Monday, June 30, 2008

Big Brother 10 is Just Around the Corner

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Yep, a new season is almost upon us! Graphic arteest Zoetawny has made a cool new season logo for the blog and we're just about ready to rock and roll. (Zoetawny rocks already and that's how I roll.)

You've all been fantastic hanging in while I've been tied up with the healing process. You have no idea how thrilled I am with the community which has developed here. I love it! I also enjoy the fact that new folks come along and are welcomed as they make the leap to posting comments. You all rock! A huge thank you is in order for Sydney who has been such a tremendous help as I went through the surgery and to this date as I go through rehab.

Ah, but this post is about Big Brother 10, right? I have a new article up over on TV Squad which delves into scheduling, some facts, and plenty of rumors. Of course, I'll have the feeds once again this season. Technically, I never don't have them as I've had the Real SuperPass for a number of years now. I generally take advantage of the $10 monthly music download credit from them and it evens out the cost of the subscription payments. Or, at least I tell myself it does.

I plan to cover the feeds both here and on TVS (different content for each just as I did last season), plus I'll live blog all of the shows here and write the Tuesday and Wednesday show review/recaps for TVS. At this time I plan to purchase the BBReloader once again. That enables me to record video to post to YouTube as well as to enlarge the actual screens more, watch all four feeds in separate windows at once, and lots more. As I will be off from work for most or all of the season, this is going to be a good diversion for me as it was the first summer I did this. Plus, I'll have the time to really get into it without suffering total exhaustion! Cool. :-)

That's the skinny and I have to head off to physical therapy to have my knee treated by my favorite physical terrorist soon.


joy n said...

Jackie, love that we're getting back to the pre-op days of your blog. Love Sydney for stepping in and being the glue that held us all together in your absence, but happy to have our Jackie back at the helm again.

A big thanks again also to Zoetawny for her fantastic graphics. This blog wouldn't be the same anymore without them.

Already read your TVS article and am so antsy for BB10 to begin. The countdown begins!

Sydney said...

I second what Joy said. I am so glad your set back is now in the past... I know it's a 2 steps forward (no pun) 1 step back (occasionally 3 steps back I guess?) process... but I do hope yo are feeling up to the BB thing once it starts. That will be what, week 8 for you? And being on a break from work will make all the difference!

Maybe on blah days you can't do the round the clock, 25 bullet point reports every day. Whatever you can serve up, we so appreciate Jackie!

Susan in FL said...

Jackie - I'm ready for Big Brother to start and I hope they have a charming person (or two) on it this time. Didn't you have knee surgery the first year you live blogged BB??? Good news/bad news from the colon doc. The good news is my polyp was benign. Most polyps are benign but a higher percentage of flat polyps are cancerous. The bad news is I have to get rechecked in 3 years instead of 5 years. I'm not looking forward to that! But all in all I gotta say I am one lucky girl!!

Sydney said...

Yay Susan! So glad to hear the news! ANd what the heck -- we have to have some much else poked and prodded and squished, etc... EACH YEAR that you could look at the 3 year time frame as a nice little window! Good health to you!

momcat in mo said...

i hope this big brother is more interesting that the last one .towards the end i almost stopped watching and just read about it here. you do a great job jackie. lets go 10

momcat from mo.

dla said...

Jackie, you make me smile! This feels full circle, as I found you while you were recuperating from your first knee surgery and blogging BB. I would assume that is the same for many of us. :)

We will take whatever you are up to giving us, but your health is always the priority.

I will definitely agree that Sydney and Zoetawny ROCK! We can't say than enough.

susan in fl, great news! Cross that next bridge 3 years from now, and celebrate this time!

momcat, welcome! Look forward to this new season, and hoping for a more entertaining crew this time around.

Everyone have a great day, and see you tonight for The Bachelorette!

Lesa said...

Jackie I am sooo ready for this season. Thanks for keeping us updated. Take care of your knee!
Zoetawny you are awesome! Susan great news!

Sydney said...

Zoetawny -- just looking at the BB10 graphic you made again. Love the color, the silhouettes, the animation. Have we mentioned that you ROCK?????

momcat in mo. This will just be my 4th BB season at Jackie's blog but I don't know if I've seen your name before. So just saying hello!

dla -- I
m totally looking forward to seeing the Bachelorette tonight after reading around some on interviews with the last few guys.

Doris said...

Kudos to you all for making Jackie proud: indeed you are all so friendly, kind, and encouraging. I'm glad I took the risk to join in. I'm sensing the excitement in the community as BB10 approaches and The Bachelorette winds down. We're all in this together to coin a popular phrase; "together", I sure like that.

meb said...

Yay...two posts from Jackie in a short time period. Love it...

Zoetawny...great graphic as usual!

susan in fl... wonderful news! Think of the 3 year period as "Wow, I don't have to do this again for another 3 years!!!!" Sounds better.

momcat in mo... shout out to you.. Welcome!

dla... I think I join Jackie just before her previous knee surgery, but I remember how great it was that she was right there all the time with the updates.

joyn and sydney... I found that Graham interview also and thought it was very telling. Cannot wait until tonight!

doris...good to hear from you again... hang in there... BB's almost here!

Going over to read Jackie's TV Squad article...


Zoetawny said...

Did I see what I thought I saw? LOL Jackie's ready to rock'n roll with BB10. WHOOHOO! I'm starting to get exicted about sharing the show with all of you.


You know how much we love your humor blogging BB, but I hope you don't tax yourself sitting at the computer too long.


You were the glue that held us all together, as joyn said. You have no idea how much we appreciated you. You had some big shoes to fill and did it exceptionally well.

susan in fl...

Great news! I'm sure you must be relieved. I hope you have a wonderful summer.

Hopefully, I can jump in the Bachelorette chat tonight. The dogs and husband will just have to have a late dinner. ;)


nancy in pa said...

Doesn't it just feel like HOME when we log on here and see a post from jackie and a graphic from zoetawny?

jackie, thank you for all you do. i mean that from the heart.

zoetawny....this new graphic is soooooooo cool! anyone ever tell you... you ROCK????

susan....congrats! Kudos for you for doing the responsible thing. i am 53 and have yet to have a colonoscopy. oh my...the thoughts of it freak me out...

i am excited about bb10 starting up and all the chit chat that takes off here. i wonder if there will be any one normal in the house....wouldn't that be novel???

joy n said...

Susan in FL, so happy to hear of your polyps benign-ness! Three years respite is a good thing!

Nancy in PA, colonoscopies aren't as horrible as they sound. The preparation for it is the pain in the arse part in my opinion.

Meb, did you read the newest interview with Graham on Reality TV World? Even more informative. I wouldn't miss tonight's shows for anything.

joy n said...

Susan in FL, so happy to hear of your polyps benign-ness! Three years respite is a good thing!

Nancy in PA, colonoscopies aren't as horrible as they sound. The preparation for it is the pain in the arse part in my opinion.

Meb, did you read the newest interview with Graham on Reality TV World? Even more informative. I wouldn't miss tonight's shows for anything.

joy n said...


delee said...

Jo and Slade: The Break-Up is on Bravo at 10p, same as the mole!

The history of Jo De La Rosa and Slade Smiley's complicated relationship.

This is to let Realhouse Wives fans

Need to run and read Jackie's BB post...

delee said...

Zoetawny has done it again!!! Kisses

Jackie, you answered my ? in your post. I wondered if work was on the horizon, but now I know.

Hard to believe it is less than 2 weeks away. I am sure we all are planning our snacks/drinks and exercising our fingers to be here with you.

Off to read TVS...

dla said...

delee, thanks for the heads up on Jo & Slade... I will definitely catch that this week. That was truly a complicated relationship! (to say the least!!)

Anonymous said...

Why does the logo say hatehatehate? Just curious. I don't like that word.

Anonymous said...

Just checking in. Ready for BB10 already! Can't find much to watch that interests me. Haven't had time to watch, either. I'm in charge of our church's VBS this year. We are doing it in the evenings, and we have had a record number of kids this year. Great to see so many kids, but I'm about to become a drinking woman!

Susan, glad to hear the good news!

Jackie, glad you are ready to rock & roll! I, too, found your blog before the first knee surgery. Seems like just yesterday! What year was that?


Beth said...

Jackie or anyone else, have you heard anything on Amazing Race? I know in the past it usually started close to BB but I have not heard anything on it.

meb said...

Jackie... I just noticed that your last line was that you were getting ready to go see your physical "terrorist"... too funny.

Just saying Good Morning everyone.

sharon said...

Doesn't TAR start in the fall? Anybody...Joy???

Zoe,great job,as usual.And how nice to hear from Jackie again!

Gosh,it was like fall here yesterday and doesn't feel at all like July in this neck of the woods. It was only about 65 yesterday and drizzly rain most of the day. Expecting rain for the Fourth,too. I am starting to feel a little water logged,seems it rains almost every day. I do so feel for all of you that are in the midwest,Iowa,Missouri and all,such a shame to see all those homes lost and lives turned upside down.

I am a real tv-aholic. I have been getting up at 6AM so that I can be awake and watch Third Watch on A&E at 7 each morning. I am addicted to this show. I only caught on to it the last two seasons and have been watching it all over again. I think it was such a good show,but I end up crying almost every else a fan?

I know Grodner is still there,but am keeping my fingers crossed for a watchable BB10!Bring it on!!

sharon said...

BTW,I HATE the promos for BB10! Why does Gnat and her twins have to be on every darn one of them???

lynn1 said...

I love your coining the words physical terrorist.
Unfortunately I have had to go to PT several times through the years for various problems including my knees.
I renamed some of the machines and
equipment I had to use.
For my knees there was one I called the "Iron Maiden".
For my neck there was this big wooden looking chair which I dubbed "Old Sparky".
Pt can be difficult but the results are worth it in my book.

I hope BB10 is better than BB9. I gave up on BB9 after 2 episodes.I missed joining in on the banter here.
Hopefully this time I will be able to stick with it and let it consume my life as it has in past years.

I checked the section for chatting about the Mole but there were no new posts since 6-25-08.
Would one of you Mole fans direct me to the discussion on last nights episode.

Susan I am happy that you got a good news on your polyps. I know the prep for a colonoscopy is rough (been there, done that, got the T -shirt!) but once every three years is manageable. Maybe if things look good in 3 years your Dr will change it to every 5 years.
Thanks again to Zoetwany and Sydney. Both of you did a great job of keeping Jackie's Blog alive and well.
All of us who post here or lurk here have enjoyed being able to keep up with our shows and our blog buds while Jackie had surgery and recovery time.

Margo said...

Amazing Race is set to start September 28 according to an earlier post I read yesterday.

meb said...

Lynn1... I just posted on The Mole. I was surprised no one had commented on last night as well. Probably they were still in shock over Deanna and her craziness on the Bachlorette.

joyn... I did get to go over and read Graham's interview just prior to the show. Thanks for the reminder.

lynn1 said...

Thanks meb. I just found your Mole post and posted my 2 cents woth of thoughts.

sarah said...

jackie, i missed you so much! i never post, that has no baring on my love for you! haha sooo glad you are feeling better, you are my saving grace when i cant watch the feeds at 2am. you rock! glad to see ya back!

Sydney said...

Sharon -- yes to Tar staring in the fall and a new Survivor too... this will be what we go to right off BB, thank god!

I wrote two long posts over at the Bachelorette

jokats said...


Laurie said...

Jackie, you totally rock and I'm glad you are healing well. You will get there ... baby steps!

Sydney, you rock, too! I wasn't here much during the down time but I know you were keeping people up on the latest happenings. You are a great second-in-command.

Zoetawny, your graphics are always tops on my list. It will be fun to see what you come up with this season.

Everyone else, glad you are all doing well and looking forward to BB10 as much as I am. I'm a relative newbie (this will be my 3rd season) but I'm a die-hard fan of this blog for sure.

Tom`S said...

I second, third and so on with everything you all have written, this is the best blog in USA History! Hahaha -- I'm ready for BB 10 and 11th Hour.. I enjoyed new reality show called
" I survived a Japanese game show, it's hilarious.
Another season of Hell's Kitchen is about to conclude.

I thought CBS would of revealed BB cast by the end of this week with a big bang fourth of July special!

Sydney how's it going over at the Zoo??