Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Bit Off Topic - Some Sunday Randomness

I once again apologize for not being as blog-conscious as I should be. The holidays are a bit of a rough time of year for me on both a working and personal level. This year the personal level was dealt yet another blow. But I am alive and reviewing the shows I must do for TV Squad -- reminder -- the Survivor 15: China season finale and reunion show are on tonight. I'll have an east coast updates post here for during the show and post a full review on TV Squad late tonight. (And then get up at 5:30 AM to head to work ... sigh.) I haven't even been able to keep up with my email lately, but I'm trying!

Hopefully, once next week is done, I'll be more like my old self. In the meantime I saw Roofus sans his little friend sunning yesterday morning on his balcony window roof.

I took a picture of ice lining a tree on Friday morning.

I took a photo of the James Ward Mansion Building in Westfield (NJ) all decked out for the holidays which includes loud piped Christmas carols as well as a group of live carolers roaming the streets.

Then it was off to a rowhouse in Plainfield (NJ) for a photo of the traditional Christmas lighted Jack O'Lantern display. Diversity is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

A few observations and/or thoughts:
  • Whenever I listen to the song "Smooth" I think of Trashy pledging himself to Randall Flagg in The Stand when I hear this line: "I would give my world to lift you up, I could change my life to better suit your mood."
  • I work on Saturdays, coming home in the evening. There is always a group of Orthodox Jewish men getting on the train in Plainfield. Where are they coming from? Plainfield tends to be the home of P-Funk with a largely black and rising Latino population. It's supposedly also a gay mecca with folks like ex-Governor James McGreevey buying up the huge old Victorians and Colonial homes. I know there are a few synagogues in town, but I don't see the men on the streets. Yet there they are, about ten of them, getting on the train in Plainfield looking more like they're getting on the train in Crown Heights.
See you all later for the finale updates post!


Delee said...

60 Minutes started on time here...yippee!!! I just hope it is anyone but Courtney or Todd tonight.

Catch ya soon

Delee said...

Oops...great photos as always Jackie. The weather is not as bad here as they predicted but I stayed home and vegged out today.

So happy to see Roofus looking so dapper in the sun...

joy n said...

Did you hear that LOST is returning in January taking over Gray's Thursday at nine pm spot? There are eight episodes total.

joy n said...

Great pix, Jackie.

Hope we see Roofus with his friend again soon.

Sydney said...

Sharon -- I loved hearing about your story on the last post. It sounded so incredible!!!

And if you don't mind, I'm going to have to steal have your phrase "Have a great '08". Too good a saying not to.

Jackie -- it is SO good to hear how you are. Been a little worried :-). Thanks for reporting what's up. Don't forget --we're all here sending you warm and fuzzy vibes.

Loved the pix, adn have been wondering how Roofus got through the extreme ice storm conditions, very reassuring to see him or her looking healthy after the fact.

meb said...

Love the pictures Jackie. Your multi-talents are very impressive.

Sharon, it warms the heart to read your previous post. So happy for you.

As for Survivor..I guess Todd did deserve the win. Todd grew on me due to his answers to the tribal council. He did what he had to do. He looked like he had tons of makeup on at the finale...

I was as surprised as Amanda was (she looked crushed at getting but one vote) but she really did have that sad-eyed expression that PG picked her up tho to make everyone feel sorry for her hoping to get their vote. She did change up the game, but it never really did go in her favor. At the end I really didn't like her so much. She should not have voted for Denise when she told her she wouldn't .. Denise would still have lost with two votes, and Amanda would not have angered Denise thus she may have gotten another vote. Amanda also wasn't very prepared with her answers to council. She never quite seemed to answer the question put to her but skirted around it. She even volunteered negative information that may not have come out but for her.

Courtney actually looked "plump". She must have weighed every bit of 95 pounds, but it was all in her face. LOL