Monday, July 14, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Report First Night

After a rough start with volume issues, the feeds kicked off around midnight ET. They've already been in the house for six days, so we've missed quite a bit. Right now I'm still matching names to faces, the voices can still get confusing, and there's way too many people talking at once. But, hey ... it's a new season.

Here's the skinny:
  • They've already played the POV comp and had the POV meeting. They haven't talked about the comp itself so I have no clue.
  • The POV necklace is on Jerry's picture on the Memory Wall, so he won.
  • Aha ... he put BRIAN on the block in place of Jessie from what I can tell in conversations.
  • So it's Renny (most likely) and Brian nominated for eviction this week.
  • Lots and lots of small talk when they're in larger groups.
  • Brian and Dan are still scheming together. Brian seems worried that someone whose vote they thought they had might be flopping -- Keesha.
  • Libra only drinks wine, no beer. BB will be giving them wine and beer tonight.
  • Brian and Dan think Jerry is easily manipulated by the girls.
  • Renny is still the laughing stock of the house. (She does it to herself, odd duck she is.)
  • BB is giving them a feast and all are off slop for it.
  • Jerry told Dan that Brian betrayed him by not telling him that he had an alliance with Ollie and Dan. He thinks Brian was using him. (Yes, he was!)
  • Steven in particular, and others are getting irked at Libra's controlling ways.
  • Jerry's CD was a Glenn Miller one.
  • Michelle told Angie that Jessie told her he thinks she's (Michelle) a threat.
  • Renny keeps changing into new costumes. (She's probably worried about eviction and wants to show all her wigs and costumes!)
  • Jerry told a group in the kitchen about how Brian used his military experience to gain his trust then betrayed him. Meanwhile, Brian could overhear the conversation from the bathroom. The plot thickens.
  • The HG know Steven is gay. Steven was a bit irked that he had told Libra in confidence and she went on to tell Keesha.
  • Their big dinner at midnight ET was chaos -- everyone talking at once.
  • Afterwards Steven complained about Libra telling people they shouldn't have both beer and wine. Control, control.
  • Memphis bragged that when he was a model, the girls were all over him. @@
  • Dan, Brian, and Steven think Libra has gone for power and she must go.
  • Libra cried and Jerry and Angie comforted her. She's missing her children and her aging grandmother.
That's it for now. They're still up but nothing major going on.


delee said...

Jerry sure can figure things out. To pull Jesse and then put up Brian. Brian's sneekiness bit his butt!

Wondering how Rennie can act so blantant and believe she will not be voted out. That broad is no socialite, unless she is Queen of the Gutter's in NOLA.

Libra controlling supplies could be a huge problem, unless she stays up 24/7. That will be fun to watch like she is a vittles/booze monitor!

GO Jerry, POV to boot, I approve!

Anonymous said...

I am a Jerry fan and was happy to read that he took Jessie off the block and replaced him with Brian. I know the odds of Jerry going all the way aren't that great (physical comps will be his downfall I think) but am glad he'll be a threat in the mind games and seems to have a good sense of the game. I would love to see him hook up with Ollie, Jessie and Keesha. Go Jerry!!!!


lynn1 said...

I am not surprised that Renny is a weirdo. Being from the New Orleans area, the minute I read her bio I knew she was a nut case in the sense of being like Amber, Shelia and Gnat.
She said she was a New Orleans socialite, spent time partying in the French Quarter, liked to wear wigs, costumes and do impersonations.

Trust me, New Orleans socialites do not party in the French Quarter.

My concern is that Renny is so irritating and obviously a nut case that the BB powers that be will want to keep her around to give us someone to hate.

BB10 has me hooked. At this point my 2 favorite players are Jerry and Ollie.That probably means they will be gone soon! LOL

Jackie thanks for keeping us up to the minute on the BB hamsters. I sincerely hope this season will be a lot more fun for you than BB9.

sharon said...

I knew I'd be missing a lively discussion on here last night,but was just too under the weather to jump in. Good to see all the "old faithfuls" back and the posts flying fast and furious.

First impressions...don't like Renny,who makes Sheila look really,really good now. That hyena laugh of hers has got to stop! I get that Memphis is full of himself and Brian got caught in his web,right out of the gate. Kudos to Jerry for being a sharp cookie and making him pay,though he may not go if Renny keeps up her act.I hope Jerry can stay around for a while,and I like Ollie and,right now,Steven.Don't like Dan's feeling of a "free pass" on the sinning,and yup,he seems like a male Gnat in that respect.All in all,it looks like a good group and off to a good start.

Great graphic,Zoe,and so good to have Jackie back in her usual place. Bring it awn,hamsters!

Patty said...

Jackie-Thanks for the overnight happens. It sounds like night duty was a little more interesting for you than last season. I know this too can change at any moment. I hope you are not over doing things and pay for it later and are in too much pain.

I must say I liked the way the show started off, with them voting for HOH before entering the house. Nice change. I enjoyed the first comp also.

It is way too early to say who I am pulling for and who I would like to see gone ASAP, with the exception of one. To be honest, I was wishing I had a pair of earplugs nearby when Renny started in. That shaved off a few nerve endings in my ears!

I thought Jerry did an excellent job in electing who he put up and his reason for doing so. I was hoping that if either one came off the block, Brian would go up in their place. I say that only because of how he handled things with Jerry. I am glad to see Jerry see through Brian and knows he cannot be trusted. With that said, who can really trust who? After all it is BB right?

I thought Renny was the immature one towards Jessie. I think Jessie was just trying to make Renny aware of certain things and the effect they were having on the HGS, but that went over Renny's head. Maybe her wig was on too tight and the conversation was lost...I don't know. Right now I would vote to evict Renny.

Memphis got on my nerves a bit. I wonder what he will be like when he is drinking? He knows it all now, just ask him.

It did not surprise me that there had to be a "hoochy moment" with April having the touch test. I must confess I loved watching Jerry's reaction to it all. He was like a kid in the candy store, who's mother told him he could have one of each...too funny!

Well so far I like what I have seen. Maybe next week I will be like Jackie and rolling my @@'s.

Welcome back everyone! It is nice to see some of the past posters take on things and welcome to the newbies! Jackie's place is a great place to hang out at.

meb said...

Hello to all the BB fans we haven't heard from for a while and special hellos to all you guys to hung in with us die-hards until BB FINALLY returned. I'm sure I'll be repeating that which everyone has already said, but here's my take anyway:

Rennie is probably one of two things at home: The life of the party with her own group (and I emphasize "her own group"), or the most obnoxious person alive and no one likes her. I think I'd go with the latter, since when they were interviewing her, there were no family or friends around her and it looked like she had hired a jazz group to play her down the street. How embarrassing and she doesn't even know it.

While I see Rennie as no threat, and I wish Brian would go out on this very first eviction, I would be thrilled to see them get rid of her early as well!

I'm so glad that Jerry found out about Brian right at the get-go and has put him on the block in place of Jessie. Jessie can get on your nerves too with the "body-builder" crap (like we can't tell all by ourselves), but I like him better than Brian. If it hadn't been for Rennie messing him up, he wouldn't have been on the block in the first place.

I love Jerry too and think his physical abilities are probably better than some of those kids. He was doing push ups with one of his grandchildren on his back in his interview.

Don't care for Dan much, do like Ollie and hope he can pull away from Dan and Brian and find a better alliance than that one.

Zoetawny... love it! Keep 'em comin'.

Jackie... your comments are right on and I love reading them. Glad you're feeling well enough to keep up with the "house"... BB's and this one of BB fans.

Delee said...

Meb...too funny about the jazz group playing her down the NOLA street! That is what they do for funerals, was that telling of her early demise! She will be an easy target and I think Brian should go and just tape Rennie's mouth shut!

meb said...

delee...OMG.. that is too funny. I never even thought of the funeral thing. Now taping her mouth shut... that's a possible, cause I really would like Brian to go first.

Hope Jerry is convincing everyone what a threat (cheat and liar) Brian is. Well, now that I think of it, isn't that a good BB candidate.

joy n said...

Good for Jerry, but I'm still thinking that Dan is kind of the ringleader and he needs to go quickly. Renny's annoying, but Brian, the "guy's guy" is not to be trusted. I hope he goes first.

Libra is just asking to be nommed next. She better start controlling her control issues.

Poor Steven. He thought the women would like him and trust him and it's the women who exposed him.

Memphis and Jessie are so full of themselves. That makes them both so very unappealing.

I think I could "take" Renny better if she just stopped laughing and talking. Guess that won't be happening.

Patty said...

Joyn-I agree with you that Brian is dangerous and cannot be trusted. I think with that game play I still could tolerate him rather than Renny. Renny could be funny to watch, if we did not have audio to go along with her.

I think things could heat up between Memphis and Jessie at some point in the game. Like you said, they are so full of themselves. We will have to just let them think they are "pretty boys" of the bunch.

What does everyone think of the bathroom? Personally, I don't like it. I do think the kitchen is sweet. Maybe the ants will too! Is the waterbed in the HOH room?

Patty said...

I should have stated that I think people will be on to Brian and he will seal his own fate.

Right now I believe the majority of the house has respect for Jerry.

ORKMommy said...

Jerry is one smart cookie, not to mention that he has balls of steel! I'm so glad he put Brian up in Jessie's place but was that the smartest thing to do? If Brian can convince everyone to keep him he can probably convince the next HOH to nominate Jerry. I think Jerry may have shown his cards too early.

He should know that you keep your friends close but your enemies closer...

RBennie said...

Hi guys. I'm back from vacation. Thanks for sending all the good karma my way. The rest of my vacation was great and I think I will only need a couple of therapy sessions to get over the beginning part, LOL.

Great to see so many of our missing BB posters back again!

The show is off to a good start and I'm already loving Jerry. Although I think his days are numbered. I have a very selfish reason for wanting to see Rennie gone. Her name looks way to much like mine and everytime I see it I think someone's talking to me, LOL. Other than that, she's extremely annoying. I thought I might like Brian, but he seems to be getting way too cocky, way too early. Can't wait to see what else transpires.

Anonymous said...

Year Jerry! I always wonder why people try to get rid of the annoying people first, rather than the strategic players. Generally, the people that are annoying and not good game players aren't a real threat to go to the end (Sheila from BB9 was an exception to that rule).

Hope Jerry doesn't appear to be too much of a threat to early.

I'm waiting to see how some of the quite ones behave.

Looks like a good season!


Laurie said...

just watched the show this morning and I'm with the get rid of Rennie group. She is no socialite, she's a party-girl. I thought it was wierd to introduce herself by telling where her kids graduated from college. To me, it showed she has nothing to say about herself!
The costumes and the wigs and the need to be center of attention kind of proved that to me. I see her as one of those people who doesn't exist unless they have an audience. Scary stuff and I hope she is the first to go. Body builder boy can be next!

TerryinCA said...

rbennie NO WAY would we ever confuse you with that ridiculous woman...dont worry ok?
Jerry is quite the guy, I wonder how he found out about that alliance? did they tell him?
I love Ollie I hope he aligns with jerry. Libra looked like a problem from the start...leaving those baby twins, oh no way!!!

Nana in the NW said...

Good Monday morning!! Usually I dread this day, but I got up anxious to read what had happened overnight. THANKS JACKIE!!

Sue-you said it all and I agree.

Jennasmom-glad you could even get to a computer and that your TV worked. Enjoy your vacation.

Orkmommy- HI! :) Glad to see you back! How's the "new" job and baby project going?

I think you may be right about Jerry and showing his game strategy too soon. Hopefully, the girls will align and not let Brian sway them.

Darn that Brian! I wanted to like him....;{

Ollie made a pledge with Dan/Brian....will he honor it or go back on his word? An alliance with Jerry and Steven would be good for him...maybe pull in Libra and Angie.

No Hot Tub and bikinis last night?? Maybe that's because Libra is rationing the beer and wine. LOL

Sydney--I was going with grays, but now I'm doing greens...trying to choose between more teal/blue greens or more olive greens. I'm using 3 shades(light on the bottom, medium on top, and dark for trim)

Sharon/dla--sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Hopefully, just a flu bug that will pass soon.

joyn--hang in there with the no smoking. My MIL quit because my FIL was suppose to--he went back to smoking after a few weeks and she never smoked again! Don't "beat yourself up" about any slips, just get back on track.

rbennie--welcome back from vacation. Glad to hear the rest went better than the start!

HELLO to all the newbies to Jackie's site. We love new neighbors here in our cyber-community.

I'm going to jump over to Joker's and see who the earlybirds in the house are(it's only 8:30 on west coast). Ca. is so hot I bet there won't be much suntanning!

Tom in CA said...

patty said...
I think things could heat up between Memphis and Jessie at some point in the game. Like you said, they are so full of themselves. We will have to just let them think they are "pretty boys" of the bunch.

Memphis wasn't showing too much in the way of "smarts" when he picked the 69 Camaro. It's a heavy car with terrible mileage (@ 10mpg). With today's fuel costs he won't be driving it much.

Tom in CA

Anonymous said...

Wow I'm so happy reading this. Brian is such a jerk. Nice play for Jerry!!!

I just hope Jerry can recover from being the first HOH, that's never a position one really wants to be in.

Thanks Jackie

Sydney said...

NICE turn of events! Go Jerry -

Win that POV and put that bad Brian up--- Glad he caught on to him so fast, but don't let yourself be overheard talking about it, AUGH.

I want him to stay in as long as he can. I know he will get booted off sooner or later... I hope not but it seems inevitable. who would feel they could win against him in the end, but maybe by those odd quirks that happen in the house, he can stay in.

What i REALLY don't want to see happen is the DR ppl trying to convince everyone to keep Remmy (Renny?) because she provides conflict and color (barf).

Sydney said...

Thanks Nana!

Bad Libra -- and we thought the OCD gal was going to be the controlling one...

PlaidChick said...

I have offically dubbed Renny: One a fourtune teller, or two: a drag queen. Her BB photo is cute, I kind of had high hopes for her, but she's a joke. I still don't think she was born and raised in New Orleans with the accent she is pulling. A socialite yes, amongst fourtune tellers and drag queens.

Good for Jerry hearing Brian back stabbed him so early in the game, and OMG followed through on putting his butt up because what Brian did was just wrong. (which we'll see or won't see) Man you just don't mess with the Marines. And it's a stupid game play so early in to go back on your early "alliance"

Yes way too much chatter for me to keep up last night. The conversations I were interested in: Ollie and Michelle, Dan and Brian they kept cutting to the big group. And geezus!! It's doesn't take an hour to peel potatoes Libra!!

Anonymous said...

Tom said:
"Memphis wasn't showing too much in the way of "smarts" when he picked the 69 Camaro. It's a heavy car with terrible mileage (@ 10mpg). With today's fuel costs he won't be driving it much."

I don't think either of those cars are intended to be someone's everyday vehicle. I know people who own similiar 1960's cars that stay pampered in the garage and only come out for car shows and the occaional drive.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know what happened to House Calls today, it didn't load for me and I don't see the CBS site when the start date is.

Laurie said...

Plaidchick, when I watched the show this morning and saw Rennie, my first thought was that she was a drag queen, complete with the scarf thing around her neck. Then she opened her mouth and I was sure she was really a guy. It all fit. I was surprised to see her in the morning sans makeup and scarf and see that she is actually a woman. I was disappointed. I thought it would be funny to have a drag queen on the show!

Nancy said...

Hi Everyone, I know everyone finds Renny annoying but I think If she stay's she might be alot of fun to watch. She is no threat now anyway. I love Jerry and I hope Brian goes he is a snake in the grass to early in the game for me.If he stay's I am afraid Jerry won't last long in the game. So yes I want Renny to stay she's nut's but has potential to be a lot of fun.

PlaidChick said...

Laurie: That would of been a good twist: a drag queen in the house...

I'm waiting to see her Liza Minnelli costume.. we've already seen the I Love Lucy one...

PlaidChick said...

Nancy-- I agree with that, I want Brian gone this week, but I certainly don't want to see Renny slide through like Gnat did....

Tom`S said...

Following knee surgery, I realize your schedule is incredibly hectic, not to mention exhausting with the pressure amongst other personal obligations that'll wear you thin.
It's more time consuming than I think most people truly realize. A lot of thought goes into those columns. It not only takes a great deal of time to write each commentary, but gathering all the goodies for us so that we can have them in one spot takes even longer.
Jackie, I am very grateful you've provided us with excellent updates throughout the years.
Your truly amazing! Thanks for great updates!

joy n said...

I watched the show again and want to take back something I said early on. I got a better look at Libra's husband and he is NOT cute. What was I thinking?

PlaidChick said...

If you guys are not having a not so fun Monday cruise on over to Survivor Sucks BB 10 Photochops.. some out of them I busted out laughing, especially Jesse in his Calvin Clines with a chop of BB 8 Nick...

OHHH And Renny's head on a pinata

Patty said...

Hi Orkmommy-long time, nice to have you back commenting. I hope things are going well for you at work and home.

I hope that the HGS have some smarts in them to see things through that Jerry is straight shooter. I think he has been around just a tad bit longer than the young guppies and he will show them he is not going to take anything laying down...after all he is a retired Marine. Jerry has to be strong emotionally, as his wife has Alzheimer's and that is nothing to easy to live through as a family member. (I know from experience, as my mother is fighting the battle of it right now)

Libra just might be in trouble if she thinks the HGS are her children and she can tell them what to do...I don't think she will be too well liked by the others.

Ditto on Terry-CA comment to rbennie...we would never group you with Renny.

Tom CA-I am not sure if Memphis is the type that know he should not use this car for everyday use, so I tend to agree with your comment on picking the car. He is still wet behind the ears. My husband has a 1953 Chevy Pickup Truck and my 28&23 year old sons cannot figure out why he takes it out only at certain time.

RBennie said...

Thanks for the reassurance Terry and Patty. I would never want to be confused with that dingbat, LOL.

I think its kind of funny that Libra is trying to ration the beer and wine. I've often thought the HGs could benefit from rationing in that area. Although I guess without the liquid courage we wouldn't get to see some of the more outrageous behavior.

Clementine said...

Joyn: so glad you said Libra's husband is NOT cute. I read your comment last night and thought maybe I missed something! Her kids sure are cuties, though. Hope her husband has family support while she is away.

Count me in the "Renny is a character" camp! I wouldn't want to live with her, but she could be good entertainment.

Yeah for Jerry seeing through Brian's fakery! Wonder how that came about? Hope Jerry teams up with some of the girls.

You can always learn something new around here! Now I know 69 Camaros get terrible mileage. Would the Mustang have been a better choice? Which one has better resale value?

Laurie said...

Plaidchick, we need to see Barbra Streisand and Carol Channing, too!

Laurie said...

Plaidchick, I went to the link for those photos but I only see posts from June. What am I missing? I really want to see Rennie as a pinata!

Nancy said...

Plaidchick, do you think it's possible Renny could slip by I know Gnat did but Renny? She could be this season's Shelia I don't want her to win but around just long enough for all of us to have a good laugh. I haven't seen enough of her yet but in my heart I want Brian to go because I love Jerry so much. I don't have the feeds all of my info comes from here and thank-you Jackie for that. I have been following your surgery progress thru here wether it's Syd or you and I am glad your back and hopefully soon your physical health will come back. I know thru friend's what a nightmare knee surgery is. I wish you the best

Sydney said...

Plaidchick and Laurie -- TOO funny! Thanks for the link, I thought the ones of Gnat as Renny's baby is too spot on, and loved the one with Chenbot putting on glasses that then had a red ray shooting out of them. On page 1 of that link, her mouth opens and she eats a pork chop. I could go on... I won't, lol.

Anonymous said...

if they really want to keep our interest someting needs to change. for example -the backdoor routine is getting old. maybe what they should do is allow the person with the power of veto to choose who gets taken off the block AND the replace,ent.that would put a monkey wrench in things! -jeannemariepthhovca