Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend! Zoetawny made this 4th of July logo for us!


delee said...

Zoetawny, just marvelous again. Thank you!

Wave your flags and let freedom ring!!!!

Great grilling-wonderful fireworks-and safe travel to all!!! PS No Rain- here that is doubtful!

Sydney said...

Thank you JAckie and Zoe -- I woke up this morning and know I'm behind in comments and returning e-mails but first thing I thought of you all and signed onto wish you all a happy 4th... and found the post and graphics are wishing ME one!

Delee you said it! I second it. Let's count our numerous blessings, which are almost too many to name no matter what is struggles or challenges are going on at any given time.

Have a wonderful day off and long weekend everyone!

Donna in AL said...

Happy Independence Day everyone!

sue said...

Very appropriate Zowtawny! Peace to all. sue

Tom`S said...

Have a Safe and peaceful Day today!

sue said...

Zoetawny...see what I mean about my typos!! I guess I was thinking Zowie, great graphic. : )

joy n said...

Zoetawny, you've outdone yourself!

Thanks Jackie, for sharing it.

Beautiful weather expected here in upstate NY.

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!

Sydney said...

Fun google logo today if you want to check it out.

nancy in pa said...

happy 4th all. stay safe....contemplate on your blessings......we are so fortunate!

zoetawny.....VERY COOL graphic thanks!!

shout out to ya jackie!

nancy in pa said...

oh yea....donna in al.....i too spent all summers and holidays in orlando all thru the 60's-70's.....remember how beautiful winter park was?? the rain would come in orlando around 1pm each day for about 5 minutes!!

Nana in the NW said...

I, too got up this morning wondering if Zoe had made one of her awesome graphics. Took me awhile to get time to log on but I wasn't dissappointed....THANK YOU!! I love the dove of peace combined with the American flag!

Hope everyone has a great 4th--mine is quiet and it is very muggy here today(which is unusual). Was going to do some painting this morning but have a feeling the rain is going to show up before long.

It is a time to remember how lucky we are to live in the USA(even if the gas prices are high!).

Laurie said...

We are flying our flag and enjoying our day. How great it is that the 4th is on a Friday? Whoo hoo!!

Happy Independence Day to all of you.

Zoetawny said...

Happy 4th all!


Thanks for taking the time to put up the graphic. I know it's not easy for you to sit at the puter. I wish I could send some baby back ribs/chicken and all the other goodies over to your place. I hope you can rest and enjoy the day.

We are so blessed to live in the USA. Even with our problems the USA is still the best country on earth. As delee said, "Let freedom ring". We have so much and should never take it for granted.


I'm glad Jackie and I didn't disappoint you. :) Cover Josie's ears if there are any fireworks in your area. My dogs will be barking like crazy even though I put them inside when the fireworks are about to start.


Zowie works, too. LOL

I hope everyone has a relaxing and safe holiday.

Happy birthday America!

meb said...

Great Graphic Zoetawny... thanks...
And thanks to you too Jackie.

My grandsons started to do some fireworks (which I hate cause usually all you can buy are the smoke and bang ones, plus I think they are dangerous) but they were all set to do a bunch of them and then the Heavens opened up with Thunderstorms and lightening. Love it! My grandson came in and said God must have decided to have his own fireworks tonight. It's just now starting to calm down.

Hope everyone had a blessed 4th and as we fly our flagS this weekend, we remember how precious our freedom is in the Good Ole' USA!

Anonymous said...

Hope everyone had a wonderful, safe 4th. We had a great day with all the family and too much food. Was even cool weather for Texas in July! Showers around, but none here. And we need it! No fireworks, due to fire danger this year. Quiet & peaceful! How lucky we are to live in America!

Zoetawny, great graphic!


sharon said...

Great graphic,as usual,Zoetawny,and good to hear from Jackie!

Hope everybody had a great day. The weather was good here,if a little cool,but no rain and my Dad came and we had good old American hotdogs!And the do-it-yourselfers actually quit shooting off the noise at a decent hour,so all in all,a great day!

Yes,as a country,we may have our flaws,but there is no other place on earth I would want to live. And to all the men and women,away from their families on this day,a big,big "thank you" for keeping our country strong and protected. I sat outside yesterday,watching a big jet taking off,and thought...wouldn't our founding fathers be amazed by all we are and all we have now. I hope we realize that and strive to protect what they fought so hard to give us!

Enjoy this weekend,All!!

PlaidChick said...

Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th!

8 days to go, and I did some looking around. Below is a list of cast--STRICTLY RUMOR, NONE OF THIS IS CONFIRMED...

The casting is going to have a slightly conservative vs. liberal angle.

A recently divorced Koren-American tomboy.

A 35 year old gay rodeo cowboy who’s a bit prejudiced himself.

A 25 year old who doesn’t consider himself a bartender.

A 53 year old New Orleans socialite.

A 31 year old who’s from a predominantly white neighborhood, she’s a black mother of 3 and an Obama supporter in Bush country. She has a pair of rare twins.

The son of a Pentecostal preacher.

A 24 year old teacher in an all boys Catholic school. He would move out of the country if Hillary were President.

…and a few more. Thirteen in all. Don’t want to give you all the secrets!


Here are all the names:

The person most likely to be an early target: Jesse (Jessie?), 22.
Jerry, 75, is the self professed biggest Big Brother fan in the world. Everyone will love Jerry!
Keesha, 29, blond bombshell who works at Hooters. Reminds us of Danielle D.

If people are wanting another winter BB, the summer BB’s ratings better be huge. Season X is short by a couple weeks but that’s dependent on ratings as well.

Zoetawny said...

Hi all!

You probably already know, but I just read that the BB10 cast will be revealed July 8 on The Early Show on CBS and a tour of the house (each room a different style by generations) on July 11. I'm dying to get my hands on some BB10 images. ;) It does sound like it's going to be liberals against conservatives. With this being a presidential election year it does seem appropriate. At least we will have some age diversity and some economic diversity as well.

If the rumors are true, one of the houes guests is a 53 year old socialite from New Orleans. Another is a 31 year old black mother of 3 with a set of rare twins, who lives in a predominately white "Bush" neighborhood and is an avid Obama supporter (according to "Big Brother Insider"). Then there is the son of a Pentecostal preacher and a 24 year old teacher in an all boys Catholic school who says he would move out of the country if Hillary were president. I can sense the conflicts already. Well, looks like we'll be arguing religion and politics this season. OYYYY!!!!


I hope you're feeling good and your knee pain is diminishing each and every day. How many visits left with your physical "terrorist"? I'll never forget that one.

I hope everyone continues to have a great weekend.


Zoetawny said...


Whoops! Sorry! I just saw you posted some of the same things I just did. We must have read the same site. LOL Thanks for giving us the scoop. It will be great to read your opinions again when BB10 starts.

Anonymous said...

Religion and politics. That ought to be interesting.

sue said...

It sounds like it will be The View...BB edition. Maybe Rosie and Elizabeth will guest star. they will have split screens for eviction night. I am joking, of course, just so no one thinks I know what the theme will be. I am looking forward to the first show. And that is saying a lot for me, I usually come in a few weeks late because I get confused with so many at the beginning.

Anonymous said...

I really hope it's NOT about religion and politics. It should be about the game. And there should be mind games or something. I definitely don't want to hear houseguests, which in all probability have less than an ounce of intelligence debate politics and religion. ughhhhhhhh

nancy in pa said...

annon 1:48....i'm with you. i really hope too that is is not about religion or politics. its just too sensitive and can get way too nasty. if this is the case i can already see that it won't be as much about good game playing as it will be about choosing sides then making each "party" look awful. is it too much to ask for to have a bb show that is about strategy and getting on each others nerves while just being "human"? maybe i am way off and would produce a show that would be a flop. perhaps i am just a different audience than the norm...

joy n said...

Guess I must be different, too, then. Religion and politics is the last thing I hope to see and hear about on BB. I'm hoping to see real strategy and game playing this time around also.

The cast sounds diverse in other ways, too, though. Maybe we'll be lucky and they'll find something else to argue about. LOL!

meb said...

Oh Please don't let it be about politics or religion... I have nothing against either, its just that BB ain't the place for it.

I'm going into this with the hopes that it's going to be good game play... period!

Time will tell I guess.

Well the weekend is quickly coming to an end. I hope you all had a great holiday. We just tayed home and enjoyed every minute of it. The kids still haven't set off the fireworks, cause it's been raining off and on... suits me!