Wednesday, July 25, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Report - Through the Day 7/25

<--- Mike sits alone in a pensive mood this morning.

Time is drawing to an end for either Kail or Mike. From popular opinion here in the comments on the blog, the viewers want Kail to be the one to leave. But, will that be the way it all goes down? I don't think so. Eric's doing his best to secure a Get Kail Out vote as his America's Player task. We'll know how it all works out tomorrow night.

In the meantime, here are the happenings from today inside that Big Brother House of Weepy Wilmas and Brazen Boys:
  • Amber told Jameka she thinks Dick is jealous when she talks to the other men in the house. (Whatever!)
  • Zach told Dustin that he and Dick scare him. Oh, boo!
  • Zach seemed to be trying to build some sort of alliance with the Scary Dustin and told him he plans on winning HOH tomorrow. Scary Dustin became Leery Dustin.
  • Dustin reported the Zach approach to Daniele. Daniele called Zach a weirdo -- to Dustin, not to Zach.
  • Mike told Dustin that he's the one who advised Kail to stick with her word and vote for Joe to stay. Mike said he reacted in the POV to prove he's a man of his word and can be trusted.
  • Mike really pleaded his own case to Dustin while not throwing Kail under the bus, so to speak. (Can we throw her under a train instead?)
  • Dustin reported the conversation with Mike to Nick (boy, Dustin gets around). Nick's response was along the lines of -- "He spoke? He hasn't lied, but it doesn't matter. He's not playing the game right. He's a mute."
  • Kail told Dick that most of the house thinks that Jen put the mustard on her own shirt. (I haven't seen that proved on the feeds -- Kail is the first I've seen thinking Jen did it.)
  • Mike told Eric he doesn't want to campaign against Kail, but he wants to stay in the game. His platform is kind of like the Boy Scout's pledge. Will it work? I dunno.
  • Dick got his HOH and they had fun with it. I'm sure Jen didn't like her photos. She had to run and change her shirt when Dick came out with the camera.
  • Dick and Amber argued because she wanted to take pictures with his HOH camera. Then they argued about Dick's relationship with Daniele.
  • And Amber cried.
  • Okay, she didn't, but I felt the need to say it.
  • Kail thinks Jen is treating her differently now. She told Eric the only ones she likes in the house this week are him, Jameka, Amber and Dustin. I'm sure it was an oversight that she left out Mike, her only friend in the house.
  • Eric really worked his America's Player task in the HOH. I took some video, but have to chop it down a bit or into two to put up on YouTube. I'll let you know when it's posted.
  • The core group of the "new alliance" -- Jameka, Amber, Dustin -- think Nick is out of control and is letting his temper get the best of him.
  • The concensus in the HOH group is still that Mike should go despite Eric's hard sell.



Anonymous said...

Thought you guys might find this funny...found it over at Jokers Updates....

Kail also told Jen, Dustin, and Eric she "tested just below genius" but she "couldnt remember her I.Q., thought it was 'like 3O'"

ROFL....Aren't we all surprised!


clementine said...

I.Q. of 30? Well, I guess that confirms Kail is a vegetable.

Terry in CA said...

ohmigosh SMH - that is hysterical, that Kail is legend in her own mind....what there is of it anyway.


Jackie thanks for the recent update, I will be without computer and probably nightime TV also, so I will have to read up on this all whiel I am gone till the 5th...
thanks so much for what you do!

Anonymous said...

Okay everybody, send some positive energy Eric's way so he can be successful in getting the anti-genius out, out, out! ~SharonS

pickles said...

Well with Kail's genius I.Q. at 30 I am so glad she is not running one of my business. ;) Where does she live again? I will remember not to ever venture that way.

dla said...

And Anber Cried...

And then she slipped back into her delusional state where she believes the men all want her, and ED gets jealous over her!

And then the little green men showed up in the backyard, and....

You get the drift! She just makes me crazy! And don't even get me started on Kail-Just-Below-Genius!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Everyone. I appreciate everyone's input in this blog. It is very entertaining.
I read SMH's comment about Kail's IQ ( or lack thereof). Then, while having my coffee, I read clementine's comment. I nearly lost my coffee, and had the best laugh in a long, long time!!!!
Kail needs to go, but I will miss her Kailisms. They are great for a laugh, or a eyeroll!
Thanks for the updates, and a great start to my morning!


sharon said...

I have to say,even Jessica or Jen can't hold a candle to Kail when it comes to stupid things coming out of their mouth! I thought that was the funniest comment ever uttered in the BB house...ROLFL!!Who gave her the test,a bunch of baboons???? I'd love to be a fly on the wall when she gets out of the house and sits down and watches herself on TV,but then,since this is her,she is so dense,she won't get it.

I'll be so sad if she doesn't walk out the door tonight. I cannot wait for her interview with Julie,now that should be a hoot!

joy n said...

Still wishing and hoping that somehow it will still be Kail going home tonight. As for her IQ, Clemintine said it best.