Wednesday, January 23, 2008

TV Newsy Bits - Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A nod to diversity -- this is one of the front windows of a Texas Wieners restaurant in Plainfield, NJ. I have no idea what the line in Arabic says, but I think it may be touting grits (also on the menu, along with chitlins). You gotta love it, eh?

In today's TV Newsy Bits --
  • I'll be posting another live blog American Idol post for tonight's South Carolina auditions show around 8 PM ET. Of course, you're all invited!
  • Two of my articles hit the TV Squad screen today -- one is on Survivor 16 Micronesia spoilers and the other is a list of five things I've learned from television. If you don't want to see the spoilers, yet want to view the image gallery I created for the Survivor entry (no spoilers in the images although they're from the first episode), this is the link for the gallery.
  • Julie Chen is a guest on tonight's Late Show with David Letterman. I'll report back if she lets anything good slip about the upcoming Big Brother season.
  • The single dad in last night's American Idol auditions from San Diego, Perrie Cataldo, has an arrest record according to
Today's musical non-sequitur:
And I swear
That I don't have a gun
No, I don't have a gun
No, I don't have a gun
-- "Come As You Are" by Nirvana


monty924 said...

I just commented on some of these over on the Idol post. Great list on the Five Things.

I still like Perry and think he may have learned a lesson and grown up really fast when he was left to raise a son by himself. He had the best voice of the one's I saw last night, but I'm still waiting for someone to just jump out of the set at me. Maybe tonight?

Delee said...

I read the spoilers and looked at the photo gallery. Re: spoilers I read them last time and seems promptly forgot what I read. So hope so this time also.

Gallery, nice photos before they become stick people...HA HA

mrsdobalena said...

Thanks for the Archie Bunker flashback! I hadn't thought of that in years, but that very sock/shoe scene is permanently etched in my brain, and led me on a nice trip down memory lane...

Anonymous said...

is there a texas weiner still on 22? can't exactly remember where but i remember going to a fabric store with my mom and sometimes stopping there for lunch...maybe in the green brook area?

Caroline said...

There's still a Texas Weiner in Middlesex, on the corner of Rt. 28 and Greenbrook Rd. Awesome food and super nice people working there. Kinda gives the feel of an old family business as opposed to the fast food nightmare that most places are now.

Jackie said...

The fabric store and that texas Weiners were still there the last time I drove up 22 (I hate 22). I'm not sure if it's considered North Plainfield or Green Brook right there, but I know the one you mean!