Thursday, January 31, 2008

Extremely Quick Take on 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Of course I missed the first hour due to Lost, but ...

... the women finally won a task to do with Croc shoes!

Apparently Piers sent Vinny to go spy on the women and he helped them because he wanted them to win.

In the boardroom, Vinny tried to resign from the show saying it wasn't a good environment for him. It's actually Piers who's the problem for him more than anything else.

Vinny resigns and Trump accepts the resignation. Piers sweat it out as Stephen Baldwin and Trace said they'd rather Vinny stay. Only Lennox wanted Piers to stay.

Buh-bye, Vinny. I'll have to watch the first hour I recorded because this is all a bit confusing.


monty924 said...

It was a good show. I wish Vinny would have stayed, but Piers is more entertaining in a twisted kind of way. This show needs drama and that is Omarosa and Piers for right now. From the previews, it looks like Stephen also resigns next week... or does he switch over to the women's team?

I want Omarosa gone in the worst way... make that yesterday, but it looks like she's going to be around for a while.

I loved the girl's Croc recepticle tonight. They really did do the better job this week.

joy n said...

Piers was a bit slimy tonight and I really do like Vinny. But it was Vinny who made such a mess of things. Yes, Piers started it with Vinny totally (at first) going along with the plan. Then, Vinny got righteous and decided on his own to kill two birds with one stone; help the women win and possibly get rid of Piers. It wasn't a well-thought-out plan and things started going downhill quickly. Piers and Vinny seem to despise each other and this whole thing was beyond personal. But Vinny is the man no one could trust after this assignment. He WAS a double agent. He made himself one. Piers had nothing to do with him turning on the men. He thought that up all by his lonesome. Then he showed such weakness in the end. I'm thinking he deserved to go. At least he didn't get fired. He resigned. The Donald gave him a chance to save himself, (as he did for Gene) but Vinny didn't bite (as Gene didn't).

Also, I thought Stephen was hypocritical tonight. He may have started out thinking it was a joke, but he still went along with it for awhile, even after seeing how far it was going. Christian or not, his hands were not clean, either.

Man, those ladies really wanted Piers to be the one fired, too. Next week should be very interesting. They didn't give Vinny much credit, but isn't he the one who advised the women to use Carol in the ad? That move did help them to win.

And, alas, Omarosa is still there.

monty924 said...

Omarosa wants Piers fired and the rest are under her spell. I'm not sure what direction this show is heading but its actually good. I can't figure it out, like we all did last season. :) I actually like the celebrity angle as well, minus the non-celebrity Omarosa.

If Vinny hadn't thrown himself on the sword, he would have stayed and Piers would have been gone, IMO. Despite my sorrow over Gene leaving (tongue in cheek), I'm actually liking this season and I'm looking forward to next week. Who would have thunk it? :)

Anonymous said...

where was Tito??

Sydney said...

Trump never likes someone who admits they don't know something or who volunteer to quit (Probst doesn't like quitters either, since they'd rather have given a slot to someone who'd really appreciate the position). I was surprised how soft Trump was on Vinnie. As to Baldwin asking Trump to look to his conscience, I guess he doesn't know that Trump totally doesn't live that way. I know we think all people down deep have a moral compass, but Trump quite gleefully doesn't really come from that orientation.

Joy, I agree, Stephen was a hypocrite as well as Vinnie, but I think it's a case of them both getting swept up in the game and then coming around to their own sense of right and wrong, and then vascillating. It's very easy to do in that environment.

Glad the women's team got their win -- the guys had a better slogan and a killer point in that Crocs might sell more so people can give them away, but I think they realized that would happen with the gals' campagin too.

I think now that 2 of the three voted for Vinnie to stay because then they would be the stronger guys left and more likely to win. It was also stupid of Vinnie to volunteer to go on the heels of two of the 3 saying they prefer him to stay. It his goal was to get Piers booted, there it was being handed to him on a platter. Besides that he may not be the sharpest guy, he just wanted out.

I actually tolerated O this time, as she showed respect for Carol, which she should, and seemed to drop the big bitch act when they were going back to the room and while watching the TV. I find her interesting enough to watch when she behaves so why have to create the bitch character and keep it up now? Maybe she had to to get noticed the first time around and now she's forced to maintain it? She IS ambitious for FAME, this we know.

Sydney said...

Delee-- THis is a comment to one of yours from way back... I watch the Tudors, and have been re-watching while stuck in bed with the flu, because I don't know the history at all.. I am learning about the reformation and obviously recognize all the names -- I assume Thomas is Sir T. Aquinas (sp), but boy do I wish I had you there to explain to me who Anne Bolyn's father is that he's pushing her to do this for a movement (I assume the reformation???) and if that's how it happened for real. You said they changed some facts... I'd love to know which of the major things you feel they've taken license with.

Leigh said...

I too missed for the first hour and was wondering where Tito was? I was hoping someone would have known what happened to him and would be so kind as to tell us why he wasn't at the presentation or the boardroom.

Anonymous said...

Tito was not there because he had a fight.

meb said...

This switch with Vinny all started out with Piers thinking that the women were spying on them. I haven't seen the second half of the show, so did they ever determine that the women were actually listening outside their door?

Vinny wasn't very smart...just didn't know when to keep his mouth shut. He tells Marilu that originally he came in as a spy and then told her not to tell the other girls, he tells Don (the son) after Don questions him about it, but tells him only to tell his father, no body else. What was he thinking...that they weren't going to be discussing that prior to the boardroom. Piers already told the daughter (can't spell her name) and she thought it was great. She was a believer in sabotage...

Anyway, I'll have to watch the end to see how it all came down. Glad the women finally won, but they could have probably done it without Vinny, yet it appears it was because he was there helping that they won.

Nothing to do with CA...but I just read where Justin Chambers, Alex, from Grey's Anatomy signed in to the psych ward (same one where Spears was taken) for a sleeping disorder. He left before Spears arrived. He's married with 5 kids. Probably signed in just to get a good nights sleep. Seriously, hope he's OK.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised no one is commenting on the way it ended last night, just like the Soprano's finale! I surely can't be the only one who caught that!


joy n said...

Yes, Tito had a prior commitment to fight in the ring. He'll be back.

In the boardroom, the women swore they didn't spy on the men's team and D believed them. They actually acted as though they were telling the truth. Wouldn't surprise me if Piers made that up as an excuse to "cheat".

As for The Donald's daughter, I guess the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree.

You're probably right about Vinny and Stephen, Sydney, but neither of them should have gone along with Piers' plan to start with. I also agree that, in the end, they just wanted Piers out for their own benefit and Vinnie could have easily done it, but chose not to. I believe, too, that he just wanted out. Who's going to trust him after that mess?

joy n said...

I'd almost forgotten about the "Soprano's ending. That was really very cool! Especially after Vinnie's speech about being " a dead man" now.

Sydney said...

HI Katie -- I commented on that, which was great, but did it in the Lost Post as there was no Apprentice post up yet! It's the first comment there. It was a stoke of genius. Too bad I didn't feel that way when David Chase did it the first time, lol.

monty924 said...

The Soprano's reference was lost on me... I never watched it as I didn't have HBO. I couldn't figure out why it ended that way and no cab ride dialogue. I went back and researched it though, and yes... it was a stroke of Genius to end the show that way. Bye the way, I'm a 70's and 80's kiddo so Journey is always cool to me! :)

I'm not all gooey over the way Omarosa has been acting. She was very respectful of Carol and, I for one, appreciate that. Carol didn't deserve the way Omarosa dismissed her the past couple of tasks. She's laying low/flying under the radar because she knows what her bitchiness got her the last time. She has appeared human the last couple of weeks, but her true colors will come out sooner than later. I must admit although, her pouring the glass of champagne over Piers head will be a delight to watch next week.

I say, going out on a limb here, that Trace Adkins or Carol win the Celebrity Apprentice. Who knows why? lol just my guess

joy n said...

I agree that Omarosa is just laying low for awhile. She is who she is and will always do what's best for Omarosa at any given moment. Her true persona will appear again before long.

I also hope that Carol or Trace win this. I'm thinking the odds may be against them, but as you said, Monty, one can hope.

Sydney said...

Monty -- I think those are two great predictions for the winners and I'm hoping it's the case.

meb said...

I actually had a twinge of sympathy for Vinny at the very end when he was walking out... He really was a man with no country...dead man walking...etc. It WAS mean of Piers to let the girls know Vinny was spying, but even giving Piers his due, when Vinny came back from the trip with Marilu, Piers welcomed him back into the boardroom enthusiastically. Vinny was the one who had started feeling guilty and acting strange. Rightly so of course, but it was the beginning of the end for him because he couldn't let it go. That's where my sympathy comes into play. He really did have a heart and it showed.

Oh well...let's see where it goes. Because I simply like Marilu, I'm going to root for her to win... unless she does something stupid in a future episode.