Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Some TV Doings, Mostly OFF TOPIC

Although I didn't post yesterday, I did get some television watching time in. I watched American Idol. I think the John Travolta with dreadlocks looking Jason Castro is way out of his league. The judges and public don't seem to be too enthralled with Syesha Mercado, but I personally prefer her singing to Brooke White's. Then, I think the two vying for the big win are the Davids. David Cook's hairstyle annoys me to no end, but he is good. Archuleta? Aw, almost makes me want to have a teenage singing prodigy!

As BB has ended, I was able to watch Hell's Kitchen. I've been catching that online at the FOX site, but forgot to watch last week's show. Right now I'm not super impressed with any of the wannabes. I do think they have some less slobby folks this season. I keep thinking of the guy last season from NJ who kept hiking up his pants and worked at a hot dog stand or something.

Then I went to bed early and didn't sleep. Well, didn't sleep well, I guess. Today was the day of the pre-op testing and my autologous blood donation. I've been living in fear that they'd find something wrong which could be a bad thing, but could also result in the cancellation or postponing of my knee surgery.

It turns out that I panicked and lost sleep for apparently no reason. My blood pressure is "excellent." My EKG was good, temperature normal, chest x-ray looked good, hemocrit and hemogobin (whatever) were good. Of course, I feel like I've been visited by Dracula due to the blood donation for transfusion purposes and all of the vials I gave up for various tests. It gave me a good excuse to eat Milano cookies and quaff pineapple juice, though! After a good more than half a day at the hospital, I'm just tired now.

I'll leave you with some photos of where my surgery will be in exactly two weeks, Somerset Medical Center. It's safe now that New Jersey's most prolific serial killer is no longer employed by the hospital!


sue said...

Nice of them to put the Welcome sign out for you! I know you have to know ahead of time to prepare, but does the waiting two weeks make it worst? I haven't watched AI or Hell's Kitchen. I like Top Chef, though and am enjoying Lost and The Riches. Maybe 'enjoying' isn't the right word for any of those. Maybe I just tolerate them so I won't have to get up and get busy. : )

I like this Survivor the best of any season I have seen. I missed a few of the seasons. With so many injuries and crimes of passion, though, I am not sure my liking it best says much good about me.

I do like Lost, but try to envision each episode as a stand alone story that has no relationship to anything else I have seen. Then it sort of makes sense and, if something actually connects to something I saw previously, then it is just gravy to a good show. is near suppertime here and I have biscuits in the oven. No gravy, but food is on my mind.

Best wishes and good to hear you report.

And Formerly Anon: I like politics. I am reading Mary, Mrs. Abraham Lincoln, and the title character (historical fiction) is constantly torn between taking part in political discussions and trying to maintain a ladylike appearance. Fortunately times have changed.


joy n said...

Sounds like the wheels are really in motion now for your impending surgery. Glad to hear the pre-op testing went well. Thank goodness BB is over and you can slow down the pace enough to get some well-earned rest. Milano cookies, HMMMM! One piece of advice, though. You might want to stay away from garlic for a day or so. LOL!

How nice to know that Mr. Cullen is no longer employed by Somerset. That would ease my mind a bit, also.

I did the same as you, Jackie, watching Hell's Kitchen online until this week. I can't say I was sorry to see Vanessa go, she cried too much. Guess I've had enough of whiny women for awhile. That Rosanne and Matt both are my least faves. I don't have a favorite, yet, either.

Survivor, tomorrow!

Sleep tight, girl!

Nana in the NW said...

I don't watch Hell's Kitchen but have seen previews. Some of those people look CRAZY!! I would be worried about the availability of all the knives around these people!

donna in al.- you always find the best avatars to go with your comment(check out her comment on the prev. post)!!

Jackie-sounds like things are really moving along. It will be over before you know it. Milano cookies-yum! My favs. are Tahiti.

Hopefully, Jason is done tonight on AI. Also, Criminal Minds tonight-love that show.

meb said...

Jackie.. thanks for the run down on where you are currently getting prepared for surgery. Happy for you that everything is a go because I know what it's like to hurry up and then have to wait because something doesn't fit the program. Keep us posted.

I've been watching Hell's Kitchen and I think they are the worse bunch I've seen since I started watching this train wreck. No favorite yet either.

Lost is amazing. I just get so excited at how they can tie everything in together. I know you think it doesn't and then there it is, an answered question. I like the way you put it tho Sue. Each episode stands alone and then you get a glimpse of something that makes sense. These writers are so creative.

This survisor is one of the best. I was afraid for an all stars, but it's working out with the fans in there with them.

And AI... yep, Jason has got to go!

nancy in pa said...

way to have good test results jackie! thinking of you often and sending best wishes.

auntiegrizelda said...

I haven't watched American Idol all season because of Biggest Loser and ummm... I already forget what else, but I finally tuned in last night. The girls at work told me I would like Jason because I have a thing for long hair, but it cracked me up how much he looks like a young John Travolta. Maybe I'm delusional, but I also thought he sounded like him. Does anyone else remember Travolta's song from the seventies, "Let Her In"? I had to refresh my husband, and now I can't get it out of my head.

Survivor is unbelievable this season! I'm rooting for Eric, even though he probably doesn't have a chance in the world.

Lost is my absolute favorite show ever! I always watch it at least twice, to make sure I don't miss any little details.

Good luck with the knee, Jackie! My mom had both of hers done some years ago, and she's doing great!

Anonymous said...

There's an article on how to improve Big Bro on news if anyone is interested. They made some valid points on how to improve the show which I personally would like to see.

On a personal note, I had an excellent day. I moved almost all of my irises to their new home in another part of the yard. I can't believe how much I missed working in the garden.


Anonymous said...

i didn't watch any of this BB season (they all repulsed me) but i faithfully checked in here to get your take and of course the bloggers 2 cents as well.
i've been lurking around your blogs since aol. i think you do a fantastic job, and actually, in many cases, your blog is much more entertaining than the show you're writing about!
and i gotta also live in my hometown area so i love looking at the pictures. i still have family in manville. i was born at somerset medical center (long before cullen) it's kind of a game for me to figure out where you're snapping pictures before i read the caption!!
with all that...try and relax before the upcoming surgery...and best wishes for a speedy recovery!!!

meb said...

So sad... Brook went home tonight. What is it with Jason's fan base. He has a sweet little voice, but that's about it... it's little. No projection. He really should have been the one to go.

Neil Diamond still has a strong voice for his age. Usually when you get older, your voice starts to lose it.

Who was the girl that sang? She reminded me of Danielle of BB8. Looks, not voice.

See you all in the morning.

Anonymous said...

All the best Jackie and I hope you heal quickly.


sharon said...

Good to know about the serial And great you aced all your tests! Now the waiting begins,but we all will be here pulling for you and a speedy recovery.

I am so bummed that Jason didn't get the axe tonight,not that I was surprised it was Brooke. I sure hope Jason goes before Syesha,cause I think she sings circles around him,but then I've thought that about him for over 4 weeks now.I don't care for his demeanor,something very smug and cocky.Ugh,just don't like him!

I'm liking this Survivor,too. I am at the point where I can't wait for Thursday to come around again. I love that they are now calling it, "the Curse of the Idol" the rate people are dropping like flies,it's a wonder they didn't have to shorten the season.

Lost is Lost. I hope the writers aren't zoomin" us and we do actually learn something by the end of this season. There have been so many twists and turns,it's almost impossible to keep it all straight. I was shocked when the killed off Alex this last week,that was horrible.

Anonymous said...

On AI tonight - can someone tell me who the young lady in the audience was that they showed right after the opening music? They did a close up on her, and then showed her again later in the show. She looked so familiar but I couldn't figure out who she was.

TerryinCA said...

ah Jackie, reading your post made me smile and laugh. Im so glad to listen to you...and hear everyone else chime in as well.
As poorly as this BB season was run, I miss the daily,nightly,minute by minute excitement of hearing what they will do, what will we say? its like an addiction for sure.
God Bless you on this surgery journey Jackie.
And wave at Roofus for me ok?

Anonymous said...

Never mind -- I just figured out it was Kristy Lee in the audience on AI tonight. I guess it was like Simon said, "forgettable".

Tom`S said...

It turns out that I panicked and lost sleep for apparently no reason. My blood pressure is "excellent." My EKG was good, temperature normal, chest x-ray looked good, hemocrit and hemogobin (whatever) were good.

I hope all goes well for you. Surgical Pre-OP testing is stressful, of course upon Hospital Admission, although previously performed by your Physician's Office, Hospital Lab practically repeats blood work, they'll check your O 2 stat levels ( Amount of Oxygen in your blood one last time. Autologous blood donation is beneficial in the long run.

I've tuned in to Hell's Kitchen, this group is rather odd, the one who appeared to have most knowledge opt to go home last Epi.

Tom`S said...

So sad... Brook went home tonight. What is it with Jason's fan base. He has a sweet little voice, but that's about it... it's little. No projection. He really should have been the one to go.
I haven't viewed earlier segments of AI, until recently due to BB.
Of course, I've heard of David Ar****** Hahaha -- However my brother enjoyed Brooke, though predicted she'd get Ax'ed this week.
I agree in regards to Jason,
I believe this years AI was basically designed for David Arq*** to win, ( Which I did write earlier in the season regarding David and this was prior to final 24 and final 12, probably why I haven't viewed AI as I had in previous seasons.

meb said...

I have to agree Tom's, the only one who appeared to have talent on Hells Kitchen, left on her own, but after she burned her hand like that, there really was very little she was going to accomplish in the kitchen.

YAY... Survivor tonight! With some of the little leaks of what's happening in the show, I'm really anxious to see what's really going on!

Work is calling... talk later.

nancy in pa said...

hi guys.....i didn't watch survivor this time around but from what i am reading i wish i did!
anyway...i just wanted to say hi to y'all. didn't want to have to wait till the next bb to hang around with friends!

my son leaves for LA soon for that trip he won to the last two shows. ( i think it is the last two but not totally sure). wil let you all know how that goes.

praying for you jackie!

nancy in pa said...

....sorry...i was talking about AI in regards to my sons trip that he won.

meb said...

nancy in pa.. is your son permitted to take someone with him, and if so why aren't you going? LOL

The good news about Brook is that she's still there with the group to go on their tour. Can't help it... I just really liked her personality.

sue said...

nancy in pa: You could pick up on Survivor without the previous episodes. You know how they recap (like BB) and that sets you up for tonight's episode. The hidden immunity idols keep getting found and not used. Players keep asking to be voted out or getting medical evictions...that means the 'hard core' players (to quote a BB term) are left. I am wondering how many hidden idols have been found and if any were used? Yah Man had one, Kathy had one, Ozzie had one, Jason had one. Did anyone use one?

Jennifer R said...

I too am glad this season of BB is over. I'm really hoping that next season is WAY better!!

Good luck with your upcomming surgery!!! I'll be praying for your fast recovery! :)

RBennie said...

I'm glad to hear its all a "go" for your surgery Jackie. I know its tempting to put it off, but in the long run you'll be glad you got it over with.

I was glad to see Brooke go home over Syesha, although Jason should have gone first. I really like Syesha's voice, but I think she has used up all her lives and will be gone next week. The finale will be the Davids, unless the world tilts off its axis and Jason beats out one of them for a final 2
spot. What a travesty that would be!

I'm looking forward to Survivor tonight - what a great season this is turning out to be! I really hope it's not James that goes out on medical advice tonight, but I'm worried that it is. But then again, he probably would get voted out this episode anyway, unless he could win immunity. These girls are kicking butt and taking names. I don't particularly like some of the girls, but I am glad to finally see the Survivor women band together to get rid of the men! It has never worked before in Survivor history.

Caroline said...

JoyzJenn...I also was born at Somerset Medical Center, and I used to work at a bank in Manville. I'm always checking out Jackie's pics for familiar locales too :-)

Meb...I am absolutely depressed about Brooke going home last night. I never thought she was going to win but she was the performer I looked forward to every week. It was so difficult to watch her sing last night and struggle to get through it. I'm definitely looking forward to her putting out an album, I hope it doesn't take too long.

I'm also not impressed with Hell's Kitchens participants. But I'm kinda loving the trainwreck of this season. The girls have already overlooked the boys as actual competition and are now trying to eat each other alive. It's kinda awesome.

Caroline said...

Meb...almost forgot, I missed it if someone else answered already but the girl who performed on Idol last night was Natasha Beddingfield. This is like her 3rd or 4th single I's also the one I've liked best so far.

RBennie said...

I'm actually a big Natasha Bedingfield fan. Her brother is also a singer, but I forget his first name.

nancy in pa said...

meb...the trip my son won is an all-expense paid one..air fare, meals, spending money, hotel, etc...and of course tickets for the two live shows. the prize is for two people. he is going to go with his fiance. can you 27 yr old son not wanting to take a trip with his mom!! :)

sue...i am going to try to watch survivor tonight and see if i can sorta get the gyst of it. i'll let you know.

joy n said...

rbennie, Natasha's brothers name is Daniel.

Zoetawny said...

Hey Jackie, long time no see. Just kidding. ;) I took a couple of days off from commenting on the blog.

Well, it looks like everything is a "go" for your surgery. I understand what you mean about not sleeping and panicking that something might be wrong. I'm scared to death of all those tests, even simple X-rays. I'm so glad that all the tests turned out fine. You don't need an excuse to eat Milano's, just don't eat the whole package. ;) We will be counting down the days with you until May 14, but I know the waiting and anticipation feels like torture. You have so many people praying and holding positive thoughts for you including me.

I read that whole piece on Charles Cullen. I can't believe how he got away with killing for so many years and still managed to get job after job with a healthcare facility. Scary! I'm relieved for you that he's D-U-N. Actually it's rather sad that he had prolonged severe mental illness and didn't get adequate treatment. Ironically, I was thinking about you in rehab and made a funny graphic for you.

I agree with you about Castro being way out of his league but the American voters must like him because he was safe last night. I think it must be the teenie boppers who do most of the calling in to vote. David Cook does need a better hair cut. He can still be "COOL" without having an artichoke on top of his head. I was actually crying with Brooke even though I figured she would be the one to go. She has a good voice for country music but didn't seem to find the right songs to showcase herself. I would think that the last 4 contestants eliminated will be offered some type of record deal anyway.

Getting settled here to watch Survivor soon. I haven't read the Survivor update yet so it will be a big surprise for a change. :O