Thursday, July 17, 2008

Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Bulletin - Nominations

Well, they did the noms and caught me off guard. I plead major surgery issues as my defense!

Jessie nominated Steven and Dan for eviction.


Nana in the NW said...

JACKIE(or anyone else)--I asked this on the previous post--does anyone know if Keesha is a lesbian?? Details of why I'm asking are on Jackie's last post.

Jackie said...

Nana - I personally saw that on the feeds. I would guess she is.

meb said...

nana in the nw... that puts a different twist on things. I think Angie acts tom-boyish, so maybe Keesha likes her. Nothing wrong with it if that's her thing, just saying that may be why she's wanting to hang around with her.

April wears those heels with shorts cause she thinks they make her legs look good. She looks silly. I think girls do that who are associated with the theatre more so than anywhere else. Is April a Drama Queen?.

So Dan put Stephen up after all! He was leaning toward Angie and backdooring Stephen. He really wants Stephen out but the group didn't want him an assured spot in the POV competition. Didn't watch feeds last night, wonder what changed his mind. Oh well, at least one of them will be going home, makes no big difference to me at this point. Dan went under the radar after what happened to Brian. Laying low...didn't work... he got nominated anyway.

I guess Angie is happy. She was in the dumps after Brian figuring she'd be a target.

Can't wait for the POV competition.

lynn1 said...

Thanks for the Updates on the nominations.
I like the noms. Did Jesse come up with these on his own or did he have help?

I'm glad he did not nominate Rennie...that would have been immature! LOL

Many folks have been mentioning Rennie's accent. I can't say where she is from orginally but I can tell you as a current non-native resident of the New Orleans area that her accent is definitely a Louisiana accent.
It is a very similar accent to that of Boston in that people here don't pronounce R's.
James Carvelle (sp?) and Harry Connick, Jr have a slight Louisiana accent. Rennie's is very heavy. Lot's of my neighbors and friends have a heavy accent similar to Rennie's.

joy n said...

I still like Steven and still don't trust Dan, or like him much, so I hope Dan goes next. If he left now, he wouldn't have to spend so much time confessing!

Sydney said...

Thanks Lynn1 for clearing that up about Renny's hard to place accent. Sounds like a mish mash of several places to me, but James Carville does sound a little similar.