Sunday, September 23, 2007

TV Newsy Bits - 'Survivor' Interviews Online

Jackie's TV Newsy BitsI hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm looking forward to watching a new Cold Case tonight after roughly goofing off all day. I always give a sigh of relief, although I also miss 'em, when the live feeds for Big Brother end.

Today, I watched some of the rerun recently completed So You Think You Can Dance episodes on cable -- I still adore Hok! And, I watched the finish of the entire first season of The Wire on DVD. It makes me want to get out my Homicide: Life on the Street DVD set and go through that, too. Too bad there just aren't more hours in a day off, eh?

Oh, thinking of work, I completed the work project I had been putting off. Woowoo, I made a DVD. I'm not overly thrilled with it, but it's done and no longer a monkey on my back.

I did a bit of digging around online today and found some interesting Survivor interviews to share with you.

The first one is from Jokers with Yau-Man, perhaps my favorite castaway ever. No, scratch that. He IS my favorite castaway ever, no perhaps about it! While the whole article is worth reading, here are some key points:
  • Yau-Man was recruited for the show. He said they were looking for older Asians because they have so few applying.
  • The castaways are given a very brief safety course on what they can eat or not on the island (or other locales, too, I would think). I always wondered how Sue Hawk knew about tapioca!
  • He hasn't talked to Dreamz since the NYC reunion show. He doesn't want the decision about the truck to ruin his life.
  • He says Jeff Probst is only about his height -- he looks taller on the show.
  • He said the pre-jury booted were kept in "Losers Lodge" - tents on the island until the last one came in, then they received a vacation.
  • The jurors had to stay in Losers Lodge as they had to go back every three days for tribal council. The only entertainment they had were books.
  • They can't talk about the show at Losers Lodge.
I also found some Chicken interviews (the first boot on China) --
The most interesting thing in those for me was the fact that Jaime, Sherea, and Peih-Gee had approached him to set up an alliance, then called it off fifteen minutes before the tribal council saying it was too early for alliances. They didn't show that on the show. Hmmm... he also says Ashley (the wrestler) was not only sick, but she's a physically weak person despite her profession. Hmmm...


Nana in the NW said...

I'm looking forward to a new Cold Case also. I really like Without A Trace, too. With all the new shows on this week some of the regulars(and maybe some others)I hope will be back posting I felt like I was gone to summer camp and made "lifelong" friends, then we all went home, wrote for a day or two and then...... I know--I need to get a life!!

Joe in NY--where have you been? I thought Survivor was one of your favs but I haven't seen any comments from you about it.

deanna--GO SEAHAWKS!! They pulled it out in the last few minutes!!

joy n said...

I love Yau-Man too. He's my favorite reality show contestant ever. He's intelligent, funny and kind. A VERY decent human being.

I really wish Chicken hadn't been voted out so quickly. He seems quite the charactor and I think he would have added much to the season.

Zhan Hu may have made a huge error and I'm feeling this won't be their last. They're already fighting amongst themselves instead of trying to become a unit. Hope this isn't a repeat of last season, but I am feeling a little 'deja vu' after only one episode.

Well, we've a long way to go, so who knows?

But I do hope Courtney goes home quickly. What an irritating person she is, and so very rude! Also, I do wish they would find something for Sherea to wear for the rest of the season.

Sydney said...

Jackie -- I laughed at Chicken's e report that Ashley is fairly physically weak. First thing I thought was how exhausting it is to haul around those boobs, lol.

I have to say I've been enjoying the relative calm that's restored here once BB's over. This year's cast seemed to bring out such heavy issue related debate. While I enjoy some of that, it became too steady a diet and just wasn't my cup of tea.

This is a place I visit daily for fun and frolick, to enjoy others perspectives on the shows we all watch, as much as the tidbits and stories that come out about their lives, the occasional debate and comments on world events that makes it way here. I'm glad BB is over and Survivor is on and we're getting settled in with it's --IMO -- more palatable vibe.

dla said...


I am with you!! ;)

You know I run for cover when things get personal here. I am ready for some great back and forth re: Survivor and some of the other fall season shows.

Although things here did get a bit more heated than usual when religion came into the picture last week on Survivor.

You know what they say... stay away from religion and politics.

I could not be more thrilled about all the TV I can watch this week! And I proudly admit that!! lol

DEANNA said...

I loved Yau-man too. He is such a sweet, wise man.

Nana in the nw... GO SEAHWAKS! Whew! Thank goodness! It was an exciting game... :)

DEANNA said...

Oops! GO SEAHAWKS!!!! lol!!

sharon said...

Oh,I will be in hog heaven this week with all the new and old shows coming on! The conumdrum...what to watch when two are on at once!!!I can't wait for DWTS to debut tonight,so that will be my main focus this evening.

I watched ANTM last night after a day of watching sports. GO INDIANS!!! My team won the AL Central divison and then the Browns lost a squeaker! I also stayed up way too late and caught the first part of the Ken Burns documentary on WWII on PBS.My parents generation to be sure,but heard so many stories from my Dad and uncle,I am very interested to see it.

I'm another Yau-Man fan. What a nice gentleman he was. A gracious winner(hear that dick)and an all round good guy.I also think the Zhan Hu's are a losing team and that is why the merge may take place so soon.Bad move on those ladies part not to make an alliance with Chicken. I would have liked to see him stay around a while longer.Good to see all the gang back in here posting on a regular basis! Hi guys...missed you!:):):)

Sydney said...

Thanks dla -- and thanks too to was it Mayi for reminding me about the Ken Burns thing, Unlike Sharon, I didn't catch it, as I didn't read Mayi's reminder til late last night.

We watched football all day, my husband is a Houtson fan (Not Dallas). I was keeping an eye on it, but was racing around packing for our honeymoon much of the day. We're heading to New Zealand and Australia and since it's so far, we'll be gone for almost a month total. Trying to figure out how to bring as little as possible, yet they have all 4 seasons in NZ alone, so have to pack for beaches and Glaciers and everything in between! I want to get it done now so I dont' have to think about it during our weekend long wedding party, as we leave THE NEXT DAY.

I will be taking my iphone which I'm told can pick up internet access... and that there are internet cafes all over.... so if I can I will keep checking in. Wish I could record 4 weeks of Survivor and Heroes (and DWTS, bachelor, etc...) on Tivo but it wil just erase them before I get back. Unless anyone has any suggestions? We'll be MIA from Oct 18 -- Nov 22.

sharon said...

Oh,Sydney,I hope you have a wonderful time on your honeymoon!!!I have friends that went to NZ and A about 3 yrs ago and they said it was the trip of a lifetime.They toured for 3 weeks and then sailed all over French Polynesia and then flew home from Hawaii. I was so jealous I could have,squeeze every moment of joy you can and you will have to tell us all about it when you come back.

I want a TiVo but have no idea how they work,so no help from me,:(!

Still lovin' the no verification,Jackie! :)

Gayle said...

Sydney have a WONDERFUL time on your honeymoon. I don't have a DVD-R or Tivo - still use my old trusty VCR. Why don't you ask a friend to tape the shows you watch? This could be either a wedding gift or a shower gift.

I have happily taped shows for my friends who have gone out of town on business trips. Ask someone and you may be happily surprised!

Sydney said...

Thanksfor the good wishes Sharon, made me smile. Glad to hear someone you know was that happy with their trip. I've been to Australia years ago, and it was wonderful -- the people and the place.

And Gayle -- THANK YOU, that's a great idea. I will have to think who I can ask, and probably have to pick a show (or find two people and ask each to do one show each). I just moved to this town so the folks I know who'd be close enough to ask live across the country... however, I can offer to Fed Ex them to myself once we're back. You've got me thinking!

We have a new DVR but I'm not sure how far out you can program it to record stuff, and the DVD's only hold 3-4 eps. Still, even getting two of the four weeks of Survivor or Heroes is better than nothing if we can make it work.

Gayle said...

Sydney you're welcome! You'd be surprised! People will be more than happy to tape your shows. I've even had neighbors I only knew by them living on the same floor as myself ask me if they could tape shows or if I would tape them. A lot of people don't want to miss their favorite shows!!

joy n said...

Sydney, Have a wonderful honeymoon! And what great places to go to. It's springtime in that hemisphere, (which, of course, you know) so I'm sure it'll be particularly beautiful. Love to hear about it when you return.

Gayle said...

Sydney I live in Chicago, if you can't find someone and you have a VCR to watch your shows, let me know and I'll tape some for you.

Anonymous said...

SYDNEY, regarding TiVo programming:

We have TiVo series 2 and this is how we keep as many episodes as we like:

Get a "Season Pass" to the program of your choice. Then go to Season Pass Manager and scroll down to the program that you want to change and click it. On the next screen "Change Recording Options" should be highlighted. Then, arrow over to the right and the next screen should be "Recording Options". By scrolling down to what you want to change, and then arrowing over to the right or left, you can change the number of episodes that you want TiVo to keep, whether you want just first runs or also repeats, etc. After you've made all of the changes that you want for that particular program, click the"select" button on your TiVo remote. We've kept some programs on TiVo that go back to the end of last year. Hope this helps...

sharon said...

Gee,Syd,it seems you just have to ask in here and somebody comes up with a solution! What a great and diverse group we have in here! Now all you have to do is find the time to watch them when you get!!Again,Bon Voyage!!!!

Anonymous said...

From MSNBC...I so agree
"Did Courtney understand what “Survivor” was about when she signed up? She spent the first episode looking either bored or annoyed. The waitress didn’t get the whole team spirit thing, telling the camera, “I live in a city. I live in New York. People in New York don’t act like this.” Maybe she should have waited for “Survivor: New York” to come around before volunteering to be on the show."

Anonymous said...

Yau Man was classy and wise..I'm glad he's not in contact with Dreamz...they are not in the same league and Yau doesn't want to burden himself with the end result of the deal he made with Dreamz. That's smart. I'm sure his life is a good one and he probably found a lot that was positive from his experience with the other Survivors.

joy n said...

Anon 10:44: I agree with you. Dreamz not doing what he said he would do with the car was no surprise to me. I wish Yao-man nothing but the best of wishes.

Sydney said...

Thanks again to all for your ideas(and well wishes) You all are the BEST!

I don't leave for a few weeks yet so I will have a little time to figure it out. xxx, Syd!

Joe in NY said...

Actually, I've always wondered what happened to Dreamz. He was one of those people (IMHO) who could make a major life change based on his experience.

I was never so disappointed in a double cross as I was at Dreamz turning on Yau man. (Of course, I was somewhat disappointed that Yau Man made that deal in the first place!)

I think PG is a goner. They always kill the bossy people first. I also think James is in trouble just because of his physical prowess (I'm not gay, but if I WAS!!!!!!!!!!), they like to kill the strong right after the bossy.

Spoilers or not, I think Lesley is an early eviction, mostly because CBS has her doing radio interviews. I doubt they'd trust a final 4 member not to accidentally spill something important.

I don't yet have a favorite, but I will soon.

Nana in the NW - I can't believe you gave me a shout out! I would have thought you'd be tired of me by now!

Nana in the NW said...

joe in ny--tired of you?? Absolutely not!! I've never been tired of you...
confused by you-quite often...enlightened by you-several times....entertained by you-most of the time. You approach most discussions with such philosophy and we can always count on you to speak your mind...which usually gets
somebody's blood boiling!!

After this week we should have a little more insight of the castaways.