Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feed Into Dawn 7/16

Hmm ... very weird. I'm having image issues with Blogger. Oh, well.

When I last reported, the houseguests were in an outdoor lockdown eating pizza. I'll go from there. Imagine there's a picture of them playing in the yard at night above as that's what should be there! Here's what's been going on in that Big Brother House of Semper Fi and All That Jazz:

  • Steven doesn't have too many PC brights about himself for a guy who knows he's on camera all the time. He has already referred to Libra as "the colored girl" and now he's told a racist joke about Mexicans and blacks. He usually refers to homosexuals by derogatory terms even though he's gay. I can see him in Adam's "retard" shoes soon.
  • Jerry got his HOH camera and a good time was had by all.
  • Angie campaigned to keep Brian. Steven told her they'd need to get Memphis and Michelle with them. (Don't do it, Memphis! I'm not thrilled with you, but Brian would betray you in a second! Don't be a fool.)
  • Brian seems resigned to leaving this week. (What happened to those tricks up his sleeve?)
  • BB supplied them with alcohol again. They must have a deal with the local liquor store, eh?
  • Some of the HG (including Keesha and Jerry) are having miscellaneous internal piping issues. You needed to know that, right?
  • Jessie and Memphis have grown pretty tight, maybe the result of knowing they were both targeted by Dan and Brian. Jessie wants Dan to be the next target. He doesn't trust him. (I'm liking Jessie a bit better than I thought I would but I wish he'd wear real shirts and not the ones which show his physique while he fusses that people will worry about his physique.)
  • Memphis told Jessie that he thinks Steven should go. (I think Steven made a critical game mistake falling in with Brian and Dan.)
  • April got suspicious when Keesha and Libra went into the diary room together.
  • The HG played games in the back yard -- a sack race with garbage bags, a three-legged race, etc. As with the sock puppet thing the night before, it was fun to watch them actually having a good time and being creative with their entertainment.
  • Renny is getting nervous as the voting draws near. Libra and April have said that Keesha has flipped her vote.
  • Steven refused to tell Jessie how he'll be voting, said it was a private vote.
  • Jerry says it will all come down to how the house stands.
  • The latest brouhaha is between April and Keesha. Meow!
  • Ollie tried to calm down April while Libra did the same with April.
  • Michelle told Jerry that the fights are because Brian is making everyone paranoid. He's telling everyone he has five votes and making them distrust each other.
  • Libra is once again ticked at Steven.
  • Ollie and April showmance still ongoing but no big action (good).
  • Despite the fun times with the games, it all turned to discontent and suspicion. Oh, well. Once the voting goes down tonight it can all start anew on Thursday.
  • All are asleep as I post this.


TerryinCA said...

bless your heart Jackie....this proves what a great Blog Leader you are! Up to date! wow!!
Have a great day
I sure hope Brian leaves!

RBennie said...

Darn it Terry you beat me, I wanted to be first, LOL. Good morning all.

mel said...

Morning all. Thanks for the update Jackie, Whats up with the girls did I hear you mention a possible cat fight? ( WEEE and away we gooo ).

Anonymous said...

Steven's racist remarks and jokes are disgusting. I mentioned this over at Jokers and people really Piled on me. Apparently, Steven is very popular over them among the majority along with Dan and Brian.
They all insist Steven is not racist and that his jokes are funny.

For the first time, I feel out of place over at Jokers.

So I will just be commenting here.
As I am glad to see someone noticed what Steven did!

Also I was shocked at Jokers, that many are disgusted with the interracial romance. Maybe it is just a few over there overwhelming the rest, not sure. But I found their disgust over Ollie and April's crush to be appalling.

I guess what I am saying is thank you Jackie ..thank you for this forum..which is sane and rational.


Anonymous said...

I agree, Steven's remarks are appalling, to say the least.

I will be glad to see Brian too. And Caroline has a point, Jokers crowd seems to favor Brian, Dan, Angie and Steven and I do not like any of them..Angie is ok< I guess.


Jackie said...

Caroline - I SO wanted to like Steven. It looked like he would come in as a strong gay guy, something which has been lacking on the show in previous seasons. Yeah, he's not a drama queen, but he's showing a bit too much "good ol' boy" for me to be in his corner. Other people may disagree, but I'm seeing way outdated stupidity.

As for the Ollie/April showmance -- the racial aspect doesn't bother me. I think his parents are going to be a bit ticked mainly because she's so out there inviting people to feel her boobs and such. I think she's quite experienced compared to his naivety and it's nothing to do with race.

RBennie said...

One thing you can count on here is that you can express your opinion without getting beat up on. At least not too much, LOL. Which makes me think of Joe in NY. I was hoping to see him posting again once BB started up. Where are you Joe? Come on back, you know you want to.

mel said...

Thanks for the tip.
I think that it's sad to see that people can still be so racist, and still think there is nothing wrong with it.
I for one won't go there anymore..

Anonymous said...

Jackie, I think you may be right on target on the Ollie/April showmance thing. It could be that a lot of people just object to April more than the two of them together. As I have noticed, April is quite unpopular on several BB blogs.

But Steven's jokes and comments have me wanting an early exit for him. I just wish Dan would have called him out on it as I got the feeling Dan does not approve of those slurs.


joy n said...

I had wanted to like Steven, too. Racist jokes are bad enough, but being in league with Dan and Brian turns me off him also.

You'd think he'd be more sensitive.

nancy in pa (nj) said...

morning all. am at the beach with my kids who although have their OWN notebook keep using mine....but i am finally able to check in and read everyones thoughts. (kids will be gone after this week :) ) oh PLEASE may they get rid of brian. i like a good player, but not an arrogant one. i am so happy there are no twists this time. its actually a game based on peoples "survivor" skills. LOVE IT!!! AND.....there have been two whole shows so far and we haven't had to watch any porn!!

Anonymous said...

I so agree Joy. That is why I was shocked to see that Steven is so popular over at Jokers and some other sites. He is ahead in some of their polling along wih Angie. I was surprised.


RBennie said...

So MEB, the movie really sucked huh? LOL. Glad you enjoyed it. Can't wait to see it. I will probably drag my daughter with me to see it this weekend. I can't think of anything that will convince my husband to go with me!

meb said...

hey rbennie... glad you caught that I had posted about Mama Mia over on the last post. I didn't see this post up, even tho it appears that Jackie wrote it close to 8:00am.

One more time... LOVED IT! Do go see it if you can.

I'm amazed that people see nothing wrong with racists jokes. And what's with Steven??? You would think he would be even more sensitive, since there are so many people who are insensitive to gays. Oh well, takes all kinds.

I want to like Angie, but she needs to disassociate herself from the jerks.

Caroline... it sounds like the posters over on Jokers are anti-black but pro-gay if they like Steven, but don't like Ollie/April relationship. That sounds like an oxymoron, but how else would you explain their reaction to your comments.

Anyway, I'm just so happy that we can come here and say what we think, agree to disagree, but not get "piled on" because of it.

And I agree... joe from ny... where are you...

joy n said...

Yes, Joe, school has to be out. We miss your humorous slant.

I was surprised at the team-up of April and Ollie for the same reason Jackie mentioned. April is, apparently, a more open and experienced person than Ollie in the ways of "romance". I'm not sure that preacher daddy will take kindly to April's open season on feeling her breasts on national TV. And isn't April acting a bit "possessive" already after one week of showmance? That can't be good. Ollie's inexperience with women and his recent discovery of sex may be leading him to places that maybe he shouldn't go to. He needs to start thinking with his "other brain".

dla said...

Hi everyone!

meb, so thrilled to hear that you loved Mama Mia! I checked on showtimes so that I can go on Friday! YEAH!!

Great show last night! The POV comp was entertaining, and I am so enthralled that there is actually gameplay.

Messed up for TV tonight with SYTYCD, so will probably have to watch that as I cannot get it online, and then get caught up on BB by checking in here and watching online...

Decisions, decisions. lol

RBennie said...

Oh wow DLA, I almost forgot about SYTYCD. I haven't had one of these scheduling conflicts in quite a while.

cha cha said...

you know I am from New Orleans and can't seem to stomcah Renny's voice. She is a character though. I just hope I can go get my hair done so I can talk with her about the exp. See if she is really like that in the Real World..AKA..Metry I have watched BB since season 2.

Anonymous said...

Jackie-thanks for a great blog. I been a fan from the begining but haven't post very often. I wanted to say what a great show last night. Thats the way BB should be. I guess Brain didn't watch BB much. The first one to scheming and forming alliance goes early.

Anonymous said...

Love the Show...Brain cannot be gone soon enough...what is up with April and Keesha?? Seems like huge drama for what??? Keesha does not like April in shorts and high heels.....actually....I thought it was pretty silly too.
The houseguests are getting right into action. I think the ones laying low know more about the game. I have watched since Season 1. This seems like an interesting cast....just get rid of Brian! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

RBennie said...

It seems like they are starting to annoy each other pretty early on. At this point they should still be in best behavior mode. If they're starting to crack this early how will they make it to the end?

TerryinCA said...

nancy in pa - arent at Stone harbor are you?
my daughter was there all last week, came home last friday..loved it.

rebennie..sorry I beat you!

Im glad people arent haters here and can rational discuss things..I truly have not picked a favorite yet

Petals said...

I have a theory about the Ollie/April thing: Even after she offered everyone a "sample feel" of her boobs, no one took the bait EXCEPT Ollie. Maybe she's just glomming on to the one guy that is into her? THe other guys seem to be into male bonding & the actual game?
Just a theory, any thoughts?

PlaidChick said...

Was gone most of the day yesterday and didn't catch the show until late last night.

I'm not rooting for a group, or saying so and so must go yet. I haven't been cruising around to see who said what to who.

I'm curious about the cat fight, but no one really knows what it is was over. I guess we'll see that tonight on the show?

Badger said...

Hey Petals, I think ol' Jerry helped himself to a squeeze if I remember correctly.

Just a few comments from a new guy here. I think the first show was edited highly to make Jerry look like the sweet ol' man, and Renny like a lunatic. After watching BBAD, I've come to the conclusion that Jerry is a bit of a dirty ol' man who's out of touch with the young'ns. Both with some of his comments and being a bit too touchy feely. I have a few other observations of BBAD, but I don't want to ruin any recaps they will be showing tonight. But, there was mention about how much Keesha resembles Dani Donato, in looks, personality, manerisms, and voice. The house guests even made comment about her maybe being Dani's little sis.

sharon said...

Yeah,I wanted to like Steven,too,but it seems he's not like the first impressions of him. Does anybody find it strange the way he is so crude about almost everybody,even gays? Maybe he's not really gay,but pretends to be so he can compete in the gay cowboy rodeos. Maybe it's less competative? Anyway,he's off my list of the "good" people.(Thank you Amber)

Meb,I cannot wait for Mamma Mia,the movie!! Unlike you,I have seen the stage version three times and simply LOVE the show! And it's strange,too,cause I was never that into ABBA when they were so popular. Oh,I'd heard the songs and sung along,but was not a rabid fan.My CD of the show has to be about worn doesn't open here until Friday,so we'll go on Tuesday,that's free popcorn

Yes,tonight is a full one for TV viewing,so many conflicts. BBX and SYTYCD on at the same time and Project Runway starts at 9,when the second hour of SYTYCD is on! I wish they hadn't changed the time and I'd really rather watch PR than that awful Shear Genius,could Jacklyn Smith be any more low key? She has all the warmth of a cactus!

PlaidChick said...

Badger, I would agree with your Jerry comments. His dirty ole man ways come out more and more every day.. especially with he wanting to help Keesha with her plumbing problems.

I haven't seen enough of Steven on the feeds BBAD or otherwise to get an idea about him.

Once the first vote goes down we'll see how the house really is, and who's with who.

Don't forget for those who have the feeds-- Evel Dick's show comes on at 4 PM PT, 7 PM ET on real plater

Zoetawny said...


How on earth are you doing this and doing it with your usual talent? I know we all appreciate your sacrifices to keep us informed with the latest.

I tuned in to BBAD on the east coast live feeds for about the last 20 minutes. Keesha and April must have been having a major cat fight. April was crying to Libra first then Keesha was cursing and venting to Libra. Keesha called April a "barbie bitch". I wonder how Keesha gets along with all the girls at Hooter's? It all seemed like a junior high cat fight.

The emotions seem to be running high in the house so early on. I think this is going to be an explosive group.

I knew there would be conflict over any showmance possibility between April and Ollie. I'm surprised that Joker's was involved from what I've read here. For Steven's young age I expected him to be more evolved in his thinking and attitude.

RBennie said...
One thing you can count on here is that you can express your opinion without getting beat up on.

That's why we love this blog and the tone that Jackie sets here. I can just imagine the nasty arguments going on at the AOL message boards.

I wonder who's going home tonight?

Anonymous said...

ok, so i really wanted to like brian in the beginning, but after last night's episode i was like "dude! who do you think you are? why do you think you have so much power?" and he really came on too fast with the scheming....seriously, if he'd just laid low after getting renny and jessie nominated, he would have skated this week, but he got SOOO cocky and that's why he's going home. i wish renny were leaving, too. she's kind of annoying.

i haven't seen much steven airtime, so i don't know about the jokes except for what jackie said....i like what i've seen of him on the show though, but that's not cool if he's racists, etc.

i still don't know all the names but that one girl, michelle i think?, really gets on my nerves...somehow she reminds me of amber i think....

and strangely i still like dan so far. i think jessie's head is far too small for his body (which could be fixed if he wore real shirts like jackie said)...


Anonymous said...

I have never seen this before on Jokers. They usually jump on any houseguest or member there making racist jokes and comments. This year, it is being ignored because the majority seem to like Steven because he is friends with Angie. Apparently Angie is quite popular because she broke from the girls.
I do not understand it at all


Anonymous said...

I may have solved Jokers mystery. Most of the people there used to jump on comments like Stevens.

But a few people said they could overlook Steven's racist remarks becuase he hangs with the " cool kids". Apparently they find Angie and Dan and Brian to be cool or something like that.

So I guess they can tolerate anything from favorites. Sigh.


PlaidChick said...

Apparently they find Angie and Dan and Brian to be cool or something like that.

I know a lot of them over there are watching the feeds 24/7, and I have always said you have to read the blogs, watch the feeds and the show to get it all


Being that have been in the house for only 8 days, feeds for 72 and some-odd hours, and they think Dan, Brian and Angie are the cool kids? Brian got lots of air time last night because he's the big bad wolf, you really haven't seen much of Angie except for her beanie cap, and Dan, except for if he Sins he'll just go to confession. I don't know who said it here, but way to be a role model for those HS Boys Dan.

Who's glad week 1 is almost over??! I am!! I always get the feeling we've missed out on a lot that we'll never see at the beginning of each season

Anonymous said...

In regards to Stevens remarks, I just saw the video of the scene. I'm not sure I like the guy anyway, but I don't know if I'd go as far as calling it a racist comment.

Politically incorrect, yes, but not racist. He's from Texas, and I know there's southerners that read this blog, but when I've been down south I've heard that term used. Not to start any trouble, but that's what the CP stands for in NAACP. It's a term that was popular for awhile, but now is politically incorect and really stupid to say, but I don't think he meant it as racist, but maybe I'm wrong here.

formerly anon said...

Im so late joining in this season! This all started before I even knew what was happening.

But I only have one thing to say right now, and then I'll go read all the entries/posts.

That one blond chick *is* related to Danielle right? I mean, there's no way she's not, just absolutely no way. It's either her sister, or... or I don't know, it's got to be her sister. There's no way that two people could both look and TALK so much alike, no friggen way. Right? I bet you guys have already posted all about this, and I'll be reading about that no doubt.

What they think we're stupid?