Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Big Brother 9 Live Feeds Bulletin

Big She is in da house. And, who isn't?

After being blocked for hours, the feeds returned about ten minutes ago. Sharon is missing. It's just Ryan, Adam, and Sheila.

Here's the skinny:
  • Sheila is shocked that Adam voted to keep her, so Ryan must have left the nominations the same.
  • Before the feeds were blocked (around 9 PM ET), Adam and Ryan shook hands on keeping Sheila.
  • They have arts and crafts.
  • Sheila apologized to Adam for treating him badly.
  • Rooms have been closed off. The guys are in the pink room. I think Sheila is in the boat room.
  • Ryan won the first part of HOH. Sheila and Adam vie against each other tomorrow.
  • Lots of small talk right now, so I'll get this up.


Zoetawny said...

WOW! Thanks for being right on top of it, Jackie. I didn't think we'd know until tomorrow night. I'm sorry to see Sharon is gone even though she's been irritating the last few days. I did think she was the least offensive of the bunch, but that's jmo. Ryan has been on a roll since winning HOH. Now it's A & She battling it out for F2. I hope A wins even though Sheila is a single mother. ;)

Thanks again for staying up so late, Jackie.

Anonymous said...

why am i now wanting sheila to win. I really haven't liked her this whole season. I just don't want adam to win(so many offensive comments) and I think Ryan has no chance of comming in with 500,000.00
Cha Cha

Nana in the NW said...

Jackie, you are still up?! Good thing your on vacation.

Sounds like the comp. had them on boogie boards and maybe rapids(?). Everyone thought Nat. would have done well in this comp.

Yea, Adam must have stuck with their deal so Ryan won Pt. 1.

The HG are busy being crafty so I am off to bed.

Catch you all on the flip side.....

PlaidChick said...

Anonymous said...
why am i now wanting sheila to win. I really haven't liked her this whole season.
Earlier in the day I was flipping and wanting her to take it away from those 2 terd balls. But I'm still pulling for Adam, though I think he's making it to easy for Ryan. Big-She could pull it out though mebe? And an Adam/Sheila Final 2?

hmmm I'm tired

Anonymous said...

I hope Adam throws the second part of the comp to Sheila. I'm pretty sure Sheila hasn't forgotten about Ryan taking the 10 grand Adam gave her and if she does win, I'd bet money she'd evict him for that fact alone and if she gets evicted, I'm sure she would bring up how much money Ryan has already won to the jury. I'm sure that would be a deciding factor to them. It might even be one to Adam. Think about it. If he takes Sheila to F2, at least she'll get fifty grand and she is a single mom and he's already shown a kindness toward that. Still that way it would be a bloodless on Adam's part when either Sheila or Ryan got evicted. Plus, these people seem to be hell-bent on the person who gets to stay winning comps. Then again, I would try my best to win the second part of the comp simply because there's no way I would trust Ryan to keep me if I were Adam and it would be stupid to let my fate lie in someone else's hands.

dla said...

I must admit that, going back to the beginning of the season, I NEVER would have predicted Ry-bread, She-bot, and Baller as the final three.

Did anyone see that one coming based on the first several shows??

formerly anon said...

anon 2:21, that's brilliant, I hope Adam does exactly that, throws tomorrows comp to Sheila to give her a fighting chance! He'd have plausible deniability with Ryan about throwing the comp, and he also wouldn't have to go up against Ryan in the 3rd comp and face a moral dilemma about winning that one. Adam does take the easy way out when he can.

That would be AWESOME if Sheila somehow won the HOH and took Adam.

PDX Granny said...

I'm with you dla. I would have NEVER guessed these three would be at the end. I figured Sheila and Baller would have been the first voted out based on the first few shows I saw.

Who woulda guessed???

Tom`S said...

Good morning..
Thanks Jackie

Tom`S said...

I believe Adam placed himself in a good position, he showed Sheila that despite her cranky non-stop ranting & raving he's still loyal. I believe Sheila would choose Adam for F2

formerly anon said...

It's not clear yet to me whether either Adam or Ryan think that their deal included Adam throwing the 2nd comp as well as the first. Anyone know?

Tom`S said...

According to Sheila, first endurance HOH Comp lasted a good 15mins.

Upon entering the house, Sheila stated it was around 10:30 P.M.

Adam's deal included throwing one HOH comp. The second HOH comp will also be endurance, I believe it'll be much tougher than this last one.

meb said...

Just woke up and instead of turning over and going back to sleep, decided to take a peek to see what's going on.

Man... I just didn't want the two guys to end up in the F-3. I really thought Ryan was just stringing Adam along and he was going to remove Sharon from the block and let her vote him out. Just goes to show ya..expect the unexpected.

I hope Sheila pulls a rabbit out of a hat in this second comp, so she can compete against Ryan for final HOH. Then she can choose who goes with her to the F-2. Too much to expect???

Thanks Jackie. Not what I wanted to hear, but needed to know.

See ya al tomorrow on the show.

Anonymous said...

Ryan is the most deserving of the 3. I hope he wins

Miko in kc

Anonymous said...

I am hoping Ryan wins also!

Anonymous said...

I am on the Ryan to win team. I really think that Shelia should have been the one evicted, but even though I want Ryan to win, he is pretty stupid when it comes to strategy. I think that he would have done well with the jury if Sharon was beside him in the F2. She is the only person who floated more than he did. Adam may have a good heart and Shelia may be a single mom, but I really just don't like them at all. They have both been so annoying throughout the whole season. If Adam or Shelia are in the F2, I won't care who wins because I dislike them both so much. But throughout the 9 seasons, I haven't been happy with most of the winners. Come to think of it, the only winner I actually liked was Drew.

RyzandShyn said...

WOW!! We could actually have an Adam and Sheila F2. After the first couple of shows, I thought they'd be evicted from the house in a hurry. Ya never know, do you?
I decided I want them to be F2because at least they did stuff the entire season, were always talking and scheming.
Ryan has flaws in his strategies and I really didn't like that move taking the money from Sheila after Adam gave it to her. Also, I really didn't care for Jen at all.

Thanks, Jackie for sticking with it. I hope you got to feel some fun excitment from it all finally.

sue said...

All season we watched the girls team and the boys team and when it came to final three, they went with couples...which goes back to the first night in the house. Maybe Sheila will rework her thinking on what 'her type' is.

It has played out so far just the way Ryan planned. He wanted Sharon, but I think he figured it was worth taking Sheila and not having to fight Adam in round one of HOH. I really think that in Ryan's mind it was a toss up with the two (Sharon and Sheila). Both had reasons for him to keep them and both needed to go. I think, in his mind, they are useless either way and he used the possible Sheila eviction as leverage to get tru-heart Adam to throw a comp. Ryan must have been pleased with his deal. Especially since he had convinced Sharon and her jury vote that he wanted her. If it worked out that way.

Sheila has to feel grateful to Adam now, she kept making remarks to Sharon yesterday about Sharon acting as if she was staying for the HOH, making Sheila feel that someone had assured Sharon she was staying.

Sharon felt all along that Adam would keep Sharon, no matter what Ryan told her. By Adam convincing Ryan to let him keep Sheila, instead of blindsiding Ryan at the Veto, Adam also worked the game.

Sheila seemed to be a continual stream of words in the house, but she got Natalie out when it would have been an easier HOH week for her just to evict Sharon and keep Nat. She is the most unestimated of the three. Both boys wonder at taking her, neither seem to think she could have to choose between them.

All three have played the game while seeming to float along with the house current.

All of James team has been evicted.

Ryan was evicted once and got a second chance. Then he took the $10,000 from Sheila.

Adam and Sheila are the only couple in the house and the first night the odds of them not being the first evicted were high, imo.

sue said...

Sharon felt all along that Adam would keep Sharon, no matter what Ryan told her.

should be, "Adam would keep Sheila"

Finally I think I figured out this year's theme. It is another quote, but I don't think it is on the wall of the house any where.

"Pride Goeth Before a Fall"

We have seen that one played out often this season on eviction night.

Anonymous said...

I"m not sure Sheila could win two comps even if they were designed for her or thrown. She has always quit pretty early and her one HOH was given to her. Adam only started winnning when he was no longer tied to her.

I'm cheering for Ryan - despite the $10,000 and Jen. I wouldn't feel bad if Adam won though - since he apparently has some bad employment news waiting for him when he gets out and I don't see him moving to employment in the entertainment industry like other former HGs.

Can't wait for the final episodes and then a brief rest before summer BB!


Sydney said...

At last, the first thing of interest in the last several days (except that little moment when we thought Adam was gone yesterday)

SO Did Ryan win that first HOH comp on his own or is that the part that Adam threw? I assume so, as what was built in the back yard was the thing they thought Shelia would not last thru and Sharon would be good at...

sue said...

A forgot the Jen equation with Ryan. That is a big one, too. With Jen being disliked, and the jury assuming she gets Ryan's winnings, it could really go against him.

The entire game, for Ryan, might have gone differently if Jen had not let their relationshipn be known. Although, Ryan was looking daggers at all the male hgs when Jen came near them, even before she told the secret, so everyone probably would have guessed it, if she hadn't told.

There is so much the hgs don't know, and won't until they watch the tapes. I keep forgetting that.

Adam thinks he is walking into praise from his employer because he is doing well and talking up their cause.

Ryan doesn't know what Jen said about him in the house.

God only knows what Sheila thinks.

RBennie said...

Good morining all. Well I see it was quite an eventful night - after an extremely boring day. I'm glad Sharon's gone. I was really worried that Ryan would turn on Adam. I can't imagine a comp that Sheila could beat Adam at, but who knows, stranger things have happened. I really don't care who if either Sheila or Ryan is 2nd in F2, as long as Adam makes it. Is tonight's show live or just Wednesday? I'm dying to see when Natalie arrives at Jury house.

TerryinCA said...

Thanks SO much Jackie, you are truly my hero.
Im a bit surprised, but then glad Adam wasnt waivered by Ryan. I have decided I want Sheila and Adam in the final two. The main reason? The thought of Ryan and jen having all that money makes me nauseous.

Sydney said...

Miko -- Very interested to hear why you feel Ryan is the most deserving. If he wins, I will need that argument to be happy for him. WIll you please write back with that?

A few of you have left your reasons why it's working out the way Ryan PLANNED... Maybe it's becasue I don't have the feeds and have stopped checking on every moment for weeks now... but somehow I feel that whatever has gone Ryan's way has NOT been due to his masterminding, but dumb luck or OUR giving it meaning (in our utter boredom and desire for a better game than what's playing out in reality).

It would be great game if Adam's deal to get Ryan to keep Shelia was a way to get Shelia to win HOH and then pick him.. but that is WIll or Janelle level, and while Sue is right that these people have done some playing it's just not of the level we'd like to see.

Dla, I would never have thought Shelia would be in this long... or Ryan. Adam seemed to play neutral and stay out of politics before he became a straight out pushover so I was not surprised he got far-ish...

But so often the lamest people get into the F4... I am still bitter about Jun and Allison (and I need to let it go, lol), but that is a prime example. SO in that regard, not so totally surprised lame folks last.

Now we will have to watch Sharon's earsplitting WOOOO as she arrives at sequester.

Anon 2:21 and Tom 's -- perfect-- agree totally with your comments.

Realityfan -- I think Shelia has it in her for endurance.

Yes, she gives up or loses very quickly in most comps. But that glass box thing was "given" to her after she stayed up there for 3 hours and made a DEAL, which is part of the game. Had Ryan and Natalie not dropped, I think that Shelia and Nat had a lot more time in them, and they would have battled it out. Maybe Nat would have won in the end, but I'm not so sure about that.

Sydney said...

TO the Anon who last night reported you'd pulled out the sofa bed and signed on by your kids computer, I TOTALLY understand. That cracked me up!!! We are not at all alone in our madness, which to me is the MOST fun thing about this show and blogging!

Tom`S said...

Come to think of it, the only winner I actually liked was Drew.

4/22/2008 6:33 AM


Ouch! Drew was alright although he basically floated, all time worse was June and Maggie IMO, Will of course my favorite, I'll have to say this season IMO is still much better than Maggie's /Cappy's group after Janelle was evicted. Maggie didn't do anything, of course neither did June, Haha

Regardless I still want Adam in Final 2.

Tom`S said...

How about lets have 3 HG's to choose from??

Sydney -- Becky wrote about San Antonio Zoo a few comments back.
I need some serious coffee, I'm tired a little sleepy, it's 10:30 A.M. Here in West Austin.

Weather is very humid, muggy, my bones ache. I hate this weather.

grrrrrrrr :: (((

RBennie said...

It's going to be a pretty day here in NYC. Sunny and mid 60s. It's Staff Appreciation day here at my law firm and I'm looking forward to being taken out to lunch!

nancy in pa said...

ok, so it finally sinks in to me that the eviction of sharon was not going to be a live one.....oh my...my head is not screwed on right anymore. i kept reading all this thinking...how could sharon be gone already?...there was no live eviction yet.....fortunately, a small dim bulb popped on and i surmised it just won't be live. DUM!!!!

i think adam has turned out to be pretty darn smart. nasty habits..yes..but a pretty good brain..assuming he is going to get himself to the F2 with sheila with very little blood on his hands.

i don't want ryan to win, but i don't look down on his lack of loyalty or his looking-out-for- just-me game play at this point in the game...the whole point of going into this house for such an extended period of time is to WIN. so how can you fault that?
i am looking for a sheila/adam F2 with an adam win.

nancy in pa said...

rbennie... nice!! have a great lunch!!!

RBennie said...

Thanks Nancy. I already know I'm ordering the $45 rib eye steak that I can never afford to buy myself, LOL

Sydney said...


OMG tom's and Becky -- you both wrote about the zoo and I'm so sorry I missed responding to that!

I have not been to the San Antonio Zoo. I have only been to SA once and that was about spending time on the riverwalk, seeing the Alamo and buying a pair of cowboy boots with teal colored tops! We will have to make a trip back to see the zoo if you both think it's outstanding.

I did get to go to the Australian Zoo when we were there on honeymoon in the fall. Just so happens we were there the day before the very first annual Steve Irwin day. It was a joy and an honor to be there and see how it's grown since the early days, and feel Steve's presence so viscerally. I saw Terri walking around and she is quite beautiful in person (with a teeny tiny waist). Though I'm not a huge fan or reptiles, had to watch a show in the Crockaseuim... and they let you wander among whatever animals can be tame, rather than see them in cages.. so I fed several Kangaroos by hand. And got quite close to the amazing beings we call elephants, which were getting their baths and having fun moving giant logs or tree trunks for exercise.

What should I look out for when we next get to the SA zoo?

meb said...

I can't make up my mind who I want to go to final 2. If it's Ryan and Adam it'll irritate me; Ryan and Sheila as F-2 is too much to grasp, so Sheila and Adam seem the easiest to accept.

In a way, I'd like to see if a couple who started in the very beginning, making it to the end, would have a big surprise from BB for surviving as a couple.

That would be a nice ending. Especially since the only couple left in the house is the first couple I felt should have been evicted from the house.

Glad it didn't happen that way, as I got a little attached to both of them, as horrid as they were throughout the season, each in their own way... "never shut up whiny Sheila" and "pick your nose and scratch your b@!!s Adam". Yuk!

Time will tell.

Sydney said...

MORE OFF TOPIC, but the same of topic topic. PS: Becky, I went back to read your comments about the zoo again and got your take on it... I am trying to imagine it built into a quarry.

I'm learning there are distinctions to be made between union run zoos, privately owned and city owned zoos. Wondering what San Antionio's is.

I see Jackie has a new post up so I hope you two get these messages.

Anonymous said...

I am definately NOT into floaters.
I am so glad Sharon is gone. I am not a fan of any of the final three but I do think that Sheila getting rid of Natalie was at least a good play. Can't say the other floaters did anything! For some strange reason I want Adam to win. He did some gross things, but in the end he is likeable. Just think about when he first came in and the horrid way Sheila treated him. It was embarrassing.
Bottom line...this BB cast was the worst ever!

Patty said...

Thanks Jackie for hanging in there and giving us the results.

I must confess, I really thought back the first two or three weeks, we would have seen Adam and Shelia gone. Now that it has not happened that way, I feel they are the most deserving to go to the F2. Ryan was given a second chance to play the game, they were not, so I think that is my reasoning for wanting them to make it to the F2.

I am wondering if BB will have an extra surprise in the end if there is one couple that makes it to the F2. I guess we will have to wait and see.

It is such a beautiful day here in South Dakota. We are expecting to reach around 68 and sunny today with little to no winds. That is a great forcast for us this time of the year. I decided to take advantage of the outdoors and clean up from the winter months.

It feels so great to have clean windows and the house opened up for a while. Hello spring!

Have a great day everyone!

Anonymous said...

No I wanted Sheila gone...Grr...