Thursday, July 24, 2008

Big Brother 10 - Live Feeds Quickie and Screen Caps

This is just a quickie report as the feeds have been flukey, I had to go have more blood drawn for my Coumadin dosage levels, weird things have been going on in my life today ... and more.

The food comp was held. It sounds like it was a whole house effort and no one seems too thrilled with the results. It doesn't sound like slop, but we're talking pumpernickel. But the biggest news -- right now Keesha is talking to Jerry. She tells him (girl alliance at hand) that she will be putting JESSIE and Angie on the block. Woohoo! Get body boy on outta there!


Anonymous said...

Not Angie! She is the hottest girl in the house!

Clementine said...

If Jessie goes on the block, I'm sure his giant ego and pin-sized head will not react well. Can't wait to see that :)

SueGee said...

BodyBoy is a good name for him!! But what really drives me crazy is how every question or comment got turned to me, my, mine etc etc. Jessme is more like it LOL

Sue in CA

Petals said...

I like the name(s) Hans or Frans for Jessie - from the SNL twins who wanted to PUMP everyone UP! He would love being called "Bodyboy" waaayyy too much, haha.

Susan said...

What?! "How dare Keesha disrespect my muscles, uh.. I mean me!" He is such a joke! I will be very glad to see him gone!

sharon said...

I love JessME,that's so him!!!So,if you were a skinny,little nerd growing up,it's perfectly okay to grow into a rude,crude and egotistical jerk,per Jessme's Mom!Somebody didn't even teach her,apparently,that you respect your elders!The apple...falling from the tree...not far!!!!

I hope that Keesha puts Michelle up with Angie(I hate she's the target) and plan to backdoor Jeesme. That way there is a chance he won't get to play for POV and save himself if he goes up. I'd like to see him gone,but think maybe his "alliance" might save him.

As far as Memphis being "assured" the HOH next well did he do this week?

(((MEB)))thoughts and prayers today and everyday!

Anonymous said...

I can't beleive keesha is not going to go after Libra and April.That would be the smart move on her part.Now don't get me wrong I DO NOT like Jesse or Michelle,but damn those 2 girls get on my nerves like.And poor Ollie,what can I say..what the hell is he thinking.

As always Jackie keep up the good work.This sight is better than the show.


Sally said...

Cheryl, You nailed that one. This site IS better than the show. I catch the show maybe twice a week, but stop by here daily to read Jackie's take on things. Thanks Jackie! I don't really have anything against Angie at this point--she's still kind of a nondefined entity--except that she's aligned with Jessie.

nancy in nj said...

finally all caught! don't get behind on the blogs guys..its a nightmare trying to get back up to speed!

ok, so jessie's "goodbye speech to steven was unbelievable!!! can ANYONE be so stuck on himself???

did anyone notice that when keesha won hoh libra seemed to walk away...then turned around acting all thrilled? it was as if sh started to walk away then realized she better make a happy fuss....i don't know..just looked REALLY fake to me.

meb..precious meb...take care of yourself...praying for your recovery and your spirits. you are MUCH cared about!! do such an incredible job....take care to take care of YOU!

i still like renny and keesha. take him or leave him. pinhead....i keep picturing him walking around singing the song from wizard of oz..."if i only had a brain".....

Laurie said...

Nancy in NJ: Love the visual of JessMe as the Scarecrow singing If I only had a brain... too funny.

I watched the show this afternoon and did a double-take at his goodbye to Steven. He is an expert at turning it into being all about him,isn't he?

It would be great if he was backdoored this week. He would never see it coming, would he?

Jackie and MEB: Thinking healing thoughts for you both.

Sydney said...


but it's only a nomination.

And talking about it, not yet doing it, right?

If it happens, hang on to your hats. It will be a roller coaster week with him stomping all around the house pissed that he's not getting RESPECT. Or maybe he'd surprise us like Renny did and turn around (Ok, I didn't really think so). Let the fireworks begin!

Sydney said...

If Keesha went after Libra and April, she cuts down the numbers of those who will save her if she is on the block next week. I want to see them gone too, but as long as Jessie is on the block, it's good in my book.

joy n said...

Good in my book, too, but sure wish that it was Michelle up there with him.

Anonymous said...

What is April looking at in the pic that goes along with this comment area? Oh no! It can't be! Is she checking out her bust...again??!!!!She checks out her bust as much as Jessie checks out his body.
Too funny and too weird!
Patty Q