Wednesday, January 16, 2008

TV Newsy Bits - Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yeah, it's a gritty photo I took along the NJ Transit train line I frequent. I enjoy grit at times. I actually loved it back when the NYC subway trains were graffiti covered. These days, the subway car exteriors are graffiti-less and the scratched into the plexiglass windows "art" just isn't the same for me. On the other hand, the city and subway system are much safer than they were back in the old days. Oh, I miss the tokens, too. I think I still have a few around somewhere. MetroCards just aren't as memory worthy for the saving. Clicking on the photo above will enlarge it.

On another front, our huge snowstorm forecast for Monday morning never came. You would think with all the technology today, the weather forecasters wouldn't be so entirely off base. It rained a very little bit and that was it. Last night we had some flurries. We're supposed to have another cold blast starting Sunday and they're probably right about that. With my knee the way it is, I'd just as soon not deal with any snow and ice. The ski areas seem to be getting snow, that's fine by me. It can stay away here this season.

At my workplace, everyone seems to be sick with either a horrible cold or the norovirus (stomach flu). I have neither (knock on wood). I'm in my usual winter state of sneezing and congestion. I don't think it's an illness as I go through it for the entire winter every winter. I think it's due to dry heat. One of these days I'll buy a humidifier.

Enough about me. To start off today's TV Newsy Bits, I want to mention some commercials I've been seeing lately --
  • I'm not sure if ShopRite is a national chain supermarket or not. But, if you're familiar with them -- it's the time of year for their can-can sale. They sell lots of brand-brands in everything can-cans. Every year when the sale is on, I get the song stuck in my head. It's almost enough to make me want to dance. I found a clip on YouTube if you're not familiar with the commercials. That's an old ad -- the song remains the same, but the prices surely have changed. After it's stuck in your head too, you might want to put a hex on me or something.
  • What is going through the minds of the Dominoes Pizza folks with their latest ad campaign? You cannot tell me they don't know the Internet meaning behind the acronym they're using on the commercials. They're advertising the BFD. On the Internet for years and years, that's short for Big [f-bleeping] Deal. They're calling it Big Fantastic Deal. But I know otherwise and so does anyone who has visited message boards anywhere.
  • Did you see Sarah Reinertsen from Amazing Race 10 on the Lincoln car commercial? When I first noticed the commercial, I recognized her artificial leg before I realized it was her. I said to myself, "I know that prosthesis!" Hopefully she left that dolt Peter and it would be great if she did do well in a marathon. I have nothing but respect for her but he was horrible.
In other TV Newsy Bits --
  • I watched two hours of Greatest TV Reality Moments on VH1 the other day. I do miss the days when both MTV and VH1 focused on music videos almost entirely, but I think I'm getting hooked on some of the shows of this ilk on VH1 now. Included in this show was Charla in her armor falling over on Amazing Race, but not Evel Dick dumping iced tea on Jen's head. If it repeats when you're not watching anything else, go for it.
  • I haven't watched Leno since his return without writers, but I have caught some of Conan O'Brien sans writers. Actually, I think I like Conan's show better without the writers. It forces him to be creative and he's good at sight gags, self-deprecation, and general silliness. I'm still not thrilled with the local weatherman who reminds me of Conan, but I've giggled and chuckled at the bits I've seen of the show since its return. Good work, Conan!
  • Although the commercials for the upcoming Big Brother 9 hint at "dirty little secrets," there isn't all that much concrete news out there yet -- mainly speculation. I found this article interesting, but I fear they don't have any more actual insight than many of the show's huge fans.
Today's musical non-sequitur:
Rich relations give you a
Crust of bread and such
You can help yourself
But don't take too much
-- "God Bless the Child" as sung by Billie Holiday


Anonymous said...

Good morning Jackie,
I am also not a huge fan of Lonnie at cbs, but on Sunday night, he said that he thought the National Weather Service was wrong, for whatever that is worth. And Wikipedia lists Sarah Reinertsen and her "ex-boyfriend" came in seventh place on AR10. (I have to say, they both totally annoyed me, maybe apart they are each better!) I cannot wait to go back top school, WAAY to much time on my hands for these details! Thanks again for a great blog!

Becky A. said...

The storm didn't hit there because it must have hit down here in Maryland instead... I called my husband midway through the day and said, "Did you know it's *snowing*??" None was predicted at all. Oops!

AnnieQMac said...


Do yourself a favor and get a humidifier. I finally did this year and what a difference! Not only am I breathing better, I don't make sparks anymore when I touch metal or turn on a light! I think it's keeping my skin from drying out too.

Our storm that wasn't - I agree, how could they get it so wrong...Sorry about your knee.


sharon said...

Jackie,I sympathize with your knee pain,this weather is ripe for that!I also agree I would slog through a foot of snow before I would walk on icy surfaces. I fell two winters ago and hope I never do that again. Be safe!

I have always loved the VH1 specials,but the decade ones the most! It's so much fun to look back at the things that meant so much to us at the time and see how inane and silly some of it was. I love the commentary by the "comedians",especially Mo Rocha! I also like him on CBS Sunday Morning,as well as Nancy Giles.

I'll not be with you for the AI tryouts. I just think they are so mean spirited and I feel for some of those poor deluded people,but I hate the exploitation. Don't know if I will watch the "real" group or not. It's really losing it's appeal for me. Like the "Bachelor",who never finds true love,winning AI doesn't mean instant and lasting fame,i.e.,Ruben,Taylor and Katherine.

Lynn 1 said...

I have a question concerning the writer's strike. It seems to be affecting so many types of shows, why is it not affecting the soap Operas?
Maybe it is, since I don't watch any of them how would I know? I just haven't heard of any reports of the strike messing up the soaps and I wondered why not???

joy n said...

Good question, Lynn. I wondered about that, too, even though I no longer watch them either.

Jackie said...

Soaps scripts for most of the shows are written quite far ahead as they have so many shows to film each year (compared to 13 or so for primetime weekly). I don't think any have run out of scripts yet, but I can't imagine they'll be fresh for a lot longer.

I don't watch any soaps myself.

Lynn 1 said...

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.
If the strike continues it will be interesting to see what happens to day time TV.

RyzandShyn said...

I get that stupid song stuck in my head too, not only during the big can-can sale, but at other times when I'm in ShopRite too...go figure.
1010WINS kept saying we were only going to get a few inches of slushy-stuff on Monday morning, but it looked like EVERYONE else was saying 4-8 inches of snow. I bolted upright in my bed Monday morning, looked out the window, and fell back on my pillow in disappointment! I was sooooo looking forward to a snow day.
It's Thursday, and I'm still
That's interesting about Sarah, I'll have to look for the commercial.
I like when VH1 shows those "100 greatest..." whatever. The movie one was good and so was the child stars one.

Anonymous said...

i grew up in your area jackie and sometimes the shop-rite can-can song gets stuck in my head for no apparent reason at all...."musical turrets" my friends call it...when i burst into song for no reason. and sometimes even a commercial or two
i've noticed a few "reality celebs" in commercials lately...i don't know if they're succeeding more and more or if i'm finally paying attention to the ads..
the model from ANTM in the Chili's ad...the model from America's Most Smartest in a fitness ad...and yes, i too saw sarah in the lincoln ad
so go buy that humidifier and i hope your knee doesn't give you too much grief