Sunday, September 16, 2007

TV Squad: Kid Nation

My first post about Kid Nation is up over on TV Squad. Will you be watching?


meb said...


Jackie... I will be watching Kid Nation... or at least in the beginning. But there are so many other shows that I enjoy that if KN interferes with them, may not be able to. I do have DVD and do a lot of recording, so this may help.

Shows I'll be watching or recording then watching...of course... Survivor, Dancing With the Stars, Bachelor if they have one and Amazing Race.

Then: Lost, Prison Break, Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Shark, Cold Case, Ghost Whisperer, Without A Trace (is it back?) Jericho if it continued,

I might give Big Shots and Journeyman a shot.

The Big Bang Theory (comedy) looks like it's going to be funny.

Probably some others, but I'll bet your tired of reading, since you only asked if I was watching KN.

delee said...

Read an article(tvweek) about how they got around child labor laws. Seems New Mexico had lenient laws (since changed), and it was called a summer camp vs a JOB. Will be fun to watch and see how they all get along!!! Hope no double D's there...imao

Jackie said...

Who wants to bet that most of the kids will cry less on average than Amber and whine less on average than Daniele?

delee said...

I believe that is a true statement Jackie...have not read your tvsquad article yet, but I can not imagine kids 8-15 doing this!!!

meb said...

No bet Jackie...cause I'm sure you'd win!

Anonymous said...

Jackie, I tried to give you a really positive comment on your article at TV squad about kid nation and it didn't post twice. I hate that you have to give your e-mail to post. You are a great writer, always positive and honest, the eyerolls are classic. This is going to be an interesting show to watch. Happy Belated birthday!

Jackie said...

Caligirl - Your comment is there. Thank you! As for the email address, they won't do anything with it. If people spam or do horrible hate speech and stuff, it's used to help block them from the site, I think. But they don't use or sell the information.

Becky said...

I will be watching, at least at first. It will be an interesting concept, kids ruling kids. Will you be covering it on this blog, Jackie?

RiseandShine said...

I'm not going to watch.
I teach children who are seperated from their families for all the usual (not fun) reasons.
I used to get homeick as a child when I was at Girl Scout Camp, or visiting my cousins or other relatives. I've always had tremendous sympathy/empathy for homesickness. When one of the children at school breaks down and starts crying for home, I can't take's the saddest cry you'll ever hear. I end up in sobs every time.
One of the commercials for Kid Nation shows a kid homesick for his brother who is in a wheelchair, and another shows a kid crying for his mother. I cry right along with them during the commerical.
I can't watch it.
I love TAR, Survivor, Project Runway, Top Chef, Top Design, Little People Big World, Flipping Out, The Hills.
Regular shows I love are Heros, Sisters & Brothers, Ghost Whisperer, and Desperate Housewives.

Anonymous said...

Riseandshine, I won't be watching either. There is something I can't quite put my finger on that bothers me about this.

I'll be busy watching Grey's,Private Practice (at least for a few weeks to see how it is), Dancing with the Stars, Survivor and Friday Night Lights, anyway. Who will have the time? ha ha ha

Jackie, hope you had a wonderful birthday. You are tops!!! Thank you for brightening up this season of BB. And you are right, the kids will cry less than Amber and whine less than Daniele!

Witt :)

Jackie said...

Becky - No, I'll be doing the Kid Nation content over on TV Squad since it's a show I haven't covered here before. I will post pointer entries here whenever I have a post up there, though.

joy n said...

I'm going to watch KN at least once or twice to see if I can get into it. It seems like it might be interesting.

Wasn't there a similar show on PBS a few years ago with British children? Except it was kind of an experiment to see how kids would react to each other without adult supervision. There were two separate editions. One was all boys and the other all girls. As I recall, it turned out to be a rather unpleasant experience.

That wasn't really considered to be a "reality" show, though. More of a scientific experiment.

This one almost sounds like a kids version of Survivor. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

In her first comment, Meb said

"Shows I'll be watching or recording then watching...of course... Survivor, Dancing With the Stars, Bachelor if they have one and Amazing Race. "

Good news Meb...The Bachelor's season premier is Mon. 9/24 at 9:30. It's immediately following the season premier of one of your other favs, Dancing with the Stars. By the way, they have quite a hunk on the bachelor this season!! Some not so good news though. You won't see an installment of The Amazing Race until the winter/spring. Apparently, their ratings dropped after the family edition so this year they decided to do one installment only. It will be in the winter/spring rather than the usual two installments with one in the fall/winter and the other in the winter/spring.

As far as Survivor, I will be joining you in front of the TV this Thursday at 8PM. It will be a refreshing change from a questionable season of BB.

As for whether or not I will be watching Kid Nation, nah, I doubt it. I've seen enough children this summer on Big Brother!! Though maybe kids running the nation might do a better job than our current administration!


joy n said...

Looks like BB will be on late tonight. It's 7:37 and football is still on. Then we've got 60 Minutes still to go.

delee said...

Guess we can watch the start of the Emmy's DARN FOOTBALL

meb said...

Thanks for telling me Sherry. I didn't know that about The Amazing Race, although I was wondering why they hadn't been promoting it. Yay for the Bachelor.

I know Joy n...the football game of course... I have BB recording an hour past the usual time, because of the game since it almost always goes late.

sue said...

RiseandShine: You bring up a good point about what we watch and don't watch. If something hits home, it makes us either love a show or not want to see it. That was one thing I found interesting about BB8 Dick and the 'acceptance' of his rants. I put 'acceptance' in quotes, because I don't think anyone really accepted them, but they were overlooked, at least after a while. If any one has heard someone shout those words and insults he was saying then his voice became the one from our memory and carried more weight than his TV show actions might. If no one had ever heard verbal abuse, or had managed to ignore it, in their real life, then he remained just a guy who was acting out.

It is true of so many shows. I know someone who can't/won't watch any medical shows because they start worrying they have that illness/disease.

Thank you for posting, it always makes me feel good to know there are teachers who care about their students.

I like the The Riches, Amazing Grace, Grey's Anatomy, and Survivor and the CBS Monday comedies. I watch Big Love, but it is gone for a while. Last season I got hooked on The Nine, Kidnapped, and one other whose name I have already forgotten and all three ended without warning and without tying up the ends. I hate when that happens! Sue

Anonymous said...


I read what you wrote on TV Squad about Kid Nation, think you have me hooked. Your attitude is great. Most of our childhoods were not very supervised and we made it. And these kids are quite bright, I read their comments also. I hope I can handle the pushy older ones, but you will talk me through it.


Anonymous said...

When I first saw the promos about KN, I was very excited about the concept and couldn't wait for it to start! Since then, I have read about their difficulties with chid labor laws and realize they are using child actors for the show and not "regular kids". I'm sure the show will be scripted which disappoints me and makes it not wirth watching in my eyes.