Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Quick Take on 'Celebrity Apprentice' - Ep. 2

Again, I'm not sure if I'll be covering the show each week. But since graphic arteest Zoetawny made me some nifty graphics for it and I did indeed watch it ... here I am!

If you haven't seen the show and plan to do so, be advised there will be spoilers in this entry. Please read it with your eyes shut if you don't want to know who was fired tonight. Thank you.

I'm still a bit iffy on exactly who some of these celebrities are. Who's the big blond guy who fussed about running his own company tonight? Other than Lennox Lewis, I'm not so knowledgeable about fighter types.

And, Nely? What's her claim to fame?

Being the animal lover I am, tonight's charity and project struck a note with me. The only drawback was that it was all about dogs and not cats. There are just as many loving cats in need of homes, perhaps more! On the other hand, Pedigree (the company) is doing a fine thing donating to shelters.

As much as I enjoy Gene Simmons and don't care for Ivanka Trump, I do think he was beyond rude in his dismissal of her when she was checking on the task. I also thought he was way out of line when he implied she would give information to the women's team. Yikes.

And, even though they were successful in winning the task, I didn't care for the way Simmons and Baldwin shut out the rest of their team. I don't blame the team members for getting a bit ticked. It's their project, too.

That said, I liked their commercial the best and they won. Of course, Omarosa even helped their win by laughing at the sight of Lennox with that dog. It was cute, but wouldn't that laugh be almost akin to sleeping with the enemy?

I thought the women's commercial was very good -- it tugged at the heartstrings. But the men's was just better. The women did some things very right such as meeting with the company to see what they wanted. The men just decided they knew. Yeah, it worked for them ... this time. But that's not always the best approach.

I thought Nely and Marilu worked extremely hard and even though both could have been held responsible for their team's loss, the right choice was made with Nadia going home tonight. I loved watching her in the Olympics so many years back, but she doesn't have the spark nor the edge of viciousness needed in a cut-throat corporate world. Omarosa was smart to stay in the background and make no effort to do anything except her assigned task. She's still the odd man out on the women's team. She doesn't fit in at all, but there was no plausible reason to bring her into the boardroom tonight.

The promos for next week have Trump saying, "You're a champion. You're fired." Now, that could be Lennox, but I doubt it.


joy n said...

I guess I was putting my comment on your last post while you were typing your recap up, Jackie.

I'm wondering if Omarosa was deliberately trying to sabatage her team with that laugh. She knew she wasn't in danger so it was no skin off her back and it would mean getting rid of one more of her immediate competitors if they lost. If this is true, it was a subtle move for the least subtle person on earth and it didn't cost her a thing.

joy n said...

Zoetawny, very cool graphic!

Sydney said...

Trump didn't take into consideration that Nadia is from a formerly communist country (Romania) where there was no free enterprise, all management skills where given to the Soviet party, any of that was frowned upon. And as an athelete, she was trained to do what she was coached to do... to win by her drive yes, her talent, her sense of competition, but under the trusted direction of a coach. She dis need to be fired but it would have been nice to keep in mind that the core discourse in which she was brought up (and those effects run deep) might have contributed to what she was criticised for. That said, the show's contex is a dog eat dog (punny!) business world, and I'm sure she did it in hopes that her charity would benefit.

Omorosa wore too short a skirt at the meeting with Pedigree and really should have beensocked by her teammates for laughing and helping them LOSE! HELLO!

Sydney said...

Methinks Gene may be making a guest appearance on Ugly Betty as the ep tonight showed his pic as the possible father of the snarkily funny blonde receptionist (What is her character's name???).

monty924 said...

I loved the episode tonight. Once again, Gene Simmons ruled. Love the graphic Zoetawny! I really didn't think Nadia deserved to go home, but someone had to. The show made it appear that she was fired for ordering the lunch late. That was lame, I'm sorry! It was a bad edit in my opinion. Nadia and her husband, Bart Connor, run a successful company. She's no stranger to it, but on this show, she is out of her league with the celebrity and brawn of the others.

I'm thinking the big blond (can't remember his name either, and he bugs me) is the champion that goes home next week. Something about him and his attitude just hocks me off! That's coming from a Gene Simmons fan, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Tito is an UFL champ, so it might be Lennox or Tito to go home next week.

televina said...

Tito Ortiz is a UFC champ (Ultimate Fighting)and I am probably one of the only married female moms who is really into the UFC. He is very well known with men, though. He is probably the only reason I even watched any of this season's Apprentice. I am so over it but wanted to see Tito in a suit.

Sydney said...

PS: ROCKIN Graphic Zoe -- no pun intended!

Zoetawny said...

I'm with Jackie in that I'm not sure if I can watch this show to the finale. When some of my fav shows return I'm probably going to ditch "The Apprentice".

I agree with most of you that Nadia didn't deserve to be fired but at least Trump was polite about it or was he trying to be "PC" for once? She doesn't have the shrewd cold hardness that Trump wants. Thanks Sydney, for pointing out how Nadia's background affects her business demeanor.

Omarosa...what can I say about her?
I always have an emotional response to her and it's never good. Despise her! ;)

Gene Simmons is the only reason I'm enjoying this show at all. BTW, I've never been a "Kiss" fan although I am a "rock 'n roll" fan. Who knew he'd be so interesting without all that black and white make-up. Now I wish I had watched "Family Jewels". The little I know about him had led me to believe he was a womanizer personified...which he may very well be. ;)

I'm wondering if Marilu Henner will step up her game. She's not the type of personality to fade into the background and is very passionate about what she believes.

Glad you enjoyed the graphic.
Bring on Big Brother 9! :)

monty924 said...

Just a thought I had. It may not be Lennox or Ortiz as we have another champion left in the mix. Jennie Finch, gold medalist, is also a champion. That would mean that the women would lose again next week, and I don't see that happening. Gene going over to the women's team will be a hoot though. I can't way to see him square off with Omarosa! Ha, I love this concept for the Apprentice. Peace!

meb said...

I'm surprised that I'm enjoying the Apprentice. Omarosa's skirts can't get much shorter, so along with her attitude, her style is rediculous as well,.

Have to admit, the men's ad was so much more polished, but I thought leaving the whole group out of the editing room, even if they asked them not to comment, was a little much. I would have been livid, since it is a group endeavor. Baldwin and Simmons are a little over the top.

And yes, monty924, can't wait to see Simmons and Omarosa on the same team. This is going to be good!

ORKMommy said...

Jackie -- I have a question for you that has nothing to do with Apprentice.

Do you know the TV schedule for Big Brother vs. American Idol? I heard that BB would be on Tues/Wed and isn't that the same schedule as Idol?

I'm sure I can find it somewhere and I'm looking, but you always seem to have this information right at your fingertips! :-)