so let's back off with the..."you have the facts wrong." Next, if she stopped talking to him 5 years ago, that would have made her FIFTEEN AT THE TIME. Let's all just think about that for a moment. So a 15 yr old doesn't pay her dad back (which means he was insisting a 15 year old pay him back for something which in and of itself isn't horrible, but allowing a rift to remain for FIVE YEARS over money is assinine to say the least.) Who is the adult in this situation? Should be DICK. Making excuses for his behavior is falling on deaf ears with me.

Someone else asked what about Jen saying she wanted to kill someone? Well, I don't actually remember that, but Jen isn't running around the house using scare tactics the way DICK is and getting all this support. In fact, most everyone commenting hates Jen and wants her out of the house.

As for Dick being refreshing and direct, I am LMAO over that one. I don't think it's refreshing to be ABUSIVE to women. You all can think what you want, but it's not refreshing or funny to me. Bringing Amber into the discussion is a non issue since SHE CRIES OVER EVERYTHING. Dick doesn't want anyone in a corner discussing anything EVEN THOUGH THAT'S THE WAY THE GAME IS PLAYED. Who is he to make people feel afraid of having a conversation out of his ear shot? Just a lunatic as far as I am concerned.

Have at it Dick lovers.

Anonymous said...

I like Dick. Once I got past the costume look and tatoos , and "into" his personality, I like Dick.

I understand completely how Danielle has issues with him as a Dad, and I do see how others can like him, but maybe not want him as their Dad , nor vote for him as Father of the Year.

I am beginning to be more and more intrigued by Jen! Dick made the comment he had to respect how well she has TAKEN ALL the *hit constantly thrown at her with a smile yet! A genuine non catty smile at that? She is one cool dude and I hope she lasts longer to watch her in action.

Amber makes me nuts!
Dustin is ok.
Jameka is ok.

Eric is short on vocuabulary for sure, but good choice for AP.

Jessica is hanging in there out of the ruckus at moment with Amber, Dustin, and Jameka. Not their time yet.

Nick is in love.
Danielle is too, but doubly it appears with a 24/7 camera on her Dad under about NO FUN!

Keep Mike, is a good guy, like to see him stay tomorrow night.

Kail.............please go, hate to see her gain her power back ever again. She needs to go!