Friday, September 14, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Since the Live Show

Daniele is asleep as I post this, but Dick is still awake -- smiling, giggling, shuffling cards, and smoking.

Here's the skinny on the night:
  • BB gave Daniele and Dick a bottle of champagne and a dinner to congratulate them -- Dick to "winning, plain and simple" and Daniele for Zach going home.
  • Dick thinks Daniele will win because she's the lesser of two evils, Daniele thinks Dick will win because the jury hates her. (And they don't hate Dick?)
  • Dick kept bursting into celebratory dancing and jumping fits. At one point he asked Daniele how she could be so calm. She laughed and jokingly said, "Because I'm not a freak like you." (Nah, wasn't particularly mean. She was teasing. She kept looking at him and smiling.)
  • Once again, he went on about it all being a fairytale come true.
  • Dick thinks the others will play it personal and he wonders what Dustin will ask him.
  • Daniele pointed out that this was the first day of five they'll be trapped there. She wants to go home. (Although she's whining, I agree -- I don't know why they leave the final two stuck in there so long when the game is basically all but over.)
  • Dick is still hurting from the first part of the comp, but his happiness over winning takes over ... until he moves funny and OW.
  • Dick told Daniele it's not important what she says to the jury because, either way, they won.
  • BB went all out stocking the stockroom for them.
  • Daniele made her now infamous cookies.
  • They talked about how the rules changed in the first part after the rabbit died. They thought Zach wasn't doing as well when he had to jump the bunny. (Notice that they didn't say a word about the dead rabbit on the show.)
  • Daniele thinks Eric is going to be vicious with his questions for them.
  • Daniele went to bed.
  • Dick set the table for her telling us it will make her smile in the morning.
  • I don't think Dick is going to be able to sleep for another few days -- he's still in a rush of exhilaration over winning. When he crashes, I predict at least 12 hours straight of sleep.
There ya go! I wrote the review of the show which should appear on TV Squad sometime soon.


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QueenGoddessDiva said...




RiseandShine said...

Good Morning!
I agree, 5 days from final 2 to finale is a bit long. Although, it's a golden opportunity for the final 2 to rest, eat well, excercise, swim, sun, and get all their stuff cleaned, packed and ready to go.
Wasn't it Jun and Allison that we came to despise during those days? They talked nothing but trash and the live feed people reported it all. I hope D&D are smarter than that.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, Will you be able to watch the feeds without falling asleep? More power to ya!

Anonymous said...

I love that they're stuck with each other for the next 5 days.

I think they should rethink having teams who are related be a part of big brother in the future. It's anti-climatic when relatives end up being the top two because neither of them loses, really.

It's hard to muster up enthusiasm to even watch when there's no risk and no mystery to the finale.

tb said...

CHEERS for D&D !!!
Hopefully these five days they can bond and patch up their shakey father/daughter relationship.

Sissy said...

I'm so happy D&D won.I know that Dick is verbally abusive (but what is that old sayin? Sticks and stones... and kudos to Zach for being able to just ignore him) and I know Daniele is a whiner but still, that was one alliance that never fractured, even when they were fighting, which was often.Did anyone notice that Dick started that first comp on the carrot with sneakers on and then they were off and he was barefooted? That can't be too easy, taking off your sneakers with one hand on a key and having to jump over rabbit every 30 seconds. Congrats to D&D and let's hope that over the next few days they can work on their relationship instead of playing the game.

barbwire said...

i just don't think that Dick is that nasty & evil in real life - in the BB house he was playing a game to win a half million dollars, & i think most of his nasty, evil comments were in the context of game play

Maybe he can't "give" money to Danielle, if he wins the half million, but i don't think there is any rule about "giving" gifts, like cars, vacations, etc

I can't wait to hear what the questions & comments from the jury people will be - i'm sure a lot of sour grapes, & jealousy - especially from Dustin & Amber

i really didn't care anymore who won, i didn't have a favorite, but in the last part of the HOH, i found myself rooting for Zack, only because it would make for a much more interesting finale, waiting to see if the jury people give the big prize to Dick or Zack

Now i'm sad, my summer habit is over, i have to go thru withdrawal once again

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Barbwire about Dick not being like that outside the BB house. The clips from his friends a few weeks ago were nothing like the Dick we see. Daniele needs to grow up and realize how much he loves her and wants nothing but the best for her.
I want Dick to win. He will share the winnings with his kids where I don't think Daniele will be so generous.
Donna in AL

Anonymous said...

Indeed a sad day!

I'm not surprised that they are the final two, however.

I'm more interested to see the jury reactions to Eric being AP than I am about anything else now.

Angi, OH

Terry in CA Mom in Heaven said...

Well Jackie another season well done and made more interesting by glad you endured the often boring and unjust,insanity.
I think D&D played the game, others just toyed with it....and I think Dick isnt as Evel as his persona appears...I think Daniel will go into the cookie business with the money daddy will gift her.
My Moms funeral is next friday and that is what I have on my agenda, thanks for the updates to keep me distracted a bit.

Anonymous said...

i guess blood is ALWAYS thicker than water...even when the blood is in fight mode. makes me think the dueling donatos really had an unfair advantage of play over the other houseguests. when it comes down to it, family has that extra connection. glad this season is over, and hoping next years hamsters are a lot more interesting and come with personality.

Anonymous said...

The only reason that I am watching the finale on Tuesday is to see how the HG react to Eric being AP. I couldn't stand Dick or Daniele since the beginning and with both of them in the final two, well what is the point? I agree with Anon 7:12, BB should not use the relatives (or even people who know each other) in choosing HGs anymore. It wasn't good in 'The X Factor' and it was even worse this season. I didn't really like the AP either as it was done. The voting portion was good, but I didn't like the 'stunts'.
Some of you have said that you don't think that Dick is as nasty outside of the house and that this was just his 'gameplay'. I would agree with that except for one thing, he must have practiced a lot to be that quick to throw all of the foul languge around in those tirades of his. Yes, I would say that he has a lot of experience being insulting, rude, foul mouthed and most of all, classless.

Anonymous said...

dead rabbit? That rabbit wasn't real! Was it?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
It's hard to muster up enthusiasm to even watch when there's no risk and no mystery to the finale.

I'm enthusiastic for the finale. But I'm a D&D fan. But really - I think the questions from the jury will be interesting and I'm most looking forward to the AP reveal. I hope they show a series of clips of all the tasks and all the missing pieces can fall into place for the houseguests.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Dick can sleep 12 hours, he has to get up and go outside to have a cigarette!

I think the next 5 days is what they deserve, to be stuck with each other. Daniele just used her Dad. I don't believe they'll have much of a relationship after the show. She thinks she's too good for him! She even rolls her eyes at him! I don't agree with Dick's abusive tactics, but no one got rid of him! He deserves all the money! He was the mouth to her coniving, lying tactics (I mean strategy). Lying = strategy when she does it! LOL! He should've been voted out after he dumped tea on Jen! Any form of physical abusive contact is unacceptable!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
makes me think the dueling donatos really had an unfair advantage of play over the other houseguests.

Dustin & Joe and Jess & Carol could have had the same advantage but didn't play it that way. D&D put their differences aside and worked together. Granted, they are a closer relationship than the other 2 pairs but they still had enough of a past that they could have used it to their advantage.

Anonymous said...

not knowing dick or danielle personaly, it's hard to know what they would do outside, with the money ~~ with their relationship. there's just too much speculation that she won't share. why wouldn't she? i'm sure she'll book a trip and pay for it and her and nick will have a nice vacation. i'm sure she'll do other things as well, but who cares - not my business - IT'S HER MONEY to do with what and how she pleases.

are we going to fault zach for promoting his start up company the whole way through? are we going to tell him he has to share when the sponsors come chasing him? i think not.

whatever they do with the money and however they spend it is their right - fair and square- they won it. if it was you, who has the right to speculate what you would do with your winnings? get a grip on reality - NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

i'm glad for them to have the next 5 days alone. this can be their therapy. no others, no game play, nothing but father and daughter having 5 days together to make up for the lost time.

he can't be all that bad in real life. he seems to have friends that have real honest opinions of him, and he has shown admirable love and respect for his daughter. granted, not the others in the house, but that was his game, IMO. i bet ya more women will be throwing themselves at him in record time.

as for dick being a dick outside the house? maybe at times, maybe not. we all have our moments - ours just aren't caught on tape 24/7. he also showed he wasn't one as well.

danielle a whiner? sure as shoot is. show me a pretty, young, spoiled girl that isn't. heck, i'll show you a 54 year old man that drives me insane with his whining. i'd like to slap him silly.

let's give props where props are due. these two stuck together throughout the game. they faced odds being the house together. who would have thought it would go on this long and it would come down to the end. remember even though she wanted him gone in the beginning, she then realized it was best to work together. dick wanted it bad, he wanted it more than anyone, i believe, and whatever his stretegy, it worked for him, because he is part of the final two. as for being the only team to do it - he's right. they may not have started as a team, but they aligned and they made it to the end. they made it with each other, not on their own. if he sounded like he was gloating because they were a team that finally made it - i'd be gloating too. i would count it among my accomplishments.

i think they, more than jameka, were on the block more than any other houseguests. danielle proved she was the all time "thing" (as zach would call it) winner. she busted her little butt to get it. she was hungry for it as well. he, an out of shape, chain smoking, non-exercising man, had a brain that never stopped. no matter what anyone thinks, they applied themselves 100% to this game and yes, for the end result $$$$$$. i'll always believe as well, that he, more than she (until this point) wanted to patch their relationship.

did they play with class - no, not always.
did they play with honesty? no, not always
did they play fair -- YES indeed. they played the game for themselves and each other and they played it being fair to themselves and to each other. THEY PLAYED THE GAME from the door and never stopped playing. they weren't there to play for anyone else. heck, jessica never played her own game - eric played it for her.

eric, he played america's game. i don't think he would have lasted as long as he did had he not.

as for not keeping their word to jessica, what else could they do. what would you have done in the same situation? she was the only out. jameska couldn't compete, so it made sense for her to go. did she exit the house with any class NO. she threw a little fit, she didn't have the decency to address everyone. did everyone come crashing down on her? no
dustin had nothing nice to say about joe from the start. did he show any class? NO
i could go on and on. we could nit-pick on all their lack of class at some point in the game. dick was just very loud about his game play.

did i enjoy dick's outburts and the mean, negative things he said? no way. did i think he meant it or did i think it was his tactic? the jury is out - he just touched on something on each person and went with it. was he mouthy - for certain and he used it to his advantage, because he is last man standing, so it worked. i've been known to explode on occasion -- have you? lucky me, no cameras are on me.

i applaud them both for getting to the end. i think when the grinding comments and questions come from the jury, they will have the "ah F it" attitude and just answer as they seem fit without having to make excuses for their win. i remember past players making excuses for their win. will they be cocky and muhammid ali "i'm the greatest" attitiude? probably, but SO WHAT. they played the game and they won.

regardless who gets first place, THEY WON. they won more than money too. they won the opportunity to mend their hearts and their relationship and to top it all off, they had to do it with cameras watching their every move.


i'm certainly looking forward to seeing you being awarded your win. i hope you enjoy your (short-lived) fame and I hope for the sake of family, that your relationship continues to heal and that you all come together again as a family and respect that for the remainder of each of your lives.

(who has no connection to the donato's, never will, but applauds them for getting this far)

Anonymous said...

Let's face it! They only played for the money, the common goal. Other than that,nada! End of story! No relationship! Once the money is awarded, adios! And aniele will be pleading her case to the jury to get the lions share of it, or should I say whining? I'm sure she'll be blaming her Dad for certain things, to take it off herself.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of reading about how Dick and Daniele had an advantage in the game. All of the other houseguests had every opportunity to get rid of both of them -- D&D just outplayed them time and time again. I'm personally so happy for both of them. Sorry about your ill feelings toward them. Zack had no game plan - he just had to start playing in the end. BUT I do commend him for being such a gentleman and good sport. I was for Dick to win from the very beginning.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe for a minute that the Donatos only played for the money or that after the show they won't have any contact again. That's absurd. There are some real feelings there, it's obvious. They were the one unbreakable alliance, no matter how much they may have gotten on each others' nerves during their stay in the house, and regardless of their past history.

I wanted them to win from the beginning; they played the game well and deserve to be in the final two.

Great job, Dick and Daniele!

Anonymous said...

maryanne, excellent post. I agree with everything you said. Well done.


sue said...

Hello Jackie and Posters! A bright new day and I am now released from the suspense BB has been building to all summer. Autumn is here. And I am happy about that. A few things that I didn't post last night in the marathon comments. Jackie, 347 and that a record?

Joe in Ny: I hope Jackie is giving you credit for frequent flyer miles.

meb: Yes, he was flirting. Unless that creeps you out, then he was probably noticing your car. Eye to eye contact between strangers on the road can be the best moment of a day...or the worst, depending.

Deanna: Congrats on Dick making it to F2 and I hope he wins it all. I also hope he puts whatever 'share' he plans to give Daniele into a trust for her, so she'll still have something after her $50,000 is gone.

Jackie: Well done.


Karen said...

Maryanne - I agree. Well said.

AlbGlinka said...
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Anonymous said...

I believe that Dick cares for his daughter. But I also believe Daniele is young shallow and self-centered, immature. She'd not ready to be an adult and care about her Dad, yet. She needs some real life experiences to put things in perspective. What's absurd is thinking she has any feelings for anyone other than her whining little self, at this point in her life! Her Dad would do anything for her. I don't believe she's capable of reciprocating!

AlbGlinka said...

I'm not sure if I'd be feeling this way if anyone else other than D&D had made it 'til the end, but I don't like how BB has these competitions that rest so much on guessing trivia questions. Either Zach or Dick could have won that last challenge, just like either Eric or Dick could have won the step challenge previously. The game is left too much to pure chance and guessing.

Sorry all D&D fans out there, but I cannot wait until next Wednesday morning, when the odious Dick Donato and the whiney Daniele never have to enter my consciousness again! Until then, I am having to mute my TV everytime Dick starts to rant, which is every time he opens his mouth.

ORKMommy said...

Terry in CA - I am soooo sorry to hear about your mom. I've been away from the blog for a few days, so if you told everyone before I missed it. You will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers! Even though you want her here with you, just think of how more wonderful Heaven is now that she's there.

Hang in there friend, we're thinking of you!

meb said...

So Sue... you're saying it could be whatever I want it to be. OK... He wanted to marry me (said singsong like from Miss Congeniality/Sandra Bullock).

You know when it comes down to it, it doesn't matter who gets the money...and personally I really don't care...

Eager to see the looks on faces at the finale' due to all they're going to learn, i.e. AP ... who's the winner, the boos or yays as they are introduced, etc.

Anonymous said...

TERRY IN CA: My condolences. So sorry to hear about your mother. Makes this game seem silly.

~Susan in MA

Anonymous said...


meb said...

terry in ca... sorry... i hadn't read your post yet. I too send condolences. May your friends bring you comfort, and God bring you peace.

meb said...

Peggy... who would really know if they're splitting no matter who wins. Any answer here would be pure speculation based on personal biases. OMG I sound like Joe in ny! Smile.

Anonymous said...

The Donatos I fear will fall into that trap that so many lottery winners have fallen into. Too much money too fast. I see this tearing them apart. I give them a year tops.

Anonymous said...

I am annoyed it is Dick an Daniele are the final two. But i am more annoyed that the other houseguests did not take them out when they had the chance to, earlier in the game. I am quite interested in seeing if Daniele's boyfriend, and I don't mean Nick, will be there. It sort of creeps me out how attached to Nick she became, since she has been without him in the house longer than she was with him. And the reveal of America's player will be the most fun part of the show. He'll come away with almost as much as the second place winner does.

Ray said...

Up until Thursday, I wasn't really happy that the Donatos were in a position to win. Dick's been a very interesting character, but I never thought the two of them did enough to win.

Then came the last HOH competition. That first component looked BRUTAL. 7 hours in "rain"? Ugh. bunny or no bunny, even though he didn't win, Dick won me over. And to come back and win the next two stages...he's a true winner, like it or not.

I don't really care who wins the game now. But I do think the best players won. There were chances for other tandems to win. Heck, Eric and Jessica could have won. But they faltered, even though I love the two of them. I give it up to Dick and Danielle; they won a tough game.

Anonymous said...

In the end, does Eric take home more money for being AP than Zach for coming in third?

Anonymous said...

yay..... For once in the game, someone who played hard in the game will win.
More power to D AND D......

Anonymous said...

If Dick wins, then I am sure he will share the prize somehow with Daniele - if not straight out cash, then buying her a car, house, etc. Also seems like he would be inclined to help his son, maybe mom, etc. I'm sure the money is important, but I think to him his daughter/family is more important.

If Daniele wins, I seriously doubt that she will do the same for him. Maybe a car or something minor for Dick, but she certainly isn't going to split it. On the flip side, I think that Dick probably would be fine with only whatever he won, and none of Daniele's money, but feel kind of sorry for him that he's going to be faced with his daughter's greed and disrespect.

After the game is over, everyone else goes home, and maybe sees each other again, maybe never. But those two are stuck with each other to some extent forever. The good or the bad feelings will go on, and on and on.


meb said...

anon 10:20 - I don't think Zach wins anything other than his stipend for being in the house. So yes, Eric will get more. Eric takes home almost as much as the 2nd place winner...$40,000 vs $50,000.

steff said...

anon 10:20
Yes eric mde $40,000.00 plus his $750.00 a week

SJ said...

I am so depressed. The Donatos make me insane, and I actually came to like Zach. Thanks, jackie for the brilliant entertainment...I'm checking out of BB until next season. This has to be one of the most disappointing, and boring, BBs EVAH!

Anonymous said...

does anyone else think the questions in the 3rd hoh comp were ridiculous? not challenging at all. I think TPTB got what they wanted and now the last show will be a yawn because we already know who the winners are.
Shame on BB for orchestrating a terrible finally.

Anonymous said...

BB had to make the questions simple for Zach.

meb said...

Well I'm feeling stupid then, cause I missed everyone they got wrong.

Joe in NY said...
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Joe in NY said...

Terry in CA,

Yes, please accept my condolences. It is always a hard thing to say goodbye.


Sorry I'm rubbing off on you.

Mary Ann,

I must have rubbed off on you - that was the longest post I've ever seen.


As for me...

I think it turned out to be a very interesting season. I know everyone loves to complain (pretty much every season) but so much exciting stuff happened: the Amber train wreck, the Jen train wreck, the E/J showmance, the Dustin ouster, the Kail trainwreck.

But, more than anything, what a great final 4!!! Think about it: Jameka, the most likeable and classy to the very end; Zack rising to the occasion from total floaterdom; the Donato family tragedy and triumph. What great moments, really.

I could have cried watching Dick and Zack in that endurance comp. You could see them suffering, you could see the pain in Dick's eyes when he looked at Dani, feeling like he was letting her down. For all the Dani haters (and I ain't a fan myself), she proved herself to not be totally selfish. I did cry when she was talking Dick down, "It's okay. If you need to stop. It's okay. I love you. It's okay."

Then, Dick broken, crying. Zack comes over "Incredible man".

Into the house, Dick still crying. Stops and pats Zack on the shoulder. Grudging respect between respectful adversaries.

The final comp. Dick ekeing out a victory over a game Zack. Turning and looking for Dani. Did you see his eyes? He did it all for Dani.

Classy, almost funny goodbye from Zack. Dick just sharing the love with his daughter: "We did it. WE did it." No self-congratulation, no self-aggrandizing. He celebrated the team.

In so many ways, the Donatos are like all of us. I know people hate to hear that, but it was all there, beneath the tattoos and tattered edges. Self-less, limitless parental devotion. Disappointment. Trying to reach out, not knowing how. Wanting to be understood, not knowing how to be. There is something universal in Dick and Dani's struggle to find common ground. Something we all go through in our own families at some time or another.

It breaks my heart to know that I'LL NEVER KNOW if they finally make it. Like our favorite TV drama, canceled too soon, so many unanswered questions about our close friends that we've never met. We'll never know if Dani can overcome the disappointment of her childhood to have an adult relationship with her Dad. We can't know if Dick can overcome his own disappointment with his own life to simply hold on to his children as that one all important thing in his life.

But, I can believe. I can hope. For myself as well as them.

The coarseness of Dick just makes it all that much more poignant when you see his yearning to be loved by the daughter he clearly adores.

There is a lesson their struggle for all of us.

It was a great season and I think the story is ending too soon.

Anonymous said...

Ok, after taxes the 500k will dwindle down to 360,000
the 50k to 36k. Total 396000 and if you split that 198k each. Not much!
September 2008-
"do anyone remember the names of the two that won last year" hum no, "just remember the rudeness, and the abuse". This time next year no know will remember the F2 of BB8. At this time next year the money will be gone and they will be back living the same life they have today-unhappy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jackie for the blog. I know you've lost a lot of sleep over this. It is GREATLY appreciated.

I think Dick is right. The jury will be personal. I still want to know how they'll react to Eric being "America's Player." He really did help keep D&D in the house. They'll still be surprised to find out that not everyone hated D&D. They had the chance to take them out and one of two things happened, D&D won a veto, or they just didn't do it. I say Kudos to D&D. They played the better game. I still think Dick will win. He did play much better than Dani.

Thanks again Jackie!


meb said...

Wow Joe in ny... you actually brought tears to my eyes. Now if you had expressed yourself this way throughout this year of BB, you would have been loved by everyone and we would have wanted YOU to win the money (by osmosis, of course).

Truly, you could have written this for a passage in a book. Ever think about writing? (Or did you steal it from somewhere?) As my granddaughter would say: "Just jokin' ya"!

anon 11:26 ... you must be rich... $198,000 would mean an awful lot to me and I'm sure it does to them.
Also, believe me, everyone will remember these two, even years from now because they made such an impression on each of us on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious. What is with calling people trolls?

Joe in NY said...


"Trolls" is internet parlance for people who anonymously post negative things on boards.

Anonymous said...

I just hate the way they (d$d) continue to speak ill of the past guests. What's the point they won.
I know Zach confused the heck out of them, they've probably never had anyone show them the class that Zach did. Did anyone else notice when part one was over and Zach got down and imediatly stummbled over to Dick to see how he was, even helping him to get to his feet. Zach is a class act, now that is the way to treat fellow contestants. Win with class not trash.
I agree with the anon who thinks the money will just bring trouble. Like so many low class folks who suddenly find themselves with money they won't know what to do with it. What a waste

Joe in NY said...


thanks for the kind words. I think I was expressing myself the same way all season - sometimes it's just what you hear! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon 11:26...but I wonder if the Donatos will file tax returns...

Anonymous said...

BB was always a little skimpy with the prize money...all the finalists should get something like Survivor. According to the papers yesterday $5 million is the new $1 million. So a half mil after taxes is not exactly enough to set you up for life. The best thing to do is take a nice holiday, put a down payment on a home, pay off the car and buy an annuity with the rest so it will grow.

Anonymous said...

yes i think D&D had an advantage...but then why didn't the other houseguests break them up when they had a chance like everyone else?...the jury house has no one to blame but themselves.
BB8 had an interesting wasn't unfair to anyone else..if they had eliminated one of the pair!
oh well!...the jurors can live with that!...i hope Dick wins...he was by far the Best entertainment this show has seen since Dr Will!!!


Anonymous said...

I disagree that the other two "pairs" had the same "bond" as a father/daughter who may or may not have "not been speaking." Carol and Jessica were high school friends...and had a falling out...not exactly a close lifelong relationship...and Dustin and Joe were short term former they could work together...I still say having two members of the same family changed the dynamics of the house in a negative way and gave the Donatos an unfair advantage. Everybody knew that were up against two and if they attacked one the other, esp. Dick would retaliate and thus most were intimidated...just as Dick had planned. If, in fact, they were estranged before...for sure fighting over the proceeds if Dani wins will ensure they don't talk in the future. She is definitely not a "sharer."

Anonymous said...

I'm sure a lot of people feel that having two people from the same family was a bad idea...BB is scrambling for something "new" but during the X season it was a bore too. Hope they return to basic concept for next year and bring in some people with personality and who you can warm up to.

meb said...

Balony Joe... I heard what you said! (And I know how to spell Blogna)... And I heard what you where saying in the post I referred to. It was with feeling. Maybe positive feeling vs negative feelings. Please don't get into a negative response. I truly enjoyed reading the one post. It's how I want to remember you! Smile.

Going to hospital visit, lunch then home shortly.


meb said...

Well, maybe not (know how t spell) HAA

sherry said...

Why is it everyone seems to be sure of Dick and Daniele's motivations and able to make such sure statements of who would share money. i can't see what info was given on the show for ppl to be acting so confident and all knowing in what they say....its fun to speculate but the facts as they've been given is that they had a falling out for reasons we can only speculate it over it that dick slept with one of her friends as has been said? no one really knows, i'm sure its a combination of many things..Dicks comment about waitresses and strippers would have p'd me off too..i'm sure she's had a whole life full of Dick behaving as we've seen and it always supposed to be okay if he says he's sorry.. a parent is supposed to build you up not tear you down. I remember watching the start of the show and hearing all dick said about his daughter and being horrified that even in a family fight situation a father would ever under any circumstance speak of his child that way and now even though its obvious he cares, its also seems obvious with watching his behaviour that he's most likely reponsible for what happened with him and his child...he is the parent here....Dick congratulated them both at the end as i believe Daniele would have because it definately took both of them to get to the a team and alone i dont think either would have made it all the way...It will be interesting to see what they both have to say to the jury and somehow i doubt Dick the all loving parent will be saying give it all to my daughter caz thats the only reason i played as i did..nor do i think Daniele will be saying it was all my dad..just for the record..I did see Daniele telling dick to distract Zack but I do think calling Dick Danieles pitbull is just plain silly. I do think she was as shocked as everyone else in the house at the start by his behaviour and as the game went on saw it was a tactic that seemed to work and i'm sure her father..her parent told her it was so so now she uses it and once again is held reponsible for her Dads behaviour..I know if my daughter told me to distract some one talking about their penis isnt what would come to my mind to do..maybe a few jokes, whatever but no Daniele doesnt make Dick mean..Dick be's mean all on his own by his own choice and is the big grown up here. I just find it odd as hell that Daniele is supposed to know how to behave and be a better person with him as her role model and somehow he who was actually responsible for raising her and instilling values and ethics in her gets the free skate while we all agree his behaiour is over the top and offensive. I still wish both the Donatoes luck and will enjoy seeing how they behave this last week. Go Donatos!

Renothndr said...

I don't care which one gets the money... same, same, same. Rather anticlimactic. What really gets me is: WHERE DOES ALL THAT SPIT COME FROM???!!!! That nasty man spits at least six times every eight seconds! Ewwwwwwwwwwww Is it a medical or psychological condition or what??!! He needs help!

Maybe with his winnings he can afford to get some help. Even though I don't appreciate their style, the D's took it to the finals and won.

Anonymous said...

Joe in NY, your post brought tears to my eyes as well. Beautifully said.
I, too, wish we could know more of the Donatos' story. I wish them the very best.


Anonymous said...

Interesting last couple of weeks. From what I'm reading there is a lot of differences of how people feel. I think we get so emotionaly attached to this show that the HG become part of the family in a creepy kind of way. My opinion, such as it is; the evils played a nasty game. The nastiest I've seen in 8 years. No one has ever abused other hg like ED did. YOu can play the "game" but, the abuse is unacceptable. I suspect this is why he has been divorced 3 times. He abuses everyone he comes in contact with, except his skinny whinney daugther, who seems to have the same life principals her dad does. THey might of played a 'good game' as some are saying but it didnt have to be abusice, I thought thier behavior was distracting, classless and just plain mean. If I hadnt gotton involved with the HG, I would of stopped watching this show 6 weeks ago-boring, boring, and boring.
Kudos to Jackie for keeping us entertained and connected.
jo in nevada

Joe in NY said...

anon 12:17

I have to stand by the Dick as Dani's pitbull. That wasn't the first time she told him to "distract" someone.

I'm not saying it's a bad thing. I'm just saying it's a thing thing...

It was their strategy, it was within the rules, it worked, good for them!

I just think that they all (including Zack) need to acknowledge that the Pitbull's bite helped get them all to the end rather than (as Zack is doing) try to hate the criminal while reaping the benefits of the crime.

May said...

What struck me last night was that despite how upset and irritated I would get with the Donatos, there is that bond between a parent and a child that is always there despite the estrangements and issues.

I do not think the question is whether they love each other or not, that is always there despite problems.

Their bond of trust is what got them through this game as they might not always like each other but they sure as heck trust each other over others.

And I must admit the best thing to happen in the house is that this father and daughter had a second chance to get closer.

I wonder if Jameka and Amber will never get it that maybe God also loves the Donatos and it is not about winning but what we learn from experiences. And for them, I cannot help but think God would be pleased to see a father and daughter reconcile.
But unlike Jameka and Amber, I will not speak for God. Trouble is , they tried to get into God's head and speak for him. And that kept them more focused on how God must want them to win instead of what they could learn from this game and from others.

Something I learned when my parents were dying, the only people they wanted by their side were their kids. They had loads of friends and relatives but in the end, it was only Us.

Strange how life goes.

Joe in NY said...

Jo in Nevada,

I agree with 50% of what you are saying: Ds played a nasty game of intimidation.

But, it was within the rules, and it was successful, and it was the only strategy they could probably mount.

Everyone has their own little "talents" and everyone lacks certain other "talents". If you are Dick, you aren't going to be able to fly under the radar (especially as one of the "frenemies" - the oldest one with the most tattoos!), you aren't suave enough to play like Will, what are you going to do? He went with his strength - he's been running bars for his entire life, can curse better than a whole Navy and he's a little scary looking to a blond girl from Kansas (and even a brunette)!

It is, in the end, just a game. Dick went with the only strength he had. He was at least smart enough to recognize his limitations.

You can hate the way he played, but he did play within the rules.

He is, for me, the Dallas Cowboys. Never liked them or the way they played (on or off the field), but I wouldn't deny them the Super Bowl trophies they won.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Dick and Danielle won. I've been cheering them on. Dick was louder and his attacking other people was sometimes offensive, but I was also offended by the cattiness, backstabbing, and swearing on their child's life of the other players. The show isn't set up for people to be nice, it's a game, and someone has to lose. I wonder if Dick and Danielle's fragile relationship can handle it if Danielle doesn't win and Dick gets the big money? No offense meant to anyone that didn't want them to win.

Joe in NY said...


Excellent post, I couldn't agree more.

If you believe in God and Divine Intervention, maybe BB8 was meant to be the season of D and D.

I'm not quite that religious, but it is a perspective that might at least cause some of us to take the focus from what WE want BB to be an who WE want to win.

In the end, BB really isn't our life... (took me all summer to realize that! :)

May said...

Terry, I want to offer my sincere sympathy to you in the loss of your mother. I lost my mother just 2 years ago and it is so difficult. My thoughts are with you. My mother was also my best friend and I will miss her everyday for the rest of my days on earth.

Something I learned, grieving is different for everyone and do not let anyone dictate to you how to grieve, how long to grieve or tell you what is normal. As it varies from person to person and that grief can sneak up on you at times when least expected.

I still pick up the phone to call Mom and it hits me. I dream about her and Dad nearly every night. It is just as each day passes, I find I cope better.

But there are days I still have crying jags and other days that I am feeling strong and Ok.


CC said...

Terry, I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your mother. Our thoughts, hearts, prayers go with you.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if any of the jury members even HAVE any questions for D&D. They're probably all sitting there saying "well this sucks" and they already know which of them they're voting for. I predict the finale is going to be lame, lame, lame. Both Danielle and Dick sucked up to the jury members in their goodbye videos ("it's just strategy," "it's just a game," "not personal") and now we get to watch them do it in person. I wish we could have a jury member say, "You were a real jerk. You were over-the-top rude. You used your dad to do all your dirty work." and then refuse to vote for either one of them. THAT would be a redeeming moment for this season!

Anonymous said...

AlbGlinka said...
Either Zach or Dick could have won that last challenge, just like either Eric or Dick could have won the step challenge previously. The game is left too much to pure chance and guessing.

I don't think it was just a game of guessing. This game is all about reading people and those questions were about how well do you know these people and how they would respond.

PlaidChick said...

Terry in CA-- I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

My the source of peace and light surround you.

Margo said...

The Donato's need all their winnings to pay for the years of family counseling they are going to do after this show. Remember Dick asked Dani early in the show if she would go to counseling with him when all this is over. He didn't want to hang all the family problems out there for us all to see. Don't get me wrong we saw alot but I am sure there is much more. My vote is for Dick to win. He was always thinking ahead to the next move. The what if this happens then we do this, kind of stuff.

Anonymous said...

kind of off topic, but remember the season of the amazing race when one of the teams broke down and rob and amber passed them by in their car, didn't stop to help, and that seemed to offend everyone? it's a game - you play to win. not make friends, not make sure other people win. you play to win. okay, i know, rob and amber didn't win the amazing race, but why did they have to stop and help the stranded player - so that player could advance? i think not.

dick and danielle, like other players in the past, played to win. they were hungry for the win.

i hated boogie's play last year. i think he was extremely rude, ugly and disrespectful. i thought his impression and opinions of females, in the form of the nasty things he said about erica or for that matter all females (HO's) was despicable. yet he won the money.

i don't know if i will ever think will was the all-time greatest player. he was a liar thick and thin. but he played it to win.

so bb put two family members in. advantage? maybe, because yes, blood is thicker than water. but, two other people this year, as in other years, were given "partners" and this year especially, those partners chose to work against each other. hell, jessica had no time whatsoever for carol because of FIVE STINKING LOUSY DOLLARS! shows how superficial jessica is/was.

joe and tell the world one of them gave the other gonoreeha. my goodness, this wasn't jerry springer, this was bb. what man ever wants to dip into that in the future? is that why dustin switched teams and amber became his new gf?

amber, a (reformed) addict who didn't know what the definition of a table was! (okay, slight exaggeration)

poor joe, carol adn mike, we didn't even get to know them.

eric - what was his game? he had NO game. he was the patsy. i can't imagine that he would have had a game if he wasn't the AP.

from the get go, these people separated themselves into the cheerleaders, the jocks, the bible thumpers and the land of misfits.

go dick and danielle. spend your money, save your money, blow your money. it's yours to do with what you will. more power to you.

how pleased would everyone be right about now if eric, having completed $40,000 worth of tasks would have also taken first or even second prize as well? what complaints would you all have about that? i can't wait to see him called out as america's player.

so big deal, if games are left to chance or not - LIFE IS A CHANCE. make the most of it any way you can.

and i don't believe jen is staying in the jury house. she just had to be there for the taping - she is NOT staying there.

Joe in NY said...

There's been the suggestion (and I think it might be true!) that Dick was actually reading Zack's answers off the reflection in the TV monitor.

I noticed at the time, but didn't think anything of it, that Dick answered last every time. And, after the first question, they had identical answers every time.

Afterwards, when Dani was asking how Dick could have gotten the Jen question wrong, I thought it was odd that they BOTH got the Jen question wrong after they used to play the "I" drinking game.

Then I saw the EW summary and they suggested Dick was reading the answers off the reflection in the TV screen and it sort of made sense.

It is perfect strategy. You're up by 1, all you have to do is match Zack the rest of the way and you win by 1.

If it's true, they ought to make Dick the new Exec Producer of BB and can whoever's running the show now. After all, they didn't have to put the TV monitor directly in front of them. They could have had a monitor in each booth, or they could have even had them in different rooms.

I don't know if Dick is smarter than Zack, but if this is true and you couple it with the coded letter from Vincent, Dick did outthink the producers.

DEANNA said...

With watching last nights show, I noticed that while Dick was holding onto that key in the comp that Daniele told him she loved him. I hoped she wasn't just saying it to keep him going, but then after the comp in his room she told him again when there was nothing to gain, I was pleased...

Barbwire... I agree. I don't think Dick is an awful person who would do the things he has said in the house. I think he went in there wanting to rattle cages and he succeeded. It was his game plan. We ALL know those type of words and know how to use them, so I don't think it is something he practices in real life. Yes, I am sure he has a hot Italian temper(as do I), but I don't see him intimidating his way through his day. But cross the man, and I'm sure he will know how to get to you. Nothing wrong with that.

I think the Donatos had the biggest disadvantage in the game. EVERYONE knows blood is thicker than water. I think each HG was an idiot to not target them from the get-go. In reality shows, you always need to break up the alliances and relationships first. It just makes sense. So I think they had the BIGGEST target but everyone else wasn't bright enough to realize it and then actually do something about it. So, Kudos to the Donatos for making it all the way. A Perfect ending!!!!! :)

I can't wait for the jury questions too and was dying with laughter last night when D&D were talking of answering all the questions with answers that didn't even pertain to the question. Dani to Dustin: "Why yes, I CAN'T WAIT to get out and eat some bubblegum ice cream!" These two are characters.... :)~

Maryanne @ 8:48... WOW! Very well written and I agree with just about the whole thing. Kudos to you!

Here is a thought, why doesn't BB pay each HG like Survivor does? The longer you stay the more money you make. I know they receive a stipend for each week($750), but the first person voted off Survivor makes $2500 (for 3 days) and then it increases from there. I think they deserve it. Plus you would probably get a better bunch of people who wouldn't mind taking the summer off from their jobs(if possible) to have a chance to win more than they would make in a week.

I personally think the questions at the end were the best to do... It is a great way to prove that this is a "social game." To get through three months of living with everyone, you should have a good grip on what you "think" they may have said.

Joe in NY... Your post was incredible.... Brought tears to my eyes. I too have dealt with family issues and your words rang so true. Canecelled too soon... :(


PlaidChick said...

I have to say it wasn't the best season ever, but it was interesting. I think what kept it interesting was Dick and all his mind playing.

I still want Dick to win it all. I cheered him on since Day 1. I was curious as hell what caused Daniele to stop talking to her father for 2 years, but then as I saw the feeds saw how BB did a lot of manipulation (nothing new) and the enemies all knew they were coming into the house together. I have to commend Daniele for not wanting to talk about it infront of millions, however, at least be civil to your father. She has no interest in spending these last 5 days with her Dad.

If Dick wins, I don't expect to see Daniele squeal in excitement. I see her giving him a graceful hug, and then walk off into the proverbial sunset with Nick to Europe. I would like to hope she would grow up a little, but she needs the shirt that says "It's all about me."

The jury questions will be interesting as well as watching the aftermath. Daniele's constant answer will be "it's nothing personal, it's just strategy." Eric being revealed as AP and coming into 40,000-- I bet Zach wishes he got that for coming in 3rd.

Jackie, your blog rocked again this year, thanks for all your hard work

Anonymous said...

In the end the two D's being related helped but I think during the course of the game it actually hurt them because it put a target on their back. Everyone wanted to break them up and they were always being talked about as needing to get rid of at least one. What makes them such good game players is they stayed in it to the end even with that target on their back.

Patty said...

terry in ca- My deepest sympathy. May the memories you've tucked away in your heart wrap you in comfort and bring you special peace.

Anonymous said...

I have boycotted the show. I will not watch the rest of the season. I did not watch last night. I am sick.

DEANNA said...

Oh gees! Another theory on how the Donatos cheated... I'm so glad this over, I'm so tired of reading these ideas of "Cheating"... People just need to swallow the jagged lil pill of the Donatos. Lol!!!

Joe in NY said...


Sort of had the same feeling myself. But it seemed odd to me last night, and it makes sense. Why else was Dick always shuffling his cards while staring forward? Why did he always answer last? What are the odd of accidentally matching Zack's answers 60% of which were wrong?

I think it is possible. If it is, I blame BB more than Dick.

PlaidChick said...

Joe, I gotta admit, I thought the same thing, with all the mirrors around, before it started you could see Dick's reflection in the mirror. There were questions they answered at the same time. Daniele told Dick not to answer until Julie said "I need an answer" so he could think it out.

Anonymous said...

thats all i got to say to that one... Hmmm...


brokenwing said...

All suspense is gone..send 'em packin'...

RBennie said...

Okay, I'm over my sulk now and decided to come back on board. I just needed some time to compose myself, because the comments I was thinking of would surely have had Jackie deleting me real quick, LOL. Well at least I got over this one quicker than I did Danny losing on "So You Think You Can Dance". I've really gotta stop getting so worked up over this stuff!


Anonymous said...

The Donatos are the greatest ever! I adore them! They are the best at everything. They're so sweet and sociable. They have the best manners. They're soft spoken and kind.

I worship them!

DEANNA said...

Here is the actual clip of the final comp... if you'll notice the screen with Julie is way up high and another tv screen is down low and where the jury shows up with their answers. So the only TV to see a reflection would be the "Jury" one. yet after each question, Dick is rarely looking down at that screen. Plus, he was one ahead from question 1, why ask Julie to repeat the answers to Erics question if that was his game plan? You can see him weighing the answers in his mind, not struggling to see the TV screen. Once again, conspiracy theories are running amok. Swallow the pill Dick haters.... Lol!

Anonymous said...

I've been lurking here for most of the season, but time has never quite permitted me to get involved in the posting.

Still, I've been a Dick supporter from the start. He's a 'rock star' type! Who doesn't love a rock star? ;) But I digress...

I just wanted to say to joe in ny that I loved your post at 11:26 AM. I found myself nodding along. I too found myself all teary-eyed during the struggle of that endurance competition. Just his enormous determination to keep going for his daughter... to win for her... and the defeat in his eyes when he finally gave up... moving stuff.

I think he played this game better than anyone I've ever seen. How many times were we certain he would be evicted? (against Dustin for sure!) Only to come up with some plan, or even the pure luck of it and get by. Amazing. He kept thinking ahead, what would happen down the road, factoring in all the possibilities that he knew of and that took great strategy. No, I didn't enjoy his rants and swearings, but that doesn't take away from how he played in terms of strategy.

Why complain that D&D made it to the end? Really, the others have no one to blame but themselves for not voting them out.

As for their game play/actions during the game, I think it's important to remember that this is a totally fabricated 'reality' these people are dealing with here. Who in real life spends 24/7 in the same house with the same people without any outside contact and only limited activities to occupy the day? Obviously, it's set up to invite conflict, especially for someone with an explosive personality. I don't think it's a totally accurate representation of how they are in real life, any of the house guests. Maybe to some extent, not all. Not an excuse, just an observation.

I really hope it works out for the Donatos beyond those BB gates and they work things out. I hope the next time Danielle thinks about being a snot to dad, she remembers him standing for 7 and a half hours in freezing rain with his hand on a key just for her. A little humbling, no?

~mama nez

Anonymous said...

Thank you deanna... i would have been very upset if Dick had cheated. Would that change my love for him? Probably not. But i would have been sad nonetheless.


Bob said...

Don't know how many other Canadians are in here but just wanted to say we all really enjoy the show as well.

I think maryanne said it best in her detailed observations about dick and Danielle. Yes they weren't my favorities early on but Dick became one as time passed and I saw how he really was when not wearing his "game face".

Oh I would rather have had Eric or Nick there with him as I do still think his daughter is too self centered and was generally not at all very personable with the other roomates. Plus being under 21 at the start is a violation of the rules.

But the good thing is that hopefully the jury recognizes that Dick is by far the most deserving of the half million - probably half that after taxes down there, what a shame that your IRS has to tax winnings (for those of you that don't know any winnings - lottery, horse races game shows etc. etc. are not taxed up here in Canada).

So please get your votes in for Dick - Eric can probably persuade Jessica to vote for him, if she needs any persuain in that regard, and I think just plain respect for his play should get him at least two more votes with Eric's urging - he has proven to be very good at persuading.

I hope we see Dick in another future all star edition too - unlikely he would win as the others would be on alert for him but he does make it interesting to watch.

Oh ya - hope his relationship with his daughter really does work out - with the money he can afford therapy sessions with her which he has already offerd to do after the show - whatever past events (usually all do to poor judgment by both parties) needs to be put behind them with a new beginning starting now.

Go Dick Go you make all of us "old guys" proud with your tenacity, endurance and smarts to outthink and outplay those half your age.


sherry said...

Go Donatoe' cheering for Daniele but either way I'm happy.

Anonymous said...

Terry and May, I too am part of that club that you never asked to join. I lost my precious Mother last year and every day is a struggle for me. Just dwell on the good memories and let go of the bad ones. Hold her in your heart and keep her alive through your cherished memories.

God bless both of you.

Anonymous said...

i recently started coming to this website and i just wanted to say....thank you for what you do. the detail and time it must take to keep us all updated is really impressing and i am humbled to be able to come to my computer and pull up this website and read and watch what is going on with BB. is this something that you do with all BB's? will you be doing this in the future? do you do this voluntary or do ppl donate? sorry if i am being nosey. kudo's to you and thanks again.
new BB fan,

DEANNA said...

I agree with whoever was in an earlier posting saying that, if possible, we should all go donate whatever we can to Jackie and her great work....

Jackie, I just need to tell you how much you are aprreciated. I look forward to your posts more than anything else when logging into my computer. Your tireless efforts are not unnoticed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart...
Keep up the great work and I can't wait for Survivor!!!! :)

sharon said...

Sorry,we had a death in the family and I didn't make it on last night to comment,but already this morning have cancelled the live feeds and will watch the Sunday show(any time dick opens his mouth the sound will be off).I won't watch the finale,don't much care who wins.

I wish we could vote AP....none of the above or neither!

Since we can't,I will peek in here and then see everybody for SURVIVOR!!!!!! Hope this season is spectacular and I hope Grodner gets the axe!!!!

sue said...

Terry in Ca: I am so sorry to hear of your mother's passing. I have to say, reading your words gave me a little jolt. I felt as if she were one of us, here at Jackie's. Thank you for letting us know. Sue

sue said...

Dick's eyes as he watches Daniele tell his story. He wears his heart on his sleeve and Daniele buries hers so no one will notice it is there. Thanks Jackie, Sue

Nana in the NW said...

joe in ny 11:26-- You made me CRY!!! That was an excellent post(expecially from someone who is not a parent) explaining his unconditional love for Dani. I will always remember his looking at her with the rain coming down and then being in the bedroom, huddled in a corner, crying and apologizing to her. I truly believe he did this just for her!!

I also understood EVERYTHING YOU SAID!! I think that's a first for me.

Terry in ca.--I am so sorry to hear about your mom. Last post I remember reading she was doing well.
This will be a hard week for you....I hope you can find some comfort in knowing we are all thinking of you and praying God will give you

Anonymous said...

How dare anyone question Dick's game play?

He's the epitomy of honesty, class, fairness, and good sportsmanship.

Go pick on someone not quite as awesome as Dick!

Britt said...

OMG, Joe are you serious about it breaking your heart that you'll never know if Dick and Dani make it or are you practicing a comedy routine?


Anonymous said...

A zebra does NOT change its stipes. Going with that, DD will not change, has always been the rude, disgusting man he was on the show and will continue to be the jerk that we saw. Everyone saying that he really isnt like that...hmm..I think his persona might of be amplified a bit by being in the house but he is who he is, a jerk, abuser, white trash and everything else that he has been called her, and someone said, the apple doesnt fall far from the tree with his skinny, whinney skinny daughter who sucks!

Joe in NY said...


I'm dead serious. We watch them all summer, voyeurs in their lives. Every lover of stories, fictional or real, wants to know how the story ends.

I know some people hate Dick so much that they make him out to be purely evil. But even Hitler loved his mother! Dick is human, flawed but human, and he and Dani had probably the most poignant, heart-breaking exchanges in Reality TV history. To not know how that story ends does hurt a little.

Oh, and Deanna, I looked at the youtube video and the timing does seem closer than I remember, so I no longer think he was reading the screen. (Never really cared if he was, but I retract my earlier suggestion that it was possible)

sharon said...

terry in sorry you lost your Mother. That is so sad and you have my sincere sympathy.

May God bless you and all your family and give you comfort.

Anonymous said...

Anon4:16, i find it ridiculous that you used the work SKINNY as an insult for Daniele. Thats like calling an overweight person fat. Bash her game play if you want, but i find it rude and innappropriate to bash her weight.


Joe in NY said...

Holly, my love, now that you won't be satisfying your love of older men on BB 3x every week, are you ready to give me a shot?

How's Gabriel? Stil fussy?

Britt said...

Joe, you're so sentimental. You're killing me.

I remember reading somewhere that they both knew they were going to be on the show. Does anyone know if that is true or not?

I guess when I read that, I figured that some of their story was a bit manufactured for TV and I didn't really get emotionally involved.

Britt said...

Actually, in today's world, skinny is probably a compliment.

Joe in NY said...

But Britt, even if they were totally faking the whole thing (which I don't believe, IMHO), I still will never know how the story ends... Even if I wouldn't like the ending, I'll never know for sure.

So, I'll just have to try and convince myself that everyone lived happily ever after. That fairy tale ending that the tatooed rocker fought desperately to give to his adult daughter who is still his baby.

Joe in NY said...

In America, skinny is a miracle!

Anonymous said...

But in this case i definitely doubt it was meant as a compliment... and my boss always calls me skinny and the way she looks at me when she says it... it seems like an insult.

lol joe, how about this... we'll give it a shot, but only until nikki sixx looks me up and comes to sweep me away. deal?

And gabriels still fussy... woke me up twice last night.. poor guy, i think i got him sick.


Sydney said...

Terry in Ca --
I was reading along and then saw your post with the addition to your name and I physically felt a little hit right in my gut. I don't know if there was something from you this week I missed in all the many posts, but like Nana, last I read she was doing well. I am just so sorry for your loss. I too felt like she was a part of us, through you. Please check in here and let us know how you are, because you will be on my mind and in my prayers.

RiseandShine said...

Teryy in CA...
I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom. My mom is there too, but I feel her with me, as I know you will feel your Mom too.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Britt said...

Joe, I'm sure if Dick and Dani can find a way to cash in and bring us the "happily ever after" of their story, they will. No need to have your heart be broken. Save that for important stuff! LOL

Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed that D & D are the final two. Who cares which one gets it. One is a whiney spoiled brat and the other one is a verbally abusive jerk. It cannot be all game play. One does not go on those tirades for the first time on national TV. By the way Daniele spoke of her dad, he is like this to her in the past.
Anyone who verbally asaults another and calls it "game play" is lower than pond scum.
I dont think BB should have tolerated it from day one but I guess they wanted the ratings. Sad they had to sacrifice people like that.
this is only my opinion

Anonymous said...

From Joker's:
"Dick and Dani having a little spat again, she's complaining he won't let her just be, she doesn't want him telling her to smile and stuff she just can't wait to get out and see people she wants to see and do stuff she wants to do, she appreciates the time she spent on the show but she's ready to leave. Dick sitting quiet thru her monologue and finally says okay, goes to the hottub, Dani heading inside"

Family bonding at its best... Danielle used him to do her dirty work and take the spotlight off herself. In the end she will take her check and run. I hope Dick takes the hint and doesn't give her money or gifts. I almost feel sorry for him.

Anonymous said...

I agree that "a zebra doesnt change stripes". My grama always said that! Dick has been abusive, rude, and hateful his entire life. Being in the house didnt change who he is/was. Look at previous house guest that have come back for interviews, they seem to be the same in every day life as they were on the show.
Dick and Danielle "played the game" to the 10th degree and won. Kudos to them, but my dislike for them continues. I've watched BB since the first year and have never disliked anyone as I do them. THey could of played the game without being crude, rude, mean, abusive and disrespectful.
There seems to be some sort of Hero Worship here and that is disturbing-who would want to look up to people that were that disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Evidence that Dick most likely behaves differently outside of the BB house.

From his March 2006 Myspace:

"Ok, let me say that this is long and if you have the attention span of a fucking nat or a tard with piss stained pants…. give up now. Don’t bitch or comment about the length of it, unless you are a girl talking about my cock. […] My daughter is pissed and not talking to me again… this time because I called and text messeged her 25 times and she didn’t respond (which she always does the first time) then finally calls with such an attitude in her voice I wanted to slap the lips off her face, so I called her a bitch and she hung up on me.”

Yep. It was all just game play!

Anonymous said...

Let's all protest by NOT watching the rest of this season. Dick should have been disqualified when he threw tea on Jenn AND when he burned her with his cig.

Neither one of them deserves to win.

Let's protest. Besides, you cares anymore - they are both evil!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad they won. They deserved it.
Now, as far as them bonding: as I look at their conversations now that they're alone in the house (on JokersUpdates), it's plain to see that - although Dick has a "way with words," Danielle is a very spoiled child who only used Dick during this game and has not and probably will never bond with him. Have you ever heard her address him with, "Hi, Dad" ? She is a very self-absorbed person who - no matter who wants to bond with her - will not unless they sit back and cater to her. Some one hopefully will tell her off someday. Maybe then she'll grow up and care about others but she presently doesn't show any signs of caring for anyone but herself to the nth degree. Sad for her but more sad for her father.

My feelings...

Mar in Upstate NY

Anonymous said...

To be fair to Dani, (and I do not particularly care for her), I think MOST 21 year olds are self absorbed. I have a couple of children in that age range and they see the world through their eyes most of the time and you are an afterthought. I have found myself calling their attention to that rather unsavory behavior on numerous occasions, and they will correct their behavior but forget about it the next day or week and go back to being self centered.

Despite this, they show me respect and love and know when they are crossing the line of decency. They are loving and affectionate and do not have to be asked to hug me. I don't have to coach them into saying they love me.


Anonymous said...

I have a couple of questions. If any one could answer them I would be most appreciative.

1) How does Danielle work at Hooters? She was only 20 years old when she entered the house and don't you need to be 21 to work in a bar?

2) Did Dick and Danielle know in advance they would be in the house together. - Dick has been trying to get on the show for 3 years but Danielle applies (or was she recruited?) and was accepted but didn't know Dick would be there too - doesn't seem likely.

3) How was Danielle allowed to particpate when she wasn't 21? The eligibility rules clearly state: You must be at least 21 years of age at the time of application. Was she and exception because her parent or guardian would also be present? If so, she had to know about that.

Please, all you D&D fans - don't come after me, I'm not suggesting anything I'm just asking some questions.


Anonymous said...

sorry meant "an exception" not and


sherry said...

to Anonymous..
how can you constantly complain about what an awful person Dick is and in the same breath talk about how daniele is a bad person for not wanteing to be smothered by him..just because someone wants company or reassurance doesnt mean the other person has to automatically give it or be a bad person (thats maybe co-dependency or something unhealthy)..daniele gives to her father, looked out for him in the game or whatever..but 25 text messages a day..??? and i'm sure telling him no isnt an easy task..they played together..are talking again but that doesnt mean she has to or even should be all in 100%. I'm sure its hard with the world watching and not caving into the whole everything is now okay caz we won money mentality. I don't really know whats going on with those two but your rants are always so..??? you hate dick and daniele is evil too because she uses but keeps some distance with the guy..I think if I were her i'd want some distance between him and I as well. Dick doesnt seem to be the type to respect boundaries too much. They played as a team and succeeded..end of story.

sherry said...

to kim
i'm sure you are a much better, kinder and more gentle parent than Dick ever was.

Anonymous said...

Thye ratings for Thursdays show were through the roof...which means we can expect the network to fill the house with people like Dick and Dani again next year. If that is the case...I'm finally giving up and sticking with Survivor and Amazing Race.

Anonymous said...

Sherry I think you are assuming that the anonymous posts are from the same person but I do not think that is the case.


Anonymous said...

Sherry, I guess I just wanted it written somewhere that most 20-somethings are very self-centered/self-absorbed and that it's a characteristic Dani shares with a lot of other young people.


sherry said...

hey Kim
yes i know they ae different annoymouss' comment was in response to the one who left the my space bit..i'm pretty sure i recognize the annoymous opinion of this anoymous haha and alot of the other add their name at the bottom as did you :)
hope you are enjoying the show and all the dialogue. this is my 1st time commenting on a show.

Anonymous said...

hooters is a restaurant that happens to serve alcohol too. kids can go.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 14 yr old boys love Hooters.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know kids can go to Hooters but you must be at least 21 years old to serve alcohol. Danielle works there - that is not legal!


tdolan said...

Could someone tell me who Vincent is?

Anonymous said...

This was a great article about Dick from a few weeks ago.
Why are people defending this kind of behavior?

Big Brother: Excusing bad behavior?

Dick, who's been presented as a blunt rebel who "tells it like it is," has spent the past few weeks verbally harassing Jen with threats of rape, insults focused on her sexuality and hopes for her death. While not as severe, the way he treated Kail left her asking to drop out of the competition. This weekend he added homophobia to his repertoire.
While trying to prevent Dustin from sleeping, he says that "...all the gay guys in West Hollywood used to go around and say 'I'm clean, I don't have HIV' when they weren't," and makes sexually charged insults. He also takes on a yellowface accent, adding racism into the mix. Lovely.

The show gives more screen time to his relationship with his daughter than his abusive side, emphasizing the redemptive storyline even though he shows no sign of letting up on the harassing speech. In primetime, Dick's story is that of the guy with the rough edges and a sweet, sentimental side (especially where his family is concerned) that he hides behind a rough exterior — he's one of the good guys of the season.

Because of the way he's been portrayed in the primetime edition, Dick is currently ranked as the most popular houseguest (his third victory in a row) in CBS' "Love 'em or Leave 'em" poll (he was also the most popular cast member for another period of four consecutive weeks). So far, CBS has stuck with their mostly sympathetic characterization of him — on Thursday we got a segment on the bar where he works, with glowing testimonials from his friends including one where Dick is described as, "a sap and a sweetheart of a guy." Last night's episode gave more screen time to his desire to protect his daughter from getting evicted than to the fights he's stirred. (A fight with Jameka was also edited to change the tone in Dick's favor. In the actual argument, Jameka reacts to his comments about her Christianity by bringing up his mother's religion, saying that any insult he makes to her on the basis of her faith also applies to his mother. However, in last night's episode the episode pretty much cuts right to Jameka saying "Your momma is a bitch.")

By continuing to portray someone who's making increasingly blatant displays of homophobia, racism and misogyny as a good guy, I can't help but feel like CBS is excusing his behavior — they're telling us that in the end, it doesn't matter that he spews all kinds of hateful, threatening speech because he loves his daughter and adds drama to the Big Brother house.

The actual article had links to video clips proving the claims made in the article. If you want to go directly to the article and view the clips here it is:

Sorry, but this goes way beyond game play.

Anonymous said...

Vincent is Dick's son.

sherry said...

I agree Dicks behaiour is inexcuseable..he definately doesnt deserve to win but all the other house-guests left him in so he will win..i hope he wins the kid at least because while i cetainly get that no one likes her either, for her there's hopefully a chance for redemption and giving Dick 1st place is like saying how he acted was okay. I say if the houseguest cace even at this stage then..well he deserves the money cause they are stupid enough to give it to boo to all whove been saying he deserves 1st prize.

sherry said...

..that was *cave in to hi his intimidation or whatever..not cace

tdolan said...

Thanks anonymous-that'a what I thought.

Joe in NY said...


In some states, you don't need to be 21 to work as a waitress in a bar, just a bartender.

Anonymous said...

I know we don't really know what Dick is like outside the house but if you consider his estrangemnet from his daughter and his abusive behavior in the house (which came very easily to him) I would say odds are pretty good he's not too different than what we've seen. But what he's like outside the house doesn't matter. What took place inside the house is enough.

I find it so sad that people are defending him saying it was just game play and it's really justified now because he won - so he had the best strategy.

Why aren't people outraged at CBS for allowing that behavior. There are so many victims of physical and verbal abuse and the "system" doesn't help them partly because we don't want to acknowledge it, don't think it's really that bad, or don't believe it happens.

I can tell you from personal experience it happens, and it's horrible and hurtful and hard to get beyond. It's bad enough you're being abused but no one wants to hear it or believe it. People will defend the guy and say, oh he probably didn't mean it, or he seems like such a nice guy how can that be? The worst part is what happens to the children involved. I'm divorced now but my daughter has to be subjected to his abuse every time she visits him - and guess what because it isn't physical abuse the courts don't do anything. But that doesn't mean there isn't damage.

Peoples inability to see the kind of behavior Dick exhibits as wrong is why it continues in our society. Shame on CBS and everyone who allowed it and supported it.

Anonymous said...

I am just sitting here laughing and shaking my head at all the D&D haters..

Yes Dick's words were harsh and he was playing the game that way..BB wouldn't of let him continue.

CBS or BB was letting you all see what they wanted u too see...

As for immature 20 or 21 years ...not all are..I have a 20 soon to be 21 daughter who is single parent child.. but can handle reality as a mature person...

Seeing Danielle tell her dad that it was okay too get down but a tear too my eye..

Zach and the others did play good but they all should of just block
Dick's words out but they chose not too

Hopefully Eric choses on his own for a change...If he hasn't already told the others that he
was America Player

Hopefully BB wakes up and improves the game they seem too be getting
dumber every year..The First Season was the best one after that
it has been a joke

Anonymous said...

You know what I didn't like from last night's show?

The whole recap of the first HOH competition. I watched it and so I know that Dick's verbal attack on Zach was horrible. They showed a few bleeped out lines, then we saw Zach yelling back at Dick like he was giving back as good as he got. That was SO bogus. They focused on how valiant Dick's efforts were and on Dani's loving watch over her father as he tried to stay up as long as possible so he wouldn't get screeched at by Dani for quitting.

The way they are skewing the whole show to make it seem that Dick isn't an abusive man is laughable. I was glad Julie Chen called him out on his verbal attacks of Zach, but as usual, Dick laughed it off and so it was swept under the rug.

It's sad that CBS would promote and highlight and support a woman hater like Dick.

I'm going to make a guess and say that I bet the majority of people who support Dick and love him to death are liberal democrats.

DEANNA said...

It depends on which state, regarding the laws of serving alcohol. I know in Nevada that you can waitress at 18, but you have to have someone who is 21 or over serve your alcoholic drinks. I'm sure she is within the legal limits of her restuarant since she had to show and ID of some sort to get the job.

Nana in the NW said...

Donna to answer your questions.....
Dani does work at Hooter's but she just doesn't take drink orders.
Her and Dick were almost on BB a few seasons ago but she wasn't old enough.
I do believe I read that Dick signed a waiver for her to be on this year and she also turned 21 a few weeks into the show.
Dani/Dick were talking a few days ago about both knowing ahead of time that the other was going to be on the show. As a matter of fact, out of the pairs everyone knew about their partner except Jessica.

If the last 12-18 hours are any indication I think the next 4 days in the house are going to do more damage to D/D's relationship then help it.
Dani's complaining about wanting to be with people she likes and telling her dad to quit telling her what to do. Dick is trying but can't seem to contain his happiness and wants her to feel the same
(which is irritating her).

Jackie--I can't wait to read your post for the next few many different ways can you say

The best thing about the finale is watching everyone's reaction to AP.

joe in ny---good analogy--
it's like reading a book and finding the last chapter ripped out. I would love to see a follow-up show in a year....

Those darn trolls made Jackie put the word verification back on!!
I think they had a family reunion on this site last night!! :(

Anonymous said...

I think it goes without saying that life experiences will determine how mature you are at a certain age and how self-centered. I'm sure a woman who is a mother at 20 doesn't have the luxury of being selfish. My comment about self absorbed 20 somethings were geared more toward the single person.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Joe. Knew the drinking age was 21 thought you had to be 21 to handle or serve alcohol too.


Anonymous said...

I am anxious to see everyones face when they realize the feelings between Danielle vs Houseguests (how she hated everyone & how she backstabbed everyone) And how much America hated her antics.
She is vile little witch born of a self-titled devil. She sure impressed me with her smarts, though. But she wasnt smart enough to keep her mouth shut about her "feelings".
AP will be okay to watch, too. That will take too much figuring to see how much it mattered or not. At least they will know that Eric is not as weird as they thought, or at least he had an excuse.
I am hoping that they will refuse to give the money to either one of them! Just all get up & leave! What a ratings topper that would be!

GimMoe in NM

Anonymous said...

Boy the Dandy Donato's didn't take long to get back to normal. Ah, fighting already. This money is going to tear them apart. They didn't even make it 24 hours alone without arguing. Now that there is no one else to focus on and now all they have is each other, I think the true Danatos will start to shine.

Anonymous said...

I was just over at Jokers and Daniele is back being snotty to Evel. I hope she didn't just use him for the game. That would just "suck". I have the picture of Evel barely holding on during the endurance comp and only doing it for her in my head. I wish she would just be nice. I get that they have been locked up together all summer but cmon. If it wasn't for Evel she would have out the door a long time ago.
Give him a break Daniele.

Done with my rant.

Anonymous said...

anonymous at 8:06
I agree. Obviously CBS edits the program and changes the reality of the situations.

I wonder what "America" would think of Dick if CBS had shown just 5 minutes of Dicks tirade at Zach and ran that annoying loud beep to cover his obsenities instead of just the blurring over his mouth and muting his words. People would have a better sense of what it was really like. I agree the editing job made Dick seem very sympathetic throughout it all.

Anonymous said...

I see the cuddly twosome of Dick and Dani are starting to crack from all the alone time. LMAO.

Such a touching story to watch unfold before our eyes.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's been all of 24 hours and already Danielle has forgotten how hard her dad fought for her and is being a bitch to him again. Obviously the money is really going to change things in their relationship - not!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that when I first saw Dick lay into Zach, some of his lines had me chuckling (the piano key teeth thing struck me as funny for some reason). But he couldn't just stop there. He had to insult Zach's father too. Then he had the nerve to recount the few offensive things Zach said over and over again with such foul language, conventiently forgetting that he was the most verbally abusive, sexist, homophobic and misogynistic person on the show.

The whole thing was complete rubbish and was clearly a ploy to garner sympathy and support for Dick and Dani. Why, I have no idea. I guess some people like abusers.

Anonymous said...

There should be a separate poll for people with the live feeds...they are the one who really see the action in "real time" and not edited to make any one person "sympathetic." From the live feeds Dick is pretty creepy and so is Dani. But they won...and that is that. They will have their 15 minutes...but I seriously doubt a lifelong good relationship unless one or both of them decide to grow up. The next few days will be a living hell for both of them and they probably, in reality, won't be speaking when they are finally let out. Of course, they will put on the sappy daddy/daughter thing for the live show but after that I'm sure Dani will go her own way.

Anonymous said...

I am responding to my own post because of responses after mine. I am anon 8:23, I was/am very familar with the whole game. I read the text over at Jokers and Jackie's unbiased blog each and everyday. I know how crappy Evel can be but he showed that from the beginning. Wasn't surprising to me that he did it throughout the game. What I was refering to was how crappy Daniele is treating her father NOW and how he held on for 7.5 hours for HER and now she is being nasty to him. I think she should give him a break. This has nothing to do with his gameplay. To me it should be a given that she be nice to him but I was unfortunatly wrong.

Anonymous said...

I've just finished watching last nite's show time edition of the D&D show, and for all his antics, Dick comes across as a loving father towards Daniele. However, her treatment of him was quite poor, she kept telling him to "Shut Up!", and not just jokingly. He seemed a bit wounded each time she said it. It does make you wonder what the next 5 days in this house, just the two of them, will do to the relationship before the jury vote.....might be another twist???

Anonymous said...

It's hard to be nice when you're not. Dani and Dick are locked into a Sartre-like "No Exit" space with one another. There is no "game" now and what you read on Joker is how she evidently is and feels. It will only get worse. Let's hope they don't kill one another.

Anonymous said...

BB gave Dani white hair power so she can try to cover up her black roots...using headbands, caps, etc. Bet she can't wait to get her hands on some hair color. For bottle blonds you'd think they'd get in a supply for the summer.

Anonymous said...

Dick commented on Zach's teeth, but it looks like Dani has veneers, a nose job and a boob job and changed her hair color. Maybe he needs to take a look closer to home. She's a pretty package, but unfortunately empty and fake.

Anonymous said...

You know what I find most interesting about Dick's My Space Pages and comments? That a 44-year old man has a My Space page. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Evel behaves like this in the "outside" world. THey showed his friends and they said that's not the Evel we know or something to that affect. They didn't show any of Daniele's friends except the boyfriend she royally screwed over. Maybe she has a sense of entitlement. I hate to be sterotypical but "pretty face" = the whole world owes you and when you don't get your way you stomp your foot and pout until you do. Maybe I'm being a little harsh.

I hope Evel wins it all and goes on to live a nice life. Whether or not Daniele decides to be in it, I'm sure it will be her decision alone. I believe Evel has proven he would like another shot at atleast being in her life consistantly.

Anonymous said...

There wasn't anything 'real' about this reality show. With all the over editing CBS did we never saw the 'real' houseguests. Unless of course you have the feeds.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:38 read anon 6:08 comment. It has part of Dicks myspace blog on it. This was written in his own words. I read it myself on his site. Seems he's just the same in the real world, scary really.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:33-

I'm 36 years old and I have quite a few friends that have myspace. I really isn't that uncommon. I don't have one because I choose not to. Just thought I'd let you know.

Anonymous said...

sorry ment anon 9:34 read 6:08 anons post

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't care what kind of man Evel is or isn't. I think he played the game the best and he deserves the win. We like who we like and we dislike who we dislike. As foulmouthed and nasty as he can be, the hg's could've gotten him evicted and didn't. He played the best game. JMO

Anonymous said...

What is Dicks myspace page url?


meb said...

FINALLY! Just got to paypal Jackie. Isn't much, but I still wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you do.

Also just fnished catching up on all the posts and even got over and read your TV-Squad article.

Thanks again.

Joe...see how many complimentary responses you get when you play nice.

Nitety-night all... enjoyed reading all your opinions.

meb said...

That first part didn't come out right Jackie. I appreciate you more than what I was able to give on paypal. Oh... you know what I mean.

joy n said...

Joe in NY: Loved your post of 11:26AM. It really touched my heart.

Joe in NY: Not so much your post of 1:31PM. The trolls don't need new fodder. Glad to see you retracted it.

Deanna: Very happy to see you went to all the trouble of clearing that up. (The fodder)

Maryanne: I totally agree with your post of 8:48AM. Very well said!

Mama Nez: 2:20PM---Very much enjoyed your comments also.

Terry in CA: Would like to offer my condolences to you, also, on the loss of your Mom. I was very said to hear it, but so glad to hear she got a tickle out of our previous messages. God be with you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Most college students prefer facebook nowdays, myspace isn't what it once was.

Anonymous said...

Are the feeds off or something? nobody is posting.

Anonymous said...

21 years of age is no longer a CHILD! Danielle's a pampered little princess that needs to grow up - sooner rather than later. I certainly hope her poor boyfriend dumps her and her new ever-present bandanna as soon as she walks out the door. Clearly she has used her looks and her body to get where she is today and it worked in this game, whether or not her father helped her.

I'm not of fan of either of theirs and as others have mentioned, my only interest in the finale is the revealing of America's Player. D&D played the game "successfully" and they deserve to win as they are the last two standing. However, I certainly hope they fade off into the reality world sunset rather than continuing to pop up everywhere a la Boogie and Johnny Fairplay.

Anonymous said...

Oy Vey!

Anonymous said...

Reality show my eye. They just had the double D's change into the outfits from last night so they can do another Diary room session. Another fine editing job by CBS I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

this was very cool. (dominance in the game) nice tribute to D&D

terry, sorry to read about the loss of your mother. keep near and dear her wisdom and all the memories you shared. may her smile forever reside in your heart. take comfort in friends and family in the times ahead of you.


faye said...

I will add this to a long line of comments that say about the same thing...but so true. Either they love d and d or they hate em. I guess i fall on the jaw dropping, can't believe they are real, poor woman who has to pick up the peices in their lives (dick's mom), think he's nasty, (i have to watch him with the mute button on for all the spittin, knuckle crackin, fartin, burbin, etc.) shes whinny even when she wins,...side. They didn't win because they played the best game, they won because they lied and manipulated more. Dick intemedated everyone, Danele sucked the life out of everyone. I love bb and i think it went from my favorite season...last season to the worst season..this season. They must have decided to take the people who failed the psych test. I even didn't enjoy the fights and scheaming like all the other seasons. I think it was more real and mean this year. If this is the way the show is leaning for future shows....if they think they have to shock to get veiwers...then..i think i'll find a new favorite show. Watched before with my could only let em watch the real show...not the showtime etc.... even that was pretty raw. I know alot of people in the world get off on stuff like that and the meaner and wilder the better...but for me and mine it was over the top. I like a good battle--Janelle was my favorite player. But they did more than battle. They took the show to the gutter. I guess im done and will get down off my soap box now. I havn't commented except for 2 other random times so this was full lol. Thanks for a good alternative to the show Jackie. I like you. Some of the others on here are funny too and i enjoy reading it all.

good luck to everyone....
ps go vols...


Anonymous said...

a whole montage of amber crying. this is so good for a laugh.

DEANNA said...

Wow, a lot of anons... Where is everyone? Ahhh! I find myself skimming through the anons unless they have a name attached at the bottom because I find it filled with as much spew as they complain Dick says... Don't mind spew, but to complain about spew with spew is just very contradictive... Pot...Kettle...

Anywho... I must say that I am not surprised to see D&D getting on each others nerves. A holiday with my family (whom I love) is very taxing, so why should these two be any different?? BB needs to wrap up the end sooner. Why wait 5 more days??? Ugg!

Terry in Ca... My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. (((Terry & family)))

Anonymous said...

Our 44 year old hero, Mr. Maturity, does have plans for when he gets out of the house and here they are...he wants to talk to his landlord and break his lease, put his stuff in storage and move back in with his mom...then take off for Dublin to hang with friends. Is his mom an enabler or what? The man is 44 and he's a boomarang child! No wonder Dani is immature.

DEANNA said...

Although it is not ALL Anons... Just a few choice ones...

joy n said...

I know exactly what you mean, Deanna!

joy n said...

Deanna, by the way. Congrats! The Donatos did it! The BEST team won! I know you're as happy about it as I am. I hadn't thought about the "team record" until Dick said so, and then I thought, WOW!, Icing on the cake! Fantastic! The BEST team really won!

Anonymous said...

Hi all. I just got home a little while ago.

I was just wondering if any/everone knew that the "pairs" weren't surprised (they knew the others would be there) but Dick & Daniele road in the same limo TO the BB house.

I think BB orchestrated a lot of stuff this year, and they think we, the public, are idiots.

~Susan in MA

Anonymous said...

mTerry in Cali:

I just wanted to say how sorry I was to hear about your mother. It is always so difficult to lose someone that you love. Just remember how much you loved her and how much she loved you.


Nancy in Seattle said...

IMO Dick/Dani were not the best team...that honor goes to the infamous Boogie and the charming Dr. Will.

Taylor in Boston said...

Agree with anon 12:34. I can't believe Dick is moving back home with his Mom...the poor woman...first she has to raise his kid who won't even say hi to new on tv and now a 44 year old boomaranger. Yikes! Glad to see in the polls Zach finally overtook both Donatos in popularity.

Anonymous said...

LOL, on the newest conspiracy theory. If Dick had an advantage with the monitor screen, wouldn't it make sense that Zach had the same?

These PEOPLE who come up with these things???

I'm of the same mind as Deanna. Get over it! The Donato's are in the F2. Take a chill pill people! Its a game and a game we all love or we wouldn't be here talking about it. Peace out!


Sasha said...

Terry in CA mom in heaven: I'm so very sorry for your loss. My mom died last year at this time and I do know how difficult it is. We just marked a year this past weekend so the sadness is still very much with us. My heart and sincere condolences go out to you and your family.


DEANNA said...

Joy N.... Congrats to you too! I am as happy as you are. The best team won and Boogie & Will can't claim the title the Donatos have... Best Team EVER!!! Woo-Hoo!!! :) Can't wait for the finale...

Then it is on to Survivor... Hope your a Survivor fan because I always look forward to reading your posts!! Have a great weekend! :)

Tom`S said...

I certainly hope her poor boyfriend dumps her and her new ever-present bandanna as soon as she walks out the door.
IMO it may have worked out best, less than 4 weeks, after having read Dani's journal my first impression was I hope she wakes up, my daughter is a senior in college, very pretty, she doesn't have a SOE attitude, I found what they both had in common, is how they met their B/F's, similar circumstances, I confided in my daughter; I felt bad for Danielle, I hope she ends up with some money, plus she needs to get rid of B/F, IMO I actually feel he toyed with Dani's feelings by stringing her along, I won't bore you with all the details, like the part where he was engaged, strange one, I believe she'll be much happier.

Tom` S

Anonymous said...

well, almost 2 1/2 hours since the last post. It's official, BB8 has bored us all to sleep! Thanks for all the entertainment guys,

Jean Bean

Tom` S said...

I forgot to add my daughter eventually dumped her ex B/f.

Anonymous said...

Well, this is a first. I can ALMOST feel sorry for Dick. From what has been written (& Showtime's scrawl across the screen) He & Daniele were "bickering" all day yesterday.
She went to bed early last night, and just now she got up, looked to see if Dick was up, saw that he was, and she went back to bed. The party's over.

Now that she doesn't need him for her bulldog in the game, she's tossing him out with yesterday's trash. She's avoiding him. I hope they give the money to Dick. Daniele wouldn't give a cent to her father or brother.

~Susan in MA

Tom`S said...

Yep. It was all just game play!
9/14/2007 6:08 PM
It's actually not that hard to go back and redit an entry from several years back.

barbwire said...

all these comments about how CBS & BB cheated & manipulated, & then you wanted BB to put a stop to dick's "strategy" - ok, so which is it, do you want BB to get involved in the game play, or not ??

I always believed that we are stuck with the parents that we have, good or bad, whatever they are - Dick is Danielle's father whether she likes it or not, & he is the way he is, take it or leave it - i'm sure he didn't have a user's manual any more than the rest of us did when our children were born

My daughter was impossible to get along with somewhere between ages 16-24 or so, she waxed & waned, then all of a sudden she matured, but she was more whiney & bitchy to me than to anyone else, it's that parent/child thing - i'm sure Danielle will grow out of it

As for the D/D team, there were several other 2 person teams, how close they are to each other doesn't make any difference to the other players, Eric & Jessica were close, but it didn't help them win - they got voted out, if D/D got voted out earlier, their "team" wouldn't have mattered either, but the other hamsters didn't vote them out = it's their fault D/D went to the end

Anonymous said...

Terry in Ca, I just read about your mother passing. I am so sorry.I know how hard a time like this is. Take care.


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