Thursday, July 24, 2008

BB10 - Jessie Talks with Jerry about the Nominations

I am really, really under the weather tonight -- I'll try to catch up with detailed happenings in the morning. I recorded Jessie's reaction to being nominated as he talked to Jerry. He's upset that somehow people think he said or did something to embarrass them all on Craig Ferguson the other night. He also took offense to being called a "ho" by Craig. :-)


Anonymous said...

PLEASE get better Jackie!!!..I cant believe Keesha but Jesse up!..hopefully he doesnt win the veto.
-Jamie Mae-

Sydney said...

Gosh Jackie -- Is it a cold or is it the medicine or something from the blister thing or did you just do too much? It's a little concerning to hear about this.

BB can wait, if you need down time we'll be here whenever you are up to it. PLEASE take care of yourself.

I can't find the TV Squad article where you typed up Steven's speech, BTW..... Maybe someone else can tell me where to find this so Jackie doesn't have to. What date is is listed under maybe?

Sydney said...

I wish they would have back doored him tho. Now he can make her Keesha's life miserable and he may get veto. If someone from his team gets veto, Angie is also on that team, so I wonder who they would save of the two.

Sydney said...


dla said...

Jackie, take care of you tonight and catch up (or not!) on BB later. Your health is so much more important than this crazy game!!

We will just comment and entertain ourselves while you recuperate and get some down time...


Jackie said...

Sydney - The knee isn't bad. I think it's bad reactions to the Coumadin. I'll be talking to that doctor tomorrow.

That post on TVS is at show post>

sharon said...

Yes,we have had some Deanna/Jessie sightings here in Northern Ohio these past few days. Seems they hit Ziggy's Bar in Amherst, which is a small town not far from me,about 12 miles or so. Seems Jesse lived in Amherst in his early boyhood days. They have been seen in other places in and around the Cleveland area.I,however,will NOT be rushing out to see

Don't these people have jobs or work???

Sydney said...

Sharon, I hate to tell you this but I know that they are in Ohio for a family reunion on Jesse's side. AUGH. The Wall Street Journal is something I should be reading for USEDUL information!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Jackie for checking in to say what's up. Hope you can see the doc tomorrow. THanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping that next week at this time I will be saying UH, BYE-BYE PINHEAD!

debbie said...

Oh My! I am devastated, Jerry has hair on his back!! What next
Watching the video between PH and HB (pin head and hairy back) was too funny!!!

Caroline said...

Well I'm pleased with Jessie as a nomination, but disappointed Keesha followed through with Angie as the other one. It must be purely personal on that one cause Angie has barely even been playing the game at this point. If it was purely to take out two players in the other alliance she should have gone with Jessie & Michelle, since Michelle is not only playing the game, but also pulling Jessie's strings.

I'd like to see Memphis win the veto and save Angie, so that he can't go up in her place. Then Keesha should put Jerry up on the block. I'd like to see if the house would vote out the stronger competitor or the old'll say a lot for how strategically some of these people are playing.

I wonder if Memphis & Jessie will tell Libra that Keesha came to them with a plan to backdoor Libra last week? That would certainly shake the house up.

lynn1 said...

Please take care of yourself first and don't worry about BB10 or your bloggers.
You are much more important to us than BB.
I hope the Dr has a quick fix for you and that you will be feeling better today.
I am sending healing thoughts and good vibes your way.

Tamajama said...

Good Morning all. I've been anonymous for years now on this board,and I finally figured out how to become a blogger...LOL
First of all I hope you feel better Jackie, and as far as the nominations go, I wish she would of back doored Jessie.
So far the clips Jackie posted on here are better then what they show during the week.
So far I really don't have a favorite, I do like Angie and I think she's getting a bad rap too, but I'm not in the house! LOL

Donna in AL said...

Whoa! You guys were talkative and night owls last night. I knew I should have gotten online when I couldn't sleep. I got my hair cut really short for the first time in 27 years and then I tossed and turned all night.

Jackie, let us know how your doctor appointment goes today. Hope you are feeling better this morning. Hugs and best wishes to you and to MEB.

I hope Keesha's plan does not backfire. I am hoping Jesse goes home and if the veto is used that Angie is replaced with Michelle.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who Jerry is so upset with?
Patty Q

Sydney said...

WELCOME Tamajama!

Look forward to your comments!

joy n said...

I couldn't figure out who Jerry was kvetching about either, but his statements say a lot. "I never hold grudges." I'll never f****n' forget." "Little p***k." He also said he's shown everyone in the house respect (not so) and expects he should be treated that way.

It makes me LOL to hear that Jessie is upset that Craig Ferguson called him a HO. His poor widdle feelings were hurt. Get used to it, Jessie, you ain't heard nothing yet. The real world is out here waiting for you.