Saturday, May 03, 2008

Off Topic: Roofus and the Price of Gas

I didn't really have much time to watch television last night, not to mention that there wasn't much on I wanted to see! But I did see Roofus the Cat yesterday morning on my way into work despite the fact it was a bit damp and drizzling. He is the master of his domain and the city street below.

And then there's the price of gas. NJ tends to have the lowest gas prices in this area and it's all full serve. It's against the law to pump your own gas here. We recently went through some sort of major increase with taxes and this was the current price in Plainfield, NJ on Friday morning. How are you all faring with the gas prices in your area?


meb said...

Good morning... First to comment today.

Love Roofus. How do you spot him when he's so tiny. I'm not sure I'd be able to see him.

Our gas is at $3.59 reg. pretty much what it is most places in this area.

Full service and pay less is good. What is the theory about being unlawful to pump your own gas Jackie. The good thing is that it certainly gives people jobs, but I would think it's not healthy being around the gas fumes all day.

Got a full day, but I'll be lurking around.

Jackie said...

G'morning, MEB! I first spotted Roofus and his then companion when they were on the balcony window roof and moved. I'm always looking around for something to photograph and I often notice things others don't. I know I've pointed out Roofus to train friends and they haven't seen him before even though now it's been well over a year.

As for the law about pumping your own gas being illegal, I think it might have something to do with insurance issues or liability. But I really don't know. Only NJ and one other state don't allow people to pump their own. I think the other state is Oregon. NJ is odd. Often you have to take a right to take a left turn and it's illegal to wear a bulletproof vest while committing murder. Well, murder is a crime in and of itself, thankfully! But it's an additional charge.

Sydney said...

Good Morning Jackie -- or shall I call you Eagle Eye? I can't believe you spotted this cat in the first place, he is like a little dot on the picture when you show us the real scale of him in relation to the buildings he lives in/on. And I have to say after seeing so many pictures of him now, we did name him appropriately. He is always on some kind of roof!

Thanks for that!

MrsTito said...

Ah, the price of sunshine! I paid $3.69 yesterday, down from $3.75 last week...

Jamie - Vero Beach, Florida (East Coast between West Palm Beach and Daytona Beach)

Anonymous said...

WOW Jackie you do have a good eye, Roofus is adorable lol looks like he is watching over everyone. as for gas prices here in oregon (salem) it was 3.69 when I went to work yesterday to me its crazy glad I only have to go 6 miles up the road.
have a good day its lookin like spring here today

Anne said...

Good Morning - I'm so happy it's Saturday!

Gas was 3.99 9/10 yesterday morning - can they just call it $4.00 and stop with the 9/10 nonsense? Wonder if it would be worth it to drive to Jersey to fill up. Dollar-wise maybe - menatally wise - probably not.

I sat at a stop sign yesterday morning waiting for a car to make a left-hand turn while the woman behind me blew her horn non-stop. I can't tell you how tempted I was to jump out of my car and just ask her what her problem was. I noticed the parking sticker on her windsheild and realized it was one of my tenants and was even more tempted, but thought better when I pictured my boss having "the talk" with me....LOL it's so hard to be nice to certain types on a good day let alone a Friday morning when I'm tired and wishing it was already Saturday.

Can I just say something that nags at me every time I experience one of those mini-road-ragers? Of course we all no doubt remember where we were the moment we heard about the events on 9/11, but one of the things I remember most was how everyone seemed to drive a little gentler and be a tiny bit more considerate in the two or three weeks afterwards. It struck me at the time how it had to take a national tragedy for us to show a little human kindness (at least on the road). It didn't take long for things to get back to business as usual though and to me it's very sad. I deal with the public all day long and it seems like most folks are in a rotten frame of mind and are just looking for somebody to take it out on.
I notice lately even in the grocery store there's always one or two happy types who are content to just barrel through the aisles not caring who might be in their way - lately I've taken to commenting to them "you probably drive like that too"; my bad I guess...Tee hee how "Off Topic" is this?! :>)

I'm ranting...time to get going on my Saturday stuff and try at least to make my corner of the world a little nicer (translation a little cleaner!)

Have a great weekend everybody - I'm excited I get to spend the whole day with my precious grandson tomorrow - grandma has a whole arsenal of dark clouds for him to drive away - it's like magic - one hug from that boy and all's right in my world; I must've done something right in a past life...

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Jackie,
Do you think you will be posting any thoughts on "Lost"? I'm really enjoying that show, and would love to read your take on things again.
Denise in Texas
(Where gas is about $3.69)

sharon said...

Good Rainy Morning All!Yep,the rain has come and my pretty,pretty pink tree is looking very sad this morning. And I am feeling like I have a head full of cotton cause I slept until almost 10AM. Must be the rainy weather,again.

Loved seeing Roofus,it's so good to know he's alive and well. My own little one was playing kind of rough yesterday and bit me on the palm of my right hand,took a little chunck out and man,is it ever painful.It's not infected,I took care of that,but it's right in a crease of my palm and hurts when I do anything. Oh well,no house work for me today.....LOL.

Gas here is in the $3.60/$3.70 range. What boggles my mind is that it seems to be lower in the more affluent communities and higher in the others. I wonder if they will suspend the gas tax like they are talking about? I so wish,instead of a bandaid,they would get off their butts and find a way to make us independent from Arab oil!

Travis said...

$3.39 for full service gas.
In NC I paid $3.69 for prem. self serve.
It's unlawful to pump your own gas? What else do they prevent you from doing?


Susan in FL said...

Last gas we purchased was April 27 and $3.599 in Bradenton just south of Tampa and St. Petersburg on the west coast of Florida.

Nana in the NW said...

morning all. Thanks for the Roofus pics. It's always good to know he's doing well!

You can't pump you own gas? Here in the Puget Sound area(Seattle, Wa.) you can't even find a gas station that offers full service!! But we have drive-thru Starbucks! I paid 3.69 for reg. gas a few days ago. Hopefully, that will last me for a 2 weeks.

Watched Ponderosa with Alexis--she is definitely flirting with Ozzy and seems to be getting around pretty well on that injured knee....maybe it wasn't hurting quite as bad as she was leading the others to believe.

Sharon--I'm jealous!! Staying in bed until 10a.m.
Thanks to my dogs I'm lucky if I can stay in bed until 7!! Then I get up and they just move to the family room and lay back down....grrrrr.

This virus is still working it way through all the I have the congested cough to go with the ringing ears, stuffy nose, sore throat, and achy body. It's May the flu season should be over...and I got my shot!!!

Although it's nice here my plans are to read my book and rest alot. Have a good day.

sue said...

I think it was Nana in nw who said she had sinus infection and/or cold, to which I add a loud, ME TOO! I feel rotten. Every car I have seen, including our own, is covered with a fine green/yellow dust of pollen. I love spring and new things growing, but must they be so messy and drop their dna everywhere. As you can read, I have feeling a little road rage-ey today myself Anne. Chalk it up to not being able to sleep and not knowing what pill to pop to feel better.

I closed my eyes last time I filled up, but will make a point of looking when I go out for Saturday errands to see how high gas has gone. It was getting close to $4. Sue in Arkansas

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

$4 for premium and climbing

Anonymous said...

TDriving got more dangerous when they stopped the required driver's training classes in HS. Truck drivers need to be tested for drugs and take yearly classes on how to drive defensively and stay to the right! Same for the rest of you slow pokes. Why do you get in the passing lane and talk on the phone? Annoying. Were you on the phone Anne? Phewwt. There's some road rage for ya!

Anne said...

Nope, I wasn't on the phone. Was just waiting to make my right turn after the car in front of me was able to make her left. The thing is she was trying to make a left out into a two-lane road where the traffic both ways was too heavy for her to pull out. I was more than content to wait until she had clearance and could get out and I could make my right, it was the one behind me who was ready to snap - just couldn't figure out what she expected me to do - drive up on the sidewalk maybe? Unfortunately the pesky stop sign and curb were both in the way or I suppose I could've done it...

Agree with you on the folks who get in the passing lane and chat away...oh well, takes all kinds to make the world go 'round.

dla said...

Good morning!

Great to see our friend Roofus, as I believe he may be the blog "mascot"!

You are correct, Jackie, it is illegal to pump gas in Oregon, as well. It was terrific when I lived there, as you don't need to get out of the car in the rain, and it rains A LOT in Oregon. I am still amazed when I visit my family and we pull up for gas and just sit there. :)

My Mom bought a Prius last December, and is getting about 48 -50 miles per gallon. AND she lives in OR and does not pump her own gas!! lol

Meanwhile, I live in NV, and definitely pump my own. Paid 3.69 for midgrade, as my car needs a minimum of 89 octane.

And, may I just say that I am thoroughly enjoying Ponderosa from Survivor ~ Whoever came up with that idea should get a raise! Would love to see a complete episode devoted to Ponderosa.

Also believe that AG should take a hint and do something similar from sequester house for BB. Need something to keep it fresh.

delee said...

Thurs was $ $3.59. Would love to fill my tank but afraid it could be siphoned out. Do not have a locking gas cap. I drive little, unless going on a trip. Most shopping is within a mile of me. Also have a BP gas card that gives me 5% back, so that helps alot. A tank can go along way for me. I know when I go to Atlantic City, I try to jump out and pump my gas and then the guy walks up. I go duh!!!

It is the ones who have their cruise control set at or below the speed limit then ride in the passing lane so they do not have to reset the Cruise Control when they have to slow down because a car is in front of them!!! That is my peeve!!!

Roofus looks content. Surveying his domain and I bet enjoying some sunshine, finally.

Yes Ponderosa is great. Agree about AG and sequester house video. Wonder why it took Survivor so long to offer that. Guess ad-promo ($$$) had something to do with that. GeeWhiz, guess I should buy Whitestrips and Pantene. @@ Like Top Chef is all about "Glad" products stacked everywhere. This is the 1st year for the hidden TC placement, but not so hidden! I never knew they had so many activites while they waited for the end of the show.

PS Did anyone catch the black robes they wore on the way to tribal when they were boarding the boat? That was strange! Wonder why?

PattyK said...

Here in north San Diego county we are at $3.89 for regular at the "cheap" places! The premium stations near the freeway are all over $4.05 for regular!!

Can someone list the link for Ponderosa or tell me where to find it?
(another) Patty

joy n said...

Love seeing Roofus again. What a great view he has of his neighborhood. Bet he's lovin' that spring is here.

Woke up with a swollen face this am. Pollen is wreaking havoc with my sinuses big time.

As of yesterday, we in upstate NY are paying $3.79, but they raise it about 7-9 cents every week and we're about due for another hit. That temporary NY tax cut of about 33 cents would be nice if it goes through, but the shock of full price returning after Labor Day, just as heating season starts will be hard to take. I'm just so tired of reading about Exxon-Mobil's record profit margins.

Delee, I just assumed those were some kind of raingear cloaks that they wear on the boat, but you're right, they look kind of strange. A little vampire-ish, maybe? LOL!

Ha! My wv is lovto!

joy n said...

Pattyk, Go to and scroll down the page to Survivor Pondorosa. It'll take you there. You'll love it.

joy n said...

Wishin' I lived closer to NJ.

Anonymous said...

$3.39 for full service! A real bargain!
Here in the Hill Country of Texas it is running $3.45 to $3.50 for regular. San Antonio has it as low as $3.39, up to near $3.50 in the more affluent parts of town. I can't even remember the last time I saw a full service station in these parts! Of course my car only uses the highest octane at $3.70+. Better than all these cowboys in their big diesel pickups with diesel at $4.09. Seeing a lot more motorcycles on the roads these days. Really seeing a lot this weekend - a Harley Davidson rally in nearby New Braunfels.


SharonS said...

Tell Roofus hello! He's so cute...

I paid 3.74 for regular on Thursday at a gas station that I rely on for having lower prices...CT has high gas taxes.

nancy in pa said...

morning all. gas in pa is $3.59 regular. i get my gas in nj. when i fist moved to pa a few years ago (still miss nj and consider myself a jersey girl NOT a pennsylvanian) i pulled up to the gas pump and sat there awhile then realized i had to do it myself. i had NEVER done it there i stood reading directions one sentence at a time getting overwhelmed( is this pathetic or what?) i remember LOOKING for the start button..thinking to myself..come on nancy, you are college should be able to read directions....yes, i struggled to pump that first bit of pa gas. i also only put ten dollars cash worth in because i didn't want to have to figure the whole credit card thing out. i am proof positive that it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

FLYERS GAME TONIGHT. it stayed cold today and cloudy. just ran a bunch of errands, and tonight will fill the party bags for my grandaughters 2nd birthday next weekend. have a good day all!!

delee said...

Diesel vehicles get better mpg, or they used to. Diesel used to be cheaper than regular gas. Long for the good old days! Never would buy a vehicle that required higher octane, in my mind a gimmick! At least when I decide to buy a new vehicle-what I want will be cheap. No small car for me, too scary, I like to see around myself(higher off the ground) and knees do not like to get me out of a car (too low).

Nancy- we had gas pumps on the farm so to pump myself was a easy transition. Only problem was no auto-fill shutoff, had to put your ear near the hole and listen for a change of sound that it was almost full. HA HA

Kentucky Derby all!!!

Donna in AL said...

Yeah Jackie, you got everyone to answer my question over on Chatter's Lane about gas prices! It is $3.44 for regular at the cheapest place I have found here 20 miles north of Birmingham. We pump our own gas here since the 70s. I thought my mom would never be able to do that! ha

I went to hear friends play music at a bar last night and did not get to bed until 3 am, so I slept til 11:15 this morning! Slept right thru the thunderstorms that rolled in at 7 this am.

BB could probably make a lot of money if they would put all they filmed of the sequester house on DVD and sell it. I would buy it for sure! Ponderosa clips are a treat to watch.

Going to clean my basement now! I have no WV just a small box with an X and "Visual verification". I clicked publish my comment and it came up.

Donna in AL said...

Read Delee after my post so I wanted to say: I am with you on the small car. I said about the same thing on another post but I just say I am spoiled because I like all the room in a SUV. Getting out of the small cars with my long legs and weight is not as easy anymore!

meb said...

I told you what our gas was, I just forgot to tell you I'm in NC.

I guess I was being too creative, cause I thought the black cloaks were to hide their identity until after the show is over. I'm assuming people over there are watching Survivor?????

My pet peeve from drivers. Left turners. Person is about 5 cars back and you're the sixth. Light turns green arrow, first four cars start to move immediately, but 5th car sits a while, leaving a distance between 4th and 5th. 5th car, being slow to move, causes the trip mechanism to think there are no more cars. Light turns yellow, 5th car speeds thru light and 6th car (that's me) get's caught at the red light. Tell everyone you know, stay closer to the car in front of you in a turn lane to keep the trip mechanism active. PLEASE! AAHHHHHHHHH! Oh..sorry, got a little carried away.

sue said...

Hi Jackie, good comments today. Good question from you to start us off. I saw regular gas at 3.44 today in western Arkansas. I was thinking that after the sequester house on BB begins to fill up that one of the quad cameras on live feeds should be of one area at sequester. That should boost feed sales. The jury would know to be there and miked at a certain time of with Showtime.

nancy in pa, I have had the same problem pumping gas...even when you know how to use the neighborhood one, any other station will have a different set up. The funny/embarrassing part is when the cashier indoors talks to you on the speaker. What? What speaker, who is talking and what huge red button do they want me to push? This old dog is trying to learn new tricks.

Delee said...

I have had a Dodge Caravan since they came out in 1983. I am on my third one. 1995-almost 160,000 miles, runs great, took very good care of it. Even a new $3000 transmission in Jan 2007, was cheaper than monthly payment for how long (?). Get around 24-25mpg hwy---town just depends on those darn redlights. Bring back circles!!! Everyone loves "Big Green", daughter named it!

Meb said: My pet peeve from drivers. Left turners.
OK I admit it, one of mine too. Guess I have many!

Getting ready to pour here. Hope all are safe down south. Quite a few days with huge storms! EX is in Huntsville, he can go to OZ!!! I know I am bad!!! ;)

PDX Granny said...

Good afternoon! I just got home from doing some mystery shopping. Gotta love getting paid to have a free lunch!! :)

While I was out and about, I noticed regular gas anywhere from $3.57 at ARCO, to $3.69 at a Chevron station. Last time I passed a Shell station, it was higher than the Chevron. I usually either fill up at the cut rate, or wait until I'm near a Safeway that has gas. If I spend $50 or more I get $0.10 off per gallon there, and it's usually one of the lower prices around even before the discount.

Living in Oregon (Portland) I don't pump my own gas, but I still need to get out of my car most of time to pay inside the convenience store. That's one of my pet peeves. Not having to go inside to pay, but having to wait for others that go inside and use the restroom and shop, leaving their cars at the pump long after the gas has been pumped. Since the gas is so much cheaper at these places, there's usually a line up. I'd like to see people THINK and move their cars to a parking spot after gassing up, then go back inside to do their shopping.

I've been watching a bird on my back fence. I have no idea what it is. It's head, wings and tail feathers are a royal blue with the wings & tail tipped in black. The back, chest and neck are gray. It has fluffy eyebrows (if you can imagine eyebrows on a bird!) that appear to be either darker blue or black. It's about the size of a robin, and has a rounded body, like a robin, but doesn't have a robins head. Does anyone have an idea of what kind of bird this might be?

meb said...

That's funny deleee... we also have had a Dodge Caravan for ever. Bought a new one in 2005 and also kept the 1996 one which is what makes it funny... we call her Big Red. The 2005 is a Grand Caravan special edition, and it gets driven a lot as my daughter uses it in her work and she drives every day... back to ugh on gas prices. It already has over 75,000 miles on it, but we also are taking care of it and it gets pretty good mileage as well for such a big car.

donna in al... whenever I couldn't get the WV to come up, I just typed something silly in the space for it and hit enter, and it would then come up. Guess now I know I'm wasting a step. Thanks.

Jamie, I have a good friend who lives in Vero, so I've been there a few times. I just remember the drive into the beach from 95. Since moving to NC haven't visited for a while.

Anonymous said...

omg!!! i wish my gas was that CHEAP!!! LOL
debie in calif

TerryinCA said...

nancy in grandson and his dad drove to Rehoboth for a baseball tourney yesterday...
Our gas here in the Inland Empire of California was $3.89-$3.93 yesterday that is for the bottom grade regular (87) My husbands truck is diesel and he pays about $4.49 its criminal..diesel is made so cheaply.
Then this week at his work (he will be there 20 years this September) they are talking about closing down....scary times

Nana in the NW said...

meb and delee-I drive a Dodge Caravan too. It's my third one. This one is a 2003 Sport and only has 55,000 miles. When we bought it my friends wondered why I wanted another Van....I explained that most times I have 3 grandkids with me so I needed the space. But I'm with delee I like space around me. When I drive my daughters Cavaliar I feel like I'm in Fred Flintstone's car and should start running my feet to make it go!! LOL

I love watching Ponderosa! It's a nice addition to already good Survivor. I hope James will be able to spend some time there. I heard Eliza say they wear the black cloaks so people won't know who they are? Do people on those remote islands even have TV??

sue and joyn-sorry to hear you both have this allergy, flu, sinus thing too. If I'm not better by Mon. I'm going back to the Dr....I don't need to get bronchitis on top of everything else. Josie has her surgery on Wed. and I need to be able to help her!

It's Sat. hubby went to see IronMan(I have no desire to see it) and I'm going to catnap and catch up on the DVR. I'd rather be out partying with donna in al.!!

Nana in the NW said...

I just had and thought and would like everybody's input:

What are your plans for your stimulus check from the government??

Mine is going to help pay for Josie's surgery!

meb said...

nana in the nw... my $$ will probably just go to pay on some credit cards.

You also mentioned bronchitis. I've been having trouble breathing when I first start to do something from a resting position. If I go too far, I think I'm totally going to lose my breath, but once it passes, I'm fine. Does bronchitis do that to you? I'm seeing a nose/throat guy because of my chronic sinunitis and a perpetual cough, but he isn't treating me for the breathing problem. I hate having to go to another doctor and my primary didn't seem to find anything a few months back when this started. I am so tired of coughing! Been since December. Anyone???

sue said...

granny, could it be a western bluebird? Some of those have kind of fluffy feathering, which might explain the eyebrows. I have been seeing a lot of scissor tail fly catchers lately...I like to see them because they are a little different. We feed blue jays, cardinals, at least two types of woodpeckers, robins, doves and various other birds in our backyard. The neighbor's cat spends a lot of time in our yard..or as we think he sees it 'at the buffet'. He does not appreciate our waving our arms and making loud noises when he is about to attack some prey. I try to rule with peaceful co- existence but find sometimes a police state is necessary.

Anonymous said...

I still have my 96 Dodge Grand Caravan, too! It's dark green & I just can't let go of it. Has over 230,000 miles and on it's third transmission. Not running at the moment so I am driving my husband's Cadillac CTS (hence the expensive premium gas.) He doesn't have to drive as much, so he drives our gas guzzling SUV. Had to get that for vacations. Hard to go anywhere with a child seat, two dogs, two cats, Grandma & Grandpa & luggage without it! We live in an area where we have to drive a lot to go anywhere. Not enjoying it at these prices!


Donna in AL said...

Nana, I think everyone on this blog would enjoy the group we listened to sing last night. They do a lot of Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, 60s and 70s soft rock music. I don't usually drink alcohol so I was the designated driver for the others.

I used to have an 87 Caravan and really wanted another but just didn't get one. I drive an 02 Mazda Tribute now.

I don't usually get upset with drivers that much. I leave in time to get where I am going on time, I drive the speed limit and get in the right lane if a car approaches behind me. I don't like how people think they can drive the same when it is raining as they do when the roads are dry. My ex hit the dashboard with his fist so many times it split down the middle, he would get so mad at traffic. I just think that is D-U-M, dumb.

PDX Granny said...

Thanks Sue - You were right! I googled Western Bluebird and saw a picture of the male version of the little gal that's been sitting on my fence. The males have red markings where the females have gray.

Nana, when I get my stimulus check, I think I'm going to plant it. Maybe it'll grow! Actually, I have a townhouse with an itty bitty patch of lawn (about 8X14) in the back that I'm thinking of replacing with some kind of ground cover. I have another strip along the side of my house hasn't seen a single ray of sunlight since the house was build 4 years ago. Nothing will grow there but moss. I want to replace that too. I just need to figure out what to replace it all with.

I want something pretty low maintenance that doesn't require mowing....and can take a little bit of foot traffic. I remember seeing something that looked like small clover along a parking strip in Anaheim a few years ago. I liked the way it looked, but don't know if that would be good for the Pacific NW.

Any suggestions?

I'm just hoping my check will be enough to cover what I want done.

Donna in AL said...

I don't know if I will pay on my credit card with my stimulus check or replace my front and back doors on my house.

MEB, I had bronchitis two weeks ago and I knew what it was before I went to the doc. I was wheezing with every breath and coughing. He gave me a Z pack (antibiotic that does not cause yeast infection)and cough medicine. The cough medicine was great, I am allergic to codine so it wasn't the usual one he prescribes.

TerryinCA, sorry to hear about your hubby's job. I feel for you, I am hoping my job last through May. Our salesmen have not sold anything in the last month which means I have nothing to do.

RyzandShyn said...

I am sick and tired of this week's weather in NJ! It might as well be winter.
I have a First Holy Communion party to go to today and was hoping it would be outside (as I'm sure the hosts did), but it looks iffy at best.
Gas prices are ridiculous in this part of the state. When I shell out $40.00 and it just about fills it, I say "ridiculous" is the word to use. I can't imagine what all the people working for minimum wage are doing.
I missed Survivor this week because I had a wake to go to, and didn't think to set the recording.
A little girl (just 8 in Dec.) that I did home instruction for passed away from cancerous brain tumors. She was a doll...funny, happy, cute as a button. We had a lot of fun during our home sessions. Say a prayer for her and for her family for me.

meb said...

ryznshine... so sorry to hear about the little girl. My prayers go out to you and her family. I can't even envision losing a child for any reason. So very sad.

meb said...

Hey Jackie... is Schnoop really your last name. If so, how appropriate, but if not, you better let the hospital know that you're also known by that name, cause I'm sure a card or two will be coming your way. Smile.

sue said...

Hi Jackie, meb mentioning your hospital stay reminded me of a discussion I have been hearing some on lately. It involved medical power of attorney. Which is different from a financial poa and also not the same as a living will...unless an attorney words either of those things to include the medical stuff. In the past, long time married people could get medical info about their spouse just by asking the health care provider. That is not always true now. I can see that it is a way to protect against a marriage gone wrong or identity theft, but I think the need to have a legal way to discuss with a doctor is kind of a secret..until it is needed. Or was I the only one who didn't know about needing this stuff? Example: a wife calls the doctor's office to pick up his test results. They won't be given to her, unless they have the med poa on file. There are many other examples, including an adult child who is single giving a parent or a friend access to their health care.

It seems a huge issue to me and yet I haven't heard many people talking about it.

Donna in AL said...

Good morning all.
My mom wanted to use a power of attorney form from an office supply store for hers and asked her lawyer about it. He asked her if it included medical and something else, that I can't remember. He said the standard power of attorney did not include medical unless specifically included.
Everytime I fill out paper work at a doctor's office or hospital, there is a sheet to list three people which your records or information may be released to.

Nana in the NW said...

pdx granny- there is a ground cover that looks like moss and it's great for those traffic areas with no sun. When you clear the area put down some rock slabs(smaller that a dinner plate) and then plant this ground cover around them. It spreads quickly but is very low maintentance. You could make the area in the back really cute with some strategically placed planter boxes, small fountain/pond or statue with gazing ball. Have fun with it!!

meb-a medical POA is very important and most people don't have it unless they have done wills with an attorney.

A few years back when my MIL got very sick and was hospitalized there was no legal documents for her wishes and care. Luckily, the hosp. advised us to get those in place right a way. After hours of research at the library I found the necessary docs. and completed them(the hosp. was great on helping me with what was necessary). The next roadblock was getting them notarized. My daughter worked for an attorney who agreed to sign them without witnessing my MIL signature. Long story short..we got everything in order before she became so ill that medication made her semi-comatose. Procedures and surgery were necessary and she was not able to authorize them. With these papers her sons were. Sadly, eventually they also had to make the decision to remove artificial means of support and let her pass away. Watching a person go through that is makes you see the other side of mercy killings. It took 3 days for all of her organs to shut down and finally quit breathing. Although it was the right decision it is still hard on my husband to think about it.

My advice: go to the library, go online, or go to an attorney and get your affairs in order. You never know what's around the corner. Don't leave a loved one in the position we were in.

dla said...

Happy Sunday!

ryzandshyn, you can catch Survivor at It was a great episode, so you don't want to miss it!

I am so sorry for the loss of your young friend. What a tremendous and sad loss of a young life.

meb said...

Sue, I guess I'm "talking" too much, nana in the nw answered your question to me.. Smile

My BF gave me her medical power of attorney and yes, it is different than just the standard one that is usually bought at an office supply.

We had ours done with an attorney and what it does is give someone the authority to make medical decisions on your behalf if you are unable to, including discontinuing life support as nana mentioned. I had to do that for my BF. It's terrible to have to do, but it was the only thing to do at that stage. All of her functions had shut down except her heart. She had had quadruple heart surgery 20 years earlier and she made the comment to me how she couldn't believe everything else was shutting down, but her heart was still going. While it was her decision to stop everything, because the hospital wasn't sure she was able to make that decision herself, they said I had to, as her MPOA.

I agree with donna in al... even at the doctor's office as well as the hospital, you sign something that gives 2-3 people authorization to get your medical records should something happen and they need to talk with someone about you.

I also agree that it's important to have these documents signed ahead of time. It saves a lot of stress on you if it's done. My whole family has a will, a living will and a MPOA. Very important!

PDX Granny said...

rysandshyn, That is so sad to hear about the little girl. I'm sure you can find comfort in the fact that you added to her life for the short time she was here. I'll remember you and her family in my prayers.

My grandson spend the night with me, and right now he's doing some weird little dance while watching Tom & Jerry cartoons. Only a 4 year old can dance like that a be cute! After reading your comment, I had to have get a hug from him. As he hugged me he said "I love you grandma". It was enough to make my heart melt.

It's going to be a great day here, so I decided instead of housework or yard work, we're going to the zoo!

sue said...

I have never seen a doctor's office paper that authorized anyone to talk to them. Isn't that strange? Maybe different locales or different doctors or that we have only been in for sinus infection type stuff, just an office call. I have seen 'who to notify' but that is all it had, not that they were authorized for anything.

I wanted to make clear that the living will and shutting off machines is the most drastic a med POA concerns and that it doesn't give anyone the right unless the person isn't able to speak for themselves. I think fear of that happening is what keeps some aging parents from signing one. My mother made out a living will years ago, when she first heard of one, but didn't even know about the med POA, so I am thinking it might be a new things. I kept it where I could find it, felt the responsiblity of it for decades before her last illness. I understand the reason for using it and the anguish that would come with it. It was important to her, though.

If someone is in, say for example, a traffic accident and is not injured too much, but needs medical assistance, especially if they are out of town or away from people who know them, that is one way the med poa can kick in.

I know a lot of 30 somethings who are single and that is what has prompted a discussion that led me to post here. As parents of children who are on their own, some friends and I were talking about how much the medical world has changed since we were children.

nana in nw, that garden idea sounds beautiful. I went to our local Farmer's Market yesterday. It was such a treat to buy asperagus that was pciked that morning, as well as radishes and green onions. Arkansas strawberries are just starting and I look forward to finding some. In warmer climates you lucky people get fresh local fruits and vegetables almost year round, don't you? It will be July before our tomatoes or watermelons are ready.

We saw a Batimore Oriole in our back yard just now, that was a spring treat, too.

Nana in the NW said...

sorry about posting the answer to the wrong person...I'm heavily medicated and very little sleep.

granny-lucky you...your grandson and a trip to the zoo. It is a beautiful day here in the NW.

We thought a living will took care of everything...not by a long shot!! There are even different types of Med. POA that limit what decisions you can make for a person.

In our case, after my MIL death and we thought the proper papers had been completed we found out that wasn't the case so her estate had to go through probate and we still had to hire an attorney!

Plaidchick--where are you??

joy n said...

We're paying some money on credit card debt and putting a new floor in our bathroom with our stimulus $$. My husband and a neighbor are doing the work to save cash.

Terry in CA, my hubby works at a mfg. plant where they make machine parts and business has really been slow there. He's been there forever, but we're worried because many plants are closing. It's a scary feeling week to week wondering if we'll be next.

Ryzandshyn, So sorry to hear about your little friend. Losing a child under any circumstances is a horrible loss. Growing up, I lost three brothers and later, my only child (son) to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. They were all in their teens. It's such a helpless feeling when illness takes them. My heart goes out to you and the little girl's family.

nancy in pa said...

morning everyone. it is an absolutely beautiful day here today! great beach-walking weather.

delee...i got quite a chuckle out of your telling me about "listening" to hear if the gas tank was almost full. i was laughing at what a disaster that would have been for me. oh my....i would have certaily been up a creek!

sue...i know what you mean about the whole gas situation. i either get it in jersey where someone does ot for me, or i let my husband do it. it has been quite awhile since i have done it myself. one of those things i think about when i worry about something happening to my husband and all he does..not to be morbid or anything.

terryinca...yikes! that is some smok'n high gas prices! i hope everything goes well with your husbands job. worrying about the "what-ifs" are always so stressful!

nana...haven't gotten our stimulus check yet, but hope to apply it to some of my kids college loans. they have all graduated and are doing great....i am still paying the bill! :)

have a great day, all!!

nancy in pa said... sorry to hear of your loss. i know how attached we can get to students. my guess is you will remember her for life. prayers for you and her famiy.

Anonymous said...

pdx granny, you might want to try creeping thyme which is a low growing groundcover. It best part about it is that when you step on it, it releases a herbally scent that is wonderful. I'm not sure if it grows well in the shade tho', this is the first year I've had it.

another option ,ight be dwarf mond grass which is grass that grows about 1 inch tall, does well in the shade and is hunter green all year long. On the downside on this one, sometimes weeds can get into it and try to take over so you have to weed.

There's also periwinkle which has blue flowers in May. It grows about 2 inches tall and spreads by underground roots. It does tend to mound however but I just cut mine every other year and that keeps it under control.

And of course, there's always ivy. I have some really beautiful variegated ivy mixed in with my English ivy. Ivy however can be invasive and take over your other plants so you have to watch it and keep it.

Zoetawny said...

Just checking in to see what's going on with everyone.

I've learned some valuable info today reading your posts.

It's been a crazy busy weekend. I just spent a couple of hours removing a Trojan virus my husband managed to get on the pc. He's not technically computer literate but spends a lot of time online time shopping for his "toys". Yes, I said shopping. He's the shop-a-holic in the family.


I'm so sorry to hear about your sad news. It's beyond sad when a young child dies and has had to endure such an illness. I'm sure her family appreciated you attending the wake. God bless!


I read about Josie and her upcoming surgery but can't seem to find your post now. It sounds like the surgery will be a success this time around. Although, I'm sorry you have to go through it a second time. Josie is one lucky girl to have you. Hope the worst of the flu is over and you're feeling better now.

Almost forgot, the lowest gas price here is $3.85, last time I checked.

Gotta run now. Take care all!

Sydney said...

Hi All--

I haven't been able to catch up on all your comments. See some interesting conversation going on. For now just having a Sunday night with nothing on TC -- BB is over, as is the John Adam's miniseries. Dexter is on, which is such a great show, but I have watched all the eps twice alreay on Showtime.

Went to see Ironman last night. Pretty good, lots of back story in this first one, definitely priming us for the sequel, no surprise there. But saw the trailer for Indiana Jones so I thought maybe it would be fun to re-watch the first movies in order before seeing this summer's one... It's going to be a summer filled with good movies of all genres. Good news for us!

$3.47 cents a gallon for regular. Wow, amazing we're doing a little better than some places, considering how outrageous those prices are across the board. Usually I have to put Premium in but this was the first time I put in regular... and it still was $60 for the tanl. Good thing everything I do in a day is really close to home. This town is spread out so I'm a rare bird in that way.

Susan in FL said...

I am currently filling out papers for my 2nd colonoscopy (5 years after my first) and they include the release of info sheet. First who to routinely discuss info with, second who to release info to only in emergency, third can docs office leave info on your answering machine. And also advises that cell phone is not a secure information line.

monty924 said...

Gas here is $3.69... and it was a crappy weekend. I'm still depressed over the Kentucky Derby. My horse (Big Brown) won, but I had to walk out of the room when Eight Belles went down. My mother and I just stared at the TV screen with our mouths wide open.

I still can't believe it. My heart goes out to the jockey, trainers, and owners. That was such a tragic thing to witness on TV, and I can't even imagine how hard it was for Eight Belles' team and community who loved her.


Anonymous said...

There was a time that I thought paying $2. for gas was outrageous and when I read that oil companies want us to get use to paying $3/gal, I laughed thinking who are they trying to kid. Well, gas has hit $4/gal in San Jose, Ca. and I just have a hard time thinking $3.59/gal is such a bargain! Why is it when a barrel of oil goes up the price at the gas tank goes up immediately but when the price of oil goes down we may never see a decrease at the gas tank? But then how will Exxon pay their CEO 1/2 billion dollars a year?

RyzandShyn said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words and prayers for my little student. Her name was Raenbow, which at first I thought was a tad strange, but came to know it fit her perfectly!

joy n...God bless. Those are tremendous losses. I recently saw a spin on an old adage. It said that instead of thinking that we don't get more on our plate than we can handle, we should know that we receive help to handle everything on our plate.

Heather said...

Gas is 3.68 - 3.77 for regular, depending on which small town you are in NY. The gas here is out of hand! I miss the days of 3.59 . . . . .

Anonymous said...

Paid 3.60 this morning a few exits outside of Boston...this is getting ridiculous!

meb said...

Good morning all... Why is it that the minute gas goes up by the barrel, the gas companies immediately raise their prices. They've still got gas in their tanks that they bought at the lesser rate.

But then when gas goes down by the barrel, it takes forever for the gas companies to reduce their prices at the pump and sometimes don't at all.

These gas prices are getting out of hand. What's a poor little (and I use that term loosely) person like me supposed to do. Get another parttime job I 'spose.

Anonymous said...

Well here in central fl we are paying 3.69. Ya'll are so much cheaper and you get it pumped for you. Imagine that. Love all the pics you post. Keep them comming.

Nana in the NW said...

Morning all. Well, I think I am going to live!! That virus should took it's toll on me for the last 5 days. Went back to the dr. yesterday and got some gelcaps that paralize your cough reflex so I could get some sleep! I'm still fighting the headache, achy body and congestion but I think I'm on the downhill side now.....just in time to start over with Josie!!

I must say I feel fortunate to be able to fill my gas tank. Many people who are on fixed incomes but have to drive distances to work are really suffering.....a stimulus check will help in the short term but something has to be done for the long term!

We are lucky that my hubby drives 5 mi., catches a train, and then catches a carpool to work(he works 40 mi. from home). His job pays for the train token and costs of the carpool. He works in real estate(new home construction)...given the housing market we always worry about lay-offs. He just keeps hoping for 2 more yrs. At that point he can retire with full benefits.

Well, now that I've climbed down from my soapbox and brought a ray of sunshine to everyone....LOL

Our weather is glorious today!!! Not a cloud in the sky and mid-70's. I may get the cushions out for my lawn swing and take a nap out there this afternoon!!!

susan in fl.--^5 to you! I just had my second colonoscopy a few months ago. My first one found 3 polups so I had to have another one 3 yrs. later. The prep. for it is not great but the procedure is a piece of cake. It is important that anyone over 50 get one!! Colon cancer has no symptoms until it's almost too late.

monty924--what a shock the Kent. Derby was--I watched that in disbelief!! How tragic for all the staff of Eight Belles.

Time to start my day--I'm going to jump over to Chatter's Lane and see who's up!!

RBennie said...

Good morning all. Hope everyone had a good weekend. I keep forgetting to check the gas prices in NYC. I'm not the driver in the family, so I really don't pay much attention to it other than knowing its way too high. I will make a point of checking.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Gas is $3.70 Here in Louisville, Ky. (maybe a little higher because Derby was this week)

RBennie said...

I just finished checking out all the new Ponderosa footage. That Alexis really is delusional isn't she? She actually thinks she never lied? It's always so funny to see how much they are eating over there and it looks like they are being well entertained. I can't wait for James to join them. Did anyone watch the clip of James after he was removed. It's about 5 minutes long and he is so funny in it. He might not have a lot of book smarts, but he is a very good judge of character. He has all of them pegged to a tee. He understood all the different dynamics going on. If you haven't seen it, check it out - its worth it.

joy n said...

Just read a short article on in which Jeff Probst is quoted as saying about this weeks episode of Survivor. "It's incredible what continues to happen at tribal council this season. This week the idol comes into play again in a completely different way...something that has never happened before." There's James with the title as the man who made the biggest blunder in the game. James passed the title to Ozzie. Ozzie passed it to Jason. "And in my opinion, Jason can pass the title off to someone else this week."

Sounds very mysterious.

joy n said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
joy n said...

Went back to check exact quote. From AIMO, Jason passes it to someone else this week.

joy n said...

RealityTVWorld has an article about the new season of The Mole. ABC has bumped the premiere to June 2. It will be the original format with 12 (non-celebrity) contestants competing in new missions at new locations while trying to determine who among them is the mole. It's a 10-episode run. The article tells you (no pix) who the first four contestants are and their bios. I can say there's a lot of diversity in their jobs.

meb said...

Loved the Mole before. Look forward to it again.

Also eager to see Survivor.

Going over to DWTS and Bachelor to see what comments have been made, then going to call it a day.

monty924 said...

Sounds like Amanda might make the blunder of the season this week? Just guessing... she did use it last week, so chances are, if its tied to the Idol its Amanda. Eek! I want her or Cirea to win this.

Donna in AL said...

So does that mean the idol will be up for grabs again? I too am hoping for a Cirie or Amanda win. I wish they would not have the finale on Mother's day and it is my son's birthday too.

Anonymous said...

how horrified when i pulled into the gas station and it went from $3.71 to $4.00 even. For some reason Northeast Ohio gets slammed at the gas pump. AND my car only takes premium which adds 30 cents per gallon. I am cutting back on our groceries but my 3 dogs, 2 cats and 5 birds are still eating great. Hubby is jealous....thanks Jackie. I was like a lost puppy Sunday with out BB. Karin in Cleveland

RBennie said...

So glad to hear the Mole is coming back. I really enjoyed that show until they messed it up by doing the celebrity edition.

As far as DWTS goes, I think the judges are judging Kristi on a whole other level from the other dancers. I realize her figure skating background gives her somewhat of an advantage, but skating and dancing are not the same thing. Christian was good last night, but I don't think he was the best. Jason is pretty to look at, but his dancing does nothing for me. I think its Marisa's time to go home, but it just might be Mario, even though I thought he did a great job last night. He's not much bigger than Karina, yet those lifts were great!

Does anyone watch Paradise Hotel? Don't be ashamed to admit it. I will start - my name is rbennie and I watch Paradise Hotel. LOL

meb said...

Good Morning. I was going thru my TV schedule to see what I have coming up for the week and was surprised how much I have scheduled to tape. I watch a lot of TV as do a lot of us I think, but that's ok as long as I do other things as well. Staying close to family is one thing I try to do as well.

Speaking of that, Mother's Day is coming up. My daughter, along with the grandkids always plan something different. Last year we went on a short trip to an aquarium and then out to eat lunch and dinner. That's fun cause you get to spend the whole day with family. What do you have planned for your mama or do you know what your kids have planned for you?

RBennie said...

My family's Mother's Day tradition is that I will be Queen for the day. My every wish will be granted and I will not have to lift a finger to do anything all day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served to me (in bed if I want). The remote control will be all mine :) (that one is really hard for my husband). Too bad its only 1 day a year!

suelovesquilting said...

Lucky you guys. Up here in Canada it's 1.32 a liter which works out to 4.99 a gallon before you factor in the exchange rate.

Donna in AL said...

Mother's Day I will take my mom to her choice of resturants for lunch. Then I will have to get or bake a cake for my son's birthday that evening. I do not know how I will get my nieces, nephews and brother to leave before 7 when Survivor finale starts! I do not have Tivo at my house.

That is why I wish the finale was not this Sunday.

Is the word verification screwing up again?

PDX Granny said...

I thought ahead to Mother's Day last weekend - then promptly forgot all about it. I had my grandson. I originally planned on have him do something "crafty" for my daughter, but we ended up going to the zoo and spending 5 hours there!! By time we got home I was POOPED!! By the way, my new picture was taken of the few times he was actually still!!

Tomorrow's my b'day - the big six oh!!! My daughter's taking me out to dinner, so that will be a combination b'day/m'day dinner. She's working on Sunday so I'm not sure we'll do much on that day. Plus my grandson will be with his dad. They share custody 50/50 and it's dad's weekend. I'm thinking that I might go steal him anyway and surprise my daughter at lunch.

mammaroos said...

I am looking forward to having the mole on again and am glad its not celebraty and spring has finally came to oregon this week. BB starts again in July which will be nice the seasons on the reality shows seem to get shorter and shorter anyone else think that too

PlaidChick said...

So glad to see Roofus!

Gas in DFW Metroplex is 3.53 for regular. I try not to look at it, condense my errands to one or two days a week.

I have no idea what we plan to do with our extra money. I think we are one of the few couples who have no credit card debt, we live in a 30 year old house that is paid off, and is completely updated inside. I got our property assessment and it went down another 4,000 from last year. So we're losing money on the house if we ever sold. It's not a seller's market anyway. So we're saving, not much, but building up a good nest egg. I think we might just invest the money. I could buy a share of google!

Anne said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY pdx granny!
Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy every minute of it!

I'm giving myself an extra special Mother's day gift - Thursday, Friday and Monday off from work. I'll spend Thursday with my grandson - daycare is closed for the week - and the rest of the days are mine. I realized I haven't stopped since my mom got sick late January - six weeks sitting vigil at the hospital, buried her on a Friday and went back to work the following Monday. Hopefully some down time will re-charge my battery.

Have a good day all - supposed to hit 80 here today.

meb said...

Happy Birthday pdxgranny... Enjoy the day.

plaidchick... you sound like you have it altogether financially. I wish I could say the same. I used to know how to save, but then I got a SIL who didn't know how to work and for the years that my grandchildren were little (3 within 2 1/2 years) I helped them and my savings went accordingly. People said I was an enabler, but what was I suppose to do, watch the kids go hungry... I don't think so.

So, I pretty much live from paycheck to paycheck now, but it's ok. I pay my bills and eat well. And the SIL is no longer in the picture, which also is a huge blessing. Kids are grown and have jobs and learned not to be like him.

Gas seems to be going down a little around here. Last one I saw was $3.51 from $3.59. Hope that's a good sign.

Donna in AL said...

Happy Birthday PDX Granny. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Plaidchick, I've missed your comments the last few days. Sydney and Laurie are being quite too.

Donna in AL said...

MEB, I left a comment on your blog the other day. I know what you mean by enabler. My mom is the worst and we (my other brother and I) think that is what ultimately killed our dad. The stress of his finances, getting loans constanstly, to provide for my younger brother and his four children. I don't mind helping anyone as long as they are helping themself. My brother is not willing to give up anything (dsl, dish tv, BEER, cigarettes, cell) but goes to mom now.

Ok, enough on the soapbox.
Sunny and in the 80s today, tomorrow storms again. Going to get out and enjoy.

meb said...

hey donna in the al... I saw your comment this morning and responded on your blog.

Guess you can't get rid of brothers can you... I know how difficult it is to say "no", even if you should.

When my daughter went out on her own at 18, she held down 4 part time jobs, just so she could keep her apartment. She was a workhorse. Strange how she chose the opposite in a partner.

Well, like I said, we don't have the problem any more and that's the good news.

sue said...

A good memory of my mother: She was a single mom way before Sheila came onto the scene. She also worked full time at a time when many of her contemporaries were staying at home, being homeroom mothers at school, and going to club luncheons. Mom thought all that sounded wonderful but couldn't figure out how to do that and keep a roof over our heads and food in our stomachs. Every May she bought a handful of Mother's Day cards, signed and addressed them, stamped them and dropped them into the mail box. Why so many, I asked her, knowing that I had no grandmothers to receive one. 'Oh, they are just for some friends of mine, she would answer'. And later, when I was a Mom, I saw her still doing it, and asked again. 'There are a lot of single moms in the world, and I know they aren't getting any recognition on the day set aside for Mom's. Either they are alone or their children are too young to understand. I just like to make sure they get at least a card on Mother's Day'. I thought that statement said a lot of things about my Mom and is just one of the reasons her name deserves to be remembered this May.

What about you, Jackie's people, do you have a good Mom story?

RBennie said...

Great Mom story Sue, but you're making me all teary-eyed at work thinking about my Mom who has been gone since 1985 at the early age of 57.

One of my most vivid Mom memories is of me being a little girl and having to stay at the table until I finished all my grits (which I hated with a passion!). I spent an entire day at the table once because I was too stubborn to eat them and she was too stubborn to back down and let me go, LOL. To this day I still hate grits, but my kids love them - go figure!

monty924 said...

Happy Wednesday! Great Mom stories. Rbennie, your story reminds me of my Mom and what she did to my older sister and brother. Not grits, but peas. They were fighting over who got more than the other so my Mom opened two more cans and made each one of them eat the whole can of peas. They never argued at the table again and still to this day will not eat peas. LOL

If you have RealPlayer feeds, Crazy James is giving a live chat on feed 4 tonight at 9:00 ET. I'll have to miss it, but they'll probably replay it in the archives.

Have a good one everybody. :)

Nana in the NW said...

Let me tell you about a child we had to eat everything my dad put on our plate and I hated peas. I would take my peas and put them underneath the edge of my plate(on the table) so my dad couldn't see them. One night he got mad at my sister and banged his fist on the table, my plate started bouncing and out came the peas!!!! I believe that earned me dish duty for two weeks!!!

JOSIE UPDATE: She had her surgery today. All the previous work done was still entacted. She had torn some tendons causing the kneecap to move. So it was re-anchored and the prognosis is good. The surgeon said she should be fully recovered in 6 weeks and able to walk without the harness in 2 weeks. So the news wasn't as bad as I was thinking!! :)

My Mother's day is going to be spent at a BBQ at my daughter's house with my other daughter's family, grandkids, and my parents.
Hopefully, the sun will come out as she has a very small house.

I need to go tend to Josie so will check back in the a.m.

Anonymous said...

$3.63 here in PA

Donna in AL said...

Nana, glad Josie's surgery went well, hope she will do better with recovery this time.

Dan S said...

I paid $3.77 for regular at Sam's Club today. Corona, Calif.

Sydney said...

Sue -- I left you a note here but it might have gotten lost in the shuffle. I did not get a notice with your e-mail that you'd left a note on my blog so I don't know how to reach you. Can you write me at Would love to hear from you!

Oh boy, my WV is suddenly looking like it did last week. Let's hope it's a glitch and not a trend.

meb said...

AI... Jason finally was eliminated. Thank goodness. Syeisha will probably be next and that'll leave the two Davids. Where it should be I guess.

My mother's day story was walking in on my mother smoking. You had to know mom to know that this was so out of character for her. We ran a restaurant on a beach front in Delaware and mom, my sister and I would work it thru the week while dad spent the week in another part of the state working in another business we had.

Anyway, I walked in and there she was at one of the dining tables with an ash on the cigarette that was so long I don't know how it stayed on. Well, when I startled her, it fell to the floor and she stomped on it, hoping that I hadn't seen it.

I was 14 or 15. I really had it over her for a long time before I let her off the hook, always threatening to tell dad if she wouldn't let me do something I wanted. I was a bad girl! Come to think of it tho, I never did tell on her, and she quit after that anyway. She said it wasn't fun anymore.

PDX Granny said...

Hi all! Thanks for the birthday wishes! I had a pretty good day. My daughter took me out to Todi's Seafood Buffet. It was kinda spendy, but since it was my b'day, my meal was free. Can't beat that!!

Anonymous said...


RyzandShyn said...

I hate going to the dentist, I mean HATE it, always have. I go because I have to, but I always have to have a lot of work done, and so I'm always going and always hating it.
As a child, I put up a real fuss about it. I remember that since my Mom didn't drive until I was about 12 or so, we usually went to the dentist in a taxi. I can remember refusing to get out of the taxi and being dragged and/or carried in actually kicking and screaming.
My Mom would sit next to me and hold my hand real tight while I was getting work done, but I fussed and carried on anyway.
The other day I was at the dentist, and really nervous. The dental assistant reached down at one point and grabbed my hand. I held on to it for dear life and started to cry like a baby, missing Mommy.

Sasha said...

Now that I'm all teary listening to Mom stories...I can't come up with just one for mine, she died late in 2006 on my father's and her 57th (!) wedding anniversary. Holidays are still very difficult.

Anyway, gas is $3.81 for regular here and easily $4.00+ for other grades. Yep, I live in CT. I LOVE it when I go to NJ. I always go with 1/2 tank and fill up before I leave. And they pump the gas to boot!! Ah, the little pleasures.

Happy Birthday, PDX Granny! I'm a May baby, too. My bday was on the 5th. Nothing too special that day but had a weekend of people making me special dinners and birthday cake and presents. I love birthdays. LOL Let's celebrate all month!!!

Jackie, been thinking of you as your surgery day approaches and will keep you in my thoughts 'til somehow we find out that you're doing wonderfully well!

Take care time's kind of limited lately so I'm only checking in once in a while. I miss it here!

Sydney said...

Happy Birthday PdX Granny and Sasha!!!

Just want to continue to invite any and all to stop by Chatters Lane that Laurie set up for us while Jackie is busy getting ready for surgery, having it and recovering.

meb said...

Sasha... I love your doggie and his/her ROLF. Adorable.

I'll be glad when BB comes back and we can start that love/hate relationship again with the houseguests. Here's hoping for a good set of hamsters.

And to think that Survivor is almost over is too much to absorb. What's a body to do.

ryzandshyn... I'm not sure if you were joking or not, but I sure understand your apprehension with dentists. While I can put up with them cause like you say you have to, my daughter is just like you. She started having to go to the dentist when she was 2...believe it, and I used to have to medicate her (slightly) because of her experiences at such a young age, having to have teeth pulled when they became infected. She inherited her father's bad teeth.

By the way, I noticed my gas going down and yesterday it was $3.43 for reg and today it was back up to $3.66... What's that all about!

nancy in pa said...

morning all......watched AI for the first time this season as this is the week my son won the tickets/trip to see the show. he has been texting me...their seats for wed. and thurs. nights shows were 5 rows behind simon. said they were actually good seats. the shows were at CBS studios....small area...about 1500 people. he said all phones, cameras, etc..were confiscated upon entering and returned when they left. hotel nice, nice rental, etc..all in all good trip so far.

mothers day....i will be cooking for family (as i always do on holidays). i enjoy it so its no big deal. there are 12 of us at the table..including my parents who are in their 80's. my mom has alzheimers..and this year seems particularly hard for me. there she sits...right in front of me....and i realize how very much i miss her. my children are there..and three grandchildren..and that helps a lot. but in the privacy of my own thoughts amidst the laughter and conversations..i look over at mom, and wish i had her back.

happy birthday to all celebrating!

ryzandshyn...tomorrow morning i have to go to the dentist to have an old filling removed and new one put it. i am FREAKING OUT! i have never had a bad experience at the dentist, and heart beats out of my chest and my hands get all clammy....i HATE The sounds and smells!! so think of me..and offer up a prayer...:) oh how i dread this!

jackie..thoughts are with you as your day approaches. keep us posted on your progress!!

meb said...

Is anyone else besides me watching Hells Kitchen. I blame Jackie for getting me interested in this show and for some reason I keep tuning in to hear Ramsey sling his obscenities toward these sad excuses for future chefs.

They can't even tell the difference between a medium well steak and rare.

Last night was a meal for a 16 year old birthday party and Ramsey continued with his foul mouth loud and in front of these kids when things didn't go his way.

I'll keep watching tho. Sort of like BB9... hate it but can't wait for the next episode.

My daughter just informed me that my grandson (her son) will be taking us out to dinner for Mother's Day. Wow! We don't have to cook.

Sasha said...

Thanks, Sydney, for the birthday wishes and the invite. I must have missed that in my absence and will check it out. Thanks to MEB, too...the pic makes me smile so I use it to spread a smile or two.

Nancy in PA: I (and I'm sure others) know all too well what you mean about your mom. Mine had dementia from Parkinson's and was "gone" in a way before she truly left us. We were very lucky in that she usually seemed to recognize my sister, father, and I and we would just do our best to enjoy those occasional sparks of her old self whenever we could. I hope you still have those "sparks" with your mom and have her with you as long as she's not suffering. Thoughts and prayers to you.

Donna in AL said...

My son has dyed his mohawk pink now. The funny thing is, he met a girl Friday night named Chelsia. She has a similiar haircut as BB Chelsia too!! Some thing are just ironic. When I get a pic of the pink mohawk, I'll put it up.

sharon said...

Just went out and about and gas here took a turn for the worse today. It's now running $3.85 in the Cleveland area and the paper said to buckle your seatbelts because $4 is right around the corner!Just means less and less driving for me.

I was so glad to see Jason FINALLY go on AI last night! What a taotal lack of talent he had and I sure didn't get the sex appeal he apparently held for some. That hair...yuck and that whiny,pathetic voice. Thank God he forgot the lyrics and sent himself home. Syesha sang rings around him and if he'd stayed,I think I would have quit that show. I hear their ratings are down,so maybe it's about done with it's time in the spotlight. I do know I have downloded most of David Cook's songs from the show and would buy an album by him in a heartbeat. Not so sure I would buy one by David Archuleta,though I do like his voice.

Next to last Survivor tonight(sniff). I sure hope it isn't Amanda who does something stupid and that Natalie (aka The Grinch) or Cirie goes home!

Thinking of you,Jackie!

Sydney said...

Sniff sniff on one of the best Survivor seasons ever being almost over. The Bachelor will also be over next week, but the Bachelorette starts right after (I will watch, but I'm not really excited about it... the Sex in The City movie I'm excited about). DWTS at least will stretch it out til June.

I only started watching The Amazing Race 2 seasons ago... so sorry I missed the rest. So I still don't know when it starts up again. Can anyone tell me?

This is going to be one of those summers PACKED with great movies. At least we will have those!

monty924 said...

I'll be bummed when this Survivor is over. It sure has been one heck of a ride this season. I'm hoping Amanda keeps her head tonight and doesn't do anything stupid, but it looks like the girls are still running it so I'm thinking she's safe tonight.

Wouldn't mind Natalie or Erik going tonight. I can't wait to see what the idol blunder is all about. My money's on Erik to make to goof. The men haven't been too smart where the idol is concerned. Cursed? Yeah, for the men! ;)

Gas here is up to $3.82. ::EEK:: I almost bought a Prius two years ago... now I wish I had of.

joy n said...

syosfGas in my area (Wayne County, upstate NY) went up to $3.91 for regular today.

Nana, glad to hear the good news about Josie. Now if the neighbor's cat will just stay off your deck for awhile!

I went to the dentist yesterday to get my teeth cleaned and he found a small cavity (too many Xmas and Easter goodies, I suspect). I have to go back the 29th to get it taken care of. The only part I HATE is the novacaine needle. He has to push it into my gums so many times! I'm dreading the 29th.

Meb, I also watch Hell's Kitchen. Matt and Roseanne just have to go!

Like Sharon, I'm hoping Amanda makes it thru to the finale show. Also crossing my fingers that Natalie or Cirie go tonight, and even hope one or the other of them get backdoored or something. It would serve them right. I am really going to miss Survivor. It was a fabulous season.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,

Gas is St. Louis is $3.69. I don't think I've seen a full service gas station here in over 20 years.

I started reading your blog a during BB a few years ago. I enjoy your format and your great sense of humor.

I wish you all the best on your surgery.


RyzandShyn said...

No, not kidding. I've even found a very nice, gentle dentist, but I can't let go of the fear and apprehension, which I'm sure is left over from the dental experiences of my youth. I survive, but the dentist tells me I take years off his life every time I'm there.
Thanks goodness my kids aren't the same way. I was careful not to pass it on, although to sit with them while they were getting things done when they were young was a killer. All they know is that when I come home from the dentist, I need a nap. They think it's because the "sweet air" and novacaine make me sleepy. HA!

ask for the "sweet air" (nitrous oxide) to get the works.

Nancy in pa...
I'd have gone with you to hold you hand as long as I could keep my eyes shut. I hope your visit went well, and that you're recovering well.

nancy in pa said...

ok, so i get to the dentist at 8:45 this morning. i make my appointment early so i can get it over with. the dentist does her thing....she is really very nice. i sit stoned faced the whole time. she asks IF i want novacaine, are you kidding me??? when all is done, i get in the car, and start shaking uncontrollably. the numbness didn't wear off for over three hours. i was freaked out. what a basket case i am!

nana in happy josie is doing so well. i will be writing you soon...been crazy busy...and will be thru sunday.

feeling the withdrawl of BB. i need a fix. can't wait till july.