Monday, September 24, 2007

'The Bachelor' - Fall 2007 - Blog Discussion Post

Since I don't watch the show, here's your own forum in which to discuss the new fall 2007 The Bachelor! The official ABC site for the show is located here.


Sydney said...

Just shouting out for those of us who watch: THANK YOU JACKIE for making a place for us to dish dish dish about the show again this year!

I'm ready to read all the comments...

delee said...

Jackie, Thank you again and again for this forum....

Well I'll be, is that a boob on the floor! I thought I would die laughing. I guess booze and fake boobs do not go together.

Think Brad made a good choice with the impression rose (Jenni ?). Wish I knew more of the names. Brown Sugar is gone-Lori-Melissa and Michelle. Rest are a blur, but think he made good picks. Sarah is cute, but too young for him. Will have to study the Bachelor site to see who stayed and who went.

Who cares about the girls, put Brad in swim trunks every show is all I need!!!

joy n said...

Brad is a hottie! Love that crooked smile and that huge dimple on the left side of his smile.

I'm liking Bettina, DeAnna, Erin, Estephania and Solisa so far. That could change on a moment's notice, of course. I thought I liked Jenni, (he sure seems to), but the previews make it look like she may turn out to be a biotch. We'll see.

Morgan with her webbed toes? Ugh! Melissa (with the boob fallout) and drunk. Ta-Ta! But Mallory of the bikini show stayed. MEN!!! Lindsey, please don't sing anymore!

McCarten, ( a fellow Irishman, sheesh), instant dislike for her with that one comment, "I hope he keeps the creme de la creme and gets rid of the bottom dwellers", MEOW!!!!

Can't wait to see what happens with the identical twin thing.

Can't wait for next week!

Jackie said...

Sydney -- Happy honeymoon!

Jackie said...

These are recent comments from the previous season's discussion post --

At 9/24/2007 9:36 PM, joy n said...

GOD has been VERY GOOD to Brad. He's HOT!!! sssssssssssssss!

At 9/24/2007 9:36 PM, delee said...

What a major HOTTIE!!! He kind of looks like David Beckham. Why does everyone own bars/restautants?

Ahhh, Max was so cute (Trista and Ryan's baby).

At 9/24/2007 9:52 PM, delee said...

Rich-self made-steamy what more could we want? WOW and he has a twin!!! Hope alcohol is less of a pasttime this year...bring on the chicks...IMAO later all

Guess I was wrong...why drink so much and make a spectacle of yourself?

At 9/24/2007 11:06 PM, joy n said...

I love his crooked smile (swoon here). AND he has an identical twin. OOH! Plus, that very nice dimple on the left side of his smile ain't bad either....Ahem.

The women, so far: still too early to tell, really, but he does seem a little "taken" with Jenni,
mentioned how much he likes her smile a few times.

Mc Carten with the bottom dweller comment. No. Mallory with the bikini. Too pushy. Drunk Melissa with the boob fallout. No. Morgan with the webbed toes? UGH! Michele, Pushy. All the M's, hmm. Tauni, the drunken nurse. Maybe not. Oh, well, who knows?

Well, shows what I know, he kept 3 of the five M's.

Looks like, ala the previews, maybe Jenni turns out to be a possible biotch.

Patty said...

Sydney-I hope you and yours have a great honeymoon!!!

I must say Brad is one of the nicer "eye candy" The Bachelor has had. From the looks of whats to come, his body should keep things interesting. Things should be very hot with two of them!

What was up with the one missing her boob? Clue one...maybe she should remove them before having too much to drink. I'm glad Brad did not keep her, if she has troubles being herself. It did not take long for everyone to clear the room!

Thanks Jackie once again for your kindness.

dla said...

WOW!! Two for two!! I am thrilled, and I cannot read anything as I have not yet seen the show on the West Coast...

I will be back after the show!!

dla said...

OK, this looks like a wild season!

Brad is a cutie, and these girls are wild! Should make for some good TV, and I am quite certain there are a couple in there that I can love to hate! lol

He seemed immediately drawn to Jenni, so I was not surprised with the first impression rose.

How about the nanny from Hawaii taking a dip to get his attention?? It must have worked, as she is still there. ;)

The webbed toes and boob on the floor had me in tears! Classic!

meb said...

Ditto to everything everyone has said here... including Happy Honeymoon Syd!!!!

I know it was a quick preview, but did you think his twin could really pull a switch on the girls. He looks like Brad, but not quite as good looking I thought. The one girl sitting there had her doubts you could tell.

I was so upset with the blond who lost the boob and her sobriety. I had a best friend who unfortunately didn't know when to stop drinking. She too was gorgeous, and acted exactly the way the blond did. Brought back sad memories. (I said had because she died at the age of 50). Such a waste. This girl needs to do a reality check when she sees this tape.

Sorry...didn't mean to put a damper on the post. Glad he didn't keep her though.

Terry in CA said...

Hi Jackie....I alwasy eagerly await both DWTS and Bachelor...tonight I went to sleep after half hour of Bachelor...he is a cutie..but guess Im not up to it...
I am SO happy for SYDNEY, way to go girl, many many years of bliss,laughter, a few tears and deep love.

Patty said...

Meb-I agree with your take on the twin, not as good looking as Brad. To me, he has darker hair and facial hair, however I did not get the best look at him.

Sorry to hear about your friend.

I am sure the "boob fallout" will be revisted when they all gather back to drill the bachelor towards the end of the season. I guess she will have something to tell if anyone should ask her what her most embrassing moment was.

I was hoping Brad would have kept Brown Sugar around a little longer. She seemed like she could have been fun and the life of the party.

Sydney said...

Hi All --

Thanks for all the good wishes! We leave in few weeks, so I'll be around for a little while yet.

After years of struggling, I think the production staff is trying some new stuff and I think this will be the best season in a long time! I liked that they showed the girls in the hotel before getting dressed and a lot more talk in the limos enroute and didn't hide the fact this time that they don't do the rose ceremony til the sun's coming up.

Brad is a hunk, love the twin twist (how did they luck out on that one? But he doesn't look as cute) and seems like a lovely, humble, genuine guy....

Did anyone else think they said he was the sexiest bachelor ever a little too much (I mean, Chris, the MAN said it at least twice, lol) and showed him saying how determined he is to propose, find his wife etc.. over and over? I think they try hard to overcome their track record with viewers in the first ep so we will keep watching!

Ahem -- SEK alert (surefire erection killers): showing your webbed toes (sorry, once someone knows you it can be cute but...) and wearing black exercise pants under a gorgeous blue gown, speakly earrings and your crotch, however covered, just beaming up at the man...

I know they are up all night -- that in itself has to be very hard to remian composed adn fresh without alcohol... Easy to see how you can just keep drinking but it's a certain ticket home if you get too drunk on the first night. HOW HOW HOW does it still happen???

I like Bettina, the Hawaiian bikini girl, can't remember all the names. Lots seemed down to earht enough, regardless of the clips about biotches. I do think he's into brunettes...


Sydney said...

PS: Terry -- Do you think you might try it again next week? It looked pretty good ;-)

Anonymous said...


Don't know if you saw it or not, but under Sunday's TV Newsy Tidbits (9/23/07) I posted suggestions on using your TiVo box and how to keep as many episodes of your favorite TV programs while your gone. TiVo will not erase an entire season of episodes if you program it to.

Anonymous said...

I thought I heard DeAnna correcting Brad on the pronounciation of her name when he gave her the rose. Did anyone else catch that?


Sydney said...

Thanks Anon -- I did read that. I don't have TIVO 2 but I'm going to look into possibly switching before we leave (yeah, one more thing to add to the towering list!!!) or see if I can make the one I have do that. Invaluable advice!!!!!

meb said...

Sydney... I thought the "sexiest ever" comment was a little much considering our military guy last year and some of the others.

I too felt that he just kept repeating himself. Looking for a "soul mate"... meeting his "wife". He even repeated himself to the group of 15 what he said to the group of 25. I can't remember his exact words but they were something to the effect that he was fortunate to be in their company. I erased my tape, but if anyone has it you can go back and listen. I think it was word-for-word both times.

All in all tho, I think it's going to be a fun year. I believe he's going to be a lot more touchy/feely than last year.

meb said...

I remember... he told both groups "you exceeded my expectations". Not that its a bad thing to say, but just pointing out how he repeats himself.

Terry in CA said...

Hi Sydney, oh I m sure I'll be back at the tube next week...I cant help myself.
I,too,thought the Sexiest Man Ever thing was waaay over done by chris.
What happened to last years Bachelor and his cutie? Did they say??

sharon said...

Uh,I read last year's and his "true love" are kaput! I am NOT a fan of this show,yet I ended up watching against my better judgement. This show just doesn't have a very good track record in the "true love and lasting marriage" category. I just don't know how anybody,under that kind of pressure and scrutiny,can expect to find a meaningful and lasting relationship. Call me a pessimist and unromantic,but I think this is one of the silliest shows on tv and am shocked it has lasted this long. I guess it's that fairy tale premise that we will look across a room and find "THE one". Some of these last night were unbelievable. It seems he cut most of the "older" ones and thank God he sent Miss "Missing Boob" home. What a twit. HE,however is a hottie and I like that he's a self-made man! Love the Texas accent,too.

Sydney said...

I read that too Sharon. I guess he found he was stationed somewhere for another year (hello, didn't they expect this?) and I guess she didn't want to go--- or maybe never could maek the leap to move to HI, which is understandable. The show is only 6 weeks for those who go the distance with the bachelor, and even then their time is divided. It's not long to make such a life changing decision....

Nana in the NW said...

Jack Womack is definitely easy on the eyes!! It would be a great twist if his twin wasn't married--they could set him up with one of the girls. It seems like a few weeks before the twin comes to help out and they are not so identical that I think some of the girls will figure it out.

OMG--Melissa....Is she from the same school as Amber?? Totally dilusional! "I came to find my husband....what happened....I haven't had my boob for two hours...and of course, he's sweetness, no other word to describe him sweetness"!!!! I wanted to reach in the TV and slap her!!

I liked Jenni too.

I would like to see bikins banned from TV!!! LOL Have you all seen the previews? I think we are going to see alot of hot tubs, skin, and more ta-tas then any of us care to see!!!

This is a group who could have more than one good cat fight--they all seem pretty fiesty.

I watch this show as "TV fluff"---if I took it seriously I'd be furious that these women let themselves be embarassed as they do and appear to be so deperate for a man!

I read that about last year's bach. He was transferred and she didn't want to move until they "figured out" where their relationship was going!?!! Have they heard the word NOWHERE??

Sydney said...

Nana said:
It would be a great twist if his twin wasn't married--they could set him up with one of the girls.

That's A GREAT idea! Funny too. Hmmm...!

sharon said...

Uh,I am pretty sure that Brad said both of his brothers are married,so guess that includes the twin.

dla said...


Sharon, I completely agree about the value of this show (none), but I am still hooked for whatever reason. I guess it is like that train wreck or car wreck that you have to slow down to look at, even though you know you shouldn't. lol

I also was totally over the "sexiest bachelor ever" routine, but I guess they are running out of things to say??

Here is a link about Andy & Tessa:

joy n said...

From what I saw on TMZ this AM, Andy Baldwin and Tessa have broken off their engagement but are still a couple, They showed pix of them at the latest Ironman Competition and they were very cuddly. I really want them to work this out.

They also had a mention of Charlie O'Connell (Jerry's bro) and his girlfriend of 2 years, Sarah Brice, the cute little blond he chose. They have just split up amicably. Said they still love each other but can't settle "certain differences". I wasn't crazy about his choice anyway.

Terry in CA said...

I wish there was an east coast update of this show....I am having a hard time time staying awake for it!

syndey.....any ideas?

dla said...

They certainly are a wild crew!! I sat and had an out of body while watching parts of tonight's show, and all I could think was "Some women sure can be catty!!"

And, as much as I love love love cats, I do not mean that in a nice sense! lol

Looks like next week is the twin twist, and I am enjoying this season! What do you think?

Any favorites yet?

Sydney said...

Joy - I think Jerry and his girl's differences are that he could not commit to marriage even two years after the show, let alone on the show. She moved out to Hollywood to live with him, got a nursing job there, and dyed her blonde hair blonder (a Hollywod efect, lol). All that, and giv ing him a couple of years. He couldn't pull the trigger, so I'm pretty sure that's at the bottom of things.

Nana in the NW said...

dla--catty is putting it mildly....what's with these girls going into Jenni's personal luggage, getting in a ZIPPED area of the suitcase and looking at her portfolio!?
I don't understand how the girls thought that was to further her career. I didn't see any modeling agents there?? I know editting make a difference but I didn't see her doing anything wrong.

I was dissappointed to see him keep Solisa. She said she lives her life with morals and ethics but oh...let's do body shots and take my top off!!

I'm liking Jenni, Sarah, Bettina(although she needs to come clean about her divorce) and a few others(don't know their names). I don't like Jade, McCaren,Solisa,Hilary. The others I don't know about yet.

ORKMommy said...

Ok...I usually stay as far away from the Bachelor as I can but I admit I watched last night. The commercials about someone getting hurt drew me in (yes, I's a sick fascination!)

I absolutely can't stand that Jade girl. Did you see the looks she was giving the other girls as they were getting their roses? Can we all say EVIL!!!

And I'm sorry, but listening to that Bachelor guy would make me want to slit my wrists. He's very good looking but there's something in his voice that drives me insane! It's like he talks slow and

I'll probably watch again next week!

Sydney said...

Hey Terry -- we don't wan tt o lose ya, so assuming you don't have a tivo or vcr to record it, I can try to do a recap here. I usually tape it to watch Journeyman with my husband, and watch it th emorning after. I can do that for last night's ep and see what you think... or I could send it to your personal e-mial if it would be too much here.

Any other ideas folk?. It would be a hoot to sign up for a week and rotate a mini-recap from each of us. Me this week, dla the next, orkmommy the next, and so on... lol.

Patty said...

Does Jade believe she is the one and only or what?

I think the two who went through Jenni's luggage are two people who have security issues with their own selves. It makes me wonder if that is how they get everything in life...glad they are not my friends.I hope Jenni can have a conversation with Brad and let him know what type of gals these two are and make him stop and think of how intrusive both of them could be to him.

It should be interesting to see the twin twist. The twin is married, but it should be fun to watch which of the ladies thinks one is hotter than the other.

Speaking of hot, Brad's body was smokin!

meb said...

The best part of the night was when Michele (was she the one who got hurt?) called Brad to tell him while he was on his date with the other girls...when they interviewed one of the girls she said something like "Wow, Michele fell...what I'd like to know is... how did she get Brad's number?". Not: "...what I'd like to know is if she's alright". That was funny!

I'm really not into Brad. He seems less polished than most of the other bachelors we've seen. He's rich... got that going for him. If I had to, I guess I could put up with him. smile.

Jade would have been one of my first picks until she got so catty and told Brad about Jenni's portfolio. She was dieing to tell him her name, but he didn't give her the opportunity.

And yes Orkmommy... those @@ she was doing when people were getting their rose were so telling. If Brad saw that, she could be digging her own grave.

joy n said...

Solisa seems very much the hypocrit to me, too. To give her "My morals and values are very important to me" spiel and then turn around to do a body shot and strip off her suit pretty much clinched it for me that she's another phony. I was shocked that he called her name to receive a rose.

Jade seemed jealous of Jenni. So did Hillary. Nasty and catty!

I'm not liking McCarten much, either. I laughed out loud when Brad said "I kissed her and it wasn't very good".

I was surprised at how unsympathetic some of the girls were upon hearing of Michele's fall. I was not surprised to see Michele leave, though.

I'm not sure about Jenni. I like her and don't like her. Haven't figured her out yet.

I also like Bettina and hope she tells Brad soon about her divorce. She seems very sweet.

So far, I like DeAnna and Sarah too.

Sheena, Stephie, Lindsey and Kristy I'm still waiting to form any opinions although I am feeling some negative vibes from them.

Well, McCarten is the only one of the M's left and I doubt she'll make it to the end.

Sydney, you're probably right. Some guys have a problem with real committment and after two years, I'd give up the dream , too, and move on.

AND YES, Brad does have a slammin' body!

joy n said...

I guess you were right, Sydney, and TMZ was wrong about Andy Baldwin still dating Tessa. Now TMZ says (along with a video clip) that Andy was seen in a L.A. park snuggling with Miss Iran, Sepideh Haftgoli, (who used to date David Schwimmer.

And while I'm on the subject, they said Andrew Firestone is newly engaged to model-actress Ivana Bozilovic (Serbo-Croatian).

I swear, those are their names.

What's wrong with American women? Unless maybe they're turned off by American females after meeting the ones they met on The Bachelor. Who knows?

Terry in CA said...

Sydney....oh thank you! and no I dont have VCR or kdis tell me i can use the Dish system but I have yet to figure it out.
if you can email me your take on things I would love it!

I just have to say Im dissapointed about Tessa and Andy cause he seemed sincere...but if he is already dating a celeb type he really isnt that into any of them for keepers...shame on that PA boy!

dla said...

Hi everyone!

Well, I have to say I enjoyed reading the comments as much as the actual show!! Actually, I may have enjoyed all your comments MORE than I enjoyed the show!! lol

I am in agreement that digging through suitcases should be off limits... And SO WHAT if she brought her portfolio?? She probably never leaves home without it!

That Solisa is a wild thing. Maybe a great party girl to hang out at his bar, but a bit much for me. Desperate for attention.

Orkmommy, lol!!
The first episode I thought his voice would make me crazy, and wished that he would just stand there and not talk. I am not even noticing anymore... Maybe it is because he took his shirt off.

And Jade is just a be-otch. No two ways about that.

Sydney, if you would like to rotate recaps, I am up for it!

Terry, guess what? It is available online after the fact if you miss it!!

I have figured out that almost every program that I watch is now available online, so I don't have to miss a thing if I can't catch them during their televised times.

See you on the blog next week!

Sydney said...

Again, just watched I feel really bad for the girl who fell, totally didn't get much of a chance with him. Think he should have made more of an effort to have some alone time with her. I know there's not much to spare, and they edit but it felt like they had all of 10 minutes max together, maybe less. If there was no attraction, that's a different story.

Yes, a catty bunch, now I know what you mean!!! I am NOT liking Jade at all, but she is pretty. I find the people who try to be the informant (there's one on every show) at first are valued by the bachelor but are booted in the end.

I like Jenni a lot.

I too can't believe he kept Solisa... is she not the same woman who said she was Christian and morals/values were very important? I dig that she celebrates the rather bodacious bod God gave her, but did she have to JUMP and go skinny dipping when the question wasn't ebing asked of her? Add that to the body shot, THEN dancing on the table at the rose ceremony, ummm, I'm like, OK, pick ONE to celebrate, not ALL.

Terry -- interestingly, I thought Tessa was a dead ringer from the GF of a few years (was it former fiancee?) that he'd broken up with and I wondered if he just had a type or his choice of Tessa was in fact a little of hiw onw unawareness of rebounding. Not to say she wasn't lovely. Who knows. She was also hard to get and guys DO like the chase. I think that's the drawback though... It DOES stimulate the guys desire to win you... but then once he does, is it based on anything more?

Dla, that would be great to rotate recaps. SHould we do it here, or to Terry personally? Terry, I'll send you a recap personally for Monday if you let me know whether or not you could see it online.
You can write me here or at

Nana in the NW said...

Oh orkmommy--it only takes one viewing to "suck you in" you'll watch it just for fun and before you know it your screaming at the TV---"WHY ARE YOU PICKING HER?! SHE DOESN'T REALLY LOVE YOU!!" I was actually strong and didn't watch the show for two seasons then--I watched to see something that had been shown on the commercials.....HOOKED!!

Didn't it seem like they are keeping more girls than in the past?? I thought it usually went 25-15-10-6-4-3-2-the lucky girl!

I'll bet there have been many times that Brad has thought " I must not be on Bachelor but Girls Gone Wild!! There are several that seem to be there more for the partying than looking for a serious relationship.

Terry--wish I could help you out but I'm WC too. You know Sydney, DLA, and some other east coasters will help you out. It is hard to stay awake...I put a tape in just in case.

AlbGlinka said...

Oh Dear Lord, this is embarrassing. there's gotta be at least one other gay guy who watches this show--no?

Why is it that the girl that the Bachelor find himself drawn to early on is ALWAYS the one the other girls hate, say is fake, etc.? Is it just jealousy?

The digging through suitcases is not cool... besides, I always take my modeling portfolio everywhere I go! ;-)

Sydney said...

ALB-- So glad you're here!

Well, I was busy watching Journeyman while Tioing the bachelor -- about 20 minutes into it I realized it wasn't recording. Fortunately I at least saw the big conversation he had with Jenni and then got it going when he had the big convo with Bettina. I think they are the big two -- but I can't comment more as I didn't watch what I COULD record yet. I recapped for Terry in CA last week... can anyone do it this week for her?

Terry in CA said...

Sydney...I watched until the moment he gave the rose to the little brunette then I crashed...starting a new part time job today...till I find out what I want to be now that I am grown up:( Just tending babies at the local MOPS group)
So I hope somebody can catch me up on who left and why??? and how did the brother switch go? I didnt personally think they looked all that identical...

Sydney said...

Hey Terry - I did get teh last part on my Tivo so when I watch it later I'll let you know. I didn't think they looked all that identical either and his brother Chad doesn't talk the same-- not as slow and aw-shucksi like as Brad. Teeth looked different, and something between the eyes/forehead area when you look athtem dead on is totally different. From the side they look more alike and when smiling. Brad has dimples and Chad only gets a little of that when in a BIG smile. It WAS highly entertaining though to see the girls who didn't want to be rude but also were wanting to say you're not the same guy. I tried to put myself in that position and wondered how long it might take me to guess Brad had a twin.

THe part time job sounds great

joy n said...

Terry and Sydney, I finally watched my tape of the show this PM.

Brad wanted to see who would notice the difference between he and his brother. They didn't show all the women's reactions. Kristy knew immediately, he hadn't even sat down yet. Sheena, Stephy and DeAnna caught on almost immediately.

Lindsey and Sarah didn't have a clue. McCarten seemed suspicious but settled into a conversation with him and let it go. Later, as Brad and Chad talked about the reactions, they both seemed to think McCarten would have figured it out within a few more minutes. I don't really agree with that. When the girls were told about the switch, McCarten seemed to be totally surprised.

I agree that they didn't look all that identical. Brad watched evrything on monitor in limo.

Bettina told Brad about the divorce and though he seemed surprised, she did not get sent home later. I'm glad, I really like her.

Stephy got 1st rose on group date. Hillary got 2nd rose on the individual date. Before she got the rose, she was weepy and seemed a bit needy, I thought. I'm not sure about her. Kristy got the 3rd rose on the second group date.

The actual rose ceremony went as follows:

4th - Sheena

5th - McCarten

6th - Jenni

7th - Jade

8th - DeAnna

Final - Bettina

Solisa, Sarah and Lindsey did not receive roses.

Solisa, who had done a "faux" lap dance (didn't actually touch, but almost) on her group date on the boat said afterwards that she thought she had a stronger connection with Brad than the other women. She said she was more truthful and honest about who she was, and this is her quote: "He saw special parts of me because I wear these special parts on the outside. They weren't the special parts he was looking for." This is the "very religious" woman who has high standards and morals, but does body shots and strips naked in front of everyone to go into the pool. Sheesh!

Sarah said the "twin thing" messed her up. Then she made excuses, "his head was down, he was holding a drink in his hand "(?) Whatever!

Lindsey, whew! She said "You think you love them, you think you'll marry, have children, buy a house". I believe she was speaking in general (I hope she was) but she did seem to have everything all planned out. She cried. She also said, "Either you have a special connection or you don't."

Personally, he sent the three right ones home last night, but I'm liking DeAnna and McCarten a whole lot less after that episode.

I would guess Sarah and Lindsey went because they had no idea about the twin thing. Solisa may have lost him with the lap dance.

Some statements made tonight; Hillary thinks DeAnna and McCarten are catty and 'straight-up" witches. And, finally, what looked liked Sheena and Jade (sitting poolside with shades on) chose nicknames for DeAnna (DeDe): McSkanky and McCarten: McNasty. Very interesting!

delee said...

Terry you can go to ABC and then Bachelor and read the episode guide for the shows you miss. I conked out last week just as the show was starting and I caught up right away. Hope that helps. Good luck with the J-O-B.

Chad and Brad don't ya love it when the parents name twins cutesy names. NOT. Amazed more did not pick up that it was not Brad. Wish they had done this before the dates as some were saved from embarashment as they had a rose already.

Sydney said...

Delee, I died reading your line about the names. If triples would there be a Tad too?

Terry in CA said...

Thanks so much Joy for the great run down.....You are all so great to post your thoughts....I dont know why but this Bachelor and these girls, well i havent fallen inlove with any of it yet, maybe that is why I sleep thru it...see here I am up at almost 10:30 and I am not tired.....hmmmm....must be something to this line of thought..

Nana in the NW said...

What was with all the tears from Hiliary?? She kept apologizing and saying she was happy you think Brad gave her the rose out of sympathy?? If he sends her packing next week we will know the answer was yes. I'm really liking Jenni and Bettina. There still seems to be alot of girls left on the show. It seems odd the way they are eliminating this season. I was glad to see the 3 gone, but can't wait for Jade and McCarten to go. They are mean and vindictive!

joy n said...

Well, Jade, McCarten and Stephy are gone. Not sad to see any of them go.

What's with Kristy and the crying? It's really getting tiresome. Hillary's getting on my nerves too. I immensely dislike DeAnna. Wouldn't mind seeing one, two or all three of them go next week. DeAnna, in particular,

seems to show only what she wants him to see and says what she knows he wants to hear. Wake up, Brad!

I'm starting to wonder about Jenni, too. Maybe it's jealousy saying she's only in it for the competition, but I really watched her face when she was with Brad and her smile seems very "put on" for him. There's something about her that I haven't trusted from the start. And she is into competition being a professional football cheerleader.

I like Bettina the most and am liking Sheena more now.

I didn't like Hillary's crack about Bettina being "like a used car" because she'd been divorced.

Bettina just strikes me as the most "real" of them all. We'll see.

Terry in CA said...

Hi Joy....gosh I actually made it thru tonight! yay for me! I was glad to see those three go...I really dont like DeAnna at all either.
I like Jenni and Bettina and Sheena I think.....
I felt Jenni was being very sincere from the start..I think its jealousy to hear the other girls say she is competitive...

joy n said...

Terry in ca, I'll try to stay open-minded about Jenni.

Nana in the NW said...

terry in ca.--I agree that I think Jenni is being sincere. She smiles ALOT but I think that's the cheerleader in her. She seems to really like Brad and has genuine feelings.

I was really liking Bettina until she called Jenni "a liar and a slut"...all for kissing and NOT telling. The other girls reaction is why she chose to not tell. It was between her and Brad and he initiated the kiss.

I was also taken aback when Bettina said "I didn't want to like him, I wasn't going to get my heart broke". Why is she there??? Has she never seen the show? I thought the purpose was for him to find his future wife??

Deanna is a b*tch! You don't have to be there to make friends, BUT, you don't have to be to mean!!

Previews look really good for next week--Hiliary is going to leave and seems to have some sort of "break-down". My favs this week are Jenni & Sheena.

Patty said...

I do not blame Jenni for keeping things to herself. After all look what a few caddy GIRLS, not women helped themselves to her belongings. (portfolio)

I am not sure if Jenni smiling all the time goes back to Brad commenting in the beginning how he noticed her smiling all the time...maybe Jenni keeps this in mind...maybe this is the true Jenni.

I do like Bettina and wish she would not resort to name calling. It was not called for to stoop to that level. To me, that is jealousy.

I did not get Kristy and her crying. I guess everyone has bad days.

It should be interesting to see what is up with Hiliary leaving.

joy n said...

I knew Hillary was going and figured "stick-in-the-mud" Kristy would be the other. Brad tried twice to tell Hillary about the friendship thing and he's right, she just didn't want to listen. She heard only what she wanted to hear. I won't miss either of them.

I can't for the life of me figure out why he likes DeAnna so much. It's like she's following a script of what she knows he wants to hear. Some guys are such push-overs.

I'm changing my mind about Bettina fast. The girls seem to be right about her being one kind of woman with them and a different one with Brad. From the previews, it's looking like that may surface next week.

Sheena, I think, may just be falling in love with love She struck me as being a little immature in that department. I could be wrong, of course.

I want to like Jenni and I can't figure out why I don't like her a lot. Something about her bothers me. It has from the start. But I'm beginning to believe she's the one he'll end up with.

I also have this gnawing feeling that no matter who he gives the final rose to, it won't be a long-lasting relationship. That would be another disappointing end to another bachelor season. Well, guess I'll know like everyone else, in a few weeks.

Anne said...

If tonight was any indication, I think that Sheena will be the one I predict that either Jenny or Bettina will be up against Sheena at the end. Deanna and, probably Bettina, will be leaving next.
It's hard to say. Just making my best guessea
I didn't like Jenny at first but I think she's okay now. she was the nicest and most helpful/sympathetic to Hillary during the goodbyes tonight.

meb said...

I liked Bettina until tonight. She's cute and they make a cute couple, but she's strange. Can't put my finger on it, but I think we'll all know next week when he meets her family. Guess they didn't like him. That seemed to really bother him.

Hillary was unbelievable. Twice he told her they could only be friends and both times she took it to mean a long-lasting, loving relationship? And the crying over it was too over the top. Her mascara was down to her ankles. That must have been a winner for Brad to stand there and see that. I did think he could have walked her to the limo and not just left her standing there to cry some more for the camera. She's probably so embarrassed.

I don't care for DeAnna either, Shenna is ok, but I'd have to say Jenni would be my pick.

Nana in the NW said...

I'm still liking Jenni and Sheena, although I think Sheena is young and might just be more "in love with being in love". Bettina showed her true colors with her comment about how much better Sheena's date was. She's looking for someone to take care of her. Deanna is just a little manipulator--sweet and innocent to Brad and than a snake to the other girls. The previews make it seem like Bettina's hometown visit doesn't go to well---GOOD! Unless something unexpected happens I think Jenni and Sheena will be the final two. Brad seems to have the strongest connection with them.

And yes, Joy N odds are this relationship will go nowhere fast when the show is over!

joy n said...

Can't wait to see how this turns out tonight. I hope two go home. DeAnna and Bettina. I was a fan of Bettina's until last week. I never liked Deanna past the second week.

joy n said...

Is Brad nuts? He kept Bettina and her very judgmental family? They obviously have great influence over her thinking. He should RUN, not walk away from this potential disaster of a relationship. What obnoxious snobs they are. Her Dad's observations are very telling. "Her first husband was a wonderful, wonderful man. She'll never find anybody who's any better." That sounds a whole lot different from what Bettina has implied. Her dad is disappointed in Brad's education and his vocation. Her family would forever look down those uppity noses at him. RUN, RUN, RUN, BRAD!

DeAnna put on a good show, but she always seems to do that well. Did you notice (again) that she doesn't close her eyes when he kisses her?

I can see why he sent Sheena home. He just didn't feel a romantic connection. Did it strike anyone else that her mother was a little odd? Drunk, maybe? Nuts, maybe?

Jenni seems like the best choice, but.....When she says "dancing is her life, her passion", I believe she means it. She wants him to compromise. Wait a year while she cheers (dances?) in Phoenix. Then what? He compromises again when she then wants to go to NYC or LA to start her career? What is her compromise? I think the young lady asks a lot. Shouldn't they be spending the next year, perhaps, developing this relationship, and not putting the extra stress of distance into the mix?

I'm not sure I care which one he picks now. I'm not sure a relationship with any one of them would work. How very disappointing.

Terry in CA to PA soon said...

oh wow.....Bettinas family was rude and arrogant. What the heck happened to the first husband?
Sheenas Mom was a drunken lunatic...Deanna seemed nicer than ever, I didnt like her before, but she seemed more real.
Jenni is still my favorite, stand alone choice. Im glad she has passion for something. he doesnt want someone who has no other interests, but I felt it odd he said "I like that De Anna doesnt need me"

joy n said...

VERY odd!

Nana in the NW said...

terry in ca/pa--I think his comment about Deanna not needing him was more that she is not a "needy" person. Some women are very needy which makes them high maintenance in a relationship. With his businesses he probably doesn't have the time for that kind of person.

If he ends up picking her he will be in for a rude awakening about her when he watching the shows!!

He seems to WANT Bettina to be someone he can build a relationship with but its not going to happen. The show must have editted out ALOT with their conversation, because they obviously came to some understanding about her families reaction to him.

I felt bad for Sheena but she is young and I think was in love with love. Her mom is a NUT CASE!!! When she started planning the wedding and Sheena didn't really stop her I would have ran out the door and not looked back!!!

Jenni seems to be the most realistic one of the girls. She has strong feelings but has made it clear she will not sacrifice everything she's worked to get for a man.

Regardless of who he picks I, too, don't see it being another Trista and Ryan.

meb said...

Really very disappointing ending to this show... None of the 3 left are good matches. With Bettina's family against it and Jenni's career in the way, only DeAnna is left, and I just don't think she's sincere. Sad for Brad, he has no choice, it's been made for him.

I have to add here that I did a Brad when Sheena's mother (obviously tipsy) comes out with, "I know she's the one, she may not be your one, but she's someone's one, cause I know she's the one." His look was 'What?' I kept playing it over just to make sure I didn't misunderstand what she said. I feel for some of these girls who have either embarrassed themselves or their families did it for them.

joy n said...

Whew! He sent Bettina home this time. I just about choked when she said her parents only concern was if "it was a two-way street". I don't think so. There biggest concern seemed to be he wasn't good enough for their precious princess. I think that girl has major issues. She also said she was "shy" about falling in love. I doubt the girls in the house thought she was shy. And then, in the car, she shed not one tear. And to think she was my favorite at one point.

DeAnna still has me feeling like she's reading from a script. Everything a man wants to hear, she says, without an ounce of sincerity in her voice. I think she just wants to win, period.

I think Jenni is finally convincing me she has real feelings for Brad. BUT....I also still think her plans for her life will take precedence over that relationship. She has a right, of course, to plan a career for herself, but she's already putting conditions on a new relationship that will benefit only herself. She will continue to ask for compromises, I think, for years to come. I don't believe Brad has found his true love here and that's unfortunate.

Terry in CA/PA said...

Hi all...sorry I have been so MIA but just too in PA still...all I can say is Im glad Bettina went home her folks thought their princess was too good, and she will be living with them at home to good for anyone Im afraid.
I seriously think whomever he picks in the end it wont matter, the track record of this show is just not good.
He has never thrilled me from the get-go and none of the girls I have felt were real and substantial enough...I do like Jenni but I feel she isnt at the place of settling down like he says he is....

meb said...

I just have to say ditto to everything joy n said... and, I think it will end where he may propose but whomever he chooses turns him down.

Next week's show looks like fun. It's always good when they all come back and get to pick on the bachelor. Are they doing this show before the finale'? The previews confused me a little.

joy n said...

meb, the way I caught it is, next week the reunion, the following week, the women meet his family and then, the week after that is the finale.

I left a message for you on DWTS- 2.

meb said...

joy n... see... now what would I do without you. Thanks, I got your message...

Nana in the NW said...

joyn--I think you have the timeline right. I also agree that I think he is going to propose to Jenni and she will turn him down because of where she is in her professional life. I do really like Jenni though and hope that he chooses her....can you see him choosing Deanna and then watching the show??? She was such a nosy, mean little witch about the other girls. Brad would be wondering; "What the hell I have got into"??!

The whole process of the show is set-up for someone, tell them you love them, now you can't see them for three months but watch them kiss other women, try to continue with your life, and then get together and see what's left!!! Ahhhh, reality TV! I will complain but won't miss an episode!!!

joy n said...

I'm with you nana in the nw!

joyn said...

Now it seems the finale is next week along with Brad's parents meeting Jenni and DeAnna. I'm thinking he won't choose DeAnna. That would be a disaster waiting to happen. It sounds like he has a real connection with Jenni. Who knows? Maybe it will work out for them. I'm sure we'll hear somewhere down the line.

Wow! When you string all of Hillary's catty comments together, she really said some nasty things. I'm leaving this episode feeling that she still doesn't get that Brad was trying to tell her the "friend" thing.

McMarten and the other "bullies" were spouting a lot of sour grapes, methinks.

Bettina thought that Brad was judgmental with her family? She thought "it was natural" for her parents to be? I think she is a very over-protected daughter. She doesn't get it and probably never will. I think Daddy will be making her decisions for a long time to come. I have a feeling that Daddy may have pushed her into her first marriage, thinking he was "suitable". I also sense that Daddy blames her for its failure. "She'll never find anyone better." I wish her a lot of luck.

When Chris asked the women at the end of the show who they thought Brad would choose, didn't it seem that most said, Jenni? Again, it sounded like most of the
'bullies" were pulling for DeAnna. Figures!

jenny19 said...

GO JENNI.... i hope she wins i have known her since i was about 3 we used to tap dance together here in wichita kansas....i hope brad picks her she is a great girl and is very nice.... good luck jenni

Thanks- jennifer from wichita ks

Terry back in CA said...

Hi guys....Nana NW and Joy, boy howdy did the two of you nail it.
I must have missed something about him getting turned down...I think Jenni would jump into his arms and scream yes! She pre-warned him about the 1 year involvement, and I think he is cool with that.
I did not watch last night but for sure if I have to use toothpicks Im watching next week!!!
I guess Im still dissapointed with the whole Tess/Hawaii Bachelor thingy....I loved her.

meb said...

I still think there's something amiss when he proposes. There was a scene in one of the previews where he's in the off-white suit, and he's sitting and they said something about the ending (can't remember what they said but it made me question it).

However, he said he was the happiest he could ever be, so who knows.

Mel from the South said...

I honestly think that abc is misleading us all. Jenni was my most favorite from the start, the moment she came on, i thought she was cute as a button. But as time has passed, they show their physical chemistry, but is there more than that? I think that they have us all tricked into thinking that Brad and Jenni have the best connection but I think DeAnna and him probably have a great connection. I think they show a lot of her less emotional side to get us to think it could be Jenni. I think she seems like a very strong person and I think he really admires that about her. I guess we will find out Monday... until then I will be pulling my hair out anticipating what's going to happen!

joyn said...

I re-watched the end of the tape of last night's show several times just to get this right.

When the women were asked who they thought Brad would choose next week, this is how the "vote" went:

for Jenni -


for DeAnna -


Terry in CA said...

Hi Mel from the South...I think you are right...its editing,editing,editing...we are constantly led astray....I think Jenni is an adorable up beat girl, but I think maybe Deanna has more sustance....just dont know where his head is at...what he is looking for...

Mel from the South said...

I have been checking this thing religiously to see if anyone responded. I'm so glad i have a fellow bachelorlover to agree! I guess we will all see on Monday!

joy n said...

Just in case you haven't heard, The Bachelor will be on during its regular slot on Monday at 10pm and then again on Tuesday at 10pm for its "After the Rose" segment. I'll be taping CANE so I can watch this. Get your Tivo's ready or whatever if you need to do so.

Terry in CA said...

Hi Joy...if you watch it please post what happens! I dontknow if i can stay up to see....

Purrbal said...

I like Jenni I want him to pick her BUT it looked to me like he did and she turned him down ??? Guess we shall see soon enough!

joy n said...

terry in ca: I'll try.

purrbal: If you're right, then hopefully that will mean he didn't pick DeAnna at all. I can't wait to see if she sticks to her "scripted" conversations upon losing. Ought to be an interesting limo ride home.

Terry in CA said...

thanks Joy,for even trying...this has really been a lackluster season hasnt it? And here they billed him as the sexiest ever! I just dont know why a gal wold go through all this then turn him down???
Thanks for any insight you can give its only 7:45 here.....

Anonymous said...

WhatHappened?????????????? I think he is going back for Sheena!

Nana in the NW said...

I'm with you Terry in ca.
It's 8:30p.m. here and I checked to see if anyone had posted a spoiler luck!! I was hoping to tape it and watch tomorrow. I guess I need to stay up tonight :(

If he was turned down tomorrow's after the rose will be interesting.

Joyn--I have some questions about Cane but I will post them on Jackie's general site.

glowia said...

How dissapointing....I watched all season for this...Did he meet someone else in the meantime? He'll be sorry

joy n said...

Two very short visits with his mom, Pam, and his two brothers, Chad and Wes. Jenny: He says he can see spending his life with her. Mom asked if she loves him. She says she's falling in love with him. DeAnna: She told mom she loves him and wants three kids with him. She also says she expects, no, not expects, but hopes to get an engagement ring. Mom tells Brad DeAnna is easier to talk to, and that both are sweet, wonderful women.

Date at DeAnna's place. She cooks for him. Says things should be done the way she wants; toilet seat down, dishes put where she wants them, etc. She thinks she would be perfect for him. She doesn't really show a lot of emotion. She says she's met this amazing man that she can't live without. She feels "it's meant to be." Also, that she's never been this happy in her life. He thinks she's strong and independent and would stay "forever".

His date with Jenni at her place. She says she's scared. He says he is too. She tells him he doesn't have to be scared about her. She gave him a journal she wrote stating that she is falling in love with him and wants to share her life with him. She said she would be good to him if he decides to go through life with her. She cried. He said there would be lots of laughter in their lives together and a very loving relationship.

Rose ceremony: Jenni first. He tells her from first moment he met her, he was taken by her smile. Says she brings out a side of him he never experienced before. Then he says, "I hate to say this, but I want more that I can't find with you. She cries and says that she's embarassed now that she told him she loved him.

DeAnna: He tells her she's strong and independent. He "knew he was done the moment he met her." He believes as she does that mariage is one time only. Then he starts walking in circles. Comes back and says he wants to be completely honest. He has so many feelings for her, but he can't tell her he loves her. So he said good-bye to her, too! She doesn't understand how he can say good-bye to her. He doesn't want to hurt her. She's hurting right now. She: Difference is I'm sure and you're not. What will happen when you regret your decision? He: I don't know. He: You're closing me out. She: I can't help it.

In limo, Jenny says "you tell someone you love them and then they reject your feelings." She also said, "I'm a good person and can make someone happy. I know there's someone out there waiting for me."

DeAnna in limo: She looks more pissed off than hurt. She says half of me doesn't give a f*** what he says and the other half hurts.

Very interesting finale. IMHO, it's probably the best outcome for all, but I think he could have handled it better. Different choice of words, whatever.

I had the feeling he may have been thinking of proposing to DeAnna, then panic set in and he took that very nervous circling walk and decided that he couldn't do it because he didn't feel the love he should be feeling for her.

In the long run, he did the best thing, but, somehow, I'm left feeling very disappointed with this season.

Purrbal said...

I agree!

Terry in CA said...

THANK YOU JOY!!! Jackie will be so proud of you! you did an amazing job, and I thnk both girls (and abc) should be pissed. why even go pick out a ring? couldnt he have said something to abc before this? Yikes! I have to tell you I am glad he did say no way...this is the most honest anyone has ever been. I really thought he clicked with Jenni, but he saw stability in DeAnna but not love.
Well I pity the poor fools that try out for next season!
thank you again ,Joy, you ROCK!!!!

joy n said...

Thanks, Terry. I'm sorry it was so late getting it out. I took notes during the show trying to get my facts straight. I don't know how Jackie does this.

Anonymous said...

I am so confused with this last episode. I hope we can know what made him go cold so fast. I was actually shocked at how hurtful this whole thing was. Anyone feel the same way ?

Anonymous said...

What a pile of crap!! I'll never watch the show again.

dla said...

Aaarrggghh! What in the world?!?

I am left without words! I still can't believe it!

He got scared. I can't blame him. That is so not real life, and he does seem like a real life kind of guy, but WHOA. I really really did not see that one coming!

Those poor girls.

Poor us for watching! lol

Anonymous said...

he is just another player. He knows he's cute and he's a businessman. Did you read online that his bar has been on RealLife: Austin?? So he's all about promoting his bars, not finding love. he'll marry when he absolutely feels he's done with kissing other girls. Would you do the same? sad, but true.

Delee said...

Brad did what Brad had to do!!! Everyone is pitying the girls, all I can say is better now than later. Being engaged to someone for a year or more is not the same as getting married, and I think we have seen few happy endings from this show and it is a SHOW!!!

If Brad is correct and had strong feelings for both, then he loved neither. Oh well, we will find out more tonight....

Anonymous said...

And the Emmy for best ACTOR in a REALITY tv series goes to....Brad Womack!!!

What a jerk! He had everyone fooled...especially all those girls whose hearts he broke!!!

AlbGlinka said...

Finally: an ending with some INTEGRITY! Who says that you're absolutely required to find "true love" and a marriage proposal from meeting 25 arbitrary women that some TV casting directors have chosen for you? True love just doesn't work that way-- which is why most of the unions of previous seasons have fallen apart, many soon after taping ended.

I give Brad a lot of credit for being honest, even if the ending seemed disappointing to us and the final women. If he wasn't feeling it, he wasn't feeling it.

I would NEVER go on a show like this looking for "love." I have to use quotes around the word because it's all so artificial! Anyone who subjects themselves to being on this series has to be emotionally prepared for any outcome, otherwise they're just plain naive.

deb said...

I was disappointed it ended the way it did.

Brad didn't have to propose. If he meant "any" of the things he told Jenni or Deanna he could have given one the rose and told them he wasn't ready to get engaged (who would be after that length of time) but would like to see how far the relationship could go. You don't say the things he said, especially to Deanna, and then just walk off.

To me it made him seem very fickle and shallow

Anonymous said...

I wondered if Brad really had deeper feelings for Jenni than he thought. He seemed to start the whole "speech" about how much of a connection he had with Deanna...and then he froze..I thought he didn't expect the feelings of loss when Jenni walked away. He seems like a guy who needs a woman who "needs" him. Jenni truly "needs" a man. Deanna seems so strong and really can stand on her own. I think she is more woman than he can handle. She let him know who would be in charge and there was no room for discussion. Jenni is so cute, she appears genuine, and I really think she does love him. I still can't figure out what "more" is. He says she brings out a side of him that no one else can, but yet he wants more? There is obvious physical attraction because he constantly said,"I just can't keep my hands off her." What else does the man want? I must say, Jenni was my favorite, but what jerk leads two women on for that amount of time, telling them how much he cares for them, and then just says.."later guys, enjoyed the fondling and kissing and the really great locations abc sent us to, but I really don't care to spend the rest of my life with either of you two, so I'll see you two in a few months and make you look like idiots on national TV." It really is true, beauty is only skin deep. Brad Womack may look great on the outside, but he seems very shallow and cold hearted.

Anonymous said...


After watching close editing, I believe that Brad said goodbye to Deanna first. If you watch carefully, when Brad is talking to Deanna there is a line where Brad says "I just said goodbye to Jenni..." At this point the camera changes to an angle that shows the side of his face, and you can clearly see he is NOT saying that. This inconsistency happens on moer than one occasion. Another misleading comment is when Deanna says "The fact that he didn't pick either one of us..." at the point in the show when she is riding in the limo. This comment, however, is also edited in, as she says it in a very different voice, and we do not actually see her saying this while in the limo. Perhaps after Brad gets rid of Jenni the camera crew goes back to the hotel and tells Deanna that he didn't pick Jenni either, and they got these soundbites (as well as get the awkward scene of her walking in the hotel).

I think Brad freaked out because it was his first time to say goodbye. He didn't want to have to break anyones heart and he was so nervous about saying goodbye. Again, Brad DID NOT say "I just said goodbye to Jenni," and the camera pans out. When it zooms back in we see Deanna with an entirely different expression, which leads me to believe he says something along the lines of "but you're not the one for me," which explains why Deanna looks so sad when Brad gets off of the podium. If Brad had truly said that he had just gotten rid of Jenni, don't you think Deanna would have been all smiles when he freaked out and got off the stage, thinking he was just nervous about proposing. I also think that when he finally broke the bad news to Deanna she would have said something along the lines of "I can't believe you didn't pick either one of us!!!" instead of crying about how she was going to regret not picking HER.

Another clue, when Brad is with Jenni he says "I just couldn't find really find love....with us" but the 'with us' is again edited in. Also, Jenni says "I hope you find true happiness," which any girl who has just been dumped is more likely to say if she finds out hes dumped them both, than just her. I think Brad dumping Deanna first also explains his sad face when Jenni walked up and why he was in such a hurry to rush Deanna out the door (because Jenni was coming!).

If you watch the boats in the background they seem to be moving in a constant direction that implies that Jenni arrived after Deanna, and although the limo shots make it look later when Deanna is here, these are the plain limo shots, that do not have either girl in it.

Should this really be a surprise? No, ABC has been known to edit shots that lead the viewers to believe a different final person is chosen, but this is the most misleading editing that they have had (at least that I have picked up on). I am very intrigued to find out when Jenni and Deanna actually knew Brad wasn't choosing either, although like i said before my theory is the producers approached Deanna in the hotel to pass along the info.

Can't wait for tonight.

Anonymous said...


After watching close editing, I believe that Brad said goodbye to Deanna first. If you watch carefully, when Brad is talking to Deanna there is a line where Brad says "I just said goodbye to Jenni..." At this point the camera changes to an angle that shows the side of his face, and you can clearly see he is NOT saying that. This inconsistency happens on moer than one occasion. Another misleading comment is when Deanna says "The fact that he didn't pick either one of us..." at the point in the show when she is riding in the limo. This comment, however, is also edited in, as she says it in a very different voice, and we do not actually see her saying this while in the limo. Perhaps after Brad gets rid of Jenni the camera crew goes back to the hotel and tells Deanna that he didn't pick Jenni either, and they got these soundbites (as well as get the awkward scene of her walking in the hotel).

I think Brad freaked out because it was his first time to say goodbye. He didn't want to have to break anyones heart and he was so nervous about saying goodbye. Again, Brad DID NOT say "I just said goodbye to Jenni," and the camera pans out. When it zooms back in we see Deanna with an entirely different expression, which leads me to believe he says something along the lines of "but you're not the one for me," which explains why Deanna looks so sad when Brad gets off of the podium. If Brad had truly said that he had just gotten rid of Jenni, don't you think Deanna would have been all smiles when he freaked out and got off the stage, thinking he was just nervous about proposing. I also think that when he finally broke the bad news to Deanna she would have said something along the lines of "I can't believe you didn't pick either one of us!!!" instead of crying about how she was going to regret not picking HER.

Another clue, when Brad is with Jenni he says "I just couldn't find really find love....with us" but the 'with us' is again edited in. Also, Jenni says "I hope you find true happiness," which any girl who has just been dumped is more likely to say if she finds out hes dumped them both, than just her. I think Brad dumping Deanna first also explains his sad face when Jenni walked up and why he was in such a hurry to rush Deanna out the door (because Jenni was coming!).

If you watch the boats in the background they seem to be moving in a constant direction that implies that Jenni arrived after Deanna, and although the limo shots make it look later when Deanna is here, these are the plain limo shots, that do not have either girl in it.

Should this really be a surprise? No, ABC has been known to edit shots that lead the viewers to believe a different final person is chosen, but this is the most misleading editing that they have had (at least that I have picked up on). I am very intrigued to find out when Jenni and Deanna actually knew Brad wasn't choosing either, although like i said before my theory is the producers approached Deanna in the hotel to pass along the info.

Can't wait for tonight.

mel from the south said...

i am so angry i spent so many countless hours watching this show! i don't even have anything else to say right now...

Anonymous said...

This bachelor Brad has been talking from both sides of his mouth (not unlike the forked tongue)How can he say all those
flattering things to all the women
and mean nothing at all to him?
Indeed,he desrves an Oscar for acting performance. Those women are all lucky , they did not wind up marrying a phoney, phoney, phoney. This Brad fellow was right though, he did not have enough education to qualify as an ideal husband. Congratulations to the Women.

Anonymous said...

From the very beginning this Brad
was telling everyone about this
Bahelor episode was to be his chance for his finding his future wife (from this group of women).
He was romancing evryone of them.
(Well, hey he's man even he's in there for the fun,fun,fun)Thing is
he was always repaeating himself
how "He cares" for them and especially the last two who really fell for it. Look at his eyes and face really close when he talks.
Ca't you see through him?
Evidently the Women did not.
Surely though, this fellow will have his day of reckoning.

Nana in the NW said...

Oh, the editting of these "Reality Shows"!! When do you think ABC found out he wasn't going to choose either? I wonder at what point did Jenni find out he didn't choose either one....was it last night along with all of us??? I WOULD BE PISSED!!! I agree that it was better for him to not propose to either if he didn't feel "love" for them. I think Brad is searching for something that doesn't exist. All of us who have/are married we know their is no such thing as "perfect". You find someone that makes your heart do flips, shares some common interests, and has the same values as you. Those are the things will can build a lifetime on(I'm working on 36 yrs.)

Good thing I only watch this for entertainment!!LOL

Brad owes those two girls a good explanation tonight. Previews made it seem that they are both still pretty hurt and confused. They need closure to this mess so they will go on with their lives. Some life lessons are not easy to learn!!

Thanks Joyn for the update--I didn't see it until this morning but you did a good job!!

Anonymous said...

O.K. I really didn't pay much attention to the editing part, but I still think he's a jerk. I just saw the preview where he is sitting with Deanna on the couch and she's crying about how the one person she trusted the most broke her heart. Meanwhile, the jerk it trying to hold her freakin' hand! I swear, that man would have had to sit in another chair because I don't think I would have wanted to share the same oxygen with him! My mom and I were joking that he may have fallen for Chris during this whole deal. Talk after the show....

Anonymous said...

OK, this is so horrible. Jenni has thought he was with Deanna all this time! ABC sucks! She must feel like a bafoon! That girl is absolutely the most precious and genuine article I've seen! I hope she smacks him in the face when he comes out.(Forget taking the high road!)

joy n said...

Jenny is a young woman with a lot of class. Brad's loss.

joy n said...

Thank you, nana.

joy n said...

This guy needs to learn the meaning of the word, tact. The more he talks, the worse it seems to sound. I think Jenny's right. he may have a committment problem.

kdub said...

I just don't understand his logic. Jenni just hit the nail on the head... He is afraid of commitment and won't let anyone in. Hope he cracks soon.

joy n said...

I actually feel very sad for DeAnna. Brad is coming off very cold to me. His explanations seem empty. He says he's not playing the sympathy card, but it sure sounds like he is. DeAnna and Jenny will need a lot of time to get over this and they will obviously never have a clear idea idea of just what the hell happened. I believe panic overwhelmed him as he spoke to DeAnna, and that was what the "circular" walk was all about. I think committment is his problem with a capital C.

kdub said...

As we say in the south, "Bless his heart". He honestly doesn't have the maturity to handle a lifetime commitment to someone. He is acting like someone in high school who can't figure out what girl to take to the prom because he might want to go to the football game except football season has already ended. That is absolutely how confusing his explanation was. Those two young ladies are very lucky to have escaped a lifetime of living with a self-centered man who is absorbed in his life of wealth, wants to make sure everyone has seen his physique, while flashing his blue eyes at anyone who would give him a second look. He's trying to be so amiable, wanting the audience to feel his pain. He really needs to get over himself. I think he enjoyed the TV publicity and his new found popularity as the "hottest" bachelor. How about the "most confused" bachelor who happens to be very handsome and egotistical.

dla said...

kdub, I totally agree... Bless his heart.

What a debacle. We have three people that will probably need a lifetime of therapy to even attempt to work through this mess. It is a train wreck, and I felt almost inappropriate watching tonight's show. Broken hearts, sobbing, tear, stuttering... How uncomfortable for everyone, including us.

My biggest question was not answered, but I am uncertain we would have gotten a valid explanation. What was the "big walk" all about??? Was he changing his mind? Trying not cry? Working to get up the guts to tell the 2nd woman that she didn't have "it", either??

What do you all think??

joy n said...

Dia, I think he was ready to propose to DeAnna partly because he had asked the producers to fly her father there and partly because his "speech" to DeAnna at the rose ceremony sounded like he was about to do just that. He said, "Remember when you told me that marriage for you is one time and one time only? I feel the exact same way and I've just said goodbye to Jenni...." Then very suddenly, you could see the panic quickly take over. His eyes darting quickly, nervously kneading her hands, fidgeting with his tie, then his collar. The persperation started. Then to her, without looking at her, said, "OK, hold on real quick." then that quick, nervous walking in a circle, still fidgeting with his tie. Then he tells her the "I can't look you in the eye and tell you I love you" speech. It just seemed to me that after the words, 'I've just said goodbye to Jenni' were spoken, is when that "C" word whacked him in the head and he chickened out. At first, for a split second, I thought maybe he just realized that he shouldn't have said goodbye to Jenni, but obviously, that wasn't it. I think his fear of real committment is what did the dastardly fellow in. Unfortunately, two hearts were broken in the process.

meb said...

It was obvious (after the rose episode) that Brad was looking at Chris to bail him out a couple of times, but he didn't. I, for one, was glad to see him squirm, but...if he didn't really feel "it" for either of the girls, then I'm glad he didn't propose to either. Leading one of them on even further would have been even more cruel.

I never could understand the private night with the final three girls. If the bachelor had serious feelings for one of them, how can he spend a night behind closed doors with the other two.

I do have to say though that since they aren't permitted to show a preference for which lady they may be interested in, they have to "act" for the cameras. It must be difficult to choose your words carefully and you're apt to say something you didn't mean to say.

As for the editing, shows are often edited even when they are supposedly "live". If we got the actual minute-by-minute dialogue, it would probably be very boring or in this kind of show, someone may give a clue to a happening they don't want you to know about yet. Who cares... it's entertainment...that's all.

meb said...

joy n... I think he had already made up his mind not to propose, because he said he would have asked permission from her father first, and even tho he had the father flown out, presumably to ask for Deanna's hand, he hadn't followed through.

That whole "wait a minute" thingy was strange, and I guess we'll never know why he did it unless there might be an interview with him later and someone asks the question. I sure would like to know why.

joy n said...

Meb, I hadn't caught the part where he'd planned to ask her dad for her hand and didn't. Well, I guess then, that "the walk" was probably "working up the courage".

Rosa said...

I thought the ending was very disappointing after wasting my time for the whole series.
I feel sorry for both girls, what a jerk to pretend they were the one and then dump them both.

Anonymous said...

After stewing about this for a couple of days, I looked for a found a site where I could "vent" about this insipid show that I watched in spite of my better judgement. First of all, Brad claims he does not really "know" either girl well enough to propose to either of them. OK......but, guess what? Do any of us really know Brad after watching him for weeks? It seems as if he has very little personality and he seems very shallow. What are his values, what does he stand for? None of us really know. What we know now is that he is a bumbling fool who really was not honest about this whole thing from the get-go. True love is about the daily grind of sharing a life with someone else by your side. True, lasting love is not about butterflies in one's stomach. It's about a desire to commit to another person and share life's journeys; Good, bad, happy, sad. If someone finds a person who they are compatible with, that should be a great springboard to further the relationship. More often than that, that does not happen in six short weeks. In six week's time, a person can however, determine the values of another person and can judge whether or not the relationship is worth persuing. In my opinion, Brad owed it to himself to decide on one of these incredible women, not necessarily as a life partner, but as a person who is worth persuing. Brad does have issues. I believe ABC should do a psychological screening on these participants to weed out those who are as shallow and confused as this goof. He has wasted a bunch of time and truly hurt some very innocent people in the process. I will not watch this show again. It's as shallow as Brad is.

Anonymous said...

Just some thoughts.
I'm curious about how many people who watch this show think what's happening on the screen is actually "real". It sounds like people don't seem to understand that the people in this show are "paid actresses and paid actors". Do you really think the producer would risk Brad or any other bachelor making the decision on who gets the final rose? Lets think here. If I were a producer I would do whatever increases the ratings the most. Could it be that the people paying the paychecks are making the decisions on who gets or does not get a rose? hmm...another thought just came to me. What if the bachelors' from previous seasons were all just paid actors and thats why none of them actually married "any" of the women who they gave a rose to in the final rose ceremony? hmm... What if all of these bachelors and the women who clamour for their attention are actually paid and sign contracts based on the number of appearances and ratings, and what if, depending on those ratings, certain women are chosen over others to either go home or stay for the final round. For example, why is it that there is always one woman or other character in these reality shows that everyone seems to "hate" that always manages to miraculously make it into the final round(s). Could it be that that woman/character (like Amorosa (sp) on "The Apprentice.") is good for ratings because she is paid to "play the role of an antagonist?" and more people tune in hoping to see that character eliminated? Why is it that not one woman in this show has ever walked away "before" a rose ceremony saying, "Ya know, I think he's cute, but he's just not my type?" hmm...could it be she had to stick it out until the rose was delievered as a clause in the contract ..or am I just a fool who thinks the networks aren't going to risk any of these bachelors making any "real" decison when they can pull the strings and make sure that they make it to the next season by actually telling Brad "Hey dude, don't choose either of them, we need to increase our ratings...people will want to tune in to see why you didn't pick either one of them. (Gee, and I'm really gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that maybe, just maybe, its the producers and the writers, and others behind the scenes who are actually in control of the decisions being made on which woman goes home or not? Could it be that marketers actually do research and determine that young women ages 18-35 (or thereabouts) like to watch shows that reflect the challenges they go through in real life-such as finding mr. right, dating and being rejected who have a deep desire to marry someone who is rich, and is also a really good looking nice guy...hmmm does this sound alot like any particular TV show? or maybe you all are right, its all Brads doing. Yep, he's the one deciding the "fate" of the network ratings.
I don't mind someone watching this show because they find it entertaining. I watch it and I love it! What scares me is how many people think that what is happening on the screen is actually "real".

joy n said...

Just read on AOL News that Mary Delgado was arrested for punching fisherman Byron Velnick in the face on Wednesday night. Mary and Bryon! They were just on "After The Rose on Tuesday night as "one of the two successes of Bachelor.

It said the Seminole, FL police took Mary Delgado into custody after midnight Wednesday, on a battery charge and under the influence of alcohol. It says she is a former cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. She punched him in the mouth.

Police did not name victim, but says pair have lived together as a family for last three years.

I swear, when watching "After The Rose, and Chris asked them if they had set a wedding date yet, Mary turned to Byron and gave him a weird look. At the same time, Byron looked at Chris with a 'Yeah, right!' look. I swear, I remember thinking, maybe all is not right in Paradise. Then I just shrugged it off.

For some reason, it really bothers me that this happened. Anybody have any thoughts?

dla said...

Joy N,

I am extremely bothered by this. It is just so sad, and, especially following their appearance on After The Rose this past week.

Maybe all is NOT right in paradise! You nailed that one.

Anon 5:16pm

I find your perception interesting and thought provoking. While I respectfully disagree that the producers and powers-that-be have this much influence on the show, I definitely feel that rarely do couples fall IN LOVE within 6 weeks, no matter what the situation.

I think back over all the men I have dated for 6 weeks or more, and I have not married any of them. lol

Zoetawny said...

Hi all! Yes, I know I haven't been here all season. I was without a pc for 2 months. :(

Just read the article about Mary and Byron. I'd really like to know what provoked her to punch him in the face and if he filed charges. I always thought that Mary was much too needy for any relationship to work. Then again, it's disheartening to see how many of these young beautiful women are so needy and willing to throw themselves at "the Bachelor".

joy n...

I've never been able to figure out how one falls in love (other than fairytale love) in 6 weeks. Are Ryan and Trista the only couple that have lasted? I'm even amazed at that.

Just tried to watch the last full episode on but the movie player they offer for download in order to view an episode doesn't seem to work. Guess I'll just have to read all your comments. ;)
Sure wish I had been able to join in from the start.

Once again, a big thank you to Jackie for offering this forum.

joy n said...

Zoetawny, from what I have read and heard, Ryan and Trista are, apparently, the only "survivors" of the Bachelor series.

I didn't think Mary was right for Byron during their season for a few simple reasons. She had just come off the prior season thinking she was in love with Bob. She was sent home late in the "game" and was all broken up over it as she left. Plus, I believe she made a point of expressing to him that she wanted to have children before much longer. I thought she was trying very hard to win, and I also thought she came off as needy at the time.

Then, during her season with Byron, she seemed to fall again, very quickly. I remember thinking she was probably getting desperate for someone to start that family with.

However, after hearing on different occasions that they were still together, (although not married and no kids) it must have meant that it had worked out for them, after all. And seeing them on "After the Rose" made me think "good for them". Until, as I mentioned in the earlier post, I saw those looks they exchanged when Chris asked about wedding plans. That, and the news that came out yesterday.

I guess I live in la-la land, because I thought that they had actually beaten the odds and found "true love". Obviously, they have not. It's just a little disheartening.

meb said...

Had anyone seen where Mary and Byron had any other "problems" prior to this one. Maybe Chris' question (After the Rose) to them about marriage caused her to start pressuring him. Just an observation. Sad.

While I believe in love at first sight, if that isn't the case, then 6 weeks is a nice round number to get to know a little something about someone, and even to know whether you "like" a person, but seems way out there to think you can fall in love in such a short period. Too many people get into relationships too soon, marry, and then divorce. No committment anymore,

Sydney said...

could have sworn that Mary adn Byron answered Chris's question, or mentioned earlier in the show, that they were planning a November wedding. Did anyone else hear that? I watched it twice, but that was before I read these comments, and I deleted it from Tivo so I can't go back and look...

joy n said...

Well, I guess Jenni is over Brad already. I just read on realitytvworld,com that she has moved back in with her boyfriend, Russell, and she says that he is "the man she is meant to be with". The article states that the couple lived together before the show and Russell wouldn't propose so she moved in with her girlfriend. Then she decided to go on The Bachelor. Russell decided he couldn't live without her, I guess, and they are back together. Still no plans at the moment for marriage, but she says she won't be playing any more "games" with their relationship.

meb said...'re right...they did say they were planning a November wedding... I had forgotten that.

joy n... wow! That's a shocker. How do you fall in and out of love like that??? Amazing.

Sydney said...

Interview with DeAnna after the "After the Rose" show.

meb said...

Very LONG interview with DeAnna. The only thing I have a problem with is the continuous comments about her being so strong and independent, yet everything she says in the interview portrays her as less than confident. I guess rejection can have this effect on you.

meb said...

Ellen DeGeneres called Womack a jerk and had a face-to-face with him to appologize.

The article said: Though Womack regrets what he told DeAnna, he told DeGeneres he never asked that Pappas’ father be flown out. The arrival of Pappas’ father created false hope for DeAnna.

“What I did say is a proposal was such a big deal to me that a phone call was not sufficient, if and when that proposal would happen,” he said. “When it got to that day, I was informed that DeAnna’s father was flown out. I never one time asked for DeAnna’s father to be flown out. Never one single time.”

He also was sorry for the misleading remarks he made and said he was probably caught up in the moment when he said them.

Guess there were a lot of things that we never knew about due to editing, but I still didn't like the ending.