Thursday, September 20, 2007

The TV Squad 'Survivor 15: China' Post is Up

My TV Squad review of the show is up! I haven't read all of the comments yet, but wanted to mention one I saw -- I never did actually live-blog Survivor. I would do East Coast updates, then around this time of night there would be a review posted. I will continue to do the East Coast updates. I only did one on the boot tonight because I figured we didn't really know the tribes yet. Next week, I'll add Immunity and such.

Looks like NO ONE likes Courtney! Her eyerolls in the temple were as bad as Leslie leaving the ceremony! @@!


Nancy in Seattle said...

Great post at TV Squad always right on point. I don't like the fact that the teams are so unequal from the start...doesn't make for exciting tv although I'm going to love the Chinese culture, scenery, history, and Survivor's super cool challenges. I lived and worked in New York for 20 years and Courtney is no one to speak for 8 million people....most of whom are far more respectful that she was in the temple. As for Ms. Christian her rudeness was far from a real Christian response to a welcome ceremony in another country.

Nancy in Seattle said...

PS...I'm loving James...sweet, soft spoken, humble and a hunk. I hope they don't vote him out because he is shy around people.

Anonymous said...

from Courtney's bio...
"Yates' main hobbies include reading and learning new things. She loves history." You sure couldn't tell it from her decided lack of interest in the historical Buddhist welcome ceremony...she didn't seem the slightest bit interested in learning anything new and was very rude...looks like a Dani clone has emerged on Survivor. Hope she goes soon followed by the unChristian Christian.

Anonymous said...

I am so not looking forward to "underwear girl." Hope they give her some clothes. Not a pretty sight.

susie said...

Give these people some clothes - PLEASE!!! Those underwear are going to start breaking down really soon!

Okay, I'm all for a "welcome" ceremony - but how does a "non-religious welcome to our country" ceremony have rules and bowing? If it truly was "happy to have you here," then why was that monk correcting Courtney? I much preferred the ceremonies of past countries where the Survivors were more of observers and appreciaters than actual forced participants. I'm on the fence as to whether Leslie's departure was rude, but I definitely understand her discomfort (and I'm not half the religious person she is).

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Nancy. Courtney does not speak for everyone in NYC.

To be honest, it was Leslie's perogative to leave the ceremony. Considering one monk was trying to teach Courtney how to bow and pray, it really didn't bother me to see Leslie leave. Yes, it was rude, but she feels very strongly toward her beliefs. It's her right. She did not feel comfortable bowing to Buddah. I wouldn't either. However, I would have stood there, bowed my head, and waited for the ceremoney to be over with.

Anonymous said...

I sent my comment before I was finished. LOL.

As I said, I do not like Courtney, she's very rude.

Back to Leslie. I agree with Susie, for it being a welcoming ceremony, why all the bowing? It looks like their welcoming ceremony is religious, bowing to Buddah. I can understand why Leslie did not participate. I've always been interested in the Chinese culture; however, bowing down to Buddah is not one of them.

Some will say her response was not Christian like, but there is no religious freedom in China. If she tried to get someone to turn to Jesus, she'd be in jail. Yes, she is a guest of that country, but when I see a Monk reaching over to put Courtney's hands into prayer mode and enticing her to bow down, it gives me more reason to understand why Leslie left.

Just being in China would have me in awe. The history is unbelievable! But, I can understand Leslie being uncomfortable. Like I said, I would have bowed my head and just stood there.

Yes! James is awsome! I'm hoping he stays awhile.


DEANNA said...

Hmmmm.... It is so hard to get a feel for these people right off, but I started off with liking the "red tribe" more and especially James. The strong silent type may do well. I also liked the way Leslie went up and talked with him... Very sweet or possibly gameplay??

Of course they vote out the "old guy" first. Ugg! He starts off by trying to help the young ones and they don't listen, so he backs down from giving advice and PG comes irate at him for not having an opinion?? OooooKaaaay!? I guess they want it every which way. Chicken seemed strong and wise and once again a losing tribe is intent on getting rid of the stronger players. I like Ashley, she's edgy, seems cool, but the girl did nothing. I like to see some gameplay...C'mon Girl!

Didn't care the skinny blonds attitude... (Can't remember her name, or maybe tried to forget?)

So, it looks good so far and I can't wait to see more personalities so I can better pick who I like best...

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm on the "can't stand Courtney" bandwagon. I, too, feel she doesn't represent all of NYC (state as well). Maybe her friends wouldn't act like that but it's not an accurate refection of the state in which I live. Anyway, I was upet to see Chicken leave, eventhough he was difficult to understand. He had some great ideas and was offended that they didn't do what he wanted and let it show. Looking forward to another great season of Survivor. Thanks, Jackie.


Lynn 1 said...

I have to take a break from my vacation to add my 2 cents! LOL

I don't like Courtney's smart attitude. She won't last long if she doesn't keep her mouth shut.

I was sorry to see Chicken
go. He was a character and would have added some fun to the show.

I am not Buddist and am ignorant of what constitutes a regilious ceremony to them. I did not feel the welcome ceremony was secular.
The hands in a "praying position" is universally used for prayer.
The monks, the temple and not being able to understand what was being said and no real explaination other than a welcoming ceremony left me wondering exactly what the ceremony was about.
I felt like maybe it was similar to a "pre game" prayer or blessing.
I think it put Leslie in a lose -lose postion.
I think Jeff was not honest about what the ceremony was and I think he compounded the situation by asking Leslie why she left the ceremony.
I don't know if it would have been more disrepectful for Leslie to stay in the temple but not pray and bow down or for her to leave the ceremony.
Ok that is my 2 cents or more like a dime's take on the show.
Gotta get back to the beach now!
Lynn 1

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jackie. I love your blogs.

I would like to address the criticism of Leslie. Why is it that people are so quick to judge a christian for their beliefs and everyone else is off limit? There are some christians who go to the extremes and take God's word beyond it's context. However, most of us are not haters or "rude" for standing up for our beliefs.

The welcome ceremony was against what christians believe. I think that Leslie tried to show respect. It was, however, disrespectful of the producers to expect them to bow to Budha. According to the Bible, it is clear that one should not bow down to any other gods.

Why bash someone for their christian beliefs? God is love, but He is also a jealous God. No one is without sin. Leslie is a great example and I hope that people will give her a chance and quit hating on the christians.

That's my rant.

Dana in NC

# 1 fan said...

LOVE, Love, love Leslie and her convictions. You go, girl.
James rocks! Hope they keep him around.
And poor Chicken. He did not deserve to leave. No way.

RBennie said...

Being a New Yorker born and bred, I can assure you that Courtney doesn't represent all of us. It was like she was acting out every bad stereotype that's ever been said about New Yorkers. I found her behavior in the temple to be very rude and childish.

I didn't have a problem with Leslie leaving the ceremony. She felt very uncomfortable. She wasn't rude or obnoxious about it, she just backed quietly out the door. I have no idea what was being said in the ceremony, but it sure looked like a religious ceremony to me.

I'm trying to reserve judgment and not pick a favorite tribe too early, but I was impressed with James (and I don't just mean his body, hehehe).

Here's a question. What are these people thinking with the clothes they wear? Don't they remember they're on Survivor? I realize they probably don't know exactly when the game will begin, but, if I was there, I would always be dressed like the game was about to start. Well I guess everybody stripped down to their underwear is a good way to get to know each other really quickly. I did notice they had sneakers on at the challenge, so I guess they do give them something.

I was not surprised to see Chicken go. He didn't seem to have a rapport with anyone and was trying so hard not to seem like a leader, that he wouldn't even give his opinion.

booboo said...

Isn't China a Communist country? Isn't Communism against any and all religions? Then why the Buddist cremony?? Why was it allowed by the Chinese Government? Does any one out there have any answers?

I liked the time Leslie took to talk to James, and I agree with all of you that Courtney will be "the one to hate."

So grateful for KN, Survivor, and Jackie!! Helps BB withdrawal!

Becky said...

Jackie wrote: Looks like NO ONE likes Courtney! Her eyerolls in the temple were as bad as Leslie leaving the ceremony! @@!

I did not think Leslie quietly leaving the ceremony was rude and I applaud her doing it. It looked like a religious ceremony to me too. Some good observations have been posted by others regarding what transpired. It did look religious, you could not know what was being said, and hands clasped and bowing seems to be revering that which you are looking toward.

As a Christian it would have made me very uncomfortable too. The Bible states that one should not bow down before other Gods, and it was expected in the ceremony. Survivor dropped the ball on taking the group to a Buddhist temple to JOIN the ceremony. If they were going to a welcoming ceremony, then let them go as observers, not participants.

For those who think Leslie made too much of it..... what would you think if you were taken into a church (temple) that was not of your belief or, worse, if you did not support religion at all and told to assume the hands clasped in prayer stance, then dipped into water such as a lot of religions do in Baptism, all while a clergy person prayed in a language you did not understand?

Will get off my soap box now. Sorry if I stepped on any toes.

BTW, I love James too! He admitted to Leslie that he does not know how to interact with people because he is alone so much. I liked that she gave him pointers on how to become more active in participating with others by asking them questions about themselves, etc.

I am also a red team fan. They are much more of a likeable, "work together" group than the yellow one.

Diane in New York said...

Foreign cultures are "foreign" to us. The Japanese "welcomers" at the door of every department store "bow" to each incoming person and it has to do with "respect" not worship. Buddhists do not worship in the sense we do...their belief is that we are all buddhas and we strive for enlightenment through many lifetimes. The bowing and hand holding are part of personal discipline of respect for oneself and others. Buddhism is a pretty inclusive belief sytem which is probably why it has lasted since it was founded in the 5th century BC.

Survivor fan in San Fran said...

Any Buddhists around here? My admittedly limited understanding is that they do not "worship" the Buddha..that Buddhism is more a philosophy of personal enlightenment than a religion per se. I didn't have a problem with the rituals of chanting and bowing as I know the "bow" is big in Asian cultures. In fact in Japan how deeply you bow depends on the age and status of the person to whom you are bowing. It's all about respect for oneself and others.

jani from new york said...

If Leslie has such a problem being surrounded by people of a different faith she should stay securely in her own environment and not apply for reality shows that ask you to participate in a wide variety of things...including participating in the cultural rituals of other people. Amazing Race does the same thing and most people manage to "go with the flow." I enjoyed the welcoming ceremony and access to the interior of a real Buddhist temple in China. Also did not like Courtney's take on New Yorkers.

Anonymous said...

My yoga teacher does the same thing to me when I don't hold my hands in the correct posture for my workouts. And there is nothing worshipful about's all about stretching but includes respect for a tradition handed down through many generations about the proper way to meditate and relief stress.

Anonymous said...

Jackie...hope you get home from work soon and give your reasoned opinion on the welcome ceremony before we all run amok.

ORKMommy said...

Ok...I appear to be a few posts behind. I'll just restate my comments here :-)

I think Chicken's big mistake was taking the "I'm not giving my opinion anymore" stance. Granted, they didn't agree with him as far as the shelter went on day 1, but when they asked him point blank what he thought he refused to give his opinion. He should have tried to help out gently to show them that he really does know what he's talking about. I also had no problem understanding him. I have family in south GA so he just sounds like my weekly phone calls to Granny!!

James is frickin HOTTTTT!!! Man, what a body. And he's really cute and quiet too. I think I have my new crush!!

I couldnt believe Courtney rolling her eyes at the monk who was trying to help her. "Kids" like her are the reason I have a problem with most people under 30. They don't appreciate the gifts they're given. I was in tears watching the ceremony and she was ready for a nap!! What a twit!

I have Peih-Gee in the office pool. I think she could be very strong, but she needs to watch her attitude. She's too bossy! I really thought she might have been out last night!

Anonymous said...

Maybe cbs should have given these "survivors" a crash course about chinese customs before they entered China. Leslie and Courtney then may not have been so disrespectful in their own ways. Bowing to Buddha is not the same as praying to God as we know it and if she was more knowledgeable on the subject she may not have taken offense to it. Courtney was just downright rude and immature.

Soobie from Houston said...

The monk sensed and corrected her disrespect. He may not understand English but body language is easy to read.

Anonymous said...

The hands in a "praying position" is universally used for prayer. Sorry Lynn 1 but the hands in that position over the heart is not always prayer..for millions of people is is also a chakra position in yoga exercise.

Anonymous said...

I;ve been watching Survivor since its' inception and I don't think Jeff would lie to the contestants. Other cultures have other ways of welcoming...let it go at that and let's move on.

Nancy in Seattle said...

I'm with orkmommy...Chicken could have been a big help if he would have given his opinions when asked and not just tried to be superior on day one and then gotten his feelings hurt. Not good gameplay. I like Peih-Gee too but had she voted for Ashley (who voted for Peih-Gee) then Chicken would still be in the game with his outdoorsy knowledge and Ashley would be gone. Clearly Ashley does not like Peih-Gee and PG missed a good chance to be done with someone who could prove to be a problem for her.

RBennie said...

Does anyone else think that Aaron (the surfing instructor) looks a lot like Kelly Slater, the pro surfer? He's been in a lot of magazines lately seen with different actresses like Cameron Diaz for one.

Lars said...

Courtneys strange

Anonymous said...

Folded hands are not associated with "prayer" in many parts of the world.
Hindu people greet each other by placing their two hands together and slightly bowing the head, whilst saying namaste or a similar phrase. It is a sign of respect and the wishing of good fortune...
I dont think it's up to CBS to education people who have signed up to go to China about cultural differences...the Survivors should "read up" a bit before they leave the USA.

Lars Eller said...
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Brent McKee said...

I have a lot more of a problem wirh Courtney than I do with Leslie. Her religious beliefs are genuine. Now as neither Leslie nor I can speak whatever dialect of Chinese is being used at the ceremony, we really have no idea of what was being said. I would take Jeff at his word but Leslie clearly applied the "if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck it's a duck" test. It looked like a religious ceremony and it had the trappings of a religious ceremony; it must a religious ceremony. I really think Leslie's decision would be similar to just about any believer in any faith forced to endure a ceremony in a language they don't understand in what they know to be a holy place for a religion they don't adhere to. At least she wasn't as bad a Millie in TAR4 thinking the brief blessing might have been some sort of "voodoo curse."

Courtney's attitude was entirely different. She didn't give a damn, she just wanted it over with. You could see her attitude whenever the young monk tried to correct her; it was "Yeah right, like whatever!" She showed her disrespect quite clearly. I found it quite distasteful.

Chicken sealed his fate when he refused to give an opinion or advice when he was specifically asked by Pieh-Gee and others. They weren't willing to listen to him the first day so now he's sulking. He's like a kid; they wouldn't let him be captain so now he's taking his ball and going home.

Nana in the NW said...

Thought I would catch up on the posts before commenting.....

I REALLY like James. He doesn't seem to be cocky or condescending which could take him far in the game. I also think an alliance with Leslie(who beyond the temple incident seemed like a good person) and possibly Aaron(the surfer--cute--guy) could become formidable. I foresee the yellow team spending alot of time at tribal council---they can't even agree on where to build a shelter. Dave(the former model) and Peih-Gee are going to butt heads over the leadership role. Big mistake voting off Chicken. He was the one person on that team that knew how to survive off the land. Coutrney came into the game sooooo thin that by next week(with no food and little water) she will shrivel up and be carried away with the rain!!

PLEASE GIVE THESE PEOPLE THEIR CLOTHES!!!! If I knew I was leaving my home to go on Survivor I would board the plane in the proper clothing!! Heels and Halter dresses!?!!PLEASE!! Let's hope Sherdea(is that her name?) is not going to spend the next 39 days running around in her bra and bikini panties---it was NOT A PRETTY SITE!! Since those guys don't wear their shirts maybe she could borrow one.

Did you all notice how the women whose breasts were exposed had to wear shawls into the temple? I, for one, was glad to see it.

Jean-Robert seems like a bully to me--let's pick on the little guy(Todd)....we'll see how that plays out.

orkmommy--don't know it you watched Kid Nation but I think Super O might enjoy it. My grandkids(5,7,8) watched a tape of it and loved it. It's having an encore showing on Sat. night if your interested.

I'm in TV heaven....all the fall shows are starting back and a few new ones that look interesting......

Anonymous said...

Leslie needs to lighten up if she's signed on for a reality show...

ORKMommy said...

Nana - I planned on watching Kid Nation with Super O, but I totally forgot it was on. I did see the encore commercial so I'll try to catch it tomorrow. If I remember, I'll set the VCR (yes, I live in the stone ages with a VCR!)

I did notice that the school teacher (don't know her name) was wearing her bra and my first reaction was "Holy Man...those are some bigguns!!". She really needs a shirt.

Did anyone else notice after Courtney told Jeff she wasn't wearing a bra, that Nashville musician/model guy was checkin' her out. I think he's looking for a little lovin' in China!!

Jackie said...

Anon @ 11:44 - I'm home, but I'm not about to try to change the opinions of those who feel strongly about the Leslie issue -- For many reasons, I personally feel Leslie overreacted to the welcome ceremony. Others feel differently. It happens!

Anonymous said...

Can you say "set up"? Take a look at the official Survivor website:

The producers of this show told these poor people they were getting on a train and they were going to take their "official" photo for the show. OF COURSE they dressed up "inappropriately." The show's people knew there were going to be people in their bras and panties. And worse yet, they made them lug their suitcases up all those stairs!! Sad, sad, sad. Hello CBS!! Overweight men in boxer briefs are not going to pull big ratings....

Jackie said...

Anon @ 6:22 -- But James in boxer shorts might! :::wolf whistle:::

I'm SO bad.

Nana in the NW said...

orkmommy--I'm living in the cave next door to you... I have 3 VCR's that are taping at various times
(The View, General Hospital,Dr.Phil, and whatever reality show I might miss!)

Yes, when I saw those LARGE ta-tas flopping around I thought "she better be careful or she'll wind up with a black eye"!!! Then when I saw she just had bra and panties on during the comp.
yikes...!!!! Too much other stuff flopping around! I had the same reaction to her being a school teacher...wonder if she will have a job when this is over? Running around in your bra/undies doesn't make many parents happy.

If any of the contestants have watched the show they know that at any time the game can begin! Besides, the show is Survivor--China not Survivor--Rodeo Drive! You don't need to show up for a photo shoot to promote the show dressed in heels and dresses.

I hope next week we will get to "meet" some of the other contestants.

Anonymous said...

I call 'em ta ta's too!

meb said...

Did anyone else notice when the school teacher (whatever her name) was walking into the competition area, it appeared she had torn the dress she had on at the beginning of the show and made it into a wrap around skirt. Said skirt quickly disappeared during the competition. Does that mean all she has for the rest of the show is her panties and bra! Horrors!!!!!

joy n said...

Meb, that is so NOT a pretty picture!

Anonymous said...

Why could not the Christian pray in the Buddist temple and thank Gd for experience of living within the country and culture so differnt from ours. Some people don't know how to appreciate the gifts with which they are presented whether it be material or spiritual. I wish Survivor picked better players who could better represent our population and culture- Hopefully, Leslie will one day enjoy a spiritual awakening and a deeper appreciation of God, but I don't think it will happen until she is booted out of China.

Anonymous said...

What a great experience to go to China. The culture goes back for centuries. I would love it!

Buddhism is a philosophy. Buddha (not his real name) is the man who started the philosophy.

Buddha, the man, did not realize he'd start all these people worshiping him. And, that's what it is, really. It's all about Karma and being enlightened. Actually, I think that's what the name Buddha stands for: "the enlightened one."

Since Buddhism IS a religion, I can see why Leslie felt uncomfortable. After all, the temple WAS filled with all these Buddhas. Plus, to keep it not as idol worshiping, you have all these little round Buddhas. LOL. The first Buddha did NOT look like that. The religion is allowed in China because it does not worship a God (even though they all bow down to this Buddha). It's suppose to be a religion about bettering yourself, being selfless, etc. I guess that's why the Chinese government tells their people how they're allowed to live, how many children they can have and where they can work.

Aside from that, it would be very interesting to experience their culture.