Sunday, July 20, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds "The Show" Videos

I put still screen caps and part one of the video in my previous entry. Here are the other four parts of the "show" the BB10 houseguests put on last night.


Clementine said...

Thanks for videos, Jackie!

I wonder how much of this will actually make the cut for the show?

I thought April was the funniest and best actress. And I remember Ollie's dad warning him not to embarrass the family...wonder if this qualifies? lol

Libra seems like one of those people who just doesn't have it in them to be funny, even when she tries.

Jessie's 'roid rage seemed "all-natural", and Memphis didn't have to act much in his part either, lol

TerryinCA said...

I just have to say how in the world can they vote against each other now? That is so much fun to have with virtual strangers.
The ones that participated and gave it their all should consider a total alliance with each other. I thought it was great, I have never seen such active "play" with competitors....Evel Dick must be in agony....

Nana in the NW said...

Thanks Jackie!! Those videos are sooooo funny! I missed it on the EC feeds. I must say these are the most creative HG the house has ever had. It is so refreshing to see them coming up with these "shows" for BBAD instead of spending their time wondering which swimsuit to take off in the hottub and how many make-out sessions they can have!!! The exec. at CBS must have finally listened to what America wanted!!!

Jerry seems to be lost in the bunch--unfortunately I think the age difference comes to light quite often. The young ones seem respectful of his stories but they can't relate to heart by-pass, failing eye sight, and his military history.

Keesha was talking about living with her boyfriend so she must not be gay. He is 12 yrs. older than her, wants kids and she isn't sure she wants any. That could be a problem.

I do believe Jessie is very immature, but he is only 22.

I liked hearing Ollie say he would never do anything inappropiate with April in the house because of his family---let's see if he can stick to that by week 6. I hope so!!

Today should be the POV ceremony. I'm still having a hard time trying to figure out some of the least I've the names with the faces!!

Laurie said...

OMG, those videos were so fun to watch. It made me remember family camp when we would think up entertainment for the campfires. Love the creativity and the sense of fun they all had together.

I wonder if the fun they have together will influence the voting? I wouldn't want Dan to leave now... he's a natural entertainer!

becky said...

Thank you, Jackie, especially from us without the live feeds and who can't stay awake for BBAD.

CBS, thank you for giving us a group that is fun to watch and not just fun to hate! This is the best group of HG yet.

Delee said...

Good job Jackie, thank you.

This group is very creative and I do not remember other hamsters coming up with such antics! Streaking is not an antic or creative.

With this group who knows what is next!!!

PDX Granny said...

Thanks for the videos, Jackie!

I watched the show on last night and loved it!! Your videos came across better, and it was such a hoot to watch them again. It was so creative and FUNNY!!

Jessie, as Pepe la pew was hilarious. I think his build, with the beret and mustache actually worked for his part. I've never seen him look better. Of course, that's not hard 'cause I don't think he normally looks that good. I think he needs to transfer some of those muscles to the space between his ears.

I was wondering if something was going on with Libra. I started watching a bit before the show while they were getting ready. She didn't seem to be getting into it as much as some of the others. It looked like she was just sitting and watching. Maybe it's because she was already ready for her part and was just waiting. But I also noticed when it was all over, she was shown walking quietly away to another room. I thought she was great as Dr. Shamalamalamadingdong, but she didn't seem to get into the fun as much as the others. Did anyone else notice this, or was I imagining things?

If BBAD is going to be this good all the time, it almost makes me want to subscribe to Showtime!!

This group definitely has entertainment value and seems to be worth watching!!

Anonymous said...

Too FUNNY! OMG If that was a real show I'd probably watch it....LOL

I must admitt they sure are creative!