Friday, July 27, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - Through the Wee Hours Into Friday, July 27

I think Nick wants to be a pirate. He may do that better than be a success on Big Brother 8!

Well, yeah. Some of it is our fault. We're the ones who told Eric to cast a vote to evict Kail. That vote is being blamed on Nick.

But do I feel bad about it? Nope! Nick has gone a bit strange as of late. He's been a hothead about some things; he's still stringing Daniele along although he knows she has a serious relationship outside of the house. He's been playing both alliances and not neat about it.

So, he's indeed in a pickle, eh? He was a bit of a target before last night's vote. He's more of one now.

Here are the latest events from that Big Brother House of Happy HOHs!:
  • Kail thinks that Zach and Daniele were her votes to stay. She's half right.
  • Daniele and Dick talked about her situation with Kris (the boyfriend). He's planning on moving home as he's in an apprenticeship, Dick offered to help her find a new apartment.
  • Daniele, not old enough to drink, doesn't like to drink alcohol -- it makes her sick.
  • Dustin told Kail that Dick and Daniele are only working on their relationship when they talk, not talking game. (Yeah, right!)
  • Kail worked on being best buddies with Dustin the best she can.
  • Zach feels lonely and alienated.
  • But he doesn't cry.
  • Eric and Jessica talked. Neither would mind if Nick went home this week. Both realize the longer both Daniele and Dick stay in the house together, the stronger the duo becomes.
  • Jessica thinks Nick is sketchy. (So do I.)
  • Amber told Eric that her mother saw her in the final two and, since she hasn't been voted out, it must be true! (Blech! Nononononono!)
  • Amber is pushing for Zach to go which made Dustin question why she's loyal to Nick.
  • She sidestepped that issue by badmouthing Dick.
  • Amber thinks that if Nick makes it to the jury, he'll be a vote for them to win. Which one of them? Why, her, of course!
That's where we are now. Later today will be the food competition. Since no one has been on slop this past week, I'm sure that will change in the upcoming week. Even later will be the nominations. Just watching the sentiment in the house, it looks like Dustin will nominate Nick and Zach. However, there's a chance Kail will be somewhere in there and a backdoor may open.


Steff said...

Good Morning One and All

Kail thinks Zack and Daniele were her votes to stay?? Since the vote was 9 for Mike to go, that means only two voted for her to GO. Doesn't she realize the votes are for someone to leave...not to stay?

Poor Mike, I felt so bad for him, hope he sees how Kail threw him under the bus. He thought he was being loyal, pity that is another word not in Kail's vocabulary!

I'd love to see Zach and Kail on the block this week. Kail would be so rattled, we may need to change the bands name to and Kail cried!
I'd like to see her go before the flying monkey boy.

I don't think Dustins comment about the power had anything to do with EDick. He was just so excited about winning the HOH, he was telling himself to calm down.

Should be a good week ahead.

barbwire said...

Dick's HOH diary for those who can't find it

I love this guy - i totally agree with him about his father abilities - you are who you are, & that's the parent your kid's get, sometimes they love you & sometimes they hate you, but you can't change to be the kind of parent they want you to be, anymore than your kid's can change to be the kind of kid you want - it's unconditional love & accept each other as you are

i have to say that i don't really care for Nick that much, but he IS single, & nothing is really stopping him from persuing a girl he likes, if that girl has a boyfriend, it should be HER respecting that relationship, he has no responsibility to her relationship, or to her boyfriend

ok, now i'm crying & God told me to say those things, and i have to take my jenius tshirt off !!

Steff said...

OOPs vote was 7 to 2...silly me

Steff said...

Lol Barbwire, thanks for the giggles

Anonymous said...

I thought it was so rude of Dick to compare Daniele's boyfriend to Nick saying how they're "not in the same league," etc.

I felt it was completely shallow on his part to utter something like that and I'm starting to redefine my favorite players. I now have Jameka as my favorite!

~Another Jackie

delee said...

Barbwire, how true about parents and kids. Both sides have to try to develop a relationship and what is IS.

Mike on Morning News... Laid low... showed his alliance taunting ED on POV... regrets on POV none. Surprised at vote not...knows Kail being used to frazzle her...Rooting for-Kail Jameka-Jen. Jen gets on nerves using her comments. ED outbursts speak for themselves, should be able to contain himself. Wow used to be longer interviews, but now they switch them to internet interview.

Bren said...

Julie did not tell Mike about Eric being AP on the CBS Morning Show

Steff said...

Another Jackie, please read EDicks HOH diary. It is in the community section of the BB8 site. He still remains my favorite, even with the farting, spitting, potty mouth and not washing his hands. He makes some very profound statements about parenthood and Kris.

Kitch06 said...

Jackie, What does this mean?

"Amber told Eric that her mother saw her in the final two"

Is her mother a psychic?

Anonymous said...

As much as I like looking at Jen, she is too annoyting and has to go. They should put up Zach and Kail to backdoor Jen. She is playing the dumb thing pretty over the top.

delee said...

Wow crude talk this am, about women and their cycle...Jen in particular...and the smell. A ruined white thong. OMG My ears!!! Jen and naked under unitard...about her boob job.

ED DOES WASH HIS HANDS....I have seen it. Amber is trying to cause he used soap!!!

On to Kail...wonders if she even has kids (probably she talks about her nieces/nephews)...about how boring her interview for the show was so why was she picked? Dang they keep bluing the feeds.


Anonymous said...

First of all, I think Kail should be put on the block every week just to keep her frazzled. I did feel a little sorry for Mike, but talk about bringing on your own demise! What good is showing your loyalty and integrity when it gets you kicked out of the house? Some people seem to think that Dustin might put Dick on the block, but I don't see that happening - I don't think Dustin has the cojones to do that - just think what would happen if Dick won POV! Dustin would be toast.


Lynn said...

I am hoping that Dustin keeps the drama out of his choices for people on the block.
I would be very happy if he does nominate Zach aka flying monkey boy and Nick who is my opinion is a sleaze ball.
Funny thing is I like Dustin's personality but I don't have a lot of confidence in his handling the power of HOH. I hope he proves me wrong.
I found it interesting that in Dick's HOH diary he tells his son Vincent that he wants to hook him up with Jessica. Go Figure! LOL

Anonymous said...

It's Friday...YEAH!
After watching last nights show if I were Daniele's boyfriend I would be packing her bags!! I may be old school and really showing my age with this comment, but, to me kissing another man is CHEATING! Even if she is only 20 that is old enough to be responsible for her actions. If you are in a truly committed relationship and talking marriage you don't sleep with another man!! I know she told Kris she would be doing some "things" to play the game and to trust her....If this is about winning the money than she has put a price on her relationship with Kris. How sad!!!!
On to other things....
Eric totally threw the HOH comp. I don't think he wants us to tell him who should be nominated.
As others have said those safe this week are Amber,Jameka,Eric,and Dick.
Dustin and Dick seem to be on the same page when talking about how to play the game. Hopefully, Dick will keep his aggressive behavior in check!
Barbwire--you are so right about parent/child relationships. Having two grown daughters I have learned they are what they are(whether I like it or not). All I can do is offer some wisdom(that has come with age) and hope they will listen. Learning through life lessons is sometimes very hard!!
Well, I'll get off my soapbox now and start my day.


Lucy said...

I think Eric threw the HOH comp because he knows whoever gets HOH is usally a target the next week or else the power goes to their head and they become a bully and threaten everyone like Dick did during his reign of terror.

Eric keeping a low profile in the comps is smart right now. He only threw the comp once the hard players were eliminated. He is taking his role as AP very seriously and wants to stay in the game. He plays the role of "class clown" and acts like he is not a threat. If he keeps this up and tries not to over act too much then I think he has a chance at staying around for quite some time.

Now, if he could only control those crazy eyebrows!

Lucy said...

Jackie your comment about Nick wanting to be a pirate once again makes me think of Nick looking like Errol Flynn when he was in those old pirate movies.

Check this out

See a resemblance?

AlbGlinka said...

Nick may be a snake, but he is HOTTT. I dig the pirate look. However, Daniele should stick with her nice bf back home, even if he does seem rather naive.

I'm working on my Kail impression, are you ready?: "Thanks... you guys... for keeping me... in the house... I really love you... and it means so much to... that you all... still care about me... so... much..."

Anonymous said...

I can't get to the site for Dick's blog. I used the link in the blog but it doesn't work. Help..this is what I used

Lucy said...

Anonymous 11:25 click here to see Dick's diary entry.

You can find all the diary entries at the CBS website for Big Brother under the "Community" drop-down menu.

Hope this helps.

delee said...

If Eric did blow the HOH, it is for a good reason...if he would go against what his semi-alliance wants put up...then he is putting a target on his back...making him seem to be against most wishes. Does that make sense? If we vote for Jen he has to put her up, but if the majority want Zack/Nick, he has to do Jen and the rest go "WHY"!!!

Anonymous said...


You are absolutely right and don't say that being old-fashioned or "showing your age" is a bad thing! What's right is right and our society needs to speak up and teach children some morals. I'm only 25 and think it's cheating. But then again, she has been living with this Kris guy for two years (that would mean she was 18 when she started living with him) Give me a break.

I really wish that more people had higher standards!

Anonymous said...

Am so over Kail. Now shes trying to be friend Dustin, shes trying tooo hard. She should be on the block and should go home not jus to be frazzled.

uugghhh she gets on my nerves.

Deanna said...

Im thinking Dick maybe a bit more in tune with what his daughter's boyfriend is like than we do. She has been with her boyfriend for two years and that is the exact amount of time she has been estranged from her father. Im thinking that he may have something to do with it or may possibly be an influence. If not, he is free to speak his mind (and he has no problem doing that) and when it came to Daniele, he never bad mouthed him and instead reminded her that the BB house wasn't real (or somthing like that). He obviously may not care for the guy, but he respected his daughter enough to not bash him and push for a Nick hook-up instead. Dick may not be this most desirable person to some, but I find him refreshing. He looks how he wants, talks how he wants and basically lives how he wants, but you can tell he is a man who cares about his family. He is still my favorite and Eric is running a close second.... :)

drceline said...

Why is everyone hating on Nick? I don't get it? Daniele is the one in the relationship, Nick is just sharing his feelings with her. It IS up to Daniele as to how to act. This "back off" attitude that many have about Nick...I don't think is fair. I think if I were Nick I'd be pissed off in the house too. I think he's getting a bad rep! The woman he likes is playing games with him. Everyone in the house thinks he voted Kail off. Everyone acts like he's in this secret alliance still with Zach...Nick doesn't like Zach!! I think he's been playing fairly and with emotion. I think his feelings for Daniele are genuine and I'd like to see all of you who are dissing Nick to be in a house for 24/7, with no TV, no radio, no newspapers, no family, no close friends and ALL you have to do with your time is spend it getting to know other people...and YOU ARE SINGLE...and not develop some kind of feelings for a nice, beautiful girl in the house??? THIS IS PART OF THE BIG BROTHER EXPERIMENT!!! I don't think even Nick saw this coming? I don't think he wanted to feel this way!! I think he's also mad at himself because this happened with Daniele...I think he wishes he DIDN'T feel this way!! Give Nick a break...I think he's a good guy.

meb said...

delee..I agree with you. Eric can't win the HOH. It was too chancy that "America" would tell him to do something that would show his hand.

I wonder if the reason he threw the comp is that BB told him not to win a competition if it would make him a target. They obviously want him to stay in the house so they can play America's Player game... it's obvious we aren't controlling the tasks he has to perform.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the HOH Blog link! Dick's entry was great!! Love him. I find myself only watchint the ShoToo scenes he's in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch. I made it to Dick's blog. It was great. He's something else. I'd say his description of the players is right on!!
Between this sight, the live feeds and SHOTOO, I'm soo hooked..
How sad is my life?? Hee Hee

ORKMommy said...

Ok barbwire (a.k.a. Mom!!), you can't put a long link like that in your comment. The format of the comments section only cuts it off. See all the confusion you caused! :) I'll have to show you how to make a hyper link.

Nana - I totally agree with you that D kissing N was cheating! If my boyfriend was sticking his tongue down some other womans throat, I'd kill him!!

I agree that it's Daniele's place to be loyal to her boyfriend, but Nick shouldn't have put her in that situation either. I've had feelings for friends who were attached before and I would NEVER disrespect their relationship by telling them how I felt. Daniele is at fault here, but so is Nick!!!

Purrbal said...

I really do not think Kail threw Mike under the bus, I think when he stepped up being loyal to her I think Dick realized a backdoor opportunity and seized it.

PlaidChick said...

Good afternoon feedsters!

I stayed up wayyyyy too late watching this house. Jackie, I seriously I don't know how you do it, but it's great. Case and point, my husband was giving *me* grief for watching the show, and now he is hooked and pissed when he has to go to bed.

I don't think many people out there liked Nick-- I didn't. I think his flirting, his running back and forth, his tempor, reminds me of James. I don't like his hair-- the in your face or slicked back look. He says he wants to cut it, but BB supposedly won't let him. Dick said that stuff about Nick vs Kris when Nick went up to the HoH to tell Dick of his feelings for Daniele-- and that was when he felt Nick was a good guy. He doesn't see that anymore.

I would put Kail up every week until she's gone. Just like if I were on the other side, I would put Dick and Daniele up until one of them goes. Zach had a good point-- imagine that-- they may be estranged but that's 2 votes and as week goes along that's a lot.

Anonymous said...

I finally got a chance to read Dick's HOH Diary--LOVED IT! If you haven't read be sure to take the time, especially if you are on the fence about Dick. I think it showed who he really is(committed to his family) and his strategy in playing the game. He commented about aligning with Jen--I think that is already happening and the house better watch out!!! He also was more complimentary to Dani's boyfriend and respectful of that relationship.
I realize that living in the house is a unique environment but if you have morals and ethics you can practice some self-control. Even if Nick is single he still could keep his feelings in check and not put himself in places of temptation(bed with Daniele, hammock with Daniele, hot tub with Daniele). She is not the only person in the house and he could find other people to socialize with--IF he respected her and her relationship outside the house. PLEASE don't trash me--it's just my opinion!! Maybe it's a little personal since I just had a daughter go through her husband cheating!! These things affect more than the two people involved!!:(

I would also like to see Kail go. Zach is harmless and Kail is too smug. She is going to start thinking everyone is behind her and start rallying to get rid of Dick. Dustin don't be stupid!! Put her up and be done with it!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, not a Evel fan :) He thinks he is above everyone else all knowing and what have you....I don't like the intimidation tactics he takes and I think he needs to go. I also think Nick needs to go and Kail...I don't think Mike deserved to go but he really wasn't playing the game. I think Jameka is awesome but not sure if she's playing the game yet or not. I like mostly everyone else other than those three (Kail Nick & Dick) can we have a triple elimination??

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I do not think that Nick is hot at all. His arms are way way to big. The rectangular tattoo is ugly as can be. And what is with the mustache? Is he gong for the Hitler look?

drceline said...

My only point about the Nick situation is that Daniele ALSO needs to take some responsibility (EVEN MORE THAN NICK!!) for protecting her relationship with Kris! To me in all these discussions...Daniele seems to come out smelling like roses or is seen as America's sweetheart or something...and don't worry I LIKE HER TOO...BUT...I think Nick takes the manjority of the blame and I don't think that's fair. She has a will...she has choices. I don't think he's disrespecting Daniele by telling her he likes her and telling her his's up to Daniele to say NO, I LIKE YOU AS A FRIEND BUT I DON'T WANT TO HANG OUT WITH YOU TOO MUCH IN THE HOUSE BECAUSE I HAVE A BOYFRIEND AND I WON'T BE KISSING YOU AND FLIRTING AND CUDDLING BECAUSE I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND...right?

That is my only point. And of course this is just what I think and I realize people disagree with me but I just wanted to put it out there to consider!

Deanna said...

Just read Dick's HOH Diary entry... Wow! He is really entertaining in words also. He was my favorite before, but now I really think so. His love for his family is so obvious as is his mind set in the game. He is one smart and extremely cool dude in a package that is unfortunately not appealing to some (but Im not bothered by one bit). His heart is gold though and I hope he takes it all the way to half mill. GO DICK GO! Yep, three cheers for my favorite DICK!!!! lol! ;)

Anonymous said...

Although I'm not a Nick fan, I have to say that I've been thinking it's a bit backwards to put the whole relationship thing on Nick. Daniele is the one who supposedly has a committed relationship. To me, that puts the responsibility on her shoulders to keep her commitment or not. We don't know what's truly "real" and she may or may not be using Nick, whether for strategy or just for company. Given the unusual BB circumstances, I'm not so sure if kissing Nick is "cheating" per se but it sure wouldn't make me happy if I were her boyfriend. LOL...then again, I'm female ;) Anyway, I just don't see it as Nick's fault. He's single, she's the one with the relationship. And yes, she's 20 and she may change her mind but she's still responsible.

I still don't get why Mike became the target and such a "big threat". Oh well, I can only hope Kail goes soon. Once she regains focus (if she does), I think she'll go for the (Dick) jugular again. JMHO!


kalifornia kat said...

Hey, has anyone else had this problem... when watching the replay of the show on CBS' Innertube that the 3rd chapter is skipped over????

I have tried replaying it twice and have had it skip both times.

Laura said...

I posted this in another section too, so please don't be upset with the double post.

Has anyone said anything about Eric being willing to hook up with a guy or a girl? I really think that he and Nick go both ways and may end up together for a bit. Nick has talked about kissing guys. The other night there was a group in the hot tub but Eric and Nick went and got in the pool by themselves. They didn't do anything but it was weird.

I see a bi hook-up this season. Maybe that's why Nick is so angry. He's conflicted.

ORKMommy said...

Sasha - Mike went up because he taunted Dick. Once he was there, people started realizing that they had no clue where he stood in the game because he was so quiet. What he did with Dick was the most interaction he'd had with anyone (except maybe Kail). Because they couldn't read him, they felt he was dangerous.

Kat - It never happened with BB, but it's happened to me a few times with CSI. I think CBS needs to consider a new web development team!

delee said...

From ED HOH Diary:

PS........... Have I earned myself a ChillTown card yet? And not the kind Chicken George got either...What do you think Will?


I did say earlier maybe ED/Jen were Chilltown... or was ED just throwing this out to Will?

Laura said...

Are there bios for the houseguests anywhere? The CBS site doesn't say much about them.

Anonymous said...

On the Nick and Daniele thing....They both are so immature it's no wonder they are screwed up. Daniele ignores him and he gets pissed and she follows him. Then they spend hours on end just starting at each other saying "What?"..Drives me nuts. She doesn't want him but she doesn't want him to ignore her either. Like I said...immature..Bus she is only 20 and has been living with Kris for 2 years. She needs to be without either or them for a while. See what it's like in the real world by taking care of herself for a change.
Just my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

oops, I meant to say
"staring" at each other


Anonymous said...

sasha and drceline--I agree and said so in my comments this morning(9:56) about Daniele taking some responsibility for her actions. There is plenty of faults on both her and Nick. I just hate to see it happen even if it is a game because someone is sitting home getting hurt! 20 is definitly old enough to know better.
I hope the producers will let Nick cut his hair-it's awful. I don't think he's "all that" either. But then again my 50plus age perspective on "all that" usually has to do with other things(like still having hair and teeth)!LOL
Laura-I think you are right on about Nick/Eric. I believe they are both conflicted in their sexual preference and just "testing the waters".
At least things are finally getting interesting and I can't wait to see how Dusting handles his responsibilites as HOH.


ORKMommy said...

Delee - Dick studied both seasons of Dr. Will in the BB house and wanted to play like him. I think that's the reference to the Chilltown card. I really don't think he's friends with them.

I also don't think Eric has bi-sexual tendencies. He's very gung ho on the whole amERICa's player thing and I think his comment came from wanting to be sure he follows whatever orders he receives from us. I don't think he wants anyone to think he's above doing something America tells him to do.

AlbGlinka said...

Evel is smart and a good writer based on his HOH blog, but I still feel that he is an overgrown adolescent whose act is getting uglier and uglier. Aging, drinking, smoking rocker-types can think all they want that they are showing up to be a good parent, but in the end it still ends up being All About Them. Plus, if I were a young woman, I would not want to know that my father is hanging out at a strip club helping my brother celebrate his 21st birthday.

Jackie said...

Lucy - I see the resemblance!

Kitch - I think Amber thinks her mother is psychic.

Anonymous said...

To me, I believe that both Nick and Daniele are both adults and they are equally responsible for their actions. I do not believe it is fair in giving one more of the responsibility than the other. Nick is telling Daniele his feelings for her and Daniele knows what she has waiting for her on the other side. It is up to each of them to make a decision as to where and how far they wish to take it.

It is not your typical everyday life, but just because you are playing a game, one is still accountable for what takes place.

Jackie, thanks for the great job!

Anonymous said...

I also hate Nick's tattoo. What is it anyway???


joy n said...

Ditto everything Deanna said at 4:23PM. I like him even more after reading his diary, too. Give the man a break. He's trying a thousand times harder than some dads ever do, including my own.