Thursday, September 20, 2007

More TV Squad Stuff!

Gee, I almost posted that title as TV Squid -- that would surely be a new take on things, huh?

My Kid Nation review is up over there. TVS isn't sure if they want it covered all season, but I'm hoping the traffic and response to the reviews will keep it going. I found the show almost on the refreshing side despite the obvious adult involvement in setting up things.

I also posted commentary on TV Tattler interviews with Dick and Daniele as well as Jeff Probst.

Please check them out and I'd love to hear your thoughts there! If you have problems posting comments on TV Squad, check the email address you're using -- one little typo and you won't get the confirmation mail. When you do get the confirmation mail, make sure you go to the link to activate the comment.

If you're having problems, let me know.


Brent McKee said...

There's also an individualized password that TVSquad sends you - I'm not sure if this is after a single comment or multiples - but once you have it you don't have to bother with confirmation emails again (thank goodness - if you make multiple comments like I do it can get to be a pain responding to them).

Nana in the NW said...

I think Kid Nation would have done great as a summer show. It lends itself to be a family-version of Survivor. During the summer children stay up later, therefore, the show may have had a larger fanbase. I've taped it for my grandson.

Sydney said...

Nana-- Good point!

Hey jackie -- I for some reason have ero interest in watching the show, not sure why, but I will indeed go TVS to read your post and comment if I can to keep it going. :-D

joy n said...

I wasn't sure I would like this show much, but I do. Greg and Blaine, the two oldest, irritated me a bit, but Greg did show a nicer side and I think Blaine will follow his lead. Overall, I think it's kind of cutsie, but interesting enough where I'll probably keep tuning in. It's the kind of show that I think will grow on me.

I love Jared's sense of humor.

Michael seems like the kind of kid a mom would want to have; level-headed, not afraid to step up to help diffuse the chaos. That kid has leadership qualities and they did say the Town Council members could change. I think he'll be one before long.

Taylor, the pageant princess, is trying and doing fairly well at being responsible but has her moments; she didn't want to do dishes. She's trying to be brave, though.

Anjay seems like a sensible kid. They didn't deal with him so much yet.

Mike is trying hard to be a "councilman" but appears to be a bit lazy and has to learn to stand a little stronger, especially where Greg is concerned.

Taylor is pretty much my fave so far. She has a good head on her shoulders for her age (11, I think) I imagine her to be a leader to the end. Very sensible for so young a girl. Much more than I at that age.

And how could you help but love little Jimmy? I hoped he'd brave it out, but can certainly understand his homesickness. The guts it must have taken just for him to go there in the first place is admirable for an 8 year old.

I can't say I'm hooked yet, but I'm going to give it a shot. I really like it.

Tom in CA said...

I was surprised that I found myself enjoying this show. Some of the vocabulary used by these kids seems beyond their ages. One comment from a youngster about 40 kids having to share a single outhouse "was not good for the colon" had me LOL.

joy n said...

Jackie, I'm trying to post over on TV Squad again. My email and password are correct. Does it just take a while for the email to be sent to me? I posted on KN and Survivor. I'll wait a bit more to see what happens.

In a few minutes, SURVIVOR!!!!