Saturday, August 16, 2008

BB10: Checking In

Hey, folks ... just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten you. Above are two screen caps I took a few minutes ago as Memphis, Dan, and Michelle chat in the backyard. Oops, I forgot to get a screen cap of Michelle! Heehee.

I've had a post in pending over at TV Squad for quite some time now. I have no clue when it will go live. Thankfully, nothing really exciting has happened since the POV comp results.

P.S. - That post is up on TV Squad. It's been uneventful for the most part all day and into the evening.


formerly anon said...

Oh boy! Can I be first?

formerly anon said...

Hah, too bad I had nothing to say. They've been a bit boring the past couple of hours.

Jackie said...

Boring pretty much all day. About the only thing I find disturbing and newsworthy is that Renny really doesn't trust Dan. I'd love to see a Renny/Dan finish!

joy n said...

Everyone sure seems to get paranoid with that HOH title, don't they?

Tonight for the first time, I have BBAD. Now watch them all be boring as heck tonight, too.

Sandie said...

Jackie, I noticed in the middle of the week that Renny was talking some negativity about Dan in the house. I can't understand what happened to she off her meds or what? She was all for the taking out April and Ollie scenario in the backyard before the HOH contest, and then the love fest with Michelle on the night she won? Don't get it, but I am no longer in her corner.

formerly anon said...

But Renny shouldn't trust Dan, should she? It looks to me like he may be tightest with Keesha. When he and Keesha were downstairs in the kitchen talking, before he went upstairs to talk with Renny, didn't he say something to Keesha like "... and we have to figure out what to do about her" (meaning Renny)? If so, then Renny probably is just picking up on his informal alliance with Keesha.

I'm telling you, the theme this season is all about "your friend is my enemy" - either due to jealousy or paranoia, or both.

Jackie said...

I don't think anything is wrong with her. She's always been a bit leery of Dan trustwise. Actually, the only one she really seems to trust is Keesha. And she didn't even trust her enough to tell her the nominations before she made them. I think she's basically trying to play a very careful game to get to the end.

Jackie said...

formerly -- I think they were talking about Michelle. If it's the same conversation I'm thinking, they were talking about her (Michelle) teaming up with Ollie and perhaps Memphis once April's gone.

Sandie said...

Interesting observation, and you could be right. They most certainly all are setting themselves up with the next guy and then the next guy..... but oh how I want Dan to stay in there. And Renny has never really trusted him, even before he started to confide in Keesha. I think he would have built something with Renny had she ever acted like she wasn't questioning his every move.

formerly anon said...

Jackie, that could be so (re: Michelle) - I was only half listening. I remember them talking about Michelle and Memphis and Ollie, but this was just before he went upstairs. Remember how Keesha was sitting at the counter, and he kept turning around and coming back to say more to her? (actually that was funny) He did it like 3 times, got to the stairs, turned around, came back and sat next to Keesha for a minute, then headed back to the stairs, got up about 2 of them, turned around came back to talk to her again -- it was during one of those episodes when I think he alluded to "the Renny issue" somehow (he was very vague)

But I could just have been reading into it.

becky said...

Well, the three of us (me, myself and I) don't think they are paranoid -- but then I haven't thought about it much since the other two (me and myself) are talking and I think it is about me.

I think they are so paranoid because they know everyone else should be that way about them.

Jackie, MEB, Sharon, how do you feel today?

formerly anon said...

You know what talk just sort of ceased? The "Dan is America's Player" talk. Hasn't it?

Is it because the Libra ouster was unanimous? As if that proves anything.

If they were still thinking Dan might be AP, then they would realize he'd have to 1) play the POV however America told him to and 2) vote however America told him to. So, instead of appealing to Dan, they'd be trying to appeal to America.

I notice Snape-ril is being saccharine sweet to everyone today, like she's just the sweetest lil thing in the world. ew

I wonder if that's what she's thinking.

meb said...

Becky... and all... OK... I'm leaving early tomorrow to go to Delaware, so I'll be gone for a week (almost). May get to check in, but I doubt it. Anyway, I'm feeling great and looking forward to visiting with family. Talk when I get back for sure.

I still like Dan and wish he could get to the F2.

monty924 said...

Boring evening in the house. I'm hoping it gets more interesting later on. Watching the Olympics at the moment. Torres finished second winning the silver medal. Pretty amazing for a 41 year old mother who had competitors that could be her own children, huh!

Michael Phelps races in about 30 minutes. I can't wait to watch the USA men swim that one.

Laurie said...

MEB, have a great time on your trip. We will miss you!

Donna in AL said...

The woman that won the marathon, running,(don't know what it was called) was 38 years old from Romania. I thought that was amazing too.

Go Michael Phelps!

Tami said...

I really hope that Dan gets to the final two as well. I really like him and I think that he is in the minority in that he has a strategy (though I wouldn't go the 'I'm such a bad player'route myself) but at least he has a plan.
I'm confused though because didn't he make an agreement with Memphis the other night to stick with him until the end (and ditch Keesha and Renny)? So is he backing out of his deal with Memphis or is he just playing Keesha?
I don't get the feeds because I still have I can't view any video without it stopping a million times...

dla said...

meb, enjoy your trip! It is great to hear that you are feeling well. :)

Jackie, how are you doing on the rat poison?? I hope your situation is improving....


formerly anon said...

tami, I wondered that too, about who Dan is really aligned with, in his mind.

It might be that Jerry actually did him a favor by hanging that Judas label around his neck, because it sort of frees Dan up from worrying about being called a traitor to anyone -- he's already been called one -- so what does he have to lose by really doing it this time?

Dan could actually argue that for anyone in the house to trust his word at this point, after being so loudly and publically called a Judas, well, they just deserve what they get. Right?

Fool me once... well, you can't get fooled again. Something like that.

monty924 said...

Here comes Michael... and company. I was totally in love with Mark Spitz when I was a young girl. He was on with Bob Costas and Michael Phelps last night, and he is still smokin' hot.

Go Michael Phelps and team!

monty924 said...

YES!!!! HE/THEY DID IT!!!!!!!!!

formerly anon said...

Holy cow! Snape-ril and Ollie are sitting around outside talking, and Snaperil is near tears talking about how good she is and how she hasn't done anything wrong to deserve to be (sniff sniff) on the block (waaaah!)

She says it's just because she won an HOH and the clothing, because she's just such a saint.


formerly anon said...

Monty, me too! Huge crush on Mark Spitz back then, had his life-sized poster on my bedroom wall (you know the one I bet!!)

I haven't been watching any of the Olympics, but it did remind me of the Spitz days back in the 70s

joy n said...

Meb, have a great time with your family. This is a good time of year for visiting the northeast. "see ya" when you get back.

monty924 said...

formerly anon said...
Monty, me too! Huge crush on Mark Spitz back then, had his life-sized poster on my bedroom wall (you know the one I bet!!)

Oh yeah! The 7 gold medals all spread out! Still hot after all these years. ;)

formerly anon said...

Wow, Snaperil is really something. She and Ollie are talking about 1) what would happen if he got put up next to her and 2) if she got voted out.

Snaperil went on the defensive and told Ollie that if she goes, they will try to get into his head by saying lies about her, that (and then she just went into a long laundry list of the things they'll say -- most of which not only wouldn't they say, but I bet Ollie didn't even think of) -- she just totally planted a seed in his head that she didn't need to, how frikken bizarre.

"They'll tell you things like how I didn't really care about you, I was just using you, blah blah blah..."

Gosh I hope poor lil Ollie is thinking about why she might have felt she needed to preempt that, hmmm?

Donna in AL said...

I had that poster on my bedroom wall too!

My friend is asking why I got tears when the US just won that! DUH I am patriotic.

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Formerly and Donna, my sister and I talked on the phone today and reminisced (?) about how much we were in love with him (Spitz) back then. She was like 14 and I was around 9. She had the poster on her wall, lol. We both agreed that he's still hot today. :)

I'm so happy for Michael Phelps!

Laurie said...

Formerly Anon, April is cracking me up. She was asking Ollie not to let "them" talk bad about her like "they" did about Libra. I guess "her" talking smack doesn't count. Then the whole thing about what people are going to say about her is just hilarious. Me thinks she doth protest too much. People aren't going to bother talking about her when she is gone and he is not going to be able to slide into the final four like he thinks he is. People are on to him (or at least I hope they are!)

formerly anon said...

Laurie, I know, it's crazy. You'd think that for someone who looks in the mirror as much as she does, that she might be better at recognizing herself.

Jerry has been MIA almost all day. No doubt he's having serious internal dialogue about whether to approach Dan, and if so, how. It's got to be a struggle for him, since his nature is to cozy up to the power, and Dan has the power.

Laurie said...

FA, Jerry could be in the midst of a crisis, couldn't he? I think you are right on about him not wanting to cozy up to Dan but knowing that's how he's played the game up to now. Power shifts week by week!

Terry from CA and I spent the day together and at lunch we were talking about BB. We were laughing at ourselves at the same time. We agree that April needs to be OUT and then Jerry needs to follow her.

I'm still holding out hope that Ollie will show some game and then get the boot. Terry is sure he has no game to show!

Off topic: We saw The Chorus Line this afternoon and it was fabulous. Seeing musicals together is one of our favorite outings!

Jackie said...

MEB - My best for a safe and enjoyable trip as your health gets better!

As for those who inquired about me, I'm okay.

PDX Granny said...

MEB, have a great week! I just got back from vacation myself, and thanks to Jackie and all was able to keep up a bit! I'm still way behind on reading all your comments, but at least I know a little of what's going on.

I was glad to see Libra go, and thrilled that Renny won HOH! I like her nominations. Jerry is really getting on my nerves, and April is just April. Need I say more? I'm wondering how Ollie will do without his little cuddle bunny.

I've been reading some of the thoughts about whether or not Dan should use the POV, and first one sounds good to me, then another, which is typical since I'm almost as much as a flip flopper as Jerry. :) I'm curious to see how Dan goes.

Off topic;

My vacation was GREAT . . .and much needed!!! Work has been way too stressful. It felt so good to get away and not think of it at all. My daughter, 5 yr old grandson and I put almost 1000 miles under our belts. We left Portland on Monday with tentative plans to make it to the Calif. Redwoods that evening. We started out behind schedule tho, and between that and making unplanned stops along the way, only made it about 2/3 of the way. We ended up going to Crater Lake on our second day, and never did make it to the redwoods. Instead, we headed to the southern Oregon coast, then drove up the coast to the northern part before heading home.

We went to two wild animal parks, ate lunch in Noah's Arc, played with a 9 week old lion cub, took pictures from about 4 feet away of a gorgeous white Bengal tiger, walked around the crater of a volcano, walked in a pumice desert, had a snow ball fight, played in sand dunes, built sand castles and flew kites on 3 different beaches and watched salt water taffy being made. Then we came home to 100 degree heat!!

It was good to be home sleeping in my own bed last night!

Anonymous said...

Off topic:

This is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Over on the MSN Hot gossip page, they have a story about Jamie Lynn Spears' baby's daddy running around on her with a twenty nine year old woman. The story comes complete with a paparazzi photograph of the young couple which was taken at the...wait for it...Walmart. ROFL.
Celebrities can't even go to Walmart now without being harrassed. I'm glad I'm not famous. I would absolutely hate for someone to follow me around Walmart taking my picture.

Back to BB:

I think Renny is smart not to trust Memphis. I wouldn't trust him either. I would use him to get me in the game and then I would kick his butt to the curb. It's what he would do to anyone else in that house if they came between him and the money and don't think he wouldn't not for a second. I think he throws the comps I think he throws almost all of them. Somebody should take him out while they still can or he's gonna win the whole thing. I That being said, I still want April to go and then I want Jerry gone and Ollie.

I don't think it would be a good idea for Dan to use the POV on Jerry. I think he should let the noms stay as they are. I don't believe for one second that Ollie is a threat to anyone, remember how he caved when Libra caught him in an alliance with Brian and Dan and how quickly he threw the two of them under the bus to save his own butt. Unlike Memphis and Dan, I don't think he's throwing comps, I just don't think he can win any of them. Maybe once April is gone he'll be able to do better. I would like to see him turn out to be a good player. And if April goes home, chances are BB will tailor the next HOH competition so that he can win it. I think it would be interesting who he would put up besides Keesha.

formerly anon said...

Dan's banana. Snaperil ate it.

They were all sitting around the kitchen counter, Dan was making cookies, and they were all ragging on Libra, and Snaperil was feigning innocence and shock when Keesha told her how Libra said that Snaperil had asked Keesha to come talk to her -- Snaperil, the saint, the good girl, the innocent one, what a bitch, I can't even stand to look at her. But anyway, Dan was holding a banana and Snaperil was asking what he was going to do with it and Dan responded in his typical elusive manner, making ME WONDER what indeed he was going to do with it!!! I think we here all know what I'm thinking. Now wouldn't that be funny if he has been doing that at certain times, like before DR sessions or something? hmmmmm?

But he was under such questioning from Snaperil that he had to abandone it and left it on the counter, and then Snaperil took it and ate it!! So fitting.

I hope someone fesses up to Keesha about "the plan" that they tried to hatch to keep Libra and get rid of her! Dan could do it, but I'm not sure he knows enough. I think for all he knows, that it could have been only Libra. Who else knows? Michelle right? She can't keep secrets, it will have to come out

formerly anon said...

I would never pay for these live feeds. It's insane how they show 4 frames and leave all the mics on so that effectively you cannot follow any conversation.

What brainiac came up with that scheme?

And if Snaperil and Ollie are on two frames (like they are now) making out, and their mics are on (YUCK!!!) and I'm trying to listen to Michelle and Memphis and Dan and I have to listen to the revolting pillow talk at the same time, well screw it, I'm outta there. I tried to just make my window small so that only the two top frames show, and that worked, but the friggen audio is still on.

Who the hell wants to watch Snaperil and Ollie!?!?!? (I mean besides Jerry)


formerly anon said...

I keep forgetting to ask but: what exactly is slop?

Apparently it's not just bad oatmeal as I first thought. But does anyone know what it actually is? I mean, like the recipe (not that I'm in any hurry to make it to try). I'm just curious if I can think of a palatable creative way to prepare it that they haven't thought of (which I'm sure I could)

Petals said...

FA~ When slop was first introduced as a punishment (replacing the PB&J) people did some research and determined that slop was some oatmeal mixture. Not unlike Quaker uncooked oats, but slop has more "body", and perhaps more nutritional value.
I've never had the live feeds, but I did have BBAD for the Evil Dick season, and those HGs really came alive at night for the After Dark. All the drama happened between 1 & 3am!

tbc said...

MEB, enjoy your vacation. I am so glad that you are feeling well. PDX Granny, it sounds like you had a wonderful trip with your family! I am jealous.

As for BB: I was wondering if Dan had talked 1 on 1 with Col KA yet. After POV Dan told him he wanted to talk. I am curious how that went.

Have a great day all.

Sydney said...

Bon Voyage MEB and safe travels!

Plaidchick - I read about your god-mother. I'm so sorry for your loss but how wonderful to pass in sleep after a long long life!

Jackie- hope today's a good day!

Anonymous said...

I have decided that April and Ollie do realize that everything is being taped - otherwise why would they be doing all their hanky panky with the cover up over their heads? If they didn't think it was being taped, they wouldn't bother.

However, they probably figure that BB wouldn't dare show something like that, would turn away when they saw what it was, edit it out, etc.


joy n said...

Welcome back, PDXGranny, sounds like you had a wonderful vacation!