Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Big Brother 10 - More Ferguson

I'm a bit under the weather this morning. So, I thought I'd entertain you with some of the video from the house which I found in my travels. First, the actual show appearance, then their reaction.


Melissa said...

Thank you, thank you Jackie! I fell asleep like MAYBE 10 minutes before they came on. I LOVE Craig
The after part kills me...April is all worried she is really on mag covers....Jesse looks like he got his bubble burst and Ollie, what a snob!

Laurie said...

Oh Jackie, thanks for sharing that with us. I could never stay awake for the show even though I do love Craig.

I loved how he put Jesse in his place and how the others reacted. That was just priceless. What was with Ollie during the second part? He looked like he was in a daze. Maybe he's just realizing people are watching him on national television?

dla said...

Thanks you, Jackie! That was great!

I love Dave & Craig, but don't always stay up to watch them.

Fascinating reactions from several of the HG's... :)

joy n said...

Thanks from me, too, Jackie. Jessie wasn't too happy about being shut up by Craig. I loved it! When he was asked to take his shirt off, he couldn't resist looking at himself in the camera. Knew that would happen, too. He's such an a**. Most of what he said sounded stupid.

Ollie was kind of a jerk, too.

Patty said...

Should anyone care, April and Ollie had sex again.

So much for either of them having to worry about how they are preceived to the rest of the WORLD.

We are all adults here. I am in no way stating that sex is something bad. There is a time and a place for it IMO. The BB House just does not appeal to me. Maybe it is my own hangup, but they barely know one another and where they have been. To me, April must have a low self esteem of herself. Why does she think her body has to be the tool to a man's heart?

Ollie better hope in nine months he doesn't have to pay child support. I would not like to see that for the sake of a child.

I just hope we can get back to why these people are in the BB play a game to see who can out play, out wit, out do one another for the $500,000.

CBS did your ratings go way up?

becky said...

When I was visiting LA last summer a friend got us tickets to the Craig Ferguson Show. Believe me, all that laughter and applause is NOT spontaneous. They have a big, fat, obnoxious, dirty mouth guy who lets you know BEFORE the show that you are EXPECTED to clap, laugh and cheer when he gives you the signal. He is standing out of camera range and waves his hands giving you clues when you are supposed to do something and what you were supposed to do. I don't follow directions very well. If it wasn't funny I wouldn't laugh. He also did not have any fat, older or unattractive people in the first rows about half way up. There were very few men in that section either. They divide you up before you get into the studio into three groups, picking one or two here, two or three there. The very fat and unattractive people were sent to row three. (At least I got put in the second row.) That way when the camera spans the audience you get the impression that all the beautiful people flock to that show.

It just about turned me on ever wanting to see a live TV show again.

Brent McKee said...

Just for the record, when Rudy Boesch did Survivor All-Stars he was older than Jerry is now. Also,Rudy enlisted in the Navy during World War II. Julie got it wrong - big surprise.

Sydney said...

Thank you for posting this Jackie-- I had to miss it. But of course you are the Goddess!!!

I am so sorry you are not feeling so hot. Hopefully it's nothing a day or two can't rest. I bet you're kind of sick of resting but please rest if you have to . Can you take a bubble bath yet???? That could be really nice!

Jackie said...

Brent - Rudy was born in 1928 -- he's only 80 now. He would have been 72 on Survivor.

Sydney - Yes, I can get in and out of the tub now. My latest issues are due to the rat poison ... er, Coumadin. I've already had to go to the ER once for intestinal bleeding problems. I may have to again. My stomach is very painful, but not really sick. I don't know. It's such a touchy drug.

Sydney said...

Hey Patty -

Ah yes, the warmup guy. A comedienne gets a gig getting the audience fired up. They do it with every talk show and taped sit com in creation. There are reasons it helps, but it is interesting to know that audience members could feel not amused, as you so well described.

On Oprah, they ask all their audience to wear solid clothing, usually in bright colors. I'm sure we've all noticed how impeccable her audience looks. Each woman had great hair and make up, as if they were the guests that day. And they are in a way. Wat cracks me up is you'd think Martha Stewart's show would do more of that kind of thing.

More than ever before we're a visual world and it's a visual medium and things that look nice do better.

Yep that's the wonderful manufactured world of TV... but almost everything we see on it IS heavily manufactured, BB being one of the most manufactured, imho

joy n said...

Jackie, sounds like the cure is almost worse than the problem.

Tom`S said...

Thanks Jackie, great updates, due to a limited time I have, I'm unable to read nor view BB as much as I'd like to.

I'm a nervous wreck leading into Sundays Nascar race at Indy, Hopefully by Monday the 28th of July my nerves will have calmed down, nerves, worries, are wearing me thin.

# 24
# 20
# 88

~~Silk said...

Becky, yeah. The signs they hold up saying "applause", and "laugh". Game shows, too.

For many shows, it's necessary because the audience isn't really able to follow the show. There's so much going on all around you, everywhere, and it's all interesting, and you can't always hear enough to know when to laugh or applaud on your own. They're not playing to the audience. They're playing to the camera.

becky said...

Becky, yeah. The signs they hold up saying "applause", and "laugh". Game shows, too.

The signs didn't bother me as much as the man holding them and giving us the "pep talks" during commercials.

What was interesting was they taped several of his monologues that day. He would go to the front of the set, change ties and a jacket or two and then they would tape it. It was also amusing to see the "city lights" from the "windows". The taping was at 3 PM.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I learned a lot from you all! i have to agree that I would NEED the signs and cues because I would be so interested in all around me from the audience, to the crew and all involved in making the show, and more. So I would probably miss what only the camera captures for the people at home. Thanks for the info and insights!
Patty Q

TerryinCA said...

Thanks Jackie....and also for the section devoted to our dear MEB
I am babysitting today and for some reason I dozed off in a chair (the baby is asleep) and their huge 20 lb cat jumped up on my lap, whoa! that woke me up good!!!
Phoebe is a love...and she sat on my lap so I couldnt get I gave her the love and attention she back to work!

Zoetawny said...


Thanks for putting up a separate post for Meb. We are a benevolent community here thanks to your high standards. I'm sorry to hear that the Coumadin is again giving you problems. Determining the proper dose can be problematic. It's good you did go to the ER, although I know you'd rather avoid going.

I haven't read the entire blog yet so I don't know if there's any info on Meb's condition. Hopefully her daughter will post again soon.


I forgot to ask you the other day about your husband's plane delay because of inclement weather. I'm assuming he did arrive safely. About TV shows being manufactured...absolutely correct. If anyone has never seen a show being filmed they would be surprised at how staged it all is.

Thanks for the video clips, Jackie.

After watching the clips I was thinking the exact same thing. Jessie made himself look like a fool when Craig first mentioned the honey. Jessie immediately said "I WON". He's such a ego-manic. I pity the poor girl he is or gets involved with. Wait until he reads what we fans think of him. ;)

Going to get the east coast feeds up so I can join you in a minute.

Auntie Leigh said...

.Hi Everyone.Thanks to Jackie for keeping up with all the doings. In the BB house and everything else, MEB, the kittens, your the side effects of the coumadin.
I just wanted to say that I still have not seen Jerry doing anything dirty-old-man-ish, and I hope I won't. Also, I was hoping that the veto-girl(forget her name) would use it and back door Libra. That would have been so cool I think. I like Dan and Steven and hate that one of them will be going tonight...oh gosh, the show is on back east already. Bye everyone.