Sunday, January 20, 2008

TV Newsy Bits and Bloggy Bits, Too - Sunday, January 20, 2008

Again, I used layers to show the construction dude in color while the rest in black and white. I took the shot in a subway station (NYC) if it isn't obvious. Clicking on the photo will bring up a larger image.

In Bloggy Newsy Bits -- I'm still awaiting an email from the winner of IN STEREO WHERE AVAILABLE signed by the author. I sent out a second email and if I don't hear back within the week, I'll draw another name. I'm just about finished reading my own copy of the novel and should be posting on it by the end of the week.

In TV Newsy Bits --
  • I'll be putting up an East Coast Update post for the finale of The Amazing Race when it starts here in the NYC area. I know CBS in this area isn't showing the BIG game (NY Giants against Green Bay Packers), but I just turned on the station and they're talking football instead of the news which should be on. Hopefully TAR will start on time.
  • Oh, wait. I guess they're talking another big game -- Patriots win. But if you're in this area, the only game hyped forever has been the Giants.
  • Suzanne Pleshette has died at the age of 70. For some reason, I thought she would be so much older than that. When I was a teenager and she was Bob Newhart's wife, she seemed so adult. I didn't realize she was less than 20 years older than I am. I always enjoyed watching her on television and in movies.
Today's musical non-sequitur:
I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don't know where it goes
But it's home to me and I walk alone
-- "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day


joy n said...

I remember her from "The Birds" and Bob Newhart the best. Remember the finale of "Newhart"? (the Inn) That was a perfect series ending.

Come on, Giants, only a couple of minutes left. (My husband is a diehard Giants fan.)

joy n said...

Oops, it's only 3rd quarter. That's okay, though, the Giants pulled ahead. Think they heard me?

Sydney said...

GIants WON! THis was the first game I actually looked forward to watching. I know just how cold that weather feels, having grown up in that area...which is why I never liked football. It may be nice in Texas to sit in stands all year round, but not when you're from the midwest. Those artic temps come straight from the pole thru Canada. HOw those guys could play in subero temps with bare arms... I'm amazed that they don't postpone games. The players, coahces nad ref's were so focused on this being the game that would send one team to the Superbowl, you didn't see a sign of it being an issue. I have to marvel at that.

The reporters however, looked miserable. They had to sit outside to comment for 30 mintues leading up to the game adn again at half time. One showed how his glass of water had turned to ice in about 15 minutes!

Giants vs. New England in 2 weeks, then it's done for another year...

Sydney said...

I know at least Gayle and Orkmommy know about those temps!!!! I know there's another BB regular -- begins with a P... Peeps, Pebbles, darn! forgive my poor memory -- living in the midwest.

sharon said...

I so loved Suzanne Pleshette. Newhart was one of my favorties and I was shocked and very surprised when she and Tom Poston got married a few years ago. They had a few good years together before he died last year.


joy n said...

My husband's in 7th heaven about now with the Giants going to the Superbowl.

It has been really cold here in upstate NY, too. Our water pipes were a little sluggish this AM, but luckily, they quickly cleared when we turned them on. We figure the end of January to be the halfway point of winter around here and we are so looking forward to spring already. This cold is brutal with the single degree temps and below zero wind chills.

The older I get, the more I dislike the cold.

Gayle said...

Sydney, yes you and I both know about the arctic temperature! Saturday I don't think it got in teens in Chicago and the wind chill was in the negative degrees. Sunday was a little better - the temperature was in the low 20's! Now are you sure you don't want to move back to Illinois!?!

Sydney said...

LOL Gayle! Yes, saw it was 6 degrees Sat... without windchill. BRUUUTAL!

Tom`S said...

Good morning Jackie, I believe CBS production generally release, Big Brother Houseguest's Today, Of course I'm speculating, no confirmation ( unless you have BB 9Houseguest list ) I'm behind on my day to day news, although I thought Houseguest's we're introduced Tuesday 2 weeks, prior first Epi, " Dirty little secrets " by All American Rejects is BB 9 current Promo, with last years HG's,
Jackie, Great work, Your the best!


Tom said...

Sydney, I travel back and forth from Canada to Texas, I'm currently in Texas, its raining, very cold, sensation feels similar to our weather in Northern Canada during month of Sept, however last summer, in Northern Ontario, was the hottest ever, in fact it was hotter than some area's in Texas, I'm in Austin Hill Country - Lake Travis area, of course its much cooler than downtown.