Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bloggy Stuff - September 26

Oh, my ... after my writing binge on Monday night (Heroes, setting up new discussion posts), I didn't write not a thing yesterday. Nope, not for here or TV Squad. Although I had to work my day job, I think that's the first day off from writing I've taken in about eight months.

I better not do it often or I'll forget how to type!

Although it looks like I haven't written anything today, I have a review of the latest Kid Nation awaiting publishing on TV Squad.

And, uh ... other than that, there's this! :-)

I think I'm still recovering from BB live feeds, but I'll get over it. I'm glad you're enjoying the show discussion posts -- I've been reading the comments!


Susan said...

Jackie, I think everyone would agree you deserved (at LEAST) a day off. Don't know how you keep up the pace.

PDX GRANNY said...

Jackie, I agree - you deserve some R&R! But I sure am glad you're here!!

My TIVO went out and I feel like I've stepped back in time. All I can do is record what I'm watching, and what good is that? I'm already watching it so I won't need to catch up on it later. Now I have to figure out which to watch, and which to catch up with here.

Oh, woe is me!!

No time to comment more - gotta go get caught up!! : )

PDX Granny

RiseandShine said...

When I didnt see a new post I thought maybe you only posted every day during BB. Well, at least you know you can miss a day and no one is upset or jonesing or It's a good habit to get into :).
Other than the Amber interviews, there doesn't seem to be as much post-season BB hoopla/interest this year as in past years. I went in search of wrap party pics, and looked to see if anyone gave their opinion about AP after finding out Eric got paid for it, but that was about it. Go back to your homes, citizens.

sharon said...

We miss you when you aren't here,Jackie,but you know we will continue to talk,no matter You need a day off now and then after your combat duty with BB.

Anybody watch REAPER or DIRTY SEXY MONEY????I caught some of Reaper in between all the filler on DWTS,and thought it was cute and disturbing,all at the same time. Love the guy who plays Sam,his buddies and,most of all,Ray Wise,as the devil.It had some really funny moments and some horrific ones,too.I watched DSM while bouncing back and forth to TOP CHEF.So glad that Brian went home on TC and hope,finally,that maybe a woman will win TC.I swear,I think they are biased against women on TC,as Casey has consistantly been at the top of her game,but men who sucked are given chance after chance. GO,Casey,I hope she wins!

ORKMommy said...

Riseandshine - Speak for yourself, I was totally jonesing for a Jackie post. Although, I can't fault her for taking a day off...she works too hard! :-)

Sharon - I was really hoping they'd dump Hung. I can't stand his cocky attitude. Like the judges said, he's technically proficient but they can't see him in the food. It shouldn't matter what you're cooking, a good chef should leave a piece of him/herself in their dishes (and not like a finger, that's gross!).

I'm totally rooting for Casey. I love her attitude and I want a woman to win!

Caroline said...

So happy to see that the other Top Chef fans are rooting for Casey. I've been on Team Casey since her and Dale made those awesome meatballs the time they had the Bertolli challenge. I would love to see a woman win this year. I definitely thought Hung should have gone last night. He's completely unlikeable for me and never seems to make anything I have an interest in eating. I think they keep overlooking Casey because the makes a lot of "comfort" food. But honestly, isn't that mostly what we'd order in a restaurant anyway. I certainly wouldn't order half the stuff they force them to make on this show. Go Casey!

delee said...

Steven-Marcel-Hung, all guys you love to hate!!! At least the text vote was 69% for Hung to go, but alas he is still there!!! I like Casey, but do not see her winning. Would like to see a total flop by Hung, doubt it will happen, but after the judges comments about Hung last night do not see him winning! Most of that elk was too RAW for me last night, we saw them cooking it so how was it that RAW. YUCK and I like rare steak but game nuke it!!!

CSI returns tonight..oh how I have waited for this. Did anyone see Criminal Minds last night...great show but seems a closet audience for it.

Jackie, glad you got a bit of R & R, but we will type wherever we can if our ringleader is MIA. IMAO
OR we know the drill so rest when you need to and we will survive. PS aren't you glad no live feeds for Survivor?!?

Gayle said...

Delee I watch Criminal Minds. I taped it last night and will watch it today. I wanted to see if Private Practice was going to be good.

I also watch all of three of the CSI shows, but the original is my favorite. I've been watching the promos and see that they are killing off Sarah. I liked her with Grisom and wander if he will have another love interest.

joy n said...

I was hoping Hung was the one who would leave last night, too. If Casey doesn't win, then I hope it will be Dale who does.

Hung irritates me to no end. He refuses to give anyone a helping hand even when he has time to do so. He's so cocky about his abilities and his air of superiority over the other chefs make me believe he'd be a jerk to work with in any restaurant. I was secretly happy that he forgot his lemon juice last night.

It would be great to see a woman win for a change.

Becky said...

Jackie, like the others I think you deserve at least one night off -- but like the others, I miss your postings too.

Question -- will you be clearing out old posts say like before the next three day DWTS? Then we won't have to scroll through a lot of already read posts to read a new one.

I read a couple of mentions of Criminal Minds. This is a wonderful and well done show. I will watch the one I taped last night.

Also will watch Kid Nation that I taped. Another question, Jackie. Are you going to add a link for discussion on this show too.

Jackie, thanks again for all your hard work.

Becky said...

I forgot to mention that my favorite of all TV shows is Boston Legal. (I guess I have "mad cow" disease.) If they told me I could just watch one show a week, this is the one I would choose. Any more BL fans out there?

sharon said...

I watched Criminal Minds,too last night. Have been a fan since two seasons ago,when somebody in here kept saying how good it was. I agree with that 100%! It is getting really dark right off the bat this time,what with all the intrigue with Hotch and Prentiss and I guess they made it so that we don't have to worry that Mandy will change his mind and want to come back. Personally,I love Joe Montenga(er..sp)and hope it will be even better.

becky,I have been a BL fan,even when James Spader was on The Practice!!And I love Shatner in this. I was never a real fan of his,but love,love,love him on this show. It's one of my "must sees" too,along with ER and CSI.And,I won't be sad if Sara is dead on CSI. I never liked her with Gil and don't think I would have liked her with anybody. I have been gaga over William Peterson for years and years and I like him and Katherine better than him and Sara.She had no chemistry with any of the guys on there.

Nana in the NW said...

Jackie, glad to see a new post. This is my first year being a regular commenter and I am jumping all over the place!! I think I'm figuring this out....go to Survivor to talk about it.....go to DWTS to talk about it....I'm still looking for Kid Nation.... and then I'll talk about everything else anywhere!!
Does that work or is there some other protocol I should follow??

Criminal Minds--I love it. I forgot Mandy was leaving the show until last night. I'm glad he was on the bring closure to his character rather than the others just talk about him. I hope it doesn't start spending more time dealing with the characters personalities and not the stories.

CSI--can't wait for tonight! Do you really think Sara is dead?? Is she leaving the show?? I loved the "minature killer" story....hope they have something as intriguing for this season.

Did anyone watch Cane?? I taped it but I'm going to wait and watch it with my hubby on Friday night....
oh shoot, maybe Sat. night ...Friday night the new Las Vegas is on and I'm not going to miss Tom Selleck!!

Too many shows not enough time....where do we petition for the hours in a day to be extended???

ORKMommy said...

The one night a week I wish I had a Tivo is Thursday!! I wish ABC had never moved Grey's Anatomy to Thursday night! I love CSI, but I have to miss it because of Grey's. I'll have to check back here tomorrow to see if they killed off Sara. I'm sure somebody will let me know!

hint, hint...wink, wink...

Susan said...

Boston Legal is one of my favorites, too. I love the quirkiness (is that a word?) of all of the characters.
I watched Criminl Minds for the first time ever last night. It's really a good show. (I won't spoil the ending for those who taped it.) But it was a shocker, at least to me.

Lynn 1 said...

I love Boston Legal. It is one of my favorite non-reality shows.
I am always a sucker for David E. Kelly shows. Picket Fences, Boston Public, The Practice.
I enjoy the ensemble casts and the fact that even minor characters on the show get fleshed out and have personalities and quirks.
I like how Kelly incorporates music and singing into some of his shows.

delee said...

Love Las Vegas sad the Caan is gone but Selleck will make me happy!

Watched Cane...jury still out on that. Guess needs another look to decide.

Maybe Sarah will go back to ER, imao. Never watched BL...only so many hours and vcr's.

Anyone see Kitchen Nightmares last night...makes me want to stay home and never darken a restaurant doors again...

KN was better last night, but 2 chickens for 39 kids...chickens will be gone on no time...better off eating the eggs for protein. Glad Michael received the star over Greg.

Sydney said...

So much fun to hear what everyone is watching. I too was glad to have a teeny weeny new post from Jackie, just so those of us who'd exhausted the things we could say on the Heroes/greys/bachelor/DWTS posts would be able to say hello and check in somewhere!

That said, Jackie, I think you should start now booking yourself a nice week long trip in Hawaii after BB as an annual event. It would take longer than that for me to recover. Now you've added TV squad and are working full time plus a cat-mom to two, etc... That's truly a LOT to juggle! I know Hawaii is too far, but SOMEWHERE good.

Gayle said...

Nana in the NW ~

I taped Criminal Minds and Cane and am behind in watching all of my tapes this week! It was slow after BB, but that didn't last long! I'll be busy tape-watching this weekend!

Orkmommy ~

I'm like you - I watch Grey's fresh and tape CSI. You should be able to watch the CSI episodes online the next day.

Gayle said...

Orkmommy, I just checked - Yes you can watch all 3 CSI show on Innertube ( the day after they are aired.

Nana in the NW said...

Jackie, this is just what we need every other day....a place to go and talk about "everything else".

*I'm still 1 week behind on General Hospital but slowing catching up

*Haven't figured out when I'm going to fit in Law & Order:SUV...

*I'm leaving for Vegas in a week and can't seem to get rid of an ear infection
(won't that be fun on the plane??)

*still trying to add 3 more hours to my day!!!

*it's going to be raining and cold here this weekend--good time to WATCH TV!

Sydney said...

Hi guys --

I too am rooting for Casey to win. Hung is not so great as a person, but he has superior knife skills and apparently is an amazing chef. However, Casey also appears to be a formidible chef AND I have been impressed by her ability to always be at the top of her game. She has never seemed rushed or nervous or bumbling. No matter the stress, when Tom checks in on them she is always pleasant and focused (not fake cheerful even)... It just seems she's in the flow and the zone with this career, and I sure hope her whole package triumphs over Hung. That said, he is as deserving, just for different reasons. His comments about his family cemigrating from Vietnam and him having a chance do achieve for all of them in this country explains quite a bit about his personality, IMO.

Sydney said...

Dang, my Tivo didn't record Dirty Sexy Money for some reason... I think it did all the Top Chef reruns instead. Did anyone end up seeing it?

Also, I have never watched more than just a snippet of Boston Legal and today someone was raving about how smart and funny the show it. GAWD, there is not enough time in the day to see them all!

Sydney said...

Delee, a friend of mine plays Jimmy Smitts Brother on Cane and I MISSED THE DARN Pilot Tuesday. How was the show?

Anonymous said...

Criminal Minds was really good last night. I'm looking forward to the new guy Joe who I've liked ever since he was on the show about the girl who talked to God.

If anyone gets the chance, they should check out both Reaper, which is about a slacker working as a bounty hunter for the Devil and Life which is about a man wrongly convicted of a triple murder. He gets out of prison, rejoins the police force as a Zen detective but quirky and tries to discover who framed him for the murders. Also he got 50 million for the frameup. It's got a lot of possibility of being a good buddy movie as his new partner is a recovering drug addict and a woman.

Reaper was so good I watched it again on the net.

Ugly Betty is back. I love that show. It always makes me laugh esp the receptionist and Wilhemina's asst.

Kay in Ga

joy n said...

Sydney, according to my cable programming guide, CANE will be repeated Saturday night at 9PM on CBS. I loved it, but I am totally biased simply because Jimmy Smits is in it.

Anonymous said...

Dick's my space account. See he didn't change much. Now he's just trash with cash.

RiseandShine said...

lol, orkmommy, Jonesing for Jackie could be a t-shit.
I wouldn't mind if Casey won because she is a woman, and I saw how all those male chefs were standing around watching her like a hawk in NY, during the challenge held at the school. If someone watched me cook like that, I'd cave.
However, my heart belongs to Dale.
I'd be happiest (for him) if he won. I love his comments on everything and everyone.
Don't you just love Tim Gunn? I think his new show is great, and I love him in that Macy's ad when he dresses Martha Stewart's daughter (?) with bedsheets. "I love hats"...hahahaha.

meb said...

sharon...I think I was that person who kept telling everybody to watch Criminal Minds. I know that I've been watching it since it first came on (three years now I think) and love the profiling.

I was less than impressed with Cane. Slow start. I'll give it one more episode, but when there's so many new shows to check out, I'm not wasting my recording space. Someone mentioned we should be watching Life. That looks pretty good.

Sorry I didn't care for it Sydney, but I like the guy who plays Cane's brother (1/2 bro). He's one of those guys you recognize, but don't know his name. What is his name?

Sara makes it to the hospital alive. Does that mean she remains with the show???

Gayle said...

Sarah will be leaving CSI in November according to an exclusive interview (on TV with Michael Ausiello. She was vague in the interview, but it sounds like it is because of contract differences.

sharon said...

Meb,Nestor Carbonella(sp) was on Lost and has been in many other things and has always been a fav of mine.I was less than impressed by CANE,and like you said,it may take another watching to catch my interest. Jimmy Smits character turns out to be not such a nice guy in this though,so kind of hard to root for him.Maybe it's a cultural thing,I'm not real versed in Cuban or Latin familia goings on.

I was hoping that Sarah wasn't going to be part of CSI this season. I just never warmed up to her character and something about her was just a downer all the time. I know her backround is supposed to be dark and troubled(the foster kid thing)but the actress just never grabbed my attention for some reason. It always felt like she was holding back in her emoting.JMO

ER was so good last night and am so hoping for another blockbuster season. I sure hope they decide to keep it going after this one.Stanley Tucci is a great addition to the cast,he made you really hate him,but then showed the compassionate side there at the end. I'm glad that Neela pulled through. I'm still hoping that she and Tony find their way back now that he doesn't have the kid to make problems for them.

And Sydney,I agree with you that I would be okay with Hung winning on TC. I really want Casey to win,but Hung seems to be a great chef also,and though a tad selfish,he is very skilled and his technic is superb. Brian and Dale both have pulled some real bonehead moves in this competition and I just don't think Dale deserves to win as much as the other two do.

Nana in the NW said...

I thought CSI drug on forever last night!!! I realize it was all the flashbacks but......ugh! So Sara is alive but it sounds like she's not sticking around for the season. They need to bring a new character on the show to freshen things up!

Tonight's Las Vegas with Tom Selleck. Can't wait to see how they introduce his character to the show and explain Caan's absence.

meb--I really like Criminal Minds, too. Looks like some new leadership is coming to the group.

I had to tape Cane and will be watching it tomorrow night--I've been looking forward to it so I hope it's good.

Some of you have convinced me to give Journeyman a try so I will tape it on Monday as it conflicts with the Bachelor.

I'm going to try to get the last of the yard work done in the morning before the rain starts.....then it's hibernation mode for me!!!