Saturday, July 28, 2007

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My latest post is up over on TV Squad!

I ask some questions at the end. Let me know your thoughts!


Lucy said...

Love the pic of Eric wearing his crown.

I noticed it seems a bit small for him. Is his head bigger now that he has the power?

dla said...

Hi everyone!

Had a hard time leaving comments at TV Squad, so thought I would come back "home" and respond!

Between Jen and Kail, I definitely want to see Kail go this week. If I had my personal choice of who should go, AMBER AMBER AMBER!

Jessica mentioned on Sho Too last night that she was not feeling well, so I believe that had something to do with her disappearance. The Jessica / Eric walk about in the back yard two nights ago was sweet, and very a la Janey / Dr Will. I miss them.

Anonymous said...

I want to see Kail go if it is between Jen and Kail. I would rather see Amber go though. I nearly spit my water out when I heard her say she thought she was probably Americas favorite. LMAO. I know a new drinking game they can play in the house. If they take a shot every time Amber says "ridiculous" they will be hammered in 30 minutes tops. -


delee said...

Had a pause in my thoughts today and said to myself that only 3 have left the hamster cage. Then I went is that possible? Guess so...watching the feeds makes it seem different than not watching them. Non-feeders rely on the shows, but with feeds more involved, guess passes slower. Anyone else have this feeling? OR am I losing it, no I am not going to cry! IMAO

Deanna said...

Just read that Jameka won the POV... Will she use on Jen like she said God wanted her to do? Im not dissing anyone who is religious, but do these people really think that God is directing them on how they should play the game????@@ I think there are bigger matters for him. As for Jameka, she said, I feel as if I was picked for a reason, cuz Im supposed to save Jen. But when Dick questioned her on if she would feel the same if it was Zach who pulled her name?? She said something like she would do what she felt God wanted her to do then in that situation. So basically, she is saying that God tells her what to do. Im thinking it is a good ploy to make people think she is some holy than thou individual.

Also, Im so done with Amber and I too am warming up to Jen. Does she really have a heart? Wow!!

joy n said...

I can't say I'm liking Jen more cause I don't trust her enough to like her, but I'd rather see her stay than Kail ..I, too, wish Amber had been put up with Kail, although I'd settle for Amber going home next week. Kail needs to go and if Dustin doesn't see that, he's making as dumb a mistake as ED did