Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bloggy Stuff

G'morning! Guess what I did? After having technical issues with my last TV Squad post and staying up for most of the night on Thursday, then going to work Friday after what was basically a just a nap ... I fell asleep for nearly twelve hours after getting home last night. Yikes!

As a result, I'm still catching up with comments and emails both here and at TVS. Reading through the comments on my last BB8 entry, I was delighted to see the range of opinions, many written so thoroughly and well ... it was fantastic discussion! I peek at other places and see many of the commenters going wild, getting nasty, posting vulgarities just to post them. Here we have folks on both ends of the season controversy, yet I see people telling WHY they think the way they do and intelligent comments on both sides of the fence. Kudos to you! (I knew I shouldn't worry about facing dozens of "you're an idiot if you like..." posts, but it was a nagging thought in my mind when I awoke!)

On another note from the comments, I want to express my condolences to commenter Terry in CA whose mother passed away. I've sent a separate email to her, but since her comment might have been lost in the crowd, I wanted to mention it here. Terry has been a long-time commenter on this blog and on my AOL one before this came about. We don't always share the same show favorites, but Terry's comments are always well-reasoned and appreciated here. My sincere sympathies go out to her on her loss and my thoughts and prayers to her and her family.

A new commenter wondered if we did this every year, if any other shows are covered, if donations are necessary, and such. Here are the answers:
  • I've been involved in online doings for Big Brother since season one. For the first five seasons I hosted the AOL message boards for the show, often doing "bloggie" sort of posts, but without the blog medium.
  • As season six approached and the blog medium was really taking off, I thought the live feeds were a perfect match for blogging as blogs are updated with the newest content on top and folks could comment. So, I created Big Brother 6 - Live Feeds Reports and More over on AOL.
  • In January of 2006 I switched to Blogger due to commenting issues (only AOL and AIM could comment on AOL Journals) and some other limitations with AOL's product. I decided I wouldn't have a blog specific to shows, but all I wrote about would be here on this blog.
  • I have covered Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Lost, Heroes, American Idol, Hell's Kitchen, and Survivor here in detail while often touching on other shows. I do East Coast boot updates for the shows, plus for some I don't cover in detail each week.
  • Upon request, I create discussion posts for commenters to talk about shows I don't watch -- they can be found in the sidebar and I'll get new ones going as the new seasons start.
  • This summer I was hired by TV Squad to cover the BB live feeds there. If you read here and there, the content differs. I can't post a ton of times a day there or just send up screen caps and a quick comment, so they're quite different arenas.
  • This fall (next week!), I will be reviewing Survivor 15: China and Kid Nation for TV Squad. Since Kid Nation is new, I probably won't have much content about it here other than pointers to my posts there, maybe a bit of discussion.
  • As for Survivor, that's been a regular staple here each season, and I won't desert it this season. I will still post East Coast updates on the major happenings here although my show review/recap will be on TV Squad. I will also post on the castaways, my opinions, and other things here as the season arrives. I've already started with the castaways and should get them finished by tomorrow -- see the sidebar.
  • For the donations question -- no, you don't have to donate to be a part of things here. Some folks asked that I put up the donations button and I'll admit they surely are appreciated, but they aren't necessary. The fact that a real online community has grown here means more to me and every person who takes the time to join in on the discussions is a part of that community.
  • In addition to the blog writing, I do work a day job. So, sometimes it might get a bit crazy when something controversial happens. If you see a problem in the comments, please don't respond and chances are that I'll take out any purely trash posts or rein in disputes.
  • Your comment will never be removed due to your opinion about a show or contestant. I've done this (and the AOL board stuff) for so long that I'm used to folks having varying opinions. I know not everyone will think the same and love to hear why they think the way they do. That doesn't mean that I'll agree with them, but if we all thought the same ... what would we have to discuss? I just ask that other commenters are treated with respect.
I want to thank everyone who has been a part of this blog. The BB8 season may be wrapping up, but the fall season of new shows is about to start! Woohoo!


carla said...


I appreciate everything you do here! Without you, Big Brother (and other shows) wouldn't be the same. I don't comment often, but I do enjoy reading what others have to say. These last few weeks I haven't been able to keep up with all the comments as I, too, have a full time job (as well as a husband and two small children) and everyone has been very chatty lately!

I am very interested in your take on the upcoming Survivor and the new Kid Nation. And I am very happy for you that the TV Squad gig was offered to you recently!

Keep up the great work! :)

Lesa said...

Hey Jackie!! Good for you for getting some well deserved rest! You probably needed it. I also can't wait for your view of Kid Nation and Survivor!
Thanks Jackie and keep up all the great work! I have followed you since AOL.

RiseandShine said...

That was a very thorough and efficient entry. I was trying to remember how I got to this blog Season 6, and now I remember.
I still chuckle remembering the AOL BB message about brouhaha! I wonder if "Jase the Hero Firefighter" is still running. I'd bet yes.
I think it's kinda fun to get those long surprise sleeps, even if there were other things I wanted to get done while I were sleeping. I figure I can always play "catch-up" now that I'm rested.
Have yourself a good breakfast and enjoy the weekend.

Anonymous said...


loneseven said...

Jackie ~ I really appreciate all the work you do on this blog and keeping up with stuff. Just wanted to say thanks again. This site is the first one I go to every morning.

sue said...

Jackie, You have a way with words, and I see that with every post of yours. You will get no eye rolls from me! Thank you for your comments on various shows, but for offering a safe forum to commenters. I often talk around a subject in lengthy posts, but doing that and having the freedom to do that, helps me see what I really feel about an issue. And we do have some diverse issues to consider while watching a TV show. I've taken many words to tell you that you have helped me learn to edit my thoughts, and that is an important lesson for any writer. Fall Weedends are the best time of year, I hope you enjoy yours. Sue

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jackie. Your hard work and dedication to your blog and the shows that go along with it are inspiring. I enjoy making your blog a part of my day, everyday. I especially enjoy BB time, when I log on and I see 300-400 entries. I sit, relax, read. Thank you for all you do. I appreciate it so very much!


sue said...

I said, "Thank you for your comments on various shows, but for offering a safe forum to commenters." I intended that to be '....various shows, and for offering a safe forum...' HeHeHe on Me. I edit but don't proofread? Sue

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything Jackie. You do a great job and it's good to know there's a place to recap a missed show. That's how I found you last year. I was on vacation and missed a show so I googled and up came a few things and yours was the best. So every so often I would read and this year I actually commented (long-winded).

It will be fun/interesting to watch this kid nation. What a concept.

I actually watched some of the scenes on u-tube and was surprised. For some reason with everything that I was reading, I didn't have a clue that these guys got along at any point or even had fun. I probably watched more clips than I needed to, but it gave me more of a feel for the characters. Maybe next year I'll get the live feeds - or maybe not!

Thank you for a job well done, I hope to be back next year and maybe I can figure out how to identify myself initially. (like your posts and others start with so and so said....) at least I have a year to do that!

Glad to hear you got some well-deserved rest.


BeniSage said...

Thank you, Jackie, for all the hard work you put in so that we can keep up with our TV! It is much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Jackle, like everyone else, this blog make BB and the other shows so much fun. The opinions of everyone here makes the shows more meaningful to me. I look at everyone's opinion and try to watch the shows through their eyes. I wouldn't have stuck with BB8 to this point without the interaction of all of the bloggers.
Your blog is the first thing I look at in the morning with my cup of coffee. I thank you for all of your work, and everyone who contributes. I look forward to your Survivor blog.


Anonymous said...

Like everyone else is saying THANK YOU. I have been following this blog for 3 years now. You are the best out there. I only follow you blog because it is not like the others. I really appreciate all that you do. Thanks for giving up your sleep during Big Brother. It is tough with them up all night and our (east coast) 3 hour time difference.
Thanks again. At least there are only a few days left & then maybe you can get back some of your sleep. I don't know how you do it. Up most of night & then going to a day job.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


delee said...

Guess I will add my TWO cents...Jackie, I do not know how you do it! If I was you at least once a week I would need to hit the hay for a 12-hour siesta! So if you do it once a show's season, go for it!!!

Jackie, you keep us informed and all your guests (most of them) are decent-fun-energetic-and part of your family!!! Thank you for all the finger calluses you must have with all the typing you do!!!

This fall season will be interesting with new reality and old, plus all the new shows that we will start to watch and hope stay on the air. Kelsey Grammar/Patricia Heaton's show has caught my interest. Cane/Journeyman/Moonlight will be checked into by me. Not sure about Bionic Woman...Lindsay Wagner still forefront in my mind, but younger viewers may like it.

Can not wait until Tuesday and BB8 wrap...then on to Survivor!!!

Lucy said...

Just perfect

Thank you for your dedication and hard work, it is much appreciated.

Nana in the NW said...

The best thing about D/D winning??? The house is so boring we will all get alot done around our homes this weekend!! Check in with this site in the a.m.
and again before bed--nothing will change with D/D.
Still don't know how you do it....I did the late night with the endurance comp.(Pt. 1) last Thurs. and could hardly stay awake on Fri.!!

Fellow bloggers:
Have enjoyed coming to this site every morning and all the new "family" I've adopted. It isn't just the game--we have found out snippets of others lives on this site and felt joy,compassion,humor,frustration and sympathy for each other.

I've learned many new words(thanks joe)and had my opinions challenged(and sometimes changed) here.
Thanks to all of you.

BTW--orkmommy--haven't heard from you for everything OK or did you get fed up and check out for awhile??

nancy in seattle--you asked about restaurants near the Glass Museum...
Grassi's (small but great for a group of 4,better for lunch, similar to an English teahouse)....Sea Grill(upscale, better for dinner but good for lunch, too.).....Harmon Brewery
(one of my favs., wide variety on menu, casual dining, good for lunch or dinner)....Melting Pot(upscale,fondue dinners,pricey)....Speghetti Factory(do I need to explain?) Hope that helps and sorry other bloggers but that's the great thing about this can be used for other communication.


Jackie said...

Aw, thank you!

It was nice to have more than four hours of sleep for a change. But, nearly 12? I'll be awake all night and have to talk to the cameras!

Er ...

Nana in the NW said...

delee--Cane and Journeyman are on my list of newbies too. Cane is going to have lots of "easy on the eyes"guys, plus a good storyline.

maryanne--to get your name at the top of your post just click the "other" box and type your name in the "name" box--no password needed-- do the word verification(I usually have to do it twice)and----your name will appear at the top of your post.

anybodybuthillary said...


BB wouldn't be the same or nearly as enjoyable if I didn't find your little place on the internet.

I check it more than I check my e-mail!

All my appreciation and respect!


Anne said...

Ahh, it's winding down and I feel the twinges of BB withdrawal coming on. I had mixed feelings about the BB8 gang but one thing is for sure, it just wouldn't have been the same without Jackie and all of the posts.
Joe, although I don't agree with all of your observations, I appreciate your well thought
out insights; I do wish however that you wouldn't use the term "everyone" quite so often.
Terry, my deepest condolences for your loss. I firmly believe our lost loves stay close and they have ways of letting us know they're still around - all we have to do is be still long enough to notice and not be afraid of the unknown.
Jackie, what can I say that hasn't already been said? You've created an online community rooted in respect and consideration - a virtually unknown concept anywhere else. Thank you for your dedication to the other tv watchers out here who aren't ashamed to admit it!
It's a grey day here in the Northeast - perfect for relaxing and catching your breath - something you truly deserve after all your hard work.
I would love to jump on a train one of these Saturdays and meet you for a cup of coffee - give a shout out if you're game!
Enjoy your weekend and know how appreciated you are.
Peace to all,
Anne in Stamfor(it's asking for another word verification - is this going to show up twice? LOL)

Nancy in Seattle said...

Nana in the Northwest...thanks so much for the restaurant advice. I think I'll try the English teahouse one...sounds interesting. Nice meeting you here.

Anybodybuthillary...was listening to Carl Bernstein on the Bill Mahar show on his new Hil book. Have you read it?

Fellow bloggers...can we have our own online team ever?
The Double D's or the Dr. Will and Boogie..the Chilltown duo?
Both teams good players...but which was the better?...most fun to watch? you have a preference? Love love love your blog...can't wait for your recaps for Survivor and opinions and esp. @@.

Jackie said...

Nancy - Boogie creeped me out, but I loved the DR phone call skits between him and Will. Now, Will was my favorite in the second season and and again on All-Stars, but I never liked Boogie, never. So, as a team, I wasn't too thrilled.

Dick and Daniele? Hmm ... on her own, I don't think Daniele would have lasted too well even though she's good in comps. Her people skills aren't her best quality. Then there's Dick. What can I say? I so disapprove of some of the things he said and did, but I have to say he came in with a strategy and a plan, he executed it, and he's sitting in the house now with his daughter -- plan fulfilled. As a team, they're the best, I think. If any of the other players this season had been smart, they would have knocked it down to one Donato weeks ago.

The same thing could be said for Boogie and Will. But with the Donatos, they were better at winning comps, too.

Dr. Will Kirby remains my favorite houseguest, but hey ... my money was on Richard Hatch the first Survivor season ...!

Anonymous said...

Jackie thank you for another outstanding season of blogging BB!!! This is the 3rd year I have been a complete devotee to your blog and appreciate your honesty, sense of humor and ability to maintain a sense of dignity to your site. there are many bloggers out there such as Perez who are getting famous for being mean, but not you. Congratulations! I am glad TV squad has recognized your talent and hopefully there is more to come in your future as a writer. I also wanted to point out some info I heard on house calls yesterday just in case it hadn't been mentioned before. The Exec. Producer stated that Eric had to do everything exactly as America told him to or he would lose all money, including his stipend. She also said he is very worried about Jessica not liking him after she finds this out. The AP choice is going to be revealed after the jury votes and before the winner is revealed. Many smiles to Jackie!

Nate said...

Brilliant. You rock in so many ways. Isn't your birthday sometime around now?? I only ask, because your profile says virgo, and I had a night of Virgo birthdays at Fusion last night.
I am so looking forward to so many interesting-looking new shows (and the ones that look like pure schlock!).
Woohoo, indeed!!

Jackie said...

Caligirl - Thank you! When I was young, I wanted to be a writer but more along the lines of fiction. The Internet has opened doors previously bolted to writers of all kinds. I would love to quit my day job and just write, but I don't see that happening soon because I ain't no Perez Hilton!

Nate - Thank you, too. The birthday? Why, it falls exactly mid-month. September has 30 days, so that would make it ... today.

I'm ready for the fall shows!

Anonymous said...


I hope you get to do something special for yourself (besides getting 12 hours of much needed rest) You truely deserve it!


sharon said...


I have to add my many thanks for all you do to keep us so well informed. I just love how you turn a phrase and I so often find myself reading and nodding my head and saying to myself....yep,that's exactly the way I felt too! I could so kick myself for getting sick and not coming to NYC to hook up with you and Sydney! I am still going to manage it one of these days soon.

So I hope you are going to go out and kick up your heels tonight and enjoy "your" day. Since the D's are all alone,you can write these recaps without even watching.Dani is saying...this sucks and dick is Don't get into any brouhahas,but have a blast today!

Meliss said...

Well Happy Birthday Ms Jackie!!!!!

Fall shows....YAH! I cant wait for the ER and CSI to come on. Kid Nation looks weird. Parents were complaining about things that happened to their kids but geesh, you didnt sign a waiver with ""hints"" of what could go on?
Anywhoo....HAPPY BIRTHDAY again!

Laurie said...

Thanks for all you do and thanks for writing to Terry to console her regarding her mom's death. Terry is a forever friend of mine and introduced me to BB this year. Your blog is what kept me watching during the beginning when I didn't "get it".
I hope you have a happy birthday!
Sassy in San Diego

RiseandShine said...

Happy Birthday, Jackie!
I guess that good long sleep was a present of sorts.
May this year be a healthy, happy, lot of fun one!

meb said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKIE! You should have told us...but that wouldn't have been you, would it.

Hope your 12 hours of rest has you all ready for a great night out. Get a designated driver and then go have a great evening.

Hope lots of people responded to Sydney and went to Paypal as a thank you for the blog. Use some of that to get you a BD surprise! Those who didn't make a donation yet should go do it now. Even if it's small, its a token of appreciation. I could only do a small amount, but got a lovely personal response from Jackie.

Again Jackie... you go girl! Enjoy your day!!!!!!

Nana in the NW said...


I'll bet you thought you'd sneak that one by us??!
Too many detail-oriented bloggers here....way to go Nate for catching that!!

Great way to start off a BD-12 hrs. of much needed rest. Enjoy your day I hope the weather is nice there.

Nancy in Seattle--good choice. Here's some info..
Grassi's Garden Cafe
1702 Pacific Ave. 98402
It's located across the street from Union Station and the Glass Museum is behind Union Station!! Enjoy.

As to the best team to play
....I pick what's behind
Door #3!! LOL

Laurie--please give Terry a big hug from me(and I'm sure everyone else here). I
hope she gets a chance to read these posts and see how many care for her.

Meliss--I was wondering that too(about Kid Nation).
Let's see it's Reality TV,
based in the middle of nowhere, and there had to be extensive waivers they I smell money at the end of this??? I will watch the first few weeks and see what's what.

CSI needs to get started so Grissom can save Sara!!

maryanne said...

thanks for the instructions, nana. hope this worked.

grisom saving sara? i kind of hope not. i don't care for her character.

cain looks good, or is that jimmy smits that looks good? LOL. i miss the night time soap - dallas, falcon crest. maybe this will be it.

kid nation from what i understand, the kids can earn a gold bar with value of $20,000. i don't know if each kid earns one, but i'm sure there are other incentives.

i never understood an episode of LOST, yet i watch it. i hope grey's anatomy doesn't change too much and lose themselves.

dancing with the stars and survivor are coming up quick. the only other show i look forward to is how i met your mother - excellent comedy!


wi-badgerfan said...

Happy Birthday Jackie!!!!

I was one of the many anon's (nice) that was posting last night.
I have read your blog for about 3 years now and I'm addicted to yet one more thing. :) I check it at least 3 times a day.

You have established a very nice community here that I shall be looking forward to coming back to for Survivor and of course BB9. Thank you for all that you do and for everyone that makes this sometimes more interesting than the show we are watching.

You have a gift Jackie and I hope it brings you continued success.

Oh yeah, I hope Evel wins the whole thing. ;)

GimMoe in NM said...

Happy Birthday Jackie! Have a great year & many more birthdays. Thanks for all you do, this blog makes BB make sense sometimes. Love reading everyone elses opinions & such. What a group we are! Congrats to Us!
Can't stand Sara on CSI either, do not understand why they put her up as his love interest. From what I have read in the rags (Us, People, Star etc) she doesn't make it. Her charactor had no personality & she really did not get much air time anyway, just a few "knowing" glances now & then. Am also tired of the miniature bit, time to end it folks!
Kid Nation, give me a break. Why would I want to watch an hour of a bunch of kids & not get paid? I definately will seek out the vampire one as I am in love with the show Angel in reruns...he is so hot & now in Bones on Fox too! Survivor is a given. I also hear that Flavor Flav is having another looking for love show...sign me up for that train wreck also! I also love Heidi Klumes Runway show thats due out any minute now.
I still hope that the jury will cause an uproar & not give the prize to either one of the D's because of poor fair-play. She's too whiney & he's too hiney. LOL

Anonymous said...

Jackie what's your take on kid nation violating child labor laws

joy n said...

JACKIE, Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Jackie, happy birthday to you!!! And maaannny more!!!!!!

Nancy in Seattle: I was referring to the fact that D&D are the only team (duo) alliance to ever make it to the F2. As for them being the best team ever, that's just my MHO.

Deanna, YES! I will still be here for Survivor and Amazing Race and BB next year! I'm totally addicted! I always look forward to your comments, too. You're very articulate. And, I too, am soooo looking forward to the finale on Tuesday. 'See' you there!

I can't wait for Grey's Anatomy to start its new season. LOST still seems so very far away. I may watch KID NATION just to feel it out, we'll see.

But CANE is the one I'm really looking forward to. I'm a Jimmy Smits fan since NYPD BLUE days. I had taped every single show of that series and then bought the DVDs when they came out (only the first four seasons are out so far). If any of you are fans, you know he 'died' at the beginning of the 5th season so I'm hoping they make one more DVD of that season, at least. I still cry my eyes out every time he 'dies.' He is officially my TV crush. Hope his new show does very well.

Jackie: There's an article on Jeff Probst quotes, in re: Survivor, which include the names of the tribes, a change regarding Exile Island, and other interesting info pertaining to this years venue (China), and other good stuff. Check it out if you get a chance!

Nate said...

Ha! Happy Birthday, indeed, Jackie!

Anonymous said...

Appreciate everything you do, Jackie. I don't get to post very often (I can't even remember my username and password, so I use, but appreciate you losing sleep and time to post for us.

I'm looking forward to you blogging Survivor again. Now, I have a question for you. You watch the live feeds, what is YOUR opinion of these houseguests? Are you disappointed? Who did you want to win? What do you think of D&D? Thanks.

Terry, I am so sorry about your mother. I lost both my parents last year, my heart and prayers go out ot you.


Jackie said...

Penny - My opinion on these houseguests? I don't think it was the best casting ever. I never did have a clear-cut favorite whose every move I enjoyed (like Will). I think the two in the house now sort of outwitted, outlasted, and outplayed the others. When Dick was calm, he seemed very nice. But his strategy of intimidation was rough. Daniele is good at comps, but whines way too much.

I think I have more problems with the production of the show this season. After the finale, I plan on writing my thoughts about the lost Alice in Wonderland, no activities for the HG, no fun for them (like the movies in the past or America's Choice), etc.