Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Into the Dawn - Tue. 7/22

For me, it was a less than eventful evening in the Big Brother House o' Fun. Here's what went down ...

  • Steven told Angie that she's danger (not literally) in the house. He also told her he wants to leave the house with humor this week.
  • Memphis told Angie that Libra complained about them wasting dish detergent with their slip and slide.
  • Memphis thinks that if Jerry wins HOH, he'll put up those he considers physical threats -- himself, Ollie, Jessie would all be candidates.
  • Those not on slop were given wine and beer.
  • Dan had the nerve to ask Renny if she has had plastic surgery. She was a bit affronted, but told him no.
  • Libra has lost 12 pounds while in the house.
  • Jessie thought he saw an alien in a mirror.
  • They worked on their armor and masks for the planned duel. Steven and Angie planned a sock puppets show.
  • Dan chased Steven (in costume) around with spray cleaner yelling he was an alien.
  • The puppet show was postponed.
  • They told each other stories in bed and all are asleep as I post this.


Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone! Jerry seems to be making himself quite the threat.

Thanks for the post Jackie.

ORKMommy said...


Hi all!

RBennie said...

Good morning all. First off I want to add my prayers and best wishes to MEB today. I'm sure she will come through the surgery with flying colors.

Things are sounding pretty boring in the house as of late. I can't wait for Jessie's reign as HOH to end. It's time for a girl to get it.

Someone mentioned the Nerd Herd in an earlier post and its true - I still want to gag when I think of them. It also made me think of Janie and miss her again. Will BB ever have another player that will be loved as much as Janie - I doubt it. The buxom blonde is truly one of a kind.

TerryinCA said...

rbennie....no there will never be a player like Jani..she truly was a competitor and it always amazes me she didnt figure out a way to win. Wonder whats up with her? did anyone ever find out who her boyfriend, the football player, was?
Back to current reality....yawn......oh yes...BB10 is on.....yawn....

sharon said...

Not really living up to all that hype,no is it,AG? These are the tamest hamsters yet,somebody DO something and shake things up!!

This is me,Sharon,for some reason.it's not letting me post under my "blue" name

Caroline said...

Posted this back on the previous post, but since the conversation moved here, I'll repost it.

"LOL, Sharon bringing up the Nerd Herd. Do you think they're amazed how much the viewers of BB still dislike them so much so many seasons later? I find it rather hysterical since they so deludedly thought America loved them while in the house. Not only couldn't we stand them then, but their names still come up in every discussion of disliked houseguests years later. LOL."

It was still one of my favorite seasons, and would hold the top spot if Janelle had won. Her and James should have trusted each other more, they were an unstoppable team. Imagine if James, Janelle & Danielle had all teamed up on All Stars. Certainly Booger wouldn't have won.

sharon said...

I so agree,Caroline. I still can't believe that Dr. Will actually pushed Booger right into the winner's seat that time. That's the only thing that tarnished Dr. W in my eyes. I thought he'd go with Janie and he stabbed her for that creep!

But the Nerd Herd will always reign supreme as the most unlikable bunch and ED and Dumbnelle for the grossest and most vulgar. I'm no prude,but like to see SOMEBODY,at least,playing the game. What Libra is doing is not playing the game,she's just being Libra,in real life,I think. memphis may have something simmering under his hat,but time will tell.Sorry,I'm having a senior moment,but we need our little drama queen gay from BB8 to shake some things up(blanking on his name,even as I can see his face....oh,Josh...we need Joshie to flame the fire)!!!!!

Sydney said...
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Sydney said...

HI All--

Wanted to let you all know that I just spoke to MEB -- who said it was OK that I post a little report on her here.

She was just waiting for them to take her to surgery. She sounded as chipper as could be, as if we were heading off to a picnic or something. She is such a sunshiny person!

She doesn't know how many hours she'll be in surgery, but once she's done they said she'd be there for 3-7 days. Ever positive, she's hoping to be home in the 3, lol. Once there, the real recovery begins. We spoke of my giving her another call, though not before Friday so she can have a little time to mend.

I am so glad her daughter lives so close and got on the blog to tell us what was going on! Maybe shewill write again and give us an update. If not, I'll let you all know when I speak to her again.

If you are so inclined, sending some prayers in the next several hours would be something I'm sure she and her family would really appreciate.

RBennie said...

Thanks for the update on MEB Sydney. I'm not at all surprised to hear that she was in good spirits. She's always such a positive person. I will for sure be sending good karma her way all day today.

Caroline said...

Thank you Sydney for the update, it's wonderful MEB's in good spirits, that will surely help her recovery time. Sydney, you're turning into quite the little nursemaid here, it's so amazing that you ferry info from us posters to whomever is currently under the weather. It's appreciated on both ends, I'm sure.

MEB and family...it's just approaching the 12noon surgery time so I'm sending extra prayers and positive thoughts your way for the rest of the afternoon. Take care and stay strong.

Patty said...

MEB-Just wanting you to know we are thinking of you this very hour. Hopefully everything will go better than plan. The main thing is that you get better.

Hang in there and have some sweet dreams for a few hours.

We will talk to you soon!

Petals said...

ORK! Hey you! Do you like this crew?

Sydney said...

Caroline, lol --

I didn't realize MEB's daughter had written about her surgery two posts back. I've been so behind this BB season, in comments and reading Jackie's posts.

Since MEB will be in there from possibly only 3 to as many as 7 days, if anyone wants to send her a card, which I think would really cheer her, I have the address. If you'd like that, write me at Nwyrkrock@aol.com.

Whomever said they don't want to be seeing all the positions Ollie and April are getting into made me ROFLMAO. Me too!

nancy in nj said...

WOW!!!!! so much going on!!!

meb and family....am taken by surprise as i try to catch up on all that has been going on. please know my thoughts and prayers are with you all as you go thru this ordeal. thank you for keeping us posted..and meb....hang in there!! take care of yourself and speedy recovery. we love you and miss you!!

is it just me or is anyone else having a hard time remembering who is who in this crazy house of hamsters? i don't have any feeds, so the show and jackie are my lifeline to what is going on. jackie...a MILLION thank you's!!!

jerry ...having sex?? can someone bring me up to speeed?? ollie and april causing pigs to fly??? holy crap!

terryinca....jani is my absolute ALL-TIME favorite!!! she was funny, clean, smart, and played a good game. i too am frustrated by her inability to win. not sure what happened the first time around for her. the second time i think she let dr. will cloud her judgement. personally i think james ruined it for the allstar alliance to win. he bailed early on and caused problems.

i'm still glad that there isn't too much raunchy behavior going on...but i also admit the shows have been a little numbing. (yawn).

everyone...since i am in nj more than not, for now i am going to be "nancy in nj" instead of "nancy in pa" just so you know its me :)

Sydney said...

OFF TOPIC - to Jackie and all -- I finally uploaded my first little video on my blog "Aventures in Nature". Though I bought a fancy HD digital movie cam, I happened to be out in the park Saturday and caught some really funny squirrel antics with my ancient Canon Powershot, the first generation to record moving clips. But it worked anyway. Now I need to polish my shooting (or editing) skills.

Delee said...

Some how I missed the post about Meb. I just read it and I am offering up prayers for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. Miss a part of a post and you miss a lot. Prayers and hugs...Meb

I am trying the 2 week free trial, but think I will cancel it. I can not find the time to watch and when I do...yawn! What amazes me is that the nominees just laze about and let the days run by for the vote. Am I missing something or are they just resigned to one or the other going home? Sure not like other seasons. I am still waiting for the conflict to start!

monty924 said...

Stroll down memory lane. Nice! I'm also in the camp that says there will never be another Janie. It still irks me today that she never won this show. She will always be my favorite hamster/houseguest. One of my favorite Youtubes of all time (I've had it bookmarked forever it seems): Janelle making fun of the Nerd Herd.


MEB I sincerely hope things went well for you today. Peace and hugs.

Well off to feed the BEEBIES! I'll catch some of you later tonight during the show.

debbie said...

That is too funny!! Jerry and his creepy creeping!!! Just when I thought.....oh well, Renny I like, I thought she was irritating but she is growing on me!! I was thinking the other day, "you know, she reminds me of someone" and I thought real hard, when she wears that beret hat, and she is in the diary room, she reminds me of Ashton Kutcher!!! I know that is nuts, but watch her and what she sounds like and her demeanor!!!

TerryinCA said...

nancy in NJ, not PA hi! My daughter in PA is flying to CA tomorrow, triple the excitement level for me today! she just spent a week in Stone Harbor, NJ shore.
Im glad to hear MEB is getting taken care of, thanks so much Syd for the updates.
After tomorrow I will be up in Big Bear mtns with the kids..so I will catch up on BB when I come home friday night.

nancy in nj said...

monty924...strolled down memory lane with ya on youtube. good old janie.....gotta love her. from there i strolled down the lane with eric and jessica. does anyone know for sure if they broke up?

terryinca...have a GREAT time with your daughter this week. Stone Harbor is a really nice beach. visited by the likes of oprah, bon jovi, and "the boss" himself.

watching the youtube videos made me realize just how BORING these houseguests are. do you think in spite of all of our complaining the reality is we miss the debacles of the past seasons? well, the whole nerd herd group was entertaining without much raunchiness.....

i actually like renny...can't STAND libra.....she opens her mouth and the little chicks follow. whats up with that? male version of brian if you ask me.
an hour and 15 minutes till showtime. gotta get the ice cream doled out! :)

Nana in the NW said...

FYI--just read on Joker's that the house is having a "surprise" @ 5:00p.m. Something must be happening for the show tonight! They have been told to "dress to impress"....hmmmm...maybe a twist and something exciting. I have decided the prod. is purposely not fixing the hottub. Nothing has ever remained "broken" for 2 weeks. It must be there way of keeping the show from getting raunchy(except for Ollie/April!).

Not going to be able to watch the EC feeds tonight :( Will have to wait till real time for me.

I've been thinking of Meb all day--hope we hear from KLB and things went well.

Laurie said...

Sydney, thanks for the information. I just sent you an email asking for the address. I'm so glad you were able to get in touch with her and spend some time chatting with her. She knows she is in good hands, doesn't she? What a love she is.

joy n said...

Sydney, thank you for the Meb update. She's been on my mind all day. Truly hope that things went well for her.

Also, I read your last comment on the last post (regarding) wondering if Jerry wore any Marine stuff while uttering his sexual innuendos. Cracked me up!

OFF TOPIC: Two excellent articles on Reality TV World. One regarding Omarosa. Seems she made an appearance on Wendy William's Fox talk show and the two of them ended up trading insults. Wendy says she will never be invited back. Very funny article really.

Secondly, Sunday's New York Post has reported that Shayne Lamas has ended her romantic relationship with Matt Grant, after she cheated on him with Las Vegas media mogul, Justin Wenerger. It is reported that she broke up with him by phone. Grant is "said to be devastated" by the breakup.

Just letting you know you can read all about it.

joy n said...

Oh yes! I'm not surprised that Jessie thought he saw an alien when he looked in the mirror. Pinheads ARE aliens, are they not?

monty924 said...


Glad you got the same chuckle that I always get. If Janelle didn't nail the "Maggie" imitation or what? It cracks me up everytime I watch it.

Now I'm off for home. All the kitties are well and I'm headed home to watch the CBS show. When I left the feeds they were in BY lockdown. It'll be interesting to see what it was all about. I'm guessing a concert or something.

See you in a few.

Zoetawny said...


Thanks so much for the update on Meb. The surgery must be over now and I'm keeping positive that it was successful. I'm sure Meb is in a world of hurt but I hope the pain meds are helping her get through the roughest days. From the little I know about the surgery it is major. Hopefully you or her daughter will let us know how she's doing. Of course I will continue to keep Meb and her family in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully we can cheer MEB up when she goes home!!

I'm so lazy, I can't focus and sit still long enough to do my school work.

I never heard Eric and Jessica broke up, is that true? The Nick and Jen (from BB8) couple really is odd; he was so mean to her on live TV, very very odd.

Zoetawny said...

There's been a lot of talk about Jerry being a dirty old man and creeping out everyone. I haven't seen anything on this but just reading everyone's opinions here. Could it be that he's just trying to act "cool" and fit in with the younger set? I hope he figures out that it's starting to annoy people before he turns the house against him.

Has anything changed or is Steven still going home this week? I don't dislike Dan as much as I thought I would but will his decent attitude continue?

Right now, I think Memphis and Angie are the ones to watch. I'm eager to see who wins HOH this week.

I hope I can join in with you tonight when the show starts but it always seems to interfere with our dinner hour.

dla said...

Sydney, thank you so very much for contacting meb and providing the update. I am anxious for the next news from KLB...

I will also check out your chipmunk video!! My Mom has huge trees in her yard in OR, and I sometimes sit and watch them. There was a lot more action when my Dad was still alive and feeding them. :)

monty, thanks for the link to Janie! We sure could use her in the house right now. She would get things stirred up! lol

terry, have FUN with your daughter and enjoy the mountains!!

joy, I just watched outclips from Wendy and Omarosa. I cannot tolerate O, and I sure wish her 15 minutes had ended at 15 minutes. I am sad to hear about Shayne and Matt, and who the heck is "media mogul" Justin Weneger?? He just got his 15 seconds, as, if you google him, there are 4 hits, all tied to his hook up with Shayne at Blush. I live in the LV valley, and have never heard of him. Not that I am surprised by that! lol

See everyone after BB west coast time...

Caroline said...

Joy...thanks for the info on Shayne/Matt. I'm not surprised she's the one that faultered in the relationship. Most of us were of the opinion that she was too young for such a serious commitment.

I have some Bachelor news too. I just read in Us Weekly that Jeremy from the Bachelorette has started dating Chelsea (the runner up in Matt's Bachelor season) and so far they are very happy together. So that's nice for them both. They seemed better suited to relationships off camera than the kind of scrutiny and pace of the Bachelor show.

joy n said...

Yay for Jeremy!