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Big Brother 10 - HOH Endurance Comp Updates

11:40 PM ET -- Michelle drops out after crying forever and April promising to neither nominate nor backdoor her.

Renny disqualified for turning around at 10:45 PM ET -- it's between Michelle and April for the win.

Memphis out 10:03 PM ET

WHOA! The feeds were blocked a long time, came back at 9:57 -- JESSIE IS OUT! He was disqualified for wrapping his arms around the bars -- they can only hang on with their hands.

Ollie out at 9:46 PM ET

Dan out 9:35 PM ET.

Libra out at 9:23 PM

Jerry is out at 9:16 PM.

Quad cam at 9:10 PM

Right now the feeds are still blocked as I get this up. I'll do my best to update it with events as I write up my TVS review/recap of the show. I'm on deadline for that, so it's going to be a challenge.

9:06 PM -- Feeds on. All still up there.

9:16 PM -- Jerry is out.

Big Brother 10 - 7/31 Live Eviction Show Live-Blogged from the East Coast

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The show has started here on the East Coast. I'll be updating this entry as it airs -- please forgive typos and possible errors. Also, all folks are welcome in the comments area. Recap, recap ... and more recap.

Eek. The live audience frightened me. Julie has a beige dress on. I don't know It looks Star Trek-y to me. More recap material. Why is Jessie wearing a Notre Dame shirt? I'm sure he wouldn't make the grade there. Keesha is confident the house will follow her plan and Jessie is safe. Michelle cries to us. Aw, like family, aw-bawl. Angie remains cool talking to her. Aw, Michelle's two closest friends are on the block. Go cry some more.

Memphis is still going on about the womanizer. Recap of him going off at Jerry. Angie talks to Jerry -- tells him the people he's sucking up to may not have the power next week -- bigger fish to fry. Jerry tells her it's not his choice. Jerry tells her that Memphis, Jessie, and Michelle grew too cocky last week. He tells her we'll work it out. Memphis is suspicious.

Jessie is once again being nervous with Keesha in HOH. Memphis runs to tell them that Jerry told Angie there's a chance. Angie and Michelle talking about Jerry going where the power is at. Michelle ticked when Angie said Jerry said her name. Angie planned that!

Jerry goes to HOH group while Michelle runs to her boyz. She's going to do physical harm, so she must calm down. Jerry denies telling Angie she's still in the game.

Michelle, "You talking about me?" Scream! You were talking about me to Angie. "You're not worthy of my comments!" Her boyz come in and Jessie defends his dawg. Coming up, America's Player...

Will Jessie's ego be the straw which breaks the camel's back? The house is about to be shaken up -- EARTHQUAKE! I love that Libra has a mud mask on. Jerry thought a car or something hit the house. Memphis thinks Jerry's an idiot.

Jessie is waving bye to Libra from the lawn as she looks out the window. He gave kissy noises. Libra thinks he's trying to intimidate him. Jessie thinks she's the most "deviant" person in the house. Renny says Jessie is going down.

Jessie walked by Jerry and called him "Father Time." Keesha says she's close to switching it up -- her people will vote her way. She can't believe he's acting out. Ollie, April, and Libra are exercising as Libra clues them in on Jessie's latest immature antics. April thinks it's the perfect time to get rid of him. Will Keesha listen?

Libra is really anti-Jessie. "Some of the houseguests are definitely fed up with him." - Keesha about Jessie.

To the living room for the Julie talk --

Michelle - The banner - First thing came to mind? Excited. She's not saying what was on it.

Memphis -- Womanizer? Extreme reaction? Dedicated his life to treating women with respect. It hurts. Character attack.

Jerry -- Great bunch of kids? Still feel this way, tells us he apologized to Memphis. Yes, Memphis accepted it, but might not forget it. He doesn't recall his "words" with Michelle. He said four of them after him.

Renny -- Birthday, best thing in the house? Being with all the people she's become friends with, they made her feel special.

Tlak to Keesha in HOH -- Why is Angie more to blame for Steven? She wouldn't take the blame at all. Pressure to put Libra up how long? All the way to end. Renny or Libra loyalty? More Renny. Others underestimated her? They know they have to be a little more fearful. - not a ditzy blond.

Talk with nominees:
Angie -- Interesting 3 weeks, friends, enemies. Only one person will win, not an alliance, need to decide who is the biggest roadblock. Mistake you don't want to regret.

Jessie -- Came in with respect. Power, did what he thought would make people happy. (He's not making sense) I'm not going to sit down when I think I was disrespected.

Voting to begin -- votes are to evict:
Memphis votes for Angie
Michelle votes to evict Angie
Jerry votes Angie
Renny votes Angie
Libra votes Angie
April votes Angie
Ollie votes Angie
Dan votes She finally tells him she's not Mrs. Chen!-- Angie

Unanimous -- Angie is voted out, those fools.

Julie gives the HG the news. Angie looks like she knows she's going home. Julie said "Jessie ... you are safe." just to annoy him. His cheeks are all red. Everyone hugs her, but it's quiet. Until the audience cheers, that is. Inside, Michelle is crying. Jessie is looking stupid. Keesha doesn't look too happy. All seem to be almost moping.

Julie compliments Angie's speech. Does she buy the Steven eviction excuse from Keesha? Angie thinks it also had to do with girls competing. She's used to hanging with the guys and likes to be outside. She's crying a bit.

Goodbye messages -- Jessie - pushing 110% for you. (Not making sense again). Jerry -- Real neat young lady, cool cat. Memphis - Been fun, nice . Michelle - I'm going to get these people back, jealousy did it.

Brian's hat ... if it bothers them, I'll wear it more.

Next -- AP and "the battle for HOH begins." -- quick shot of the HG all lined up on a ledge over water. Yep, an endurance comp. Argh ... I have to write the TV Squad review on deadline. I'll cover it the best I can.

America's Player -- One week, $20,000. And, it's Dan. He's laughing as he reads it. Keep it a secret or lose it all. He's blown away, appreciative. Who am I to deny America? He accepts it.

HOH comp -- Living on the Edge. Last one standing on ledge is HOH. They do have a bar and a fake brick facade. The facade is moving, tilting sownward. Earthquake? Aftershocks. Shaking and dust. The ledge is just short of Jerry's foot length.

Dan's first assignment == who should he try to get nominated? If the person with the most votes is HOH, next highest gets it.

Latest BB10 Live Feeds

My latest live feeds report is up over on TV Squad. I'm afraid they haven't been too exciting.

Join me later for the live-blogging of tonight's eviction and HOH show!

BB10 HG on Ferguson Last Night (7/31) - Video

Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Into Thursday

I obviously didn't take this screen cap during the overnight hours! While I did watch the latest HG appearance on Craig Ferguson, but didn't transcribe it. Jessie still came off as a goof. I'll dig around YouTube to see if I can find it. Julie Chen was a guest again and she'll be back next week, too. This might be a weekly deal from now on.

In other news from that Big Brother House of Too Touchy Young Men:
  • As I mentioned in the TVS report, Jerry apologized to Memphis for calling him a womanizer. @@
  • By playing up to Memphis, Jerry made himself a heck of a lot more suspicious to the girls. Even Renny is ticked. Libra claims they only needed him for the week anyway.
  • When confronted about the apology, Jerry told the girls he wanted to apologize all along and wanted to do it when neither he or Memphis had power.
  • Renny feels what Jerry did is a betrayal.
  • April and Libra got mad because Ollie and Dan started hanging out with Jessie, Memphis, Michelle, and Angie.
  • Uh-oh.
  • Heh. Dan told Renny she looked like the mother in Mommy Dearest and she hit him. Too bad she didn't have a hanger. Not a wire hanger, of course. We never use wire hangers.
  • Michelle got all upset and called Ollie, April, Libra, etc. losers. She then went off to cry by herself.
  • The house majority vote still seems to be for Angie to go. Libra told Dan a lot of folks would rather Jessie, but it's not their decision.
  • Memphis said that if he wins HOH, he'll put April and Libra on the block.
  • They're all asleep as I post this. Since they were on indoor lockdown since last night, it's very possible an endurance comp may be being set up in the yard.

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BB10 Latest Live Feeds

My latest live feeds report is up over on TV Squad. I'm sure Memphis wants to read it!

Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Into Wednesday Dawn

Sheesh. Every screen cap of Ollie I take ends up weird. He'll be sucking his thumb or his eyes will be closed. Go figure. My full review/recap of last night's show is up over on TV Squad. Here's the latest news from inside that Big Brother house of Womanizers and Easily Offended Boys:
  • Although Libra fussed that she lost 12 pounds on slop and Jessie whined that he's lost 6 pounds on the block, Keesha thinks she's gained 10 pounds.
  • Despite their alliance with Jerry, the gals (Libra, Keesha, April) still bash him behind his back. At least they don't threaten him physically because he called them womanizers. @@
  • Dan and others now think that Jessie is portrayed as the "bad guy" in the house. After last night, I think it's a tie between Memphis and Jessie. Oh, and not "bad" per se. More like pathetic.
  • Jerry told Keesha he's never been in a real actual fistfight in his life.
  • Memphis is already showing signs of abandoning the Jessie/Michelle alliance. He told Keesha that he wants to work with her and promised her safety.
  • Although they bash him behind his back -- Libra, April, and Keesha got mad when Jessie was once again namecalling and giving Jerry a rough time in the yard.
  • Keesha mentioned to Renny that BB never gave her the HOH camera. They still don't know the live show is changed to Thursday.
  • Renny would like to cast a vote for Jessie to leave, but Keesha's plan is still Angie.
  • Renny actually worked out with Body Boy.
  • Jerry told Dan when it's down to the last bunch, the girls will stick together.
  • Keesha, Libra, and April went through Renny's clothes stash looking for interesting outfits for a birthday surprise.
  • April made Renny a cake. BB didn't celebrate the birthday like they have in past seasons.
  • Libra and April are suspicious of Dan. They think if there's a twist this season, it's Dan.
  • Libra actually talked to Dan about it. He claims that he enjoys the companionship and wanted to know who questioned his game.
  • And, now, even though she told him she was the one with suspicions, a new bond has formed between Libra and Dan.
  • All are asleep as I post this.
OFF TOPIC: For those folks who have been awaiting news on one of our beloved community friends, MEB, please check out the last part of the comments on my previous live-blog show post. Sydney was in touch with her daughter and there is an update there. Please continue the prayers and thoughts for MEB!

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Big Brother 10 7/29 Show Live-Blogged from the East Coast

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The show has started here on the East Coast. I'll be updating this entry as it airs -- please forgive typos and possible errors. Also, all folks are welcome in the comments area. We're in recaps and the Memphis/Jerry fight is to be aired!

Day 17 - Angie expectedto be nominated. Jessie thinks Keesha disrespected him by nominating him. Memphis thinks Keesha made two new enemies. April and Libra tell Kessha she gave good nominations reasons.

Jessie is sure Libra is orchestrating everything -- he'll just win POV and change everything. He warns Michelle that Keesha will probably put her up when he wins POV. Heh, Jerry tells Dan that Jessie is just a bartender and a womanizer.

Jessie goes to HOH and tells Keesha there's no hard feelings. Jessie tells her that Libra is working everybody and that Steven on the block was due to Libra. Libra and April try to go in, but are told to go away. Jessie tells Keesha that Libra is scared. He tells her she can backdoor Libra if he or Angie wins POV. She's acting like she's believing him.

He leaves, April and Libra enter. Jessie goes to Michelle and tells her Libra is gone if they win. (Not quite what Keesha said!)

Time to pick POV players - Jessie doesn't care, no one really is a threat to him, physically or mentally. @@

Keesha picks Libra out of the bag, Angie gets Ollie, Jessie gets ...pause... Memphis. Dan is selected as host. Everyone had to get in green long john type costumes with flower hats. Plant themselves in their flower boxes, put head on headrest. One hour mark without going over wins. Lifting head from headrest lights a light/buzzer. Garden of Veto. Kinda like Chinese water torture.

The water is cold. Angie likens it to a brain freeze from a Slushie. Compost and earthworms are offered -- added thanks to Jerry suggesting the worms, that's what they get. "What's compost?" asks Ollie.

Keesha couldn't take the worms and left the game. Ollie and Libra are the only ones left from that alliance. Jessie makes Libra admit that she wanted Steven on the block. At about 44 minutes, compost is added. Smells like vomit.

Libra thinks it's near an hour, she gets up. Ollie stays for five minutes more to cover bases. Jessie is out. Jessie is still at Libra over the Steven thing. Angie is out, Ollie is out, Memphis is out.

Keesha wins -- everyone else went over an hour by at least fifteen minutes.

Jessie is now telling Angie that she should push for a backdoor Libra. Angie knows Keesha is targeting her. Angie says she has no personal issues and thinks they have a connection because they were both friends with Steven. Angie tells her she'd rather if Keesha use the veto, use it on Jessie, put up Libra. She doesn't think she can stay another week with Libra.

Keesha tells April that Libra has a target on her. Ollie joins them, agrees with them about Libra. Ollie doesn't trust her. Keesha tells the DR that she might have to cut Libra loose, but she's given her her word.

Now Jessie wants to talk to Keesha again. He tells her he wants her to use it on him. She tells him he has no worries. He gets all upset -- cheeks redden and everything. He goes on yet another anti-Libra rant. She tells him she gave her word and can't break it."I'm in jail. I'm in jail for the wrong reasons. I can't sleep. Falsely accused." He's begging now. She tells him she's listening, but she gave Libra her word.

We get to choose America's Player for one week. Target for noms, vote out of house. The HG we vote for could refuse to accept. The HG chosen gets 20 grand.

Jessie thinks he gave Keesha all the answers to everything. Keesha tells Renny Jessie is constantly at the door. He can't sleep, he can't eat. He goes at them about keeping Libra in the house. Dan, April, and Renny roll their eyes. Keesha tells Libra about him. Jerry joins Libra, April, and Keesha.

Jerry tells her to tell him the room is closed. She tells Michelle she won't go back on her word to Libra, then it's to Memphis and Angie. To Jessie who's outside of her HOH room. (I caught this part on video the other day.) Aw, they cut it and don't show the Jerry/Jessie fight.

A banner flies over and they couldn't read it before being put inside. They decide to make up something. -- Memphis, Angie, Jessie, Michelle. They said it said "Keesh, Libra is a liar, love Steven." Libra is doubtful. Memphis says everyone is out to get everyone. He never wanted anyone out but Jerry. He called him a womanizer ... he starts screaming at Jerry. Jerry is just sitting there. They cut Memphis telling he'd shove Jerry's head down his throat, but kept the essence of the fight.

Veto meeting time. Keesha says everybody is driving her insane. Her mind is made up and no one can change it. Jessie thinks Keesha is in a wrong mindset if she keeps him on the block. @@

Angie: Very tough week for you, Keesha. Regreted some of the decisions I've made, but true to myself.

Jessie: He talks about his parents and family, justified actions, if I threw everybody under the bus, they did it to me for nominating me. You can make it right.

She chose not to use the veto.

Libra says she owes Keesha. Jessie thinks they're all liars "you hose me, then you hose me again." He says if they don't vote him out, it will be their biggest mistake. Angie hopes Jessie does himself in.

Latest BB10 Live Feeds

My latest live feeds report is up over on TV Squad. It's kind of sad that I had to arrange an earthquake for some excitement in the house, huh? ;-)

Remember - live-blogging tonight's show starts at 9 PM ET! You know you're all welcome!

Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Into Tuesday Dawn

Barely containing the excitement.

All the thrills became too much for Angie.

What drove Memphis to bad fashion taste? Yep! The excitement!

Okay, I'm kidding. Here's what's been happening in the Big Brother House of Inflated Muscles and Inflated Egos:
  • Keesha still wants Angie out this week, says she isn't worried about Jessie. @@
  • The HG haven't been told that the live show will be Thursday starting this week.
  • Libra talked about how much Jerry annoys her, but he isn't mean like Jessie is.
  • Renny, Keesha, and Libra all sat around talking about how nasty Jessie is. (Why not vote him out, then? Sheesh.)
  • Jessie told Memohis that he (Jessie) started the game out as the underdog. (Hopefully Riff-Raff will thump him!)
  • BB gave them beer, just not a lot of it.
  • Angie told Jessie to lay low because she doesn't want to be in the house anymore. Jessie told her he's not all that interested in staying -- he thinks if he stays now, he's out within two weeks.
  • Renny did some of her impersonations.
  • April doesn't understand how Jerry's dentures work. @@
  • Jessie continues to come up with ways he can annoy Jerry. Angie asked him to stop.
  • Renny's birthday is today (Tuesday).
  • Libra thinks others were "fake nice" to Renny about her birthday.
  • April said she would date Ollie outside the show. She just might if he becomes "baby's daddy."
  • All are asleep as I post this.

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BB10 Live Feeds - The Latest

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Look! Zoetawny made us a Michelle Dog! How fitting is that?

I realize I've been absent from the blog today, but there are reasons. Reason one being that they were downright BORING today. I'm talking Snore City. What little news there was is in my latest post over on TV Squad.

Reason two is that I'm still running on empty here. I think I could have slept around the clock had I allowed myself to do so. I watched the feeds and went off to physical therapy. I had a small setback there and I'm not sure why. I felt fine going in and even got my exercise bike going at home. Oh, well. One interesting thing to note is that in the small town of Scotch Plains, NJ, I saw a whole bunch of police cars on the main drag. What were the NYPD, Fort Lee (NJ), Hillsborough (NJ), and various other cops doing in town? How odd. I'm innocent, I tell ya.

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Big Brother 10 - Sunday 7/27 Show Live Blogged from the East Coast

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The show has started here on the East Coast. I'll be updating this entry as it airs -- please forgive typos and possible errors. Also, all folks are welcome in the comments area. And, remember -- the Wednesday live show will be seen at its new time of Thursday at 8 PM starting this week. America's Greatest Dog will be in the Wednesday slot.

Recap City. Steven is fighting to stay. Keesha wins HOH. Steven speech in B&W is cut to "suck it, bitches." Jerry and Michelle are upset with it. Angie now feels like an outsider. Keesha felt her own vote for Steven was forced. Libra said they had to stick together.

Keesha thinks Angie is the one who let Steven take the fall. Back to B&W, we're re-doing the HOH comp again. Hey, Keesha wins this time! She's happy and tells us she will turn the house upside-down. Renny is happy and says she's a friend and has a lot of depth. Libra is thrilled. Michelle thinks Keesha should do another dirty deed for her alliance. Dan tells us that he threw the comp. April would like to see Keesha put up Dan, Jerry, or Renny.

Keesha tells Michelle, Libra, and Renny that she misses Steven and has no idea who she'll put up. Memphis and Jerry think they're good -- they're the only ones Keesha trusts. Keesha and Libra agree to have each other's back. Keesha says the big group wants Dan, Jenny or Renny on the block, but she has the power and will be changing the game.

Renny advises Keesha that she can't trust Libra. April joins them. Renny tells us that she doesn't hink much of April. Keesha tells her she won't do what the house wanted her to do. April tells us it might be a good idea.

The HOH room -- a pic of Gizmo, her dog, her father, snacks, a letter from home. Libra is ticked that Renny stayed around while she read her letter, but Keesha wanted her there -- she's the only one she trusts.

Keesha tells the goup (Ollie, Renny, April, Libra) that she wants to put Angie on the block with the reasoning that she is somehow responsible for Steven's eviction.

Keesha tells Memphis she wants to put Angie up. Memphis claims that Angie isn't after her -- Angie would have put up Dan and Jerry as the plan was originally. Angie tells Jerry and Michelle that Keesha's not strong enough to do what she wants. Keesha asks Memphis to keep the conversation quiet, so he tells Jessie and Michelle. @@

Dan talks to Keesha, said he has no alliance. She asks him to "cover her ass" if she does the same for him this week. She told him that the original plan was to get him out. A new ally has arrived. She talks to Libra. They have a heart-to-heart. Libra says she was targeting her friendship with Steven, not her. Libra seems to be regretful in a DR segment.

Now they're containing about the slop. Michelle tells them she would rather pigs feet or tripe. She tells some whacked story of a Portuguese celelbration with dead bride and groom pigs. Food comp time. Get in your threads and meet in the back yard.

BB Valley HIgh Sock Hop. Two giant records and a laundry basket of socks. Girls on one side, guys on the other. They spin around on the record and have to shout sock descriptions then shout where they're hanging it. Heh, Jerry and Libra won pigs' feet for the house.

Ollie and April talk books. They both seem into self-help books. He tells her that he's paranoid girls are after him. He gives an analogy with road construction signs. She tells him that he'll keep detouring his whole life.

April and Keesha in the HOH room. Keesha asks April what she should do. She's still intent on putting Angie up. April mentions Memphis, bringing up the car. Keesha doesn't want him coming after her and she likes him.

Keesha talks to Jessie knowing she's going to put Angie up. She tells him that. Jessie wants her to put up Libra, not Angie. Jessie suggests Dan and Libra and Dan will go home. "Libra will show her true colors if you put her up." Keesha tells us she has an idea of what she'll do and the other side will be completely shocked.

Nominations today -- Memphis hopes Angie doesn't go on the block. Angie feels she's a target but there are better ones out there. Jessie feels pretty safe -- he actually thinks she will put up Libra and Dan. Keesha is going with her gut. She's going to put up two who should be out of the house.

The ceremony --
Hard for her, teary, not an easy decision, no two enemies, sorry, but have to do this. Key order: Dan, Renny, April, Memphis, Ollie, Libra, Jerry, Michelle. Jessie looked mad from the start. Keesha nominated Angie because she felt there was a huge target on her back with the Dan Steven thing. She nominated Jessie because he's a true threat and sent a friend of hers home last week.

Heh, Keesha tells us that Jessie's arrogance got him there.

Michelle says it's "on like Donkey Kong." Jessie is sure that Keesha will lose the POV

They remind us that the eviction shows are back on Thursdays starting this week. And ... OOPs, it just dawned on me that I forgot to turn off the word verification for comments on the show. I'm sorry.

BB10 - POV Meeting & Tonight's Show Plans

As expected, Keesha kept the nominations the same. Some are talking about Angie's "classy" speech and Jessie's dumb speech. I'm not surprised.

The show will be starting here on the East Coast soon. A new live blogging post will be up!

Big Brother 10 - Live Feeds into Sunday Dawn

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Yep, just when we needed it most, Zoetawny created a banner plane for us! It's very unusual to see one houseguest with no fans whatsoever. But I haven't seen anyone even try to defend Jessie. His latest actions aren't helping his case. Unfortunately, he's not the target this week -- Angie is. While I'm hoping he'll sink himself, I don't think it's likely.

Here's the skinny on the Big Brother House Day of Banners and Brouhahas:
  • Jessie spent most of the day whining how he shouldn't be on the block and telling everyone they should backdoor Libra.
  • He doesn't think it's fair he went on the block because April and Libra promised him they wouldn't put him up this week.
  • Of course, they didn't. Keesha put him up.
  • Dan seems to have solidified with the Keesha, Ollie, April, Libra, Jerry, and Renny group.
  • Michelle and Jerry had a brouhaha over who supposedly said what about whom.
  • Speaking of that, Jerry thinks he's clever calling Jessie and Memphis "whats." I'm just not seeing the sparkling wit about it.
  • I don't even want to mention Ollie and April. Use your imagination.
  • But ... April is still denying to everyone that they've slept together. Let's watch to see if her nose grows.
  • A banner plane flew over -- BB must be off their guard as Michelle, Memphis, and Jessie were in the yard.
  • According to Libra, Memphis said the banner read, "Keesha, Libra is a liar! Love, Steven"
  • Later Memphis told her he was kidding and it really said, "We love you, Libra."
  • We didn't see the plane on the feeds. I had my cam on the group in the HOH room when the feeds suddenly cut out due to the banner plane.
  • Memphis is still ticked at Jerry for calling him a womanizer.
  • Jerry doesn't think it's a horrible insult and it's true about him.
  • Angie has resigned herself to going home this week. While she offered Keesha some advice, she's basically laying low and mellow.
  • There was a brief power outage after a flickering of the lights.
  • Despite all the talk from Jessie, Angie, and Michelle -- Keesha is sticking with her alliance. She promised both Jerry and Libra she wouldn't put them up this week and she won't. There is safety in numbers.
  • The HG are wondering about an empty frame with a key slot on the memory wall.
  • Memphis is wearing down. He said it's the most he's felt like going home and he won't talk ever again to Jerry.
  • All are asleep as I post this.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

BB10 Live Feeds - Jessie is Freaking - Heh

Heh ... it's great watching Jessie implode. Although the target is Angie, hopefully he'll annoy enough people to get the boot.

Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Since POV

Sucking his thumb isn't a good look for Ollie.

Rub-a-dub-dub, three houseguests in a tub.

So, this week it's the mighty Keesha who is both the HOH and winner of the power of veto. Jessie must be freaking out, eh? Up on the block are Jessie and Angie and that's not likely to change since Keesha holds all of the power. Alas (for me, anyway), Angie is the target, not Jessie. Sigh.

Here's what's been happening in that Big Brother House of Bubbles and Thumbs:
  • Dan hosted the POV comp. Good. I didn't want to hear Jerry screaming hoarsely again.
  • The comp sounds like it was complicated -- something about having to rest their heads on buttons and worms.
  • Jessie has a plan to tell Jerry that everyone wanted him out to win him over to his side. He also thinks if he tells Dan that Libra is the one who wanted him on the block, that will win Dan over.
  • Keesha knows the others want Libra out, but right now she needs Libra for the numbers.
  • Jerry went and told Jessie he's safe this week, Angie is the target. Argh, Jerry!
  • Shades of Nakomis, April and Keesha pinkyswore tor a final two pact.
  • April told Keesha that Libra is really getting on her nerves. Keesha has had Libra's number all along.
  • Ollie told Keesha and April he often removes himself from the group because of Libra.
  • Renny's birthday is Tuesday. She wants BB to do something for the occasion.
  • Angie tried to get Michelle more on her side.
  • MIchelle thinks that most of the house wants Libra out. She's right, but I don't see it happening right now.
  • April thinks this week is a good opportunity to get Jessie out. (YES!) Ollie agrees, saying that America will think they're stupid if they don't. (YES!)
  • Angie finally went to go have a talk with Keesha. Michelle encouraged Angie to try getting Keesha to put Libra on the block. Now, I know that won't work at this time.
  • Angie also told Keesha how she missed Steven and just didn't want to be the target.
  • I don't think the talk changed Keesha's mind.
  • Michelle and Jessie seriously thought that Angie's talk with Keesha would immediately result in Keesha agreeing to put Libra on the block. Silly hamsters.
  • Jessie told Keesha that he did what the house wanted last week and is upset that he's being used as a pawn. He wants her to put Libra on the block. Keesha told him that she won't do it -- she had given her word to Libra that she wouldn't put her on the block this week and she won't.
  • Jessie tried to pressure her -- putting him up was just wrong and based on a lie according to him.
  • He told Keesha she was mindwashed by the mob, Libra would use her for the next three days and then be done with her, on and on. It's really not helping his case. (Good.)
  • In a HOH room gathering Jerry said that if Jessie didn't go home he'd be coming after them.
  • Jerry and Ollie don't like that Dan is talking so much with Jessie and Memphis.
  • Jerry was on a Suspect Dan kick for a long time. When he talked to Dan about hanging out with "them," Dan said it didn't mean he was part of their (Memphis, Jessie, etc.) alliance.
  • Jerry's latest is that he thinks Memphis should be backdoored this week.
  • The girls with Renny nearby had a bubble bath in the HOH bathroom.
  • Oh, geez ... as I'm typing this the camera switched to Ollie and April having sex AGAIN. "Oh, I think we need to get a towel." Blech.
On that note, I'm outta here.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Bulletin - POV

The feeds were blocked for over 3 1/2 hours and when I finally heard the news, Blogger was down. Argh.

Keesha won the power of veto. Libra came in second.

Big Brother 10 - Live Feeds Into Friday Dawn 7/25

jackie's tv blog, Big Brother, BB10

I don't know what graphic artist Zoetawny has against aliens, do you? I don't think the aliens really want Jessie on their side. Probably the weasels aren't too thrilled with the comparison, either. My apologies for being a bit behind on things -- here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Weaselish Aliens:

  • Apparently Michelle's key was the last in the box.
  • Keesha, Libra, and April worked to draft Jerry to their side -- this happened before the videos I posted last night.
  • Jessie is determined to win POV. He told Michelle that if he does, she'll probably end up on the block but have the votes to stay against Angie.
  • Angie, Michelle, and Memphis seem to be holding out for some sort of hope that Libra can be backdoored. I don't see that happening this week. Keesha needs her alliance people right now and Libra is part of that alliance. If she plays smart, she'll keep with Libra and let the bad light shine on Libra instead of herself as numbers dwindle.
  • Jessie told Memphis that they (him and Angie) are on the block because of Memphis -- guilt by association.
  • Unfortunately, it looks like the core group of the Keesha alliance is targeting Angie instead of Jessie this week.
  • Angie isn't sure of her standing with show fans. She doesn't think she has any sort of fan following.
  • Memphis asked Keesha if she planned to backdoor him. She told him that wasn't the plan.
  • Memphis told Keesha he wants Jerry gone. Keesha has already promised Jerry she won't nominate him. Plus, they need Jerry for numbers in their alliance right now. But she didn't mention the latter to Memphis.
  • Memphis thinks Jerry doesn't like him because he called him a womanizer.
  • Libra told Dan that Jessie threw her under the bus trying to get her on the block.
  • Libra told Dan she has his back. I don't know how that is going to work out what with Dan having Jessie's back. Oh well, baby's got back, I guess.
  • Libra thinks she's a female Dr. Will. Oh, that's SO wrong!
  • Renny told Keesha that she thinks Ollie, April, and Libra are playing her. Keesha said she's not worried -- those three will turn against each other soon enough.
  • Jessie told Memphis and Angie that he thinks Memphis will go on the block if the veto is used. What happened to him thinking it would be Michelle?
  • Michelle agreed that if she wins the veto, she will not use it. That was after Keesha told her if she didn't use it, she wouldn't be backdoored.
  • Libra rationed the chicken in the house. A mix of control issues and bad food comp results, I guess.
  • Renny and April had a minor catfight over something Jessie said. Meow.
  • Jessie approached Angie and Memphis wondering if he should approach Keesha about Operation Backdoor Libra. I don't think that will work.
  • Memphis said that if he wins POV and she doesn't put up Libra, he'll nominate her (Keesha) next week when he's HOH. @@
  • April and Ollie made out more. Yawn.
  • All are asleep as I post this.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

BB10 - Jessie Talks with Jerry about the Nominations

I am really, really under the weather tonight -- I'll try to catch up with detailed happenings in the morning. I recorded Jessie's reaction to being nominated as he talked to Jerry. He's upset that somehow people think he said or did something to embarrass them all on Craig Ferguson the other night. He also took offense to being called a "ho" by Craig. :-)

BB10: Live Feeds Bulletin - Noms are IN!

The feeds just returned and it's JESSIE and Angie on the block. Keesha doesn't want to be alone with Jessie due to his temper. More later!

Big Brother 10 - Live Feeds Quickie and Screen Caps

This is just a quickie report as the feeds have been flukey, I had to go have more blood drawn for my Coumadin dosage levels, weird things have been going on in my life today ... and more.

The food comp was held. It sounds like it was a whole house effort and no one seems too thrilled with the results. It doesn't sound like slop, but we're talking pumpernickel. But the biggest news -- right now Keesha is talking to Jerry. She tells him (girl alliance at hand) that she will be putting JESSIE and Angie on the block. Woohoo! Get body boy on outta there!

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Since the Live Eviction

jackie's tv blog, Big Brother, BB10

Zoetawny made a neato graphic in honor of Steven's unanimous eviction! So, how will things change with Keesha ruling the roost? Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Hooters Rule:

  • Libra and April seem to have forgotten any differences in the past and are happy with the Keesha win.
  • April is upset with how the show is portraying her. She thinks Ollie is being portrayed fine because he's a preacher's son and she's being edited to be a loose woman. (Then don't have sex on the feeds. You're lucky the show didn't air that, April!)
  • Jerry is upset with Libra's answer to Julie's question about the old people on teams. He should be upset -- she just reiterated her position and isn't acknowledging that April was the weakest link in that comp.
  • The HG think Julie asks questions to stir the pot.
  • April said she had to force herself not to throw up after eating so America wouldn't think she's bulemic. (Hmm ... is she?)
  • Keesha told Libra she's definitely going to put Angie on the block, she just isn't sure of the second nomination. They think Angie is manipulating the men.
  • When Jerry told Michelle she walks like a duck, she insisted she tries to walk like a model. @@
  • In her HOH reveal, no one stayed away. Renny stayed after everyone else consoling Keesh who cried over her letter from home.
  • Amongst other things, Keesha got a photograph of her new nephew who was born after she left for the show. Hair color, family photographs ... but no photographs of her boyfriend. Hmmm.
  • In a Renny/Keesha talk, Renny told Keesha she shouldn't worry about going back on her word because Libra has been backstabbing her. Keesha told Renny she had an original agreement with Libra.
  • Renny told Keesha she's fine with someone like her (Keesha) winning, but not Libra.
  • April wants Keesha to put up Memphis and Angie.
  • Keesha won't put Jerry on the block -- she promised him.
  • Keesha told Memphis she's putting Angie on the block. He's not a happy camper.
  • Memphis told Jessie and Michelle that Keesha wants Angie to go this week.
  • Keesha and Libra had a heart to heart talk. Ain't that sweet?
  • Then Libra and Dan had a heart to heart talk. Can't you feel the love?
  • BB gave them alcohol. Everyone but Jerry and Angie hung out in the HOH room drinking.
  • After everyone left HOH, Dan remained behind. He told Keesha he has no one in the house and generally worked for a reprieve from nomination this week.
  • Keesha is still determined to put Angie up, still uncertain of the other nominee, and wants to trust Dan. She's not thrilled with April, but I don't think she's seriously considering putting her on the block.
  • All are asleep as I post this.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Big Brother 10 7/23 Live Eviction Show Live Blogged from the East Coast

jackie's tv blog, Big Brother, BB10

The show has started here on the East Coast. I'll be updating this entry as it airs -- please forgive typos and possible errors. Also, all folks are welcome in the comments area. A full review/recap of the show will be posted later tonight on TV Squad.

Recap, recap. Dan's offer to Jessie to protect him if he wins HOH. Veto comp ... we're getting there. Dan wants to continue his weak persona to stay in the house. Jerry/Libra fighte. Renny/Libra fight. Steven working against Libra. Recap, recap.

I'm still not used to an audience. Not too thrilled with Julie's orange pansuit, either. The ghost of Brian lingers on, she says. More recap -- Michelle is not using the veto again. Dan is smug with the way he's played. Steven is sad. Keesha has to keep her word to Libra, Ollie, and April but isn't thrilled about it. Libra wants the floaters out -- Steven this week, Jerry or Dan next.

Steven is almost teary talking to Dan. Aww. Dan didn't look too sad. Now Steven talks to blonds, and Libra ... and Ollie. They tell him they have nothing against him. Ollie draws the line back to Brian. Steven is bringing up he voted with the house. They're telling him he's the better competitor. Libra isn't saying anything. Steven is almost begging. Now the show is editing it to look like he has a chance. ;-)

Keesha, Libra, April, and Ollie think Angie is haning with Memphis too much and that alliance will try to pick them off one by one. Should they grab a floater? Dan approaches Jessie and Michelle . Michelle told him he has her vote. Jessie tells him he's not the target.

It makes Angie's skin crawl to be nice to April and Libra. Memphis doesn't want to throw a red flag up about their alliance. Angie thinks the closer they keep Dan to them, the better. Libra and Keesha are talking abut the two alliance couples -- Angie and Memphis, Michelle and Jessie. Keesha thinks Steven would be loyal to them. If they do ... "It'll be instantly [bleeping] crazy in here!" comes from Libra.

Julie questions the HG
1. The fact you and Renny were on the same team in the food comp. Do your housemates respect you as a competitotr? He does. I earned it and they owed it to me.

2. To Libra -- Does age make a difference in the game? She thinks it should be even. Slop for two weeks is no fun.

3. Love in the air? April, what about Ollie first attracted you to him? Ollie great guy, easy to talk to, conversational level. @@

$. Ollie question from audience -- Showmance - What would your Dad say? Doesn't think he'd have a problem with someone to hang around with ... just as long as he doesn't disrespect women.

Renny family segment. She has a son named Sparky. They're prouud of her. Sparky thinks Jessie acts like a punk.

Jessie's family -- He was a runt and picked on. His mother thinks he's lovable. His mother thinks Renny exploited him. Good editing between the family shots. Even Jessie's mother agrees he lets power go to his head.

Argh. Storms here, my power flickered and I had to reboot. Good thing I'm recording for the TVS article reference. Usually I just use this live blog for reference. Interesting speech by Steven.

Voting has started. These are votes to evict

Michelle - Steven
Memphis -Steven
Angie - Steven
Jerry -Steven
Libra - Steven
April - Steven
Ollie - Steven
Renny - Steven
Keesha - Steven

It's unanimous, Steven is evicted

He walks out to the live audience and everyone is hugging Keesha. Which is more difficult, riding the bull or the game? The game. Stressing you out a lot, hard to be apart from friends and family. Goodbye messages -- Keesha, loves him to death, so sorry. Angie apologizes to him. Renny says he's a beautiful young man, magic. Jessie talks about physique. Dan smiles, opened his eyes to gay people, doesn't think of him as Gay Steven.

Aliens in the mirrors ... supposedly prep for the HOH comp. I love Renny's reaction best.Memphis leaned in the mirror and Angie pushed his butt. He jumped a miles. Things are disappearing in the house.

Comp time - Alien Abduction - two at a time face off on the podium and answer questions about missing things. They have rooms for answers or not missing. Winner of round picks next two players.

April and Dan. Not a life form in the universe two plastic cupcakes/kitchen Dan wins

Renny and Libra - Renny out

Memphis and Angie - Angie out.

Ollie and Jerry - Jerry out

Michelle and Keesha - Michelle out

Libra and Dan - Dan out

Memphis and Keesha - Memphis out

Ollie and Libra - Ollie out

Keesha and Libra last two - KEESHA IS HOH!

More audience questions -

Libra? Slop for a third straight week? Lost 12 pounds.

BB10 - Latest Live Feeds

My latest live feeds report is up over on TV Squad At 8 PM, severe thunderstorms permitting, I'll be live blogging the show as it airs here on the East Coast. Everyone is welcome to join in the comments!

OFF TOPIC: Thinking of MEB

There has been a group of commenters in this blog community who have been here from the start. I honestly think one of the reasons the comments here are so good is because of this sense of community and that's based on those who frequent here.

One of our treasured community friends, MEB, has faced a severe health crisis this week and is in the hospital. Another member, Sydney, has been in contact with her and posted the latest news in the comments section here.

I personally want to wish MEB the best of recoveries and get out of that darn hospital! My thoughts and prayers are with her as are those of the folks who call this place home.

Big Brother 10 - More Ferguson

I'm a bit under the weather this morning. So, I thought I'd entertain you with some of the video from the house which I found in my travels. First, the actual show appearance, then their reaction.

Julie Chen and BB10 Guests on Craig Ferguson

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the BB10 guests are to be on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in a few minutes. I don't have a way to get it to YouTube, but I'll look in a bit to see if someone else posts the segment.

He introduced the segment by showing the HG crawl through the honey for that comp. Small talk, small talk as Craig sucks up to her. Julie explains how they went back to the original concept of strangers in the house. Onto the Brian eviction. She tells Craig he played too fast, too soon, too hard. Then it's to Jerry being the oldest houseguest ever, possibly on any reality show. Craig said he was distracted by the booby girl. So Julie told him of the "they're not fake" bit.

Into the house --
They're in the living room, all dressed up. Julie tells them they're guests on the show. Cheers, applause. BWAHAHA! Craig asks if there's any honey left. Jessie had to pipe up and brag he won. "Shut up, dude. I'm looking for the booby girl!"

April is talking about how she always has to prove her boobs are real. Craig snickers. He moves on to Jerry. He gets Jerry to reveal that he's never felt a false breast. Jerry volunteers to go around the room.

Everybody getting along? Jessie shouts no. Julie tells Craig that Jessie's the "boss of the house." He says people are talking about each other. But he says no one is talking about me, of course. "I'm the HOH." Craig replies, "Sounds like ho to me." Everyone cracks up. Now Julie told Jessie to take off his shirt. @@

Segment over.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Big Brother 10: 7/22 Show Live Blogged from the East Coast

jackie's tv blog, Big Brother, BB10

The show has started here on the East Coast. I'll be updating this entry as it airs -- please forgive typos and possible errors. Also, all folks are welcome in the comments area. A full review/recap of the show will be posted later tonight on TV Squad.

Recaps -- Brian's friends are outcasts, Jessie wants to put Renny on the block, etc. Nominations, blah-blah ... who will win the power of veto and an explosion rocks the house as Libra fusses about the old people on her team losing the food comp. More recaps. Good, now they're in color again.

Steven feels hurt by the nomination. Libra wants Steven gone. Jessie is bragging. He doesn't know he has a target on his back from the show fans! Jessie is complimenting Dan more. Dan thinks he has his foot in the door with Jessie. Jessie thinks that Steven is a more threatening player. Dan promises him safety if he wins HOH. Jessie trusts Dan more than anyone else because he indeed stood up for Brian as he had promised.

Angie goes in to talk to Steven. He tells her not to be sad. His feelings seem to be really hurt because he's a target and knows it. He tells her that Dan and her will probably be targeted next.

Michelle is giving Jessie a pedicure and flirting. @@ She seems to be looking for a showmance and even though he has a girlfriend at home, he seems open to the idea.

Memphis and Jessie meet up in the storage room talking about taking Michelle and Angie into their alliance. Memphis and Jessie apporach Angie with Memphis doing the talking. She's agreeable to the deal -- it's a good move for her because she's on the outside right now.

Steven and Renny are talking Katrina. Renny says the important thing is the people who surround you in life. Steven thinks he has a bond with Renny now due to the hurricane -- they both went through it. Keesha wants Steven to stay. She wants to win POV and save Steven.

Pick players for Veto comp -- Jessie picks Michelle, Dan picks HG choice and goes with Libra, Steven actually pulls Keesha out of the bag. Jerry is the host.

Keesha tells April, Michelle, and Libra that she would like Stevn to stay. Now they think she's a floater. They all want Steven to go. Michelle runs to Memphis and Jessie with the news. She doesn't trust Keesha and doesn't want them to trust her either.

Argh, Jerry is announcing the veto comp. They have little steering wheels on podiums with fake drivers licenses for heach participant. Dan wants to throw the comp. License to Drive ... vanity plates scrambe to spell out BB phrases. If they're wrong, eliminated. Most points at end of nine rounds or last standing wins.

The first round they have several plates to unscramble to spell eviction. Dan buzzed in and guessed wrong, he's out. Now Jessie is out. Keesha got it right, 10 points.

Next phrase is head of household. (They have to say the states of the vanity plates.) Steven blew it. Michelle just got ten points. New puzzle they're playing for a slop pass. Libra tells us how much she hates slop. If they win the slop pass, they're out of the comp for the veto. Steven is giving Keesha sad puppy eyes. They're looking for alliance. Libra sees it and can't take it -- TEAM. Michelle isn't taking it either. They're worried about Keesha.

No one answered and got the slop pass.

New puzzle worth 15 points -- Big Brother slop is the answer. Libra screws up and is out. It's down to Michelle and Keesha. Each have ten points. Uh-oh - Keesha forgot the last state in her answer and Michelle wins POV!

Memphis and Jessie are happy as Michelle is in their camp. Dan thinks Steven will fight hard and make matters worse for himself. Dan thinks he probably has nothing to worry about.

Jessie tries to convince others that Keesha wanted POV to save Steven. Libra mentions how much she did for the team not taking the slop pass. Steven warns Keesha the others will stab her in the back and she needs to watch what she says in front of them. So she talks to Renny. Renny and Keesha agree Libra has to go.

Renny tells us she likes arguments in the house because it takes the attention away from her. Keesha announces to everyone that she would not have used the veto had she won it. Cat fight -- MEOW. Keesha is sick of having to prove herself. This is the fight, not the old people slop food comp thing.

Keesha goes to Memphis and Jessie about Libra. She tells them that Libra is stirring up lies. The boys agree. The guys are considering backdooring Libra. Now Keesha is anti-Libra-ing to Jerry and Jessie. Aha, they find out about Libra fussing about the old folks on the food comp team. Jerry is ticked.

He confronts Libra. She gets screaming and defensive. Of course, Jerry can't really scream if he wants. Renny is standing in another room quietly drinking coffee. A brouhaha! Yay. Libra is freaking, says she only wanted the teams evened up. She went to Jerry demanding to know who told him she said it. He tells her Renny and Renny shluffs it off. Now Renny denies saying it to Jerry. CAT FIGHT -- Renny and Libra. Heh.

Steven approaches Jessie to put Libra up because she starts so much drama in the house. Jessie told him it's Michelle's decision. They meet with Michelle. Michelle says that all the ones saying they want Libra out don't have the POV and must stick their necks out. Steven even suggests she take Dan off the block, leave him on and Jessie puts Libra in Dan's place. Michelle looks tormented.

It's time for Michelle to decide whether she'll use it or not. She finds it harder than she thought. Steven is still hoping she will use it and Libra would go on the block. Dan hasn't a clue. Time for the ceremony ...

Steven says he was put on the block for his actions with brian, tainted him with a stigma which will haunt him until the day he leaves, you make the decision best for the house. Dan says he made his bed, he can sleep in it, made mistakes, Portuguese Princess from Providence would love if you use it to save me, no hard feelings. Michelle does not use the POV because she feels it would be foolish of her to use it and she hopes they understand.

Dan is sure Steven is going home. Steven vows to fight. He wants to stay even if he has to push their faces in the toilet. Keesha wants to campaign for Steven. Michelle thinks she would have only made enemies if she used the POV.

BB10 Stuff

I have a live feeds report in pending over on TV Squad. I'm not sure when it will go up. Something blocked to the feeds is happening as I post this. The HG were told that an event would happen at 5 PM PT. They were only told it was a surprise and they had to wear proper attire. I haven't a clue and neither did they.

Blogger is having a scheduled outage at 8:30. Hopefully, if all is going again, I'll be live blogging the show here.

UPDATE: Blogger's back! (8:53 PM ET) -- It sounds like they did a guest spot on Craig Ferguson from the backyard. Almost showtime!

Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Into the Dawn - Tue. 7/22

For me, it was a less than eventful evening in the Big Brother House o' Fun. Here's what went down ...

  • Steven told Angie that she's danger (not literally) in the house. He also told her he wants to leave the house with humor this week.
  • Memphis told Angie that Libra complained about them wasting dish detergent with their slip and slide.
  • Memphis thinks that if Jerry wins HOH, he'll put up those he considers physical threats -- himself, Ollie, Jessie would all be candidates.
  • Those not on slop were given wine and beer.
  • Dan had the nerve to ask Renny if she has had plastic surgery. She was a bit affronted, but told him no.
  • Libra has lost 12 pounds while in the house.
  • Jessie thought he saw an alien in a mirror.
  • They worked on their armor and masks for the planned duel. Steven and Angie planned a sock puppets show.
  • Dan chased Steven (in costume) around with spray cleaner yelling he was an alien.
  • The puppet show was postponed.
  • They told each other stories in bed and all are asleep as I post this.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Latest Live Feeds Report

Hey, folks ... my latest live feeds report is up over on TV Squad. Alas, they haven't been all that exciting today. And Jerry continues to creep people out.

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Overnight into Monday 7/21

jackie's tv blog, Big Brother, BB10

I apologize for getting this report up a bit late this morning. My knee didn't want me to sit and type. But here I am now.

This group of houseguests are not the normal crowd, for sure. They get together most nights doing some sort of group event like everything is hunky-dory in the house. Yet, there are all kinds of internal disagreements going on.

As a side note -- as I write this up, I have The Sopranos on on A&E. Very weird. I live in New Jersey. I knew more Mafia people when I lived in Connecticut and upstate New York. Oh, there are plenty of gangsters around here. They're just probably not Italian. Onto the feeds ...
  • Both Dan and Steven told Michelle not to feel bad about not using the veto.
  • Angie and Memphis talked about getting rid of April and Libra. Memphis thinks they should wait until the final eight, then try to get Keesha in with them and get Libra out of the house.
  • April thinks Steven is worse than Brian. Keesha agrees that he can't be trusted.
  • Jessie, in his infinite wisdom, thinks that Libra is playing the game the way she is because she's a strong black woman and has something to prove.
  • Michelle said Steven said he was going to take off all of his clothes and be vulgar upon being evicted.
  • Ollie told Libra that Steven was trying to get everyone to backdoor her before the POV meeting. She asked reaction and he (lying) said everyone thought it was "bullcrap."
  • Although he's supposed to be a shoe-in to stay, Dan has been checking on his votes. He knows for sure at least five people have his back.
  • Libra, Keesha, and April told Memphis that Jerry creeps them out talking about sex too much. Memphis said Jerry's sex talk even creeps him out.
  • In a related note -- Jerry went into detail about his first sexual escapade at the age of 17.
  • April told Libra that she thinks Angie is flirting with Ollie just to bug her. Libra said that April should do something for him (sexually) to make him hers. April said his parents would freak out and he's too shy. (Yeah, right ... if that wasn't sex they were having the other night, then those pigs are flying over Hoboken.)
  • The anti-Jerry sentiment is growing in the house. It was more anti-Libra before. But she seems to be in the midst of the anti-Jerry stuff all the time. Could she be manipulating them?
  • Jerry thinks that the men in America have treated women poorly -- too many single moms, etc.
  • Memphis went around Jerry-bashing.
  • Brian left Angie his hat. Memphis thinks she's wearing it just to annoy people.
  • Renny made a cake for those who can eat even though she can't.
  • Libra didn't want Ollie to eat any of the cake but April said he can eat whatever he wants.
  • Jerry, Angie, Steven, Memphis and Dan played Porno Password. @@
  • Lots of sex talk and no cool shows tonight.
  • All are asleep as I get this posted.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Big Brother 10: 7/20 Show Live Blogged from the East Coast

jackie's tv blog, Big Brother, BB10

By popular request, graphic artist Zoetawny made a pinheaded Jessie for us! Merci!

The show has started here on the East Coast. This entry will be constantly updated as it airs. Please don't forget to refresh the page and remember there probably will be some typos as I'm watching my television more than my keyboard or monitor. Feel free to hang out in the comments section with your thoughts!

"Will the power of HOH go to Jessie's head?" Well, that would make it fit his body more! We're in recap city right now. Dan tells us he stayed true to his word. Steven didn't want to have an emotional outburst. Ollie feels responsible for Brian leaving. Jerry blames it all on Brian. angie finds Brian leaving difficult and the others get on her nerves. Libra's thrilled that her biggest threat is gone. Renny is happy she wasn't the first evicted.

Argh, Jerry once again mentioned no military garb as he betrayed Brian. Renny told him the military word might not be a good idea in the game. She had a point but Jerry just cut her off. Now we're in B&W recap of the HOH.

Jessie hints that he'll nominate Renny. Angie is worried that Jessie has suspicions that she tried to keep Brian in the house. Steven is already an outcast. The house is divided. Memphis and Jessie head to the storage room to gloat about Jessie winning. Jessie is way gloating about not being a body without a brain.

Dan tells Steven he won't kiss Jessie's ass. He's sure he'll go on the block. He warns Steven. Steven thinks Renny would go up before he does. Libra thinks Steven and Angie will go up. April thinks he might nominate Renny. Michelle joins them and agrees nominating Renny is a waste.

HOH room time. Bodybuilding pics, blech. Renny thinks her son has better legs, but bites her tongue. Jessie keeps bragging about his body. April is turned off. No one looks particularly interested in the bodybuilding. "Jessie loves Jessie." Steven didn't go up. Jessie feel;s that's disrespectful.

In the room, Jerry leaves and they decide they can talk. Jessie wants to put Renny up and they all revoolt. April, Ollie, Michelle, Memphis, and Libra are in there. Libra told Jessie it would be ridiculous to put Renny up -- she can go at any time.

Keesha and Angie feel they're not a part of the group.

Jerry tells Libra and Angie about his wife's Parkinson's disease. He told them he got in shape to take care of her and he won't put her in a nursing home. 54 years. His wife is supportive of him going in the house. Libra gets teary.

Now they're talking about Steven being gay. He says no one in the house seems to have an issue with it. Dan is happy to spend time with someone who is gay because he's never really been able to talk to a gay man. He's a lot more accepting than I thought he would be. Steven goes on telling his story.

Angie goes to the HOH to talk to Jessie. Jessie lectures her. I'm disliking him more and more by the minute. He is SO full of himself. Angie is trying to make amends and he isn't giving her a chance at all. I like Angie better than I like Jessie. I want him gone!

Steven and Keesha are talking about dogs. Keesha's dog comes before her boyfriend. She's worried about Gizmo. Steven's making her worry about the dog.

Food comp time -- Jessie has a beret, bad French accent, and fake mustache. They grab berets of red and green to define teams. Let's have a taste of the good life. April said the people tended to grab berets by which couch they were sitting. They don bathing suits. Libra and April groused about both Renny and Jerry on their teams.

BB France - they have to pour wine, plug with corks, keep the other team from winning. April and Libra don't want to be on slop again. It looks like April might be the weak link for their team. Keesha gave Renny kudos for how well she did in the comp. Jerry is up with Memphis plugging holes in the barrel.

The timer buzzes -- the Green Team wins -- Libra, Renny, April, Jerry, Memphis, and Michelle (?) are on slop. April and Libra automatically started screaming how some didn't do their part.

Dan asks to use the HOH bathroom as a ploy. Ollie followed Jessie up and ran to the bathroom. Dan didn't get his chance to talk. Libra is asking Memphis why he's so unemotional. He tells her and April he lost his father early. Onto relationships. Blah-blah.

Dan tries again to talk to Jessie. He expects to go up and tells Jessie he had given Brian his word. He respects whatever Jessie has to do. Jessie makes it obvious he's more pulling for him than Steven. He tells Dan he understands.

NOMINATIONS TODAY. Angie and Renny are both worried. Dan feels a bit better after his talk with Jessie, but he's still worried. Steven thinks if he gets put up, it's not because he's a threat, it's because others put him up to it. Jessie tells us he wants one of the nominees out.

Time for the ceremony. Key order - Keesha, Ollie, Michelle, Jerry, April, Libra, Memphis, Angie, Renny.

Jessie says he nominated Steven and Dan because they played their cards too soon. He also thinks Steven disrespected him by not coming to the HOH room. Steven says he was sleeping. And Jessie told him that he waited 24 hours.

"he's a tool because he's a tool." - Steven about Jessie.

Jessie lets us know he thinks Dan will be loyal and Steven is his target.

BB10 - Latest Feeds and Tonight

My latest live feeds report is up over on TV Squad. At 8 PM ET tonight, I'll be putting up a live blog post for the show as it airs here. Stop on back!

BB10: Live Feeds Bulletin - POV Meeting

The feeds were blocked for a while as the POV meeting was held. It seems that Michelle did not use the veto. Dan and Steven are still on the block.

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds "The Show" Videos

I put still screen caps and part one of the video in my previous entry. Here are the other four parts of the "show" the BB10 houseguests put on last night.

Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Update Into Late Saturday Night (7/19)

Why is Ollie wearing a wig and eating a banana? Well, I'll tell you why he's wearing the wig in a bit. Just don't ask me about the banana.

Here's the latest skinny from that Big Brother House of Let's Put on a Show:
  • I last left you with my TVS report during which there were brouhahas all over the place.
  • Libra's still ticked. According to her, she only wanted the teams for the food comp evened out. I guess that means one "old" person on each team. In other words, she's still blaming Jerry and Renny for her team losing the food comp.
  • Jessie told Libra he won't defend Jerry because he put him on the block.
  • Steven plans to go to each houseguest asking for them to vote for him to stay. Or, to be more accurate, vote for Dan to leave. That is if the nominations remain the same, of course.
  • Steven ran around naked. Well, that's better than Jerry running around naked.
  • Keesha, Ollie, April, and Steven discussed how Libra goes around planting seeds. The anti-Libra movement is gaining momentum in the house.
  • Jerry had heart bypass surgery when he was 64. Since then he's been very careful about his diet. He's on slop this week.
  • Dan doesn't want to have kids now because then his life would be over. I was going to roll my eyes at that. But then I thought about it. I felt the same way at his age.
  • Libra's mother lives five minutes away from her and is the only person who's ever babysat her children.
  • The BB voice told the houseguests that there are over 300 species of turtles. Remember that. There will be a quiz at the end of the season.
  • They planned a show they'd be putting on during the BBAD hours. Yes, that's why Ollie has the wig on.
  • The show includes Renny dancing like a flapper, a Top Ten List of What to do in the BB House when You're Bored, a commercial, a makeover, and a relationship segment featuring Ollie, April, and Steven. Libra is the psychologist in that segment.
  • I recorded the show they did but my first segment with Renny dancing ended up having a huge error message across the screen. (Grrr.) So I'm giving you some screencaps of before their show and part one of the video below. YouTube is taking forever to upload and I have four more parts to upload. So they might not be up until tomorrow.
  • At least, despite differences and brouhahas, they do get together and have fun.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

BB10 - Latest Feeds Report up on TV Squad

My latest Big Brother 10 live feeds report is up over on TV Squad. My apologies for the long gap between updates. I will be updating more a bit here before the wee hours as the TVS one dates back a few hours.

Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Update

There's a pool tournament going on in California tonight. Alas, while they're all playing pool they're not doing too much report-worthy. But I figured it was a good time to catch up to the latest since my last report on TVS.

Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Pool Hustlers:
  • The Steven/Jessie talk went on forever without really resolving much. Sure, they talked calmly. But it seems Steven is still a dead man walking.
  • The guys are meatballs. Oops. That is, the guys made meatballs.
  • Michelle, Angie, and Dan jogged around the yard. Exciting stuff.
  • Thanks to the BB voice, we know it takes a bit over 19 laps to make a mile.
  • Everyone exercised except Renny and Jerry.
  • Memphis told Angie that they should get rid of Renny and Jerry because they're floaters.
  • Keesha and April think that Libra's been playing them and they've just been her puppets.
  • April (getting along fine with Keesha now) told Keesha that she told Ollie she wouldn't take him to the end.
  • Libra seems to have drawn a lot of negative attention to herself -- Jerry and Renny were also bashing her.
  • With Jerry, it's a mix of her control issues and arrogance which have him ticked off.
  • Keesha hopes that Jerry wins HOH because he'll put Libra on the block. Memphis said he doesn't mind waiting a bit longer to get her out.
  • Meanwhile, Steven is seeing the anti-Libra sentiment in the house and wants to try to work it so Michelle uses the veto and Libra goes on the block.
  • Michelle hasn't said if she's going to use the veto or not.
  • Libra thinks the girls should make sure a guy goes home each week.
  • Libra, Keesha, and Michelle are still leery of Angie.
  • When asked by him, Memphis told Steven he'd be voting him out.
  • Memphis told Libra that he didn't want either Renny or Jerry in the sequester house so they must get the boot before that time.
  • Libra, without going into detail, warned Renny to watch her back.
  • And now there's billiards.