Monday, April 21, 2008

Latest BB9 Live Feeds

My latest live feeds report is up on TV Squad. It was a horribly boring day until about a half hour ago.


SharonS said...

nooooo.....NO MORE SHEILA!! Please boys....get her gone...please?

Jackie said...

They're all still in the house. It also looks like Adam and Ryan agreed to keep Sheila and Adam will throw the HOH to Ryan.

Tom`S said...

If Adam keeps Sheila, Sheila will be shocked and she'll probably cry buckets of tears on Adam's shoulder. I hope Adam doesn't throw HOH comp..

sue said...

So as soon as the handshake was made, they went to trivia? Was that what BB was waiting for? Or just coincidental timing? Not that I believe Ryan in any situation. Ryan will do what he wants. He is in control of the game and the others seem to be abdicating their power to him. I did enjoy thinking of Jen watching this weekend while Sharon begged and pleaded to be taken off so she could vote out Adam. Jen must have been shouting at the screen...but what was she saying? Believe Sharon or evict Sharon?

Tom`S said...

but what was she saying? Believe Sharon or evict Sharon?

4/21/2008 8:58 PM

Screaming & Shouting Evict Sharon is what I believe Jen would've been shouting!

My brother wants Adam to evict Sharon, Of course ultimately Ryan had to agree.

sue said...

tom's, that was what I was thinking when she was talking. Sharon kept saying how it would benefit Ryan to get rid of Adam and she would do it as a favor to him, so he could keep his hands clean. She would take the hit and evict. : ) But, it was obvious she wanted to keep her alliance of Sheila...or she wanted to keep Sheila because James, et al hate her. And most of all Sharon wanted off the block. I just kept thinking Jen was grabbing hold of the screen and shouting "Don't believe her!".

formerly anon said...

For Ryan, I think it really doesn't matter. 6 of one, half dozen of the other. He's in the frikken cat-bird seat and he knows it. The worst case is he gets 2nd place. Same for Adam. Why should they worry?

I would have liked to see them go to Sharon and Sheila and tell them that, look, neither of you will go to F2, so if you have the choice of being 3rd (no jury house time) or having one week in sequester, which would you choose? I'd like to hear their answers. Sheila should know there's just zero way she can get to F2, so at least one week in a more normal house would be appealing, I would think.

Ryan has nothing to lose either way this goes. He's covered.

sue said...

Continuing the former thread discussion where Adam and Ryan shook on a deal to evict Sharon with part of the deal being Adam would throw HOH. They must know it is a 3 parter. I wonder if Adam meant he would throw the endurance part. That makes me laugh. Would Adam physically be ble to do an endurance? This might be like the Boogie night where it took hours to build a volcano and minutes to have it over. I hope feeds aren't off all in the Maggie Ivette season.

formerly anon said...

Assuming a scenario of Adam votes out Sharon and Ryan acts all indignant and shocked, let's see how votes go down (assuming Ryan/Adam F2):

Matt - Ryan
Chelsea - Adam
James - Adam
Josh - Ryan
Gnat - Ryan
Sharon - Ryan
Sheila - Adam


Tom`S said...

Assuming a scenario of Adam votes out Sharon and Ryan acts all indignant and shocked
I'm inclined to believe Adam may actually encourage jurors to vote for Ryan.

RyzandShyn said...

Good Good Good...I'm glad I wasn't all wrong about Adam and that he did make an effort to convince Ryan that voting Sharon off was better than voting Sheila off.
I think Adam and Sheila might have a chance in endurance comps against Ryan!

formerly anon said...

I don't know, first off, I don't see Sheila winning this comp, it sounds pretty intense - they got special shoes, probably water shoes.

I can't see Adam betraying Ryan on this one, because the deal has it built in that Ryan has to do the deed to get rid of Sheila, so Adam has clean conscience, which is important to him.

I think Sheila ends up the ultimate loser in this one, 3rd place and no prizes. But I do think Adam will help her out somehow after the show - he's that kind of guy imho. He's gross but he's got heart.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Doesn't anybody have Showtime? I think they are showing the events tonight at 9.

monty924 said...

10:08 ET and still no feeds. I hope they don't keep the feeds blocked for the entire endurance comp. What a rip off! Grrrrrr

Nana in the NW said...

From what I read the agreement Adam made was this:
Pt. 1 When Sheila quits he will quit-Ryan wins Pt.1

IF Sheila wins than Adam will throw Pt. 2 to Ryan so he can compete with She. in Pt. 3

They are both assuming Ryan will beat She. in Pt. 3 and keep Adam for F2.

Is everybody confused now?

Syd--I think calling it a 3 part HOH is technicalities.
The winner of the comp. will "vote" to evict someone thus determining who is the F2.

Form Anon--I agree with all but Gnat. I think she will vote for Adam because he voted to keep her and Ryan didn't.

By what Adam said "down the river and over the rocks" I think the comp. will be some kind of rafting(although there doesn't seem to be enough room for that)?

Just get on with it!!!!

monty924 said...

I have a feeling that the HOH comp will be DUN and over with by the time BBAD comes on. Double Grrrrrrrrr!

Zoetawny said...

I'm on pins and needles waiting to find out if Sharon is out for sure. I'm not happy about A throwing a comp. Who knew R would have the power now?


Awwwww, poor Josie. It's breaking my heart to know she needs another surgery. Josie is fortunate she has an owner who cares so much about her. My Shadow had 4 eye surgeries (twice on each eye) by the time he was 6 months old. He had "cherry eye" where the gland pops up out of it's proper place. Two months after the last surgery it popped up again in his right eye. We decided not to put him through another surgery since the prognosis wasn't a guarantee and the gland wasn't endangering his eye or vision. His right eye looks a little strange but he's not trying to win a beauty contest. Keep us posted about Josie.

Well, it looks like another BB winner I'm not going to be thrilled about. I think the worst was when June won (season?)

Zoetawny said...

One more thing, does Sharon know R & A are keeping Sheila?

formerly anon said...

Up until the feeds went off, no, Sharon did not know, Ryan did not have the chance to tell her, but anyway, he wouldn't tell her because he wants to be able to act SHOCKED and surprised at Adam's vote - so no, Ryan cannot tell her, if he's being sincere to Adam and I think he is, because it's in his interest.

Sharon won't be too outraged, she's been very compliant the whole game -- "oh, it's ok, vote me out, I understand"

Tom`S said...

Endurance comp feeds should resume following eviction. I'm expecting it'll be a 45 min editing delay, I noticed there was a delay following first lock down.

BB gave an assumption it was back to " live feeds " however HG's tend to give accurate timelines if their clock hasn't been altered.

RyzandShyn said...

I actually think I'm getting excited over this finally.

Nana...They came up with a lot of IFs, didn't they? Talk about counting your chickens @@

Ryan seems way too oafish to me to be able to hang on for any physical comp. Here's hoping he goes down first and Adam wins Part 1.

I guess it's all guessing until we have confirmation that Sharon is gone.

Formerly Anon - I think that if it's a B&B F2 and Sharon is in SH, she might vote for Adam as the winner. Sure, she'll be mad at him initially, but by the time voting comes around, she'll may give Adam his props.

Tom`S said...

I'm not happy about A throwing a comp. Who knew R would have the power now?
Nor am I, I sure hope Adam win's hopefully Ryan slips in the water while grabbing a object or something..

formerly anon said...

It'd be a coin toss between B&B for Sharon's vote if you take the Jacob factor out of the equation - but Ryan and Jacob bonded, and that's probably going to lend just enough weight to her decision, imho. No matter what Sharon says, she's still connected to Jacob and is nurturing that connection for some KA-RAY-ZEE reason.

monty924 said...


I think Ryan's playing for second place no matter who he goes against. He's not liked by James/that's a Chelsia vote as well, Sharon will be PO'd/that's a Josh vote, and Natalie will not like that Ryan voted against her.

I don't see any likely scenario that Ryan wins this game.

formerly anon said...

Wouldn't it just be the bestest karma EVER if Sheila somehow managed to pull off an HOH win??? That would be just awesome, can you just see Ryan's face???? I can dream can't I?

I mean, it could happen, all it takes it one slip on Ryan's part. And I bet Adam would throw it if he saw Sheila in a position to win.

monty924 said...

FA... it could definitely happen. Sheila hung in the glass house as long as anyone. I'm not sure if its water, and cold water, that she would hang in that long.

The feeds are still blocked, so they're either still in the endurance or it is over with and they are just waiting for BBAD.

Unless they are still competing at 9 BBT/12 ET, we will not see any of this comp until it airs on Wednesday. Again, grrrrr

Why do they do this to us BB fans who pay for the feeds?

monty924 said...

Oops, I meant we won't see it until it airs Tuesday or Wednesday. Who knows what AG is thinking and what they have in store for us?

RyzandShyn said...

monty...Good points. I just can't see Ryan pulling this off either.
Besides, I don't want him to :)

Formerly Anon...Yay, I see Sharon has that soft spot for Jacob too.
She certainly was right to want to come off the block and vote Adam out. That would have been best for a Ryan & Sharon F2.

RyzandShyn said...

I'm off to sleep. It sure is nice to finally be excited about BB9!
Ok, maybe that's too strong :)
I'll be back first thing in the morning to see what happened.
Sleep well Friends of Jackie!

Laurie said...

Formerly Anon:
It would be a hoot if Sheila held on and beat the boys. I think she is stronger than she gives herself credit for and this would be the time for her to discover that strength. (Provided she gets to the F3, of course)

formerly anon said...

ryz, ok, let's play that scenario out, Sharon and Ryan F2:

Matt - Ryan
Chelsea - Sharon
James - Sharon
Josh - Sharon
Gnat - Ryan
Adam - Ryan
Sheila - Sharon

Mmm, nah, not so good for Ryan, which is why I think he went for Adam's idea.

Zoetawny said...

Checking back in again. I have only one thing to say, "There's many a slip between the cup and the lip". R & A can't possibly predict who will win the comp. We never thought R would win both HOH and POV.

When we will know who wins the comp? Will there be BBAD tonight?
Going to check the EC live feeds to see if anything is up.

Can you tell I'm getting impatient? LOL

Sydney said...

Laurie, I'm in total agreement with you on that one!

Hey, are they going to have internet on that cruise??? Hope you both check in while you're gone, selfishly, lol.

Sydney said...

Zoe-- hope you're right!!!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard that tonight on BBAD, they are going to play what went during the house this morning instead of showing the house live?


formerly anon said...

whaaa...? Hmmm, I guess that could make sense, since this morning the HGs were talking about "showtime" happening at 9am so they had to get up early.

That's cheesy of them! It's not like we haven't been able to watch stuff early the whole season, why change now? They afraid we won't tune in for finale? That's dumb.

Laurie said...

Syndey, yes there will be internet connections on the ship. I know Terry is taking her laptop so we will check in. 3 weeks and 4 days ... yippee!

monty924 said...

Zoetawny, we're all getting impatient! LOL That's why I've had the live feed running in the background for so long. One can only stare at a screen with Trivia for so long. :)

I hope, hope, hope they are all still hanging in there when BBAD comes on. They have to show the feeds, I would think. My guess is that it will be over with and we won't really know how it played out until we see it on the CBS show.

Come on CBS and Realplayer, throw us a morsel. Please!

Sydney said...

Monty -- remember Danielle shivering and Dick almost dying on the cross out there. It was so dramatic, a ratings winner... maybe they are doing some of the same.

And Ryan, oafish as he is, DID hold on as long as Nat and Shelia in that glass box. 2.5 hours or closer to 3 is what they ALL did and that is a long time to do that...

God I at least hope they shake their 3 months of brainwashing and politics, remember that this is the 11th hour, and that 5$00,000 is on the line. Sya whatever you need to but PULL OUT THE STOPS on this one people! NOW IS THE TIME TO FIGHT FOR YOURSELF!!!!!

monty924 said...


CBS, Showtime and Realplayer would have a bunch of very unhappy campers if that were true. Me for one. :(

monty924 said...

Yes, Sydney... and AMEN sister. Now is the time to fight, and I think the big SHE will fight. She knows she has no one but herself in this game. Midnight can't come soon enough for me. :)

formerly anon said...

At jokers, there's a post from 8:53 this morning, where BB woke them all up and they were talking about something like a special "showtime" - sounding like exactly what Denise posted, that they taped the house from 9am-noon to air tonight in the regular BBAD slot -- otherwise why wake them up so early, which they don't usually do, especially when nothing was scheduled. Cheesy bastids!

Sydney said...

GOd, I have to try to LEAVE THE COMPUTER and go to bed!!! I'll be up again I'm sure to check what you're all saying at least twice more.

monty924 said...

Okay, pulling a re-group here. If Sho2 doesn't show the live feeds, then it is likely that the feeds will be cut all the way up until tomorrow night's CBS show.

That ain't (yes, I said ain't, lol) gonna happen. CBS and Realplayer, not to mention Showtime, make too much money off of us to risk totally hocking us off.

Well, one can hope so at least. :)

Tom`S said...

Live feeds should be back on any minute now.

formerly anon said...

monty yeah it kinda takes the omph out of their "Live 24/7" promo pitch doesn't it? Deceptive advertising practicies, class action lawsuit anyone?

formerly anon said...

toms are you having gnatalie-like premonitions or do you know something?

monty924 said...

FA, they did do the the same sort of thing almost in S6 with the double eviction weeks. I just can't believe that they would totally blow off over three hours of live feeds and then do the same for BBAD. It doesn't make sense.

I went and checked the Jokers transcript, and it sounds like the HGs were as confused about all of it too. 9:00 am or 9:00 pm, when BBAD always starts in CA. I think BB is doing a fantastic job screwing with our heads this year (right along with the HGs).

Geesh, can this get any frikken (Sheila) more confusing.

formerly anon said...

monty, yeah, true, they may just be enjoying messing with the audience as the HGs (seems they are as bored as the rest of us with the HGs are looking elsewhere for entertainment, lol) - did you see the other night when Adam tried, in the middle of the night, to go into DR for something and nobody answered, like they all went home! lol -- yeah, it's that boring

But getting them up just before 9am was unusual, that was the tip off.

formerly anon said...

yup, "recorded earlier today"

monty924 said...

Ugh! Those jerks. Well, I'm outta here. See you all tomorrow.

Night all.

Laurie said...

My daughter has a word for moments like this: anticipointment

Off to a good book now (not THE good book) and then some sleep.

See you all tomorrow for some real fun (maybe).

Nana in the NW said...

Sydney--I remember last year's end. comp. Dick was done but was holding on for Dani. and she was sitting there wrapped in a blanket telling him to hold on. He was in such pain and agony but was a father on a mission. It didn't matter what deal Zach was making......BB is shooting itself in the foot if they don't show the end. comp.(except what will air on the show). Who would subscribe for Live Feeds if you don't see the most important comp. of the season?

It's after 9p.m. on the WC and still no feeds....I am getting really pissed!!

laurie and terry--at least BB will be over by the cruise but I'm not sure about Survivor? When you get real bored you gals can pop in and say "hi"...LOL I love my hubby but a cruise is so much more fun with another couple.

BTW--my grandson's Baseball game was cancelled because of snow...but not until I drove to the ballpark and got settled in with my blanket and umbrella!

PlaidChick said...

As everyone else said BBAD was "pre-recorded" earlier today.

So the HG's were right when they were talking about being told they were filming BBAD this morning...

Whatever... what a waste of a day...

So tomorrow will be a fake "live" show, and I would be shocked if the feeds came back live before Wednesday. They're already replaying the season on Superpass, so I'm guessing you can watch the whole thing play out "recorded" on the feeds.

Anonymous said...

I believe the replay of the feeds has started early not to overrun the return of BB this summer. When is the new season starting? June or July. I know its usually July...
Cha Cha

Zoetawny said...

Here I am again. LOL
Looks like we still don't know anything. Just checked the EC live feeds and it has pre-recorded BBAD on the video screen. Sharon was just called to the DR. Was the comp already held? Are you as confused as I am?

R just said why are they pounding away in the back yard? R now looking for food in the SR. Sheila sitting in the kitchen looking pensive.

I'll check back later but you guys on the EC better get some shut-eye.

Anonymous said...

how lame am I. I just pulled out the sofa bed and switched from the laptop to the kids computer. My husband is trying to sleep and was getting annoyed with the theme song playing over and over. I have had it going since they blocked the feeds earlier today.
I am dying to know if the earlier block was POV.. If not then do you think Ryan pulled Sharon down and voted out Adam.

Patty said...

I am going to call it a night and check Jackie's place first thing in the morning.

I am getting too tired to stay up any longer (11:39CST) The mornings come around way too fast.

I cannot change the outcome anyways, so I just as well get some sleep.

Good night everyone and good luck to those who can hang in there longer...I hope you know some answers before heading off to bed.
We are leaving it up to the WC folks to post any results, should it happen while the rest of us sleep.

Zoetawny said...

According to Joker's at 9:43 P.M. ...

We DO NOT know when the feeds will return or who got evicted. According to CBS & Real Player the feeds will return as soon as the endurance comp is over.

It was also said that tonites BBAD will be a replay of what happened in the house earlier today.

Guess that means we won't get to watch the endurance comp. BUMMER!
I doubt we'll know anything until tomorrow night.

Jackie, just when you don't have to get up early for work, the feeds are out. Go figure!


PDX Granny said...

Well, I just checked in to to see what was happening - even tho it already happened. Boy, talk about BORING!!

I spend the past 5 or 10 minutes watching Sharon straighten her hair.

Ryan was sleeping with the Bible on his chest. The pages were moving a bit. I couldn't tell if it was from him chest moving up and down with each breath, or if it was his snoring causing wind.

Sheila was sprawled on the bed, and Adam was no where to be seen. But they did show an empty pillow. ????

It seems to me that if they're going to show pre-recorded "stuff", the least they could do is find something interesting!!

Well, I'm gonna go watch Bachelor. Maybe there'll be something worthwhile to see when it's over.

I'll check back.

Anonymous said...

feeds are back up

formerly anon said...

So, if there's an eviction immediately after the HOH is finished... then why would Adam worry about backstabbing Ryan? He was only worried because he didn't want to stay a week in the house with him, having done that. But if it's immediate?

I still can't see Adam doing that though. He'll let Ryan throw Sheila out.

If the endurance comp is still going, then Sheila is still in it, since Adam already said he'd drop right after Sheila. Go Sheila! You can do it!

formerly anon said...

Sharon out!~

Anonymous said...

crap i was hoping for a adam being put up and shraon voting him out

sue said...

10:11pm Monday and they are back. Nothing to report...just live feeds.

formerly anon said...

Live feeds showing a chatty Sheila, and Ryan, but no Adam anywhere, maybe he's in DR?

I bet he has a migraine.

Also, so far no hint as to who won that comp.

Nana in the NW said...

I wonder if the ratings for BB have dropped for the Sun./Tues. show....since those who have live feeds and check the internet know what happens ahead of time....maybe some don't bother to watch. Maybe that is why they decided to block tonight's feed so that we won't see it ahead of time.

Brent McKee--your our stats you know anything about the ratings the last few weeks?

It sounds like the feeds are live since they are talking about Sharon being gone. I'm going to hang in and see if they tell us who won Pt. 1.

formerly anon said...

This is weird. Maybe BB told them to keep the winner of the comp on the down-low? But if to judge by attitude, well Sheila is awfully happy -- oh, Adam makes an appearance! He was in DR, he's pumped!

It does not seem like Ryan won that comp

formerly anon said...

lol, now that Sharon is gone, they are tearing her bed apart trying to find Adam's stolen cigarettes

formerly anon said...

Sheila just apologized to Adam for treating him badly, lol

Boy she's in a GOOD mood!

I think Adam and Sheila won the first comp, cuz Adam just said that he and Sheila are going head-to-head in the next comp~

monty924 said...

Ok, I had to get back up. Ryan won the first leg of the HOH. Adam just confirmed it on the feeds.

Anonymous said...

ryan won the first part. Sheila and Adam go against each other tomorrow
Cha Cha

formerly anon said...

OK time to retract what I just said, apparently Ryan *did* win the first comp, so Adam and Sheila compete in part 2 to see who goes with Ryan in 3rd comp

monty924 said...

Adam and Sheila in round 2 with winner to go against Ryan in round 3.

Who would of thunk it?

Anonymous said...

I think that if adam wins part two then wins part three he may take sheila to the finals....what yall think.....

formerly anon said...

I think Adam feels he's fulfilled his duty to Sheila and will now be loyal to Ryan; he'll let Ryan do the dirty work of voting out Sheila.

monty924 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TerryinCA said...

well I had to read it for myself, Sharon gone huh?
sheila hang in there baby! I want ryan out,let the last couple Adam and Sheila be winners...

Brent McKee said...

Nana in NW: Always happy to try to oblige. I'll do Tuesday then Sunday, with the first number total viewers and the second the rating and share in the 18-49 demographic. Tuesday is up against American Idol where starred (*). In most of these weeks it is also up against Biggest Loser on NBC and in latter weeks, the Dancing With The Stars Results show and Hell's Kitchen now that AI is only an hour long.

March 11 - 5.92 million 2.1/5 *
March 18 - 5.82 million 2.1/5 *
March 25 - 5.95 million 2.2/5 *
April 1 - 6.42 million 2.4/6
April 8 - 6.30 million 2.4/6
April 15 - 6.47 million 2.4/6

Sunday: (starred dates are delayed by sports, either the NCAA basketball or the Masters Golf):
March 9 - 6.48 million 2.2/6
March 16 - 6.25 million 2.3/6 *
March 23 - 6.38 million 2.1/5 *
March 30 - 7.97 million 2.7/6
April 6 - 6.53 million 2.2/6
April 13 - 9.04 million 2.7/6 *
April 20 - 6.75 million 2.3/6

Note (as Jackie pointed out) that the numbers on April 20 are skewed somewhat because of the New York CBS coverage of the departure of the Pope.

General assessment is that ratings for the Sunday and Tuesday shows are basically stable or growing slightly, and based on random sampling of the Wednesday ratings, there appears to be little difference between the three days. The growth as wee get closer to the final episodes seems to be fairly common in reality shows.